13.09.11 by Jeff

Native / Giveaway

A couple years ago my friend Matt Penner (an amazing painter among other things) started a company with his friend Damian called Native. To say their company has exploded would be an understatement, and I’ve learned a lot about how to grow Booooooom just by watching them. Anyways, I thought it would be fun to give away a pair of these Fitzsimmons coming out this fall. Who wants ’em?

fitzsimmons Native Shoes Giveaway

If you’d like to win these shoes, leave a comment below describing the first place you’d hike to in them!

I try to make most of our giveaways open to everyone, this one however is for North American residents only. The color of the shoes may vary depending on size/availability.

I’ll pick a winner next Monday!





Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Joel

    I live by the bottom of Burnaby Mountain and I’d love to spend a day making my way up to the top via the various trails and whatnot…

  • MrPotato

    I would walk 500 miles and I would 500 more to be the man who walked 1000 miles in these dope kicks! Where would I walk? How about Toronto to NYC baby!

  • I would hike in the Shenandoahs to check out all the fall colors, and then do a little cavern exploring on the way back. Nothin’ like a little spelunking!

  • I’d go to Berlin because I basically want to live there and also I love walking around Berlin too. Everything is seen better on foot. Soak it up more.

  • through downtown and back up the hill. perhaps on up to the roof. and then a quick descent into the abandoned basements and warehouses of the industrial part of burque.

  • Alpine Lake in Marin County, California!

  • TMW

    the Trans-Pennine Trail

  • There are just about 100 waterfalls in Hamilton, Ontario Canada. My home town. If I had a pair of these shoes, I’d venture out to each and every single one – and document it in any way I could. Each documentation would be different.

    Then I’d put them all together, and publish a book.

  • but i’d need to break em in before i tackled the La Luz again.

  • Ljubi

    I’d go hitchhiking for more than 2000km just to make love con mi amor with only these shoes on!!

  • Emma

    I’m a college student at the foothills of the Appalachian mountains. It would be beyond awesome to go on day trips and explore the trails in those shoes, especially since i left my boots at home!

  • I’d make going anywhere into a hike.

  • Dan

    I’d hike the hills of San Francisco during the week and head out to Yosemite or Tahoe on the weekend. With boots that look so good, why limit them to the mountains?

  • Peter

    I spend a lot of time in Berlin. I’d take a pair of Fitzsimmons along Linienstraße in the morning, to visit a few of the many small galleries that exhibit there. Then I’d hop a train to the Grünewald forest and hike up to the old Teufelsberg radar installation.

  • Enrique

    Through the subway system in NYC while tagging

  • Ben

    I would walk 500 miles. Then I would probably walk 500 more.

  • I’d hike in an out of liminality, trodding physical ground and marking new paths in spaces becoming places — metaphorical locations on their way to becoming realities.

    This is complex work and I don’t make a lot of money at it, so I’m short on shoes. Plus, it’s best to look sharp at it.

    Faith Purvey

  • I want to trek through New York winters in the Fitzsimmons. These boots are beautiful!

  • We don’t have a whole lot of hiking around here… I would hike to my local pub… museums… art centers… and just day to day “hiking” in my new rockin’ Native kicks.

  • The first place I would go hiking is on Bukhansan Mountain in Korea when I return back home for the winter vacation. The winters in Seoul are very harsh, but when the snow settles, the mountain is transformed into a beautiful winter wonderland. I remember I used to go hiking with my father regularly when I used to live there… Just the thought of it makes me very bitter and homesick :(

  • JP

    Cadillac Mountain at Acadia National Park in Maine!

    Tallest coastal mountain on the eastern seaboard and first place to see the sunrise in the North East.

    Want to make sure I am looking fresh for those pictures!

  • Sam Salmon

    Walk to the fridge, get a beer, then back to the bean bag to play some SNES.

  • Jodi Farley

    I would hit the trails in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan!

  • I would use these to hike over the mountain of people waiting for the the 99 bus at commercial and broadway ( Vancouver, BC)

  • Erin

    I’d love to break them in on the Baden Powell trail!

  • Coleman humphries

    I would take these shoes and hike among the northern lights thinking about nothing besides the colors rushing through my spirit.

