30.05.11 by Jeff

Kozyndan Jigsaw Puzzle Giveaway!

My friends at Artifact Puzzles have hooked me up with this beautiful wooden jigsaw puzzle by Kozyndan, and I’d like to give it to one of you! Who wants it?

Booooooom x Artifact Puzzles Kozyndan Bunny Blossoms giveaway

Booooooom x Artifact Puzzles Kozyndan Bunny Blossoms giveaway

If you’d like this puzzle, describe for me the last jigsaw puzzle you put together (in the comments below).

I’ll pick a winner on Friday!

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Tim


    • the last puzzle i did was with my 4yr old son. i was trying to show him how to put a puzzle together and ended up doing it all by myself. i love a good challenging puzzle and this one i freakin beautiful. one can only hope. <3

  • I actually had to put this Disney jigsaw,a three dimensional one and some parts of Lego together in a Design for Assembly lecture a couple of months ago to understand the principles of design for manufacture and assembly.

  • gala

    Last jigsaw puzzle I put together was last summer, a boat with a lot of plain blue sky.
    A LOT. 1000 pieces of blue sky. That was very very long.

  • Oh man that thing looks amazing!

    The last puzzle I put together was when I was still very young. It was Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Minnie, Pluto (if I remember correctly the only animal on all fours!) and that big angry cat or dog (he’s the angry neighbour in that Goofy animated series, but I have always been puzzled if he’s a cat or dog) behind the counter selling hot dogs and burgers. Donald’s girlfriend was probably in there too, I don’t know her English name.

    That puzzle has always been stuck in my head, I’m not American, so it was kind of exotic. It had that hip 80’s feel about it. Everything tried to look really ‘cool’, in the “let’s wear a red cap reversed on my head” way. The puzzle pieces were quite big, but it was always more about the picture than the actual puzzling that did it for me with those kind of things. :)

    I hope my parents still have it, if it’s still complete I’m gonna go get it and put it on my wall!

  • Sabrina khong

    The Last time i put a jigsaw together was with my family. I was so young then and we would just sit at the table for hours fixing jigsaws tgt. Thinking back now, it was a great time spent tgt, my family and I :)

  • Hiiiii.

    Its such a beautiful puzzle!
    The last jigsaw puzzle I put together was one of my beautiful country New Zealand. It had a lot of mini icons on the islands and was a true representation of our great ‘Kiwi’ country!


  • Man.. the last one I put together was one my friend gave me for my birthday, a cartoon of me and her on a bike. She drawn, printed and then she had it sliced into puzzle pieces. I put it together, framed it and hanged on my wall, it’s kinda priceless for me :)

  • Michelle

    The last jigsaw puzzle that I put together? Was missing six pieces… of course!

  • Elsie Bloom

    The last jigsaw i put together was with my nan before she passed away, she had lost her sight, but she loved puzzles before she lost it. So i helped her, and when it was done she made me explain to her what it looked like, and it was the great barrier reef, i’ll never forget how nice it was :’)

  • Hey!!
    My final Sculpture from my 3rd year at uni was inspired by the Hokusai print The Great Wave of Kanagawa. . The wave itself was made of paper buildings drawn then folded to 3d form so that they rise up in a wave about to crash down onto the viewer. I got so many papercuts putting that thing together!!! and each one would only fit in a certain place so puzzle/slash jigsaw me thinks!!
    Please excuse shameless link!!
    photo here>> http://www.flickr.com/photos/mokasi/5775711166/in/photostream/

    • Rik

      Wow, I was going to say something, but reading Mokasi’s comment, he/she should defintely win this puzzle.

      Kozyndan is freaking amazing!

      Good luck!

  • The last one I have put together (with my uncle) had ~2k pieces and pictured an kitschy escher-like composition of earth, windows, planets and whatnot. I was 10, my uncle was 22, now I’m 31 :-)

  • Lucas

    The last puzzle I did was quite ridiculous. It was a puzzle I picked up from Value Village with one of my friends when we were bored. It was 1000 pieces and it had 2 cheetah’s running in a field.

  • alba

    the last puzzle I did it was a puzzle about Disney characters, really amazing!

  • Alex

    The last jigsaw i put together was with my two year old niece, it had only six pieces and was of a picture of a rabbit and his friends, it didn’t take us so long to complete but we were very proud nonetheless

  • Feliks Isaksen

    It was a huge Winnie the Pooh jigsaw, don’t remember how old I was, or how many pieces, but it was enormous!

  • Oh my, oh my! This is so beautiful.
    The last puzzle I put together was in 2010 at Christmas time with a glow in the dark Christmas scenery ! :)

  • A Baked Beans “impossi-puzzle” , an Infuriating but rewarding experience. These puzzles where a big hit in the 90’s. To of completed one made you a pro puzzler and allowed you extensive bragging rights in the playground.

    Much Respect and Gratitude.

  • Sarah

    Last jigsaw puzzle I put together was one that my friend had given me for my 18th birthday. It was a painting of a native Indian spirit protecting the forest. I loved that puzzle so much that I would stay up all night just to be able to finish it quicker. I’ve built it twice so far, each around the time of my birthday. I’m sentimental like that.

  • Jo H

    It was a massive one of a tiger in the jungle. Spent ages doing it, I was about 100 pieces away from completion when my kitten jumped on it, slipped off the table and it was broken again!

  • The last puzzle I made was one from the 70’s, of a very random parking-lot. Halfway through the 2000 piece-sky I realized pieces were missing.

