23.08.11 by Jeff

Pogo Books / Giveaway

For the one-year anniversary of Pogo Books they’ve released a box of 11 offset books and I have a box to give away! Who wants it?

Pogo Books Box Set Giveaway

Pogo Books Box Set Giveaway

Pogo Books Box Set Giveaway

Pogo Books Box Set Giveaway

Various Artists
“The PogoBooks-Box”

Limited Edition of 50copies
Including 11 Offset-Books:

“PHOTOGRAPHS & PICTURES” by Mark Peckmezian
“HASISI PARK” by Hasisi Park
“LUKASZ WIERZBOWSKI” by Lukasz Wierzbowski
“A NOS AMOURS” by Michael J. Demeo & Arianne Geffard
“TAMARA LICHTENSTEIN” by Tamara Lichtenstein
“ANCHOR.” by Franklin Obregon
“WTWML” by Anna Bak
“THANKS FOR COMING” by Jackson Eaton
“”Estaría bien poner un título aquí” by Alba Yruela


If you want the box set leave a comment below telling me what’s inside the closest box to you at this very moment.

I’ll pick a winner on Monday!

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • http://whatthefeesh.tumblr.com Feesh


    • Anna Planedin

      crafty supplies in an Asics shoebox.

  • Don E.

    A scrying mirror.

  • http://jaynesurrena.net jayne

    a lot of sexiness, classiness, and hot shit


  • benjamin

    a computer…my cubicle is a box, right?

  • http://www.primaryhughes.com Steve

    2 paintings that just were shipped back from a gallery.

  • http://tinseledsleep.tumblr.com magdalena

    multi-colored smoke bombs

  • http://ceciliamajzoub.com cecilia m

    canon ef 50mm f/1.8 lens

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/arno_aubry/ MR. ▲

    In the closest box to me at this very moment, there is PEZ(s) !

  • Ramzi Abdoch

    Rick Astley’s “Whenever You Need Somebody” record w/ the infamous “Never Gonna Give You Up” as the first track.

    • Emma


  • http://www.wix.com/wwirtz1/portfolio Walter Wirtz

    A feather duster, DVDs, and plastic cups

  • http://about.me/manwhoel Manuel Ceballos

    Flu pills x_X

  • Hector

    I want it! ….please :)

  • http://www.wix.com/cjisenor/corey-isenor Corey Isenor

    Original VHS Star Wars Trilogy. Before Lucas tampered with it.

  • http://sova-magazine.com Martin

    me! so in love Pogobooks! Inside the closest box to me is some old tobacco, 2 rolls of film & a glue stick.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/astridpr Astridpr

    a box of band aids

  • http://eortegadesign.com Enrique

    in the closet box to me is a vaporizer

  • http://www.findlolo.tumblr.com Lauren

    One large box of gauze pads!

  • http://www.stvcreative.tv Neil D Walker

    There are a number of cardboard boxes next to me – inside are all my worldly possessions (apart from the laptop I type on now)
    I move to Glasgow tomorrow.

  • http://color-collective.blogspot.com/ Color Collective

    a bunch of paint swatches! thanks, this is a great giveaway!

  • http://getitontheneg.blogspot.com/ nancy

    my cat is sleeping there…;)

  • http://naomemandeflores.wordpress.com Camila Faria

    Led Zeppelin’s Guitar-Tab Edition!

  • http://www.nownotyet.net Mike

    My cat (even though she knows she’s not allowed in it)

  • Jerrrrrry

    the closest box to me at the moment has some vintage flash bulbs – a 35mm film winder – a polaroid camera – and various other outdated photo stuff 😉

  • http://flickr.com/callyourmomm brigette

    wooden bunnies:)

  • http://cargocollective.com/drewbienemann Drew Bienemann

    it is a red puma shoe box and it cointains:

    2 strips of uncut 120 negative containing pictures of my ex girlfriend, her old mustang, her dog (named honeystick), photos of her jumping off a rope swing into a lake, and one photo of my feet.

    a medicine bottle with mixed pills. I see several allergy pills, 2 diarrhea pills, 4 10mg adderall tablets, and a vicodin.

    a purple lighter

    2 airplane ticket stubs:
    west jet from LAX-YVR
    emirates from LAX-DXB.

    one neon green ear plug.

    a strip of 4 photos from a photobooth of me and an english woman.

    2 nickels and 1 penny.

    a receipt for a $500 cashiers check from a post office downtown.

    17 zipties rubber-banded together.

    a wrapper from some tums.

    a tag for some dress pants: stone grey, 33×30.

    a metro ticket.

    a travel bottle of pantene conditioner, half empty.

    some loose rolling tobacco.

    • http://www.flickr.com/photos/smichaelg/ Michael G

      I’ve got a Dirty Projectors LB, an ancient Argus rangefinder (it’s a camera, yo) and wetsuit booties in a giant mostly-empty box

  • Matthew Billingsley

    My trusty robin-egg blue typewriter from 1963, letters from friends over the years, and a single peacock feather.

    Probably some dust too. Can’t rule that out.


    translation dictionaires for my parent’s design work.

  • http://brianbielawa.tumblr.com Brian B


  • http://glassfawn.blogspot.com katiebird

    old pieces of foam, black fabric, feathers, glue guns, cardboard pieces for making masks and puppets.

  • http://www.we-celebrate.com Eva Gonçalves

    Well, another series box: mono.archiv box set containing the first 15 and mostly sold out issues of mono.kultur magazine. That box would surely match this box, they could be friends and tell their stories to each other, and eventually to me.

  • Jenica

    The television’s the nearest box. Actually no, the amplifier. They’re aligned so it’s hard to tell. I’m saying the amplifier

  • http://overinformed.wordpress.com/ Pippa

    The closest box to me, right now, contains Nicorette. Proof I really am trying. (The 2nd closest box contains 20 marlboro lights)

  • janet s


  • Pam

    My InDesign tool box in the background! Does that count?

  • Jean


  • http://www.shekkung.tumblr.com Sheyka

    Whoa.. there’s a HASISI PARK book by Hasisi Park! She’s my favourite photographer! :)

    To me, the book contains the most favourite artworks/photobooks chosen by the PogoBooks itself and the photobooks must be very limited out there!

    I’m having a box of cookies right now right beside me, btw :)

  • http://www.rickysam.com Ricky

    The box closest to me at the moment is a box of Velcro.

    The next closest box to me is a box full of Wine! :)

    Perhaps I should move the box of wine closer to me.

  • http://brandonwaybright.com Brandon Waybright

    A tupperware container with some droplets and remnants of the pasta lunch I had two days ago.

  • keithmca

    social security card, 2 squaw valley ski lift passes, old california drivers license, BART ticket, 2 toy machine stickers, pack of dinosaur’s attack trading cards, duncan imperial yo-yo, high school graduation tassel, my son’s hospital bracelet from his birth, a small seashell, us women’s soccer patch, 3 band pins, surf key, lego pirate, russion sniper badge from wwii, extra wedding ring (lost the first one, replaced it, then found it again), and a hex wrench.

  • MarkTravisMcCartney

    An empty pizza box, with an empty garlic bread box init, with an empty fried chicken box in it.

  • http://deepboneinsomnia.tumblr.com Kate washford

    Pastels, pencils and biros of every colour.

  • http://www.kellyraeburns.com Kelly Rae Burns

    E.T. glasses from the 80s. “oucchhhhh” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGA_uH0-n28

  • http://www.wix.com/zuaart/art Javier

    Lots of film for my camera =D

  • ian

    8 pounds worth of Swiss chocolate :)

  • http://flickr.com/shafina shafina

    what an amazing giveaway, hope i win !!!

    closest box to me has a few dvds, not very exciting is it?

  • http://shore.reflera.org JJ

    Animal crackers!

  • http://peonie.tumblr.com yulia

    Some camera manuals and CD’s.

