16.12.11 by Jeff

Poler Napsack Giveaway #3

Here we go again, I have another Napsack by Poler with your name on it! There will be one more chance to win next week! Who wants this one?

Poler Camping Stuff Booooom Giveaway napsack

polerstuff napsack

If you would like to win the third Napsack, tell me about the last time you had a campfire in the comments below.

(This one is limited to North American residents)

I’ll pick a winner on Friday!



Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • last time I was camping , was in Ireland and it was wet and cold and I could have really used the Poler Napsack

  • Jessie

    Makenzie Beach, Tofino, BC. Nothing like a toasty fire after a day in the surf!

  • MAX

    Last midsummers night in Vaasa, Finland with the fiancee. The day was awfull with constant rain, but it just stopped at some point and we were up the whole night by the camp fire :)

    Would have been nice to have napsacks with us!

  • BentLee

    The last time I had a campfire, my partner,his family and I randomly got together at Porter’s Lake, Nova Scotia. For what was originally an overnight stay, it extended itself into a 4 day event of coming back to one another.

  • I haven’t been camping in a long time but I have a plan this summer to go hiking and camping for a week (I rarely take vacations but this one is planned damnit)

  • the last time i wanted to have a campfire (i live in the city) (Philadelphia PA dammit!), my friends and I (a) cut one of those 55-gallon drums in half and (b) welded scrap pieces/pencil rod into a “grill” shape. then we (c) hauled our fire pit box thing to someone’s house who actually had a backyard. This backyard consisted of assorted chairs and benches, a concrete slab floor/ground, and an absurd abundance of tall bamboo. Firewood was obtained from construction sites/dumpsters within one or two blocks (we found more than enough), and set up in the backwayrd/bamboo miniforest. We tried to cook veggie burgers but they were dr praeger’s so they just fell apart on our mad-max stick-weld style “grill”. bananas with chocolate sauce in alum. foil was the alternative. everyone was cold except for their feet and many a sole was melted or semi-melted.
    plasma cutters! bikes! dumptsters! bamboo! fire! homies! beer! being technically outdoors!

  • ALSO! the neighbors were apparently a bunch of musicians and while we were straight chillin with our rough+n+ready metal fire pit thing, they and some guests were jammin out almost all night with some latin/funk fusion flute-solo conga tunage

  • We had a campfire outside our family log cabin up in Grand Marais, MI near Lake Superior in the U.P. The Milky Way is so bright up there, it reminds me of my childhood. Cheers,

  • robogirl

    I’d love to have one for Fusion festival. Last time it rained a lot and at nights we’ve all felt like ice-cubes. But when I give it a serious thought…I can imagine myself VERY well sitting just like that on my couch reading a book.

  • Berry

    I know I’m not eligible, being in Europe and all, but I just wanted to say that I hope the next one is open for anyone!


    Sardinia, Italy. Beautiful island, climbers’ paradise. We climb. One of the rocks was located on this hill and in order to get there, we had to make our way through a dense jungle, which was a home to MANY boars. No biggie in daylight. Long story short, we ended up trapped on the rocks because it got dark and we were too scared to go back down through the jungle with all the boars running around. Totally ashamed of ourselves, we decided to stay overnight and set up a campfire. However, the view from up there and the sunset were beautiful enough for us to pretend we stayed there deliberately.

  • Steph L.

    The last time I sat in front of a campfire was in Acadia, ME. The fire and some beers from Bar Harbor Brewing Co. made for a pretty kick ass evening.

  • The most recent campfire I enjoyed was in northern India around Lahdak I remember it well since I had horrible bed bug bites!

  • I brought a bag of my paper recycling to our camping trip, just in case we needed to cheat when building our fire. We found enough kindling, so we didn’t use the recycling until our last night. My buddies quietly watched as I placed the mundane artifacts of my life on the fire–receipts, an Easter card from my aunt, graded term papers. The grand finale was placing the paper grocery bag upside-down on the conflagration. The bag pulsed with red light and smoke, and then it burst into flames.

  • The last time I was camping (I shit you not) I almost died. It was rad, I was hanging out around the campfire drinking Rainier beers and eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with my broskis. I got up to go relieve myself as god intended, amongst trees and stuff. I remember very carefully navigating my way back into the denser part of the forest via walking only on fallen tree trunks, essentially playing hot lava monster by myself. I pissed on a particularly sad looking bush and turned to leave. I took one step, I kid you not, and an entire fucking tree fell where I was just standing. Not like a sapling, a straight up certifiable bad ass of a pine tree or something. If I had not moved exactly when I did it would have totally smashed me. I remember not thinking much of it until I looked up and saw the “holyshitdidthatjusthappen” faces of my friends. We laughed it off though and decided we had really good luck. Did I mention I was freezing cold the whole time? I was woefully underprepared. I did not know that summer nights on the Olympic Peninsula could be so cold. If only I had some sort of sack in which I could have napped and still been semi mobile. All my friends would have been jealous as shit, and I would not have been the nasty end of any Man Vs Wild jokes. Fin.

  • juse

    I’ve actually never had a campfire in these comments before.

    Might be nice though to set up camp here and build up a little fire from random comments and ads and look out onto some of the amazing scenic photography that comes by from time to time.

  • When I was a boy, I was at a campfire where an old camper tossed some ashes into the fire. I asked what he was doing. He said, “I am keeping the Everlasting Campfire alive.” He explained that he would take a handful of coals from the fire pit the next day, bag them and enter the events of the trip in a journal. He had campfire coals from over 40 years. He would mix his coals with those of other campers and copy all of their campfire events into his journal.

    Our sons are 5 and 4. We snuck them into Cub Scouts (another story) and took them to a camping trip. While the rest of the older boys were on a hike, our boys, Scout and Hunter, built a 4 foot campfire all by themselves.

    I introduced the group to the Everlasting Campfire and they all took some of the ashes.

    I put together a quick http://www.EverlastingCampfire.com website together to see if we can keep the memories alive.

    All the best from Hunter and Scout.


  • Paul

    I am sitting around a warm, crackling campfire right now! Ah, nature. I should go take a video of it now…

  • The last time I had a campfire was the first time I went camping (this summer). I went camping with much hesitation, thinking I would hate it, but now I can’t wait to go again!

