22.06.11 by Jeff

Andrew Salgado

Paintings by Andrew Salgado. (Showing at The Cheaper Show!)

Artist painter Andrew Salgado paintings

Artist painter Andrew Salgado paintings

Artist painter Andrew Salgado paintings

Artist painter Andrew Salgado paintings

Artist painter Andrew Salgado paintings

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • http://heyitsalexp.com heyitsAlexP

    I love these, you can almost see the muscle structure of the face and feel their movement.

  • Steve

    These are fantastic, reminds me of chuck close!

  • Lea

    Strong facial expression.

  • Franky

    …or more exactly Jenny Saville.

  • http://ramireo.com.ar Ramireo

    These are great!
    Loved the third one

  • http://www.DropDeadArt.tumblr.com Joanna

    I love it! It’s very Munch like.

  • http://outsideindex.com Outside Index

    I remember seeing this guy at a Chelsea degree show about a year or two ago. Its nice to see how he has come on and obviously seems to be getting well deserved praise.

  • http://tcbte.blogspot.com/ Sean

    ah shit. so goood! reminds me a little like nick lepard. both amazing artists!

  • http://www.innovacion3D.com John

    Great JOB!!!!!!!!! $$$$$$???

  • Terrel

    ahhh!! your one sick artist!

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Hand-Coloured Japanese Postcards From Pre-War Japan


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