14.06.11 by Jeff

Mike Mills / Book Giveaway

I just got a copy of Mike Mills’ new book that accompanies his latest film “Beginners”. I’m gonna give away another copy of the book to you, as well as a digital download of the film soundtrack!

Drawings from the film Beginners by Mike Mills Book Giveaway Booooooom

Drawings from the film Beginners by Mike Mills Book Giveaway Booooooom

Drawings from the film Beginners by Mike Mills Book Giveaway Booooooom

Drawings from the film Beginners by Mike Mills Book Giveaway Booooooom

Drawings from the film Beginners by Mike Mills Book Giveaway Booooooom

Drawings from the film Beginners by Mike Mills Book Giveaway Booooooom

Drawings from the film Beginners by Mike Mills Book Giveaway Booooooom

Drawings from the film Beginners by Mike Mills Book Giveaway Booooooom

Drawings from the film Beginners by Mike Mills Book Giveaway Booooooom

From writer/director Mike Mills comes a comedy/drama about how deeply funny and transformative life can be, even at its most serious moments. ‘Beginners’ imaginatively explores the hilarity, confusion, and surprises of love through the evolving consciousness of Oliver (Golden Globe Award nominee Ewan McGregor).

The book Drawings From the Film Beginners By Mike Mills contains all the drawings which Mike Mills drew, and that Oliver (played by Ewan) works with in the film.

Sadness is a theme in the film, if you’d like the book describe the last thing that made you sad in the comments below. I’ll cheer one of you up on Friday!

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • tmwells

    I felt sad when a co worker said good morning to me but I didn’t hear them so I didn’t respond. I only realised as they left the room

    • laura johnson

      While cleaning out my closet I found my childrens baby pictures. Before I knew it I was sitting in the floor of my closet and my eyes were filled with tears(and not one to cry often)Life is often so rushed we forget to slow down and cherish what matters the most…our family. Although I’ve heard my entire life that time goes by so fast and to slow down and enjoy each moment I never imaged it would go by THIS fast.This was a happy/sad day! I love my girls so vey much, they are my life!:-)

  • Don

    how do I like, enter this fresh contest?

    • if you’d read the instructions…

    • Charley

      That was sad :(

  • The last thing that made me sad was to watch the movie Elle s’appelait Sarah. Very intense.


    Recently did a huge back up of my computer. Was going through old pictures and came across a photo of my mom who recently passed away. Instantly burst into tears not only because she is gone but because she looked very sick but for some reason I never could come to terms with it when she was here.

  • One of my plants was eaten by mysterious bugs :(

    • Fred

      alot of this stuff is beautiful, thats sad

  • Michael

    The unescapable feeling that I will never be as talented as Mike Mills.

  • I read this article in Rolling Stone: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/the-kill-team-20110327

    That made me really, really sad.

  • This morning, when I left my girlfriend to go to work. She was still asleep, and I was pretty bummed out to start my morning without exchanging any words other than “Mmmph.”

  • rosekat

    I want, sir.

  • brodie

    The last thing that made me sad was the scene in Bridesmaids when Kristen Wiig’s character made and ate one, perfect cupcake.

    • Derek

      oh dude, that whole movie made me sad! i’ve felt really disconnected from my best friend lately and money has been tight, just a lot of shit luck, and kristen wiigs character really connected with me. was not planning on getting teary eyed watching bridesmaids!

  • Not seeing my husband for a month while he’s in England. :(

  • Erica Mao

    Seeing my ex hold another girl’s hand.

  • Joseph Allgren

    Just today I was rearranging some clutter and came across something of my Dad’s. It was a small thing, inconsequential really, but it left me thinking about him, and missing him, for a long time.

  • Sara de Oliveira

    the last thing that made me really really reaaally sad was watching Paris Je T’Aime and New York I Love You on a row and realising that i’m very lonely.

  • Once I came home with a bunch of groceries to make dinner. Vegetables for a stir fry, a loaf of bread and some cheese for sandwiches. But I didn’t get ginger ale I already had some at home in the fridge. After I returned home and had made and dinner I got up to get a cold ginger ale from the fridge. Only when I reached into the box, it was empty. I drank a glass of water instead. I was too upset to watch final jeopardy some I went to my room and read.

  • Don

    Okay, what makes me sad… my girl has terminal cancer and her niece has been missing for over a month… this makes me sad

  • The last thing that made me sad was hearing about my cousin Kyle getting kidney cancer last friday… he is 23.

  • joe

    iv had 2 nosebleeds and a dislocated wrist today. sad about not being able to work

  • Seb

    Ok… whats recently made me sad..