  • http://buweneke.blogspot.com bu

    A box of medium format negatives that need scanning!

  • Paul

    Shamefully it’s the Serendipity dvd…….

  • http://tanyahendrie.tumblr.com Tanya

    I don’t have any boxes in the room I’m in (how impressive!) but in the living room there is a box of old photographs on the table.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/jobo91 Joe Green

    Closest box… Erm… I think it’s my box of 7″ singles.

  • luke

    condoms 😉

  • http://cargocollective.com/winslowlaroche Winslow Laroche

    Indian summers, plum bruised knees, crimson nights and a lot of water bottles.

    This is a collection of fantastic contemporary photography books. I am huge collector and lover of all of this artists and I would cherish the box set.

  • http://www.aoifeodwyer.com/ Aoife

    My Hogwarts wax seal and another small vintage French box of mix-matched sealing wax some new and some very very old! I like the red one the best so it’s pretty melted…

  • http://www.shadimanavi.com Shadi

    wired jewelries

  • Steve

    3 scented candles, 3 plastic mugs, 175 small plastic bags, piggy bank, college diploma, pop up book (celebrity meltdowns), toy dinosaur, iron maiden eddie action figure, 3 small studio lights, airsoft gun (uzi), portable ipod speaker, video ipod box, batteries, stage makeup, a small amount of anchor fabric, and a giant 6″ new kids on the block oversized badge

  • http://thingsorganizedneatly.tumblr.com Austin

    The box nearest me is a crate I made. It has spray paints and a pair of antique casters in it!

  • cel

    someone else’s spare shoes, old textbooks and a bunch of stuff she doesn’t need.

  • Patrick

    This box is empty minus some old rubber bands and a dried up sharpie, but it has plenty of room for some Pogo Books!

  • http://www.mohammadyazid.com Zid

    Clothes of my old unused clothes to be donated to an orphanage (after spring cleaning)

  • Rob

    Oil paints, guache, gesso.

  • Elle

    This is going to sound morbid but I have two dried roses from my grandmothers funeral in a small archival box

  • http://www.cargocollective.com/roxanaphoto roxana azar

    A tattered yellow silk scarf and heirloom carrot seeds.

  • http://www.takepicturedontsteal.com/ matt

    box of Dutch mints called “Wilhelmina peppermints” They’re very big & strange.like me.

  • http://notwofish.blogspot.com Brittany Erin

    A dozen ears of corn! But they’re a couple of days old, so I don’t know how good they are anymore.

  • katie

    Box of my business cards:
    “Executive Assistant to the Senior VP of Creative Services”

  • Aduke

    Records and a portable record player and a tv cable. I moved and the box is cardboard and flimsy ¯\(ツ)/¯

  • ben

    more boxes.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/housesandbillboards Evan

    A box of Kodak 400TX containing an empty film canister.

  • K

    Our expectations

  • http://squeerzophrenia.blogspot.com/ gilbef


  • D Le

    Toy Story 1 -3 on Blu-Ray

  • kavin

    box of wine :)

  • http://www.flickr.com/mike_sidow Mike!

    Magic The Gathering playing cards.

  • http://featherandwebb.com Caitlin R.

    A bunch of shitty plastic hangers. You asked! :)

  • http://www.matthewribkoff.info Matt

    The closest box to me is full of darkroom equipment waiting for a room to set up in. :(

  • http://aglassjar.blogspot.com Liska Cole


  • Ryan Pernofski

    This box is white, not that you enquired the hue of the common household storer. but i think this must be noted, simply due to most boxes not baring this well-ivory colour.
    All that is in the box, {which has two windows taken out of it} is; the usb part of an iphone chord, a name tag, {fluro green cited}, and some pen marks -stating “le floor” – which is partly french for; ‘the floor’.


  • Ashton

    an entire pizza waiting to be devoured.

  • http://flickr.com/therosecaptainn krystal

    yes! i love those photos, great taste.
    the closest box next to me is a grey metal box, and inside is some of my favorite jewelry, 6 photos of me and my best friends, my art tool box, my ceramic tea cups, and best record finds.

  • audrey

    There are many pebbles brought back from travels.

  • Fanelle

    There is a bunch of souvenirs from my native country (France) I won’t see for a whole year. That’s why I need this box to cheer me up :)

  • http://society6.com/ffionatkinson Ffion

    a 13(?) cm ruler, a red pen, an orange pen, 2 black biros, a pencil, a gold pen, mascara, a grey pen, a purple pen and 2 green pens

  • pbo

    Dance Mix ’94..on cassette.

  • http://thebestoftoday.wordpress.com Amanda

    a box of multigrain cheerios :)

  • Ian

    An unopened pack of Dionsaurs Attack! cards, a knockoff sharpie called a Shoupie, a photocopy of a $5,000 check, a flyer for a scottish hog roast restaurant named Oink, a fortune cookie fortune that reads “This instant is the only time there is.” and a handful of pens I stole from Barclays.

  • Veronica


  • http://elizabethphotography.tumblr.com/ Lizzy

    A pocket pitbull with one black eye, one white eye, bad gas, snoring, and named June Bug is sitting in a box right next to me. She’s probably hungry and I know she’s PMSing.

  • http://aboutphase.blogspot.com panelomo

    koko crunch.

  • http://thedreambeing.com Jacque

    3 rolls of 120 kodak extar film
    1 roll of 120 Porta 160
    a shutter release cord
    a light magenta epson ink cartridge
    a cd called Empty Nest (made by a friend)
    2 jumpdrives
    5 quarters and a dime
    a dollar folded into a collared shirt
    and one bearded ping pong ball

    puh-leaseease pick me! :)

  • http://www.behance.net/DiogoLouro Diogo Louro

    I kid you not:

    My new Canon 600D, fresh out of the mail!
    It’s either that, on the left, or my family’s shoe collection on the right. (my mom is a organizational freak… don’t ask)

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/maximillianphoto/ cody turner

    A big trunk of weird fairy paintings and drawings and old photos from the girl whose room i am subletting from for the summer. There is also a big masquerade mask I put in their cause It was creeping me out on the wall.

  • Kestrel

    My rock climbing harness and camping backpack

  • Eric Anderson

    Around 200 collections of poetry that accompanied me to Iowa City. I must keep the “nervous system” at hand!

  • http://viraxi.tumblr.com carlos

    lot of drugs, money, and a big shot gun!

  • Anthony

    Closest box to me contains disposable contact lenses!!

  • http://steven-riddle.com Steven Riddle


  • http://www.ashraf--ali.blogspot.com Ash

    sketch books, felt pens and a small canvas still in it’s package.

  • http://jontybell.com jonty

    green tea bags (madura of australia / 50 tea bags for cup or pot / net 75 grams [2.65 ounces] average 2.8% caffeine by dry weight / excellence in tea)

  • Jordan

    The box next to me is filled with very old baseball cards and Magic: The Gathering cards.

  • http://www.thinkorsmile.com Nathaniel Whitcomb

    Cut up pieces of a ’54 book called Around The World In 1,000 Pictures. I’m turning them into collages that will hopefully turn into a book of it’s own. When it’s done I’ll give you one to giveaway :) And one to keep of course.

  • Adam Rabb Adam Rabb

    The closest bos to me would be a Reeves (since 1766) Water Colour Set. Paint. Inculdes 12 fine water colours . Reeves fine water colours are made with quality pigments. Used by artists of levels, it is most popular of all the mediums. Reeves Fine Water Colours offer * Quality colours with good transparency *Good tinting strength * Good work Properties * Good lightfastness.

    Since 1766 Reeves has been synonymous with the manufacturer of excellent quality fine art & education products. In a continuing quest for product improvement, Reeves combine the most recent technological advances with 200 years of manufacturing experience.

  • http://rachelrushing.com Rachel

    not-yet-unpacked office supplies.