    My friend has a puzzle of the Swedish Royal Family, framed, as her livingroom-table, it’s very neat.

  • Lori Taylor Arnold

    Ooh I found a beautiful jigsaw puzzle of Marc Boutavant’s illustrations, he’s my favourite childrens book illustrator. I was so excited I bought it and told my husband it was for our son Felix. He didn’t believe me especially as F was only 4 months at the time :) I got to spend a happy afternoon doing a jigsaw and drinking tea. Happy days x

  • The last jigsaw i had the pleasure to complete was a beautiful reflective glass mirror jigsaw puzzle, i remember the image on the puzzle being rather happy face when it was finally completed.

  • tutiyama

    The last puzzle I put together was 3 years ago… it was a paint of Van Gogh which name is Van Goghs’ Room at Arles :) My ex-boyfriend had gave it to me. i can’t remember how many pieces are there in it but it was so large :)
    sorry for my bad english and i don’t know if you could send this beautiful puzzle to me, bcause i’m in Turkey. But still i’ll take my chance, because i love it and i want it so much :>
    have a good day :)

  • The last one I have put together was three years ago. it was a painting from Van Gogh Which name is Van Goghs’ Room at Arles. i can’t remember how many pieces in it but it was very large. my ex-boyfriend had gave it to me, and i put it togather when he went to work.
    sorry for my bad english..i don’t know if you could send that beautiful puzzle to me, because i’m from Turkey. But still, i take my chance, because i love it and i want it so much..
    Have a good day :)

  • lucie

    I can’t remember if the last jigsaw I finished was a cathedral or two white horses running in a green field. I did both at the same period, in my grandmother’s attic, surrounded by toys, old furnitures and big wardrobes with mirrors on it filled with old clothes. I was working on the two jigsaws at the same time, with both around 500 pieces. One day the pieces from the two boxes mixed, it took me a long time to separate them and finally end the jigsaws.

  • The last puzzle I worked on was Really Fun! A few weeks ago I put together a Circular mushroom / various plantlife puzzle with my older brother and mom. We found it in a thrift store (it actually had all the pieces), and it was quite easy to put together. It was just really interesting because the quality of the pieces was so much different than they are today. Each piece was really thick, and very carefully cut out; it felt wonderful. Yes, and it was in a circle.

    Just a fun time all around :)

  • The last jig-saw puzzle I put together was a thrift store bought 100 piece X-Men puzzle that only had 96 pieces, Blerggh :/

  • Ahh!! Kozyndan Puzzle? This is the single greatest puzzle ever! Bunnies everywhere! Much different than my last puzzle… a 500 piece Hamburger! (Which the bun pieces made me crazy and the rest just made me hungry!)

  • Max

    at my 7th birthday i got a workbench and i was sawing a lot of tiny jigsaw puzzles. one year later i got a electric scroll saw. so the animals i sawed bekame very nice then.
    my favourite was a small hare which could be put into a bigger one. (my familyname contains hare in german. so the puzzle you give away would fit perfectly).

  • bronya

    haven’t done a jigsaw in a while! it may have been..

    a personalised jigsaw that my friends made for me that, when built, created an image of all of us..

    either that

    or it was a jigsaw of an old map that i gradually built over a few months (epic procrastination from studying) and that was so big i had to break it up just a week after finishing it.. sigh.

  • Full of pussies.
    I mean kittens.

  • Simone

    The last jigsaw puzzle I put together was one I made out of thick poster board to teach young kids about the importance of teamwork (I was working in an area with gang violence). Each kid got a piece of the puzzle and they had to work together to build a picture. The puzzle was a giant banana with a cartoon face yelling “Go Team!” They really liked it.

  • kim

    the last jigsaw i put together was a map of wellesley, ma. it took me forever. tearing down the puzzle is always the worst!

  • The last jigsaw puzzle I did was a model of Earth. 3-D, spheric and all! I thought it was going to be tedious and impossible, but it took only less than an hour to complete!

  • I put together a “Titanic” movie jigsaw puzzle with my girlfriend three weeks ago.


  • Ellen

    The last jigsaw I put together was with my grandma. She always liked puzzles; now she’s not in good enough health to put one together, but I remember making them with her as a kid. The last one was a christmas scene, with birds and horses huddled together in a stable. It was beautiful. I’m horrible at puzzles, but my grandma finished them by dinner (we set them up on the dining room table) every time.

  • Kyle

    The last puzzle I put together was a 1000 piece mash up of baseball memorabilia scattered through out a locker room. Very vintage looking. There was a Babe Ruth Yankee jersey, Hank Aaron signed ball, Ted Williams signed bat, couple gloves, trophies… etc. I’ll never forget this puzzle because It’s the last one I built with my dad & the first time we spent some real time together. Beautiful memory :)

  • I put together a puzzle that was a replica of the front page of the New York Times from 1969 when the first moon walk happened. wild.

  • I helped my mother put together a 1000 piece puzzle of a picture of pile of candy canes. All red and white and only a few really large canes to help differentiate. It was incredibly challenging.

  • the last puzzle I put together was an enormous cheeseburger that featured a witty song about how great cheeseburgers and all the ingredients that are on them actually are.

  • yi

    last jigsaw: 3 kittens in a basket with some flowers the fur was a nightmare.

