27.12.11 by Jeff

Ghost Knigi / Book Giveaway

Benjamin Sommerhalder Ghost Knigi Nieves book giveaway
Ghost Knigi is a beautiful children’s book by Benjamin Sommerhalder, editor of Nieves books. I’d like to give away a copy of this book to someone who has a kid, who has one?

Benjamin Sommerhalder Ghost Knigi Nieves book giveaway

Benjamin Sommerhalder Ghost Knigi Nieves book giveaway

Benjamin Sommerhalder Ghost Knigi Nieves book giveaway

Benjamin Sommerhalder Ghost Knigi Nieves book giveaway

Benjamin Sommerhalder Ghost Knigi Nieves book giveaway

Benjamin Sommerhalder Ghost Knigi Nieves book giveaway

Benjamin Sommerhalder Ghost Knigi Nieves book giveaway

If you want to snag a copy of Ghost Knigi tell me your kid’s name and who he or she is named after! Although I can’t actually verify your answers, it would be nice if this actually went to a parent out there!

This giveaway is open worldwide.

I’ll pick a winner on Monday January 2nd!



Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Megan Tilley

    My child is called Alice and she is named after Alice in Wonderland, she absolutely loves fairytales and all things fantastical so I think she would love this book!!! Plus it’s absolutely beautiful! Well done!

  • I’ve got 2 kids!

  • And I fail at reading. :)

    My oldest kid is Francis and she’s named after Kurt Cobain’s daughter.

    My youngest kid is named Eline and she’s named after noone :)

  • Kunal Basu-Dutta

    I’m not a parent, but I am an older brother to Aditya. The name is a reference to the sun which kind of relates to my father’s name. And I know that he’d enjoy this book. Of course, we’d probably fight a bit to see who reads this first.

  • ada

    hi! my children’s name is Pietro Zanchettin, haha, he knows nieves and ghost knigi, but I didn’t know they published a book about it! thanks! ;)

  • I have two kids :-)

  • Amber Ladd

    I have a son, Aidan. His initials are DAL, after his father, and his father before him. Aidan is 5 and would love this book.

  • Joel Van Egmond

    my child is non existant but i will concive her after i win this book.

  • Leticia

    I have a kid sister (she has just turned 8), for what it’s worth.

  • I don’t have a kid, but I’ve got a goddaughter (Myrthe) who’ll soon be reading her New Year’s letter to me in return for a present. I wish her English knowledge wouldn’t solely consist of phrases she learned from Hannah Montana, so if I win this book I’ll try to lure her away from the TV and give her something beautiful to read.

  • Roger

    I have a ten month old girl. Named izzy after izzy stradlin from guns and roses! She’s the best thing ever and loves her books

  • Ksenia

    I have a son, his name is Noel. He wasn’t named after Christmas or Noel Gallagher (we do enjoy them both though). Noel means “a lock” in Hebrew.

  • Dad

    My 9 year old son’s middle name is Indy – after Indianna Jones & The Raiders of the Lost Ark.

  • Marti

    My children are older but I love illustrated books myself.

  • This book looks amazing! I’m always searching for interesting concepts and illustrations in children’s books for my daughter, Hazel. She was named after one of my grandmother’s good friends. Her middle name is Marie, after my grandmother. Two missed ladies whose names have been bestowed upon a very precocious little imp. :-)

  • I have an average of 30-50 children a day in my cultural enrichment programs, their names ‘the club kids’ and they would truly enjoy this wonderful story from far away. Wouldn’t it be grand to use it as a launch to write our own and then share it back in turn.

  • allison

    my son’s name is corgan…
    he rules.
    he’ll be 6 in january.
    i love him.
    i love the smashing pumpkins too…

  • my son is on the way and will be here on march 15th.

    his name is julian, and we named him that because it sounds like an artist’s name (my hopes for him are obvious). it also helps that he shares a name with julian schnabel, julian casablancas, julian assange, and julian lennon. :)

  • rui

    Matias and Artur are my sons names

  • My youngest brother’s name is Zane. He is 11 years old an was named after a close family friend. He loves to read and wants to illustrate books when he grows up.

