21.09.11 by Jeff

Gizmon Half-D / Giveaway

I have one of those cool Gizmon Half-D cameras to give away courtesy of the gang at Four Corner Store. It’s a mini sized digital camera in the spirit of the original Olympus Pen, take a look at the second image to see just how small it is!

Gizmon Half-D a mini sized digital camera

Gizmon Half-D a mini sized digital camera

magnetic wide angle lens

They’re even gonna toss in a magnetic wide-angle lens that you can stick on the camera, just because they like you ! So who wants it?

Describe the first photo you’d shoot with the camera in the comments below and I’ll pick the winner next Wednesday!


Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Steph

    Omg I want that so bad! The first pic I’d take would be after hiking up Twin Peaks to get a view of the bay, maybe at sunset to get the water and the lights both. Take several pics to patch together an offbeat panoramic and then slip that little baby back in my pocket and head off down the hill to grab a beer.

    • Kelly Peters

      The first picture I would take is just at dawn on the top of a huge hill in northern michigan and capture the spirit of all the changing colors in the leaves and lake superior in the back. I would want some fog or mist.

    • Jerry Jackson

      I just came out as a gay man. I would use this camera to document my new life. Hopefully, the images would inspire others to be who they really are. I would just like them to know that it really does get better.

      • Ricky Shehorn

        Now, this is just awesome. I love the concept and might have give my entree into this contest to you.

    • Abra Conn

      A picture of myself as a before document to see how I looked previous to being one with my soul mate, and of course one after to see the then difference.

  • the first photo i would take with this camera would be a group photo of my friends at our goodbye summer party. luckily it comes with a wide angle lens.

    • Elijah Ford

      The fIrst photo I would take wold be a blatant close up of a random person walking toward me street on a busy sidewalk. Creating that awkward moment of them looking straight into the camera interesting to me, it creates a photo that resembles reality. I think their eyes would focus even more on such a tiny camera.

  • jamie

    i’d shoot something random at first, just to try out the camera. perhaps my dad.

  • Nga Luu

    Clouds and sunsets are my go to…

  • I’d take a shot of one of the gorgeous tree-tunnel streets here in Vancouver.. it’s gonna be epic when all the leaves start getting colourful!

  • Annika

    I would take a photo of the autumn trees starting to colour around my town.


  • i’ll photography only small things !

  • I’d take a shot of the first flush of Autumn colour on the trees of Hackney Marshes in east London, with the Olympic site rising in the background.

  • I’d shoot some great skate trick photos against the autumn sunset…
    so the skaters are captured nicely in the wide angle lense…

    perfect size for those point and shoot moments when your skating around town to…

  • Michael

    Oh man, I really want to take some pictures of one of my large scale chalk murals. It would look extra gnarly in the wide angle lens! Which would also come in handy because they can get basket ball court sized.

  • I’d start a Tour De Camera with it. Meaning: I’d take a frame of something, then pass it to someone else, and they’d shoot & pass it, until the sd card was full, then post them all on my blog.

  • Ben

    Right around 7:30 pm when the sun ignites the tips of the trees. Yeah.

  • crc

    I’d take all the food out of my pantry and fridge, arrange it by how long ago i bought it, and photograph that.

    • That’s a great idea. DO share if you win.

  • alison

    My first picture would be of my mailbox because if I would get this I would be so excited to use it I would open in before I got inside and take a photo of whatever is in front of me.

  • I just got a new kitten named Diego. He is orange, white and teeny tiny. I would shoot him doing his thing.

  • Adam

    Probably duct tape it to my shoe and shoots some upskirts, either that or portraits of people taking portraits…

  • Danny

    take it on a climbing adventure

  • I would throw it in my jersey pocket on long road bike rides!

  • Orlando Arroyo

    I would shoot packaging a working on :D

  • I will shoot a bear.

  • Would love this camera . . . first shot would be an autumn sunrise for sure!

  • Jennifer Cook

    My first pic would be of the beach at sunset, maybe with some palm trees silhouetted in the foreground.

  • I’d get my friend to dress up as a super hero in my blue morph suit, with a black cape, black rubber gloves and a black mask… Have him prace about town and take candid shots of onlookers.

  • I would definitely take my first picture of the Indian that’s been living I’m my cupboard. After that I’d let him borrow the Half D for himself. It’s just his size!

  • I’d take photos of the first mini thing I could find with this beautiful mini camera!

  • Since it’s so small, I’d use it for street photography. It’s something I love to shoot but it’s hard to remain unseen if you have a large or bulky camera. It would be cool to try this out!

  • If you could set the shutter speed on this baby, then I would probably set it in a slow speed and toss it as high as I could hope for something awesome.

    • Eunwoo Bae

      woah that would be so cool!

  • The first picture would undoubtedly be of my chihuahua/basenji mutt getting some mad air — the dude can jump five times his height. I can’t think of a better way to capture the miniaturized superhero than through a wide-angle lens clinging to a tiny camera.

  • Marta

    I’d leave it up to chance, and hope for the best.

  • Realistically: Probably something stupid around my house while I was figuring it out.

  • Jake

    I would probably take a photo of the back of the camera. Challenge accepted.

  • david m

    The inside of a hardcore moshpit

  • I







  • uh! supercute!
    well, the very first pic I’d take would be the one of a hand smashing a tomato. juicy.

  • Tamara

    If you give me the camera, I promise to take pictures of cats and post them to the internet.

  • how fun! finally a camera i can fit in my shirt/pants while dancin!! :)

    • first photo would be an accidental action shot of whats under my clothing. haha <3

  • kresimir grancaric

    wow, tough one, haven’t got a clue I’ll take it from there

  • Probably put an object on the street that is very out of place, then do some candid shots of people’s expressions as they try to figure out why the object is there.

  • I’d look for Gizmo and take a shot of him… but only half of him. The upper half first.

  • HuGoMCC

    I’d give it to Scarlett Johansson and let her take the first picture.

  • I would take a portrait of my parents.

  • emily

    The first pictures I would take with the Gizmon Half-D would definitely be sneaky photos of my drunk friends, and our usual dive bar haunt.

  • Jerrime R.

    I would love to shoot street scenes, particularly reactions of the people I’m shooting with such a tiny camera

  • I would document a day out exploring my city, focusing on landscape, food, nature and the places I love.

  • The first photo I’d shoot would be a portrait of some of the punk youth in the dirtier parts of downtown.

  • fl0w

    wanna shoot myself!

  • Alicia

    I think I would take a photo of the chalkboard in the calculus classroom. Mathematics is truly beautiful.

  • I think I’d use it to help me do some awesome graphic design for my second year of uni I’m just starting.

  • Shannon

    I would wait for a clear day, and bring a giant bubble maker to the beach and photograph the sunset, colourfully distorted through a giant bubble…. with a wide angle lense of course :D

  • Birgitta

    Definitely a classy semi nude of my best friends in the Swedish woods. Definitely.

  • Miles Page

    Honestly, I’d probably get a shot of the strap and my feet… then get one of us together in a mirror.

  • Stevil

    I would take this everywhere.

  • luella

    the first stranger i’d run into after getting my hands on the cute lil thang

  • i would take the camera on my next trip to visit my family in ireland and finally make a photograph of my old babysitter. he has cancer and always want to see me with a new or better camera and he always want to see the photographs i took from the visit before.
    on my homepage he is in the belfast folder, he used to dance with his dog for the photographs, but now it´s not possible anymore :/

  • I thought a long time, and i think i the first picture will be a selfportrait with my fuckin big smile with this awesome toys in my hands, and then i’ll go outside make a “Hey look at my smile” serie… i’ll take picture of people lookin at me smilin. And spread smile all over the world with funnies secretly taken pictures. Damnn it ! :D i’m already smilin, and i will smile till Wednesday !!!

  • Elin

    I would capture the look on my best friends face when she arrives in New York City after beening apart for 1 long year.

  • Elmi

    i’m gonna shoot KLCC here in Kuala Lumpur just before the sunset. IT’S GONNA BE AWESOME!

  • Lucy

    I’ll go and find the perfect giant natural undecorated Christmas tree and take a photo of it pointing up with the blue cloudy sky in the background. Just like the first photo I ever took when I was a kid and I grabbed by dads old Leica and pointed it up at the sky and shot. I lost the photo, or it never came out, I want my first photo back.

  • I would stack a pile of books on a pile of bills on a pile of junkmail. Then I would wait for no more than thirty seconds for my cat (Gilligan) to investigate and promptly try to find a way to lay (uncomfortably) on the stack of print materials. At this point, I would set up my shot, because timing is everything with cats. While aiming the camera, I will carefully dangle a strip of paper over his head to digitally capture this king of print devouring this very statement as a line of printed text with his sharp little teeth.

  • Daniel

    I would try and get a colourful shot of The Rapture gig on the missus birthday.

  • Mark Gilson

    I’d take a close and sneaky shot of my cat in his favorite morning sunshine patch.

  • lindsey

    First photo no doubt would be a blurry shot of my feet while i’m figuring out which button does what. However, i’m sure my second & third will be much improved & more visually appealing! :D

  • I would take a picture of my ecstatic excitement at finally winning something. Oh and a landscape too. :)

  • RoberRobertRobert

    This is something I want…
    This is something I need…
    I’m giving you a nightcall…

  • I think it would depend when I got the camera. I would probably take a photo of the person who gives it to me…and then it would go on all my adventures. It would be awesome. Like my mini brownie but digital!

  • Dorian P

    I’d take a picture of the awesome and epic nightlife in Montreal, where a mix of alcohol and no shame will be on display.

  • wanna shoot tiny kitten with this camera! :D

  • I’d take a close up pic to my dog ​​from the floor of my backyard

  • conor mahon

    I would take a picture of my useless, always broken camera… with my free hand out stretched giving it the f**k you sign…. the 2nd one would be of my grinning happy face!

  • ben

    It would indubitably have to be the typical social media pose, where i would have the camera out in front while i stand if front of the mirror and pout my lips.

  • Becky

    I’d love this. I have severe epilepsy, but also love photography – it takes my mind off things. I’ve always wanted to do a series of shots from the ground looking up after i come round from a seizure (i have seizures all the time, in all sorts of places & i come round pretty quick, but i’m too tired to move for ages). I’ve never had a camera small enough to have on me at all times, but this would be neat enough to have in my pocket so i’d have it on me and could shoot a picture once i come round. I’d love to be able to give other people a tiny bit of insight into the perspective of life i get from the ground… it varies from vast night skies full of stars, to streets full of legs, to strangers or paramedic faces peering down at me… but the perspective is so different to any other perspective you normally get. No-one else can experience the seizures like i do, but i’d love to let them see a tiny snippet of what it’s like waking up in strange places.

  • Enrique

    i’d take a picture of my cousin’s baby. she’s due next week!

  • Id take pictures of my neighborhood, recently a gagng of kids have moved in and have turned the streets into a playground. Climbing trees, making swings on trees, making club houses out of an abandoned van, and I believe some of them are homeless but im not sure. My neighborhood is always changing and this has happened before.
    that would be my photo essay…

  • tanya

    This is delicious! The very first photograph I would snap with this badboy would be of my beautiful mother. Over the last 6 months or so I have been taking photos of her without her knowledge, just of her doing everyday tasks: doing the dishes, enjoying walks, comparing prices in supermarkets, doing her make-up, spending time with friends etc. I have been using a couple of cheapy toy cameras and my grandfather’s old SLR to get different effects and qualities. With this digital camera I would snap away and be able to select my favourites and would play about with some on photoshop until I was completely satisfied with the outcomes. I plan on binding her a book of these photographs for her 50th birthday next year!

  • My 1st picture would be of my butt.

  • lainey

    so awesome!! i’d take a snap at the skyline here in la, hopefully on a non foggy or smoggy day! :)

  • I’m doing my Master in Fashion Photography so I would use it on a shoot to see how it compares to a medium format Hasselblad (which I don’t own unfortunately)

  • Joel Cosseboom

    Heading to Alaska in a few weeks. I’d take my first picture with it there. Maybe of a moose or a bear, or a bear dressed as a moose, or a moose dressed as a bear. If I’m super lucky, I’ll see a bear f**king a moose and take a picture.

  • Scott

    I would document the high-five we would share as I pick up my totally awesome Half-D!

  • Sam

    The first picture i would take with this awesome camera is the beach that i live by. it would look awesome in wide angle!

  • Kara K

    I would photograph the faces of friends while they watch their favourite film wanting to capture their response and reactions in order to define the emotional connections we have towards art. It would be perfect captured with this little guy as the happiness found within art is often the most subtly shown. He is so peaceful like and non intimidating those to be photographed could view their movie and react with no interference from a huge camera staring into their faces.

  • tam

    I’d like to say it will be of an amazing hike i’m doing, or a beautiful sunset off the cambie bridge, or the “everything is going to be alright sign” in chinatown… but realistically it will probably be of my dog, Baxter, sleeping, looking at me or doing generally nothing but looking handsome.

  • Bri

    I’d photograph the New York skyline over the East River. The area has been my home for the past three years and I had always assumed that I would move away after college. Now that I’ve been given the opportunity to stay, I’d like a photo to commemorate my time here and to remind myself how far I’ve gone.

  • Jesse Wilcox

    I would go to a horror flick I’ve seen once already and sit in the front row, and right as something scary happens I would snap a shot of the whole theatre behind me with scared faces.

  • a little person (dwarf) lounging luxuriously on an footstool eating raisins while a miniature chihuahua jumps through a flaming hoop earring all taking place in one of those tiny, plastic fisher price playhouses.

  • My wife and I are moving from WA to PhX. I would use it to document our road trip out there……

  • I would photograph the birth of my friend’s baby.

  • Harry

    I’d get so excited that whilst rumbling up to my room to unpackage it I’d turn it on accidentally and take a photo of the inside of the packaging, of which I’m sure would make an amazing photograph.

  • Wow… I’d document a weekend up north at the cottage… take tons of abstract shots!

  • beryl

    candid shots from camden town, and also portraits of a group of people with their faces painted touring the museums of london (it is happening)

  • This tiny little thing looks like a monster, love it! The first photo I’d take with it, would be of my first ever screen print that I did this July… this photo would remind me that my art is real, and I can take my creativity with me as far as I like. Something I’m only just beginning to learn at the tender age of 26

  • Dallas Stevenson

    I’d take a pic of my sweet son, then I’d give it to him because this teenager is one amazing photographer & he needs some equipment!

  • Jaime

    I would love to take my new girlfriend to the beach and get someone to take a picture of us all naked at sunset for my first shot..but does it count if I don’t take the picture?

  • DOOK Rogers

    Wow that’d be perfect for snapping Photos at anytime when I’m on my vacation to go site seeing during the winter in Korea. Imagine the beautiful photos of the Korean mountains you could get

  • I’d take a picture of a really nice bicycle….

  • Devon Jordan

    I don’t want it. I just wanted to be in on all the hubbub.

  • I’d take a picture of the world outside as someone the proportional height and size of the camera. :)

  • dillon

    the lens cap, by default. it’s inevitable.
    even if there isn’t a cap.
    it’s just what happens.

  • I would like it to be before seven o clock on a friday. I will surprise her and sneak from behind, when she turns i’ll snap her surprised smile, if i get lucky, kiss her back. ( maybe maybe )

  • I would take this back home with me and shoot my first photograph deep in the woods with a smoke bomb or two and shoot a smokey colourful wood shot!

  • d.no

    Ground level shot of whatever is happening on a Saturday in Granville Market.

  • KAyla

    I would take pictures of only tiny things with my tiny camera. Like a tiny toy little deer figure I have.