  • Rick

    The top of a ski in the middle of summer is a beautiful and somewhat eerie place to spend a little time, but, it is well worth the hike. So, with that said, I guess I would pick Apex Mountain just outside Penticton, BC. I’d clamber up the winding Whipsaw Trail, sit myself down on the lonely quad chair and enjoy the view of the green valley below; silently wishing for snow.

  • Joseph Allgren

    I live in one of the most economically depressed cities in the Rust Belt. I’d just put them on and start walking — doesn’t matter what direction — until I found a city with some jobs.

  • I would hike my way through the mall, the New York Fall, a Sadie Hawkins ball, and even a West Side Story brawl. Yes indeed I would hike them all.

  • RH

    I have a 10-day old baby girl who has never seen the White Mountains. I would rectify this ASAP in some new Native shoes.

  • Bradley Pepper

    I would hike to the top of Mount Olympus, because, let’s face it, who doesn’t want to throw some thunder with Zeus?

  • Taylor

    Once these babies rocket me to the Red Planet I’d beast thru Martian gullies and craters, fight off the sorns and hnakra, exchange gifts with the Oyarsa, and ultimately search for the most baller extraterrestrial party that never was thrown!

  • Hamilton, Ontario. Beautiful people. My friends, your friends. All of together. Hiking and picnicing at all the waterfalls. Writing poetry and enjoying the earth. Shoes like these would just make it so much easier on the feet, so your mind can wander to other places, places of creativity.

  • Id hike the Alum Rock trails in San Jose. Never been there but I heard its beautiful

  • I would go up to Foley Mountain in Westport, ON where my dad used to take my sister and I when we were kids so I could take another picture fifteen years later at the top of the cliff we sat at back then.

  • KRIS

    i want ’em. i have two older girls who are at that tipping point of whether or not their parents are still cool, or rather an embarrassment. winning these shoes could potentially save my “coolness” factor, and serve as THE bonding agent that ultimately holds my family together. please consider the latter as the higher priority.

    note: i would most certainly wear these “back” to high school (my daughters, that is).

  • Simone B

    i’m sneaking up the drain pipe stairs to eat lunch on the rooftop balcony that overlooks the Baltimore Harbor at my late great-uncle’s house.

  • Andrea Napierkowski

    I would like to hike the Badlands of South Dakota. I’ve been there a couple of times when I was younger. As a child the place seemed like a dream; hostile yet lovely; scarey yet intiguing. I would love to go back and experience them as an adult with a pair of Natives on my feet.

  • I would hike through the rocky mountain trails near Morrison, CO (my future home within the next year or so) in these babies. I’ve never been hiking before, but my entire future entails hiking, mountain biking, skiing, and every other outdoor activity there is to offer!

  • John Dumalig

    I’ve never had hiking shoes before.. I only hike in my skate shoes..

    I will Hike in Lake Tahoe.. They have a hike that is supposed to take you a full day.. Been wanting to do it for 3 years know.

  • J.Quest

    id be hiking up the white mountains NH. in these bad boys all day, so fresh!

  • Scott

    I would hike to the moon.

  • Hanna

    I’d hike and walk anywhere with those!

  • I will hike the 88 Temple Pilgrimage in Shikoku, cause it would be an amazing learning experience.

  • DnlHrrs

    I’m planning a trip to Inquisive, a remote town perched near the summit of Illimani, one of the talest peaks in the (Bolivian) Andes, my father’s resting site. No paved roads there!

  • They’d be perfect for my next photo-shoot, which is in a swamp near my house. For props I will be using a bunch of Chinese attire I collected over periods of time living in Shanghai. This actually reminds me that I don’t only need my model to be dressed appropriately, but I, as the photographer, do too. I don’t want to trip and ruin my camera because of a thin pair of flip-flops!

  • olivia

    I would hike around nova scotia and then to the beach where I would take them off – for a refreshing swim in the atlantic ocean (just before it gets too cold to do so).

  • four mile lake, a place visited recently this past summer in coboconk ontario, and a place i will revisit this fall to help my friend close his cabin.

  • David

    I’d hike outside my basement to leave my forever alone life.