  • The last time I made a campfire was with my dad, when I went to visit Vermont for a weekend to help him try out his new sailboat. We spent the whole April day freezing cold and wrestling with lines and pulleys in Shelburne Bay, then came home and made a huge fire and roasted a ton of hotdogs!!

  • I want it! I sleep in a closet, really. Granted, it’s a walk in closet, but I still gotta keep it cozy. I also play in a band called yuppies, we tour a couple months out of the year and this would be really great for all those cold nights sleeping in the van. We’re goin out around the midwest for a week the day after xmas and I suspect it may be cold…

    • And the last time I had a campfire was around halloween, behind my house.

  • Last time I had a campfire I was quitting cigarettes and using a nicotine patch. I threw it into the fire in frustration, and afterward was smoking twice as much as before I started the patch. None of this would have happened if I had a Poler Napsack and was tucked away in my tent instead of huddling up next to fire for warmth with my bum smoker friends. Jerks.

  • erin

    i want this all too badly! it will keep me the toasty and comfy when i move to peru this summer. please help all of my dreams come true (not desperate…maybe…)!

  • The last time I had a campfire was really special. We had it the night before my buddy was to leave for the military. The fire was one of the hottest I’ve ever experienced. The hotdogs we tried to cook on it burned instantly. At some point my friend who was leaving for the marines decided to grab a whole brick of firecrackers out of his truck and toss them in the fire. I remember our frantic and joyful retreat and then we watched the fireworks explode rapidly for the next thirty seconds. It was beautiful.

  • C B

    Labor Day at the lake house.

  • I would like to give it to my little sister, who coaches women’s ice hockey, to stand at the bench and shout plays to her girls, that she may be most present and beneficial to their victory as a team, and the victory of all women’s sports everywhere. KABLAM!

  • A few years ago at band camp in high school… True story.

  • The last campfire I had was only steps away from water in Long Island, NY at my friends’ home where her father raises oysters. We were shuckin and campfire’in, telling ghost stories (for real) and roasting marshmellows. Oysters and marshmellows! Who would have pictured a more perfect coupling. The only way it could have been better is if I was outfitted in this poler napsack, ooooweeeee I LOVE ITTT!!!

  • Alienrace

    Last time I went camping was in Venice. We spent the whole day walking down the streets and feeling like millionaires since that’s how everyone treated us. The labyrinthine design of the city eventually caused us to be late for our night train, and we set up camp at the train station, since we couldn’t afford a hotel. We slept on the stairs to the building. That night was a wake up call to who we really were there. Hobos in a beautiful city!

  • Jack

    Hey if you give it away to me I’ll pay it forward and give it to my sister for christmas.


  • The last campfire I had was a couple months ago on a solo backpacking journey with my dog.


    We were camped at Norice lake. Both of us hunkered down next to the fire, relaxing, and eating dinner. One of the best backpacking trips I’ve had.

  • It was too long ago. Maybe at the end of senior year of high school when we burned all of our notes with my class.

  • Angela

    We had a campfire on Halloween. My husband dressed up as a “zombie” sort of scary guy and sat by the camp fire with a huge bowl of candy. The kids in the neighborhood love to frequent our house on Halloween. I love that everything smells like camping.

  • Lauren

    Long ago when I sailed to a small island off the coast of Maine with my dad and cousins.

  • Beau

    Last time I had a camp fire, one of the smoldering logs started to look like a dragon’s face. We were a few PBRs in, so I took a group consensus to make sure it wasn’t just my goggles. The consensus concluded that it was a dragon. I then decided I wanted to punch the fire dragon in the face. So I punched it in the face and smashed the log into ashes. As you may imagine, I got some gnarly blistered and purple skin from that one. It was fun explaining why my hand was fucked up.

  • The last time I had a campfire was a few days before Halloween. Oh man, someone brought some amazing cupcakes and I can’t stop thinking about them. I think they had Baileys in them!

  • Last time I had a campfie I was in the Ocala National Forest in Central Florida. We went pickin for fresh shrooms near the St Johns River in the morning, where I submegred my shoe into a hefty cow pie. During the day we collected wood and leaves for the camp fire so that we could make a delightful shroom tea and talk. That evening was beautiful and surreal, the rest of my story took place in another dimension.

  • Erin

    I just lit a campfire outside maybe 5 minutes ago. It’s blazing. I have my laptop running from a generator because a friend is supposed to be coming to visit us and we’re trying to touch base with her through email with this vodaphone thing as there are no cell phones here. There also isn’t heat, water or most general luxuries except for this laptop with not very, very little juice left. We’re cabin-sitting for a woman in Vermont while she is away in Holland. There are three dogs, one horse, and six cats. We need this more than anyone and I promise we’ll share. I’m getting in trouble for using all of our electricity. I cannot believe I’m on Booooooom right now. Gotta run!

    • Erin

      Also, we will be here until the 10th of January and our “roughing it” has only begun. HELP!

  • Paul Trussler

    I really want this.
    I am trying to win this so that I can wear it around my school during all night work sessions.

    Tuck into a nice sweat-sac for studio.

  • Paul Trussler

    missed the instructions.
    My last campfire was created during a hailstorm in the desert outside of LA. It was the most manly I have ever felt.

  • EMMA

    The last time I had a campfire I insisted on making s’mores and accidentally bought the GIANT supersized marshmallows. Best s’mores ever.

  • Ryan Oskin

    The last time I had a campfire was when I hiked 30 miles of the Appalachian Trail in New Jersey. It was the week before I started to go to college. I went with a few friends, some familiar and others unknown. Not only did the campfire allow for great conversation, but also introspection and some fears to rise to the surface. The fire was the best place for conversation since the creation of it only ends up being for talking.

  • The last campfire I had was with a few close friends about a month ago. It was my kids first introduction to Smores, and it was awesome!

  • Christopher

    I’ve never experienced a campfire before! But getting this napsack would entice me to!