  • Kazi

    Glue bottles I bought on sale for my classroom.

  • Sarah

    Blank greeting cards with Kandinsky paintings printed on them!


    just a bunch of snipits from magazines/newspapers/etc. for collages. and another one with old paint tubes that i plan on collecting forever!

  • http://www.maurygortemiller.com elmaury

    A phonograph needle and 10cc of human growth hormone

  • http://howdoyoudo.tv Mike

    In haiku:

    You think it’s a book
    But on page two it gives way
    My weed is in here

  • http://www.cosmichorses.blogspot.com Julia

    porcelain white owl with green eyes, cowardly lion stuffed animal, polaroids, photobooth photos, twine, ribbon, used 35mm film, paperdoll, phone numbers, napkin drawings, enter the void movie ticket, plastic horses, letters, postcards, and a cassette

  • http://theabpress.com ali barry

    the box closest to me is a hollowed out book: Sun Tsu’s “The Art of War.”
    In it, my DVD remote a few sharpie key chain markers and a giant black KRINK graffiti marker.

  • Adam

    Festival brochures

  • Sebastien

    expired rolls of film, a paperclip, cigarette ashes, 2 pens and masking tape.

  • Ansley

    Does my nightstand count as a box? If so…a bit of every part of my life.

    Running numbers form races past, a vintage Polaroid or two, the AP Gov study guide, vintage belts, a spraypainted canvas, old cassettes, and a few trinkets from international friends!

  • Whoooooooo

    A box of quotes collected throughout the years….here one for you!

    “Love many, trust few and always paddle your own canoe.”

  • Whoooooooo

    Inside my box are quotes collected throughout the years…here’s one for you!
    “Love many, trust few and always paddle your own canoe.”

  • NB

    things that go with the love which dare not speak its name

  • Matías

    The closest box to me, is a cookie box, it has a card from a friend, some inkless pencils, birthday invitations and a photo of my art teacher and me at an school expo.

  • Steven

    47K ohm resistors

  • Jimmy

    krispy kreme doughnuts. o yes. win. lol

  • http://www.migueldelag.com miguel de la g

    dos equis beer box by kaws

  • marie

    chess (o.O)

  • Jean-Luc

    The box in my closet is full of markers, a broken bike chain, some shoelaces, and craisins which spilled into the box and i gave up trying to clean out. ha

  • Brenda

    My box is pink inside.

  • http://www.standiers.com Stan

    paper samples booklets

  • Courtney

    A courier box containing a bottle of highly toxic palladium chloride. Hopefully it was packaged right :)

  • http://www.dylanderose.com Dylan DeRose

    Since I’m at my parents house: my closet holds all the ugly clothes and stuffed animals I refused to take to college.

  • Spencer

    A purple LE KITT box full of conte pencil crayons and Staedtler markers.

  • Erik

    The books from McSweeney’s #36


    I’m currently sitting in bed, skyping one of my closest friends. One my nightstand is this little old beaten up victorian style box. I tend to throw random things in it. For instance:
    My checkbook, my ipod, an extra ipod cover, post-it notes, pills, a handstitched animal thing (honestly have no idea what it is. I made it up.), a portable alarm clock, a lighter, twilight woods bath and body lotion, a deck of cards, a wristwatch, chapstick, my retainer, a pair of glasses, a few hand braided bracelets, a few hair ties, coin change, and a spring.

  • Eleanor

    por favor!!!

  • Charlie

    A motorcycle helmet, in case the rapture comes and I need to make a quick getaway.

  • Eleanor

    a box fan.

  • erica mao

    a cantaloupe, popsicles, and a few rolls of film

  • Andrew

    a bunch of college information/admissions books and letters.

  • http://annavictrola.com Anna

    The packing materials for my new bike saddle.

  • sage

    In the box is the accumulation of wires from a laptop, DVD & VHS players, various cell phones, and a tape recorder.

  • Ian

    the universe!!!

  • Moss

    a lack of tissues.

  • Eric

    various pens and things

  • http://www.naomijulia.com Janepefko

    54 regular biodegradable Tampax tampons

  • http://colinpalombi.com Colin

    things that my girlfriend’s roommate would like to burn because they’re a bunch of credit card offers – her identity!

  • http://www.flickr.com/superdaimos superdaimos

    bills, bills bills!
    and not dolar bills…. the other bill…

  • brent

    corks from belgian beer bottles.

  • Ash

    Gelato, which I am about to eat

  • http://coolburritos.tumblr.com natalie

    paint pens, sketch book, microkorg, and a peach

  • http://www.jasonmaris.com Consuela

    Filled with regret, lots of regret.

  • inkyoats


  • inkyoats

    in my box i have three marbles a small bottle with hair in it a small tin of herkimer diamonds and a few various rocks for a terrarium <3

  • http://megkm.com meg

    a singing Bing Crosby santa and an N64.

  • Chelsea

    There is a flashlight, empty camera case, the camera that should be in that case, a change wallet, parts to our bathroom sink, piece of tape and some ear buds.

  • Patrick

    a half eaten burrito, cup of guac, and a compostable fork.

  • Caroline

    animal masks.
    a rooster, bunny, and giraffe to be exact

  • http://www.ivanalejandromartinez.com Ivan

    A graveyard of dead ipod and iphone parts that I have yet to put to good use

  • Hannah


  • Travis G

    A shit-ton of micron pens

  • Brendan

    the closest box to me contains a ton of different sized micron pens, and a lot of acrylic paint XP

  • Crystal Wang

    Blueberyy and Lutein vitamin tablets that are apparently good for the eyes, bought by my worried parents that too much studying and painting will cause my eyes to deteriorate eventually causing blindness.

  • Sidney.

    nail polish. a highlighter. a camera battery. and six rolls of film.

  • Sean

    It’s a trunk of blankets, books, and even smaller boxes. It’s also a coffee table.

  • http://deadweatherroses.tumblr.com Alice Mitchell

    a disposable camera!!!

  • http://ulyssesortega.com ulysses_o

    Developed 120 FILM.

  • Cam Norris

    A whole bunch of plaster products…

  • http://yimyan.wordpress.com Aleson

    16gigs of ram

  • Emily

    I have a plastic box with dividers that houses thousands of shiny, colorful, plastic bling-bling. It is on the floor next to my feet. I had used the bling to bedazzle a jesus painted on a mannequin. It’s pretty rad.

  • Aaron Gonzalez

    Really hip people inside a scion box car next to me on the freeway.

  • Anibal

    Design books, comics and paper.

  • http://taqueot.blogspot.com/ art

    -my minox AF with some great photos of summer tour with norway and ukrainian musicians.
    – a bunch of film from spring/summer
    – old matches with camel on it. maybe 80 years old
    – piece of bark. find it in cossacs island

  • Marie Antoinette

    In my hand= a juicebox. 100% grape. To my left, a suitcase that I have yet to unpack from a year of travels. Contents include but are not limited to: alpaca sweater, fake ray-bans, a broken polaroid, well worn clothes, and a lot of good times. Maybe I’ll unpack it to make room for some limited edition books.

  • http://edo8.tumblr.com/ Edo Plasschaert

    Four Rolling Stone Magazines from 1972, clearly no match for the Pogo Books… Please upgrade my reading material please?

  • feehee

    My stash :0

  • http://www.andrewriggins.com Andrew Riggins

    Packaging paper, used Bic lighter, empty Polaroid film pack, ball of hair, junk mail, strawberry shaped candy wrapper, bent vintage pinup postcard and empty pharmaceutical sampler

  • James

    dismantled golden aligator, and a dreamcatcher angle.

  • rapolas

    roasted chicory :)

  • http://joshsender.com Josh

    Gah, no way I can win with this: napkins.