  • Lucy

    The last one i pretty long ago, i got it for X-mas, it was a 1000 pieces of 3 cute little babies with a yellow background. and took me like a month to finish

  • star wars 3d millenium falcon. my dad was going to varnish it so it would stay together forever but my cat got to it before we could.

  • Angela Marie

    captain sparrow + three hours + glue & paper = epic wall decor

  • Suzan H.
  • A ridiculously easy Barney puzzle with maybe 12 pieces. Granted, it was with a 5-year-old who thought it was really hard. I made him do all the work, mostly.

  • je… the face of Luke Perry with the Beverly Hills 90210 logo. Years ago!!!

  • Andrew

    the last jigsaw puzzle I did was with my family over christmas break of santa claus. We’ve been doing puzzles for a while, over winter break and when we go to the beach. Last year at the beach we must have done like six puzzles. They were all of cheese and grapes, grandmothery dolls, the rainforest, and I think a unicorn one, which was actually kind of awesome. I’d like to have a puzzle that’s actually kinda cool instead of cheese. Thanks!

  • the last jigsaw puzzle i put together was a little cardboard 10 piece puzzle my then-four year-old brother had colored in sunday school.

    the last more legitimate jigsaw puzzle would probably have been at my grandparents house. a large jigsaw puzzle with lots of blue sky.

  • Andrew

    but seriously that puzzle is awesome! I love how the cutouts in the picture are rabbits, i think a dog, and filigree. Too cool.

  • A jigsaw of space. For this video


  • anya

    it was a bird puzzle!

  • bdfd

    i put a puzzle together last week at this dress to get screwed party. someone had printed a puzzle of BIN LADEN. sour subject and i have no idea who brought that to the party. but it was on a table by the most comfortable couch in the house, and i had eaten a bag of mushrooms, so i wanted to be comfortable. that was a fun night, didnt finish the puzzle, to say the least

  • Michellejoy

    The last jigsaw puzzle I did was when my best friend was going to UC Irvine and lived in a huge house, along with 5 other students (10 if you counted their boyfriends/girlfriends, 16 if you counted their dogs). I would spend some weekends there to visit once in a while, even though I hated Irvine. It was a 1000 piece puzzle of the Abbey Road album cover. My best friend wanted us to finish, frame and mount it on their wall, but it was just kind of left on the dining room table for a few months, picked at here and there by her 16 roommates, or friends of, and I would see its progress at various parties or visits. It was finally finished after a few months and after a lot of visits, but the frame she got for it broke and she got lazy to frame it. As a matter of fact, I’m gonna asked her what happened to it after she moved back because I have no idea where it is now

  • I once built this awesome puzzle of a wizard standing on a mountain casting spells, surrounded by dragons and all kinds of magical crap. I finished it and laboriously glued it together with elmers glue and hung it on my wall. That was in my angry, new agey 13 year old stage, when I wanted to be a Wiccan.

    Ah the good old days.

    (THIS puzzle is THE SHIT)

  • katgumball

    A 5,000 piece poster-size image of Aladdin characters I received as a wee child. And who would have guessed one little piece would be missing by the end of it. The horror of this missing-piece jigsaw can only be undone with the complete restoration of another jigsaw puzzle. YOU HAVE THE POWER TO GIVE ME SAID PUZZLE AND RESTORE MY FAITH!

  • jaycie

    the last jigsaw puzzle i put together was a 32 piece set puppy. my dad thinks im 14 and thought it’d make a great christmas gift.

  • My little sister’s Disney princesses puzzle. 10-20 pieces!!! I rock at solving (kid) puzzles.

  • jim

    An Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat sitting in a tree from the Disney cartoon. Piece of cake.

  • 3D jigsaw puzzle of the Eiffel Tower.

  • Beth

    I ♥ rabbits

  • Steph

    The last puzzle I did was when I was really young and somebody bought me a 90210 (the original, of course) jigsaw. Hilarious – I think I still have it!

  • Sarah

    It was a 2000 piece Jackson Pollock drip painting! It’s supposed to be one of the hardest puzzles to put together. It took me weeks to finish…

  • stephen

    The last puzzle I put together was a 3-D lenticular puzzle of tree frogs.

    On one of the early dates that I went on with my girlfriend we went to a book store to pick out a novel to read together. While we were there we spent some time looking through a bunch of fridge magnets. My favorite one was that picture of tree frogs. I didn’t want to waste the three dollars at the time, but a few days later I was wandering through a thrift store and found the same image as a holographic puzzle for 75 cents. Since I work as a picture framer I bought it and later framed it as a commemoration of that part of our relationship. I even went to the effort of spray painting the frame in tree frog colors.

    Coincidentally, my girlfriend Kim has a pet bunny named Mr. Beans and this would really be the perfect present for her.

  • Aaron Gonzalez

    It was Dora the explorer. I helped my niece with it. We were almost done but the last piece had bent corners so we weren’t able to completely finish. Why do puzzle pieces always get bent?

  • jeremy

    It was a Sesame Street puzzle where the characters were dressed in jogging suit standing in front of NY city. Very Beastie Boys-esque:)

  • jeremy

    It was a Sesame Street puzzle where the characters were dressed in jogging suits standing in front of NY city. Very Beastie Boys-esque:)

  • I was packing up my stuff as I was moving, and I found this old puzzle my dad made me when I was a toddler from a calendar picture of a cuddly lion and a cub. It’s probably only got about 6 or 7 super-silly-shaped puzzle pieces that spell out “Kiki” (my nickname). It’s the best and the cheesiest!