  • stephen

    my last campfire wasn’t really a campfire but my cousins and I had to sleep in my aunt’s house in Connecticut. but there was no electricity because after the hurricane the tree in my aunt’s lawn fell and hit the electric pole. so my cousins and I had to sleep in the cold house to clean up the lawn next morning. Four of us were in our own sleeping bags and sitting on the sofa talking till the midnight. It wasn’t a campfire but it sorta felt like it!

  • Seth P.

    The last time I was around a campfire was a couple months ago when my friends and I backpacked out to a remote point on the Washington coast. We were the only ones around for miles and miles. As I sat on the beach with a few of my friends drinking in our handmade wind shelter, I thought “man, if this is what the aftermath of an apocalypse could be like, chilling on the beach, I’d be more than down.”

  • on the beach in san diego on a very cold and foggy day. we didn’t bring the wood so we had to scavenge but it worked.

  • Taylor

    I had campfire in my backyard on this September. Me and two other friends just sat there and talked about all of our high school antics (we have all been friends since 4th grade, we are 22 now). It was good to remind ourselves not to be so serious all the time. Although we have matured, somewhat created our own lives and kind of drifted apart we still can shoot the shit. We turn into 12 year olds again and it feels great! Nothing beats that feeling…

  • Aaron

    My last campfire was when I was camping with a bunch of techs that work at a mental hospital. Crazy stories!


    All this talk of campfires makes me hope this is flame-retardant! I even hope to find out myself.

  • ben

    five years ago. got in an argument with my girl friend, got kicked out of the tent and slept next to the fire. staring in to a fire is the best place just to sit and think.

  • The last time I was a part of a camp fire was a couple of months ago this fall when my roommates and fellow friends along with myself hosted a back yard open air restaurant. The campfire served a dual purpose, to both warm and entertain the many clients of the restaurant and to heat up the coals used for cooking the tasty food we’d serve.

  • Ann

    It’s been a while; but, Tomorrow, I’m actually going over to a friend of a friend’s house in Brooklyn for a backyard fire. A pre-holiday, yay it’s winter, grab some cider or whiskey hangout and meet some strangers (maybe I’ll snag a new friend in my newly adopted home city). I suspect there will be lots of weirdos, queers and dogs which suits me fine.

  • Rhonda

    ‘Twas on the marge of Lake Lebarge. Really.

  • I was camping in the wilderness of Yosemite National Park with my three brothers and my father, we carried 90 pounds each of food water and gear. A bear came into our area at night, I was frightened but no one was harmed. Later that day I was standing on top of Half Dome mountain

  • i made a little sun deck out of old palettes for my neglected fire pit.
    i wanted it to be the center of attention, surrounded by some beautiful plastic chairs i got from rite-aid.
    i wanted to motivate my friends to come drink and be merry.
    it took 3 weekends to build the stupid thing.
    about an hour after finishing, my landlord pulled up, told be it was “un-authorized”,
    and proceeded to dismantle it with a saws-all.
    that night i invited all of my buddies over.
    we drank and were merry.
    and we burned every single bit of that deck in my fire pit.

    heres a pic of the finished product before the destruction

  • Andrés

    It was almost a year ago, in january 2010 when I had my last campfire. It was just me and a spanish friend Iñas, we were hitchhiking through beaches of the mexican state of Oaxaca. The weather was pretty warm and we were in this magical beach called Chacahua, which has 10 miles of virgin shore between the sea and an inner lagoon with plankton that glows at night. We had been hanging out with friends till late at night and we wanted to wait for the sunrise so we built a campfire in the middle of the virgin shore with the dry wood from the shrubs. We didn’t expect it to get that cold with the breeze and the wind coming from the sea.

  • Molly

    The last time I had a camp fire was at my friends house in north Philadelphia. We sat on a precarious wooden beam atop the cement and watched wood pirated from our art school’s wood shop burn with pbr in our hands.

  • last time i pent the week in the woods was the end of summer, out on the gulf islands in BC canada. me and my buds trekked out by longboard, and hiked the rest in, it was an amazing week of psychedelics, long hikes, and some pretty killer photos. i do a lot of camping, so this would be perfect!

  • vroni

    I just want this wonderful sleeping bag, because I lost my last one in an earthquake in Christchurch…we had a miracle trip befor which ended quiet dramatically..all our stuff was gone, but we were alive, which was of course the most important an wonderful. But i do miss my lovely sleeping bag still which with I had so many stardust dreams around the globe.
    sooooo, thats why.

  • Meghan S

    Last time I had a campfire, it was in my backyard. Just because you don’t have a lot of money (or a car to get to a campground) doesn’t mean you can’t take a “camping trip”! As long as you have friends, beer, a fire and some snacks you can have an amazing time, I know I did!

  • katherine strickland

    Here in Texas we have the Burn Ban Blues. It’s been raining so I to have fire at Big Bend in January when I go.

    The last campfire I had was in Garner State Park in Texas — over a year ago!

  • Merlyn

    last time I had a campfire I told it to man-up

  • The last time I had a camp fire I was at a campground on the beach. It was a bit chilly and somewhat rainy but I was with friends. We danced on the beach around our fire and laughed all night. We woke up with the view of the water, the smell of campfire smoke, and the faint sound of waves hitting the sand.

  • Patrick

    Tofino on the beach, watching the sun go down and relaxing with good friends, with the sounds of the ocean in front of us.

  • Brawny Underwood


    Twas a very very cold night in the Sierra Nevadas. I was sitting (with my legs spread) very close to the campfire to keep warm. What I didn’t know was that as I sat reflecting on the day, the zipper on my jeans was simultaneously rising in temperature due to the fire. My decision to not wear underwear was a costly one. As I stood up to go to bed, my zipper and willy made contact, leaving a very nice zipper patterned burn on my penis. I now have a scar to remember that campfire by.


  • Andy

    My roommates and I made a fire pit in our backyard this summer and had fires fairly regularly. Probably illegal for a multitude of reasons, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

  • Jessica

    Last campfire: Watching the Man burn at Burning Man 2010. Thousands of people standing around a giant, wooden man, watching it burn and crackle to the ground. Huge pieces of the man would fall to the ground and hit, pushing dust into our faces. All of these people, from different backgrounds, ideals, as one group in awe over this giant campfire in the middle of the desert. It didn’t matter who’s eyes I met when that man was burning, we all had the same look: I can’t fucking believe this is happening.

