01.12.11 by Jeff


Emails like these keep me going, thanks Tom!

Inbox email of the day Thank You Tom Ngo

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • http://www.maricazottino.com/blog Marica Zottino

    My blog is actually really smaller that yours, but I perfectly understand what it means to receive such emails, it gives you a kind of satisfaction that, as you said, keeps you join and gives you an inner smile.
    Keep up the great work, as booooooom is one of my favorite sources.

    • http://www.jeffhamada.com/ Jeff

      appreciate it marica!

  • http://nygm.tumblr.com Leon

    This website made me discover a lot of oeuvres who influenced my own works. Thank you dude

    Des bécots de Montpellier !

    • http://www.jeffhamada.com/ Jeff

      great to hear Leon!

  • http://lectervirouvegetariano.blogspot.com Taina OSR

    As an art student, to me this blog makes ​​all the difference.

    • http://www.jeffhamada.com/ Jeff

      Thanks Taina, where are you going to school?

  • http://fourwingedcrow.posterous.com/ FourWingedCrow

    Art student too, and this blog made me discover some really great artists that will, for sure, influence a lot my works.

    Keep the good job on, Booooooom!

  • http://www.brilliantarrogance.com Brilliant Arrogance


    We too have a site/blog that features artists and receiving occasional “gifts” like these from readers or individuals featured on our site definitely makes it all worth it! This one seems extra special for you and very well deserved! You have a great site with strong and varied content that is always inspiring.

    Keep up the good work!


  • http://manuel.al-ghassani.net Manuel

    Tom rocks! Cheers booooooom also! Thanks to you, I can now notice when a word has 7 o’s in it just by looking at it.