18.11.11 by Jeff

#israel #cats

So I’ve been in Israel this past week with designboom, Dezeen, DeTnk, and We Heart and it has been incredible. I will be posting about the trip in detail, but for now here are some cats. Oh, and you can follow @VibeIsrael to keep tabs on what we’re doing out here.

cats kinetis vibeisrael art design trip

cats kinetis vibeisrael art design trip

cats kinetis vibeisrael art design trip

cats kinetis vibeisrael art design trip

cats kinetis vibeisrael art design trip

cats kinetis vibeisrael art design trip

cats kinetis vibeisrael art design trip

cats kinetis vibeisrael art design trip

cats kinetis vibeisrael art design trip

cats kinetis vibeisrael art design trip


Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • cats make the world go round

  • Dude, welcome!

    • thanks Ori! i thought of you when i got here! you live in a lovely country

  • orm

    i <3 Israel.

  • kukupiku

    The last cat is doing an artistic performance:
    “Can I Has Marina Abramovic? But Sock It, I’m Better Than Her, So Where Is My Million?”

  • #italiano

    #wow #woah

  • When I was last in Israel I was also struck by the number (and niceness) of stray cats in every part of the city. Great photos

    • yea they were really healthy looking i was surprised

  • That last one has probably set the record for most photographed cat in a few minutes;-)

  • Dana Sarel

    Dear Jeff,

    It was really great talking to you yesterday.
    Hope you had a wonderful time here.
    So happy to know there are more cat lovers around the world. Great photo. Was it in Jaffa?

    Have a great day.

    • wonderful to meet you Dana – the photos are from all over!

  • Droolin

    that black and white cats front legs kinda look like flippers

  • Ben Y

    really emphasizes the ubiquitous nature of cats. At least I think that’s what you were going for 🙂

  • After much deliberation I have removed some comments from this post – comments on both sides of an argument regarding whether or not I should have even visited Israel.

    A commentor accused me of being severely insensitive for travelling to Israel. I travelled there to see for myself first-hand what is going on there. I went to meet people there and try to learn about a country on the other side of the world. Should journalists stay out of every country where there is conflict of any kind?

    Travelling to other countries to experience them first-hand may be the best way to make an informed decision about a place (in my opinion).

    I have no political agenda here. I realise it is a complicated situation over there in Israel but my trip was art-focused as I use this site to highlight artists.

    If I feature artists/designers from Israel I am not taking sides on what is happening there, I feature work from all over the world every day.

    There are many things the American government is doing that I disagree with but I doubt I will hear about how insensitive I am being the next time I travel to New York.

    Thank you for understanding.

    I can’t believe I am actually closing the comments on a post about cats.

  • Gil Lavie

    Check out this hilarious Sexy & I Know It parody with those same beach cats 🙂  

    • haha my friend Adi also just sent me this, one of those cats is the EXACT same cat i photographed in the 5th photo

  • Gil Lavie

    small world 🙂 i guess that cat is a rising star 

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