    Got the news yesterday that my Great Uncle has had a stroke, he’s now half paralysed, and this is really sad since he used to be a champion basketball player. My Great-Grandma has lost her eyesight, but she is 93 so it is to be expected now. Also my Grandma has pneumonia, for the third time in 6 months. The first anniversary of my Auntie’s death is tomorrow too And to top it off I can’t comfort any of those people since I’m living in a completely different country. All I can do is call & Skype.. (This may all seem like I made it up, but I didn’t).

  • I was sad when I realized it was 7pm and I am still at work. This does not mean I dislike my job. This means I regret that I have missed my kickboxing class again. It makes me feel like karate chopping something.

  • megan

    My parents uninvited me on a holiday to America

  • I was leaving my college building one day, and this old tiny man, walked up to me very slowly and with difficulty, and with his shaky voice he said to me “Jesus loves you, you know that.” I’m not religious, nor do I let a tear get away easily, but when I walked away I cried a little bit.

  • Karin Nilsson

    last night, as i was about to fall asleep, i got cellphone message from my sister in the other room saying “are you awake? come here”. i went to her room to find her crying in bed saying “my boyfriend just dumped me, stay with me.”

    that made me sad.

  • Yesterday I was made sad when I awoke quite a bit more ill than the Beastie Boys ‘Communication’, and not in that positive use of the word. I got worse as the day progressed and didn’t know what was going on with my coughing as I had already been suffering hayfever recently. Anyway I now have Bronchitis too. I do not get sick pay from my job and I now may have to cancel 2 gigs with my band. It has also caused me to miss catching up with an old friend and going on a date with a new one. Haven’t felt so sad and sorry for myself in a long time. Big :(

    That book and film look right up my street. I hope this entry is good competition and I look forward to reading others misfortune that may dwarf mine so I can feel better that way.

  • Well, it happens a few days ago, while I was on a bus. I felt that the trip I just made changed my life in so many ways, and suddenly I felt scary and lonely. So I put my headphones on and listen to Belle and Sebastian and Grandaddy and Antony and the Johnsons and cried in silence for an hour. Then I realized I made the right choice, and, slowly, let my sadness go.// Excuse my horrible english, I speak spanish. :)

  • jaycie

    when my parents announced that my 21st birthday plans involved them, vegas, and wholesome non-drinking fun.

  • Seeing that teenage boy shot at point blank in Karachi, Pakistan.. sometimes the world makes no sense at all..

  • clara z

    today i lost the very first friend i was ever completely honest with.

    it made me so sad.

  • I got three rejection letters for work this week… its only tuesday as well.

  • Amy Law

    I burned my finger while I was making my omlette this morning; later while trying to make my office desk plants happy and put them in the sunshine… The cactus poked me… and left a thron in the burn. I could use a pick me up. OUCH!

  • i am looking out- into the gorgeous day- wondering why i can’t get up. why i the clock ticks. ticks away. and yet i can’t. can’t seize the day. i am victim to my own computerparalysis. hooked in, jacked in, over facey-spaced and twety-paged…
    the day [passing me by… that makes me sad.

  • The last thing that made me sad is that I don’t have this book!!!!

  • I go to a weekly life drawing class. This week I was particularly happy with my work, as the model we usually have decided not to be a complete twat and finally threw together some interesting poses. As I was waiting outside with all my materials in hand it began torrentially raining and I lost all my work and €40 of sketchbooks (I wasn’t smart enough to bring a bag). Not only that but I was waiting for 25 minutes in it and to top off a fantastic (note: sarcasm) day I stepped in a massive lump of dog poop on my way to the car.

  • My last sad moment is actually still occurring… I am helplessly longing for my recently purchased concert tickets and amazon orders that are stuck in the union-inflicted limbo world that is now the Canadian postal service.

  • alberthall

    Wondering if my father liked my young feet as much as I like my sons.

  • Byron

    Watching Daniel Sedin get punched in the face 6 times by Brad Marchand and not retaliating. This made me really sad, and then really angry.

  • Sean Smith

    The movie “Beginners” was the last thing that made me sad.

  • Kelaine

    Watched Before Sunset, drank a bottle o’ wine and sang maudlin, pseudo french songs this weekend. Erg. exes.

  • When we ordered a booster seat for our oldest daughter. She had outgrown her baby seat–her knees practically knock into the front headrests and it’s hard to buckle her in. I had this feeling that there was no going back, that it was somehow the end of an era. So I was sad, but happy at the same time. If that makes any sense.

    • alberthall


  • hen

    Last thing that made me sad? Learning over the past weekend that sorcerers don’t exist. Sometimes the truth hurts.

