30.01.12 by Jeff

Pictoplasma / Giveaway

Pictoplasma NOT A TOY fashioning radical characters book
A few months ago Pictoplasma released “NOT A TOY”, an exquisite book that I look at all the time for inspiration. It documents the influence of character design in contemporary art and fashion. I asked them if I could give away a copy and they kindly obliged! So who wants it?

Pictoplasma NOT A TOY fashioning radical characters book

Pictoplasma NOT A TOY fashioning radical characters book

Pictoplasma NOT A TOY fashioning radical characters book

Pictoplasma NOT A TOY fashioning radical characters book

Pictoplasma NOT A TOY fashioning radical characters book

Pictoplasma NOT A TOY fashioning radical characters book

Pictoplasma NOT A TOY fashioning radical characters book

Pictoplasma NOT A TOY fashioning radical characters book

Pictoplasma NOT A TOY fashioning radical characters book

Pictoplasma NOT A TOY fashioning radical characters book

Pictoplasma NOT A TOY fashioning radical characters book

Pictoplasma NOT A TOY fashioning radical characters book

Pictoplasma NOT A TOY fashioning radical characters book

Pictoplasma NOT A TOY fashioning radical characters book

Pictoplasma NOT A TOY fashioning radical characters book



If you’d like to snag a copy of “NOT A TOY” let me know what character you were most influenced by as a kid, in the comments below (it could be from a cartoon, comic book, movie, anything).

We’ll pick a winner next Friday! This is open to everyone!

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • GROO

    • Sean B.

      Harold of the ‘Harold and the Purple Crayon’ books. I’m drawing with a purple crayon right now actually…

    • I think it would have to be Rupert Bear. Not only is he one of the homeliest character to grow up with, but has pretty darn fine fashion sense. LOVE that scarf, has been a great influence in many mens clothing! fact!

    • Definately have to go with David Bowie from the ‘Labrynth’, his character of the Goblin King named Jared.
      He was this mixture of creepy, magical and damn right funky.. I mean who could wear tights like that and still command respect?
      I still know all of the words to that movie-“you remind me of the babe
      What babe?
      the babe with the power
      what power?
      the power of voodoo
      who do?
      you do!
      do what?
      Remind me of the babe”

    • Stevie

      Cat Bus from My Neighbor Totoro

      I grew up in Japan with limited American programming. We had no cable and a few VHSs in Japanese. I watched Totoro over and over without understanding what was being said but I wanted so badly to ride on the fuzzy seats of the cat bus!

      I am now a artist working primarily with fibers. I huge element in my art is the interaction with the viewer, the sense of play and exploration like Satsuki on the cat bus!

  • Haley

    Without a doubt, Margaret from “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret” Embarrassing, yes. True, yes.

  • Liesl Jauk

    Harriet the Spy

  • El

    King Mufasa from The Lion King. Awwwwwww

  • Maggie Cassidy

    Angelina Ballerina

  • Wolverine

  • Fernando Farfán

    Charlie Brown

  • Andy

    Link from the Zelda games would be my answer. No other character captured my imagination as a kid like Link. Ocarina of Time alone accounted for maaaany hours and ignored/put off chores.

  • all three of the pets in Homeward Bound.

  • Teena

    Disney’s Alice

  • Jessica Larsen

    Jen, the gelfling from the dark cyrstal!

  • awesome book first of all :)
    well there’s a lot of characters that influenced me a lot. but right now i might have to say Bulma from dragon ball.
    i think sometimes im like her a bit

  • Martina

    Laura Ingalls and Pipi Longstocking!

  • Princess Zelda!!! Her obsession with triangles began my own obsession with them and using them in my designs!!! Love her!!

  • Gayle


  • Chibi Maruku Chan! A hilarious Japanese cartoon – exactly how I lived my childhood.

  • Julia

    Alice (in Wonderland)

  • Mr. Wizard

  • C.O.P.S

  • Rodri

    Sir Daniel Fortesque from medievil

  • meeeeeee! oh man, someone already answered mine. definitely harriet the spy! i would roam around the neighborhood and spy on my neighbors and write down their license plate numbers in my diary for some reason.

  • Milly

    Carmen Sandiego

    awesome looking book!

