19.01.12 by Jeff

Tock Tock / Giveaway

Tock Tock Clock Dubbleyou Giveaway

Sara Spence makes these nice little custom Tock Tock clocks and she’s letting me give one away! So who wants it?

If you’d like to snag the clock let me know what colour you’d want it to be, in the comments below! Get creative/ridiculous with the name of your colour and I’ll let Sara pick a winner next Friday! Maybe she’ll even make your clock that colour!


Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Charlene

    Helpless green!

    • Jade

      Uluru sunset beige

  • ‘burnt cucumber’ face with ‘raw labia’ hands.

  • Hi,

    I’d love to have it in blue/grey thx! Gimme, gimme…

  • Ciara

    rainbow cotton candy

  • snor

    an anthracitey-shade of caput mortuum mixed with razzmatazz please.

  • RUZA

    Octarine – the eighth color – sort of greenish-yellow purple…

  • Dominik

    Yeah – i want this clock because i can´t read numbers and with this clock i dont have this Problem – also it is possible to travel back or forward through time ! I turn it arround and voila ! ;)

  • crisp menthol green & warm dutch orange

  • steven

    Butt Pink!

  • The same color as the internet if SOPA passes; all black with red accents (tape) all over.

  • haretino

    i would like to have that clock in Pigeon Grey

  • Daniel

    Fallow with a hint of new hampshire old man granite gray please.

  • Paynes Grey (PANTONE 5435 U) Face, Lion Brown (PANTONE 7427 U ) Hour & Minute Hand and Rust Brown (PANTONE 609 U)) Second Hand. That’ll look epic!!!!!!

  • a smokey bar worktop with cherry martini hands

  • betibup

    BLUE OCKY CLOCKY, to melt it with the ocean and the sky!

  • farfelu

    A warm hue of omgoshisitthatera with overtones of mellowed whogivesamonkiesville and just a glow of sparkles please.

  • Mockingbird gray with tuilles biscuit hands :)

  • Rob

    Baby vomit yellow.

  • I’d love to have it in stone grey with peach minute/hour hand and black second hand. amazing clock!!! love it

  • yubey

    I want it the color “Glen.” or maybe like a light “Schindler’s List. If not let me have a “Leaky Basement” or any similarly relating menstrual shade.

  • A sunshine yellow base with grey clock hands. Would be lovely to wake up looking at the sun :)

  • Nena

    Colour of sorrow and hue of sadness, shades of tears and a tint of loss. And if possible, the clock would go backwards to the happy days and stop there, please.


    either space-lime continuum or greylight savings or chrome-ometry or maybe retroblueturism?

  • Rosaline

    I’ll have a helpsyouwithexamsGolden-clock!

  • Jax

    What colour is despair, what hue my regret?

  • tanne

    Actually, the color of the clock on the picture is exactly the right color for my apartment ;)

  • kate

    a ray of 1000 dreams against the shadows

  • Aidan

    I would like mine to be Donkey coloured

  • a little kneegrow black and porcelain white are beautiful!

  • leah

    if i win, i would love a dark thoughts face and sunshine on the horizon hands. thanks!

  • Lennart

    either golden boy (6years of washing) gold or scary cold gore-tex please.

  • I think Vintage Fruit Mold(#9fc2b1) and Burnt Summer Sand Snake(#d1c794) would be a great combination!

  • ron

    I’d like one early morning sunshine gras green

  • Leopard spotted, because it’s just the right amount of erotic i need in my bedroom..

  • black on black on black. that way i will never know what time it is and will never be early/late for anything ever again..

  • The colour that dreams are made of, full of hopes, dreams, love, happiness, art, craft and lively yummy cake :-)

  • Slapped face pink and hands of clay please

  • Seb McLauchlan

    taupe please

  • David

    tear drop blue.

  • Fabian

    You know Malcolm in the middle? What was this crazy collor again, that Reese inventend?

    “When you mix blue and yellow together, you get a totally new colour! I call it… Blellow!”
    -> awsome german version:

    Yes, i guess blellow for the arms and #3×6 for the rest of the clock would be awsome…



    Sonic the Hedgehog blue.

  • Bain of my existence blue. because time is just some numbers that make me late all the time. :-D

  • ‘Velvet Blue’ face with ‘Pismo Dunes’ hands. I shall name it ‘The Lynchian Chronograph’

  • Lisa

    Elephant’s Breath with a waterproof Goldfish finish please.