  • Francisco

    discovering the greatest most awesome band that ever existed and realizing that they played a gig in my town a week before the glorious discovery and wouldn’t return until they released another album (2-3 years)

  • Dre

    Sleeping sickness. The song and the fact that it describes my current situation.

  • Tim

    Realisation in the weekly WIP that I would be living at work all week…

  • Chelsea

    My boss asking me (mere hours ago) to cut out my favourite scene in an animation I just finished (in order to keep within a newly declared time limit). Sigh.
    That, and the Canucks losing!

  • My favorite video store (Rocket Video) in Los Angeles being replaced by a stupid dog agility training facility. Stoops.

  • Ems Wilson

    I’m sad that I am no longer in love.

  • mariel

    i’m sad all the time. can’t remember the last time i was happy.

  • jake dockter

    I got super sad today when I realized that I don’t have as many friends as I thought, or want. I used to have a close group of friends who were always around, but now I am pretty lonely, disconnected and floating…would love some people to connect to!

  • i’ll take a copy of there is one..

  • sometime ago i realized that i was not being true to myself.

  • if jane

    ps the thing that made me sad…that there will always be hungry children.

  • bea

    the winter of discontent.

  • Jordan Mendoza

    Today, my apartment got robbed. Along with all my photo equipment (body, lenses, flashes), they stole video equipment I had rented which I can’t afford to replace.

    The worse part is that I probably have to give up doing what I love most for an indefinite amount of time to make up for the cost. I just took a walk and thinking about it got me really down.

  • Melissa

    Last thing that made me sad is that I’ve lost motivation and inspiration to draw.

  • Fluffy

    I’m sad most of the time, I think it’s because it’s just me and the cat. I’m hoping life will change.

  • I just found out, after traveling across country for school, that I am suspended from financial aid. Bad news, but beautiful book, and inspirational movie trailer :)

  • On the news in Chicago, a boy was shot and killed on his 15th birthday, he didn’t even get to open his presents.

  • Rob

    In a dream last night, I won $100,000 but could only spend it at movie theatre concession stands. And then they had no snocaps. I woke up sad

  • Tjirt

    Thinking about how much i want this book and then i realized i never won anything.

    but something is going allright…

  • 2 hours ago, I felt sad when my cat started making gurgling noises and choked out a giant hairball D:

  • Fabiola

    this morning, when i realized that I hurt my mother’s feelings just because someone else hurt mine made me sad .

  • I´m very sad right now because I´m in class and I forgot my pendrive at home. Is a design class and without my material I have nothing to do. My class started at 7:30 and now is 10:00 and I have to leave. Such a waste of time coming to class today!


  • Katie

    Sitting on a curb last night, a friend and I were sharing childhood stories. He said he didn’t remember much about his father because he was never around. However, when his father did come home, my friend said he would run and find his dad’s slippers and place them next to his dad’s chair. If his dad put on the slippers he knew he was going to stay. He said he did this every time his father walked through the door hoping he’d put on his slippers.

  • Sofia

    When I was born I was given a small puppy called “Bolillo” (typical mexican bread). I was two months old and so was he when he first arrived. By the time he was 3 he had little puppies, we kept one “Concha” (another piece of mexican bread). And so on… I always thought I had a little bit of him with me, He died when I was 12 but I kept on having a puppy that came from his family line. Unfortunately the last one “Cuernito” (Croissant lol), was ran over and died last week, before we could have puppies. The other brothers and sisters are no longer mine. Twenty-six years in the making and no more Bolillo-Family. :(

  • encore

    I lost the girl I love to an abusive ex-boyfriend, my father to cancer and one of my best friends to drugs, all in May of this year.

  • Keith w

    I had a past with a promising future, I have a future with no promises. I didn’t listen. I didn’t wear sunscreen. I missed my chance. I look forward. But with sadness.

  • My best friend dying on the street after crashing his bike riding home – he was alone and wasn’t found for an hour or so afterwards.

  • Winnie

    My dog just passed away recently, she was my daughters best friend. And last night I found a box of pictures. In it was all these pictures of my daughter as a baby with my dog.

  • My friend parked my car 4 feet away from a bright yellow fire hydrant and I got a $70 parking ticket. Very sad.

  • the miami heat lost. stanley cup finals are almost over. sad. no more sports for a while.