  • nicole

    My first portrait I would take will be of the security guard of the building where I work. He routinely patrols the alley behind the building, which is cobble stone road with the buildings on each side made of brick. I have passed him these past couple weeks several times as I left my office, right as the sun was setting, and I keep thinking what a beautiful picture it would be. He is a sweet man with a lovely smile, and I think he would be delighted to have the photo taken.

  • i would take a photo of my surprised face cause i never actually win anything.

  • al

    Having just returned from travels afar– this is my first time in my moms house in 7 years. As such i’ve dug through mountains of boxes in storage (treasure! treasure! treasure!)

    With this camera, i’d put it on the cross processing, moriyama, or yellow setting- and I would do a little photo shoot featuring the odd assortment of things dug up from these boxes: impressive china sets from Ukraine, vintage dresses and old dance costumes, children’s toys from the 60’s through to the 90’s, a tier of my mom’s wedding cake (how has it kept so long? ew!) and a hilarious and sometimes heartbreaking collection of cards, letters, and journal notes.

    Is it worth mentioning that my mom used to be a private investigator? Or, as I like to say it, “My mum was a SPY” :D

  • Duncan

    I’d use this to take a milli photos of my newborn baby girl.

  • The first thing I’d shoot is something of equivalent itty bitty palm size! Maybe a tiny tangerine, or an average sized kumquat.

  • Savanha

    a picture of the wall in my bedroom… that normally what i do with a new camera :p

  • peppermint

    i would take a snap of my cat in my hat, one of her favorite hangouts ^.^

  • Silas

    I would take a photograph of my 90 year old grandmother on it and show her how something so small can create something so important to me.

  • My dogs surgical scar around her neck after an accident she had last year, right next to the suburban fencing keeping her locked in. Pain and security is what we live for.

  • Andreea

    Random shots of strangers in the subway. Taking pictures in the subway is illegal where I live, but they’d never catch me if I use this little fellow.

  • I would photograph the lovely hummingbirds in my backyard, they bring me so much joy! :^D

  • I’d take a photo of some Micro Machines.

  • emma

    there is two churchs at the end of my street, and the other week the sunset was going down behind them,the colour, the rays of light, the shadows of these gothic churchs, was beyond belief! so i would wait until i got the evening, and capture that sunset, that moment, and send the picture to my friend who lives abroad and say i was wrong,there are beautiful places where i live.

  • Wabisuke

    I woul’d make photos from the floor, for everything to seem huge. As taken by an ant

  • Jake

    To be perfectly honest, I’ll probably shoot a picture of my Boston Terrier pupping around. Isn’t that was cameras are for anyway – taking pictures of cute pups pupping around?

    Thank you for the opportunity and the giveaway.

  • Blixten Bellevue

    I would photograph the cute guy who sold me my mac, if I put up with the nerves to ask him out. To confirm my act of bravery. Every experience is a step towards happiness.

  • Lei Fay

    I would take a photo of my children laughing.

    Please pick me I will give it a lot of of love.

    Thank YOu

  • First photo: The toothless grin of Paul, the homeless guy who chills behind Safeway.

  • I would sneak up behind my chubby black little cat-bean Molly and catch her messing about and tease her with some chicken.

  • Ben C

    With that wide angle lens, I’d shoot the city from a high angle.

  • Danilo

    An an smiling.

  • Rebecca

    The secret garden in our local woods that an elderly man once told us about. Seven years have gone by without a glimpse of it. Perhaps it’ll be our lucky day.

  • Danilo

    An ANT smiling.

  • A close up of my elbows soft skin.

  • Alessandra Alegrìa

    I think I’d take that comera and put it immediately in the mouth of my friend Meghan, who’s a wonderful Opera singer and take a pic of her tonsils. Then I’ll put in my mouth and take a picture of my tonsils. Finally I’d compare the two pair of tonsils to discover if our tonsils look alike. In case they do, I couldn’t blame anymore on my tonsils for not being such a great singer, but I’d have obtained the result of having her not talking for a lil while. ‘Cause Meghan is really a great Opera singer, but when she doesn’t sing, she insanely loves chatting about shopping aaaand I can’t take it anymore! ‘In this case photos talk better than a thousands words!’

    Soo everytime I’d almost sense my friend is about to introduce me the new Gucci’s bag… Snap! I’ll put this cute lil camera inside her mouth and take another pic!

    I understand It might sound rude, but at the end we would actually have a complete collection of shots of an Opera singer on her way to success available for her fans! She will sign every single shot we took with the Gizmon Half-D camera just for youuu!!!

    Give it a try!!!! ;)

  • where do you live? I will take a photo of you eating tacos at my 1st annual “I Won This Camera, Celebratory Dinner.”


  • Rachelle

    So good! :-)

    I’d definitely stop an unsuspecting dog owner and snap their cute pup’s mug.

  • Oliver

    First picture would be a picture of the camera :)

  • The first photo I’d take would be of me working on a painting.

    Or I could be like a secret agent and take photos of my friends working on art. They’ll never know… unless they read this. Haha.

  • Eric K

    I would photograph the brood of pygmy owls that are living 150′ up in a fir tree next to my house….just got up there to see the nest close up yesterday (via bow n’ arrow, fishing line, rope, and ascenders!) and would love a little camera to take up in the trees with me.

  • john stonehedge

    i’d take a instant photo of my moms. i go there (1hr drive) and snap it right away.
    i tell you, you want to see her cause she one crazyass MF mom in a good way. what about i email for proof. ay siiiiickkkk booooooom…

  • Patrick

    A card of well defined dimensions, well placed and pleasantly arranged, with these words written upon it: being a picture, the first.

  • Dan

    I’d give the baby camera to my baby cousin and let her shoot the first photograph of her life ever.

  • Ruben

    I’d begin by using it to spy on tiny animals, insects and the goings on amongst the blades of grass in my garden. So I could feel like a giant :)

  • daniel martinez


  • Lindsey

    A very cute, very tiny camera would be very useful in the endeavour to get sneaky photo bomb shots. I would get as many awkward and hilariously incriminating ‘photo evidence!’ pics during a vintage ‘fancy pants’ party. You know, the under the table shot of someone rubbing their ankle up against someone elses, while slipping them a briefcase full of….

    So much fun to be had with this!

  • Colin

    Obviously a snap of something teeny-tiny and amazingly cool would be an appropriate first capture for such a teeny-tiny amazingly cool camera, but pushing a broom over here at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider I just don’t know where I’m gonna find something like that to snap.

    Jeeze! I’m kinda stumped.

  • I would photograph my ‘soon to be’ newest & tiniest family member with my then newest & tiniest camera 。◕ ‿ ◕。

  • Besje

    It would be a picture of me (I love myself) riding a cow on a mountain top while having tea with Barack Obama (I love Obama) who would be sitting behind me.
    So I REALLY need this camera..

  • marley

    forced perspective shot of my redwood bonsai

  • the takeoff of an airplane, from the cabin, of course.

  • a white castle mini slider.

  • erinpeach

    Dinosaurs on the moon diorama! PLEASE!!!!

  • The first photograph I took it was with an uncle’s cammera. Maybe it was a Yashika, I don’t remember very well, but, I was playing to be the photographer with my sister, I was 9 years old and she was 12. We were at the “Cocha” lagoone (Pasto, Colombia. It’s the biggest lagoon in my country), we were taking a trip in the launch (actually it’s a very small boat)and the lagoon looked so dark, deep and blue. The day was cold and with a lot of wind. My sister had a beutiful blonde long and straight hair, and the wind moved it all the ways and she looked so pretty, also with the sun shining straight on her face… so I took the photo. Two years later when I decided that I wanted to be a “painter”, I drawed the photo. Now I’m 25 years old. Unfortunately we lost the picture, and we only left the simple drawing, but now that you ask, I can remember, I can see it in my mind, and I can see her, and she looks gorgeous, yellow and blue.

    (Pd: Excuse my english. )

  • I will make a picture of a man. The man is wearing a blue overall and rubber boots. He is standing in a puddle of drool, coming from the mouths of four obese children and a dog. Above the man, there is a line with pieces of cheese dangling from it. The man tries to stab the pieces of cheese with a long spear. In the background, there is a tennis match. For real.

  • Inside of the abandoned house near my studio!

  • I would probably use it to document as much gold light in my town as i could, the light this time of year is completely mesmerizing. heck, with it in my pocket i would take it everywhere – it opens up a whole new world of opportunities for images.

  • Probably something cute and random to test the camera.

  • The first thing would be the box it came in.

  • Nothing, since I never win :(

  • Nice camera!!! the first photo i took was of a metal door with a partally ripped off sticker of singer Luca Prodan. Above you can read “loony one” written in pink. Besides the pink writing, to the right side of the picture, we can see a round, grey keyhole.

  • Well, a Camera this size will spend its whole life being small. Which is tough for this poor thing Jeff. If some people here get it, It will probably never have the confidence to ask out that big sexy DSLR. I refuse to treat it differently and use it only to take small photos, that’s just insulting!

    Since it has no sense of it’s own scale (yet), I will make sure that the first photo i take, will be a portrait of the camera itself (which i will name “Gizmo”). With one very important stipulation:
    I’ll… “enhance” it’s scale, much like Peter Jackson did in Lord Of The Rings using forced perspective and maybe a scaled set. It’ll be tricky, but in the end, worth it, since “Gizmo” will think of itself no different then any other camera and take photos and perform in the same manner.

    In the end, “Gizmo” will lead a happy life by my side. That is, until the day it finds out that it’s adopted, but i’ll deal with that when it happens.

  • I would take a pic of my uni coursemates at the first day of a second year so we could laugh after few dyears from how silly we looked ((:

  • laura

    first thing i would shoot with this camera would be something minute, like the gizmon..maybe my watchface or a bug..

  • Probably the sunrise through the woods in my backyard, naturepic’s ftw

  • The first photo I´d take would be a moment with happiness. that is what photo should be, mark the moment of happiness, leave that in our memory, kind of a environment full with feeling of happiness. and when we look that foot, that would take us feel the same way as the people in the photo feels like. So that is the first photo i like to shoot, to mark!

  • In spirits of booooooom.com I would shoot a shot of shooter, shooting a shot of Jameson as he shoots a shot from his shotgun at a shot up vehicle as the vehicle shoots past a crosswalk filled with tourists shooting stock photos of street lights shooting neon into into birds eyes before they shoot off the streetpost arms and ruin there shots because shooting is a tough shot, and I need this camera to practice shooting because if my shooting is shot then I may as well go booooooom!

  • aliens shadowboxing.

  • whiskeypony

    i’d take a photo of myself. from the neck down. naked. in the ocean.

    also i live in seattle, so being in the ocean long enough to take a photograph is not a particularly easy thing to do. that’s the kinda sacrifice i’m willing to make for a camera this fantastic.

  • with this size, finally i’ll find a camera that will enable me to take pictures with POV inside of models and prototypes, such as sculptural casts, architectural models, or any scale models, in order to communicate these ideas better to the viewer.

  • Kevin Guthrie

    I’d take a picture of that camera with that camera, not using any mirrors either. I’ll find a way.

  • Max

    probably the first cool thing i’ll se on the road.
    cause i’ll take it everywhere i go

    some little curiosities normally no one recognizes

    something like this:

  • I would set up two mirrors facing each other and take a photo looking into one (with the other behind me) so that there would be an infinite number of these wonderful mini cameras!

  • The first image I would take is at this location.


    I am going on a trip to a series of Islands off of Mexico in November. One of the Islands is a prison colony and I can’t be caught by the Mexican Navy with any photos of it. So I need the small camera.
    Please help me stay out of Mexican Prison.

    • Alessandra Alegrìa

      ahah! That’s a good one! I give u my vote (but I dont have any camera, I’m sorry!) ;)

  • derek

    I would take a picture of my butt with the fisheye and show off how round and perfect it is on the internet.

  • Sean VanderEnde

    I would take it up to Mount Seymour in Vancouver with that wide angle the second we get our first snowfall and photog the first of many rail-jams to be had this winter

  • nuno alexandre

    I would hold the camera with my feet and take a picture of myself sporting a big smile and giving a thumbs up next to my laptop with the browser window opened in the boooooom website. And that could be your header image for the rest of your life. My gift to you. Thank you

  • séverine

    oh! but this camera is a real dream! can i speak french, please, it’ll be easier to me…!
    c’est un appareil-photo tout comme celui-ci dont je rêve depuis…très très longtemps! celui que l’on promène partout, en toute occasion, tellement léger et pratique! je voudrais entamer une série sur le rêve et c’est sûr que cette petite merveille me donnerait un premier cliché parfait! et je débuterais par ce monsieur qui chaque jour vient s’asseoir pour rêver au bout de mon petit bout de jardin…
    that’s sure, i wish i could have it…!

  • Well I’m making a sculpture, at the moment, for a group show in mid October called SUBCILIATE at Submersive Studios and I have always wanted to incorporate a small camera in a sculpture to document the candid reactions people have to my work. A POV of the sculpture you might say.

  • Nikko

    some country weeds


    I’d shoot someone shooting someone (with a gun). Then i’d take a picture of the whole mess @_@

  • Colin

    I wouldn’t take the first photo: I’d find a stranger to christen the camera.

  • louis hilton

    i would take a photo of a jar of mayo.

  • DOOK

    Wow I’d use this to take photos anytime when I’m on my trip to Korea during the winter.

  • Rachell

    OMG This made my heart jump

    The first picture I would take would be a fisheye of my face to document the extreme excitement, joy, and appreciation of getting this camera and of all the potential photos it will take!!!
    I have a smile on just imagining it

  • Jake C

    I’d snap a pic of a dog, riding a surfboard, wearing sunglasses.

  • christian

    The night sky at twilight, just as the daylight fades into obscurity and the stars begin to dance in their splendor, in the shape of dreams.

  • The first photo I would shoot with this camera would be of my father because I could be sneaky about it, he is the hardest man in the world to get a picture of. Every time the camera goes up, his hand covers his face. He really is a beautiful person and I know my mom would love it if I could get a nice candid photo of him. Dads rule.

  • SAB

    I would first take a picture of something small with a small camera, then i would use the wide angle to push the camera to produce a rather “large” image and then I can be all: “Yeah, this little camera took that photo!” Haha! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Jojo

    my first picture would be of Tom Selleck

  • Hi,

    I think it would be a fun time to shoot a sequence of a horse giving birth.


  • Aly

    First, I’d snap a shot of the box it was packaged with.

  • Corryn

    Honestly, I would give this little camera to my sister.
    She is six years old, and loves photography. She is always asking me about the darkroom, or if we could take pictures in the studio

    She has an incredible eye, so I know, whatever her first picture would be….would be interesting beyond any doubt.

    • I hope you win! Curious kids see things better.

  • I would shoot the dazzling and hypnotic lights of Tokyo city when i make the move there in 3 months time.

  • my naked wife. or my naked cats. but most likely my two hairless cats…cuddling with my naked wife.

  • I’d probably shoot something I wasn’t supposed to take photos of. That thing is so tiny you could hide it anywhere!

    Just kidding, I would probably shoot from within the masses of people moving through midtown manhattan on their way home from work on a rainy evening. Car lights reflecting off water droplets, umbrellas and businessmen in trench coats. I could palm that thing so it wouldn’t even get wet!

  • I would shoot a plate of crepes from Pamelas. Crepe me my friend.