  • Emma

    The last jigsaw puzzle I put together is this: http://i54.tinypic.com/2444702.jpg

    My friend works in the arts and crafts room of a local museum, and every week there’s a different project for kids relating to one of the exhibits in the museum. I usually visit her for an hour or two on Saturdays, and one week the project was to make your own puzzle (I hadn’t seen these since third grade). My friend drew a portrait of me, added a Tim and Eric Awesome Show (great job) quote, and tore it apart for me to put back together.

    Screw puzzles of animals or people, one-of-a-kind puzzles are the best! That’s why I like the puzzle you’re giving away so much :D

  • Kind of hard for me to explain it in english, so I’ll go for french this time.

    La dernière fois que j’ai fait un puzzle, c’était à l’occasion d’un grand rangement de printemps. Au détours d’une caisse pleine de bazar, nous trouvâmes un vieux “jigsaw” Disney, Pocahontas précisément. Face à l’excitation d’une telle découverte et la nostalgie que provoque ce genre de chose, nous nous empressâmes d’en réunir les différents morceaux. Ce puzzle nous permit de revenir quelques instants en enfance et d’oublier un moment responsabilités et autres déboires de l’âge adulte.

  • inkyoats

    it was a 3d puzzle of a train station, me and my grandma put it together. but that was years ago.

  • Jesse

    alladin and jasmine on jasmines horse in her palace. I think it was like 30 pieces

  • Tori

    The last jigsaw I put together was of Mickey Mouse that was made up of thousands of mini pictures. That made it really hard but fun cause all the pictures were of the old cartoons.

  • I have never completed a jigsaw puzzle, but I would sure like to start with this one!

  • It was a Pilsner puzzle, you know, the label art from the beer can? Plane, train, and an automobile.
    It took no time because that image is etched in the memory of everyone that participated. Since childhood, no doubt.

  • Michal

    to be honest its such a long time since I put together last puzzle. It was around the age of 9/10 – it was some crappy landscape. nothing special.
    Im really surprised how great puzzle looks nowadays!
    such a masterpiece.

  • Followed your FB link – I put together a very large floor puzzle of a castle. Ok, I didn’t do it by myself, I had the help of a few 5 years olds. I teach Kindergarten and therefore I am puzzle rich. Love to add this to my collection, it sure does beat princesses and diggers.

  • pocahontas

  • Chelsea

    Wow beautiful! Hmm.. it’s been awhile, but I think the last puzzle I finished was a ‘Da Vinci code’ one. It included a special flashlight that, once you finished, you could shine over the puzzle and reveal hidden messages. It was pretty cool.

  • Ian

    it was on the airplane the other day with the kid sitting next to me !

  • Julia

    Last jigsaw I put together was about 10 years ago.
    It was also my very first jigsaw, as a gift from a friend for my birthday. It was a very large one of (randomly) the Titanic movie.
    It took me and my mom a week to put together, only to realise there’s 2 pieces missing. No wonder it took so long

  • lrrm

    I want it.

  • Seriously hardcore – endless swathes of coal-pitch darkness, occasionally brightened by the odd smudge of yellow serving only to deepen the unmitigating blackness. Next time I’m going with the fluffy bunny.

  • think the last puzzle i did was one of those 3d ones, but i cheated by using the code on them because it was too hard.

  • Christina Edmondson

    Sooooooooooo Beautiful <3 I have always loved this image ;)

  • John Tisdall

    it was an aerial shot of a desert. very, very difficult. beautiful picture of a kitten on the back tough.

  • Kathryn

    the last puzzle I put together was an under water adventure scene. I cheat and use the box image for reference…does this come with the box image? This might be hard.

  • Trine Hessellund

    The last jigsaw puzzle I put together was many years back. The picture is a big green garden. I tried to complete this puzzle so many times on rainy days in my when I was a kid, and I only completed it once. I was occupying the dinner table for hours and hours. So much green and so much sky, and soo little time untill dinner :-/

  • The last puzzle I did, the last several puzzles.. actually, have been 5-10 piece wooden puzzles, pictures of fruits, vegetable, animals, Sesame Street, numbers and letters..etc. I do puzzles with my nephews and niece [who is an absolute whiz at them!], and I love it. One of the best ways I spend my time :)

    My nephew would go NUTS over this puzzle. I mean… seriously. Loves puzzles. Loves animals. He would absolutely love this so much… [and he’s FIVE! He is awesome..]

  • Yaara

    The last jigsaw puzzle I remember making was years and years ago with my mom and sister, a giant monstrosity of old fashioned vending machine toys. [Maybe that’s what started my fascination with vending machines… I have a commercial bouncy-ball machine of my very own in my living room these days./digression]

    I used to hide one piece under the couch cushions so I could conveniently “find” it once we were done putting everything else together, that way I’d always be the one to put in the LAST piece… Conniving brat ;)

  • My friend spent her some of her last $20 on a puzzle with kittens from the supermarket instead of food. It was well worth it.

  • zombies. all night long.

  • b

    Yes. Please. Probably the last was the puzzle that had basic shapes; square, circle, rectangle etc. Each with a little handle to place the correct shape into their correct hole. I obviously need something a bit more creative.


  • I have no shame: The last puzzle I put together was of Santa Claus. I completed the puzzle with a relative over the holidays.