  • Sare

    First place I would hike would be to the restaurant around the corner, cuz those are just sexy! After, I would hike up to Lake Blanche in Little Cottonwood Canyon.

  • Hannah

    Hike you say? In these shoes I would DANCE. I would dance up mountains and through valleys not only to experience new landscapes, but because these shoes would simply inspire me to move. It’s amazing what a shoe can do to a person.

  • i would hike to my mirror to checkem out.

  • Dave

    The closest trail available: Wyman Park in B’more. Beyond that? Anywhere.

  • Morgan

    I’d hike to Pyramid Peak. the trail head’s across the street. I’ve never gone. But with these boots I’ll do it. Promise.

  • I would use them everywhere when it arrives :D

  • Shannon

    I’m hiking the West Coast Trail in a month, these would make the journey all the more lovely, not to mention colourful :D

  • June

    After having my hip fractured because of a bike accident I dream of when I will be able to walk again. Only 4 weeks of crutches and then 1 more month of physio and I’ll be able to rock those babies on Mount Royal in Montreal. And honestly, I think I lost 1 shoe out of every pair I own because I only wear the right side. And they look brilliantly odd.

  • I would hike glasgow. thoroughly

  • jaycie

    I would hike up the mountains in my backyard.

  • Lenny Tricarico

    I’m gonna hike to my ex grilfriends place, kick in the door and take a piss on the rug… my rug.

  • Zack

    The moon

  • pourio

    hike to my car

  • I’ll hike up the steps of the 1 World Trade Center: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/One_World_Trade_Center

  • Magda

    I’d hike over the garbage hills on the streets of Toronto!
    Give me a chance Jeff, those hills are vicious!!

  • Sarah

    I think the real question here is where *wouldn’t* I hike if I won a pair of these sweet shoes.

  • Andrew

    I would hike to some hot springs on Mt. Hood in Oregon.

  • Sean VanderEnde

    I would bring them with me to Garabaldi Lake in Beautiful British Columbia. I’m sure they would want to stay in their hometown anyways

  • Jenn

    I’d wear these kicks to work everyday!

  • Nicholas A. Webb

    I would hike the world. Planet Earth is my birth place and I’d hike until full decay and sleep inside her for some time. In the end of these travels, after man body expires to the top of The Great Pyramid of Giza I’ll go and become a forever beam of light to remain, restore, and rejuvenate. Conspiracy

  • Erin Lee

    I would hike into the the Carmanah Valley in BC where I can find the tallest spruce trees in the world.

  • I would take these babies to the top of Mount Keystone in Colorado. Aint nuttin like some fresh air in a fresh pair of kicks. ;)

  • Michael K

    See here. There is a bunch of unchartered territory in this here place Vermont. If i were to win these shoes i would most definitely rum ramped through the woods all up in around the Northwest side of VT.

  • Steph

    This is so AWESOMESAUCE! I JUST moved to San Fran, and have heard about some awesome trails all over the place. But since I really don’t know the area, I’ll just say that I’m going to pick the best place to look out over the bay (if that’s possible!).

  • Danny

    j-tree is the plan. otherwise in red wing, mn.

  • I fell off a cliff while hiking in 2008, but I will brave my first hike since that fall if I won these shoes. I’d go back to the waterfalls in Malibu, CA where I fell. Winding Way.

  • Jacob

    I would hike on the moon.
    Or more likely some beautiful hot springs near me.

  • Danna O’Connor

    duuuude, i would hike the shit out of them on the railroad tracks behind my house, hike to great lengths, make new discoveries. exploration is the best thing a person can do, you can explore the uncharted thoughts of your mind while walking.

  • I’m hiking in Nepal for four weeks in November, fully pumped on reading “Himalayan Passage” right now!
    Pushing some writing and paintings to get a new snooze-coozie, and those shoes would be super duper!

  • i’ve just moved to New Brunswick which is full of lovely wilderness – fall is prime exploring time, and i’ve a lot of exploring to do, and i’d love to take these guys with me. We’d probably pick crabapples.

  • Ryan A.

    I’d definitely use these to hike my way to class every morning in the cold Rochester winter!

  • iain worgan


  • Ian

    I would walk around town and the first person to complement me on my new kicks would get a hug and kiss from me !

