10.11.11 by Jeff

The Dazzle / Book Giveaway

My pal Steve runs Narwhal in Toronto and he recently put out a little hardcover book to accompany his last show called “The Dazzle”. The book features works by Katy Horan, Melinda Josie, Ginette Lapalme, Carly Waito, Jacob Whibley, and many others.

The Dazzle Book Giveaway

I have 5 copies to give away, who wants one?

The Dazzle Book Giveaway

The Dazzle Book Giveaway

The Dazzle Book Giveaway

The Dazzle Book Giveaway

The Dazzle Book Giveaway

If you want to snag one of these books, describe the last time you were dazzled by something. I’ll pick 5 winners next Friday!

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • MCS

    Found a coffee cup with a branch and some flowers, chinese lookalike stuff, but it has the most beautiful blue outline, this blue color makes me dazzled, dazed and confused.

  • Simone B

    turned on the news to find out that the wall street occupiers were having their generators taken away right before the start of winter. then i discovered they were powering their own generators with stationary bikes, and i was dazzled by the tenacity, bravery, and ingenuity that comes from within people who are dedicated to their ideas and ideals.

  • edddy

    Last time I was dazzled, was by Leyland Kirby. Oh oh, and I’m f****ing dazzled every f*****ing morning by my phone never stopping to ring, till i wake up.

  • august

    Slipped down a ladder and took a massive knock to the head last friday – been dazzled for a week with light splinters in my eyes!

  • Adriana

    I was dazzled a few week ago. I was walking home. It was about 8 pm and it was quite dark outside. Because I go to academic drawing courses I suddenly stopped and gazed at the trees and every little detail that was around me. I started to chop every object I saw into symmetrical shapes such as a cube, pyramid, sphere and so on. Everything was spinning in my head I was dazzled by the capability of my brain to make difficult forms into simple ones.

  • Dazzled to find out the the West African black Rhino has been declared extinct, as they were quite handsome creatures (In a strange ugly way).

  • Gea

    I dazzle everytime I am at the end of a book.

  • when i saw for the first time a painting by Wesley Duke Lee, a brazilian painter. It blowed me away, it was the first time a painting made such impact on me.

  • Just a few minutes ago, working in Venice, dazzled by soft leaves’ layering and warm autumn..
    Every single breathe is a dazzling experience..

  • Last time I was dazzled I was working my summer job, planting city gardens for my home town. It had been 6 years since highschool, but low and behold when my highschool crush drove through the intersection I was planting near, I froze – starstruck. It’s funny how certain people can always draw that reaction out of you…

  • Shuey

    I am dazzled everyday by how music brings us into an alternate universe, where there are people with the same hidden opinions and fantasies and together their thoughts are a silent parallel world where secrets are few.

  • The last time I was dazzled by something was last summer. Me and some friends went swimming in the ocean at night and there where no waves the ocean looked like a pool. As soon as we started swimming this kind of light came out of our arms and hands. If we moved our arms really fast underwater we could produce light. At the time I was dazzled by this sort of magic event…

  • Patrick Phillips

    I was dazzled by my vajazzle

  • Jerrrrrry

    the last time i was dazzled was when my sister opened a Hall and Oates cd in the car — wow — the 80s shining again —

  • Walking to work this morning and noticed that two trees I had photographed yesterday during the same walk–bright, vivid, red and yellow trees–had completely shed their leaves overnight. The leaves were blanketing the ground and a parked car in a layer at least an inch thick, and I wanted to lay down and revel in them. I was dazzled.

  • Dazzled moment is now! It’s 1:15am Oz time and I am still checking Twitter for a Boooooooom update. Happy now, good night.

  • Steph

    When I was home for the holidays in Montana, I was letting our dogs out in the middle of the night and the scene of freshly fallen snow and a full moon outlining the snow-filled pines, the Milky Way spangled out overhead, all of it twinkling in big-flaked skiing goodness, was unforgettable.

  • Matthew Glenn Brinkley

    The last time that I was dazzled occurred about a few months back when I watched an old homeless man sweep a street near the college I attend. It was a quiet day and I was sitting at a table near a local coffee shop. While smoking and drinking coffee like any other angsty college student, the man walked up carrying a broom and his backpack. From there he stopped and looked between the parking spots, he found a spot that was completely empty and just began sweeping. So in my head I think, “this is weird, but I will keep watching.” About an hour goes by and this man is still sweeping, nobody stops him as keeps moving further up the streets. Finally, I go up to him and ask why he was sweeping. He replies,” I just like sweeping, so I have nothing better to do.” I was just so fascinated by it that I was left with the impression that even sweeping a street can be an important thing to someone. It makes me actually want to do more with my life.