  • Kristina


  • Najet

    Carrier Pigeon Grey, with School Bus Orange hands!

  • shc

    klein blue!

  • Guy

    (S)teal, teal with metalic/grey stripes down like prison bars (but nicer)

  • If time doesn’t actually exist and happens to be a man-made invention, I would like to see a glass/plastic clock face to contemplate its own existence. But then I would add some bright, bold colors on the hands because humans are badass for inventing something as cool as time!

  • First sunrise over the Antarctic after the dark season. That colour.

  • I would like my tock tock clock to be Tock the watchdog Ecru with a dash of time killing occupy violent hostaperm
    Thank you
    :) xx

  • Evelyn

    I’d love a clock in Nyan Cat colour.

    heres the song as a refresher.. nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan …

  • A Tock Tock clock with Razors Edge Purple w/ Powder Blue Minute Hands & a Canary Yellow second hand.

  • Jules

    psychedelic with cat heads….meeeeeeeeooooowwwwww!!:-)

  • chris

    ultra stream-lined manufactured high-gloss cobalt blue. that really shiny, really plastic look of a solid piece of shit from walmart.

  • Allison

    undulating onyx and seafoam green please

  • I would like a clock in macaroni and cheese color.

  • Ryan

    Black on black

  • Dave

    grimace purple

  • I want it sooooooo badly. TOCK TOCK IN ANY COLOUR!!!!

  • perpleberry

  • poo pink

  • Lauren V.

    seafoam green with toxic-hollywood-teeth-white hands

  • Butternut Mango.

  • Frida

    pink of course! i want EVERYTING in pink! preferably in a mix between flamingo feathers and flamingo legs. with beak colored hands.

  • PETE M

    the spilled blood of 6 billion slaves thanklessly working their lives away in support of a global economny of death destruction violence and explotation red.

  • tock tock

  • Chelsea

    Periwinkle, for sure!

  • laura lee M.

    Hey! I would like this amazing clock to be Gin & Tonic colored (a.k.a Bombay Sapphire Translucent Blue and Neurotic Distressed Lemon Yellow. A hint of ice cubes with Transparent hands.)

    But, White is just as fine ;)

  • kat

    I’d like mine to be:

    Frankenstein B&W


    Double Rainbow Cupcake Explosion



  • snor

    anthrashit, yes!

  • snor

    anthrashit, combined with dirty-smoking-old-man-skin-pink, that is.

  • Alicia

    A light seafoam green with dark and deep indigo blue hands.

  • R J L

    Taking inspiration from a grandfather clock and thinking this clock could be a classic to be passed down, I would like:

    ‘Grandfather Grey’ face
    ‘Father Grey’ minute / hour hands
    ‘Child Grey’ second hands

  • Carson Johnston

    Snow white please!

  • Laura

    R- 77
    G- 224
    B- 164

  • Radishical Red

  • I would like the clock to have the face being the child of a chromatic blue and a neon pink with the hands being something like an orange that was holding its breath in the winter

  • I would love a creamy dream clock with butter hands, please. ;)

  • marieke


  • erica

    rimjob red and cocaine haze blue

  • Andy

    Whatever colors Sara deemed best to background lazy snowed in days full of procrastination would suit me just fine.

  • Neon Genesis Evangelion color way please.

    Dank Purple Face / Caustic Green Hands / Ref: http://bit.ly/zrRCDh

    + Love the minimal design and tetrahedron face.


  • Tracey Flattes

    My 4yo says pink with sparkly purple polka dots!

  • I’d like it in craft beer yellow with hop green hands!!

  • Jordan

    Sparthan Bluesic

  • Karan

    A clockwork orange!

  • gabriel martini

    avocado green, please & thank-you!

  • colour of happiness

  • Gigi

    Pastel rainbow!!

  • jaycie

    an intense and mildly blinding teal

  • Anthony

    Radioactive Booger Neon Green and Embarassed Grimace Purple

  • The colour which remove winter depression

  • Jake

    ravensblood plum with a hint of mustard seed green

  • peppermint candy stripes

  • #ff6600 !

  • Ben

    The color of a water molecule.

  • The colour of a series of crocodiles chomping on small insects whilst listening to ‘Rick Astley – Never gonna give you up’

  • bryan prater

    Raunchy Red

  • Donna

    the varying colors of limestone – just like the world beneath at the Natural Bridge Caverns – beautiful

  • Ana

    I broke the kitchen’s clock. so I drew one on a piece of cardboard and put it there so no one would notice. it took them a while.

    so this one would be perfect to put on the fridge or somewhere else in the kitchen so I know what time it is when I am eating cherries in the middle of the night.