  • Well, it will be sent in the mail, so I’ll be at home when I get the box. Most likely I’ll walk into my bedroom, and open the box. I’ll be sitting on my bed, when it’s first in my hands. My first picture will most likely then be of my pillows. But then again if my girlfriend is in my bed, maybe it will be boobs. The only way to find out is if I win!

  • I will photo document the unboxing.

  • Lauren V.

    first photo would probably be of a friend. hopefully on a rooftop. hopefully drinking wine.
    yup. that sounds good!

  • I would go to the nearest haunted house I could find and snap pictures of ghosts.

  • Marjorie Jumisco

    WOW, what a gizmo.

    Have just adopted a praying mantis. I know she is a she and I think she is pregnant.
    My first picture would be of her eating a cricket of some kind.

  • Roger

    While I would love the opportunity to own the camera … reading the comments before mine, made me realize that SILAS deserves it more than most.

    Silas your words “something so small can create something so important to me.” resonate with me and others here.

  • I’d put it in a view camera and use the self-timer to shoot a landscape on the ground glass— from the inside.

  • Of course it will be my cat. Or some stray cat or my grannies cat. We need more cat photos!

  • Ben

    I would take many, many candid photos.

  • A wide-shot of the Cincinnati skyline from Bellevue Park, one of the city’s many overlooks.

  • Madeline Haigh

    My first shot would be portraits with dramatic lighting, probably of my roommate. I love this camera!

  • Annick

    my collection of tiny shoes and hats.

  • Kate

    I would document my little feet and all the places they go every 30 minutes for my uni photography project, and this way being so compact i could be completely stealth.

  • Jordan Mendoza

    There is this 15 year-old Hasidic boy who does magic tricks outside of dive bars — I’d shoot him in the face, but not in an anti-Semitic way or anything.

  • The first photo i’d shoot? Hell I don’t know…I take photos in more of spur of moment things. Especially with this tiny camera I would most likely take it with me everywhere. But what I would like to capture would probably be some complete interesting stranger in public. In downtown Toronto most likely.

  • currently i am in shanghai working at an international school and living in a dorm with the students. they have 2 women in charge of keeping the peace. they are called hall aunties. first picture i would take would be of the one that lives no the girls side. it would be her in her room blasting avril lavigne at the break of dawn to pump up.

  • wow… where to start. I’ll jump in my car, and drive around aimlessly to try and find an inspirational shot. Then I’ll remember that I live in Atlanta, and that anything cool has already been documented, so I’ll pull over at Felini’s for a slice of pizza. Then I’ll pull out my sketchbook and jot down all the things I <3 to see in photographs, for example: sunsets, trees, water, portraits, beautiful blue eyes, etc. Then I'll decide to make a portrait, because nothing is more beautiful then capturing an unexpecting moment in someone's life when they don't realize you're pointing the camera at them. Then i'll go down my friend list and realize that after my boyfriend of 5 years broke up with me I have no more friends… so I'm back at square one. :/ hmmm…. then I'll jump back into my car, leaving sad and disappointed in myself. "But wait" I ponder, "i'm a great and talented person. I deserve so much better, and I don't need ANY MAN in my life to realize that. YEAH!" With my big smile, I'll rejoice inside, as I pull back into my driveway, and walk into my apartment. I open the door, and there to always greet me is my little baby cat Davey. "Yes!" I thought, the only man I need in my life, which just happens to be the cutest, most lovable man too! Then it becomes clear… I only need Davey! :) plus, Davey has one of the qualities on my list, blue eyes. "SCORE" With my heart racing in excitement, I'd then grab my new Gizmon Half-D, patiently waiting for the right moment when Davey looks right into the lens with his deep blue eyes. Then I realize that nobody cares for just another photo with a cat, so I sit back down and think. What could make Davey even more special. I grab my sketchbook and start jotting down all the qualities of Davey, like his white coat, his dark tail, his big ears…. "WAIT, that's it", I rejoice. Davey looks just like FOLKOR from the movie, "Never Ending Story" and I'll set up a scene of the boy Bastian riding on Davey's back. So I run to my sewing machine and create a little boy to look like Bastian. I then make him sit on Davey's back. Then I'll run to my blue room and find a high spot that Davey can safely jump off of. I'll wait patiently and take the perfect photo of him leaping through the air. :D Yep… perfect photo.

  • patrick

    I would take a picture of the bump on the back of my head because I’ve never seen it before.

  • Miguel a Fernandez

    I would shoot a series of my 14 month daughter in her favorite past-time hurling her toys as far as her little arms allow…it would be full of abominable cuteness and colorful streaks of speed

  • Cory

    The old abandoned building down the street

  • I’d totally take to the streets for some street photography. Shooting from the hip with this baby would be sweet!

  • jackson beyda

    oh my god.
    first shot would be out in the desert theres one old abandon factory iv’e been meaning to take pictures of but my camera was recently stolen so i’d go out there with my friend who models for ford and do a shoot!

  • Monique

    First photo will be of my friends baby when it comes out this month. It will be the first photo to document its amazing start to life!

  • Domenick

    I would definitely take a picture of my friend Dennis’ mom that I could enlarge and print on t-shirts so next time he comes to meet a group of us, everybody will be wearing his mom.

  • That camera is the perfect size to sneak into the red-light district here in Daegu, South Korea. In my first shot I would try to capture the unimaginable shock and curiosity of the first time seeing a street where all the store fronts are literally lined with women for men to window-shop, under neon light in strange colored rooms the women all dressed up and sitting around looking utterly bored.

  • .

    Pigs and robots.

    Together at last.


  • Dandanyeahman

    i would take a wide angle pic of my friends throwing crown fried chicken at the windshield of a cop cruiser zoomin through a red light, those dickheads

  • I would look through all the food I ate through out the day and choose the tiniest of all the items, tiniest blueberry, tinniest cheetoh, etc, and place them on the table and take a picture. It would be fitting due to the tiny tiny camera that it was taken with.

  • I’ve recently moved to Halifax, NS and am an avid photographer but sold my 35mm to a friend who I knew very well and was moving to Japan. As well, I don’t own a digital camera, as funny as that sounds, but have preferred to stick to film for a while. This digital camera would be perfect to start with I think and the first thing I would shoot would be the backyard open air restaurants that my room mates Katie & Al have been hosting over the summer months, and now I’m lucky enough to enjoy a couple more in the fall before it get’s real chilly. Al’s a cook and he prefers to use only a wood fire to cook on. It would be great to use the wide-angle lens on that lovely little camera to capture all the activity and fall harvest celebration taking place.

  • kat

    oh! i would cook up some amazing and epic photography plans, but the first shot would be of whatever was in front of me when the camera was in my hands for the first time! i’d be too excited to wait even a minute!!! so probably an empty box and packaging materials…ha ha…

  • lina kouznetsova

    My first picture would be of all the guys I work with, and their massive bierds that are growing due to all these crazy Over Time hours we’re all pullig in atm, as the projetc we’re all on is coming to the end.

  • a ghost.

  • I think I took my first foto from my family, i think it was birthday party

  • malin

    the first thing i would see that i thought looked nice.

  • the first photo would be my city from my bicycle. I would strap the camera to the bike and take photos as I flew around the city at high speed. It would be a whole series… perhaps even a book via my Nouveau Nostalgia imprint.

  • Ateanna

    My first picture would be a great view that I would want to capture of my first time in China for my internship.

  • chris

    i would take a small photo of something small with this small camera.

  • I am painting some trucker hats for some children with cancer…I will take any camera I can get my hands on to get pictures of their faces when they see them…and post to the world some massive heart bursting love vibrations…ITES…

  • Spencer

    Probably by best friend popping a sweet wheelie.

  • pourio

    hmmm…. i would take a pic of something.

  • abby

    autumn leaves. becoz’ where I come from there’s no autumn only all-year summer, so I’d have to send all the lovely autumn leave pictures back home to my friends who’ve never known autumn before.

  • Angela

    i’d immediately head to the beach, since it’d be so easy to protect a tiny camera from sand as opposed to my chunky DSLR. i would wait ’till it’s sunset, so i can take silhouette photos of my buddies with the gorgeous lavender and tangerine sky of Southern California in the background. i’d just take the lil’ thing to anywhere i can’t bring my kajillion dollar camera. there has been countless times where i see something and think that i wish i had my camera. the Gizmon Half-D would be another essential thing that i have on me at all times, like my house keys or wallet. n____n

  • feehee

    I’d probaby shoot my neurtoic Photography teacher from highschool, she was fucked.

  • I would take a picture of something that words will not do justice to. It has to be a moment, something with impermanence, worth 1,001 words…I don’t know what that is yet but when I see it, I’ll be ready and you will be the first to see it.

  • Patricia Bautista

    I would snap a picture of my small dog molly sleeping on her back in my parents queen size bed. :)


    Well if I won I would wait for the moment when I will see the beach and sea of tel aviv with my family for the first time ever and take a photo of very kytschi moment of arrival which will be in about 2 weeks.

  • Scott

    Definitely have to be a picture of some huskies in the snow at my local ski resort

  • My 1st picture would be a macro. My amazonian orchid, in my veranda, her mini swamp. Getting close to the mosses, tinny ferns, the myriad of lifeforms together and around her. Her rotten wooden pot crackling with juicy roots seeking the water bellow, a move across the air. A micro world seemly static but at the same time boiling with life. Been the camera suitable for it or not, would be something obvious and close to test it.

  • Gaku

    If I recieved this camera the first thing I would do is go straight up to the top of the Roppongi Hills building in Tokyo and take a nice sunset, long exposure shot. I’d also take some sillhouette shots with the Tokyo Tower hidden in the landscape.

  • subway pictures!! i live near the first stop, i’ll take the train right up till the end. in malaysia, we are very funny people. we stare at people, and look away when they turn to look at us. individually, and personally, we hate it when people do that to us, though, we do it all the time. when we catch a person, we can either act like we didn’t and look away, or we shoot them dirty stares. the guy in the corner with the longest moustache; the girl in classy clothing dozing off; the man listening to music, pretending that he doesn’t really care; the lady digging her nose. everyone being stared at, everyone staring at people.

    i don’t know if i have the guts to shoot, but with some practice, i should be able to!

  • Ash

    first shot i’d take would be with the camera hiding in my beard and facing a mirror.

  • adam

    i like to break in all my digital cameras by taking a photo of my dick to send to ladies, etc

  • I would take a picture of the biggest thing I could find.

  • I’d use it as a work camera do document completed framing projects for a portfolio which would be used as a sales tool for customers.

  • the first picture i would take is most likely going to be my mini domo doll propped up against my window.

  • I would photograph the air around me. I would love to capture the colors that the air carry.

  • Blair

    i would do a portrait of my amazing great grandma, who just recently turned 98

  • Half of my face, then the other half

  • KTM

    the first picture would be a happy happy self portrait for winning an awesome little camera! the next shot would be my boooooom! face :)

  • Blake

    I would become a PI with my new secret-sized camera.

    Then i’d spend my days capturing cheating wives cheating with other wives while I cheated on my own wife with the cheating wives.

  • I would take a picture of St. Teresa Catholic Cemetery sign before work at 7am.

  • Jeff Koromi

    I’d shoot my beautiful girlfriend while sleeping. :)


  • The first photo I would take with this camera would be of this massive maple tree that’s already starting to change colours far too early in the year. It looks beautiful, and kind of lonely.

  • David

    My first photo would turn out black. Caught up in the excitement of owning this beautiful new camera, I would undoubtably forget to take off the lens cap.

  • Rhea dawn

    my 1st photograph would be part of the photo essay I want to start after I finish my program.

  • i will take a picture of my penis and then print it as a giveaway!!

  • jaycie

    my dog, she is the star of every photo shoot.

  • Ashley Peevor

    The first picture I would of taken would of been of this twirling mass of white I saw earlier in the week, from a distance it looked like snow but its far to warm, it continued to swirl and twirl and dancing in the wind transforming from one shape to another. It wasn’t in till a few feet away did I realise it was from a dead bird hit by a car the initial beauty was misplaced but defiantly not lost the pure mass of white was completely out of proportion to the bird. This sadly all went by as I own no camera with out being captured.

  • Tow

    I would shoot a horse playing poker.

  • toastrander

    So AWESOME! I would love to take my first photos with this at the cliffs on the ocean in Manchester (Massachusetts).

  • LOVE !! I would try to get some Skate pics for sure or candid everyday lifestyle photos of my friends for sure !

  • Oreka

    OMG! This camera’s so cute :). I’d photograph the end results of the shed at the back of my house that I’m currently trying to make into an Art studio/Lounge. It’s all cluttered with…well…shed things and I’d love to clear it out before it starts to get too cold; then finally, when I finish decorating it, I’d paint a canvas and with this camera, take my first shot of my canvas and the shed in the background. Now, whether I win this or not, I’ll still be happy because the future is BRIGHT *camera flash*

  • Lucila

    I would loooove to have it!! of course…
    Well spring has just arrived here so I would probably go outdoors by the river, maybe do a short stop motion, just for fun, enjoying all the greenery and flowers, some fresh air… probably have the sun “burning” part of the image to give it a lighter feel

  • Shea Kennedy

    I will take a picture of my guitar. She’s pretty old but I just had the strings replaced and the body polished with oil at the music store in town and I must say they greatly exceeded my expectations for $10, I didn’t even ask to have it polished.

  • Oh damn!

    I would take a photo of the ridiculous grin on my face after taking that little bad boy out of the box – and I’m not even a self-portrait guy either.

  • cute lil’ camera! my first pic would be of my cats, naturally.

  • Caleb

    I would take a picture of my big toe. It might be the most interesting big toe you’ve ever seen…

  • Sakchai Lokanuvat

    I am building a collection of photos/videos of my dog. He’s my buddy. This camera would be perfect to carry around to take more fun photos of him to add to the collection.

  • nat

    I’d photograph a microwaved Peep. It would look so big!

  • I would photograph my ears while looking through the viewfinder, if the lens were enough wide. (and if it had a viewfinder) : ))))))))

  • fiorella

    portraits on the go. haven’t taken any in a while. and that includes me and my dog and a few certain peeps.

  • Ariella

    The eighty-something year old piece of scraped together architecture that has sheltered me a vast majority of my life, yet has stood for more than several times my age. The place where I have spent many years worth sleeping blissfully, hours worth laughing lines into my face and countless occasions cleaning paint spills out of the carpet. Sadly this place is falling apart as the tired weather boards of the porch pull away from the peachy exterior. I am leaving soon, and I’m not leaving home without taking a piece with me.

  • the osprey in my backyard

  • Justin Pelletier

    I would take a flash photo of the inside of my right nostril because i’ve truely never seen whats up there.

  • I would snap a shot of something eerie at night using the wide angle lens…then take that photo and have my designer create a design for a new shirt.

  • My first picture would be of my friend’s bearded dragon lizard trampling a miniature papier-mache recreation of a Mesozoic Era volcanic landscape, complete with smoke machine and strobe light effects. I would use these pics to make a stop-motion, set to G’N’R’s “Welcome to the Jungle”. Epic finale is the flaming tin-foil asteroid-on-a-string. No bearded dragons will be harmed in this production.

  • There is a man with an eyepatch down the lane.

    This is going to sound made-up, but is not. My father is a disability attorney here in Pennsylvania, and one of our neighbors is a very meek man with infrequent but extreme schizophrenic episodes. In the throes of one of these episodes, he was tasered in the eye by a local officer, and though rushed to the hospital, ended up losing the eye in his surgeries. Dad is now representing this man’s interests in any resulting legal affairs. He is an interesting, reclusive, but kindly guy, and I would love to take a picture of him in front of his house, with his eye patch, and with the falling-down letters marking his address, because though this man has lived on the same street forever, I think there’s a palpable psychic upset in the area and in the man, now, you know? Especially as this was where the tasering took place. I want to photograph that. Not in a morbid, maybe antiseptic sense, but in a quiet, bearing-witness way.

