28.09.11 by Jeff


“Soundlapse” by Fruit Bonus.

Soundlapse by Fruit Bonus

Watch the video below!

via: colossal

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  • Stevie

    This is so rad!

  • http://www.trembletremble.com Diana////////////////////

    so so so awesome

  • Colin

    What’s the hand instrument being played?

    • phoebe

      @ colin yep, thumb piano. also known as a kalimba.

  • toastrander

    really well done. wish it was kept going longer and building more.

  • http://www.marsmelons.com Morten

    very nice! a lot like this one;


  • http://www.smokeydraws.com smokey

    it’s called a ‘thumb piano.’

  • http://viiaan.tumblr.com viiaan

    this is so cute~