  • Sarah

    I just did an internship in Spain where I was incredibly lucky to get amazing Carina as my flatmate. She is one of the best persons I have ever met and already one of my closest friends.
    I definitely had a thing for puzzles when I was a kid but Carina kept it up until now and re-introduced me to the wonders of puzzles. I might add that I am soon turning 26.

    In Spain, we did a puzzle of 1500 pieces of a hot air balloon festival mirrorring in a lake. We worked on it for weeks, being the first thing we did when we came home from work and even when getting up in the morning. When we had friends visitng, they would join us around the dining table, which was now a puzzle table. We would shout encouraging things at each other and high-five alot. We ended up missing one single piece! We looked everywhere and I ended up making one out of a cardbox.
    Now we just began a 2000 piece puzzle of Taj Mahal mirroring in the pool. These moment with Carina are very precious to me and I would love to give her this beautiful puzzle. She would treasure it for ever.

  • Ryan

    I’ve never been lucky enough to have the opportunity to attempt a jigsaw before. Oh well, a guy can but dream……

  • Athena

    The last puzzle I did was with 2 of my friends n its was of a panoramic view of times square. Its was quite epic , and took many months but we were committed to finish it :)

  • Laz

    2500 pieces
    2 adults
    1 child (me)
    36 hours to complete
    A life time of memories

  • Sarah

    I love rabbits, so pretty!! give it to me I’m lovely.

  • last puzzle i put together was with my 4yr old son. it was a solar system puzzle. this is a really beautiful puzzle. <3 i would love to put this together with my little guy <3

  • Sarah

    The last jigsaw I put together was my nephew’s Peppa Pig one, not as epic as any of the above but fuck it sure.


    3-d globe. my sister worked on one half while I did the other.. which was probably the worst way to go about it. putting the two halves together at the end was quite difficult.

  • Patrick M

    It was a Where’s Waldo puzzle from a thrift store that took freaking forever and at the end was missing two pieces. Best and worst 50 cents spent ever.

  • the last puzzle I did was a few weeks ago. My dad was aspiring to put together some crazy thousand piece puzzle of a panoramic view of snowy evening. The picture was beautiful but featured large areas of pine trees and white snow…needless to say, those areas were ridiculous to match up. I spent around an hour one day helping my dad…and managed to only place two pieces. The puzzle has been finished though…finally, after a year or so total of working at it. We’re getting it framed. :)

  • Aleson

    1000 piece puzzle of a glow-in-the-dark painting of Time Square, NY at night. I bought it for my mommy as a Christmas gift and we worked on it together over the holiday. When we finished, we turned off the lights and it didn’t really glow but it was worth it anyway!

  • A 1965, 100 piece cardboard puzzle with the most fantastic illustration of the United States, discovered in a thrift store. Art in a box. :)

  • The last jigsaw puzzle I put together was one of the Boston transit system that one of my sister’s roommate’s had laying around, and that was probably 5 years ago now, which is too bad, because I love puzzles. This one is especially beautiful, and I really hope I win.

  • The last jigsaw puzzle I put together was one depicting Fireman Sam, and I was greatly assisted by my friend’s 4-year-old son. In fact, he liked it so much that he made me take it apart and put it back together several times. Over several days.

  • Liisa

    oh wow, this looks amazing! :)
    it’s been far too long since i last put together a “serious” jigsaw puzzle, but the last one was a small old childhood puzzle with glow-in-the-dark dolphins! :D i just found it while reorganizing my books and quickly put it together just for fun.

  • Alex Reyes

    I’ve never put together a jigsaw puzzle :[

  • Gordon

    Cheese, Cheese, Cheese! The last jigsaw puzzle I put together (with the help of my girlfriend) was a picture of every freakin’ kind of cheese you can possibly imagine. Including some that were beyond imagining. More recently I have assisted my students in a program for disabilities put together and frame a lovely kitten puzzle. Cheers!

  • megan

    It was when I had Glandular fever.. it kept me sane

  • It was a picture of Santa Claus wearing a conductor’s hat, putting together an elaborate model train scene. Right now, my little 14 year old brother and I are putting together a black and white MC Escher puzzle – very difficult.

  • Sabrina

    Gorgeous puzzle! I just helped my daughter put together a floor puzzle today (she’s two).

  • Erin

    I have never put together a jigsaw puzzle by myself, but I really think this beautiful puzzle should be my first. I have some fun memories of me helping my grandma with some complicated farm scenery jigsaws. She always had me sorting pieces for her… I probably placed 1 or 2 pieces in the puzzles total!

  • When my roommate moved in with me we bonded by starting a puzzle together. The puzzle was a ridiculous image of a puppy coming out of a basket in a garden. As soon as we got the puppy part finished we lost interest in it so it sat on our table forever! It took a month or so of guests coming in and working on it randomly for it to finally get done. Over a bottle of wine, my friend and I put the last piece in.

  • Jean-Luc Gallic

    It was the beatles’ white album puzzle. It’s a pure white block and the other side has the images of the vinyl on it….it took forever.

  • It was a geisha puzzle I bought at night market.

  • About a year and half ago my husband and I became enamored with the idea of putting together a puzzle. We immediately went to Target, where we, optimistically, bought THREE of those 1000+ piece landscape puzzles. We finished one of them (after leaving it half finished on the coffee table for months, lost one of them, and the other one is in storage. However, I’m confident that this particular jugsaw puzzle will be proudly displayed on a wall in our apartment.