  • Shlomo Fitzgerald

    I’d hike the urban wilds and hunt for fantastical fungi in the natural corners of NYC.


    Holy poops! Where to start…. well the moment I put them on my feet I’d head to Gloucester. That would be about a two hour walk but tha’s fine cuz I’d have mah Fitzsimmons. I would hop from boulder to boulder until I reached the beach. I’d probably stop to chat it up with summa my seagull friends and then I’d head south. I’d have to climb a few cliffs along the shore, but mah Fitzsimmons could handle that just fine. Then I think I’d pass through Manchester By the Sea and clamber over the rocks, maybe say hi to all them crabs. I’d end up back in Beverly at Mackerel Cove, and I’d wade out in the water and dance with the little jellies who will start dancing too when they see my awesome Fitzsimmons and they won’t even sting me at all cuz we’ll be buddies. And at the end of the day I’ll build a fire and fall asleep by it, and I won’t even take mah shoes off at all.

  • Chelsea

    I would hike back to when I was 9 years old and run through the field by my old house. And I then I would hike forward to my most cherished memory of my father and I, when we sat together for hours talking and laughing and crying about life. And then I would make the return-trek to the present moment and let my new Native shoes serve as a landmark for the many places I’ve been and a symbol of hope for the many places I will go.

  • Denise

    I’d hike these from the kitchen to the bed.

  • I would hike right to school to show of my new kicks!

  • I live about 20 minutes from ithaca ny so I’d love to scuff them up near the gorges.

  • i would hike to the top Marjan…outside of Split, Croatia.

  • omar

    From Patagonia Argentina to Cartagena Colombia.

  • Janice

    I’m a college student in San Francisco, and the city has me feeling like I’m in Radiohead’s Pablo Honey. To escape from that horrible feeling I’ve been looking into going up the north coast all the way up into portland hiking and Couch Surfing, all the while exploring nature. I would put these shoes on and hike the Redwoods dammit.

  • Jeremy Diamond

    i would hike around goblin valley, utah

  • DJ

    North American residents only?


  • If I had to guess it would be in and through this old run down movie theatre thats boarded up. It just seems like the perfect place for some urban exploring! I love dilapidated buildings.

  • I deny your hiking and substitute dancing in those spiffy boots, why make em dirty when ya can work and keep em classy.

  • I’d hike to the root of my subconscious with those shoes.

  • I will hike into the future.

  • To the moon baby! to the moon!

  • Ellen

    I would walk to your front door to pick them up.

  • Jesse Wilcox

    first place I’d hike with them is Mount Robson

  • Justin Pelletier

    I live in Vancouver B.C so the first thing I would do is hike the Grouse Grind of course! Then I would venture out to Squamish to tackle the great face we call “The Cheif”. Shortly thereafter I would hike up to Lynn Valley and gainer the 80 footer! If I am not dead after this wild excursion I would kiss my Native’s and lay my head to rest.

  • Kaspar

    I live in Adelaide, South Australia, I would hike to Gawler and use my steezy foot pads to help the people at the Food Farm. They have a huge permacultured farm with endless amounts of diverse flaura and fauna.
    These Purplish sculptures would propell my hunting and gathering capabilities.

  • Matt

    I would start hiking west from my apartment St. Louis, and never stop.

  • Matt

    whoops. well, if I had these shoes and spent the rest of my life hiking, I could also forever avoid internet hiccup and typos…

  • Rachell

    When I visited Missoula Montana I fell in love with the town and wanted instantly to spend the next four years there(at least), what made me fall in love was the hike up one of the surrounding mountains that has a GIGANTIC “M” on it and see all the city lights…It was so incredibly beautiful to hike this mountain and see all the stars that are usually washed out by Portland city lights where I grew up, but I couldnt afford to o to school there so I have to wait another two years until I can move there for an Americorps job, but if I got these shoes I would definitely take a trip sooner for another kind hike to the M

  • Steph

    @Rachell YES!!! I moved from Missoula and I never stop thinking about that place. Where else can you get great outdoors, a river running through town, AND local brews? (I’m sure there are other places, but I’m too enamoured with Missoula to care.) High five!

