04.01.12 by Jeff

Being Elmo

Being Elmo: A puppeteer's journey film by Constance Marks
“Being Elmo”, a film by Constance Marks about Sesame Street’s Senior Puppet Coordinator and creator of Elmo, Kevin Clash. This is a must-see documentary if there ever was one! Magical from beginning to end.

Watch the trailer below!


  • http://www.jeffhamada.com/ Jeff

    when will they release a box set of sesame street? i will pay $$$$$$$$$$$ when they do

  • http://www.vexiermedia.de Michael

    There is a BEHIND THE SCENES of Henson’s LABYRINTH from 1986. It’s magnificent! Here’s part one: http://youtu.be/9Qd8IEQSxDQ

    • http://www.jeffhamada.com/ Jeff

      thanks for this link – i love watching this stuff

  • http://www.seanminogue.com Sean

    Cool-looking doc, but 0:28 is gonna give me nightmares…


      haha… THATS EXACTLY WHAT I WAS THINKING. terrified.

  • http://www.joeybates.com Joey


  • Joostthehost

    Wow! This gave me goosebumps!

  • http://www.trendspiration.blogspot.com Sophie

    This trailer made me cry! In a good way I think ha!