  • Brett Rothmeyer

    About a month ago we had a fine fire pit campfire for 2 children in the fair city of Pittsburgh. It was the first campfire for our daughter and the first time for smores for both of them. I look forward to spending many camping weekends with those little scamps. That napsack sure would make it easier to deal with the briskness of there 6 am wake ups on fall mornings. happy trails!

  • jade

    Some friends and I went camping on the Mogollon Rim in northern Arizona. The trip was filled with amazing viewpoints, hikes, drunken singing, roasted vegan hot dogs, smores, Moctezuma’s Well, nights too cold and deep to sleep, naked swimming in a hidden gorge, body-painting with Arizona red rock mud, cliff jumping, a consequential fractured foot miles from any help (without any water in the middle of the high desert), more stars than I’d ever seen, and I fell in love (she and I have been together since). It reminded me that there is something more, greater and unified, that is embodied by the mountains, earth, and trees around us.



    Please. I want this so badly. I’m a musician from North Carolina, and tour often. It would be wonderful to have this. This summer, I toured from NC to WA. In one day we drove from colorado to nevada. The temperature went from 42 (in July!) to 117. I was not prepared for the low temps. With this piece of awesome, I would always be prepared!…and I would always be awesome! (maybe)

  • The last campfire we had was over the Labour Day weekend on our plot of land on Gambier Island. We don’t have a cabin or a vehicle on the island so we have to hike everything – including our kids – into the site.

    Sadly, the campfire wasn’t the highlight, waking up in the middle of the night to the sound of a falling tree was. Still give me the shivers.


  • I camped at my Occupy camp for nearly 60 days (at which point I was evicted…). Both my tent and sleeping bag were incredibly inadequate to keep me comfortable in a Canadian fall and winter. Often I would sleep in long underwear, wrap myself in a blanket, then zip myself up in my sleeping bag. I love camping, and I love fighting for social justice, but I don’t love a unshakable chill in my bones :s

  • Jonathan

    In the mountains outside of Grass Valley California my friends and I made a campfire out of large chunks of redwood in the falling snow-rain of late Spring.

  • Some friends–some old, some new–and I went camping near Lake Tahoe, and across the canvas of the black midnight sky was an awesome cosmic brushstroke of countless stars. Seeing the our galaxy like that made me feel simultaneously small and big.

  • Winsty

    I hope I’m not too late, but my last campfire story warrants sharing. On the first chilly day of November I walked out to my favorite abandoned cinder block factory (Northern Illinois’ answer to virgin wilderness) to do some reading and meditating. For the first time, I had worked up enough courage to scale the main facility, and found that the building had been derelict long enough for a birch tree to have grown and died on the mossy rot of its roof. As good artists and radicals, you should all know that there’s only one thing to do with dry wood on a wet roof, and that acts of criminal trespass are universally improved by the natural intimacy and warmth of burnin’ stuff. Furthermore, here’s a black and white print-out poster that I made from a photo of it.



  • alysia

    The last time I had a campfire was a time when I was a lot younger. It was my first time doing a campfire myself. I remember the brush being so damp it was damn near impossible. It was in the woods of an area near my parents home in Nova Scotia. On te edge of a lake…there was a beautiful sunset, which should have been an indicator to start a fire for light, but instead I was glued to the rock on the edge of the lake, sitting on that cliff, and becoming more inspired to oil paint by the clouds…oranges, reds and beautiful yellows, ambers. It was amazing. And then it ended, the fire we made was pretty great, small but great. I roasted marshmallows, it wouldnt be a proper campfire without them. I think we just let it burn down and fell asleep in our camping chairs around the fire…i can’t remember what I was thinking about, but it was a magical time.

  • Jake C

    It was in a back alleyway in the Netherlands. We almost got arrested.

  • Bets

    Last campfire? On the beach at Sandy Hook, NJ — right there with the Atlantic stretching out forever…

  • It was on a frozen lake in northern BC at midnight. We huddle around the fire of some locals we met and they told us stories about the area and shared their food with us.

  • marisa

    Last (failed) campfire was on a bike trip through Maine with a friend. After hours of poor navigation through torrential downpour we ended up at Where the Heck Are We Campground, which was quite descriptive of our location. Pouring rain denied us the fire, and thus a hot meal. instead we ate peanut butter. Lots and lots of peanut butter.

  • Jameson

    The last time I had a campfire I fell asleep to be woken up by friend hitting me. I angrily asked him what he was doing. The next day I found out that the fire had spat onto my sleeping bag and my friend was putting the flame out. :)

  • Fran

    Last time I was around a campfire was with my friends during senior year of high school. we were talking about we were going to do, college, work, girlfriends, hook-ups, getting drunk and high. Then we all decided to jump over fire until my friend slipped and almost burned half his body. Luckily he didn’t but if he did a napsack would’ve done the trick to take it out.

  • Alexander

    It was over a year ago. Hamburgers over an open flame, a tent under an open starry sky, and two dueling guitars.

  • Em

    Had a campfire after work one day last week. My boss and I drove 30 minutes out of the city to the lagoon and gathered old man’s beard and dried leaves. We sat on the beach and spent about an hour lighting the fire. Her dog snuffled contentedly and lolled in the sand. When the fire was lit we warmed a baguette on the stones and roasted weiners. We watched the sun set then headed back, past the waterfall.


    Last campfire: couple weeks ago out in the woods, nice music, nice pipes, nice hookah. Only thing missing was my napsack :)

  • Take 3!

    The last campfire…I guess two years ago, while on a road trip with Mr. R. McGinley and Co. While the majority of the camp slept, a group of 5 of us smoked a few joints around a dying fire while reminiscing about New York City and our lust (or lack there of) to return home.

  • Tristan

    Went camping in the Ozarks. Such a pretty night!

  • connie

    last time i had a campfire i lit my butt on fire (it was da best day of my life)

  • PLEASE!!!!!
    I have a firepit in the backyard. A few weeks ago some friends and I sat around, drank beers and had some deep deep conversations.
    My dad showed up and my buddy offered him some weed, very funny and very awkward. he said no.
    Id love to have one of these.

  • Ryan A.