  • Sol

    grouse grind!

  • Shea Kennedy

    There’s a dense forest along the Red River bank right outside my university dorm just aching to be hiked!

  • TK

    I would hike deep into the forest behind my apartment and then go downtown in them.

  • I would hike around the entire city of toronto just to show off my new kicks ;)

  • I would like to travel around the northern BC area. I was there over the summer and I wanted nothing more than to just stay out there and exist! And with these kicks it would be great, even more than I love the idea of the design and how the products are made. I was looking over the site and really like them!!

  • I’d hike up along the Don river in Toronto from the lake to the Ontario Science Centre!

  • Tom Yellnuri

    the moon

  • Oreka

    These boots literally look like they’re capable of hiking anywhere in the world, or even a whole other universe lol. Anyway, I’m a big fan of Native shoes with their minimalist design; so with that being said, the first place I’d like to hike in these Natives would be somewhere in the mountains of ALASKA. Ever since I watched the movie, “Into the Wild” back in ’07, I’ve been wanting to explore the great outdoors; and that’s where I’d start. :)

  • I live right by the best mountains in Canada! I’d drive up there and hike on basically every single one.

  • Carey

    Why doesn’t everyone just go do all these awesome things and adventure to new worlds on their own? I wasn’t aware that the thought of a new pair of shoes was such a catalyst for cool things to do. I’m going outside, and maybe then some, thanks for the good ideas. Good luck on the shoes.

  • Katarina

    I am from Slovakia in EU sooo I would go for hiking here in my homeland. For sure it would be Baranec, the mountain I love the most. From the peak you can see most of Slovakia :). If you are interested in some picture: http://www.vivo.sk/photo/41641/Baranec
    I have never had Natives before, but after seeing this one I think I might be addicted in the future.

  • I would hike or climb mt. Everest!

    Or since I live in Hawaii. Maunakea the tallest mountain in the world (measured from sea level).

  • Henry Becker

    I would hike to your front porch and give you a hug for sending me these awesome boots!

  • I’d hike myself over to goodwill to give-a-way my other pair of hiking boots. Then I’d take my kids for a hike in the Superstition mountains – east of Phoenix AZ – taking pictures of the sunset and submitting them to booooooom. And who knows, maybe those are the boots that would find the Lost Dutchman mine.

  • Sam Marvin

    It’s the best time of year in Oregon to run over to Mt. Hood. Temperatures are just right, and will only get more crisp. The waterfalls are in full swing after a summer of glacial heating, and it’s just enough time to get some hiking in before the rain starts to pour!
    Plus, Oregon is obviously the most beautiful state. Perfect for these beautiful shoes to be walked on.

  • I’d ike to the pub looking waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay fresher than everyone else.

  • Maja

    I would take them to Bjelasnica (Sarajevo/Bosnia) :)

  • i do i do i do
    native shoe shoe shoe

  • I would like to join up with Eddie Russett and hike the trails around East Carmine (the town in Shades of Gray by Fforde). Wearing these great colored shoes would put me aleg up in the world and would only be seen by those who could see the wonderful color that these great shoes are colored with.

  • Sophie Cassel

    I’d pull these suckers on and go gallivanting through the foliage-fire of the Northeast Kingdom in Vermont. These shoes just might be able to stand up to the intense colorscape that is VT in the fall…

  • annika

    these are so cool!
    i would hike to the top of Mt. Oberg in Lake Superior, where I go every summer, but am usually unmotivated to hike because my shoes are inferior.

  • I would just hike. I haven’t really done it in the past alot.

  • Tom

    Diamond Point at the New River Gorge in West Virginia. I go at least once a summer with friends and hopefully next summer I’ll get to do some white water rafting there too!

  • Geo

    I’d summit Mount Washinton via Lion’s Head, walk down through the Alpine Garden and then off to Glenn Boulder back to Pinkham Notch. Jackson New Hampshire, Baby. What a world.

  • Jacob

    The Maryland Challenge


    In two days instead of four.

  • I would take them to Thunder Bay, Ontario deep into the forest where I will make my first game kill. Blood stains will bless them for adventures ahead. City slicker in need of retreat from the concrete.