  • Ti

    An awesome book by a Belgian author. De Avonden by Gerard Reve

  • Two weeks ago, in NYC, when there was a “freak” snow storm, I was walking back home from work. It was Saturday, and it was halloween, when I decided to jaywalk, nay, jay-run across the street, when I slipped and fell on my head. I got to my feet as fast as possible, but was completely stunned, dazzled, and bewildered by the oncoming semitruck barreling down 6th Ave, in the direction of my head. I jumped out of the way in time. But I decided that while the razzle dazzle of bright lights is often beautiful, getting hit by a truck is not.

  • I learned that a symbol for ninjas was a 3 legged crow, and then saw that same 3 legged crow on the Japanese National soccer team Jerseys.

  • Han

    oooooo ahhhh, discovering this booooom website has dazzled me!

  • olivia

    I was fortunate enough to spend the summer in Montreal, which dazzled me nearly every day, but day specifically will forever make my heart jump a beat… I had climbed the mountain, but happened to get to the top at just the right moment to see the sun turn ablaze. The planes were flying away in front of the clouds and the colors were reflected in the river. I Guess the airport was nearby. As I walked down with a friend, we saw that the moon was full, and it was showing perfectly between a break in the trees. We kissed. We laughed. As i was walking home, I noticed these fluff balls that float around the city during the summer, which apparently come from cottonwood trees. They catch the light and drift and dance around gracefully above the bustling city glowing beneath them. All I could do was inhale, wide eyed. An old man I had never met before began talking to me and asked me if he could read my palm before I got on the train. He told me all these mystically relevant things about my life then thanked me and walked away. But not before pointing out that my pulse was racing. I have never felt more infinite.
    I have since fallen deeply in love with that friend, and we live far away in North Carolina, daydreaming about the dazzles we experienced.

  • adam

    Last time I remembered being dazzled it was by the look in my sons eyes when he was dazzled by fireworks.

  • Frida

    i got dazzled by a mans beard today. it was long. very long. and put together with several hairbands. it almost looked like a rope. a rope attached to his chin.

  • I was dazzled by the return of a very special lady to my city. I never thought she had that power over me. But shit yes.

  • I was in Paris about two days ago, and saw the painting of CY Twombly “Achilles Mourning the Death of Patroclus”. It really blew my mind off. This is a great dazzle!

  • Teke

    The last time I was dazzled by something, it was the first time in 3 years that I had managed to go star gazing in a low light environment. You could see the Milky Way, and I had never seen more stars than that. It was breathtaking and wonderful and made me feel small and insignificant. I’d say that’s pretty dazzling.

  • aïcha

    i’ve been dazzled by the beauty of a movie, it was really wonderful and made me have shivers from how wonderful the images where and i got out of the theatre with the feeling i was really impressed and…dazzled. Made me want to be a little girl again and leave up in a treehouse (the movie is ‘the tree’ with charlotte gainsbourg btw)

  • Sarah

    Last night at the O2 Arena in London; Watching the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Anthony Kiedis held my gaze for the first verse of Under the Bridge.

  • It’s actually something you posted here a while back, a short animation about a little monkey (http://vimeo.com/30279492). I watched it through many times and haven’t been able to get the playful imagery, the little sounds or the story out of my head since.

  • I think the I’ll be dazzled when I receive that book in the mail.

  • Harriet

    I was dazzled few hours ago when i was on my way to home.. in that particular time you can see the moon and the sunset together.. where the moon is shining the sky is dark deep blue and today it was a full moon as well. And where the sun is going down, the sky is a collage of red,orange,yellow,violet and blue and it is just indescribable. The transition between those two was really smooth and a color collage of all the above was just so utterly beautiful. and you can see the silhouttes of the trees where the birds are sitting and some old warehouses and it is breathtaking. i wished for a fish-eye camera so that i could lay down on the ground and capture that moment in the sky..few minutes later it was all gone and the whole sky was just pitch black, tho the full moon is still kind of amazing… sounds like a cliche but Mother Nature still keeps astonishing me

  • Camille

    the colors on the threes recently. HOW CAN NATURE CREATE SUCH BEAUTIFUL COLORS ! :O ( some trees seem like they’re bleeding and others have the yellowest color ever !! ) I always thought Autumn was boring, now I see its true magic. :)))

  • Camille

    (sorrrry i did a grammar error : *the colors on the trees !!) SORRY :)

  • Coco

    I recently went to Oakland Museum and was dazzled by photos and recollections of the 1991 Berkeley fire. Also the corn maze in Dixon is beyond dazzling!!

