13.12.11 by Jeff

Adam Lampton

Photos by Adam Lampton.

Photographer Adam Lampton

Photographer Adam Lampton

Photographer Adam Lampton

Photographer Adam Lampton

Photographer Adam Lampton

Photographer Adam Lampton


Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • lapetitefaon

    these are all absolutely gorgeous and make me desperately want to travel NOW, I especially love the desolate feeling they all share

  • the second image is the best! great work adam!

  • toastrander

    Wonderful! Where are all of these?

  • Looks like some are from Hong Kong?

  • mh.. I got a problem with the distance he choses to take pictures.
    He’s too close to the Bechers to say: he didn’t care about the rules, he’s too far away from them to say: he knows exactly what he’s doing.

    it’s hard for me to write an art-critique on english, as I don’t know the words in this language..

    however, I think there are huge problems in each of the photos, when it comes to composition.
    still a long way to go when it comes to that.

    I like the first picture though, it’s a bit imbalanced but he’s caught the boys expression in the perfect moment, there’s a lot to think and discuss about this one.

29.06.16 by Jeff

Graphic Designer Spotlight: Bráulio Amado


Gorgeous poster designs by Bráulio Amado, a Portuguese graphic designer based in Brooklyn, New York. More images below.

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10 Illustrators React to Brexit


Pep Montserrat


Jean Jullien created the memorable illustration, “Peace for Paris,” in response to the terrorist attacks last year. Now a number of illustrators (including Jullien) are similarly responding to last week’s EU referendum in the form they know best. Check out more images below.

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Artist Spotlight: Marie Thibeault


A selection of paintings by San Pedro, California-based artist Marie Thibeault. More images below.

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Sunwheel Made Up of Hundreds of Gold Plates


Portuguese-Italian collective Moradavaga have built a shimmering sunwheel for the annual Festa de São João do Porto (Festival of St John of Porto) in Portugal. Measuring eight meters in diameter, the piece is the result of hundreds of gold plates, fitted together in such a way that they move independently according to changes in wind and light, as well as rotations manually controlled by passersby. See more images and video of the reflective installation below!

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28.06.16 by Jeff

Illustrator Spotlight: Lee Kyutae


Gorgeous drawings by illustrator Lee Kyutae. More images below.

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