  • Dom

    For my third birthday my Mum had bought me an alphabet puzzle from the early learning centre – each letter had a different picture attached to it. My parents let me play with it for a few minutes before inspecting what I had accomplished… but being a mischievous little scamp I had rearranged the letters to spell ‘sh*t’….apparently I had collected my favourite pictures on each letter and put them in a row!

    Awful vocabulary – hasn’t improved since either! ;)

  • Jason

    The last jigsaw puzzle I attempted was a 1000 piece jellybean puzzle that was completely impossible. There was no way to figure out and orient the pieces and after finishing the sides I gave up.

  • Camz

    It was a Mickey Mouse puzzle. The ones for kids. With big puzzle pieces. :)

  • Alain ALonzo

    Did a 1000 piece puzzle of three kittens sitting in a basket of yarn with my bro over a bottle of jack the other week. We thought it would be a piece of cake……..it totally was not. It took us all night but we finally finished it at like 3 in the morning. We felt completely badass……then we realized we stayed up all night drinking and doing a kitten jigsaw puzzle.

    We weren’t suppose to tell anyone ever but that puzzle is totally worth breaking a bro-pact.

  • The last jigsaw I did was a one with about 24 pieces, illustrating various animals from one to ten. My 3-year-old insisted that I do it with her and we take turns. Sometimes, she has her stuffed meerkat, Booger, join in too and this usually involves me putting in the jigsaw piece, but with Booger in my hand.

  • I’ve actually never done a jigsaw puzzle, but the last normal puzzle I did was a 1000 piece puzzle of the New York skyline. There was a LOT of blue! :)

  • Hannah

    It claimed to be “The World’s Hardest Jigsaw Puzzle” and was a detailed illustration of a Redskin’s game. My dad and I completed it in a week!

  • my wife and I have an obsession with puzzles and finishing them the same time we start them. For easter, while visiting my parents, my mom busted out a crazy puzzle with rabbits all over it – how similar right? We of course spent the next two hours hammering it out. Everyone else was watching “Dirty Harry”.

  • Zarina K

    the last puzzle I put together was with my 8 year old little brother, we got this amazing ocean puzzle from the carnival like 6 years ago. It was like 900 pieces but it was the coolest underwater ocean scene ever. But then we found it in the closet the other day, and we sat and did it together like a good brother and sister. It was very cute!

  • stephanie

    a disney pocahontas poster puzzle with an autistic boy i work with. it was surprisingly challenging for a kids puzzle but he has very high spatial intelligence and he sure showed me how it went. i’ll bet he’d love a new puzzle!

  • The last puzzle we did was The Beatles Revolver cover. It was so fun & we vowed to make more!

  • Keir

    The last I did was a multi-layered human anatomy puzzle shoving layers of the body starting with the skeleton, organs, muscle, skin and clothing.
    This Kozyndan puzzle looks great I would love to play with it.

  • Dave

    a beach scene

  • My grandmother, who used to give the greatest presents, is getting quite old nowadays. Where she once excelled, she is now barely hanging on. This last christmas she gave each member of my family a book of puzzles or riddles or games. They were all either very very simple, or impossibly complicated. She also gave us a large 5,000 piece jigsaw puzzle. In a bout of stubborn determination, my mother insisted that we put it together right away. My family usually puts together one large jigsaw puzzle together each year, and we usually do it pretty quickly. This puzzle was spread out over my mother’s kitchen table for nearly two and a half months. Every time I went over to my parent’s house it would be there waiting for me. Taunting me as it had taunted the rest of my family. My mother finally decided that it was time to be done with it. She NEEDED her kitchen table back. So, she spent almost two entire days doing nothing but working on this puzzle. She finished it. She then coated it with some sort of glue, and it is now hanging on the wall in our dining room.

  • I am now daydreaming of winning this beautiful piece. I’d love to have friends come over and help put it together, then have it framed. How big is it? (dimensions and number of pieces)

  • John Dumalig

    Tahoe cabin trip.
    3 people, 10 beds.
    Jumbalaya, me food poisoned.
    12 Bottles of alcohol.
    3 Nights, me no drink.
    Santa Puzzle, 500 pieces.
    No sleep, at least 60 pieces missing.
    One of the best times of my life not having fun.

  • ariel w

    Last Christmas my grandmother gave me, and her other grandchildren, a Thomas Kinkade puzzle as a gift. Though I shuddered at the thought of looking at a Thomas Kinkade painting for hours on end, we grandchildren spent all day putting together the 1000 piece puzzle. 1000 pieces is not a lot, but things get complicated when a 3 year old is “helping”. In the end we placed all but three of the puzzle pieces. We assumed that either the three year old, or the wiener dogs were responsible, and with much delight from the youngest pyromaniacs of the family my grandmother allowed us to burn it in celebration:


  • jake dockter

    The last puzzle I did was a lame ass puzzle with some kids. Like 6 pieces! I would love to do a puzzle for adults…one that looks good and blows my brain a bit.

  • Maybe I’ll be trying that next!!!

    Looking for new ways to show my art, i like the idea of puzzles.


  • The last puzzle I did? It was one of those 3D foam puzzles that turned into a medieval castle. It was my brother’s birthday gift, and I made it. The last puzzle I received is a 500 piece GLEE puzzle. I’m not going to work on that one.

  • I think the last puzzle i put together was with my mom, of faires when i was about 10. I framed it and then when i got older i gave it to my younger cousin. i hope she still has it. it was time well spent with my mother.