  • randymorales

    the last time was the first time i saw the girl who will be my next girl friend

  • Oh, I would love to have one copy :)

  • sara

    last time i was dazzled was about 2 weeks ago during the snowfall here in the northeast u.s.
    there was snow on the trees, with leaves still green!
    and now the weather has been warm with leaves turning intense oranges, reds, yellows! it’s overwhelmingly pretty.

  • Chris Fortney

    Not 5 minutes ago, I was watching Chris Davidson (his work was recently featured on the front cover of Beautiful/Decay) install his work in a small gallery we have on the Painting Department’s floor at my school. I’m not sure exactly what he was up to, but he was attacking one of the walls with paint. I was “dazzled” watching him step back and contemplate each move before going on to the next.

  • JO

    I was dazzled this morning when I opened my curtains. Two magpies were getting down to business on the roof outside my bedroom window. It was uncomfortable, we made eye contact.
    (‘Two for joy’ though right? This book would certainly make me joyous).

  • Shauna

    My best friend has been ill for about 3 years. She was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease our senior year of high school, which is pretty much the “my anus is bleeding” disease. After graduating, she was put on a lot of medications. The medications didn’t help, they made her depressed. She was miserable for her first year of college because of her embarrassing disease. In February of 2010 she was put on a high dosage of an intravenous drug that stopped her Crohn’s outbreaks. She got better, but her joints started to swell, and at 19 she was diagnosed with something similar to rheumatoid arthritis. She couldn’t take any pain medication, and sometimes her knees hurt so bad she couldn’t walk to classes. Her hands would get stuck in a weird claw positions and she wouldn’t be able to use them. The pain would go away every time she got her monthly injection. The doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her. She was told she had all sorts of weird diseases, like lupus and some weird muscle diseases. At one point, early this past summer, she was told her muscle enzymes are so high and out of whack that she shouldn’t be able to walk. She was told someday, at random, her muscles might cease to work and she’d be in wheelchair for the rest of her life. She changed doctors this past August, and was taken off her intravenous treatment. The new doctor suspects that the injected drug gave caused her body to attack her muscles and joints, giving her symptoms of a whole bunch of different diseases. About two weeks ago she was told in about a year, the joint pain and muscle problems should go away. :)

    The past three years of living with her, watching her and helping her cope with all these health problems has dazzled me. She has been able to overcome so problems, and learn to cope with everything in a healthy way – with humor and silliness- instead of anger and depression. Shes been able to take all the crap life throws at her and still get through every day. I get to see something dazzling everyday, and she’s my best friend :)

  • Fanelle

    When I found a bear in my living room the day I celebrated my two months living in the US, which was about 20 days ago.

  • Chelsea

    Last week on skype. I’m a 21 year old college student and was speaking with my mom (via skype) and she had my 10 month old sister on her lap. That little girl is magical, her laughter and passion (yes, passion!) for life is so mesmerizing that I instantly feel better. The beauty and delicateness of my world gets muffled by the stress of balancing school, work and internships. All I need is her smile to get me grounded.

  • steven

    m83’s track “raconte mi una historia” completely blew me away. you probably know it jeff, the track where a little girl tells a story about a special frog. “your mommy…suddenly becomes…ya daddy!” All throughout my first listen, i had this massive grin on my face. People walking by must have wondered…but i knew: i was listening to sheer brilliance!

    It revamped my perspective on what i appreciate in the music world. Creativity and innocent energy! dazzled to say the least.

  • I discovered that the ACME company stands for A Company Makes Everything recently, totally changing my perception of cartoons from when I was a kid. Dazzling.

  • KJ

    the other day the sky was filled with dark red clouds and thunder could be heard with no rain. the wind was blowing debris through the city, it was a dazzling sight. then the sky opened up and sucked me into its twirling mouth and ive never been the same again.

  • Howard Holloway

    Supermarket lights on a come down…

  • Scott

    I was waiting at an unsheltered bus stop in the middle of an concrete wasteland earlier this week, and was dazzled by the intensity of the sun’s light and heat.

  • Hmmmmm. . . Haven’t been truly dazzled for a while.

    I guess the last time might have been on summer vacation when I drove through the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel. It’s a bridge over the ocean that turns into a tunnel through the ocean. Then more bridge and then more tunnel. Blasted some good tunes. Fun times.