    I would like it to be #ccFFFF
    It’s a watery blue.

  • fantastic orange!

  • Tristan

    Kryptonite green


    TEAL coloured face (but slightly greener, like if you put something teal in the ocean for a while and algae starts to grow on it.

    and TURQUOISEish hands (like turquoise after the sun has set so its darker and slightly greyish.

    Please, that would be very nice of you Sara!

  • Cor de burro quando foge (in portuguese). Donkey runner colour (in english) <3

  • Shawn

    Sexpanther black

  • Patrick

    The bluey-black-magentaish color of the sky on a summer nite in Scotland after the sun has gone down for the face. And for the hands a fiery orange.

  • i want my color to smell yellowish, like old photos of her, back when she used to love me. It would also be nice if it comes with some sea salt smell (carried by the wind)

  • jasmin odell

    lurpak butter colour its my fav

  • Seman smooth cream

  • Ashley P.

    Bruised toe yellow.

  • Orbital orange

  • These are all brilliant! Keep them coming. If you are interested in seeing what else I’m up to take a look-see at my Facebook & Twitter


  • michelle

    excited-and-just-ate-a-bowl-of-macaroni-and-sweet-tarts-salmon for the background

    pissed-and-red-in-the-face-because-someone-ate-my-lunch-when-i-clearly-labeled-it-with-my-name-in-sharpie-red for the big hand

    my-poor-bike-i-had-to-sell-for-gas-money-blue for the little hand

  • Nick

    Metallic apocalypse.


  • Matías

    Sunlandic Orange!!


  • tickle my bum cheeks pink and yella!

  • hot lava with burnt marshmellow hands. pick me. please.

  • Gabe Garza!

    Santa’s flesh

  • cinder & ash

  • camila

    the color of the inside of a black hole,

    don’t assume it’s black….. (ooooweeeeoooooo)

  • White-Cloud Grey (Soft blue/grey color)


    Fauna’s Marigold (Deep gold color)

  • Georgia

    This clock would look great if it was MOOOOODDDYYY BLUE….

  • Perri Salka

    new born baby and fresh cut grass.

  • I think it would be sick to get a clock that’s the neutral of glow in the dark green and Redd Foxx red haha

  • Kyle

    inflatable mattress gray please!

  • oven pan rust and rings of malachite

  • virginia


  • Ooh, I really like to win this clock because I never seem to get anywhere in time. If I do win please make mine; toolateagaingreen with a touch of abitashamedyellow

  • That certain shade of green piss you can only get after eatting a hearty amount of asparagus! I could live without the smell though.

  • Ben c

    Wesley Snipes.

  • TARDIS blue!

  • Jordan

    It would very handsome with the same Cloudy-Sky face, but Sweet Potato minute and hour hands, and a 1990’s-Tower-PC warm white second hand. Very handsome. May I have please?

  • i want it – badly- in PINK/PINK/PINK!

  • Colour: Don Draper

  • Ben Hiscox

    Barney purple for sure

  • Shannon

    A color-combo of rusty pennies and ground grizzle sounds about right.

  • Nude base with bright red hands.

  • Lucas


  • Cirrus background with rusty tobacco hands!

  • Efren Gonzalez

    intergalactic neon pink and cthulhu green

  • I would love to see the clock in “Sunset After a Storm”. A dark blue-gray face with bright salmon hands.
    Fingers crossed!

  • Nat

    White with White hands please.

  • i’d like my clock to be like someone puked a rainbow all over it, in a classy and chic way of course.

  • gorbachoff pickle-bum green boy

  • hannah elspeth!

    i think a tock tock face of yummy Kale and lovely golden hands worthy of Cogsworth!

  • fleeting fuchsia, ticking tangerine… or greige.
    I collect clocks!! I neeeeed it

  • Melanie Christine Warner

    In the color of “The memories of when you were 3”.

  • Kevin

    Haplessly about two thirds atomic yellow

  • Kayrl

    Puppy licks (pink)

  • Betari

    the Dodecahedron makes me think of umbrellas.

    name it the French Riviera. The color of blue and white, with a stripy accent of the umbrellas there. Also, white arms.