  • Alex

    Well i know my story might sound dumb to you but, a couple weeks ago i really really liked this girl. I mean i can practically say i loved her. We were really close, called each other every night. So one day i decided to confess to her, and we met up at a park near her house. She kept rushing me to tell her what i wanted to tell her but it was very difficult. She began walking back, so i just stood up and shouted “I Love You Duude!” And all she did was turn around and laugh. I chased her down and told her i really did. All she told me was “sorry but i have a boyfriend already and i really like him.” Which i knew was total bullshit, i felt so destroyed i just had to get away. So i just ran as fast i can away from her and just broke down. Maybe its just cause im 15 but fuck, it sucks.

    • audrey

      it’s not only because you’re 15. it sucks. it does. and it will always suck. I’m 37, I had my heart broken again. and it sucked. the good thing is, sometimes it works, hearts can be repaired. You did well, running fast is the best thing to do. Take care.

  • Kat

    Heard that my friend passed away on Thursday. He was 28 and died of brain cancer. Greg Dubetz will always be remembered.

  • stephen

    I went and bought a pizza tonight and the bill was $14.08
    I gave the guy a twenty and then realized I had a dime after he had rung in the twenty. He still gave me $5.92 as change. It made me sad for a moment when he didn’t understand that I wanted a dollar instead of a pocket of change.
    Then I got over it and said thank you and left.

  • This film looks legit :)

  • #K

    the guy I like told me he feels like too much of an asshole to invite me over anymore.

  • The last thing that make me sad was to realize that there are many things that I will not be able to do again.

  • Bob

    Until I came on here I was content. Surely the last thing that has made most people sad is reading all these comments?

  • Barbara

    remembering a crime… bad guys winning=:(

  • Just finished eating sushi. In the midst of eating I realized that due to stress, little things fly by me on an everyday basis.. Little things such as eating sushi–which used to make me happy–don’t have any impact on my daily thoughts anymore.

  • guga

    when i realized im a woman and all of my girlfriends like dressing up and going out but i just like to stay home, drawing naked people and playing my piano. I have no friends and no talent, i want the book, just give me the book.

  • joy olivia

    Ironically, Beginners was the last thing to make me really sad because it reminded me of my aunt who died from cancer (and because I related way too much to the conversation about waiting for a lion and not taking a chance with a giraffe).

  • While on my first date in months, I went out to dinner and bit down on my fork, cracking my tooth. I then swallowed my tooth giving me a stomachache for the rest of the evening. There was no second date.

  • An old man in an electric wheelchair was stuck in the middle of a rainstorm with no one to help him. Behind him was a box of pizza still half full. Wasting food always makes me sad.

  • d.m.c.

    Contemplating whether karma truly exists or not.

  • I just told my mom that I was no longer going to follow the religion I was raised in. It seems so simple now that I’ve typed the words, but it wasn’t. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. It felt great to not have to hide my “unfaithfulness” anymore, but I’ve also never felt like a bigger piece of shit. She’s so disappointed in me.

    It feels weird to say this to a bunch of people I’ll never know.

  • victocactus

    A several hours ago this old man at my job really wanted to eat a cherry blossom, after looking everywhere for some, because usually we have a lot of them, I never found one, the look in his excited eyes darkened sadly and so did mine.

  • Yoshi

    The thought that if the Earth is destroyed, there will be no point in being an archaeologist.

    • kevin


  • A mother and daughter came into work a few days ago. They were from out of town, and I helped them pick out summer outfits for the daughter who had just graduated high school and was nervous to start college. I rang them up, and after chatting for a bit, I asked what brought them into town. The husband/father was being treated for cancer at the hospital in town. I got upset when they left, but it made me thankful to have a healthy, loving family still in my life!

  • Joni Gillispie

    I’ve had the pleasure of seeing this film three times now, twice in Toronto, and once in Minnesota. I’ve cried each time, because not only does it remind me of what I went through over the seven years I nursed my mother before her death, but, it reminds me of how much of your own life you give up when doing that.

    I have to say too, that the scene between Andy and Arthur is another one that tears me up with the emotion in it. His joy at being reunited with that little dog is so powerful, that even now, I feel the tears starting at the thought of it.

  • Sharon

    i’m going to check out this book regardless. it will do some good i’m sure. wow. the LAST THING THAT MADE ME SAD. sad doesn’t even begin to phrase it. i’m heartbroken, rejected, unwanted. i lost my heart and my love doesn’t want it back. it’s been 4 days

  • Sharon

    also these comments left by others are also pretty comforting to read

  • jay

    the idea of not winning this book giveaway.