  • Fay

    the last time I was dazzled by something was watching the previous giveaway video (the modern drift).. I absolutely loved it.. I posted it everywhere, and I can’t help but watch it everyday!

  • benjamin cook

    I live in Louisville Ky. the city is the perfect mix of progressive city living and home town bourbon country. Every week as I walk from my studio to class, I cross over this bridge that arches over the street below. just as you reach the pinnacle of the bridge, you can look to your right and see the beautiful city skyline. To your left, a horizon of rolling Kentucky hills. It’s when I know I’m home.

  • Lucas

    seeing dawn from a radio tower 8 am after a party

  • Melanie Christine Warner

    I teach drawing. I am new at teaching.
    It is intimidating but every class I witness my students abilities to challenge themselves and over come their fears with just the right bit of encouragement and guidance.

    I am dazzled and humbled by the education I am receiving from my students.

  • i am dazzled every single day by my brothers resilience, strength, humor and grace while he waits, in the hospital, for a new liver that will hopefully save his life.

  • Frank

    Letting of fireworks with my Dad and realizing how a childlike energy and excitement can spread from an activity so simple!

  • DJ

    everyday, by my beautiful wife.

  • I found morning rains dazzling. It’s been sunny in 2011 in my place until yesterday!! the rain comes and I felt like seeing snow for the first time (not going to blame climate change or whatever).

    even took a picture, posted here : http://b0ph.tumblr.com/post/12631566135

  • Audrie

    today, by the tunes of explosions in the sky.

  • Karla

    I was dazzled today when I saw all the fall leaves in the quad/green at KCAI. :)

  • michelle mateo

    I was dazzled by a Jeffrey Vallance during his artist lecture today. He’s pretty ballsy and funny.

    I was also dazzled by my dogs breath :C

  • Liisa

    yesterday when I opened my eyes I was absolutely dazzled with the morning sun filling up my whole tiny apartment. it’s been such a cloudy autumn here that I honestly don’t remember the last time i woke up with sunbeams all over.. made me feel so happy and alive, had to grab my yoga mat and do sun salutation right away! and this time I really meant it :)

  • The full moon in the reflection of the puddle at the train station last night, it has often caused me to miss my train from being in a dazzling awe of its perfect glowing mightyness! :)

  • Paul

    This afternoon, when she smiled in a certain style after I said the way she pulled her gum from her mouth made it look like mozzarella cheese.

  • Florence

    The last time I was dazzled was when I went to the Wieliczka Salt Mine in Poland. The beautiful salt chandeliers made the whole place seemed like a fairytale.

  • Una

    Well, it’s a total cliché, but hearing my 16 week fetus’ heartbeat was pretty dazzling.

  • Rossy

    i would like one but i am toooooo late :)

  • caleb harrington

    ::warning this post is mushy and boring::

    the last time i waz dazzled was last monday, ive been seeing this girl for a few weeks and i was driving her back to her house after we hung out. i was driving down a hill so i put my car in second gear, as i did so she put her hand on mine and told me she loved me. it was awesome.

  • dirk

    A lightning, simple as that. I was waiting for a bus near my parents house in the suburbs of my hometown a couple of years ago. Lucky me, I was standing with my feet close together, otherwise the pain would have last longer than the dazzle. It felt about ten times what it was like watching right into the flame of burning magnesium against every concern of the teacher during high school. Cheerio

  • Today, with my morning coffee

  • I was dazzled when as a student I had to sustain a week with a 500gr of pasta and a tin of Tunisian harissa.

  • Brittany

    Last time I was dazzled was when I snapped out of my depression from school , work, money,friends,being alone ect troubles of everyday people and I saw life as one day at a time it was seeing color for the first time the autum leaves looked so bright t the skies where the bluest I’ve ever seen them and the sun was so warm in the morning air on me face heading to school . My heading exploding with ideas,hopes and dreams.

  • jaycie

    a donut that was basically sprinkles under a thin layer of dough.

  • Discovering the European skateboard scene. It is fascinating how many people are completely obsessed with building their own skate spots, working with concrete and keeping it all on the down low. It’s a whole underground movement. I remember discovering video after video of people building there own spots, then skating them so well, I was truly dazzled. This discovery has changed the way I think about skateboarding, art, and life over all. Truly dazzling.

  • Judy

    The last time I was Dazzled was when I went to an Art Museum for my paper. It amazed me how strong the artists message was in their work. It gave me chills.