  • cher horowitz from clueless.

  • Little Rabbit Foo Foo!

  • carita

    JEM!! :)

  • Shota

    Calvian and Hobbes <3

  • The Hardy Boys

  • Nounours from Bonne nuit les petits

  • Lindsey

    when i was a kid, it was The Last Unicorn/Lady Amalthea…. actually, every character in the story really affected me.

    the music, the scenery, the talents who read the voices. Has become a life long love… I now watch it with my 4 1/2 year old daughter; right now i’m about to begin reading the book by Mr. Peter S. Beagle for the first time!

    *le siiigh*

  • Shawn

    The motherfuckin’ red power ranger

  • Zoe

    Totoro. He was the cuddliest, most awesome adventurer EVER. <3

  • Colin

    Stimpy is probably my oldest cartoon influence or Beavis/Cornholio

  • Sailor Moon!!!!! :D

  • Eric Robinson
  • cat

    moonface from the faraway tree… so many hours at the top of trees just willing the characters to appear

  • Eric K

    Arko from He-Man.

  • Abbey

    Dot Matrix from ReBoot! What a babe!

  • Erik Grice

    As a kid I loved Robin Hood…not just as a fox, any rendition really (except maybe Costner…but even still). I had a painting of Robin Hood from the 60s that my dad gave me as kid. http://tinyurl.com/7tjzthl

  • Jerrrrrry

    Fatz Geronimo from the Rock-afire Explosion !

    i was 7 years old and learned how to play the piano because of him —- a robot gorilla in a pizza place


  • The first character that ever influenced me would have to be Gumby, at a young age. I loved the claymation as a little tot and all the crazy adventures Gumby would go on. I liked it so much I created my own imaginary friend I fashioned after him. Not to conform and name my new friend a name everyone was already familiar with, I named my friend “Humpy.” My family quite enjoyed my peculiar name choice, to which I never understood why until many years later.

  • A hedgehog from “Hedgehog in the Fog” by Yuriy Norshteyn.

  • Pippilotta Delicatessa Windowshade Mackrelmint Ephraim’s Daughter Longstocking, of course.

  • Angela Anaconda scared the hell out of me growing up, but that fear and anxiety in the collage work has definitely trickled into my own illustration as an adult. The characters that influence you most aren’t the cutest or the funniest, but the ones that unnerved you and made you question things. http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r11/naomitheasian/5280.jpg

  • Jon

    Definitely Spiderman. Because he was just a normal, awkward teenager untill he became spiderman

  • I don’t know if it was an “influence” exactly (maybe in that I was using my imagination, which leads to writing), but I was convinced that the Snorks lived in the General Mills silo near our house. Never mind that they were underwater creatures — Oh no, they lived there.

  • Brum.

  • The Neutrinos of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fame. Those Hipster elves from dimension x changed my life, man.

  • Ivy

    All of Bill Peet’s work. From his books like “The Pinkish, Purplish, Bluish Egg” to his work with Walt Disney on films like “101 Dalmatians” and (my all time favorite) “The Sword in the Stone”.

    • Milo from The Phantom Tollbooth and Fern from Charlotte’s Web.

  • Throttle from Biker Mice in Mars. dooode

  • Laine

    I was inspired by the cartoon “Rocket Power” which was on Nickelodeon. It was about a bunch of kids surfing and skating around in California. At that time I was visiting my dad in Florida so it kind of all came together – the sun, the hot weather, the fun they had together.
    Even bought myself a skateboard (for 25$ ,haha, and only tried it on the balcony and in an empty parking lot late at night).

  • Caroline C

    Beetlejuice, my first crush. ! He taught me that I liked the inappropriate sexual advances of men, and that I preferred them to not exactly fit the mold.


  • leah


  • Snake Eyes from G.I. Joe. I spent most of my spring and summer days in the woods, trying to step as quietly as I could across fallen leaves, finding broken branches to use as laser guns and swords, while wearing a skimask and goggles to look as much like him as I could.

  • bucky o’hare ! That book looks awesome !

  • Michelangelo from Teenage mutant ninja turtles. Carefree, dedicated, party animal.

  • Thufir Hawat, from Dune.