  • It had two pieces…it was made for a toddler, and was much more difficult than it sounds. hands down.

  • sigimona

    it has always been my head, each morning a jigsaw

  • Hitomi

    Last puzzle I put together was with my grandma in Orange County.

    It was a lazy countryside lane surrounded by green trees, green grass, green plants, and a green roof. I don’t know why they would make the roof green, too.

    My grandma has an eye for these kinds of things and put together about 85% of the puzzle. She is a superstar!

  • Starting at the edge of red poppies, I look in the distance, where there is a barn, looking old, and grey and not very concerned with me or the poppies. That suits me I am more interested in the mountains, or maybe something further than that.

    For the moment I’ll deal with my family around me looking for the next best pieace.

  • Nici Palmer

    The last puzzle I put together was a 500 piece mandala illustration. Lots of near identical pieces. After it was finally done I declared the coffee table a “no go zone” for a week, then went out for a walk while my partner disassembled & reboxed it. A Kozyndan puzzle would NEVER need to be put away though! Swoon!

  • amandine

    Yesterday, while helping my ex roomie with her 5th year Fine Art exam.
    She’s working with type and games, so she made out of gum, wood, and offset sheets, modules to create your own 3D typeface. She’s presenting those modules in jigsaws.
    And yesterday, while cutting modules out of offset sheets – which made my thumb insensitive like if i ve been playing videos games for hours- i accidentally dropped one of her jigsaws. Tiny pieces of gum everywhere… So I had to find every tiny piece of gum in a room which is a total mess, before putting together a gigantic gum jigsaw… Sooooo niiiiice…
    Will be cutting modules out of offset sheets again today, and maybe for the rest of the week. Goodbye dear Thumb. I’ll miss you.

  • I DO!!!!!
    The last time a made a puzzle it was Hallo Kitty because i had to use it to make a painting of a guitar!

  • My wife was pregnant & at home.
    It was quite boring for her so i offered her a Charley Harper puzzle of 300 pieces : Biodiversity in the Burbs.
    We made it too easily… but we love this artist.

  • Lucy

    My favourite puzzle was one of the ocean, you could see from the surface where the boats were, all the way down to the bottom where there was coral and (my favourite) a lion fish. That was definitely the best bit but it was pretty easy, the blue of the sea was pretty hard, however it was the only puzzle i’ve ever had the patience to finish!

  • Emily

    Every Christmas, it gets harder to get everyone in my family to the same place. We try really hard to all be together for the holidays, but it can be quite difficult, as we are scattered all over the world.
    Some of us don’t get along, and the added stress of discussing our respective lifestyles can sometimes get overwhelming.
    The past few years, there has always been a puzzle on a card table in a corner somewhere. The puzzle has become a symbol of setting aside our differences and working together.
    Last year, it was a 1000-piece edgeless picture of cartoon chickens–hundreds of cartoon chickens in 8 spot colors.
    We spent hours working on that puzzle… and we enjoyed each others’ company the WHOLE TIME. There was a resounding cheer as the last piece went in. What a lovely feeling!

  • Tracey

    Last puzzle I did was something I really didn’t want to do, haha. A cheap dollar store puzzle of a bird for my mom, because she couldn’t put it together herself.

  • Colin

    h e

    l a
    s t p u

    z l e
    I d i d
    w a s

    t h i s
    c o m m
    n t

  • Daryl

    I think it was one I made when my son was six (a decade ago). I found these large wooden puzzle pieces that were used for some corporate video I produced 15 yrs prior. I gave him a sheet that fit the perimeter and he drew, coloured and stamped a crazy abstract. We then pasted it on the pieces and made the cuts. He loved to torture friends and family with it. It’s probably back in storage in the same bin it came out of.

  • The last puzzle I’ve had the pleasure doing was of a sneaker. Each one that I construct consist of using wire to construct parts of each in wire. Once each piece of that particular sneaker is completed I attach each separate to complete the entire sneaker. Check out http://www.facebook.com/parlaitin for pics


  • the last puzzle i put together was my life.

  • A playboy playmate puzzle inherited from my grandfather.

  • Harry

    puzzle of a picture of a puzzle.

  • The last puzzle I put together was a 3d puzzle of the Kremlin. It was seemingly simple, actually difficult and took FOREVER to pull off.

    Just like communism.

    In fact, it might still be fomenting revolution as we speak.

  • My 3 year old insisted we get a 1000 piece puzzle of three black and grey chickens in a coop. Prior to this we had moved up from 24 piece puzzles to 36 piece puzzles so I suspected (and was correct) that our chicken puzzle was somewhat ambitious. I think we are on piece 58 and have a long road ahead.

    I have this Kozyndan piece tattooed across my shoulder… I clearly enjoy the piece and would like to see it in pieces.

  • Abt

    It was in the 90’s when I was a kidlet…. I remember it had two white baby show leopards lounging in front of an earth against a black background. It had a very wolf-howling-at-the-moon-on-a-t-shirt-feel. The 90s was a strange place.

    This is such a great piece!