  • http://www.itsadryheat.tumblr.com Colby

    cuban cigars that my dad sells on the black market

  • http://www.flickr.com/suemeetsoo sue kim

    3 rolls of 35 mm films, 4 colors of oil paints, and 2 brushes…

  • http://crazypigsideas.com crazy pig

    The closest box to me is full of running trophies from several competitions. Such a pity I’m not sitting in another corner, I’ve got much more mysterious boxes out there 😀

  • http://samillejanelle.wordpress.com SamilleJanelle

    At this very moment, the closest box next to me contains an antique Yashica-A TLR Camera… she takes 120mm film, and she’s my not-so-secret creation weapon. Lover her to bits – so much so, she sleeps on my nightstand.

  • allison

    woaw these look beautiful.. nearest boxes: stuff for my dorm room-i’m off to my first year of college next week!

  • http://www.proximitymagazine.com marian

    freebees, a large lighter, mailing envelopes, books, magazines, some pamphlets in the same box

  • Audrey

    a ukulele!

  • http://www.satupalander.com satu

    beautiful business cards i have collected over the years

  • http://auxpaysdesmerveilles.wordpress.com Hannelore

    The box closest to me right now holds cereal! Choco crunchy to be exact. I’d love that pogo box though! Might not serve that well as breakfast but I’m sure it’s much prettier to look at.

  • ludvig

    A gun?

  • Paley

    My brain. I keep it there so I don’t lose it. Only trouble is: I can’t remember anything without a brain. So I forget it’s in the box and that really makes me lose my mind.

  • http://thenativecollective.com max

    A box full of Mi Goreng noodles. Yummm!

  • http://paulhasablog.wordpress.com P Weezy

    marijuana is inside it, duh bro

  • http://breadtobeeaten.wordpress.com brent

    Pressed flowers from my two years living in Armenia.

  • dj

    – a couple of cd’s (up dharma down – bipolar & brand new – god & the devil are raging inside me)
    – a Japanese pillow
    – some sticker & velum paper
    – some work related documents
    – a comic book (eddie campbell’s Alec series – after the snooter)
    – a couple of vintage crime books (chandler’s the big sleep & hammett’s the maltese falcon)

  • Ludivine

    The closest box to me is my body … and inside, my mind …:-)

  • Krystal Faust

    Within the closest box next to me lies a few of my favourtie things, the camera obscura, in which I capture spirits with on a nightly basis. My lucky raven feather, worn right beneath and slightly behind the ear, this progresses the opening of the third eye. And lastly, my nude in colour paint brush that I use to grant perspective on what I feel, desire, and adore. It’s also said that very brush has a spell cast upon it, that the wielder paints bits of the future within their work.

  • http://lauralkelly.com Laura Kelly

    11 matches

  • Georgia

    Next to me are some tubes of watercolour paint in a plastic box that smells to plasticky to put leftovers in.

  • http://samcoldy.tumblr.com Ess See

    All my old toys that I can’t through away.

  • Dewi


    nahhh, but that sounds way better than urm…a box full of envelopes! (which is right below my working desk)

  • GRRY

    quit smoking pills
    could use some HELP

  • austin

    Carman’s real food made with real passion ‘classic’ fruit musli bars!

    ‘abuzz with delicious golden honey, these fruit musli bars are the bee’s knees!’

    haha 😀

  • http://www.behance.net/lookatstefan stefan

    the nearest box is behind me on a shelf. It’s a package for iki-beer filled with two bottles, a glass and a little book.

  • http://www.sarahschroeder.de Sarah

    Two of my cameras: Mamiya ZE-2 and Minolta X-300

  • http://www.mp-webdesign.co.uk Kelly

    The nearest box to me contains a frog stapler (complete with green staples), a half eaten pack of Reeses cups, one cherry Jolly Rancher, one Kleenex tissue, a pink note pad and a pack of blue tack!

  • http://www.danielseunglee.com Daniel Seung Lee

    Soggy salad and a half eaten turkey avocado sandwich.

  • http://tessavictoria.tumblr.com Tessa

    Nothing. It’s just an empty box. Air, perhaps?

  • Fran

    My MPD24 with it’s wires, some records and my big headphones.

  • Adri

    a pair of dark grey Mustang boots

  • ties

    newly printed flyers! whoop!

  • http://peep-toe-shoes.tumblr.com Ana

    old headphones, smarties, old white headed matches for some place in france, a guitar pick and and a clipping of florence welch from some magazine.

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE. I want this so bad…. please? please.

  • Tom

    A taxidermy badger wearing top hat/tales and smoking a pipe… he’s rather dapper! Boxed up and ready to be sent to a mate in Sydney for his birthday…

  • ryder

    A vile of turtle sweat, yellow ear plugs, mayonnaise, rainbow Jesus syrup and a nipple ring.

  • Elena

    All the badges I save from when I was little (I’m too nostalgic to throw them away).

  • http://www.patrickloeffler.de Patrick Loeffler

    The closest box besides me is my MacBook Pro and it has lots of BOOOOOOOM! inside. :-)

  • ben

    The box is empty

  • Thijs

    Crystals & Minerals!

  • http://www.siujefftse.com Siu Tse

    To-fu Oyako figure I got in Hong Kong.

  • http://www.bozangunes.com Bozan

    The two volume of Mark Schultz, Xenozoic Tales a.k.a Cadillacs & Dinosaurs.

  • jack

    some herb, pringles, and astroglide.

  • daniela


  • Jason

    Roast Lamb…

  • iknowsin

    hundreds of 35mm films and 4×3 photos 😉

  • Nancy

    50,000 no. 2 pencils that took 72 hours and 5 men to sharpen

  • Charlie

    Rolls of hemp and lengths of stretchy string. Bracelets, necklaces, a plethora of beads, glowy stars, little plastic police men (some cut in half and attached to said jewelry).

  • http://cargocollective.com/jw JW

    Old ticket stumps, boarding passes, train tickets, scraps from darkroom printing, little sketches on napkins, …
    All thoses little things I keep to glue in a notebook, as a map of where i’ve been, what i’ve seen and done.

  • http://www.davidrusbatch.com David

    TIME CAPSULE BOX from the 80’s (assortment of 80’s stuff the dog just dug out of the garden!!)

    – Michael Jackson Wembley ticket stub 1986
    – Bon jovi “slippery when wet” cassette
    – Dave and Lou’s “Love” album (never gave her it), featuring SNAP, new kids on the block and BROS
    – Collar of my first dog (3ex racing greyhound)
    – “david climbed Snowdonia” badge (made by my dad)
    – “worm sandwich” now mouldy and blue in a bag
    – “THE FUTURE” by ME…..choice excert “in 2040 you able can telephone people and see their faces, and smell their BO through a small vent, they wouldnt sell well.”


  • simon

    the closest box is right under my laptop and after checking it i can tell u there’s only a paper bag and some wrapping paper tissues in it ! what a thrill…. :-/

  • Nathan

    I am sitting within a box-of-a-room

  • campbell sibthorpe

    A hand made sunflower seed from Ai Weiwei’s exhibition at the turbine hall.

  • Rik

    If a CD-case is a box, it’s the Foo Fighters’ “Medium Rare” album.

    If it isn’t, it would be a plastic box filled with school supplies for my little sister who’s going back to school soon since summer holidays are almost over 😛

  • http://www.twitter.com/kessykia KESSYKIA

    Love those photographs, #need !
    The closest box near by me contains a savane cake (made in Paris) ! yummy 😉

  • Rosaline

    My good luck’s in that box! When it’ll come back to me, it automatically will bring the box with it.

  • http://brollieboy.blogspot.com SAM

    Yorkshire Gold tea bags. Bloody good they are too.

  • http://Www.willyharris.com Will

    50 matt gold bubble envelopes

  • http://goatheadcorp.tumblr.com/ chris

    A rad skull shaped phone, and a dead rat I guess.