  • Lauren V.

    the power rangers haha

  • Annette Funicello as Mary Quite Contrary in Babes in Toyland. If you haven’t seen it, you must.

  • MONKEY MAGIC !! pink flying cloud, kung fu skillz and an ever returning staff (the weapon, not employees, although i would want pigsy on my pay roll).

  • Sandy J

    Sailor Mercury !

  • popeye the sailor. dude was hardcore. I wanted to eat my veggies because I knew for sure I would get jacked like him. Realistically I was just full of energy and ran around in the woods after dinner.

  • Kelly H

    Loved Hong Kong Phooey, number one super guy!

  • Josh

    Figment (the dragon from Imagionationland at Disney)

  • Teddy Lim

    Barney the dinosaur

  • Kerry

    Princess Moninoke. I spent many hours in the woods pretending I lived with wolves.

  • Lynn

    Godzilla! You shoulda seen me destroy entire cities…

  • Scared E. Cat

    I’ve always been terrified of half human/half animal creatures like the Cowardly Lion.

  • Wile E. Coyote

  • Ozan

    Bic and Bac from Les Mondes Engloutis / Spartakus and The World Beneath the Sea

  • Daylan

    Ray Stantz of The Ghostbusters.

    All the busters had proton packs, but Ray was the only who rocked the goggles.

  • I have to say Data from The Goonies, coolest kid ever. ” I’m setting booty traps!”

  • Baloo was awesome. He sang all the best songs. He even had a part in “I wanna be like you” which was by far the best song in Jungle Book (i know its supposedly racist but its still catchy). Plus he was a total bum but lived like a king and was always where the action was at. Come on baggy, Get with the beat!

  • The organism that is the TV-movie “Brink!”.

  • jo

    mad man – the comic

  • Brad

    Definitely Batman

  • Loren

    Winnie the Pooh – was asked in high school to name a childhood hero… and the tubby little bear got it. My English teacher proceeded to make fun of me.

  • Edward Scissorhands.

  • Unico, the white baby unicorn who brings happiness to everyone he meets. I used to watch the anime all the time as an infant and it was something that subconsciously shaped my outlook on life more than anything else. It wasn’t until I was in college when I stumbled across some images on a message board that I realized Unico was an actual character and not an imaginary friend I had invented as a kid.

  • Stevan


  • Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice

  • terese

    ‘Rusty’ the tin man, ‘Dandy’ the lion: the characters from that crazy animated tv show “the Wizard of Oz”!
    ‘Socrates’ the Scarecrow was my fave!

  • Emily

    Sirius Black from Harry Potter–he/JK Rowling inspired me to start writing, and now I’m applying for my MFA in creative writing!

  • Doraemon from the comics. I think I started out drawing by copying the way the artist drew girls. I’ve improved since then… Onwards and upwards!

  • Erickson

    Michael Alig the Club Kid.

  • Bill Nye The Science Guy! I used to sit at home and and watch bill nye all weekend and dream about being a scientist… BILL BILL BILL! Those dreams were cut short when I couldn’t look at my Chemistry 30 textbook without feeling ill. One can always dream… right? OR a very close second would be that guy from ‘Art Attack’ on the Family Channel who would make giant pictures out of found objects. I always thought that was SO cool.

  • Otis (the pug) from Milo and Otis. What a hero!

  • beto starv

    THE IRON GIANT!!!! I loved that movie. It influenced me when I was a kid not to always expect the worst out of people. And on an other note I also loved the art style in the animation how the colors seem to be faded in a way

  • Darin

    Shaggy. Or Scooby.

  • Heather

    MacGyver because he was a genius with a stick of gum!

  • Floyd

    Babar; I don’t know why but he’s really stuck with me.

  • For some reason it’s Penny from Inspector Gadget.

  • “Terry”, he was the second true love of “Candy”. ¡And I was in love with him too! ¡He was my first love! I don’t care if I was in love with a cartoon… because then, I fell in love with simba :D

  • jaycie

    the street sharks because i wanted to be a shark when i was little.

  • Marie Antoinette

    Miss Frizzle. I still hope to stumble upon a magic school bus. As I find myself in my final year of University, I have a good feeling about 2012.