  • Matías

    This monday when my parents gave me an unexpected ipod for my birthday!. It was so hard to belive

  • Sophie

    I was dazzled recently when I was bought some new trousers for my birthday the other day. They are jeans that have been threaded with golden thread all over. They are absolutely dazzling, I love them! And under bright lights I look as though my legs are glowing… therefore dazzling everyone else aswell. These are now my favourite trousers.

  • was introduced to the work of Stacey Rozich. Mystical and captivating.

  • Rachel Boldt

    The other morning there was a thick mist or fog that set a mystical kind of mood. The trees had yellow and brown tones and it was strange to only see a few feet in front of you. Every time a car would approach all you could see was their headlights, like two little glowing eyes. I felt like I was in a wonderful movie.

  • every time i see boobs

  • Moses

    I was dazzled by deep green summer fjords in Alaska.

  • woah, the last time I was dazzled was when I created a “timeless” logo as my professor stated. sorry, design chokes me up… especially mine. hahaha ;D ….true story though. along with that, this book has dazzled/choked me up.

  • Sophia

    The last time I was really truly dazzled was when my family and I went to Toronto’s Historical Distillery District. I was so amazed that the city decided to keep and restore the beautiful and macabre old factories.

  • Vérénice

    The last time I was dazzled, was the day when I got into a really funny situation. I was on the way home after a few beers, when a small boy was standing on the pavement with his parents, waiting for the traffic lights to turn green. He had a yellow ballon in his hands, but was so diverted from the traffic and the crowded street, that the ballon string slip out of is hands and made his way up and away. I saw it, reached out for it and surprisingly catched the thin string just in time. I couldnt believe it for myself. The look in his eyes was so dazzling, because he didnt really realized the whole situation and was so happy that the ballon wasnt gone. It made me happy the rest of the day. Such a nice experience to see how ordinary things can be so extraordinary. :)

  • the last time i believed in myself

  • Lucas M

    Last time I was dazzled was when I used my BeDazzler

  • Nadia

    Last Saturday, I was dazzled by a group of young foreigners. They swing danced to Hall And Oates, and their faces were blushed with travels. It was the grandest of times.

  • Jesper Levén

    I was dazzled when I walked by a building in central Stockholm,
    beautiful in its context. I later realised it was a work by Swedish arcitect Sigurd Lewerenz. Unfortunately, the picture doesn’t make the building justice.

    The national insurance board, Sigurd Lewerenz, 1930-32

  • I had my first business cards printed- I designed them myself and only after sending them to the printers saw that one line of text was slightly off-center.
    The paranoid perfectionist that I am was hit-hard.

    A few days later, I received the cards- 100% perfect.
    A designer saw this (possibly also a paranoid perfectionist) and corrected the microscopic fault.

    It dazzled me, and I have some dazzling cards. =)

  • Last time I was dazzled? On Wednesday, when two friends asked if I would play violin during their vows for their tiny & gorgeous wedding!

  • OMG I was dazzled the moment I saw you where giving away copies of this Book!!

  • i get dazzled every time i get out of the city – nature inspires me.

  • Shea Kennedy

    Walking home from class last winter I fell into sort of trance keeping my eyes on the ground to shelter my face from the cold wind. I let my eyes relax out of focus and it seemed like all the sparkles from the gleaming snow were rising up all around me and surrounding me in a bright aura.

  • I went to Cambridge for a Business meeting and I’ve always been going in and out of there for many years. But whilst listening to Bon Iver in the local bus I looked out the window and was suddenly captivated by the intricacy of the architecture in the city! Now, every time I go to Cambridge I get a little more dazzled by the hidden beauty that lies so conspicuously, but you only see it when you want to.

  • my god daughters little smile, it lifts and changes everyone around her into a babbling grinning baby.

  • D Le

    The first time I entered the Manhattan Uniqlo store. Talk about design!

  • i am dazzled to have steve as a professor during my exchange semester at ocad!

  • decided to take a long walk on queen street this weekend in toronto. and found my way into a store that looked to be selling some cool publications. saw ‘the dazzle’ on a table and thought to myself: “oh, I think I saw that on booooooom the other day” — i then went home and proceeded to look up the book again on booooooom, to get some more details since it magically appeared in the ‘”random” store I walked into. little did i know this seemily “random” store I walked into was Narwhal!

    i am dazzled!

  • last week i was dazzled by an eerie pagan-esque bonfire complete with giant paper birds and then the most amazing fireworks display.

  • Me pls.