  • http://carolinwalch.de carolin

    the closest box to me is golden and full of twin peaks.

  • Milda

    my boyfriend. he likes carton boxes

  • http://f-ur.blogspot.com heider

    a box filled with letters written by my girlfriend.and now she’s on her way to boston to pursue her degree in film.the next time i’m gonna be seeing her physically would most likely by next year october.

  • SLW

    I am scanning a box of 300 photographs of schools in the 1930s, in the architecture library that I work at. There is one photograph of a group of young students sketching a landscape from the roof of thier school. All the girls have bob haircuts, and if you look closely there is one girl who is staring straight into the camera suspiciously. The box is sitting only a few centimetres away for me.

  • http://www.gerardboyer.info/ Gerard

    A lot of coffee!

  • http://mariaazzurrarossi.tumblr.com Maria Azzurra

    Inside the closest box: paper that goes inside a new pair of shoes from a very cheap Turkish shop in Berlin.

  • http://louisreith.com LR


  • http://richardestguadalajarastani.tumblr.com Richard

    Everything I own

  • http://www.eriknorden.com/ Erik

    My room is the box I’m in and feel so close to :).

  • Max

    old 77% dark chocolate metal box.
    now filled with already cut out
    collage material

  • http://www.jimelle-salyers.artistwebsites.com Jsalyers

    The closest box to me is a handmade walnut box with poplar star insets that contains my late father’s .22 pistol and pictures of him. Yeah, I’m a daddy’s girl:)

  • Who?

    well, instant snow 😀

  • jaga


  • http://cargocollective.com/simonberard Simon

    In the closest box to me, there are tea bags from all around the world. They make me travel everytime I make tea.

  • Tj

    Lunch; which consists of a home-made sandwich made with brown bread, Wensleydale cheese, mixed salad leaves and garlic/onion chutney, hmmmmmm tasty!….hang on, wait a minute….the box I was referring too is now empty, magic!

  • http://www.carlitoschiliro.com carlito

    a photo of a newborn child

  • http://www.kaugummibooks.com kaugummi

    a serious loads of LP

  • http://www.juliacorsaro.com julia corsaro

    the closest box to me has a bought on ebay pentax k1000 that just arrived half an hour ago.

  • http://eephemere.blogspot.com eilwennnn

    A box full of models I made (architecture school).

  • leah


  • http://matthansenart.com Matt

    I’ve got me a box of mega-crusty tubes of oil paint, and old rags just waitin to burst into flames.

  • http://cargocollective.com/adara Adares

    I don’t really know what’s inside the box next to me.
    I moved back to my family house one year ago and still didn’t unpacked everything yet.

    …There it is, looking at me.

    I’ll open it someday.

  • Steffen

    There Is This Little Drawer Under My Heart Which I Never Dared To Open.

    Happy Anniversary Pogo Books!

  • http://christianpitschl.com Christian Pitschl


  • gregor

    it’s a packing case filled with stuff from my old office which is going to get burned when i finally quit this job on october 14th.

  • http://www.iamartsy.com *misslieze

    After 5 years of living with my wonderful bf… he broke my <3 and now I'm moving out to my first apartment by myself. The coolest part is, that I am moving in a basement apart owned by two fulltime artists, who gave up their 9 – 5 to follow their dreams at my parent's age. I admire that! So the boxes closest to me contain over a 100 record albums that I use to make my art from. The very first and most important thing I'll be doing once I move out is to immediately start on making my new sculpture piece incorporating music and photography. I'm very excited about the project 😀 My heart might be broken, but my art keeps me going!

  • Ingrid Elise

    A troll.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/dagenbedankt/ lieven

    a blood pressure measuring device

  • Dan

    well there is a cereal box in front of me 😛

  • http://www.artattacksonline.com Raymond

    The box that is closest to me has a broken monitor from Dell!

  • http://simonkossoff.blogspot.com Simon Kossoff

    Vicodin dust and pen drives

  • http://georgschmitt.com Georg

    There is a DVD-box “In The Mirror of Maya Deren”.

  • Ashton

    the most ballin’ set of giant wood carving chisels.

  • tanja

    old love letters, flowers, small gifts and photos of an coulorful love life!

  • http://gabrielacurraleira.wordpress.com Rita Coimbra

    Inside the box closest to me are the documents of all Mitshubishi cars in Portugal.

  • http://www.guygrimshaw.co.uk Guy

    more books… filled with work that doesn’t excite me.
    oh and carpet samples.

  • Chris

    2 bags of multicolored thread
    1 yar with buttons
    3 spools of thread
    1 cat toy
    2 boxes with needles
    1 roll of elastic band
    1 zipper

  • http://mintmustardandmelange.blogspot.com/ Malin

    my boyfriends fanzines

  • http://www.flickr.com/pirecco pirecco

    my mp3 player and many business cards…

  • http://www.oliverbampfylde.co.uk Oliver

    All the small things I’ve collected over the last year: metro tickets, labels, polaroids, postcards, fliers and a Tunocks caramel in case I get peckish!

  • http://megancharland.wordpress.com Megan

    box of tissues – not very exciting. ha! I would LOVE this box-set. great giveaway.

  • Nina

    Tons of film negatives.

  • http://www.taisido.com Chantal

    underwater camera,other camera, inks and acrylics

  • http://www.jellyplayground.blogspot.com renaldy

    my brand new seagul 50mm f1.8 lens :)

  • http://superpowers.tumblr.com LP

    Nothing. The closest box to me is empty.

  • http://www.suppaduppa.com Clara

    Some of my favorite photographers!

  • http://proudpeninsula.blogspot.com/ Tim

    crayons :)

  • Marilou

    I have a tissue box right next to me. There’s a box of random cables and adapters a little further away. Then a little further is a box full of soap bars.

  • Six

    Kurt Cobain’s blonde hair

  • http://kitleyjewell.com Kitley

    7 sticks of gum.

  • http://www.tiefflug.net Pascal

    Jim Jarmush
    – Stranger than Paradise
    – Down By Law
    – Mystery Train

  • Michelle

    I have a box of pencils next to me, haha.

  • Howard Holloway

    dustandfluff. All one word.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/the_egg_oh/ Diego

    i was cleaning up yesterday so i have random things in a box next to my bed:
    kurt vonnegut’s “the sirens of titan”
    few colored pens
    nearly damaged cell phone
    sun block
    bubble gum wrapper
    rubbing alcohol
    one tea bag
    old drawing from my nephew (when he was cute)
    blue shoe lace
    paper clip
    new post-it block
    bus and subway tickets

    hope my randomness make me win!

  • Karla

    Balzac’s The Unknown Masterpiece. A letter ‘K’ paperweight. A sharpie pen. :)

  • http://www.torp-vestergaard.dk Christoffer Torp

    There’s approximately 15,832½ stamps, mixed together in random order. My farther didn’t bother organizing them – i guess i understand why. wauw… when thinking about it, stamps are quite lame. hey.. Maybe you could create cool art stuff with it! cool man.

  • http://www.theorii.org Yannell Rodriguez

    (very old) Type T30 Staples

  • http://trineo.net trineo

    a receipt with the words: change this for 11 Offset-Books limited edition box

  • Kalli

    There’s no box to speak of near me… but if there was it would (and should) be filled with kittens.

  • http://rodofotemperley.com ivanmezcua

    A set of 10 different Stabilo pencils.

  • http://dilakaplan.tumblr.com/ Dila

    There is a box full of these right next to me:

    yes, vampire teeth gummy candy. hope this is good enough to get the pogobooks.

  • Maximo Albuquerque

    a certain volume of air. :)

  • Taylor

    hope and all the evils of the world

  • Kevin S. L.

    In the middle of moving, so there’s a large apple crate at my feet thats fill of various items.

    For example, grade 7 science class binder (all doodles and friends’ messages included), high school english writings, all my 5 diary books, ‘making sense’, several drawings of friends and from friends.