  • katy

    Inside a tiny box I keep something special. I would take a photo of this with my tiny camera.

  • Jamie

    Phenomenal! I would take a picture of my view from behind the handlebars on my new-old vintagey CCM. Probably in the rain. With no hands on the handlebars!

  • I would photograph light! Any kind of light. All light! The light on your face the light coming and going. The light that was once not there.

    As inspired by Charles Bukowski:

    your life is your life
    don’t let it be clubbed into dank submission.
    be on the watch.
    there are ways out.
    there is a light somewhere.
    it may not be much light but
    it beats the darkness.
    be on the watch.
    the gods will offer you chances.
    know them.
    take them.
    you can’t beat death but
    you can beat death in life, sometimes.
    and the more often you learn to do it,
    the more light there will be.
    your life is your life.
    know it while you have it.
    you are marvelous
    the gods wait to delight
    in you.

    @Charles Bukowski

  • michael

    i would pass it to the audience at a show to get fantastic live band shots.

  • Liz

    First thing I’d shoot avec this petite camera would probably be the construction along with my apartment complex trash bin a la Eggleston. It’d be fabulous!

  • elliot

    Cats. Always cats.

  • Mike

    I’d walk down the street to Pepper’s, a philly cheese steak eatery where a lady named Aqua hangs out. She’s in her mid 60’s, has a yellow mohawk and a parrot with a matching mohawk. They’d both be stoked for the picture. Cheers Jeff!

  • i would take a photo of the gnarliest dude i see on the street the first tuesday after receiving the camera.

  • Zerena

    I would take a picture of my pet rhino sal(ly) giving birth to her first child hal, he’s due sometime next month!

  • First thing I’d shoot with this magnificent little camera is a bunch of leprechauns and fairies. I build a little fairy house in the woods and leave this perfect size camera for them to take pictures.

  • i would take a picture of my brand new nephew, only 5 days old :)

  • first photo i’d shoot with the camera is both my male tortoise with their massive claws!!

  • Poppy

    Honestly, what ever is in front of me at the time I receive it!

  • Myself, happy because I won the camera!

  • DST

    I would take a self portrait of myself as a samurai

  • gill.man

    I would take pictures of every crack I see that day and connect each cracks to be a continuous solid shape with no cracks……may be tough. hah

  • Andrew

    I would take it to a concert and get some pictures there.

  • Jacqueline

    I would use the wide angle lens and take a picture of my son’s face up close, while he’s asleep. Then I would print it off really big and tape it on the wall in his room for when he wakes up. You know, just to freak him out.

  • Tony

    First pic would have to be album art, I’ve probably put more time into making this crazy little stained glass window (2″x2″ small, and detailed as hell), but even so I don’t think it looks quite right, a wide angle would throw it off just enough to make the art fit the style of the album perfectly.

  • Fanelle


  • Kody

    I would go somewhere that taking photos isn’t allowed… and then take photos. It’s so small…

  • Azael Carrera

    I don’t know, spontaneity is my middle name

    …not really, but we can pretend

  • Now, imagine a 1.5″ LCD display. Within this rectangular confine, you’ll see a cream colored, weathered building emblazoned with the phrase, “GIANT CAMERA” in black capital letters (with the counter missing in the last A), and beneath those large, 3-D letterforms, a Carolina blue stripe sandwiched between two black strokes, that wraps itself along the sides of this building, almost as if it were a neatly tied gift. Your vantage point is clearly dead-on this one façade of the camera obscura building. It takes up two-thirds of the screen, cropping just at where the exit door on the right should be. On top and to the left, you will see blue, but these are different kinds of blue. One is the clear, blue morning sky above, and the other, cutting somewhere a little lower than halfway down the building, is the horizon line of the Pacific Ocean. That is a darker, murkier blue. Every bit of this scene is sun-drenched, for there is nothing to shade the building. However, in the bottom portion of the screen, the shadows along the concrete are harsh and angular, created by the man-made railing to the left of the building, which was more than likely placed there to protect from any accidental tumbles down the cliff side.

  • My first picture with it would be of me being very happy to have it

  • JJ

    I’d take it to the beach, and take a picture of the sunset!

  • Ant

    My dick as that is small too!

  • Erica Mao

    The first picture I would take would be of my other broken camera.

  • Eleanor

    I would totally take a picture of my cat, chloe, jumping into the bathtub

  • Meg


  • I’d print out all replies from this page on continuous paper, wrap myself in it while wearing a crown and snap a picture me :)

  • Yasemin

    i would like to take a picture of my friends and me in balletcostumes first :)

  • pictures of people’s scalp as the wind blows wildly, make a collection of people’s ear.

  • Austen

    The first photo I would take would be the awesome scenery you get to see at the highest point on a roller coaster. The moment is fleeting but tranquil at the same time in a ride full of chaos. Also, I probably wouldn’t be able to do it with ease with another camera.

  • Kyle

    I would take a picture of myself in my bathroom mirror. CLASSIC FIRST PICTURE!

  • DJ

    the view from my office, Manila Bay.

  • pbo

    i would take a picture of my great-grandpa who just turned 100 years old !

  • Kaspar

    Im from Adelaide, South Australia and i’d take a photo of:
    Old mate Tom frothing on the gnarliest frothmonster to ever hit the coast of the Shire. With his freshly shaped and Illustrated board he would carve up the heaviest curl you could ever imagine and then crack a couple of Wendys and froth on them even harder.
    It would all be documented with this steezy little camera.

  • Ti

    Probably a pic of the post that said I won this camera! Ö

  • Blancdememoire

    I’d go to the zoo and take an Octopus to place it upon the top of a Sacred Cow’s head like a hat and snap.

  • Frank

    I would photograph a bunch of stuff that was as small this camera reenacting a rad explosion scene from some big blockbuster movie like Speed.

  • I would definitely shoot one of my friends dressed like a samurai/teletubbie or cookie.

  • Remi

    So small !!
    I’d first shoot peoples in Paris subway or friend at a party, having such a small camera is the only way to get actual people faces and emotions without having people taking postures.

  • Barin Noma

    Wow, what a score of replies!

    My worms need some good documenting. My goal would be to dig a nice wide hole into my vermicompost, exposing hundreds (if not thousands) of wriggling reds and experiment with the wide angle. Aim for the kind of atmosphere of the empirial council in star wars, but with more flesh and goo, and 1000 fold greater density.

  • Alex

    I would take a picture of :
    my throat, to find out why it’s so itchy
    and decide if I’m in need of a new one.

  • Craig Paterson

    I’d take a picture of the largest thing I could find, just to see if it would fit inside the tininess of the camera!

  • Myspace photo. Complete with dirty mirror and bad flash. Infact! I may even upload it to Myspace… if my account still exists.

  • i would totally shoot a photo of a pesron, just because i like taking figurative shots. it helps me understand the camera’s possibilities.
    now how on earth will you read all these hundreds of comments? O_o

  • low angle shot of skateboarding raw as fuck.



  • Martin

    My first shot will be a wiggly self portrait.
    I’m sure it will be wiggly, due to the shiver of happiness holding this ‘great’ camera in my hands

  • Gaston

    I’d take a picture of my butt. It’d look like a birds eye view of the Grand Canyon, spectacular!

  • Eric

    it will probably just be a picture of my cat i guess

  • MRD

    The first thing I would shoot, would be the left half of a split shot iced americano, with half-and-half poured into it!

  • harlan chamberlain

    put it on a timer and throw it off a building… c’mon, it was free.

  • cezara

    hmm…the first photo, the first photo…onestly i don`t really know, but because it is so small i thing this camera is great to shoot beautiful pictures of people on the street, and i would like that a lot..and i thing i`m goona shoot it in the morning (7:30 am) whend people are sleepy and hurring and the light is perfect and romantic :) or of mt pants(by mistake) trying to figure out hwo it works !

  • I think, since it’s been raining a lot lately, I would take a picture of something amazing like an electrical tower in the sunset reflected in a puddle.

    • truely amazing :))

  • Lucas M

    I’d take a picture of myself in the mirror. No shame in doing that.

  • Dylan Danger Batty

    i will take a photo of the hulk throwing cats at a super-stallion helicopter while it hangs from the sydney harbor bridge which has been painted aqua for this occasion. the sky will be full of rainbow breakdancing bats which will all smile toothily for the camera. the hulk will be wearing coat tails and a top hat while having yellow and blue body paint on to make his eyes pop. and although you wont see it, the final countdown will be played by the german philharmonic orchestra (in the nude of course) while i take the photo…

  • Alex

    Taking photos of nature and its beauty would be the obvious choice to take the first pictures with the new camera, until i laid my eyes on such a unique yet beautiful woman. As the moment i spoke, talked, and hung out with her i knew she was the one. I’ve never felt so captivated to something, let alone someone. I want to remember those summer days and relive them, and cherish them. I want to take a picture of when i finally have built up enough confidence to tell her to be mine, and mine always..

  • D2D

    i’ll make a tiny lego city and fotograph it with the tiny camera :p
    this camera looks really cool.

  • Alex

    The first picture I would take would be my beautiful significant other in the morning before she wakes up, she snores like a piglet and its sweet.

  • Wow, as I have an awful camera at my cellphone, this is perfect! Fits in my pocket, fantastic.. I would photograph whatever I find worth photographing the first time with that camera. A portrait maybe.

  • kingcole

    I’d give the camera to my three years old son so he’ll stop using my reflex

  • Jan

    My 2 yr old son, watching a garbage truck.

  • Landen

    the first photo i would take with this camera would be of my wife! i gave her the nickname Beencie, because she is well, really small and myself being an idiot messed up the saying, “Eeencie Teencie Weencie” and said it as, “Eencie Teencie Beencie.” I guess the name stuck, and it suits her well and so would a photo of her with a camera thats just her size!

  • martin

    My feet!

  • It was a photo of my close family infront of our bulding, it was in may, cause there was the tree behind us in yellow blossom, It was after the family gathereing, what is the worst half of they are gone today….;(

    • I wish I had taken more pictures, cause that was 5 years ago;(

  • I’d take a photo of my husband when he’d just woken up on a Saturday morning.

  • Unicycling a 36″ cruiser wearing red ‘Chinese Finger-trap’ snazzy suit shredding the bass guitar on the bluffs of Devereaux in Santa Barbara, California. yeah baby.

  • Unicycling a 36″ cruiser wearing red ‘Chinese Finger-trap’ snazzy suit shredding the bass guitar on the bluffs of Devereaux in Santa Barbara, California.

  • james

    Small cameras are for small moments. Whip it out of pocket as you travel around the world to capture that look, colour,that thing you never saw before. And of course your friends that you meet along the way.

  • GRRY

    something very, very small.

  • Justin

    Seeing as I would open the box at home and want to use the little beauty right away, my first shot would not be planned. It would be of something close to me at that very moment. I would not have thought about what I was doing, but I would take the picture anyway, excited, hoping for the best.

  • deena

    I would take a photo of the Brooklyn Bridge at dawn.

  • Sasa

    Vieneese sewers

  • Ben

    Im almost done painting a mural but i dont have a camera to capture it with when im done, so probably that.

  • I would open the box it came in infront of the delivery guy and ask him/her to pose infront of their delivery vehicle.

    Then maybe a photo of Dot, my cat.

  • David

    I promise to cherish and to shoot the gizmon half-D for shinny or scratched, dented or polished till death do us part. The first time we make love it will certainly take place on my kitchen table.

  • The first use will be to put it on a teleguide mini-helicopter, using the self timer, an taking picture of the city from the sky, from my 7’s floor terrasse. It will be a good test for the wide angle I guess.

  • Dan

    i’d take a picture of a friend surrounded by buildings bending toward her. :)

  • Berns

    i will take a photo of that small space in between our building and the next building and that small kitten that always stay there.

  • nancy

    I would photograph our cat karel, when he is lying in the sun on the canvas roof of my husbands Saab carbrio, and afterwards make a photograph of my husband, vacuum cleaning the rooftop of his car because he is the only person i know who cleans the roof of his car with the electric broom.

  • Klara

    because its so small i would use it to inconspicuously take photos of all the people at vienna’s traditional cafés…they are always grumpy and don’t like to be photographed…i guess that’s part of what you call viennese charm :D
    i love my city

  • I would shoot myself naked having my morning coffee, making good use of that tiny wide-angle lens.

  • Stop motion animation of a foggy forest – people mushrooming, some deers minding their business, a woodpecker… what ever happens.
    And a wide-angled portrait of a chicken.

  • Probably of the packaging it will come in.That is if it’s charged.Otherwise a self portrait shot in the mirror to get an idea of how small it looks and how giant I look with it in my hand.

  • First picture I’d take is my mum with our 15 year old dog :)

  • I really like taking pictures of street art (too bad that i don’t have good camera) So I think I’ll go hunting the city for some stencils/stickers/paintings

  • Helena

    i’d try to capture a small embarrassing moment, like an old woman picking her nose. since it’s such a small camera it’s perfect for candid photography!

  • I would use this camera to take a picture, from front and center, at the Bon Iver show coming up because Justin Vernon is a god when it comes to music, and it has to be documented.

  • gorka

    I´d make a portrait of god, cause i know where he´s hiding.

  • Antonia

    Ahhh so adorably handy! I could take this absolutely everywhere with me, particularly my trip to Europe.

    And although I’d be going to Europe and be seeing some mad photo-ops, my first photo would definitely be with the wide-angle lens, of my best friends busking downtown at dusk, with all of the people passing them by in the foreground, so I’d have the reminder of the good times back home to take with me.

  • myself happy as hell!

  • daniel

    a picture of my laughing face directly after opening the package to document and remember the happiness.

  • Fran

    The first photo I took was with this one camera my parents bought me from Toys R Us that had the same style of the vintage thin spy cameras that took i believe 8mm. And I used the hell out of this thing and I believe my first photo was of my parents. Probably 4 or 3 when I took it. Since then I lost the camera but I still shoot film photography because that’s what I raised on.

  • Kaspars

    Haha, that’s a total party camera! I would take a shot of an awesome party, you know! Def would include something quite random. Something random happens often. Last week took a break between two party spots and spent half an hour druming sticks on fences, pavemnt, old tire and stuff, being quite tipsy a the time. Maybe that would be my photo. Who knows. Actually such a small camera would help a lot. And it’s definitely better than the camera I don’t have anyway.

  • Xinning

    Don’t think/plan. Just shoot!

  • My first picture would be of the abandoned rooms in my grandmother’s; rooms filled with 1000 years of junk stretching back to 1951. I’d take a series of pictures in the end, like a documented excavation of a tomb.

  • harley

    i’m studying abroad right now in southwest china, and planning a trip to shangri-la, northwest yunnan. i’d snap on that wide angle and take a shot of the beautiful gorges against a deep blue sky that shangri-la is known for.

  • luís f

    I would take a picture to those four woodcutters that I use to see in the woods…

    they use strange bunny masks, dress like ballerinas and dance the macarena…

    (no one believes me, with a picture with this camera I’ll get the proof I need!)

  • a self portrait showing how happy I am having won the camera!

