06.06.11 by Jeff

Pablo Boffelli

Drawings by Pablo Boffelli. Argentina.

artist Drawings by Pablo Boffelli

artist Drawings by Pablo Boffelli

artist Drawings by Pablo Boffelli

artist Drawings by Pablo Boffelli

artist Drawings by Pablo Boffelli

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • looks like “the amber” from Fringe.

    • Shea Kennedy

      Yay for fringe! it totally does…

      • The alternate universe took my wife while I was sleeping!

  • Nice illustrations. The work coming out of Argentina is generally very interesting & fresh.


  • Lea

    love the concept. addicted to the void *.*

  • T2

    it’s amazing!!

  • sr

    I really like these

  • I really like this!!!…

    Take Care…

  • Nambo


  • muy sacado, aguante.

  • wow i love this

  • These are great!

  • love the concept there! :D

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  • /|\

    I love it, but how did he do it?

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