  • Brandon

    I have been dazzled recently by human thought, and how every mind is different, while composed of the same fabric.

  • last night i was dazzled by me weird-gorish dream. i dreamt that i was surrounded by dead bodies. awkward.:|

  • Ellie

    I was just dazzled a minute ago by how hot my tea was, and ended up spitting it all over myself. Hot stuff.

  • Oliver

    I woke up this morning to the French countryside. I opened the icey shutters to the most dazzling and spectacular sight I have ever seen. My window overlooks a valley and my horizon is a lush green forest. Beneath my window pane, in the valley, the clouds had descended so I could see over them, but not through them. Above the white clouds, the green horizon was contrasted to an orange ring of the sky caused by the sunset. This orange slowly faded into a deep blue, cloud-less, unblemished sky. I had the most surreal feeling that I had awoken to heaven, and in my mind, I had.

    • Oliver


  • Rachel

    I was most dazzled by the red dye that i accidentally spilled in my hair.

  • Jeremy

    it was at carrefour. this grocery store here in china. a new shipment of grapes came in and the store people dumped it into this huge grape bin and everyone in the vicinity bumrushed the grapes and started packing their plastic bags full of these grapes. this one old lady started eating the grapes cept she didnt really eat them she just sucked the goo from the inside and spit the skin back out onto the grape pile. she also stuffed her pockets with them and then she waddled away

  • harlan chamberlain

    sunday morning 13-11-11. a sunrise walk through the graveyard. the deep purples, dark oranges and the black silhouettes of the green mountains. seriously amazing experience

  • I’m dazzled to learn that there is such a thing as “vajazzle”…..
    and i wouldn’t mind to get dazzled again by seeing an actual vajazzled jewel!

  • Emma D

    The most recent time I was dazzled was when I was cuddling in bed with an old friend for the first time and he kissed me out of the blue.

    First kisses are still delicate moments to me.

  • I was dazzled when I was cycling through a park and saw a bald guy standing next to the pathway with a frog on top of his head. Strangely enough there are also parakeets flying around in that park despite the fact that it’s located in the very non-tropical city of Amsterdam.

    (And no, I was not high when witnessing these things.)

  • marília


    At the beginning of 2011 I traveled to another state just to watch a concert of a band that I love. The show didn’t happen ’cause of the Chilean volcano that erupted and canceled several trips, including the travel of the band members to Brazil.

    Last month the show was rescheduled. I traveled again just to watch the show. All this without much money in my pocket and missing college classes. Again, the volcano erupted and caceled trips. This time, yet the volcano trying to end my life, the show occured, and it was amazing. I don’t regret anything. I heard my favorite songs live, I sang along, talked with members of the band.

    One of the happiest moment in my life.

    p.s.: sorry for my bad English!

  • KJ

    I was just dazzled by Narwhal’s Gallery show images. Seems like such a great community would love to be part of something like that

  • KJ

    I was just dazzled by Narwhal’s Gallery show images. Seems like such a great community would love to be part of something like that

  • Ben Y

    Last time I was dazzled was when I smoked a blunt with Zoo Kid/King Krule. Not gonna lie it was pretty dazzling.

  • i was dazzled,when my ear gona normal again,
    because there something shit in my right ear’s hole
    and now im normal again.
    Thanks Lord ,thanks mama and paps

    take care your healthy,to enjoy this life simple :)
    big hug from INDONESIA

  • I was completely dazzled when it snowed and the snow flakes are exactly as people and children draw them. Little stars, but so so tiny and all different. It was amazing. Oh, it was the first time I saw snowing. It was 2 years ago, in Poland. In Portugal, where I am from, only snows on our little mountain… I probably get dazzled more time after that about some other stuff. But this really marked me. I am in Austria now, I am anxious about snowing again !!

  • I was dazzled when snowed and I realized that the snow flakes were exactly as people draw them. Amazing. But so so tiny. And all different.

    (In Portugal, only snows in our little mountain… and I had never saw it. Until I was in Poland 2 years ago. Now I am in Austria, and completely ansious to be dazzled again one morning waking up looking through the window and see everything white!!)

  • James

    I was recently getting ready for class around 4 PM, right when the sun has started setting for my area in Boston. The full moon was out, and it was fairly low in the sky. I caught myself gawking at the composition of the soft pink and orange sky, with the full moon completely exposed. As I walked up to my window to get a full view, an airplane flew right right through the sky, crossing over the moon (in the way that they show Santa Claus and his sleigh flying across the moon). I loved this moment and haven’t seen anything quite as touching since.