    Last camp fire I had was with my friends up in Bon Echo. We had just gotten out of college for the summer and drove up there for a week of doing nothing but sitting around a fire and being in nature.
    I can’t wait to do something like that again.

  • Please tell me that this contest hasn’t closed yet!!

    The last time I spent time around a campfire was at Manning Park. The only thing missing was a POLER NAPSACK!

  • Mike

    New years day 2009. My father drove four hours and surprised me by showing up at my house. He took me out to meet up with my brother and my extended guy family who were all dirt bike riding. We arrived as the sun was setting over the valley and they were returning from riding that day. We set up our camp and started the fire, we drank a bunch of beers, good tequila, acted crazy and made one of my favorite memories. even the morning after was still rad.

  • Erik

    I went to Colorado last summer and camped out on a mountain. We decided to take a bunch of shrooms and do an acoustic jam around the camp fire. Before I even realized it, half of my djembe was on fire. I had to throw it into the fire to save myself. On the positive side, it provided great fuel for our fire the rest of the night.

  • Austin

    The last one was camping with the family. Pancakes were made.

  • Hey, throw a girl a bone. I live in a house built circa 1917 in Cleveland proper. I don’t have a warm place for my car because we don’t have a garage.
    Warm my body please.
    Thank you,
    a practicing artist in Cleveland with chilly spots in my house.

  • gabrielle

    i’ve lived in vermont all my life, so you think i would be used to the winters by now but i’m not. i would love one of these so i can be toasty warm while perusing booooooom and the sidebar links!

  • went camping in September. forgot to pack an axe. had to build the fire Man vs. Wild style.

  • Alexis

    Let’s see…. The last campfire I had was probably my friend’s birthday party. We all biked down to the beach, and built a huge bonfire and shared food. The evening ended with a bunch of us running into the ocean.

    Good times!

    alexis ka 39 at yahoo.com


  • Also: Last time camping was when I hiked 100 miles of Appalachian trail to get to Fall term of my senior year at Dartmouth College! Got attacked by a moose! Turns out September is rutting season. Woops.

  • The last time I was around a campfire was when I went camping with the Burnkit team at “Burnkit Island” (on Galliano somewhere I think?). Things got sloppy that night and the next morning I felt fine and watched the sunrise. I wanted to get some more rest, and it came over me fast.. I threw up INSIDE my sleeping bag, INSIDE the tent, exorcist style. It was EVERYWHERE. I had to wash all of my stuff in the ocean. I would greatly appreciate a new sleeping bag please.

  • david strong

    last campfire – the homestead cabins at denison university

  • caleb harrington

    the last time i had a campfire was during a family reunion everyone was drinking and having fun whilst me and my cousin sat about and drew, we had the great idea of taking a beer bottle and melting in in the fire pit, it melted just fine so we thought itd be a good idea to try and use a broken broom handle to blow some glass with, we made one orb and then the broom handle began to melt, the orb dropped and shattered but it was really fun!! next time im going to bring a blowers pipe.

  • Lindsey Schmitt

    The last time I sat around a campfire was this past fall in Duluth, MN. Even though it was freezing cold out and I felt like a human popsicle, my friends and I gritted our teeth and started a fire. The warmth thawed us out and eventually we became hungry so we roasted what the only meat we had at the time; a whole ham. It took forever and a half to cook and by around 2 am we had a nice warm feast. good times.

  • Christina D

    I had a foreign French exchange student over a few summers ago and gave her the pleasure of her very first S’MOREgasm that she’ll always remember (What, they don’t have S’mores in France?!)

  • Ben C

    Last time was at Bryce National Park. Temperature dipped below freezing and had to sleep in the van for the night.

  • Lore

    My story will be so buried I bet no one will see it!!

    The last time I had a bonfire I was up at my band-mates cottage in northern Ontario, it was last August. We hung out on the dock all day and by the bonfire all night. It was absolutely beautiful. By the bonfire I could be found whittling sticks or drawing things I could imagine lurking off in the darkness, just outside of the light of the fire. I wore my knitted poncho everyday but I know next year I’ll be much cozier if I win this lovely sleeping bag.
    Thanks for being awesome booooooom :)

  • Lucas M

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<It was in my yard><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

  • Kathy T.

    we camped at Rock am Ring in Germany – a huge Festival for Rock Bands.

  • The last campfire I was around I was backpacking in the Catskills, NY and I was so excited to bring my new hammock to sleep in and not carry my heavy tent. It rained all weekend and it was super hard trying to stay dry with a tarp filled with holes. We were able to make a fire just long enough to cook some soup. The warm soup was a savior in a cold rain until one of the cans exploded shooting boiling chicken noodle soup all over us. It was a relief to wake up to a clear morning to hike on out on the last day.

  • nathan f

    i haven’t gone camping in so long. my girlfriend and i are supposed to go camping when i get home from college and we finally have time together again. Maybe we’ll go to the white mountains in New Hampshire and just relax for a weekend. big camp fires and cold beers.

  • D2D

    Every year we celebrate the beginning of the vacation with a long night of campfire at my friends home.
    We get the cough and some seats outside and we go warming ourselfs at the fire.
    Once we made a campfire that burned 24 hours, nothing special, just for fun :) .

  • The last time I had a campfire, my parents were still together.

  • Gabe Garza!

    The last time I had one, I was the only one around it that didn’t cry and I felt badly because I wasn’t emotionally effected by the talk we were having, i wished I had a poler napsack to make me cozier at the time!

  • Annika

    The last time I had a campfire, I was with 99 other people and there were lots of cookies!

  • Lydia

    All my friends and I think summer made slower wreaths for our hair from our garden and made a ton food (pizza, salad, bread, wine-the veggies we grew ourselves!) and just as it started to get dark the fireflies began doing their summer glow dancing. We lit a fire and ate all of the wonderful food and then after one kid picked up her fiddle and another the guitar and we danced around like woebegone children.

  • Matt Smith

    The last time I had a campfire it was at Priest Lake, Idaho (the “crown jewel” of Idaho). We roasted wieners on eight foot sticks that bent toward the flicking flames, as multiple thunder storms rolled in down on the horizon. The breeze was warm and slow, as intertwining lightning bolts reflected on the massive black lake. Above the rolling clouds were green ribbons of Northern Lights. To describe this still and silent moment, with such vivid visual displays, is nearly impossible. I want a poler napsack more than ANYTHING, for future times on sandy beaches at the ends of the Earth.