  • Fi

    obviously this camera is too tiny for my hands, and perfect for my my cat who can make pictures of what he’s been doing all day when I leave the house. And he can finally update his Facebook profile,http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000261348314

  • Tanne

    I would photograph everything that strikes me. Because I like to not plan to take pictures, but always have a camera with me (now it’s on my phone) and take pictures of beautiful, interesting, contradictory, funny things when they stand out for me :)

  • Sorry, personal. My first shot would be for my viewing only!

  • I will take the amazed faces of the people in front of me when they will discover this beautiful mini and super super cool camera!

  • I’d shoot a photo of my new kitten Morris Mick Henry!

  • kali

    i´d take a picture of all my old analog cameras on a bunch enjoying their old age and break time from being abused by me. :)

  • i would take a picture of my feet probably

  • I think the first photo i would shoot would be taking a photo of my home town Glastonbury, from the top of glastonbury Tor looking down! living in london at the moment makes me miss that place.

  • David S

    I’d shoot the skaters under the festival hall on the south bank in London. Its not wacky but its true.

  • Jana Scheifes

    I would take a picture from the Domtower at dusk (highest church tower in Holland), to capture the beautiful city of Utrecht from above, while it’s still sleeping.

    (I would really really really love to have it!)

  • Lina

    Most likekly I’d take a self shoot with a very verrryy happy sillyface just to show of how incredibly lucky I am to own a camera that cool!

  • Sne

    i would copy everyone in this tread top to bottom, photographing their ideas! HA!

  • I would shoot from the hip and take the best picture ever of what the blind man sees when he closes his eyes.

  • the first photo I will take with this camera is on people taking photos in the modern museum of art in stockholm. yes!

  • Daryl

    I would swing it like a pendulum from a rope off the High Level bridge in Edmonton, AB and let it capture whatever it desired.

  • JayB

    I would take a picture of this great Dia De Los Muertos graffiti I found down the street from my campus last week! It would be so awesome to win this!

  • As this camera is tiny and great, I would probably take a picture of something similar. Tiny and great. Maybe start a project tittled ‘tinygreat’ or something. With a picture of, let’s say, a Baobab seed, for the first one.

  • sam

    i would take portrait photography of my dogs, as it is always the first thing i photograph whenever i get a new camera

  • ive take a picture of my feet because im original like that

  • I’ll use this tiny little camera as a spy camera and take a covert photo every 5-10sec for an hour and load it up as an animated gif of my spy journey. Bonza!

  • Keren Zorn

    My plan over the next few years is to take a picture of myself (self portrait) on the 1st of every month. I want to do this for as many years as possible to document my ageing and any physical changes I make throughout the years. I want to be able to see the slight detail in the physical changes in my face. So this camera would be used for that photography project, and so the first photo taken would be of my own face, and would be the first of the series.

  • Oh dear! How fancy-tiny!
    I’d inevitably shoot myself, for two reasons: my face is always at hand and just to see how somebody that has just handed her MA dissertation and is therefore free looks!

  • rapolas

    I’ll take a portrait of Simonas. Wanna this so bad.

  • Silas Gotsch

    At first i would take a foto of an old building or a bike or something. As long as its something street-photography related. But after that i would definitely try to take a photo from an angle that i can’t take with my LX5..

  • With that wide lens I´m only thinking about shooting skate photography. So maybe the first shot will be a skate trick in a virgin spot in Barcelona

  • I will take a photo of my Furbies talking to each other

  • The first photo would be my home town old narrow rail train station in Lithuania, Anyksciai

  • Tim

    For my first photo, I will go to the moon with Loie fuller to take a picture of her dancing her “Serpentine Dance” in zero gravity.

  • bosphorus?

  • Nico

    I will take a photo of my shoes!

  • Jason

    I live in Perth, Western Australia and I would take this camera with me and a few good mates to King’s park, that looks out over the city skyline and the Swan river. The first photo would be of one of us longboarding with the awesome view in the background, probably at sunset or during the night, definitely putting the the wide-angle lens to use straight away.

  • Andrea Napierkowski

    In Grand Rapids, MI, right now a HUGE art event is going down called ArtPrize. Throughout the streets art is littered everywhere. People get to vote and the winner wins a quarter million. I would love to be able to capture the feelings and love that is now on the streets where pretentious large cameras can often take away from genuine moments. I would love to hold it in my hand and take it out at a moment’s notice.

  • nva

    I would shoot my girl get naked in my bed….

  • I would take 4 square 1200×1200 portrait shots of my friend ellie each of the 4 shots different. One with colour noise then bimo, vivid and lastly monochrome and present them all in a single frame.

  • Rosie

    If i was to win this camera, the first picture i would want to take would be of the earth taken from the moon.

  • I would take a photo of Gizmo (the gremlin) fighting Godzilla.

  • Hi, If I was lucky enough to get this camera, it would not be out of the box for long before I took the first shot, It would be a self portrait expressing the pure happiness upon my face then a shot out of the front garden overlooking the Snowdon Mountain Range from the coast on Anglesey Island here in Wales. ..^^^^^*… :-)

  • Luke van der Veen

    Trees I like trees

  • the first photo i’d take would be squeezing the camera into my mouth and taking a photo right before i kiss the man i love, who i cannot have.

  • I just moved from my beautiful home of Vancouver B.C., to go to school in Montreal. I miss the landscape of my city but I would use the camera as a vehicle for me to start exploring my new home and getting to know this city.

  • I would take a picture of the first face I see after opening the box!

  • IndiaLB

    I would take a picture of my friends sitting on a couch really close at the low point of a party listening to “Sea Diver” by Mott the Hoople. I would hope to capture the sadness we all SEA in ourselves.
    lols, ferreelz. it’s gonna happen.

  • Straight out to Bloor St. to photograph some people at night.

  • my cereal!

  • KJ

    I would have a party just because i got this camera. There would be champagne, confetti, balloons, candelabras, etc in a back yard. Since I live in NYC there would be a city scape all around me with plenty of fire escapes to lounge on.

  • Emery

    I would take a picture of a puffin crossing the street.

  • Yiting

    I’d love to capture the golden hour – there’s just a sense of magical enchanting power during sunrise, and to me it represents a new hope, a new chance, a new beginning, with every new start of day. The sky, golden, orange, or sometimes salmon pink, is just utterly beautiful and enthralling. I hope to dot the lovely sky with silhouettes of the things we are blessed with, people, and nature especially. Love, xx.

  • The first picture I’d take you see
    with my brand new little Gizmon Half-D
    would be a picture of you and me
    hanging out in our house in a tree.
    It would be informal not special at all
    except the picture would be taken in fall.
    Our world would appear to most a bit small,
    But in our own world we’d be having a ball.

  • Alex Sayliss

    I would use the camera to take pictures on the London Underground at commuter hours to show really how crowded it is! Always wanted to but not had the room to get out my big camera!

  • #K

    not grapes, I just ate too many of them.

    probably maybe one of the shattered 78s my friend & I smash when we have down time at WFMU & then my other friend will say “AHH please warn me when you’re going to do that! I just thought someone threw a full wine bottle through my window.” & I will take a picture of him.

  • La primera foto que tomaré con esa cámara será la de mi cara de alegría-sorpresa al haber ganado el primer concurso de mi vida y disfrutar de esa joya.

  • Pash

    I would take a photo of an exaggerated shadow of my tiny babybump on top of my favorite mountain in the cold autumn sun up here in Iceland and print it and sent it to all my friends to tell them i´m pregnant. (if i win i´ll send you it too)

  • The first photo I’d take would be the view of the Andes mountains.

  • Grace

    This would be a blessing to have. It’s amazing what people can create these days. The wide angle attachment lens is an awesome addition! For about a year now I have wanted to start a project on homelessness and abandonment. I’ve always thought it interesting the paths people take that create their life. My first picture would be of the faces of those people that I meet on the streets!

  • E

    In two months me and two friends will travel to Svalbard, Norway. We will fish and climb mountains. We will freeze our bottocks into icesicles. But since we’re scandinavians we want it that way so a picture of me friends just enduring the life over the polar cirlce combined with photos of icebears and seals would be one of the first things to take a picture of (though a picture of our loaded hitch-hiking backpacks would be a more honest first picture).

    Thanks for a good blog! (Thumbs up to Swedish Agnes!)

  • Caitlin

    That camera is awesome. The first picture I’d take with it would be of Bastrop. The city recently just experienced the worst wildfires in Texas’s history and much of the forest that surrounded the city has been burnt to the ground.

  • Ben

    The first photo I took was my toothless brother smiling near Christmas tree whit freshly unpacked gifts :D I was about 5 yo and my brother was 3 yo

  • The first photo i would take would have to be of my new bike at the park because it’s the best thing ever!

  • Allison

    This would be an amazing birthday gift from my favorite place on the internet to me . I am turning 22 today.

    Just sayin ;)

    the first picture i would take with this camera would be of the grossest thing i could find. Most likely i would go find something gross in Detroit like a homeless mans shit corner or some really nasty spot in a kitchen at a hole in the wall restaurant or maybe some unidentified wound on a prostitute. you can have all of these pictures if you give me your fancy camera :D

  • it’d likely be of my girlfriend. smiling.

  • Oh i´m almost sure that i will take a picture of my finger ..
    yeah i have big hands and this camera is so small :)

  • F.S

    I hope the very first picture that I take would be the look on the faces of my Canadian friends’ as I show up for an unplanned visit. I’d really love to capture the raw and spontaneous feel of the moment. I am not sure how everything will work out seeing that I am literally half a world away from them. One thing I do know, is that I’d treasure the photo as I have far too little candid shots of them, which is such a pity. To me candid shots capture people as they are and are as such, are the most precious.

    Of course, I hope I’ll be able to bring the camera with me as I continue to (hopefully) spring more surprises on my friends from Europe.

    I miss them all too much.

  • Flo

    Family portrait, because these are the people who means the world to me.

  • A homeless man… then I’d give him the camera.

    • David

      Well then I would take a picture of a BLIND homeless in a WHEELCHAIR and give him my house, then stand in front of an army holding a flower and finally give the camera to a white bird flying above a battlefield.


    i’d take a picture of my gap teeth

  • Briel

    I’d rewind to this morning when I’d forgotten my camera and take a picture of the mountains, the sky was black, there was no sun and they were lit up by alien spaceships. (Or sunbeams, whatever.)

  • Adam Rabb Adam Rabb

    I’d take a picture of myself shooting a picture of myself with a spit ball.

  • evo

    i would take a picture of my friend pretending to be me as we re-enact the moment of me realizing i won this baller ass camera. and if we couldn’t get that to work, i would probs just shoot some artsy nude pics or something.

  • Signe

    I’m a student at Alfred University and I would take a photo of the neon shop/students working. There’s some great colors and would be nicely contrasted. It’s between that and our glass hot shop, or the clay studios. Either way..it would be a shot of students making work.

  • My photo would be of the very first thing that catches my eye – whether it is something wildly interesting or completely ordinary – and then I would write a story based on that shot.

  • I would take a photo of Elvis trying to simultaneously shake hands with a mirror, and an impersonator while slipping on peanut butter sandwich the split second before the watermelon landed on his head. I will be well positioned on top of a miniature Eiffel tower in front of the Pantheon in Greece.

  • Tyler Smith

    Ok so it was the winter of 2007. I was at the beach about 25 mile south of Seaside, Oregon and there was a beautiful sunset landscape of the beach where the snow was over layering the sand. there were no barely ANY clouds. as i was about to take the picture, i see that there was a couple on the beach on a beach blanket. I went up to them and asked if i could take a picture of them of the perspective of looking at them and the beach from the road, and the road is RIGHT by the beach like parallel to the beach. so i waited for the right time and took the picture. the sunset was reflecting off the pacific ocean, a beautiful color cuisine of purple and orange-yellow, then the reflection of the water reflecting off the snow and all you see on the beach is a few logs and an amazing silhouette of the couple.

  • J P G

    i remember i was on holidays with my family at the beach, my father used to have a minolta reflex and i was about 5 years old. He helped me to hold the camera because it was too heavy for me with the lenses and so! i only had to look at the viewfinder and just press the button to take a picture of the sea, the horizon, hahaha.

  • F

    I would take my GFs picture, scream “happy birthday!” and throw it at her! It’s so tiny it won’t even hurt!

  • ful

    I’ll shot my wife tits and then I’ll show you.

  • Mariella

    The first picture I’d take would be of myself!

  • Adrian Adler

    Beutiful piece!

    I would take it to my winter swimming club one night, go to the sauna and ask the people there nicely if I could take a picture. On a good night the motive would then be naked people of all ages with all sorts of body shapes soaked in sweat and salt water looking through a panorama window towards an industrial harbor.

    Adrian Adler, Copenhagen.

  • First picture would definitely be of shooting my shotgun at something that would explode.

  • a riot. hopefully.

  • Since the only camera I have is a giant Nikon DSLR, I’d take it with me everywhere on my college campus until I see someone wipe out on their bike. Then I’ll take a picture of the reaction while getting up.

  • this camera is so small, i would inhale it – hoping that i would sneeze it out on a cold winters day. the photos would expose my inner peace (at least i hope….)

  • Alexi

    A nude portait of myself

  • TK

    I would probably take a picture of my puppy or my best friend. :)

  • i’d have the camera taking a self portrait of itself in a mirror. either that or my first really good meal after getting it. or an elbow.

  • i would shoot photos of anything & everything but my first photo would be of the most epic human i come across in boston. i take pictures of “street style” looks of the intriguing, lost and displaced instead of the fashionable that you’d expect to see. i can’t know exactly who the photo would be of yet but it would be on one of my most glorious days of lurkage to find the ideal candidate.

  • Charles

    realistically, I’d take a photo about two seconds into having in my hands. I’d make sure its so boom though, like an orange on an empty table at a cafe.

  • I would take a photo of my :D face because I have wanted this camera forever!!

  • I would take a photo of myself in a mirror and use it as my myspace profile pic

  • Elizabeth

    I’d hide it in my jacket and make Walker Evans-style subway pictures

  • i would get into trouble all the time with this camera and try to take pictures where you’re not allowed. The menil museum in houston has this room full of objets that surreal artists owned. it full of incredible items collected before collecting anything was cool.

    please help me get arrested!

  • Gabe Garza!

    I would take a picture of my girlfriend Delaney who lives in Idyllwild. I live in Los Angeles and I would drive all the way up there just to take a picture of her!

  • lana

    My first picture will be my boyfriend cycling the bridges over the canals of amsterdam (our hometown) on his fixed gear bike, wich he build by himself in eugene, oregon, where he stayed for 3 months to learn framebuilding. This might be a cliche, but it will definetly be a good cliche if i made it with this camera.

  • obviously id take tiny pictures of all of my friends jealous faces when they see my sweet new camera. it does take tiny pictures, right? i have a lot of tiny frames…

  • Steven Duncan

    a mirrored picture of the camera inside a jar.

  • I’d take a picture of this lamp my mom just got in Montreal. It’s made of paper, and the shade is tall and thin and is really just a papery photograph of one of those bizarro Canadian staircases that connects levels of an apartment building, but outside. It looks pretty amazing lit.

  • Whoooooooo

    I’d take a photo of my German friends! I go to visit next month after 2 years of separation. (I live in the Southern US, they live in Southern Germany)

    Small camera, big memories.

  • holycrail

    I’d take a picture of myself posing in the reflection of my bathroom mirror and upload it as my profile picture on myspace.

  • Would it fit in my mouth looking out to see the world form between my teeth – I think I’d at least try.

  • Harriet

    Well I’d be too excited to test it and I’d capture the first thing in front of me what probably would be the box, packaging materials and my Siberian cat who would instantly try to fit into the box, so the first photo would be a collage all the above.