  • http://bummersforbreakfast.blogspot.com Janusz

    the cat. or is it?

  • http://artonomous@gmail.com Craig Hansen

    I have a used cookie monster piñata with the ass busted out in a box at my desk right now. It was given to me as a friendly reminder that I have a cookie addiction and that my eating habits are making my co-workers fat.

  • Brian

    Band-Aids and razor blades!

  • Hells

    A box full of memories collected since I was little.

  • http://everydayiveknownyou.com mp

    Pieces of fruit from the “get well soon” gift basket my girlfriend got after falling off a truck and needing to get 5 stitches above her eye.

  • james

    a box of french fancies.

  • http://yelbley.tumblr.com yelbley

    greens :)

  • http://www.donnynguyen.com donny

    royale tissues. not the best answer but it’s honest.

  • Jessie

    It’s a ship’s crate and it’s full of twine and tar and tallow and other things that begin with ‘t’ and smell proper.

  • http://supersonicelectronic.com zach

    The closest box to me is the one I’m currently sitting within. It is a non-descriptive box with large white walls, four of them, equal distance from one another if you were to stand in their center. The are no windows but there are four doors that are electronically controlled. Within this box resides a very large computer. It is black in color with blinking lights. Some are green, some are blue and some are red. Other than for my personal computer, the supercomputer, a cup of coffee, my backpack, chair – which makes a nice squeaky noise – and a few wires there are no other things within this building. I am alone. And though I am inside a box this does not mean I am inside a box. I am Schrodinger’s cat.

  • http://www.karicholnoky.com Kari Cholnoky

    NOTHING because I always win NOTHING for the love of god please put something in the box next to me

  • http://quatrevingtdouze.blogspot.com uillemin abriel
  • A-ron

    fetal pigs soaked in embalming fluid and the attention span that should belong to my anatomy class…

  • http://Lingesten.devote.se Linn

    1 shoebox with my camera objectives in it.

  • Adam Peterson


  • Avery Miller

    dog food. jerky treats. ick

  • Katie jo

    The closest box next to me is a box of negatives
    i love pogo books! <3

  • TKH

    A big box of cereal.

  • Stacy

    A box full of baking ware and tea that I have yet to unpack since I moved back home over eight months ago.

  • http://jeanmichaelseminaro.tumblr.com/ Jean-Michael Seminaro

    Damn! It’s a litter!!

  • sarah

    The closest box is for vans shoes and has my zune, camera, and electronic wires and chargers in it.

  • Brayden

    A reused Urban Outfitters box filled with my worldly belongings. Just waiting to be transplanted to a hot, crowded college dorm room.
    Thank you for the opportunity Jeff.

  • http://beckynguyen.wordpress.com Becky

    6 photobooth photos of my friend and i. (one each year)
    a pack of smelly pens
    a moleskine notebook with a list of movies i need to watch
    an photobook that I got from the library for a dollar
    a piece of mat board with two holes punched in the corners

  • simon

    some bycicle parts

  • http://www.in-deep-waters.blogspot.com y

    i don’t want to know.

  • Jesse

    felt markers

  • daniel

    world war 2 medals my grandfather took from nazi soldiers he killed.

  • Lucy

    Kodak Tri-X 400

  • Hannah

    5-tab reinforced rainbow hanging folders!

  • http://erwaseens.wordpress.com Jolien

    My beloved gameboy and it’s games (mostly mario, kirby, zelda and pacman), the only CD I own (soundtracks to wristcutters: a love story, gifted to me), a pair of 3D glasses that I only wore once so far, MP3 speakers, A game of Jungle Speed, our family’s old harmonica and that would be it.

  • http://burdrulz.tumblr.com/ Josh

    1970 Shoei motorcycle helmet

  • http://georgedunkley.tumblr.com George

    A Square wooden box full of biros pencils and random stationary collected over the years.

  • Matt

    Killer Bunnies card game

  • Daimeon Haynes

    bert and ernie underwear

  • http://www.joaocruzportfolio.com João Cruz

    Snowflake candies!

  • http://pablolarah.cl/ Pablo Lara H

    A box with my notebooks with colored pages.

  • H.Q. Brannon

    Assorted colored pencils and felt markers. Great giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Rachael Aguirre

    One gross of sharpened golf pencils.

  • http://www.michaelyounker.com Michael

    an archival box with 25 negative transparencies, all empty. and a few test prints.

  • virginia

    I dnon’t know

  • virginia

    I don’t know

  • maria

    just one? keep it

  • http://about.me/alishagarrison Alisha

    A printer.

  • Harriet

    the closest box is on my table next to my laptop and it contains melted tin figures with a piece of paper which says that these were made in new year’s eve 10/11
    i was looking for some old earrings a few days ago and instead of earrings i found this box and now i don’t know where to put this..

  • Joost the Host

    I always think out of the box, so that leaves the box empty with… creativity?

  • Morgan

    37 records

  • Vince

    A stapler, a box cutter, a deck of cards, and some movie stubs.

  • Mathieu

    a very big stack of collages from making a zine last year! (yeah, i’m that messy)

  • http://richburroughs.com Rich Burroughs

    It’s empty! It used to contain an optical mouse, though.

  • Rene

    Negatives and negative space.

  • Estelle


  • http://www.wix.com/philipmaniaci/film Phil

    I could lie and say something fantastically wonderfully awesome, BUT, well yeah it actually is. A sweet watch from my girlfriend.

  • http://maxiefischer.de maxie


  • maya

    japanese masking tapes, my (second)favourite thing in the world.

  • steve fleming


  • ben

    A Box that contains various paper in various sizes from various time periods, but most from 2003 to present day!

  • KJ

    in the card board box next to me there are numerous items as follows, plastic flowers, tampons, an old phoenix suns sweat shirt, a stuffed rabbit, the game mastermind, box of cigarette filter tubes, along with various jewelry, photographs, notebooks, and papers. My girlfriend just moved, there’s random belongings everywhere.

  • http://threeintheafternoon.tumblr.com Anna

    An elaborate necklace made of conical lenses (they are samples before they get cut down for glasses) and other industrial tid bits. Was an old project but am adding more to it to it at the moment as I want to use it for something.

  • http://lostinthefunhouse.tumblr.com Frankie

    wine. my mum locks it away so only she can drink it.

  • http://www.matthewkanbergs.com Matthew Kanbergs

    cameras…lots and lots of cameras.

  • jan

    a piece of candy wrapper.

  • Stefan


  • Vinny Gillan

    Exam results and university application forms. An Envelope. Black Civil Rights in America by Kevern Verney. About 5 pictures in a Boots envelope. The complete Matrix Trilogy. Jumanji. An Artifical eye promo DVD. Photo discs. Shutter Island. Fata Morgana. Passport forms. Trash Humpers. Mogwai CD. Panda Bear CD. Two bottles of sun lotion (15 and 30). Plug in DVD player. Two remotes. Tesco bag. Half knitted sleeve for the jumper im making. Bottle of Plymouth Gin. Gameboy Advance with Pokemon Yellow. 5 squares of machine knitting for a blanket im making. Underwear. Ruler. 6 Pens. Multiple lids of things. A Post Office leaflet telling me to pick something up. Payslip. Girls CD. Public Enemy CD. 80’s Electro CD. Broken Olympus MJU II (:().

  • Andrew

    A gift set that was given to me by my gran & grandad when they got back from their holiday

  • jaycie

    used xacto blades

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/sarah-kli/ Sarah

    Never-worn DeFonseca slippers, present from my mum. [may I underline that I really really really want the box?]

  • http://vanessalovesthis.tumblr.com Vanessa

    old photos found out the antique mall.