  • Aleks

    I’m travelling to South Africa next month and we will be going up and around the Table Mountain – there are some rocky bits and some steep climbs, but mostly, it’s just long mountain walks… I’ve been looking for a pair of hiking boots that are light, waterproof, but look great in photos… I’d love to break these babies in over there, and make them the first pair of natives to have an African adventure!

  • Avery Miller

    Appalachian trail baby! these look perfect for winter weather in georgia.

  • Kay

    I’d (finally) join the Adirondack 46-ers and choose one of those mountains to hike. Then the next… and the next…

  • I would hike all over Mike Tyson’s face

  • Jake C

    I’d probably take a stroll up by Golden Ears Provincial Park, maybe try and spot some bears.

  • jade


  • Veronica

    I’d be all up in them rocky mountain trails

  • Alexander

    The Barney purple of the shoes pictured inspires me to hike around Chicxulub, Yucatán so I could see the crater from the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs.

  • Micayla

    I’d hike straight to the top of the nearest hill and do a celebratory jig!

  • Jane

    I’d hike into Rothrock state forest in PA and check out some lookouts – the best views those shoes have ever seen

  • Jane

    I’d hike into Rockrock state forest in PA and check out some lookouts – the best views those shoes have ever seen

  • I´d walk straight into a wall lookin at my feet!

  • There aren’t many hills in Chicago, so I’d probably just hike around town showing them off. Then put them aside for a week or two til I head to Lake Geneva. They’ll feel at home there.

  • There is only one way to break in a pair of native’s; hiking the Application Trail. (yes, the whole thing)

  • Brennan Sloan


  • Marc Anthony

    Oh jesus, I’m always walking around Toronto. Those look amazing. The first place I’d hike? Probably down to one of the indie coffee places I plan to visit tomorrow.

  • Alex

    These would be wonderful companions as I strolled and stomped through the bitter winters in Allston, MA. Their unique prints outdoors and traces of melted ice indoors would forge a pathway of wintry imbibing, huddling, cuddling, creating and multitasking through these Boston outskirts.

  • I’d wear them around taking pictures of random awesome things around the city, than post and tag them on Facebook

  • konrado

    Absolutely! MRPOTATO deserve the shoes!

  • blue hils

  • Khalil

    I would walk all the way to Niagara falls in them and take a picture in them once I got there

  • Jesse hunniford

    I’d wear them to bed

  • antony

    i would hike to a mirror and stare at my feet for say maybe a couple of hours

  • lovethosekicks

    I want ’em for my teenage SON please! Always wanted to hike Mt Cheam as it was my dads ultimate favorite place to hike – my son would love those kicks, which would allow me to kick him into gear to make that trek with me to carry on my dads legacy. A peak experience- on top of the world! (The Cheam Peak, is called Theeth-uhl-kay in the Halqemeylem language of the Sto:lo.)

  • i’ll hike in brokeback mountain!!!

  • gill.man

    I’d hike up Stone Ave, in North White Plains, NY

    Check out the street view! :D

  • guido

    i’ll hike costa ricas highest peak, mount chirripo

  • Stacy

    Wrec beach to commence old-naked people watching!!

  • Anywhere, with my mom, I promised her we’d go hiking sometime soon.

  • Keyhole Falls or Twin Peaks, it’s a coin toss, either way, it’s a win/win solution.

  • Hallin

    I would hike, barefoot, to the top of Mount St. Helens were I’ll build a little cabin inside of which will hang a gilded cage containing these beautiful shoes!

  • Cory

    Baden-Powell, from Horseshoe Bay to Deep Cove! Gotta keep it EPIC

  • marie

    I’d definitely hike the Howe Sound Crest Trail. I wants ’em :}

  • Chris

    gonna hike it hardcore on the west coast trail yo.

  • ian

    I would hike the Chautauqua Mountain Park, just a few miles from my home. Boots of this quality would suit a trail such as the royal arch.

  • **************************************************************

    I would hike the dangerous downtown trails of my city and hack my way through the dense undergrowth to reach my favorite coffee shop.

    After enjoying a mocha and a muffin, I would tunnel through the ancient subway caves and climb a treacherous path to find my secret lookout spot to watch the sun set over the sea.