    After I’d find some really small places and things were I could drop the camera in to take some self-timer photos inside those tiny places or things hoping to discover something interesting or just to get a nice shot..
    Or I would attach a strap on it pretending that it’s a necklace. That way I could take some candid photos and take pictures in places where cameras are prohibited.

  • kelsey

    I would take a picture of the tidepools bursting with orange and purple starfish and bright green anemones right now here in the puget sound area.

  • the size of this camera is perfect. i love my dslr, but sometimes i just leave it behind because im just going to hang out with friends. dinner meetups and taking out the ‘big’ camera always feels too much sometimes. all those candid photos of being in philadelphia and seeing my friends would be the first things i take with this camera. i would get so much use out of this little dude :]

  • N

    I’d would take a picture of autumn clouds with that wide-angle lens

  • Luiz Siq

    Id take a pic of myself falling sleep cuz thats all I can think about after 2 days without sleeping properly.

  • my franco-czech smiling blonde blue eyes little girl. and that would be it. she would definitely fill the camera memory card

  • That’s all good… I would use the camera to take pictures of my friends and family…being in and out the hospital for the last couple years puts alot of things in perspective. Friends and family, that’s what’s important. I don’t have a camera but it be nice to capture those moments.

  • Ian

    self portrait on the rocks !

  • Toon Rooijmans

    My first photo that i got was from a camera that I got as a present with a dutch ‘magazine’ called “donald duck”. I was 6 years old, and I still know that i wanted to take a picture and my sister ripped it out of my hands.

    the result was a photograph of my hand, and in the background me starting to cry.

    • Toon Rooijmans

      I think I will take a picture of my sister, while I hold this camera. She will be soo jealous. REVENGE tastes Sweet!

  • Svetlana

    I would take a portrait photograph of my friend Kelsey laying in a pile arms and hands. Hands and arms that were drawn on illustration board and cut out. I would have a soft spot light on him while he is laying in the hands and arms immersed in the feeling of being “held” and “touched” by these artificial limbs. He looks pleased and calm in the photograph, almost like he’s going to fall asleep. Since Kelsey will be covered in the arms and hands, the wide-angle perspective will make the photograph seem as though he is laying in a infinite pool of arms and hands.

  • With this camera, my first shot would be much more careless than with those complicated analog ones. I would explore, break limits, shoot whatever, whenever, bring it everywhere, because putting a memory card in a computer is much more affordable than putting a film in the hands of a film developer in a darkroom.

  • a sunset or a cheeky family photo. :)

  • Frida

    The first photo I take will obviously be of the envelope I got it in.

  • Martine

    Bring it to my friend’s house party. Makeshift, living room skatepark, makeshift countertop dj booth and nothing but good friends, good people. Oh, and an insanely small-but amazing camera to capture it all.

  • Zack

    If I could somehow manage to stuff and conceal the camera into an armpit as I escape from this prison next week, I’ll document my disappearance.

  • I would take a picture with me, my family, and my fiance in it. Why not start with what is most important?

  • I would take a picture of the meat department at the supermarket – in wide angle.

  • Amy

    I would do a random favor for a stranger, and photograph their reaction, because in short, I like to make people happy by helping them.

  • I would take picture inside the metro, fast portraits of beautiful peopleeeee!!!!

  • With a standard size camera, I’d shoot a head shot of myself… For this; I’d try getting a shot of my tonsils.

  • Alexandra

    I would take a picture of myself crying of pure ecstasy because i won this amazing prize!

  • I’d take a trip to Marin County and take a photo off the top of Mt. Tam! get a view of the trees, the water, and the golden gate bridge

  • David Vantage

    The first photo will be of my loving wife who has stuck by me no matter what. The following photos would be of our cats, hundreds of pictures of our cats… enough to fill her studio walls.

  • Nina Errboe

    I’d like to stick it in a hole!
    – not just any hole, a tree hole. It always made me jealous as a kid, when the woodpecker snuck inside the trees, and I was left alone, looking at the rough greyish bark and a few peck traces from the intruder.
    Fantastic Mr. Fox & carpentry school still haven’t satisfied the need to see the other side.

  • If given the chance to take a picture with that camera I would leave Brooklyn for the week and take a train back to my hometown in Vermont. I would climb the top of Mt. Mansfield, attach the fisheye lens, and take a photo of my favorite time of year. Staring into the foliage of the seemingly never-ending mountain range in is my escape from the city and worth sharing.

  • i’d sneak up on some alleycats and accidentally get a picture of jesus.

  • Asia

    I will shoot a photo of a mail-man, just after delivering me this little bastard!

  • Ricky Shehorn

    If I got this camera, I would load batteries in it as soon as I got it and I’d probably make my first pictures I take with it, the lighted ice cream cone entrance and exit signs in the parking lot of the Dairy Queen I work at.

    • Ricky Shehorn

      And wouldn’t like a picture of a giant lighted Icecream cone.

      • Ricky Shehorn

        The coment should have read “And who wouldn’t like a picture of a giant lighted icecream cone.”

  • I would take a picture of my dead broken camera at its funeral just before its buried :)xx

  • Carly

    the view from laying down in my front yard looking up

  • James

    since i was unable to afford an anniversary gift this year, if i won this camera i would take it out of the box, wrap the box and present it to my wonderful partner the toy camera nut and then discreetly use the camera to take a picture of his reaction unwrapping it.

  • Camila

    i would take a picture of my grandfather of 89 in his garden, tending to his vegetables and stroking the soft grey hair of his pet rabbit Petey while reminiscing on his Cuban past and thinking of what he will say when he dies and finally visits Nana, who despite her passing remains the love of his life.

  • camila

    I would take a picture of my grandfather, of 89 years, in his garden, tending to his vegetables and stroking the soft grey hair of his pet rabbit Petey while reminiscing on his Cuban past and thinking of what he will say when he dies and finally visits Nana, who despite her passing remains the love of his life.

  • julieann

    the inside of my mouth

    • Scotty

      awesome. I hope you win

  • Asia

    i would take a photo of my sister wearing her buffalo hat in the Arizona desert.

  • Matías

    Actually nothing special, i would take a random from where i am when i turn it on, or maybe a photo of myself.

  • Eunwoo Bae

    Whatever whoever wherever the camera takes me to. It would be cool if I could take pictures of peoples’ expressions during class without them knowing, then I can show it to them later, they would freak out:D

  • Picture of an aerobics class room mirror, in full crwod, posing like a facebook profile cliché, just that the camera couldn’t appear! Autophoto!

  • Sam

    I’d shoot some of that little tiny star sand from Japan (If I could get my hands on it!)

  • Lindsey

    Well, this is just obvious.

    I’d take a picture of my penis.

    (And since it is small, I would feel especially large, in comparison to the camera. Winning, all around.)

  • Zack W.

    Because of its size I would stuff it in my uncle’s belly button and click the shutter so that the picture is of my mom (his sister) from the point of view of said uncle’s belly button.

  • andrea


  • rob

    …me winning the camera

  • noe Garcia

    i would take photographs of all my art work ive done over the years…ive never owned a camera of my own…i have so many things i wana take pictures of so its kinda hard to pick a first…but it will probley be of a wall sign i painted for this old mans bike shop called reyes bike shop…im probley not gona win this …but this website is cool anyway …i stumbled across this site looking for good lettering pics on google…well here it goes …wish me luck …

    -Noe G.

  • I would take a picture of taxidermy pheasant no doubt.

  • Emily

    I would take a photograph of one of my amazing friends or coworkers and upload it to JRs project!

  • i’d probably take a picture of a coyote that always wanders near the house.

  • Sebastian Restrepo

    What i would do is to arrange a photo shoot with one of my friends, get her naked, wait for the sun to settle down, which projects sort of like a peach & yellow color in the sky, around 7pm in Miami, Florida; in my balcony awesome!

  • Sarah

    o my gosh I would love this the 1st photo I would take would be of my dog in my bed in the morning when the light from the window behind him comes in and the shades make beautiful shadows on his skin ;oD

  • Patrick

    Wide angle shot on the busy downtown streets!

  • Leo Longalong

    I’d go everywhere in my town shoot photos of hardworking people doing their daily jobs along with scenes that involve nature, city and would try to capture beauty and the reality that surrounds us today.

  • Ben

    Halong Bay, Vietnam!

  • This would be lovely to have! I adore photography and would use it often.

    (Question)Describe the first photo you’d shoot with the camera:
    In all honesty, the first camera/photo I had/taken was
    with a Kodak 27(No flash) disposable camera. The picture was of my grandfather laughing, riding my barbie jeep toy.
    unfortunately I lost all pictures of myself, and of photos I’d taken, such as the photo of my grandfather. Let’s just say, My mother moved lots, left boxes of photos, videos, and many valued items behind…
    I value photos a great deal. I’ve been through a past that has lost captured memories. Everyone asks me “Why I take so many unnecessary pictures, everywhere, anytime”. It’s truly because every photo is a memory. I’d never want to lose anymore than I already have.
    I loved taking photos since I was little. Currently I have a Canon PowerShot SX10IS. I’ve been saving up for a NikonD700, which currently I haven’t gotten close to the cost.

    Why giveaway the Gizmon to me?
    Again, I would use it very often. I would be greatly appreciate and value it. Over all I value photography (Hence my past) and love adding on to my upcoming camera collection.

  • Ruedi

    Perfect for the Bulidingside:-) !! I want one

  • Scotty

    Document the huge smile on my face because I just won an awesome camera!

  • Sophia

    I would take a picture of the ocean, down by Granville Island or near the docks in the downtown-ish area, here in Vancouver, to say goodbye to it for the winter. I’d like to get a couple pictures of it full of boat traffic to remind me of the warm weather.

  • Pamsie

    i m so small that almost every camera in my hands appears so huge!! this would be PERFECT for me!! And i’ve never had a wide angle too!!!! small size/wide angle is the perfect combination!!!! How can i say what i would like to shoot with this? I’ll travel the world around with it!!! and then what happens to come on my way i’ll be ready to shoot at it as i won’t put it in my bag but keep it in my hands without any problem!!!!
    First stop: Iceland, where my soul feels at “heim” (home).
    please send it to the Italian girl with the viking heart!!!!

  • Nathan

    i would take a snapshot of my penis

  • my left foot.

  • MAX

    Autumn is arriving in Helsinki fast and i would love to have that camera ready to take pictures of the lovely colours.

  • Jenny Beard

    I would take a picture of something huge, massive and vast, for the irony of such a teeny tiny camera.

  • certain situations require this kind of camera, i’ll call them ‘ninja photo needed’. this occurred to me in a market at mexico d.f., because of the inconvenience of bringing forth your big, monstruous camera, and breaking all the mood, and varying the way people looked at you. had i this tiny beauty, i would shove it into a sleeve and move around, taking photos without anyone noticing. a ninja photo can be out of range, maybe wrong composed, but it would capture things that otherwise would be modified to be into a picture. and what camera is better suited to this operation than the elegant, just-right sized gizmon half diamond?

  • Hickersby

    I would take a lot of pictures of myself :D

  • I would take a photograph, with the wide-angle lens, of the interior of an immensely large, profound, exhilarating work of architecture. [Think Hagia Sophia, the Pantheon, Taj Mahal]

  • I’d photograph me kicking my friend’s rabbit out the window. He chewed my signed Quentin Blake book. Just look at him fly.

  • I would take this wee camera outside into the unknown, crouch down and take photos from it’s own point of view- as if there wasn’t anyone behind the camera in control. The mundane objects and creatures that to us are not in the least threatening would seem terrifying for something so small and it would open our eyes to a new perspective.

  • valentin dubois

    I’m running the next new-york marathon next november. Since it’s my first I would like to do a small photo shoot during the run. This would be the perfect camera. So I guess the first picture would the starting line of the marathon ! Cheers.

  • I’d photograph the stupid happy look on my face when I receive this beautiful camera in the mail.

  • Em

    Ever since I entered college it’s been a roller coaster of self-discovery and independence after years of living a sheltered life. Since I’m starting my shy flirtation with the local music scene, I’d photograph the crowd from what would be the first real concert I’ll ever go to, hopefully with that special someone in my life right now! That first photo will always be enough to bring back that moment – that burst of life, racing hearts, loud music, energetic crowd and all. Seems like a good start!

  • Fuzz

    I’d put it in front of Reggie Watts and see what happened

  • Pablo

    Spring is coming, days are getting longer and longer. The sun rises every day a little bit earlier. The snow starts to fade.
    The first picture I would take is of two sparrows fighting for one little piece of food caught in the frozen ground, here in my window next to me.

  • joy

    I would be super sneeky
    with this little beasty
    and capture an old rasta guy
    and the pigeons that fly,
    swoop, dive and land
    on his head, shoulders and hands.

  • Stefan

    i would take a photo of my excited mien.

  • M. Gordy

    I will amaze a random stranger on the street with how small it is (the camera), take an aggressive snapshot of their awestruck face, kiss them on the eyeball, then run away as fast as my poorly-tied shoes will allow.

  • Hello!
    What a fantastic little camera!
    I love miniature things! Anything that is a miniature of the original I am intrigued by – there’s something so charming and tactile about them…
    SO, for the first shot I would probably get together all the miniature objects that I have (or that I can find in and around the house!) and arrange them in one place – then put my dog next to them (because he himself is a miniature dalmatian! And he’s obviously adorable and has to be in the shot really) and take the photo! – with the wide angle lens attachment :)

  • structures and broiler chickens.

    • recanted:

      the “one” would become a series, a “screen shot”, so to speek, of all the bullshit sob stories that have been posted thus since for a minute (pun intended) materialistic gain.



  • Matt H

    Yelling street vendors at Haymarket. With this little guy, I’m getting all up in *their* faces.

  • I guess i would take a picture of the first best person i see and wont stop, holding the camera at chest hight and just walking round the streets, taking photos of beautyfull persons, unnoticed.

  • sara

    The first photo I would take would be of the gremlins and goblins that jump around everyday in NYC. But, seeing as that is impossible (they are not accessible to all ;)) I guess I’d stick with an interesting scene of human interaction on the streets of NYC. It’s hard to describe the first photo I’d take with this camera. I don’t usually plan much in advance. The photo finds me, I don’t find it.

  • Alex H

    I would take a picture of a midget

  • Guy

    some sort of spy-type photo, using the size of it, peeking round the corner.
    surveying some kind of insect village type of thing.

  • Howard Campbell

    Snap pictures of people looking in my cubicle window.

  • peachlover

    i would travel back in time and take a picture of your face while you are reading all these comments.

    i would make SURE you were in front of some autumn leaved trees.

  • SouthPaw

    I’d take a picture of my socks. They’re real nice socks.

  • Gabrielle D.

    There’s this big park nearby and I already have a picture of it’s outdoor pool in the winter, spring and summer. I miss an autumn picture of the empty pool, so that’s probably what I’d go for first with this amazing camera!

  • Samuel

    I would put it on a timer then into a minigrip, attach a string and flush the toilet.( Tough I might find out something I dont want to know about!)

  • Dalia

    I’ll take the first picture in Jerusalem, my home town, where the light is the most amazing light

  • BUGS and more bugs.

  • Morgan

    I really want this. really really bad. once you send it to me, I will take a picture of my dog Wolfgang sleeping on the floor (that’s what he normally does). but don’t worry. It’ll be like really obscure and stuff.

  • I would take pictures of food scattered on the sidewalk.

  • I would snap shots of my friends and special moments, print them all out and stick them in a nice sketchbook!

  • i would take a picture of the first amazing street art i run into (not conventional, but accidental street art), something inspiring for all

  • I would take pictures of people doing stuff at the Nasher Sculpture Park.