  • Jocelyn

    birthday cards!


    a quilt made by my mother, a cowboy hat, a Little Mermaid mug, a plastic sword, an accordion, a ripped American flag, and a carton of orange juice.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/the42ndfloor/ Megan

    Feelings of excitement, astonishment and disbelief that I have finally made it into university to pursue Photography.

  • amber

    Library books (being held in protective custody away from my cat)

  • Sarah

    In the box nearest to me is a replica of Sirius Black’s wand!

  • William

    Tacos, man. Tacos.

  • anna nguyen

    rarely used video games, dvds and old negatives– pink tupperware (: — the things which have yet to be unpacked…since may? ouch

  • Tom Yellnuri

    A booooooom box

    in a box…

  • Nate

    The closest box to me contains all my clothes and all my favorite things that i am taking to The School of the Art Institute of Chicago for my freshmen year of college.

  • http://www.jenecio.com Jeremy

    Large format sheets of newsprint for shipping.

  • Taylor

    boy meets world dvd box set

  • http://rutinazine.tumblr.com Juan

    I have the box from Denzel Washington´s Unstoppable Movie DVD filled with pictures of eyes that I have cut out of tons of magazine pictures.

  • Roy

    A better girlfriend (not my current bitter girlfriend), who doesn’t hate me when I say nothing, or when I say something.

  • Anita Fernandez

    Next to me, its my little dog sleeping on his box c:

  • http://www.flickr.com/disturbios Disturbios

    the anything.

  • http://annafeather.tumblr.com anna

    A cigar box full of letters!

  • Sedona

    In the box closest to me:

    Three channel locks. A carton of kodak 400tx. thread. drill bits. a pack of gum. bits of clipped speaker wire. a batman action figure. a purple hippo. a hammer. a third of a dollar bill, maybe some coins, and who knows what else at the bottom.

    This is my ‘I need to put all this crap somewhere but haven’t quite decided where yet’ box.

  • Mariana

    A box full of my grandma´s old jewelry, a lot of necklaces and big round earings with pearls on them, it´s like my lost treasure.

  • Shea Kennedy

    My MicroKorg is packed inside it’s box right beside me. In fact most of my room is filled with boxes right now, I’ll be moving to the city soon for school.

  • http://keel.artificiel.ch keel

    a musical enchanted pegasus! i’ve recieved it for my 25th birthday

  • http://www.blakeatecake.tumblr.com Blake

    A 20c vintage tea caddy, containing polaroid from my grandmothers life and my own recent polaroids, passport photos of my mother and father. A print out of my dog and a lolly pop!, all set for if a fire rips through! :)

  • http://tomtariminskalle.blogspot.com tomas

    Im working at the modern museum in stockholm sweden, so you can say that Im inside the white box ( or cube if you want to be percise) otherwise the one next to me is a sculpture by a swedish artist Klara Lidén, called BBOXBOX. and inside that one is cardboard, and air. yes!

  • http://www.piotrniepsuj.com P.

    new era caps from when i was younger and used to were them
    (one yr ago, hahaah)

  • http://synchrodogs.com synchrodogs

    Shakira nails?

  • Wesley Ong

    My film canisters : )

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/appelsin-piken maria


  • Ivo

    By chance I just got my camera from the warranty.
    At this very moment the box is empty cause I just took out the camera and I was popping the bubble wrap.

  • smaomao

    almost art?

  • http://www.wolfbones.com Iona

    My life.

  • phillipefelut

    Kevin Spacey dropped it off, and I’m too scared to look inside…but seriously,just some western shirts and girl scout cookies I’ve yet to unpack

  • Liisa

    awesome prize and awesome assignment :)

    here’s my box, laid out for your eyes:

    inside it:
    another box with numerous pins
    12 binder clips
    6 pen nibs
    3 elastic bands
    2 glue-on eyes
    2 tiny rubber dinosaurs
    2 silver pinky rings, diam 13, self-made
    2 blue buttons numbered 1 and 3
    a porcelain spoon
    silicon power 8gb usb
    a blue dinosaur pendant
    a tiny rubber dolphin
    a neon yellow plexiglass ring
    a red d12 dice
    a tiny white dice
    a tiny blue button
    a rivet from my jeans
    a coin worth one estonian kroon, partly covered in acrylics
    one cent (usd)
    a zipper slider
    a safety pin

  • http://mersonn.com Mersonn

    Almost all I have. Yeah, i moved out.

  • Mel

    One corgi puppy! It is so bored. I am also. If only I had something to read….

  • http://arianeelyse.com ariane

    A big box of envelopes. I am at work at a non-profit gallery right now.

  • Arron

    One bag of protein powder(chocolate flavour), one bottle of vitamin tablets and one bottle of Ginkgo Biloba tablets. Oh, and a tin of big chunky soup that is out of date.

  • http://www.larissastarke.de Lara

    P A P E R (a lot)

  • http://www.jessikatarr.com Jessika Tarr

    – Tales from Beatrix Potter book

    – markers, thread and pencils

    – a knife

    – a card that I wrote to my Grandma

    – a sculpture of an owl with an elephant and acrobat on top of its head

  • http://flavors.me/tiffanypatterson Tiffany Patterson

    Security badge holders (horizontal) and “Deluxe” Neck lanyards with hook (black)

    …aka – work junk.


  • Ben

    Shoe like box fully filled whit authentic dark chocolate. 😛

  • Robbie

    A film slate

  • Anna

    i have a old shoe box filled with papers that hold all my secrets, wishes, dreams, drawing, and thoughts.

  • http://www.cargocollective.com/michaelbarolet Michael

    Mothball Zine by Ed Templeton, Sweet Silent Thought by Sally Mann, a broken Olympus Epic that i hope will magically start working again, Transparent sleeves from 4×5″ negatives, 6 7.5mg Vicodins, a letter from the unemployment office, and condom that I hope to use in the near future.

  • Brigid

    the box closest to me has a set of watercolor paints that I have been using since I was 10 :) it’s almost gone but I still use it

  • Jon

    A Massive fake Diamond, about £3.47 in coppers and four beautiful Blue and Gold thimbles. A mix of different objects of value.

  • Becca

    My wonderful St.Petersburg watercolours !

  • http://about.me/vanessadtam Vanessa

    A smelly Tshirt, 2 freaky pig masks, a 3 tiered basket, and a pair of Jordans. lol

  • sylvia

    Cat litter!

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/amandadias/ amanda

    pó de Pirlimpimpim.

  • Annika

    I was hoping for something interesting…
    Then I thought there were no boxes in any close proximity to myself…
    Then I discovered a forgotten, empty, and clearly forlorn box of white cheddar cheezits.

  • http://www.pencilmountain.com jessi

    The closest box to me holds my cervix, a couple of ovaries, uterus etc…

  • Oguzhan

    All of my socks,a perfume and a phone from 1994.

  • Uxue

    Old postcards from friends

  • http://be.net/andy64 Andy

    A healthy collection of vinyll, a pair of heads, and a megaphone.

  • Jaroslav

    New experience of discovering…and unleashing the pain of my triple ankle fracture.

  • http://acktor.tumblr.com Devin Michel

    lots of quarters for busrides.

  • kingcole

    adobe photoshop dvd

  • Lauren V.

    i really like strange buttons, and have a ridiculous amount of buttons hanging out at my place, and the other day i decided to sort them by color. so, in the nearest box to me, are groups of different colored buttons wrapped in plastic wrap because i didn’t have any small bags.
    one day i’ll figure out what i’ll do with all these buttons…

  • http://www.etsy.com/shop/ColleenBaran?ref=seller_info colleen

    Such lovely, lovely books!

    An old Epson Stylus Photo R2400 printer.
    & tied & equi-distant
    A box full of gemstones- sunstones, druzy & wonderstones & more.