  • allison

    my son is corgan…
    he is almost 6.
    he rules.
    i love him…as well the smashing pumpkins…

  • Manuel Morales

    I’m a child : (

  • Do future children or pets count? I want this anyway.

  • tara

    my nephews name is miro and he wasn’t named after anyone but they thought it was a cool sounding name. he is 6 weeks old :-)

  • Sabrina

    My daughter’s name is Bea, or Beatrix, from the novels starring Beatrix Potter.

  • My girl’s name is Lily, she’s awesome, and she isn’t named after anyone. HERE SHE IS! http://hrtbps.com/post/14025871044

    • Look at her little face though!

  • me. I have two lovely crazy girls.

  • jo

    i’d love to give this to my little three year old roommate, estelle. her native language is swedish but i’m trying to teach her some english right now!

  • My friend Su. She is fighting against the odds of dying from cancer.
    Su very like illustration.
    Gift she, it’s a meaningful present.

  • Lucas

    I don’t have a kid but I have a 5 year old brother. His name is Samson, he is a beast.

  • my 6 mth old lil guy’s name is Luke, named after nobody in particular, just wanted a one syllable name. (nick name, chubby chubby, given to him by the lil girls ’round town. heh heh.)

  • Dawn

    My 3-year-old is named Raspberry. My partner and I found out we were pregnant at about 7 weeks. I Googled and found that the fetus was about the size of a raspberry at that time, so we decided to call it that. And the name just stuck.

  • Carla Pullum

    My daughter name is Waimea named after Hawaii Red Water!

  • Hi! My daughter’s name is Boryana (in our Bulgarian language this means “feisty, resilient, strong-willed”. With her father we just liked the name and the connotation. Thanks for the opportunity and merry holidays!

  • Adriabeta

    My daughter’s name is Eva. I just wanted a name that was easy to write and pronounce in different occidental languages. It is also short and I like that. We love books at home, and therefore she likes them too.
    I think your book is lovely. Good luck with it!

  • Andrew

    My daughter’s name is Isla Scout. We call her Scout after the character in To Kill A Mockingbird.

  • Leanne

    My daughter is Lucy after a Peanuts character, a comedienne, a Beatles song, and Liv Tyler’s character in a favorite movie. Because she is feisty, funny, whimsical, and beautiful.

  • Our son’s name is Dante. And he is named after an argentinian singer and raper called Dante Spinetta, son of the songwriter, Luis Alberto Spinetta.

  • I don’t have children yet but I have a wonderful niece which I spend a lot of time with. She is only three and incredibly creative and intelligent for her age. Her name is Zoe (meaning «life»). She’s full of energy – she’s my little princess, I hope I could read that book with her!
    Please. It would be such a wonderful christmas gift!

  • georgi popov

    NO KIDS!!! Ladies…. :p xD xD xD

  • Craig Campbell

    My amazing girlfriend has a little girl called Modesty who is 8 year old, she would love this book so much!

  • I am like a kid, can I get one, ;D…my name is Marina…and I everybody tells me different story about my name…I guess it is because everybody didn’t want my dad to call me Norma Rapsodia, lol…but enough about me, I don’t have a kid but I am a godmother to a little boy called Jakov…and I would love to read him the book :)))

  • April

    My son’s name is Wylie Rex, named after both of his grandfathers. Wylie is the perfect name for my wily rapscallion of a son. Rex comes from my grandpappy that looked just like Paul Newman and wore cowboy snap button shirts all of the time. I had to commemorate him – he killed it.

  • Sofia

    My kid’s named Malena, after a tango song by Homero Manzi.

  • Heather Tumey

    My kids’ name is Zuri. I always get asked what the hell that means and now thanks to apple I get “Did you misspell Siri?!?”
    Zuri means beautiful in Swahili and I think she is.

    She has to put up having one of her moms be a photographer. Pity her and give her a book?

    • Julien

      “Zuri” is how people from Zurich -where Nieves was founded- call their city!