  • Bart Van Audenhove

    I have no idea what picture I would take first. None whatsoever. Who knows? But I’ld be glad to have it :)

  • stavroula

    the view from my window.
    the city of athens stretching to the sea.

  • Emily

    The first thing I would do is run outside in the pouring rain, put on some folk music and dance like a crazy monkey until dawn. I will throw confetti in the air and have my friends blow bubbles in the air while also dancing like monkeys under the stars. We will then roll down the hills and cover ourselves with mud so that the confetti would stick on. I would a picture of the aftermath of all this fun!! Woohooo!

  • WIDE PEOPLE eating WIDE BURGERS that require a WIDE ANGLE to capture.
    That’s what I’d shoot first. =) Either that, or … my shoes or something.

  • I would bike as far away from the city as possible, and once I’m content with the wilderness of my setting, I would take a picture of the first living creature I spotted.

  • Laura

    Awesome! My first shot would probably be something very spy-like. Clandestine, small camera, on the move. Yes.

  • I’m heading to Hawaii (Maui) for the first time next week with my fiancé. The first photo I’d take with this camera would be of my lady cliff-diving in Hana, which I’m told is one of the most gorgeous places in the world! My fiancé’s a beauty too ;)

  • My giant nose :)

  • something winning.

  • If I were to win the camera, the first photo would be of what ever is in front of me the moment I open it :)
    Good luck fingers crossed.

  • I’ve photographed my lens cap…

  • Scott

    I would go back in time and take a photo of this page before any comments were left and win this puppy.

  • Aimee

    I’d be so happy if I won this, I’d shit a brick, and then I’d take a photo of it!

  • Photos of my model im making for my thesis in architecture. ill be able to get in to the small spaces with the wide angle lens. awesome

  • RIKU

    Anything interesting that pops into my eyes first, I suppose.
    Probably the picture of a food from a cafe, to explain how horrible / or surprisingly edible it tastes.

  • The first photo I would take would be a shot of me grinning ear to ear with excitement.

  • AsteraSerenity

    The first photo ill take with the camera is one of baby hummingbirds in the tree in my backyard, if they dont attack me first. There vicious little fuckers.

  • Annmarie Avila

    I would shoot my grandfather kneeling on the side of the bed at dawn making his daily prayers. He probably wouldnt notice if i kneel next to him and snap the camera since its so tiny.

  • tim

    Goon Art Gallery things.

  • A roomful of the Afghan villager men I teach maternal health to in Afghanistan.

  • Patrick

    I’d snap a wide angle shot of the first day shredding at seymour

  • natersss

    I would go to the house down the street that has a backyard full of cats and take pictures of every single one

  • I would take a picture of a real smile.

  • A glass full of peas. That’s my first picture with every new camera.

  • jesse hunniford

    this camera is so small id put in my mouth and snap random conversations and meals!

  • jesse hunniford

    this camera is so small id put Justin Quinnell to shame by putting it in my mouth and snapping random conversations and meals!

  • The first picture would be of an original Art work by me that writes “booooooom”. Exactly 7 o’s. Then, it’ll get posted on Mounts.tumblr.com, and I’ll get it featured on the Radar to promote your site. SOUNDS LIKE A PLAN!

  • angelina

    First picture would be of my Grandfather, who is currently fighting against stage 4 lung cancer.

  • George

    The sunset

  • natasa dimitropoulou

    i would take a picture of my car!

  • I will shoot my self :)

  • alexandra

    take pictures of people i love

    good luck

  • Robyn

    A self portrait of my legs in the bath after washing out bright blue semipermanent hair dye :)

  • J Wright

    honestly the first picture I would take with this camera would be of my son not something lofty and unrealistic like the others I always test before I start using in ernest.Hope I win

  • popi

    teleio doroo

  • Lik.Kat.

    It’s G R E A T !! Chic,unusual,lovely,modern and sooo necessary gadget!!! As common as it may sound, I’ll take a photo of my lovely and loyal fat “Asproula” cat, who has always been my “top-model” and loves gadgets and to be photographed!!!! (yes she does!!! ) :P

  • Anna Thymi

    so cute…

  • Athina Sofou

    That camera is really tiny!I would hang it on me and would take it everywhere!First I would shoot the sky,then passers-by,then the sea…I wouldn’t miss even a moment!!love it already :)

  • ilias

    I would take a photo of the autumn trees starting to colour around my town.

  • anastasia

    my nephew’s beautiful smile!

  • louiza


  • alexoglou

    i take my children!!!!

  • First foto?my baby boy as and all the rest ..i love this camera…


    I’d shoot my dog!!

  • fouli

    the love of my life!

  • eirini

    my grandson

  • ilias


  • I would shoot my new myspace profile pic, and probably make it black and white but leave my eyes colored.

  • yes for moto is the best

  • a wondeful pink rose


    so nice!!!!!!



  • olga

    so nice camera!I am a photographer..

  • sotiria taifakou

    my dogs!!!

  • Eirini Pal.

    I’d take pictures of my little curious cat and all the crazy thins that he does without even noticing that I hold a camera!!!

  • kdemi

    The sunset of course!!

  • naughty angel

    I’d photograph a sunset!!

  • Anna


  • Stavros

    OMG…It s too small…I want it!!!

  • i’d shoot black and white everything.

  • Valerie

    my overweight british short haired doing yoga! or better – troga!

    • Valerie

      …my fat cat in Marjaryasana.

  • Nansy

    Iwould take pictures of the happy face of my childrent.

  • Natasa

    my cat, she always poses for me :)

  • Ross

    I would climb up on top of something really really tall, a redwood perhaps, hit it with the wide angle lens and try and capture the sunny California landscape from above.

  • lea triantafylli

    the first picture?…his eyes watching the sea…thinking…everything’s possible…

  • caleb harrington

    i just got my drivers license and on my first drive i found this old house that has sunk half into the ground. if i got that camera id go and photograph the poop out of it!!!

  • lina

    The first photo i would take with this camera would be a photo of my little dog!!!!

  • kiki

    The first photo I would shoot: the camera through a mirror….



  • A sweet candid pic of my Grandma who is only visiting for a short time

  • Kelvin Poon

    Going to meet my nephew for the first time (hes 2 years old now), I’m gonna take a picture of our first meet!

  • I would stumble around the streets of New York City, my voyeurs eyes on the humble, rushing creatures of Manhattan. The camera between thumb and my middlefinger swinging carefully as I walk. I put the wide angle lens on it seing a moment, an eyelash away from me a old granny in a pink coat is skidding on her dog’s poop as she is crossing 164th St. People rushing in and out of the picture and as I see a gap in between, the granny still falling, I press the shutter holding the camera on hip level, because I never use the viewfinder anyway. And there is the picture, a picture which doesn’t require a high resolution camera or a light sensitive lens. A simple photograph which only power is the internalized holding of a frozen frame in time.

  • Nina K.

    A picture o my favourite cat Alex of course!

  • Briony G

    I would take a picture of a 3d collage I’m doing for art at school. A mini camera to take a picture of mini things :D

  • I’d most likely take photos of tiny dust particles. The ones you can only capture under the setting sun, and in a dusty dusty room.

  • I recently moved into another area of Austin and there are a lot of deer in this area. I would probably go on a lovely walk in the morning and spy on some deers :)

  • I love images that look really calm but are strange at the same time. As autumn approaches, I would do something like move my bed outside really early in the morning before the neighbors are awake. I would set up the bed to be in the middle of the street with the large trees as a canopy over it, tree leaves all over the place. I would someone sleeping in my bed – peaceful and strange.

  • Jen

    This is a tough one because I would take pictures of cats, ghosts, people with big hair, senior citizens and thrift store treasures but since I can only choose one I would have to say the first thing I would take a picture of would have to be my cat Mr. Whiskers after he has played around with his cat nip filled carrot.

  • Right around this time the sunsets in my area look like they should be in a movie. I would probably take some silhouetted pictures of skateboarding maneuvers.

  • Tyler Haran

    I would take a photo of my family dog, Lily. I would wake up very early in the morning, while the sky is overcast and perfectly grey..and take a picture of her looking straight into the camera with my backyard in the background. One of my favorite things ever is to wake up and go on walks with her very early in the morning while the sun is rising and fog blankets everything…I am moving away from my parents house so I wont be able to do this anymore so I would frame this picture and put it up on my wall so I could see it every day..Needless to say I am going to miss her…

  • I’m going to be honest here. I’d probably take a picture of my feet or something dumb. I’m way too impatient to wait and get that “perfect shot” as my first.

  • yes for mot is the best

  • candid shots, they have the ability to show such beautiful moments. they are much easier to take with something subtle

  • vaso27


  • ευαγγελος νανος

    The first photo I would shoot: the camera through a mirror……

  • Eva

    It will be a photo of my baby girl’s!


    Acropolis of course


  • I can think of great idea’s but it would be just my hand.. out of focus..

  • i’d take a picture of a picture of a picture of a picture of the world splitting apart as my feet made their way to the liquid ground as the sky ripped into pieces and the world mutiplies, beautiful like a kaliedoscope and for a second in mid air hang all the different reflections of life

  • Santa

    a blue montain

  • maria b

    i would take the picture of santa claus! camera is too small so he wont see it!!

  • Vasiliki Ps

    The sunrise from my balcony!!! The view from my house is amazing!!!

  • Mira

    A snowflake. Snowflake on my tongue.

  • Dudek

    I would take a picture of a mousehole. I can see it so clearly..little mouse in its morning gown is sitting in a tiny armchair with its feet on the table.

  • A shot of the rooftops from my window.

  • olga

    my cats!

  • Well, first thing I would capture would be my cat, omg, it’s so nice, and love being photographed.
    Or something random, I just love to capture every moment, I have like 22.000 pictures I’ve taken in my computer :-)

    I’m from Chile.
    Would love to win it <3

  • Γιωργος Σταθης


  • Giannis

    I’ll shoot a great photo of the girl I love!

  • Ivan

    The first picture I would take is of my crazy little nephew he does the craziest and funniest faces.

  • I’m not sure. It all depends on when I would receive it. Most likely it would be of an animal in a zoo. Or just a shot of my desk to see how well it performs in low light.

  • A shot of an Olympus F!
    A Beautiful camera!

  • A shot of an Olympus Pen F!
    A Beautiful camera!

  • My roommate’s face.

  • Everett

    My school is ancient and I would take a photo of our first building, Old Kenyon.

  • sheena

    I would shoot the jewelry I’ve been making. I would love to share it with other people, but I dont have a digital camera and cant ever show people what Im working on.

  • I would shoot anything that was in front of me the moment that i got it. Just to try it out.

  • Vasiliki K

    I would take a photo of my newborn grand child!

  • I would hand this to the mouse living in my apartment to snap a shot of the nice flat he lives in, in my hallway. And by using the wide angle magnetic lens, it would allow a clear perspective on his living standards! Please Geoff, this token would allow a more simple and understanding communication between me and this furry little guy! :D

  • Jez

    My mom and dad had a rough upbringing on the rez. Recently, they’ve been telling me of some horrible mishaps, some downright disturbing. Though I couldn’t go back in time, I would go to these locations, present day, and take pictures of the scenes of the crimes. and tell their stories on the side. An unfortunate memoir, i guess…

  • Since its so small maybe I could sneak into bed for some hot pics with my girlfriend. :)

  • On my way to work every morning, I pass an “Empire” gas station. Kind of run-down, on the corner of a puzzling intersection. For the past couple weeks, i have spotted this older woman standing by the “DIESEL FUEL” sign on the side of the road next to this gas station. She must be in her 60’s I’d say, and she is always wearing (even on the warmest days) a long-sleeved black dress, so long that you cannot even see her ankles. She has a braid of grayish-white hair hanging down her back. She must be waiting for someone to pick her up, but i always get the chills when i pass by and see her standing there. Every cloudy day, i kick myself for not having a camera on me to photograph her. I want to take this photo!

  • siggie

    i’d take a picture of my parents… they’re coming up to visit me at school. ever since i started college i’ve realized how valuable the time i spend with them truly is. so, capturing the moment when i am reunited with them again seems appropriate.

  • The first photo I would take would be that of the intangible void of being. I would then destroy any and all evidence of its existence from the face of this celestial rock. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have accomplished what I had set out to initially do, and what’s the point of that???

    • Or I could just photograph the back of a hipster’s head. Whatever, I want a camera.

  • peachlover II

    with this size of camera i would make the photofinish(picture) of those neutrinos travelling faster then light

  • I’m gonna take a pic of my friends chubby pug that has like 3 neck rolls.

  • “suspense” is a photo series I’ve wanted to do for awhile in which I take social pictures (i.e. facebook party pics) then Photoshop an element (person, couch, bottle) to make it look as though it’s suspended, floating in air. I want the photos to have a natural, raw look and the literal suspension of elements to disturb the viewer… so the first photo? that will be taken at 11 PM the first Friday after I receive the Gizmon Half-D.

  • I would take a picture of a fluorescent wolf, hanging out of a car window holding a tommy gun, looking real john dillinger.
    real horrorshow.

  • I love taking candid shots of people when they’re not looking but it can be hard with a big camera. Since this one is so tiny and I’ve always loved people watching on the subway in NYC, I’d get on a train, grab a spot and ride around taking sneaky shots of people with my new little buddy.

  • I love taking candid shots of people when they’re not looking but it can be hard with a big camera. Since this one is so tiny and I’ve always loved people watching on the subway in NYC, I’d get on a train, grab a spot and ride around taking sneaky shots of people with my new little buddy.

  • MRC

    I’d take a picture of my dogs. Doy!

  • christian

    it would sit between my fingers, on my lap, every morning as I rode the bus to school and I would wait for one big, planet eating yawn to shoot and capture. Yawns would be captured.

  • Young love at the high school two streets from my home. You’re a fool regardless, better to be a love fool.

  • FEEDING TIME on my farm.

  • nino

    since it is small. ill put this camera inside my mouth and shoot away the pizza im about to eat with my gums and teeth framing the photo.

  • I’d make the postman wait at my house when he delivered the camera to me, and I’d take a picture of him sitting in his van, with one arm out of the window. What can I say, I’m sentimental.

  • Maja

    ohh…such a lovely piece of something beautiful….i am nor artist nor photographer but i would take picture of nature near our house..it is maybe not very exceptional but i like it:)))

  • IZA

    macro shot of very intimate lace

  • SouLee

    Ι’d soot my little girl. A portrait fully highlighted from the right side, that let her heartshaped mouth and cosmic eyes stand out. A photo full of light, white colour as for her dress, and a pair of brown eyes staring at the viewer.

  • Dolploy

    i would take a picture of my house, my room, before we moving and before we actually will never get to see it again. :)

  • i’d shoot my wife leaving the hospital with our new born baby daughter for the first time

  • i’d take a photo of the big giant grin on my face brought on by the excitment of winning this wicked awesome prize!

  • J Wright

    its 2mp dont want it

  • I’d try to do a series of the largest, looming, overwhelming structures. Mountains, elephants, arenas, industrial ports. Just to maximize what can fit in a camera that small, I guess.

  • daniëlle

    this would be so handy if you are going somewhere with friends, and you don’t want to drag you’re big, heavy camera with you. first I would photograph the cannals of the city I live in. then I would go to the woods and photograph butterflies, frogs and other animals (maybe a deer?) I think I actually will take it everywhere I go :)

  • The first thing that I would shoot are my feet!!
    Feet pictures tell a lot: Where you are and where you arent, if you are naked or dressed, if its cold or hot, if you are happy or not, etc!