  • I attended a social media workshop with a co-worker at a small boutique where I work contract / freelance. I had found out she was pregnant and as a mother of a teenager I shared over lunch how exciting a time it is and what to expect from boys vs girls. Well, the last time I came in I found out that she had miscarried and that it was her second miscarriage. I signed a card for her from her friends and coworkers. Today I came in and saw her and felt very sad. I wish everyone who wants to have children and experience the joy of raising children in a family could. Makes me feel like my husband and I were just very lucky.

  • Alex

    Last Sunday was my 35th birthday and as I looked around the restaurant table at all my closest friends I couldn’t think of a single thing I wanted to say to them. And nothing they said was worth listening to.


  • today my friend showed me an article of a guy who trained an alpaca to surf. in actuality i think he just picked up a random alpaca off the street and put it on his surfboard. it looked so scared to be out on the waves and every time he caught a wave it would stand up and just completely wipe out. i didnt like the video

  • Joel

    That 8-1 game last week… oh well, we’ll win it here tomorrow :)

  • My grandfather had a stroke the night before last. I saw him for the first time after it happened a few hours ago.

  • Zack

    i went on a cross-country journey with a girl i was in love with. i was crazy about her, but she fell for a guy we picked up along the way. when i returned to the other side of the world, she stayed with him and married him shortly after i left.

  • shannon rose

    i work with students with disabilities. i’ve worked with one girl in kindergarten all year. today she spat in my face and told me she hopes i get ill and die. :(

  • M Diaz

    The last thing that made me sad was when I peeled my orange and it squirted juice in my eye (me) —> ; (

  • Esteban Reyes

    I just graduated from high school and will be leaving home for college in August. My younger brother isn’t the sensitive type, but the other day he told me he’s going to miss me next year, and started crying. We both cried.


    last time i felt GENUINELY sad was at the humane society walking around the dog wing. saddest shit ever.

  • I found myself wanting companionship over the last weekend. i live alone. I can not remember the last time I had a desire for companionship, it has been like 15 years, just to flop on the bed, have someone else drive and be the passenger, eat together at home. I got busy and over it.

    I’m kinda sad now cause my arm is sore from my tetanus shot last Wednesday, darn it. :(

  • my good friend wasn’t feeling well, so it made me sad too.

    pretty trite when you read it, i know.

  • Veronica

    I didn’t have all the credits I needed to graduate high school, and my parents are pretty disappointed.

  • Titus

    Cause of the strain my parents put on my relationship with a girl, I was forced to break up with her. Two years of constant fights with them, but still it was the most happy period of my life… Now I’ve lost her and I can’t look my parents straight in the eye anymore.

  • I have two friends, two beautiful people, they are a sweet and loving couple and she is six months pregnant. Two weeks ago he proposed to her on the beach and she said yes. Her parents live further away, so she told them about it on the phone. Yesterday was her birthday. Her parents came to the couple’s house for her birthday celebration as well. Her father showed that he was very unhappy by sitting in a corner and being silent all afternoon. Later he left without saying goodbye. The wedding is in two weeks.

  • Me and my girlfriend broke up one week ago. It the last thing that made me feeling really sad…

  • Subconsciously taking in some of the above listed comments on route to this box.

  • The last thing that made me sad was actually today. I just found out that one of my sister’s dogs is going to be put to sleep tomorrow. She was diagnosed with a tumor in her spleen back in September of last year. We’re surprised that she lasted this long, but it’s hurtful and painful nonetheless. This makes me not want to get closely involved with owning a pet. :( The pain is just to much to bear.

  • My sadness moment actually happened today when I found out one of my sister’s dog is going to be pit to sleep tomorrow. She was diagnosed with a tumor in her spleen September of last year, and we’re all surprised that she even lasted this long. This circumstance is still hard nonetheless. I’ve grown to love that dog and now… I can’t even finish this paragraph without shedding some tears.

  • Jose

    Once I was sitting in a car with my brother when I noticed a begger walk up to a fancy looking car. The woman seemed to be asking repeatedly for money, though the money kept telling her to go away. When the light turned green, the woman immediately hung on to the car as it continued down the street. Luckily, she wasn’t hurt and she most likely got a couple liras (Lebanese currency). It’s just sad seeing how low some people are in this country and how they risk their lives just so that they can feed their families.


    Last thing to make me sad was to think that there is very little chance to win this context. But then I continued to think that my comment may be original and maybe i may have a chance to win this context, but then I became sad again thinking that probably i’m not the first to write about this, and so my comment is not original anymore, and there is very little chance to win this context, and so i continued to be sad….

  • maarten

    lemmons with garlic made me sad on the 10th of june

  • GRRY

    waking up…
    I know, I really could use a nice book.