  • last time my mom decided that she wanted to burn all of her garden trimmings and fallen branches, so we made a “campfire” in our backyard. and then the fire department came.

  • Pati

    OK- I know that I´m not a North American resident, I´m living in Germany (and it´s still cold here in winter). Last time I had a campfire was on a farm, we made some sausages (wurst) and stickbread (stockbrot). -> And next winter I will be visiting North America! Yipeeyyhh! I think I coud need it very much :)

  • ian

    i make fire every day

  • TK

    Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. It was pretty chilly!

  • Was in the south of Italy on the coast- we drank a bottle of wine (or three) and ascended a small hill that lead to an ancient cliff wall.

    My buddy scaled it and fell. Luckily, the wine kept him agile and he avoided certainly breaking a bone or two upon decent.

    After this, we found an abandoned school and had some radical fire-extinguisher fights as we ran through the old decrepit hall-ways n a drunken freeze-tag match.(our eyes couldn’t open in the morning do to the chemicals)

    Finally after all this we retired to the beach where we had been camping to find a pack of wild dogs sleeping outside our tents.


  • wes

    the last time we had a campfire was at our kitchen table during a makeshift christmas party last week. for fuel we used two matchsticks, three lentil beans and a cinnamon pinecone (replacing chestnuts) all in a mason jar. the fire provided a small sum of light for an epic 8 person a game of Jenga on the floor of our TINY (ironic caps lock) living room. Urban living creates for itself new restrictions and therefore new creative possibilities and potential for the definition of a campfire. These lines from Home Alone were our matra as the night ended… “hey kev, its cool you didn’t burn the place down.” “thanks buzz.”

    if fuller sleeps in my poler napsack, he’s gonna wet the bed.

  • Carolyn G

    The last campfire was in our yard because we have a fire pit and we decided to take advantage of the cool Fall air in early Novemeber and enjoy the fire pit the last time until SPring.

  • Brian

    It was a bonfire with my friends on a beach north of Ventura, CA. It was our last hurrah before we all set off on our sophomore years of college.

  • annie

    When my grandpa died, my whole family had a campfire in my cousins’ backyard in his honor. He loved camping. We shared memories of him that night as we sat around the fire.

  • Holden

    My last campfire was in a dream. I could see myself in its presence from outside of my body. I wasn’t dead, I think.

  • Julia Kansas

    me, big time!

  • george

    last campfire: the homies nd me drove and hour and a half into the woods of east Tennessee and discovered that the ground was too rocky to set up a tent anywhere so we just got drunk by the campfire and slept in the car

  • Jesse

    It was up one of the beautiful canyons of northern Utah. Me, my girlfriend, a few buddies, we had such an enjoyable time. The air was fresh, the flames were warm, and the conversation plesant. Just good vibes overall.

  • Last time I had a campfire was on the beach this fall. Cold, windy, and sandy, but surrounded by good people.

  • Leanne

    Every summer we have bacon fest….pounds of bacon and lots of beer in the backwoods around a fire. What more do you need?

    well maybe a napsack

  • The last campfire I had was in my backyard, on halloween. I live in Pittsburgh, PA and that particular day we got about 4 inches of snow. We swept a path using a pushbroom to our fire pit and continued our fire celebration anyway. This created a virtual mud pit that is pretty much still in our backyard.


  • Krista

    my last campfire was at a music festival this summer!

  • Ana

    Jeff, you know tumblr, right? so, on the latest tumblr meeting i atend I am always getting colds because there is nowhere warm for us to meet up. Come on. You could be saving my life here.

    And unfortunately I never had or make a camp fire. I wish though. I don’t know if it’s just my country that is stupid or if it’s me and my social retardation. I don’t have many friends.

  • the last time I had a campfire was in owen sound ontario at my friends house after swimming all day up in Tobermorey. it was one of the best days of the whole summer.

  • Kyle

    On a 12000 mile 4 month road trip from Florida to Alaska and everywhere in between and back. The most memorable camp fire was while backpacking the Olympic coast of Washington on desolate driftwood beaches perched at the tree line looking outward to the Pacific ocean as the days sun sets in awe inspiring fashion.

  • Gillian Goldstein

    It was mad cold in Brooklyn last winter so i threw a match in a garbage can and tried to roast stolen hotdogs, but the fire department showed up and we had to get out of there.

  • Jake

    Last time I went camping was in California at San Onofre State Beach. Me and five best guy friends all got in one SUV and drove from Salt Lake City to San Diego. We spent three nights at San Onofre, camp fires every night, beach all day every day. Fish tacos, peanut butter and jelly…
    I could go on. Or I could take pictures of the next time we go… while I wearing a Poler Napsack.

  • Sharon

    the last time i had a campfire was at yosemite, California. it was last minute so no much preparation. 5 girls altogether and no one knew how to make fire. we had smores with marshmallows pierced through sticks of woods we found on the ground and to melt them we used portable gas stove. i delayed my urgency of taking a piss til the next morning due to the fear of bears…and ghosts. had a rough night trying to sleep in the cold. the sleeping bag and 5 layers of sweaters did not help much. Poler napsack is just what i need :D

  • maya

    The last time I had a campfire was on the Oregon coast way too long ago. About two years ago. I found a dried up stump and tore it apart. I turned my jacket inside out and used it like a basket to carry back to our campsite. I felt overly proud.

  • Lester

    I don’t know which friday you mean, but hopefully next friday…here goes:


    Last time I had a campfire it was in Tofino, BC. Some kind of small creature had gotten into our food supplies during the first night (something small and clever enough to open a zip without breaking it). All that had been left for breakfast the next morning was a box of Kraft Dinner.
    Being British this was only my second encounter with Kraft Dinner – and eating it out in nature makes you realise just how fluorescent it is. They should do a Kraft Dinner colorway for the Napsack.
    Anyway, It was disgusting, and after a few mouthfuls we threw it in the fire and watched it burn. This was much more satisfying than eating it.