    I think that I might start some kind of feet diary with that little camera!

  • sydney


  • sydney

    i see you

  • filip

    I’ll wait till January to shoot my first child……………

  • pantelis

    can’t wait to have it

  • ker

    accidentally happened upon a marathon this weekend, walking down a main road of this city in an industrial park under some bridge, where the “marathon water station” was – hundreds of colorful plastic cups for gatorade & water, and hundreds of colored sponges to cool off are still strewn about everywhere.


    I would start, directly if I could have this camera, an I-think-the-world-needs-these-kinds-of-daily-life-photographies-to-see-how-beautiful-everything-is diary. this camera would be the sense of such a diary.

  • J.Quest

    my pocket lint !

  • Loes Linders

    I’m doing a minor called Visual Culture – photography and film so the first thing I would do is shoot my next project due in a few weeks and prove as we say in Dutch: klein maar fijn aka small but super!

  • Christine

    I’d take a photo of the giant cavity I have developing on my molar, so i can have more motivation for booking a dental appointment.

  • Dylan Gould

    First photo… would have to be of my awesome cat. Cause he’s awesome. And fluffy.

  • evangelia

    i would photograph one of the many elderly who I see every day searching the garbage to find something to eat and put it outside our Parliament and I would write “Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I wish someone offers you all the same glamorous future. from all Greeks, with love “

  • I will take a Picture of me in front of the mirror taking a picture in front of the mirror with this little camera.

  • first shot would be a shot of my olimpus pen taking a picture of my gizmon half-D. a meta pic!

  • I would take a photo of my girlfriend’s feet. Not in a kinky way. She has really cool little toes.

  • Sean


  • Roseanna McComish

    i’d be too excited to save up the first photograph, I’d snap the first thing I see after I open it, maybe the box it came in, torn open in my excitement!

  • Des

    I’ll take a picture of my 4 year old nephew trying to grab the camera while I’m holding it above his head!

  • the first wall i find outside with lots of colors on it.


  • Jeff, I would take a picture of your face the second you open the door to your place to see me holding this camera after flying across canada to take a single picture.
    We would afterwards go for drinks with a few of my buddies. Make it happen

  • Taylor

    my 96 year old grandmother.

  • i would take a photo of the sky, or my ceiling.. just something random cause i like random photos. “the more it tells you the less you know” arbus

  • Berry

    Try to envision this: I currently sleep in a tent, inside my room. It’s a bright green tent, the floor is concrete and the walls are white. All my belongings (clothing, books, miscellaneous objects that mean so much to me) are scattered around it. Through the windows you can see the trees, with the sun setting behind them.

    I’d take a picture of this bright green tent, that makes me feel so much more at home in this cold room. Despite all of those sentimental objects in it, I will never feel as comfortable inside this room as I feel outdoors. On the one hand you can see the tent’s desire to be amongst those trees outside the window; it’s trapped inside those white walls. On the other hand, the tent brings the trees and the setting sun into the room. The tent makes the walls disappear, as if there’s no border between inside and outside.

  • jordan


  • a 6 scoop ice cream in a waffle cone

  • Suzanne

    I would take a photo of the insane amount of trash in the foyer/hallway of my Brooklyn apartment building

  • my face because i always feel like i’m wasting film when doing so

  • MartMart

    At 3:33pm I would shoot the first set of three I spot with mine camera eye. Three pens, three birds, three holes, three… you get the idea.

  • i would begin my adventures in erotic photography with this little guy. it’s not the size of the boat…

  • Lya

    i’d take a pic of the gap between the eyes of one of those goldgish or blackfish with sticking out eyes, so it’ll look really dumb and will make the camera look smaller than it

  • Latinka

    The 1st photo i want to make with this camera i a new born child because the camera remind me a new born, something small like a size but with such a big meaning

  • C

    My granddad has become seriously ill over the last few years… i would like to take some happy photographs of him/with him for my mum to remember him by rather then how he will look in a years time

  • i need camera, camera is what i need HEY HEY

    i would take some pictures for my art project because i am behind- I really need this camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am so poor i can’t afford one and i will fail, and my dreams of being a photographer will fade away like condensation on a window, like the morning mist on a sunny autumn day. without this camera i will become an empty shell, a negative of a person, i will have no shadow to follow me into the light. i will cry salty tears of solitude that will blind me with sadness if i do not win this competition, in the pool of tears i will draw a picture of this camera until i cry some more and the image, melts away from my dirty floorboards into my soul. this camera would be the light at the end of my tunnel. please lord of gizmon half-d help a sister out.

  • αννα βουτυρίτσα

    i wii be lucky!!!

  • Alden

    Maybe some nudie pics… wide-angle >_<

  • shaneen

    my hard-working husband who is rarely at home these days busy supporting me and our new baby girl. i paint when she naps and i’d like to work from some family photos to create some portraits of my long-awaited and adored new little family.

  • I’d use it to take photos of the moon through my telescope’s eyepiece.

  • eyes or colors and textures.

  • Oliver

    The first photo I would take would be of the ocean. I would climb to my secret place on a cliff overlooking the ocean on a day that the water is glassy, dark and mysterious. It is a place where I find comfort and overwhelming beauty that amazes me time after time. The ocean has always infatuated me. We know so much of our world; its terror, war and pain. But one thing that we have not been able to corrupt is the ocean. This spot has always remained untouched by others and somewhere that I have timelessly found serenity. Photos should be taken of true beauty and the ocean is somewhere I have turned to to find this. I feel this place, my place, should be appreciated through a photograph before it is destroyed by humanity.

  • Kyra

    A cookie. A nice, hot, gooey cookie. With Pikachu drawn intricately on the top with frosting.

  • Adrienne

    The first picture I would take with it would be of my desk, because I would have just received it and would want to test and try it our right away and the first scenery that I could shoot would be of my desk right after unwrapping the lovely package. Afterwards, I’d go berserk and take pictures of anything that catches my eye.

  • Ivo

    I’ve been in many artists ateliers and squatters and other interesting places in Germany where I avoid to take photos with my nikon fm2 not to disturb the residents, the first photo I would take with this camera would probably be of a place like that with the people acting naturally.

  • Debbie

    The first picture I shoot will be of a cat wearing pants.

  • mark gribbon

    I would shoot a miniature horse with my new miniature camera.

  • Jules

    I’d use this tiny camera to take a photo of a tiny tree! My grandparents have several bonsai’s and i think the combination of small camera in my hands, and the tiny tree’s at my feet would make me feel like a giant!

  • I’d take out all the food out of my cupboards and re-arrange them by colour and size. i’m a big foodie, so the wide angle is a must to get everything in the shot.

  • Angela

    The first picture I’d take with this tiny camera would be of a Vancouver rainstorm.

  • Jason

    I would take a picture of my own eye, I hope the “soul inside my doors” will be attached with this Gizmo till I die…officially sealed, as a part of my body, never be abundant to me. Art will always be produced by the integrity… My eye cannot lie.

  • I would first find a mongoose one that was rabid, hopefully, and then attack him wearing a full on samurai outfit NO WAIT as one of the three storms from big trouble little china… maybe the one with the spinning sporks… yeah that guy.

    So I’d be a drag out fight lots of back and forth. I mean, it’s a mongoose those suckers are cra cra!!! have you seen them? They like, have teeth like razors and claws that can probably cut bones (if you give them enough time). And the are small and fast … slippery suckers.

    Anyways I’m sure I’d probably hold my own with those spork things spinning and the lightening bolts I can shoot from my eyes (remember he was like a thunder baby or something until Kurt Russel dropped that statue on him, but I don’t think a mongoose can pick up a statue being that they are all small and stuff)

    I mean I have ninja skills but, of course, I can’t be very detailed about that stuff being that there is a ninja code and all. S*%t … I spoke about the ninja code… I wasn’t suppose to do that. hmm. Well hey it’s for a camera I’m sure the Ninja Coalition of America (NCA) would let that slide.

    oh… by the way… the camera would be on the whole time…



    The very first picture will be inside a dog’s mouse

  • Lucas

    I work in a coffee here in Valdivia, Chile, so I will take the camera and start shooting every person who orders a Capuccino after the first drink so they have a white milk moustache.

  • I’d shoot myself sneezing into the wide angle

  • I have a tiny penis and with this tiny camera I could take a tiny photo of my absurdly small manhood.

  • Aaron

    I would recreate a famous painting in real life and take a photo.

  • A watermelon with crazy eyes eating a chihuahua

  • albert

    i would take a photo of my girlfriend of 1 year sitting under a cherry blossom tree to symbolize how our love has grown

  • Karissa Kidder

    If I won this freaking INCREDIBLE camera, what would be the first photo taken, you ask?!!! Well, i think that my own two hands would be shaking so much from being so excited for actually winning this camera that i would click the shutter button accidentally! My first shot would be taken from being so SO happy for being able to own such a beauty. :) from that moment on, a true adventure would begin with that camera.

  • adrian

    id take a photo of whatever my eye catches to be interesting, at any time, now that i have a small digital camera that i can have with me anywhere. would save me a lot of money on film too.

  • I live in Victoria, British Columbia. Seriously one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The first photo I would take with this beautiful little camera would employ it’s complimentary wide angle lens. My house is near the base of a hill called ‘Mt. Doug,’ and on the path to the top is the most beautiful winding trail through a pseudo rain forest. When the lights comes in through the trees around 8 in the morning it is literally the most incredibly mesmerizing moment. This would make the perfect photo.

  • I would go on the top the beaubourg museum and shoot paris.

  • I’d take a picture of my grandfather, without him noticing, every time I see an opportunity. When it suffices, I’ll make a collage from the photos, and give it to him on his next birthday, or if his birthday would never come again (may he rest in peace), I’ll put it in his grave. A fitting gift from a grandchild, don’t you think?

  • muecka

    Most likely it would be my cat laying on its back sunbathing its belly in the morning sunlight.

  • Addy

    The first image I would take with this camera would be a photograph of the camera through a mirror so I could show off this beauty of a design.

  • Emily

    I think I would take a picture of the inside of my pocket. It’s such a humble christening and I might find it in a few years, having forgotten, and imagine all the things it might have been of…

  • Elseline Hokke

    My cat! Duh… 

  • Charley

    I’m taking the Trans-Siberian railway soon from Beijing to Moscow, so my first photo would be at a stop in Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia). Maybe a fisheye of a herd of cattle on the mongolian plains

  • Joe

    The first pic I will take…
    a picture of vampire/ shape shifter nicholas cage.

  • Angela

    I would take the first photo while walking through the quad on my college campus. So many students rush by each other each day without making eye contact or even acknowledging each others’ existence, and I think this photo would be a good representation of who actually pays attention to things as you walk by them; how many faces out of hundreds will notice this tiny camera and be looking into the lens once the shutter button is pressed?

  • Picture of my grandma. She’s 95 years old.

  • Heather R

    My first photo would be of my new baby boy and my daughter. I can’t seem to take enough photos of the two of them! :)

  • I live in Paris, so, If I’d want to impress you with a cliche, it’d be easy. I would just tell you I’d picture something parisian… The Eiffel Tower, the bla bla, but I guess, to be honest, the first picture I’d take with this camera would be a picture of my cat around the mail post box that delieved this awesome japanese thing! :)

  • I’d go straight into East London, I’d opt against conceiving ahead of time and work with spontaneity. I would let the photograph form its own identity and depth through what ever I captured during that impulsive moment.

  • I have personally introduced 1500 complete strangers over the past 8 months, by blindfolding them.

    I recently blindfolded four classrooms of students(including the teacher)on the first day of class and introduced them with ice breaker questions for 45 minutes.

    If I were to win this camera, I would blindfold two individuals who have never met, introduce them on Halloween, and enjoy myself thoroughly as they remove their blindfolds to see bizarre costumes!

    I encourage you to Pick Your New Opportunities, Pick Your N.O.s!!

  • Since this camera is so tiny, i’d have to use it to do some undercover investigating. I have been wanting to take a photo of this guy who puts binder clips on his eyebrows when he thinks no one is looking.


  • Judy

    If I won this camera the first photo I would take is when I’m back in Ca for a week, to visit my friends. I moved to another state in a rush with little time to create lasting images/memories with them. I’m either flying or road tripping it.Most likely me and my family are going to be driving there, I would take a photo of the ‘ Welcome to California’ sign. Because it would be the first of many images that will be taken that week. I will have lasting memories and pictures to look back upon.

  • kate g

    I take small photos of big things, like the sky. Or giant buildings. or trees. Therefore it would make my life more fun to take small photos of big things with a small camera.

  • thank you all for entering this contest we are currently in the process of selecting a winner – i can’t believe how many entries there are!!!

  • Heather

    I’ve been looking for a neat camera in all the pawn shops but the Others have beaten me to it. Living is Savannah, Georgia when originally from New York is surreal- the racial tension, broken down homes, danger on every street, the juxtaposition of tourists and pure bred southern locals. I would finally get the chance to take pictures of the massive gap in economic situations, with a stealthy mode of operation using this sweet little Gizmon. The fish eye would provide the lens for critical examination of these ruins of the south up close and personal. Images of the everyday and the quirky undercurrents are in right now- I paint, but you need the right look box. In Savannah the everyday walk down the street provides you with a feeling of alien encounters- in the vein of Richard Beard, and my personal favorite Thomas Annan I want to dig at the forgotten dust that people just brush off. This little biddy will assist.

  • Tyler Smith

    807 RESPONSES!!!! almost 1 G!

  • my dog’s sixth toe

  • Steph

    Crossing fingers….

  • I’ve genuinely never won anything. so it’d be a picture of my excited face to send to you and the guys in thanks.

  • CONGRATS TO: Caitlin Taguibao

    You have won yourself the camera! Please check your inbox and respond to the email as soon as possible!

  • (ps – winner chosen at random using random.org number generator)

  • Alexevie37

    A lovley picture of my 1 year old twins laughing thier little heads off:)

  • ohkeks

    my wedding!

  • dkirk335

    I would take it to the shores of Lake Erie and capture the frozen formations along the shoreline.

21.07.17 by Jeff

The Booooooom Creative Job Board

Booooooom art design jobs

If you’re a creative looking for work, or a company looking to hire, we are excited to announce our very own creative job board: Booooooom Jobs. Graphic design jobs, curatorial positions in galleries, freelance animation gigs, a wide variety of opportunities to work in a creative field!

A couple of examples: Our friends at Society6 are looking for a Creative Director, and Skillshare have posted openings for both a Content Producer and Senior Product Designer.

To start, we’re focusing on three cities (New York, Los Angeles, and Vancouver) and will also be posting remote jobs (for those of you who prefer to work from home). All job postings are free for the rest of the month if you use the PROMO CODE: ‘friends’.

Check it out: jobs.booooooom.com

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Artist Spotlight: Till Rabus

A selection of recent work by artist Till Rabus from Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Click here for previous posts. See more images below.

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Artist Spotlight: Esther Sarto

A selection of paintings from “Sleepless” by artist Esther Sarto, based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Her show opens on Saturday at Talon Gallery (Portland). More images below.

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Artist Spotlight: Samuel Rodriguez

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Photographer Spotlight: Angeles Peña

“Aguas de Montaña” is a journey into The Andean Patagonia, a desolate territory where photographer Angeles Peña lived all of her childhood.

She says, “In a world that spins faster and faster I feel an enormous necessity to focus on the details and the beauty of what still remains. I find myself with a nature that sustains itself but can fall at any moment. It is something that surpasses me and I cannot stop observing.”

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