  • Rachael Heller

    I’m 15, female, and have been in a relationship with an 18 year old for more than 7 months now. She’s a girl. Disregarding this factor, my mom has never let us be together because of the age difference; we had to see each other in secret. Only a month ago did my mom accept us, after I snuck out of the house to get ice cream with her at one in the morning, and got caught. We had an intervention, and my father (divorced, living out of state) convinced her to let us date. Now we can have a normal relationship and go on dates, alone. I can ride in her car, and my mom has somewhat relaxed. But we fight all the time. My mom is never happy, and I am unhappy at home. And Amila, my girlfriend, is leaving for college in two months. It makes me sad.

  • The last thing that made me sad is when I didn’t get the job I was really hoping to get. Ah well.

  • How can we know happiness if we do not know what feeling sad is.

  • when i got an invitation to a wedding of an old friend, which i wanted to attend with my ex-girlfriend, but now the host prefers me to come alone, because we’re not together anymore. the thing is, that the wedding takes place in a location in turkey, where i have beautiful memories from a vacation with that ex-girlfriend.

  • matthew uiop

    Fordyce’s spots.

  • I’d love this book, but fuck being sad. No time for it..

  • Re-Watching Twin Peaks and realizing I’ll never know what happened to Dale Cooper.

  • when i heard my ex-girlfriend’s (also best friend) new boyfriend talk about all the sex they were having. that was really unpleasant and saddening

  • I tried to w**k. I could not. I just could not do it until the end. I used to. I hear this happens to old men. That made me sad. Really. Sad.


    PS. This is obviously with reference to Work is a Four-Letter Word, Cilla Black & later The Smiths (what else were you thinking?)

  • Sad is the realization how minimal the chance of being an successful artist is, in this world and wondering how the duck am I going to support my family whilst being happy with myself. Sad is knowing how selfish it is.

  • The last thing that made me sad was realizing that I feel completly alone no matter how many people are around me, because I can’t say what goes through my mind without making everyone think I am crazy.
    A boy never liked me and I am almost 22.
    And realizing I am such a heavy burden for my parents and the fact that my meds ( I’m bipolar) don’t help like they should.

    And I adore books! :) I collect them. This giveaway was the last thing that made me happy :)

  • Jerrrrrry

    waiting for that phone call … and waiting … and waiting

  • hanna pratt

    realising I’m not happy right now.

  • The last thing that made me said was my health – I have some troubles with it((. But I hope that it won’t go too far. I hate being ill most of all. But I understood that the way I lived before was wrong and I need to change my lifestyle.

  • Knowing that my 99 year old grandmother made it to my wedding day. It was more a happy sad.

  • i dropped my awesome ice cream down the drained :'(

  • Levi

    An hour after getting a phone call from my doctor telling me that the surgery I needed wasn’t possible, I got another call telling me I had tumors in my brain.

  • Heather Sebastia

    They way a mother on the subway was talking to and treating her kiddo. That’s the last thing that made me sad :(

  • Fanelle

    The last thing that made me sad was to know that my 25 years old big brother will spare money for me during 2 years so I can go to college because he is the only person in my family able to do it, even if he is himself in college.
    Though it was a great proof of his love to me, it is heartbreaking.

    Hope my life is depressing enough to get the book though. (This is probably the first and last time I would say this !)

  • The last thing that made me sad was listening to one of my coworkers describe how he carries a pistol when he goes hiking.

  • Somebody tried to murder Joss Stone!

  • Jesse Wilcox

    the last thing that made me sad was running over a mouse with mt car. its one of those things where right after you do it you kind of need to ignore it and keep on driving, but the guilt rides on you, even though you couldn’t really control it.. sort of like when you fart in public, but sadder

    • Sky Larson

      Yesterday a gigantic hail storm came to my town. It started off just raining super hard but then huge chunks of hail started beating the windows. I recently started making the porch of my house look nice with lots of lights and great plants. I grew so many flowers, especially sunflowers. Now it’s all gone. Everything I worked hard on had been swept away by the wind gust. If there are any flowers left, they’ve been snapped in half. The lights I had put up are now down and broken. All I can do is start all over again.

  • Benjmain Mills

    my fathers name is Mike Mills. he’s an alcoholic who lost a foot in a motorcycle accident because he was drunk. he lives in a trailer on the Texas gulf coast. the last time i talked to him he was getting quadruple bypass surgery. that was last year about this time. i never checked to see if he made it through. this is all very sad.

  • i was a tad bummed when someone asked me if i had heard of “tiger jogging” and meant a song, not me actually running.

  • Georgie Smithperkins

    Im a 22 year old straight male. I recently cried during an episode of Glee. It wasn’t even a sad part. They’re just so talented. It gets to me sometimes.