  • Hi.

    Love these boots. I’m planning on hiking the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, in the Northeast corner of Alaska. Would look a heck of a lot cuter in these boots. If you haven’t hear of ANWR it is a 19 million acre wilderness refuge stretching from the Beaufort Sea almost to the Yukon River. The vastness and abundant wildlife, coupled with the dramatic scenery make it Alaska’s most celebrated wilderness.

    best of luck to all the entrants! Sounds like there are some cool trips planned.

  • Tyler

    I live in Portland, sometime from Mt. Hood and i would hike up to the Ski Resort and back down with family and friends! Then have a huge Bonfire with marshmallows and gram crackers when we all got back, in the open woods at 9 O’clock at night!

  • Pamela Kennedy

    The first place I would go in these shoes is…home! I am in college now and it is a lonely experience. I think new shoes would be the perfect reason to go home, to show them off my to my family and hug them, all at the same time.

  • Allen T.

    And with the lamest reply, to and from school. :]

  • Wybjorn


  • Kathy

    These shoes look very comfortable and yet are stylish. I would like to hike around the Shannon Falls area. It’s been awhile since I’ve been there. Hopefully when it’s not raining and we get sunshine back in Vancouver.

  • I would lace them up, shove my wetsuit in a bag, grab my big wave board and hike down a three mile switchback trail to the greatest surfing spot on the planet. Crystal clear water, north protection from the wind, and deepwater bombs that freight-train forever. I’d tell you the location of this spot, but then I’d have to kill you.

    And yes, my Danners are quaking in their boots at the thought of being replaced by these lower profile Natives. I’m sure they can find a way to get along.

    P.S. I can’t wait to see them covered in dirt. Especially if they’re purple.

    • Okay, a clue: This spot is in Oregon.

  • crc

    I’d go to the woods in Vermont and eat some shrooms with my friends, take amazing photos of beavers at work and the quiet stillness.

  • Lucas M

    Golden Ears!

  • caleb harrington

    Man im lucky enough to have a wonderfull section of woods behind my house with a river running through it and a small waterfall here and there. id probably head back there and crank out a sketch or two!

  • shawn lasse

    id obviously hike into space, and dance on neptune! with them awesome funky boots!

  • MO
























  • MO

    bahahaha. oops. that was meant to be Beavis from Beavis and Butthead. I fail!

  • MO

    abstraction at its best

  • Frederic A.

    Yakasugi Forest of Japan, bien sur.

  • 7043

    Mushroom season has already begun in Russia;) I need them not to soak the feet in parallel worlds

  • Clyde A. Gabriel

    I’ve always wanted to climb the Alps…
    But it might be difficult knowing that we’re from a tropical country, here in the Philippines…
    Nice to have those great footwear though… =)

  • I would hike on the mount saint hilaire in Québec once we finally get our immigration papers. That would be my first immigrant shoes…

  • I recently decided I want to go on a solo backpacking trip. Probably somewhere in the Virginia mountains.

  • kim

    i’d hike on mt. tom in western massachusetts!

  • I’m gonna hike Lynn Valley and go for a polar bear dip!

  • jack

    If I get the scuba green ones, I’d try to kick a shark in the face, then in hunting it come to respect it and live among the sharks for the rest of my days. Or until I run out of air.

  • Tiffany

    I would scale rocks in these babies at Joshua Tree.

  • jesse

    i would love to hike the trails of gooseberry falls by lake superior!

  • Dasha

    I would hike all 12 of the sacred mountains. native shoes for a native!


    I’d do ICE HOUSE TRAIL in Mount Baldy, CA. But ONLY after I stomp through the streets of Downtown LA in style for a few months. I wouldn’t wanna beat these babies up just yet! Size 10 please.

  • I’d hike around Los Angeles looking for jobs, feeling much better then I had the day before.

  • spell check ^ (than, not then)

  • RCatch

    If i got those shoes the first place i would “hike” in them would be Vermont. I am planning on going up there in October to help out in towns that have been flooded with roads washed away by the hurricane/tropical storm. They only have so little time before the winter comes and the road get impossible to fix. I really want to do my best to help in all the ways I can.