  • Lauren

    the last time i had a campfire was at my room mate’s 21st birthday. we got together our closest friends and went camping. after a long day of swimming, hiking, and eating a large quantity of delicious food, we slept outside around the campfire. it was a fucking wonderful night.

  • Justin Pelletier

    Me and a couple of nerds I call friends were shift shaping a jump up in the beautiful seymour backcountry. We were digging late into the bitter night and roasted hotdogs to keep our protein levels through the roof!

  • I went camping last night.

  • the last time i was in a campfire, my boy scout friends made chocolate rice!!!

  • marie

    that was around 3 years ago with my friends back in Europe.. since then haven’t had the chance to go camping and i miss that.

  • nicole

    We were sitting around the campfire, reeking of bat shit, picking out the dirt from the spaghetti that ended up on the ground. (Totally my fault – woops! Extra minerals that night.) It had been a solid day of caving, jumping a couple of pits and exploring some crawly passage in the bottom. I was only stuck once, the general policy being that as the only girl I was the smallest, and if I couldn’t get through, no one could, so I was the guinea pig for the tighter spaces. We had scraped most of the dirt off of ourselves, looking mighty fine strolling through Walmart with mud caked to our hair, hungrily clutching bags of spaghetti. Kicking off our boots around that campfire was fantastic, never mind the slight grit in our dinner.

  • James Rothman

    About a year ago I took a trip to Cairo, Egypt with some close friends while studying abroad in Greece. In Cairo we became close with some locals and decided to travel with them out to the desert to go sand boarding. As the sun began to set, we started a fire and gathered around for an authentic Egyptian meal. Some time later, a local pulled out some hand drums along with a hookah from his jeep. We passed the hookah around the circle while others played the drums, which led to some of us getting up to dance around the fire. We all sang, played, and danced around the fire as the sun went down behind the dunes. It was a beautiful end to a breathtaking day.

  • Last summer in Ludington, Michigan surrounded by friends and lots of laughs before high school resumed. It was a little serenity before reality set in. It was sublime.

  • Emma D

    The closest thing I’ve had to a campfire in the last few months is roasting marshmallows over the little blue flames from my friend’s gas stove. A real campfire wasn’t in the cards, as it had rained on her woodpile a few day’s prior. We successfully dragged the outdoors indoors and had a splendid time munching on s’mores and watching movies.

    If that isn’t in the spirit of the napsack, I don’t know what is.

  • Janice

    End of summer at a friend’s place in Ohio. Discovered the glorious walke talke app.

  • Abbey Bennett

    Last campfire was on the beach in Victoria BC, great company, great weather, beautiful ocean staring us in in the faces. I remember ripping off my birkenstocks and running on the beach to get to the location before the prior group doused the existing fire. Couple of great guys from France- they stayed with us for a while before moving along.


  • I actually JUST had A HUGE BONFIRE. The flames were atleast 20 feet high and we had to get a permit to be able to do it.

    On another note, I live in Eastern North Carolina. Around 11:30pm every night, the wild coyotes start howling at the moon. It is really creepy and really AWESOME. I want to be able to sit outside and listen. With this I can, comfortably!

    Pick me!

  • South America, killing some empenadas with sugar, and the sugar was filled with ants.

  • gill.man.cam

    I went camping over the summer with my Kung fu school….which was the same weekend of Hurricane Irene. The plan was to go canoeing down the Saco river in Maine. Smart minds would think the trip would of been cancelled, but having supernatural kung fu skills we opted to go. 11 of us, braved the hurricane and enjoyed the sunny warm weather. Though it was only one night at the campsite, due to being forced to leave b/c of the hurricane, we made the most of it.

  • adam

    Here is a funny one that happened when I first started diving.

    While doing a night dive with my buddy at the Waterford Boat Launch, he insisted on planning the dive. So we dove straight out 25 yards off the boat launch. I saw the fishermen on the point and insisted we go out another 25 yards and he refused. So we descended to 20 ft and proceeded with our dive with him pulling the flag that belonged to me. We became separated for a few minutes and still could see each other’s lights. Then his light disappeared. Suddenly my buddy came out of the darkness and lunged at me with the widest terrified eyes I’ve ever seen. He frantically demanded we surface immediately. As we surfaced he kept saying that someone down there was pulling at him. I told him we were the only ones down there. Then we heard a voice. HEY!! YOU SNAGGED OUR LINES!!!! Oh it was the fisherman.

    But the story gets worse. After the dive we were approached by the D.E.P. checking us for lobster which rushed us into putting the gear away. The next day a heat wave set in and my car smelled a bit like the sea. The next day my car smelled a bit like fish. The next day it was OH THE HUMANITY WHATS THAT SMELL!!! I opened the trunk to see the mangled fish head from the fisherman’s line still attached to my flag that I kept in the trunk. Grosssssss

  • joey

    the last time i had a fire was at the last night at summer camp. we had a fire everyday, and at the last one we all talked about our time there. we were the 16 year olds there, and for many of us it was our last time there. it was a great time.

  • Camping in Jasper, AB. The wood was wet so I had to sit beside the fire the whole night, constantly fanning it – then an elk walked through our campsite. Awesome trip!

  • Big Sur California!!! We had a beautiful camp site right on a bluff overlooking the ocean. We had a little fire and then later on the stars were so bright we put out the fire and just watched the sky. Love those moments. Definitely could use a Poler napsack, so nice to hang out in when it’s cold! how many people can you fit in those??

  • about a year ago, while in college, i lived with musicians, artists and hippy purists. after a four year legacy of living in the same house, newell house, which became known for its incredible wednesday night jam sessions and where creative souls were drawn to as if a gravitational pull stronger than the sun was acting upon them, it was time for us to leave.

    camping out in our backyard was as common as sleeping in one’s own bed at this house, so a week before we had to move out, we hosted a moving away party, bring your own sleeping bag status. now, we’ve had campfires in our backyard before, but the one we created that night was of epic proportions. you see, we had a lot of furniture that had gathered in the backyard over the years and my roommate, adam, who was barefoot, shirtless and drunk at the time, began to look at everything outside, which had to be thrown away anyway, as possible fire fuel. first, a modest table and a few wooden chairs were tossed on. next went the futon mattress and then, not one, but two recliners. the flames that a living room of furniture had made were towering above a silent crowd all looking up in awe. the flames were so tall they licked the power-lines overhead and from my bedroom window on the second floor, i was eye level with the flames and could feel their heat.

    the fire was dangerous and stupid and were lucky we didn’t burn the neighborhood down, but it was beautiful. so fucking beautiful to stand there together, at that house, with the people i’ve grown to love in the glow and warmth of a swarming fire. it was watching an era come to an end and it was the welcoming of a new unknown beginning.