  • Klara Rabl

    exactly 12,43€ in 1-Cent coins

  • emma

    tokyo disneysea coaster, self portraits from a few years ago, notebook from the louvre with a rabbit on the cover, a mini silver notebook with a sequence of swear words on it from front to end, a bad but charming sketch of a tree and its shadow, a goethe poem stuck on a piece of cardboard, old mac photobooth pictures that were printed out, exhibition flyers, love notes from this guy, postcards i bought but never used, real photobooth photos, giant sky wheel ticket, and an award from my high school for philosophy and art photography. that last one makes me sound like a wanker. cool.

  • Sebastian cudicio

    A cat!

  • betari

    Being honest……..

    home clothes, just don’t ask why I put it in a box.

  • kevin

    uterine walls

  • ross

    A black dildo, to accompany the other 29 standing like soldiers on the back display wall with it. YAY for summer jobs at adult book stores!

  • Jen

    letters & official business documents that should be filed but instead have sat gathering in this box for months, untouched.

  • http://www.matiasarmendaris.com Matias

    red velvet and a lullaby

  • http://www.patriciakarallis.com patricia

    in the box is a bag and in the bag is a bunch of recycling, including remnants of a bottle of wine, tinned tomatoes, jar of mayonaise and some random plastic wrappers.

  • http://facebook.com/marielodeux Mary

    The box closest to me consist of a fragment of my existence, trapped.. waiting to be opened & for my soul to be free. Which of course will happen if I receive this giveway, I would absolutely be pleased and thankful. 😀

  • varunyoo

    rainbow :)

  • http://christellenisin.tumblr.com Christelle

    cigarettes and drawings

  • http://katiethekim.tumblr.com katie kim

    polaroid camera, tripod, and some cat toys that fell in there

  • Loug

    Tic tacs ohhhhhh baby

  • Lou

    My grandmas old pin badges and earrings.

  • http://ramireo.com.ar Ramireo

    A piece of my broken pocket watch =\

  • Ernesto giron

    My passport, and spare keys to all of my properties. Just in case I need to make a quick getaway.

  • Jessica

    Stacks and stacks of photographs, dried sunflower, a $2 bill, a pocket mirror with a picture of someone I don’t know, color pencils from barcelona

  • Jessica

    Stacks and stacks of photographs, dried sunflower, a $2 bill, a pocket mirror with a picture of someone I don’t know anymore, color pencils from barcelona

  • http://cargocollective.com/alexandermortimer alex

    nearly everything me and my housemates own are in the boxes around the living room, we’ve just moved

  • http://cargocollective.com/alexandermortimer alex

    nearly everything me and my housemates own are in the boxes around me in the living room, we just moved

  • Andy Reach

    countless rolls of colored threads and embroidery floss

  • Lena Adasheva

    Hundreds of hotel keys that my boyfriend collected when he used to be on the road with Millie Jackson. I promise to send you a picture of them if I am selected.

  • Blair Stevens

    your webpage

  • uvb

    I’m guessing it contains the 11 offset books I’ll receive in the mail, and maybe a ring pop?

  • http://inprocess. Emma

    my life is still in boxes right now, this will be fun.
    three random articles of clothing that got thrown in there throughout the week, a green stone with a moose silhouette on it, a fancy paint brush with no bristles, broken china pieces i found in new orleans, my mother’s canon T50 she gave me, gold glitter nail polish, cheetah ears, a few photos of friends, a lost headband which isn’t lost anymore, and a monster that hangs on my door knob and tells people whether or not they can come in.
    i’m a great example of an unorganized person.

  • Sofia F

    All the postcards, brochures and tickets I collected this summer when I studied in Europe!

  • Madelyn

    A box set of four books called, “The World’s Greatest Thinkers” with the following titles:
    Man and the State: The Political Philosophers
    Man and Spirit: The Speculative Philosophers
    Man and Man: The Social Philosophers
    Man and the Universe: The Philosophers of Science

  • dillon

    i would tell you but i just recently broke my leg and the closest box is well beyond my reach, and the crutches just seem like too much of a workout.

  • Walter

    Three AA batteries, a 35mm film and a orange Pterodactyl


    Lost relics from an old attempted documentary. DV tapes, containing cringey footage of my ‘008 gap year travels. So Naive.

  • Justin

    Holga photos from my first college exhibition, birthday cards from loved ones, post cards from friends, a wedding invite, a signed programe from winning best dressed at Kylie Minogue Aphrodite and a card from my Grove iPhone case.

  • Joe

    pure shit

  • bedford

    PAINT :)

  • http://itgoeslikethisblog.tumblr.com mackenzie

    some kick-ass muesli. yum.

  • emily hewitt

    ma boyfriends junk, dah!

  • http://andrewtrimbach.com Andrew

    A box of pigeon feathers I’ve been collecting.

  • http://miebrinkmann.dk Mie

    One slice of spinach-bacon-feta-cheese pizza.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/georgenebieridze/ George Nebieridze

    mm.. so many people wanting these books, isn’t that nice? : )

    I think I have 0.0000000000000000000000000000001% chance of getting them + I live in a place like Uranus and you’ll almost never gonna be able to send anything to me via mail.

    Still,… I have cigarettes lying in nearest box..

  • http://www.taryntrousdale.com/ taryn

    the box next to me is a tupperware, and here’s what’s in it:
    a staple gun
    two painting sleeves
    a sieve
    two palette knives
    a smaller box, which contains:
    two green ink pads

  • alfee

    a green tea crunchy nougat my friend bought for me recently from her trip to australia. it is the shizz. i’m eating it right now for breakfast :)

  • natalie

    A shoebox of old postcards of the edwardian era

  • Brennan Sloan

    fabric and scraps

  • http://hearmewell.tumblr.com/ Chloe

    Thousands of cds

  • http://www.bamidala.com Bamidala

    There is a fucked up Pantone Solid to Process Guide with an orange gummy bear stuck on the cover.

  • Zeke

    4 cigarettes.

  • Maria

    Ah, hope I’m not late with this.
    I have to say, love these PogoBooks. Sometimes I feel like people don’t admire photographs as much as they used to, because they are know mostly in digital format. That’s why I try to shoot film, or print my photos when I can (or other people’s photos, just to stick them on my wall for inspiration of course, no other purposes!) and I think that’s the beauty of this box set.. touching the photograph makes it more personal, more intimate. Okay this sounds a bit all over the place, anyway, to get to the point.. The closest box to me at this moment contains, ironically, some old family photos my grandmother found and sent me. So glad she discovered them! I have to find a nice place for them soon, can’t let them sit in that box forever.

  • Greig

    An accordion. I’m not sure who it belongs to.

  • Devin

    college supplies!!!

  • Grant

    watercolor paper, bills, a checkbook, and a butter knife.

  • http://www.flickr.com/sevorbeupstry Cameron

    camera manuals and some cardboard scraps

  • http://www.laurawolfram.com Laura Wolfram

    26 pairs of fresh undies + 2 pairs of socks.

  • http://www.jeffhamada.com/ Jeff

    Thank you to everyone for participating!

    Congrats to Andy Reach – you have won yourself the box set!

    (this winner was chosen at random using a number generated at random.org)

    Stay tune for more giveaways! Lots of good ones coming up!

25.05.16 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Antonio Lee


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Photographer Captures Rare Natural Phenomenon


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Barcelona Design Centre’s annual Barcelona Design Week runs from June 2-12 this year. The event brings together creative professionals and businesses from around the world to share ideas, trends and knowledge about a variety of topics — offering over 70 different activities ranging from workshops and roundtables to tours and art exhibitions.

This year’s lineup of speakers includes Brett Wickens (of design studio Ammunition) and Alice Rawsthorn (who writes about design for International New York Times and frieze) kicking off the opening conference on June 2nd. June 6th to 8th marks the return of the Design is Future “congresstival”, which involves 3 days of 15 speakers discussing success stories and new approaches to design, specifically focused on improving people’s lives and the world around us.

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