  • Frillylala

    listening to his recorded voice singing in a crowded room because that’s all I’ve got of him.

  • Molly McAuley

    Hello. Longtime follower / first-time replier here.
    The last time I felt distinctly sad was the other day, hearing my boyfriend describe an elderly couple he had met through his work for incompetent veterans – they were afflicted with severe dementia. Pleasant enough in conversation, but utterly nonsensical, they held hands and walked together only out of habit (or probably out of a deeper connection), but entirely mixed up and blank about the facts of their history together, rich as it may have been.
    Dementia fascinates and saddens me. I once saw a cool installation – I think it was at the Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin – of a tiny model of a sleeping man in the center of a dark room, with projected text continuously swirling the room to represent fleeting thoughts.
    The one that really struck me was “IS EVERYTHING I’VE EVER FORGOTTEN AS BIG AS A HOUSE?” Sad! Scary! Fascinating! But mostly sad. This became the inspiration for a series of prints and a painting I did in college, on the theme of “Tragedy.” I drew a dying elephant lying in an obscure crowded junkyard – spotlit, grand, pathetic, and meant to represent “everything i’ve ever forgotten,” which to me, is the saddest thing there is.
    It’s also why I value your site so much, and the internet in general, as an archive of the “good stuff” we don’t want to forget. I alsoooo, no lie, just lost my job and totalled my car this past week. I’m fine and not even sad about either thing, but I would really love to get that Mike Mills book! Hope you liked my superlong post. Single Tear, and I’m out.

  • Last thing that made me sad was calling my grandmother who lives with my mom, to ask her how they where doing, for the first time in my life she was actually honest, she told me she felt lonely, and worried about death. Suddenly i realized that i was gonna have to take care of them, after so many years of them taking care of me. It was a feeling of sadness and fear.

  • Sne

    My girl through 4 years left me, so i bought some canvas, let out some anger end loneliness you know. The thing is i dont have any paint, i spend my last money on canvas and beefnachos and i dont know where my next check should come from. And all of these other posts makes me sad too!

  • Accidental acquaintance

    The last sad thought? Not being able to ever fully be a part of the group, knowing that things will change once everything ends. It makes me extremely sad because I love them but circumstances just gets in the way.

  • brentley

    I had a friend that recently passed away and I still find it hard to believe that he’s gone.

    I’ve been sad a lot about it but recently I had a dream where we were both driving and listening to music; much like we used to do. Nothing particularly exciting happened in the dream, it was more about the atmosphere and going back to the way things were before he passed. When I woke up it took a long time to come back to reality and let the dream fade away. I just didn’t want to let him go.

  • The last thing that made me sad was remebering that girl I was SO in love with, and it was today, a few hours ago :|

  • matt simone

    the state of the world because of life as we know it

  • Logan Galchutt

    The last time I was sad was today, when realizing I don’t know what I want in life, or what I want to do with my own life. I am conflicted between staying in college (English Lit. + Political Science double major) or drop out, follow my heart, and join the Peace Corps.

  • Cat

    Today, when I was excited about going home for the first time in a long while, but then realised that my dog (who died last year, and who we’d had since I was four) was not going to be there to welcome me.

  • Margaret

    The last thing that made me sad/is currently making me sad is I’ve been sick for a week, and haven’t been able to eat dairy this whole time. I just want a pizza already!

  • kevin

    My land lord caught me jerking off. Never pull on yourself with your back to your large front window.

  • Alfin Akhret

    i feel very sad when my best friend left the band and never call me again

  • Federico Gianotti

    Telling a sad story to get a free book. That’s sad right there.

    But, what the hell, here I go: I tend to feel alone even surrounded by the people I love. There’s just a void in me that nither being the best at my job or having my girl whisper that she loves fills it. Friends, work, family, material stuff, nothing really helps… and scares me that I feel good when I’m lost at night.

  • K

    Knowing nothing is really and constant epiphanies about existence and ‘reality’ sadden me.

  • Ben

    I’ve failed to pass math exam.

  • Lorena

    I just read some of the comments that people left. It is such a deep touching feeling. I was just moved by a collection of random words written by unknown people. Still, I could feel a nut tightening in my throat with so much sad stories. I don’t know how you will cope with them, it will be hard, and you will also feel very sad.

  • Steph

    I felt sad watching a movie last night. Then it got happier, thank goodness.

  • when “the one that got away” got married to someone else. that wasnt the saddest part.
    it was when she told me via email, that she was having his baby. that really crushed me.