    . . .and in the morning, we all awoke in a bath of ash and we were cleansed.

  • The last time there was a campfire… unfortunately is the same as the other times I go camping, A love hate situation. This is because I am actually allergic to most things outdoors including grass and trees. However, I love to torture myself with nature so I continue to go camping whenever I get a chance. I will fight the good fight, and hopefully I can at least be warm even if I can’t breathe.

  • Babs

    Last time I was around a campfire, I was tripping acid with about 8 friends. We picked a massive tree root structure to burn.
    Someone mentioned that it was “3AM….!” and everyone else promptly went to bed, leaving three of us around the campfire. We ate a few more hits, and watched the fire for hours. It started to look like a glowing red fetus and my friend Gilbert asked “Did we burn a baby last night?”

  • Norton

    Secret cabin in southern Ohio! Fire, fresh venison, good people….but the best part is no cellphone service! We slept outside because the weather was so nice for mid-september. The Hocking Hills is a great place to get lost and reconnect with yourself and nature for a week or so before fall semester.

  • lauren

    The last time I had a campfire was in Lake Tahoe in October. We made S’mores and I read Roald Dahl’s “The Pig” aloud to my friends (with special voices of course!)

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  • tommy

    the last time i made a campfire was in a boxcar

  • I am an Eagle Scout. A campfire appears before me when I sit down.

  • My front yard this summer. I had spent the day hiking in the mountains with a friend I was getting to know. We hiked Little Si, in the Cascades near Seattle, WA and wound up hanging out at my house afterwards. For some reason or another, there was a futon in my front yard, so we sat outside on the futon and talked until it got dark. It was getting cold, so we made a fire and continued to talk. There was a long silence between us which was broken by him asking if this was when we were supposed to cuddle. Super sweet! So we cuddled, and as I had my face nestled in the nape of his neck, I realized something I had not realized before, just how much I enjoyed spending time with this boy. Not only that, but I also fancied him. I had recently had my heart broken, so I hadn’t been thinking about such things at all, but at that moment, it couldn’t be helped. We spent the rest of the night in my front yard by the fire and fell asleep in each others arms. He has a really cute butt!

  • john

    My daughter and I have pretend campfires almost daily! We sprinkle scraps of paper and other garbage on the dog while he sleeps and we put shoes around him to contain the blaze. Make sure you have a flashlight made out of tin foil in case you need to go find more wood.

  • Napsackdroolin

    My buddy richie shit himself at the last campfire, it was hilarious and cold and thank god the fumes were encased in his own shit laden pants. Definitely willl remember that for forever.

  • kat

    The last time I had a campfire was on San Juan Island, Washington with some fellow friends at the Center for Whale Research. It was a circle of comrads who all had one thing in common – their love for the Pacific Northwest and for the whale they call killer. This campfire kept us warm on this cold ocean-side night, but to us it also meant something more.

    These local orcas are endangered, and you may ask “What does this have to do with a campfire?”, the answer is – everything. Campfires represent more than just warmth, they bring people together, they bring ideas together. On this specific night, everyone was telling a tale, and singing a song. I brought my guitar, my colleague sang an Irish drinking song, we cheered and poured down our whiskey. We discussed our research and the future of these magnificent marine mammals. We created a bond that will never be forgotten.

  • Scout Finch

    Last campfire I had was unplanned and 0% fun. It was in the middle of nowhere, in the Montana wilderness, down a very long, lightly used forest service road in a snow storm in the dark. For reals. Was going to pick up a friend who had to leave his hunting party early. We were to meet at a trail head. After many switchbacks and icy hills, I finally found him (he’d been waiting in the dark for an hour!) After apologizing and regrouping, we turned around to head back out, only my damn minnie van wouldn’t go up any, but one icy hill I had just gone down! Literally panicked for hours trying different gears, throwing twigs on the ice for traction, all in vein. So we decided to save gas (turned off heater/engine) and made a fire. Luckily my pal had the fixings for a decent fire that we took turns tending to. We’d separate only to walk up a hill to check our phone signals and used the fire as a beacon to find the way back. After a cold night sleeping in the back of the van, a random hunter drove by in the afternoon with the most beautiful pick-up truck I had ever seen. He gave us pop tarts, instant cappuccinos, and chained up my van. He pulled us up every single hill! Was such a relief (and was no longer thought to be missing)! This was the only time I stupidly failed to pack an emergency sleeping bag in my van, something I do every winter! Would have been much more bearable (100% fun) with a poler sack!

  • sarah e.

    I went camping this September in Montana and I have this weird thing, where I don’t like getting too close to people when I’m sleeping. Because I didn’t want to join this small tent that wasn’t built for five people, I slept in my car. It would have been way warmer in a tent sharing heat, especially when my brother lost my sleeping bag in India and so what I used, was anything to keep me warm. The blankets weren’t sleeping bag quality, so I didn’t sleep a lot, but I suppose that’s what camping is about. It would be nice though for my next camping trip, to be able to use a Poler Napsack to cocoon myself during the night and emerge as a well rested and toasty girl! If not, maybe my pug will spoon with me instead…

  • Cindy

    for my sculpture class’ final we made an outdoors simulation of smores making, in trying to address the theme of “making a hard place soft”. posting outside of the schools library during finals week, as well as the main gym during finals week we brought a campfire to the hard working students!


    Then for the sculpture final we did the simulation again for the class and projected the video upon the wall !


  • Wow so many great campfire stories here – impossible to choose i had so many favourite answers – im gonna give the third napsack to LAUREN. Check your inbox!!!

    Have no fear everyone, you have one more chance to win a napsack!


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