  • Bright yellow with bright pink hands

  • Creagh

    A tock tock can only be of one color scheme. When you’re sitting on a beach at the end of a day, feet occasionally kissed by the rising tide of the Pacific Ocean, sitting next to the only person that matters in that one moment, cool Maui North Shore breeze from here to the far slightly-curved horizon. It’s that deep, loving, caressing, thoughtful, understanding blue of the ocean and sky, only to be partnered with a smooth, crisp, warm, caring, enduring, timeless dirty yellow of the setting sun and beach.

    • Betari

      nice description

      and oh, if it can only be one color, if mine is chosen then, it’ll be deep blue Riviera-themed with white arms.. :p

  • Moon

    Tropical Goth

  • connormurphy


  • southern summer afternoon thunderstorm

  • I would like the shade of chocolate chocolate sauce with warm chocolate chips with a slight hint of green mint inside a chocolate brownie

  • That’s So Raven Purple
    and Ritalin White.

  • beto starv

    I would like it to be the shade if purple the sky is in the evening just before the sun sets when all the world seems to disappear

  • golden late summer glowing yellow tock tock hands floating over the greenfield where the grasses are shaking their tick tick heads.

  • Boiled asparagus with birch tree hands, please.

  • that light blue!

  • Tais

    Animal beauty olive green

  • Brianna Harris

    Snagalishis Saphire with Snap-Tree Green speckled hands Please.

  • demo

    i would like a Burple Nurple one with touches of Puckerberry

  • ‘Forest of Anxiety’ Green backdrop with ‘Morton’s Cranial Capacity Mustard Seed’ Yellow hands

  • Mona

    mellow yellow would do me good

  • Josh

    I’d like it with a matte slate background, cerulean blue minute and hour hands, and a sunflower yellow second hand. Thanks!

  • mine will dark sided indigo knight and/or rebelius red cheeks red *_*

  • Brandon

    Liz Taylor blue eyes color

  • Dan

    james brown.

  • Nick

    Emerald Green. Why does everyone always hate on jewel tones?

  • Ferret sunrise

  • Thijs

    I’d like it almost-black blue background with some 3d pattern, and the indicators in black

  • winter jacket handkerchief (used for the second time)

  • Pia

    The color of the inside of my eyelids.

  • Dark side of the maroon please?

  • Tash

    Blood Blue.

  • Ellie

    Hyperactive 99p store orange over a base of public-bog-roll-greige…

  • One clock in electric smock jockey, please.

  • Cristi

    Can you do some sort of cool looking wood finish with neon yellow hands? That’s what I’d like, please:)

    • Cristi

      Oh, and the name of this color combo is ‘woodn’t yellove to know’.

      • Cristi

        Or, ‘wood yellook at that’. I’m on a roll! Oh man, they just keep getting better!

  • eric

    prison suit orange! YAY

  • Travis F

    As soon as I saw that clock, I thought

    “what’s spanish for (blue)?”.

    weird right? then:

    bachelor of fine arts was a bad choice black
    distinguished-gentleman-excusing-himself-to-the-restroom- red.

  • Rachell hughes

    that green yellow, slight orange with a hint of blue color of vomit

    minus the vomit

  • charred-treuse and scrambled eggs

  • Graystone Black

  • Phaedra

    Plastic-Island turquoise with sunbleached-Barney hands.

  • Happy Mare

  • Kyle

    Blended grays and blues with dark brown (wooden looking) hands. Titled – Colors of the Wind

  • rachel

    Sea sick green

  • Letty

    sunshine yellow and happy orange hands would make me a happy boy

  • Marchel

    Superfluously sunny skied, salty smelling sea-side seafoam-green with hands so white it could be sponsored by Clorex.

  • I want the clock face to be made of living plants. preferably succulents because they are my favorite but maybe more realistically an air plant so it can go on living without maintenance like these- http://knowhowshopla.tumblr.com/tagged/Air-Plant

  • em

    translucent puce.

  • areola pink ;)

  • monroe

    ARMADILLO Orange, with alternating Flamingo Green and Miami Sky Gray stripes. ta.


    Hi Jeff,

    I pick this person:

    19:01:12 MICHELLE:
    excited-and-just-ate-a-bowl-of-macaroni-and-sweet-tarts-salmon for the background
    pissed-and-red-in-the-face-because-someone-ate-my-lunch-when-i-clearly-labeled-it-with-my-name-in-sharpie-red for the big hand
    my-poor-bike-i-had-to-sell-for-gas-money-blue for the little hand

    Congrats Michelle – check your inbox!

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