  • Wren

    A few weeks ago I went on a bike ride to the beach with some friends. It had gotten late but we still fancied a dip in the sea, the sun started to go down and the sky was filled with a deep orange glow. As we walked into the sea and kicked the sand up beneath our feet, a mass of glowing particles raised up to the surface of the water, sparkling on our faces. It was like thousands of fireflies under the water grabbing onto our skin and making us glow. The light on our skin with the glow from the sky has to be one of the most beautiful things I have ever witnessed. But yes, I was truly dazzled :)

  • Donna Salter

    I remain dazzled…

  • Ammie Watts

    The last time i was dazzled by something….. erm let me think … erm i went on Duke of Edinburugh Gold to Morrocco i walked around the atlas mountain for e 6 day trek i was truly DAZZLED by the beautiful sight i saw the landscape when undescribable. HOWEVER when i come to think of it now . I would say the perfect way to describe the sight i saw would be dazzling. I was truly dazzled
    thanks hope you enjoy

  • Jenna

    We threw an old TV off of the third story of the fire escape. The thick, smooth, purple-grey shards of glass now fill 3 mason jars on my mantle place. They are dazzling.

  • Abbey

    The last time I was dazzled was when I began to paint again. It’s been ages since I last brought out the paintbrush and acrylics. I have to say I’m shocked by the inspiration that’s flowing from inside of me. Very powerful. Everyday I see my daily walk to the bus through a little forest differently- now I see it as inspiration to paint when I get home!

  • Antti

    The last time I was dazzled, happened in a dream.

    I was standing on a very large dark porous rock, surrounded by what I would describe as a quiet ocean, it’s reflection was almost mirror-like.
    The sky was filled with scattered fluffy clouds and sunbeams were coming through. The light was surrealistically mesmerizing, the rays of light diffused a vibrant pink and green, and when I looked further into the horizon, I distinguished a city on a tidal island. Art-Nouveau Skyscrapers filled the entire island, and each building was more beautiful then the other one.

    I only managed to take a glimpse at the city, but I woke up in awe to the beauty of this scenery. I’ve tried many times to return into this engraved memory without any success, but maybe some day, I will be able to go back to this Emerald city of mine.

  • The last time I was dazzled was, happened last week when I found this! http://vimeo.com/32001208 … It quite possiblibe one of the most beautuful things I have ever seen!!!

  • The last dazzling moment happened when i woke up this morning and saw a cat run by my kitchen window. I ran to the next window to see where it went and saw this black dank hairy thing just lying there. For a second i thought it was our other black cat but after taking a closer look i realized it was just a stuffed halloween decoration my sister had left out side. A twisted joke for her and one crazy dazzled moment for me.

  • I was dazzled standing on the subway going home this week when a beautiful girl stood up and offered her seat to an elderly lady. I wasn’t sure if such good remained in the world.

  • Ashley

    I just drove across the country 3 months ago (NY to CA) with only what I could fit in my car, and my best friend driving behind me. I knew at first it would be hard, not knowing a soul, not having a job, not even knowing the city we were about to reside in. Sure enough the blues set in quick and didn’t go away (still there sometimes). I got a job at a little art studio. My boss (also from the east coast) decided I needed to see how lucky I am to be here and what a beautiful place California is. She drove me down the 1, and we climbed down many cliffs, crawled into a couple caves, peed outside a lot, ate too much chocolate, over shared so much information, and so on. I had a moment on this one beach, that looked like it never ended. I was looking up at the massive cliffs, and then down at the tiny little clams waiting patiently for the tide to rise again… and I realized how silently magical life is. Infinitely. My beautiful country. This beautiful earth. I’ve driven across the United States 2 times in less than one year, I’ve lived in 4 states in the last 5 years, and I never really had a chance to stop and realize how absolutely incredible this country is. So out on those cliffs, and those beaches – totally free from the daily over saturation we all face – I had a moment of sadness that it took me so long to appreciate it so genuinely. But then, that moment passed and I was left completely dazzled.

  • sara

    Walking home yesterday, it was pouring rain and the leaves on the trees had rapidly fell to the ground. So the ground was covered in wet, colorful, and shiny leaves. I was dazzled.