  • Ari

    ooo that’s a shame I’m not a parent :/

    but I might be someday…hopefully.

    aaaand when I do become a proud parent I shall name my daughter Penelope (inspired from Greek mythology) or Phoebe (inspired from greek mythology too) which means bright and pure. And also because who doesn’t like Phoebe from Friends.

    Howevaa, if It’s a boy I shall name him Patrick because the name Patrick reminds me of colour green and kindness. Maybe it’s because all the Patricks I’ve met in my life so far are lovely, but not green.

    Finally, I think it will be cool to give my kids names starting with the same letter.
    This way I can be like “P AND P BREAKFAST IS READY!”

    I think it’s a terrific idea.

    but they can also change their name if they don’t like it when they grow older.

    I mean we live in a free world so yeah why not.

    I just happened to be lucky enough to like my name.

    the end.

    have a nice day :)

  • Jon

    My son is almost two, and his name is Gavin. My wife loves Gwen Stefani, and Gavin is her husband. I like the name Gavin because his name means “Hawk of Battle”.

  • jim hensley

    Son Adan is spelled that way after aunt Dana. Middle name Edward after uncle.

  • Jeremy Wedel

    I have 3 children.
    Josiah (9) named for an Israelite king
    Ethan (7) his middle name is shared with his grandfathers on both sides
    Kaylee Jayne (4) picked because we liked the sound of the name, but afterwards we realized both names appear in a certain short-lived Space Cowboy series.

    I just had all 3 on the couch with me for bedtime stories. We read “If you take a mouse to the Movies,” and part of “King Smurf” (graphic novel), and “The Name of This Book is Secret.”


  • Jerry van Heerikhuize

    Our baby boy was born in september and would love to hear a ghost story. He’s called Flynn and is a quiet and happy kid.

    Happy newyear !

  • Lisa price

    I would love to give this as a present to my best friend who is expecting her first baby! I know I myself am not a parent but she soon will be and I would love to be able to read this to my new ‘niece’/’nephew’!

    She doesn’t know what she is having so I can’t give you names but her name is Kelly and I know she would absolutely love a copy of your amazing book!

    It’s beautiful!


  • Julien

    You know i’d be ready to conceive a kid to win this book? Unfortunatelly, i’d be too long so let’s just say “Stevie” after Stevie Nicks or “Steve” after Steve Winwood. Yeah, i like the sound of it.

    Happy new year!

  • Hi booooooom master, my daughter is drooling over this book. Problem his that the book is on my screen, so she’s drooling over my screen… Kiss from France

  • Anthony Michael

    – This is actually the name of my little brother. I’m choosing his name since the story around it and my own name is a bit of a funny tale.

    Well I was supposed to originally be named Anthony, but when the nurses came in to record my name my mother had already passed out/fallen asleep after delivering me. So the nurses proceeded to ask my father, whom spoke very little English at the time since he had newly immigrated to America.

    He wasn’t sure what exactly they were asking of him, but proceeded to sign his name on the dotted line on the certificate, thinking they wanted his signature for some hospital bill or the like… turns out he had signed off and given me his name without him knowing, to the dismay of my mother when she had awoke.

    I was supposed to be named Anthony. Well we now have an Anthony in the family, fast forward many years later when my little brother was born.

  • Connor Lawless

    My daughter is called Kira.
    She’s named after Kira from The Dark Crystal which was one of my favourite films!
    Love Brian Froud and Jim Henson that film was perfect just like Kira!

  • Oguzhan

    My son is named Kaan. And that is after my middle name.

  • really hard to pick just one winner here – but i had to choose so….

    JEREMY WEDEL you’ve won yourself the book!

    • Jeremy Wedel

      Thank you very much.

      The book arrived yesterday. Tonight we read it as one of our bedtime stories. Afterwards, I asked the boys for their thoughts. Both said they enjoyed the story, especially the page with all the colours. Tomorrow I’ll read it to the youngest.

      For anyone wondering, the production quality of this book is marvellous. From the paper, to the binding, to the story and artwork; you can tell it’s crafted with care.

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