  • I’m sad because after a few weeks of being back home in LA, I have to return to Panama for another 9 months to go back to work and be away from the love of my life and our cat, Olivia. Spending 3 weeks back home has been as rewarding as it has been depressing. I go back to Panama next week… super bummed. They don’t even have a good book store, or a decent magazine stand down there for me to find any stimulating publications to pass my time with, which means I’ll spend most of my free time obsessing about the long distance and working too much.

    – Soon to be lonely art director in Panama

  • Stephanie

    i couldnt think of the last time i was sad

  • t harvey

    I felt sad after I slowly typed out a thoughtful paragraph in this box, only to be reminded of how often this blog refreshes it page automatically. Needless to say I lost my post. It was a reflection on a simultaneously sad and uplifting Tom Robbins analogy. Oh well.

  • who won?

  • Dan

    I guess I’m too late, but the thing that tugs on my heartstrings is those damn ASPCA/WWF animal commercials – specifically the Sarah Mclachlan soundtracked one…

  • deadlines!

  • Michael macdonald

    While re planting my moms rose bush on my visit home , I uncovered the bones of my dog Otto who I was told went to Wisconsin to live on my uncles farm

  • Dionne Ong

    As I walked home, I saw this homeless old man sitting on the sidewalk near my house. My mother once told me he’s been homeless for a long time, even when she was still together with my father, possibly eleven years ago. She said that he must have lost his memories now. Feeling safe, somehow, I greeted the homeless man and told him I will be back with some food. He nodded and smiled at me. I went inside my apartment to look for some fruit and bread, and grabbed a bottle of water.

    Handed him everything, he once again nodded and said thank you. Then he opened his ragged bag and took out a newspaper. He ripped off a picture of a can of tuna on some advertisement and handed it to me.

    I don’t know why, but I felt incredibly warm and sad at the same time.

  • Alex and Audrey, I talked to them and they’re gonna give you BOTH a copy of the book and soundtrack!

  • I guess that once you win something you never win anything ever again.

  • Molly McAuley

    Aw, if i didn’t win i actually hoped it would be the 15 yr old’s story! I read through them and that was the only one that stuck out to me. Can’t wait to see “Beginners” !

  • Joseph Varano

    Hey, i love Booooooom so much, thanks for giving us all these awesome opportunities to get free art and cool stuff. i just got dumped by my girlfriend, after a 10 month relationship. i had just told her a week before that i had fallen in love with her. We went to her prom, she cried there, saying it was too much for her to handle and that, she couldn’t bring be around her friends. She said that i cause them to ignore her. Well, after that, we went to an after party and had an amazing time. i absolutely loved that i was finally working my way into her circle of friends. :) But, a week later, i came to her house to see her, and cheer her up. (she was feeling down) and, she completely ignored me. She put on her make-up, and modeled different shirts and skirts for my opinions, she told me we had to end, she broke up with me right then and there, and she dropped me off, and went to a get together at one of her friends houses, promising she’d come back. i waited for her on my front porch, killing off an entire pack of smokes, until 2am.. She never came. Since then, she’s kept my hopes of us getting back together up. Shes come to see me. We’ve had good times and bad. But monday, i called her to ask if she’d like to see me, i told her i was sick of this all, and that all i wanted was to get back together. And… almost excitedly, she said “Joey, we can’t get back together” i said softly, why not? And she said, “Joey, i have a boyfriend” WHAT? “i have a boyfriend joey, i thought you knew?” and that was that. The end. She crushed my hope with one short conversation and i lost the girl i love, my only real friend, my best friend… After 3 weeks of being broken up, she found someone new. Yesturday, she promised to come see me. Everything seemed normal. i was so excited. She kept calling to ask me when, where, who would be driving her, ect… And as i got out of the shower, finished shaving, got all dressed up.. Wondering why she wasn’t here yet.. i check my phone to see a txt that says “My parents are discouraging me from seeing you, they say its wrong, because i have a boyfriend now” And i broke down. i called her up and asked if i could come to her, and she replied quickly with an idk, and an “i have to go” and here i sit, reminiscing and wondering… What next.. i’ve got no one but myself now.

    • Joseph Varano

      life sucks sometimes but, you have to keep going.

  • Camilla Philip

    Seeing a close friend crying hard at his wifes funeral just a couple of weeks back….she was only in her thirties….died of a stroke and he is broken now…I hate to see friends in pain. On a lighter note I am IN LOVE with BEGINNERS and everything about it! The BEST movie I’ve ever seen….it made me sooo happy – I spent 98% of it smiling whimsically and 2% crying…..Mike Mills is MAGICAL!

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