  • Last time that I was completely dazzled was a few weeks ago. I had gone to the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven which normally offers more than one dazzling experience. This year however there was not that many overwhelming things at show. After seeing a few nice, but not extremely inspiring things we stumbled into the “Cabinets of Curiosity” and the work of Lenneke Wispelwey!
    Lenneke does the most amazing ceramics! Cups, vases, plates… I was breath taken… The way the pieces were displayed it was just heavenly. We keept walking around in her showroom for like an hour.
    I am a graphic designer, and I think when you find inspiration in another field it’s gold worth!


  • Omg, nice giveaway.
    The last time I was dazzled was because of some pictures I took, these were good. And I was happy.

  • I would have to say that the last time I was dazzled was when i ran into a moose in canada, in a country trip and i was so close and scared i almost died, i stood still and the animal just looked at me and went away. it still gives me chills when i remember, and it was one of the most beautifull creatures i have ever seen.

  • Gianni

    What dazzled me was comming to this country and running into my ex girl friend at the air port.. I have been here now for a month or so staying with her (now currently my girl friend) was it love meant to be? I would like to believe this :)

  • Perla

    All my life, including my childhood, I have been inthralled with books. In school I would be made fun of quite often. For one I was a girl who wasn’t afraid of blood, two I wore glasses and lastly I cared more about the main characters in The Great Gatsby than any of my name-calling school chums. As I grew older I discovered other types of books. Bright dazzling comic books stole my attention but then art books came along and I was dazzled ten fold. Every time I see Booooooo.com give away artistic illustration books I try to enter a perfect answer yet never win. This is me being straight forward. I don’t want The Dazzle. I need it.

  • The other night I was walking to the bus stop in the sleet. I had some mournfull music in my ears, something with a trumpet solo. I looked up after leaping over a puddle to see the reflection of the orange street lamps all down the glistening street. Put a skip in my step is all.

  • I was walking to the bus stop in the sleet last night. I had something mournfull coming through my headphones, something with a horn solo. I looked up after leaping over a puddle to see the reflection of the street lamps all down the glistening street. Put a skip in my step is all.


    i’m dazzled by everyday – for good and bad reasons.

  • Jordan

    One month and three weeks ago, i was driving down into the city on a cold and somewhat rainy night, on a route that I had never taken before. My friend Christian was with me, and we were attempting to avoid traffic on the main freeways, and were skirting around the backstreets and sidepaths in the direction of our destination, when we realized we had passed the intersection we needed to take.
    It was dark and made a sharp turn, so we had not registered it at all visually, and completely missed it. We doubled back and quickly turned onto the street when three things happened:
    One- we found ourselves having descended into a stretch of road that had no lights anywhere to be seen.
    Two- our headlights cut out inexplicably and there fell upon us a profound, and total darkness. Enveloped in the void instantaneously, I was caught off guard and instinctively kept driving in the blank silence, and completely victorious dark.
    Three- lightning exploded from the sky, materializing a deer running right in front of us, mirrored by it’s shadowy twin reflected in the slick and running asphalt road beneath it.

    The moment was over and we slowed to all but a halt as the car rolled through the next sharp bend and into the litany of familiar streetlights again, our mouths hanging open, saying nothing.

  • When I saw ofwgkta at their Birmingham HMV show. Hodgy beats went straight and dipped into the crowd and hung of the lighting on the ceiling swinging in time to the beat. Whilst Left Brain was being left brain

  • I was dazzled by a child with a sparkler just after sunset on a private lake at a wedding in the redwoods of northern california




    Tyler Durbano



    Check your inboxes! Stay Tuned for the next giveaway – its another beauty!

  • Marie

    This video:


    This guy built a suit out of roller-blades and is essentially a human transformer. He travels around the world and puts his suit to the test, laying on his stomach and blazing down roads. Dazzling to say the very least.

21.07.17 by Jeff

The Booooooom Creative Job Board

Booooooom art design jobs

If you’re a creative looking for work, or a company looking to hire, we are excited to announce our very own creative job board: Booooooom Jobs. Graphic design jobs, curatorial positions in galleries, freelance animation gigs, a wide variety of opportunities to work in a creative field!

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Check it out: jobs.booooooom.com

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Artist Spotlight: Till Rabus

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Artist Spotlight: Esther Sarto

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Artist Spotlight: Samuel Rodriguez

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Photographer Spotlight: Angeles Peña

“Aguas de Montaña” is a journey into The Andean Patagonia, a desolate territory where photographer Angeles Peña lived all of her childhood.

She says, “In a world that spins faster and faster I feel an enormous necessity to focus on the details and the beauty of what still remains. I find myself with a nature that sustains itself but can fall at any moment. It is something that surpasses me and I cannot stop observing.”

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