07.09.11 by Jeff

The Art Of Flight / Ticket Giveaway

Next week, The Art Of Flight (aka the most anticipated snowboard film of all time) finally premieres here in Vancouver! I have two tickets to give away to anyone who can get here for the screening. Who wants ’em?

The Art Of Flight Travis Rice Vancouver Premiere Ticket Giveaway

Watch the trailer below!

If you want the pair of tickets to the premiere September 14th, leave a comment below with the name of your favourite snowboard film. (For the record, mine is “Decade”.)

I’ll pick a winner this Friday!

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Look on the Bright Side

  • Rui Chaves

    “White Balance” Great

  • Jen

    “that’s it that’s all”, hands down my favorite.

  • j.j.


  • Charlie Karstrom

    That’s it that’s all

  • “THE B” – Burton or Get Real – Transworld

  • sarah e.

    oh my gosh, i’ve been looking forward to seeing this film for so long! definetly a fan of isenseven’s “let’s go get lost.”

  • Courtney


  • Whoa whaaaaaat! I’m so stoked for this film too! That’s It That’s All was a game-changer, but favourite film would have to be New Kids On The Twock, a MDP tape that set my brain on fire when I was a kid. It was a much-passed around VHS bootleg amongst my older brother’s crew, and I would stay up late watching it every chance I got, a window into an exciting world that got me stoked on life.

  • Patrick Kadlik


    Robot Food 4 Eva!

  • technical difficulties.

  • Andrew


  • Love anything the Sandbox guys do.

  • Courtney

    Picture This

  • Ron K.

    The Resistance

  • Mikey

    Technical Difficulties!

  • First Descent. So good.


  • Hands down “Transcendence.” By Absinthe Films in Switzerland. There is an epic scene that involves some serous shredding in a bunny suit, to the song “A Day in the Life” by The Beatles. A must see!

  • “Don’t Panic!” by isenseven.

    *please with sugar on top i want to win!*

  • full metal jacky

    psykopit – the video

  • Philip

    That. by Forum
    how every snowboard movie should be

  • Mario

    The art of picking me as winner :).

  • Jeff

    That’s it, that’s all!

  • Even though I’m nowhere near vancouver I’d still like to share my favourite: ‘In Short’! <3

  • pourio

    that’s it that’s all

  • Am sure there a point where you see a snowboard in this film. So I pick Cool Runnings, John Candy films are legendary.

  • Sean VanderEnde


  • Chris R

    New Kids on The Twock! (Chris Roach is Sooooo rad!)

  • Adam D

    Catch the Vapors & Optimistic are current favs. Cant wait for this, I’m missing the premier in NYC and i live in Philly!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Jaimy Kertland

    MDP – The Resistance!!!!

  • Luke B

    Best ever = Lame

  • Chris

    Lil’ Bastards

  • white

    white balance

  • BEN


  • Aakolowrat

    The whiskey series!!! Suckas!!

  • Technical Difficulties!

  • “Clear Cut” by Treetop Productions – whistler, 1999

    At first I used to just play a lot of parties or snowboard video premieres around town and then Brad McGregor (Tree Top filmer and co-producer) came to me one day in a panic. He was like,”We’ve only got a week to put the music for our new video together!” So we just had some late nights with lots of ‘safety meetings’ and I put together the soundtrack for Clear Cut”
    Mat the Alien

  • Carolyn

    91 Words for Snow

  • David Giovando

    Insane Blades from TB10! — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TXU3RfIAOs

  • Derek Ellis

    “Love Hate”

  • Ty

    Let’s take it back, waaaay back!

    I’m gonna say, Riders On The Storm – because, for me, that’s where it all began. That opening scene where Shawn Farmer drops off that epic cliff as White Zombie rips in the background blew my 13 year old brain, and I guess you could say, it was all down hill after that.

    • Ty

      Woooo hoooo! Thanks man! I can hardly wait for Wednesday!

  • Shannon Rose

    “Flavour Country” because we live in the country of flavour!

  • RON B

    thats it thats all!

  • Wildcats! Still Bastards!

    • Adam Rabb Adam Rabb


  • Cam


  • Lucas Hellwig

    it’s definitively “LAME”

  • Craig Paterson

    DC Mtn Lab gotta love the run they build through the house, and hula hoop snowboarding? Awesome!

  • Drew

    Volcom’s The Garden (of course ;)

  • Liz Kovics

    “SINNERS” – its about all about the snow and soul of the backcountry, nothing more and nothing less.

  • Everything by Pierre Wikberg was really great both filming and snowboardingwise. Afterbang was groundbreaking both riding wise and filming/editing wise, Lame was even better looking but for me I guess he peaked with Afterlame, he moved away from the typical concept of rider-part-video and mixed it up a little. I think I’d say that Afterlame is my favourite, awesome snowboarding, great soundtrack, fantastic cinematography and genious editing!

  • Megan


  • Jordan

    MDP’s Picture This! is my fave! Art of Flight looks amazing though.

  • No doubt in my mind this movie raises the bar in terms of riding and cinematography in snowboarding. I haven’t been this stoked to see a shred flick since Eurogap 3. That was definitley a good one but my all time favourite is probably Trouble in Japan with the Analog crew

  • STU

    “Optimistic!” -Absinthe Films

  • Makaela

    That’s it, that’s all!!!!!

  • Jp Capes


  • Jessica Kestell

    Decade….blows my mind

  • Adam Rabb Adam Rabb

    CITY PARK CITY!!!!!!!! some super bad ass flow in that flic!

    I have been pumped up for this film now since last jan when i caught
    wind of this one. It smelled great.

    Thanks for Booooooom.

    Adam Rabb of Stevestonville

  • Corey Marks

    True Life changed snowboarding for me! its a classic

  • JEN

    Everyday’s a Saturday

  • Markus Hellwig

    That’s it, thats all.

  • Richard Dalgleish

    Look on the Bright side

  • dai

    thats it thats all

  • Mikie Hauxwell


  • Brayden Hall

    My favourite is Elektro BY THE WAYY

  • CONGRATS to Tyrone Roblin – you have won yourself a pair of tickets to the premiere! Check your inbox!!!!

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The Booooooom Creative Job Board

Booooooom art design jobs

If you’re a creative looking for work, or a company looking to hire, we are excited to announce our very own creative job board: Booooooom Jobs. Graphic design jobs, curatorial positions in galleries, freelance animation gigs, a wide variety of opportunities to work in a creative field!

A couple of examples: Our friends at Society6 are looking for a Creative Director, and Skillshare have posted openings for both a Content Producer and Senior Product Designer.

To start, we’re focusing on three cities (New York, Los Angeles, and Vancouver) and will also be posting remote jobs (for those of you who prefer to work from home). All job postings are free for the rest of the month if you use the PROMO CODE: ‘friends’.

Check it out: jobs.booooooom.com

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Artist Spotlight: Till Rabus

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Artist Spotlight: Esther Sarto

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Artist Spotlight: Samuel Rodriguez

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Photographer Spotlight: Angeles Peña

“Aguas de Montaña” is a journey into The Andean Patagonia, a desolate territory where photographer Angeles Peña lived all of her childhood.

She says, “In a world that spins faster and faster I feel an enormous necessity to focus on the details and the beauty of what still remains. I find myself with a nature that sustains itself but can fall at any moment. It is something that surpasses me and I cannot stop observing.”

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