  • Sarah

    The last puzzle I put together was last year – it’s a puzzle of the city of Boston, but it’s an illustrated picture of Boston, so it’s not to scale and it emphasizes all of the famous parts, like Charlestown, Fenway Park, the Pru, etc. I was born outside of Boston, lived there until I was 3 when we moved out to CA. We moved back when I was 11 and I lived there until I went to college in WA. After school I moved to NYC and that’s where I am now. I miss Boston and I couldn’t even tell you where the puzzle came from, but one day I was looking through my things and I found the box. The illustration is in the style of “Where’s Waldo?” and although it’s not a avery big puzzle, it’s hard because it’s extremely detailed. I love jigsaw puzzles, reminds me of the summers when we would fly back to MA to spend a few weeks on Cape Cod and there wasn’t much to do other than swim and read. This one is beautiful apart from being a jigsaw puzzle, but that combo makes it even better :)

  • joe

    The last puzzle I put together was the back tire of my bike. I went over some grates on the street and a bunch of spokes broke and fell off. It took me about 5 hours to put that wheel back together.

  • tooiebird

    The last time I put a puzzle together was a few weeks ago when I was at a coffee shop with my friend. They had a small selection of little kids puzzles and so had a race to see who could put the 24 piece puzzles together the fastest. I somehow beat her by about 6 minutes (Apparently she was really tired, hahaha) I started on a 150 piece puzzle while she was still working on it and almost finished that before she was done. And that puzzle was missing a piece.

  • candice

    the last time i did one was actually last weekend during a church retreat, where i spent 2 hours straight over a 300 piece puzzle of a run down house and some flowers. i had found the box in a strange room i came across while skipping all the boring ass sermons – so i spent 120 minutes in hiding, and completed a good 90% of that 300 piece puzzle

    i felt pretty badass doing it.

  • candice

    btw, every time a puzzle piece fits, it’s orgasmic.

  • the last jigsaw puzzle i put together was when i was eight years old. it was a lisa frank one, with two unicorns jumping around a bed of multicolor clouds and stars. i wish i still had it.

  • Erica Y

    The last jigsaw puzzle I completed was one of those kitten-dangling-from-a-branch “hang in there!” puzzles.

  • Joel

    The last puzzle I put together had 9 pieces.. yeah, I was 5. That’s how bad I need this.

  • difa

    my nephew’s spongebob puzzle

  • Ashley

    The last puzzle I remember doing was with my Papa before had passed away. I remember it like it was yesterday, sitting at the kitchen table playing cards and him telling me his wise stories about when he was younger and putting together a puzzle of a park in New York. My brother and I finished not long after he had passed away and my brother kept that one hanging in his bedroom at his house, so having one of my own as beautiful as this would lovely.

  • Angela

    My friends and I had a little puzzle obsession a couple months ago. We used every flat surface in the house to do several puzzles all at once. To name a few: several Star Wars, Babysitters Club, and New Kids on the Block :)

  • oli

    never done one

  • Gabby

    The last puzzle I ever did was a HUGE scene with a waterfall and a cabin in the woods. It was a cheesy scene, but it had something like 1500 pieces and it was a challenge. This was probably before 1999.

  • Cassie

    Bored, we rode our bikes to the thrift shop on a rainy afternoon. We didn’t find it, it found us. We prayed all of the pieces were in the box. It was metallic, holographic and jungle themed – in other words: puzzle perfection. Look once and you might notice the parrots hiding in the trees, look again and you see a sensual female form created by flowers, vines and trees. It took us weeks, and when it was done we stood around arms crossed, admiring it and basking in its metallic glow. It sat on the kitchen table for weeks, our puzzle proficiency proudly displayed for all to see. It pained us to take it apart, and we haven’t done another puzzle since.

  • Paul Goode

    It was really easy puzzle with a delighted Sir Topham Hat, stepping out of a Rolls Royce, and Thomas the Engine cruising into the station.

  • rzy

    the last jigsaw puzzle i put together was from a kinder egg. this was last week. it was of a grinning zebra and had 12 pieces and was totally unsatisfying, so this kozyndan one would really make up for it…

  • Justine

    The latest puzzle that I’ve been building is this life. ! Boss answer.

  • roxanne

    riddle me this. is a puzzle ever really finished? or put together? or is it constructed to bridge meaning through the experience of the piece from its individual parts?

    Anyhow, I would love to appreciate another!

  • Travis

    super old milton bradley one from the 90’s, it was prob a 700 piece split between sea creatures in an underwater lagoon and the forest above

  • paul

    my girlfriend used to do puzzles with her grandfather when she was little. he is not with us anymore

    it is our anniversary on Tuesday and winning this puzzle would be such a fun and exciting thing for us. we collect them now…and do all of them.

  • Illa

    Funny… I’m actually in the process of completing a puzzle right now. It’s 2000 pieces of Burgerman’s little cartoon monsters. Man, these wooden puzzles are way cool. I’ll be sure to stop by this place next time I’m in Seattle.

  • ryuheihotoke

    the last puzzle i did was in a tea shop. half the pieces were missing :| haha

  • carl wilson

    I can honestly say I have never done a puzzle before :(

  • We have a winnnnnnnner as selected by myself and Artifact Puzzle crew – Congrats to IAN (who did a puzzle on the airplane with the kid next to him!)

    Check your inbox Ian!

    Stay tuned for more giveaways!

  • Kkmck

    I am 25 years old and the fondest memory I have of my grandfather (who passed away when I was 14) is sitting at his card table completing jigsaw puzzles. He taught us to only look at the cover once and then we could only go from memory. At least every Christmas, my family get out or of his many puzzles and completes it over Christmas eve/Christmas Day. I would love to begin my own collection, as I am now married and would love to raise my children to have a passion for puzzles. I have a card table, but have been searching for an original designed jigsaw puzzle.

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