  • rachel

    id hike to the moon across the sky and through the stars. of course by them the boots would be worn.

  • Jolene

    I’d hike to Crater Lake, BC…it’s close by and lovely any time of year and has 2 waterfalls!

  • I know a field. In the middle of the field, I will put my treadmill. It will be at a slight incline, probably the “hike” setting. I will lace on the Native boots. And thump thump on the treadmill in my Native boots and listen to the crickets.

  • To the library . . . it’s a long way from my dorm, ok?

  • I’d take my first hike in these boots in the Andes surrounding Bogota with a beautiful Colombian angel friend who was recently deported. Then we’d continue down the spine of South America, at least thats the plan for next summer!

  • Addie

    I will hike up to the podium and accept my college diploma. The world will be my oyster and these shoes need to come along for the sweet ride.

  • Walker

    I’d go hiking in Hawking Hills in my native Ohio! Except I always hike where it says not to, hah.

  • Shannon

    I’d love to say I’d be hiking somewhere beautiful and exotic but fact of the matter is I’d probably just be hiking my ass to Granville Island to go to school.

  • Matt

    I’d dry hike my girl friend.

    • Matt

      And I’d hike the world wide web all the way back to this exact spot If I realised I’d spelt my email wrong. Corrected

  • Matt

    And again if in my stead I realised I’ forgotten to change it the second time because I was too busy writing about my adventures.

  • Matt

    I’d dry hike my girlfriend.

  • I would walk around Manhattan. Around the whole island.

  • I would :)

  • Jonny

    The streets are so hot the bottom’s of my wallabees melted. Arsenic and garbage are my tree roots and soil, and puddles of hobo piss make up my rivers. Come winter the blood soaked streets will be obscured by heaps of tainted ‘snow’ and ice. Gowanus makes up my kingdom, and it’s green, infested waters are my muse. I long for footwear that can hold up to this wilderness.

  • K.Apple

    I would take a year off school and hike the mountains off Peru! But first I’d probably traipse these (sz 9 W) babies arout Portland for a year or so…

  • I would hike to the top of Mt. Cardigan with my girlfriend so we could have a picnic and look at the changing foliage together.

  • daniel

    I would hike around madrid )Spain(

  • Jenny

    Id hike to the parlement with my NATIVE shoes and dance dance dance until they give me back my land.

  • Alicia

    I’d hike to the other side and then back again. :)

  • These would be on my feet as i hike my way through denver and make my way on both my feet as well as a bike through the hills of america

  • Tara C

    LOve! I would hike around Okanagan lake, its so beautiful in the fall.

  • Parker

    I mean… I’m from north Jersey so I’d take em through the mass ford paint spills, to the peak we dubbed the Agro Crag.

  • I’m headed to the east coast of Canada and the Northeast US in October. Would love to wear these hiking through the forests of the Northeast and across east coast beaches.

    The perfect fall boot!

  • chris

    I’d give em to that crazy bum across the street!

  • James turner

    I would wear these in my dreams and hike in the possibilities.

  • Zach


  • Aaron

    I would drive up to Algonquin Park 4 hours away, so I can use these boots. Because Algonquin Park is so beautiful, also I haven’t been there in a long time, so it would be nice to visit. :)

  • Sven

    to the mooooooon

  • Claire

    Id test em at a rave, size seven yea?

  • Toeknee

    I’m wheel chair bound, so I wouldn’t be walking anywhere in them. Sigh…

    I’d look fresh sitting in my whip though. :D

  • Liz

    I’m heading to Iceland for a month in November and would love a pair of fancy pants boots to hike around in!

  • Neil

    I would definitely go hiking and camp in allegany state park. I go to school right there and I would love to go on a camping trip before the weather gets too cold. The area is really beautiful during this time of year and I like taking photos in the woods with my friends.

  • CONGRATS TO JOSHUA KIM. You have won yourself a pair of the Native Fitzsimmons boots – check your inbox!

    Thanks everyone – the response was overwhelming it was fun to read through them. Stay tuned another fun giveaway starts today!

  • ariana g.

    i would hike proudly around toronto with my cat on her little red ribbon leash! If only there were matching kitten mittens…

  • ohkeks

    everglades yep

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