  • Lindsey Schmitt

    Spinelli, the tough girl, on the show recess.

  • Jerilyn Goncalves

    Lucy! Lucy van Pelt from Peanuts, hihihi.

  • Sailor Moon. It inspired my friends and I to make our own crime fighting group called the Shadow Fighters.

  • Teddy Ruxpin!

  • Milo from the Phantom Tollbooth

  • The Little Mermaid. (Not the Disney one, the one who died heartbroken and didn’t sing.)

  • sarah e.

    The old Looney Tunes made me feel like I could be invincible as the characters were. I believe Daffy Duck encouraged me to hang upside down on our swing set, with my feet barely hanging onto a monkey bar. I quickly found that webbed duck feet would have been better to have as my face met the ground

  • LP

    Daria and Batman.

  • Brendan James

    I think its a tie between The Justice League, and Teen Titans :)

  • Morgan

    Chuckie. From Rugrats.

  • donatello the ninja turtle

  • POL

    Doraemon :)

  • Pippilotta Delicatessa Windowshade Mackrelmint Ephraim’s Daughter Longstocking. Also Known as Pippi Longstocking: An imaginative rebel with style and spunk. I mean seriously, the girl can lift a horse.

  • Stephen

    Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk was the best. He ate the giant’s food, robbed his house and sent him plummeting to his death. It was nice to have a story where no lesson was learned whatsoever.

  • Eddie Van Halen :R

  • Rob

    At my kindergarden back to school night every kid had drawn a picture of their favorite character, or what they wanted to be, and the teacher hung it up. My parents were embarrassed when they found mine — I loved (and wanted to be) a watering can.

  • All of the bad guys from the first series of Power Rangers.

  • Patrick Patterson

    I would have to say..

    Bill Nye The Science Guy

    He had those cheeseball songs, “cool kids” helping him with the experiments, haha and he got ROYGBIV stuck in my head for life.

  • madeleine

    tin tin. So much adventure and always packed a sidekick.

  • Marco

    Kermit The frog from The Muppets.

  • Kai

    “I’m a shark and you can be a goldfish.” – my brother

  • I must say Dexter, from the laboratory. I still dreamin that one day i’ll have a huge laboratory like his.

  • MAriel
  • Alfred J. Kwak

  • I used to watch Sport Billy as a kid. And I really wanted to be like him. He was a little athlete travelling in time with an alarmclock. Plus he had a sportsbag with all kinds of usefull things in it (from screwdrivers to helicopters) which actually was a sort of ‘inspector-gadget-avant-la-lettre’


  • Christoph H.
  • Sailor Moon.
    I love her outfit and she usually appear in my drawings :)

  • ROK
  • Willy Wonka – for the top hat, the cane and all his eccentricities. He also gave away his chocolate factory to a child. What a guy.

  • Pains me to say it, but Sailor Moon.

  • nina

    the little panda bear living in china with his mother and friends…..

  • Lol @Dalton Sjogren, same Sailormoon! Although i always wanted to be like sailor venus :)

  • George


  • Emily C

    Totoro. The end.

  • The octopus witch in the Little Mermaid!
    I was persuaded I could become a witch, so I told everyone I had magic powers, wrote books of magic spells, and even tried to make magic potions…

  • Future boy Conan :)

  • Ben


  • Karl-Joel


  • imakeidoiam

    Captain Planet. He was my hero. I had a major crush on him when I was 10. I was quite disappointed when I realised that cartoons were not stylised reality and there wasn’t a man out there in blue/red lycra and with green hair for me.

  • James Herriot .. until I noticed I’m no great fun of cutting in live flesh ….

  • lolo

  • Dazzle D

    The Hungry Caterpillar

  • Byron Mac

    Mr Sguiggle!

  • Bucky O’Hare

  • sv

    all the lion king puppies.
    and the book-fell in love with it at les arts decoratifs,but young and broke.

  • Probably Dexter from Dexter’s Lab.

  • Susanne Wolff

    Karlsson on the roof (Karlsson paa taget)

  • Steven

    I was fascinated by Falkor the luck dragon from The Never Ending Story.

  • probably Jean-Luc Picard or William Riker from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

  • Kaneda no Doubt! When my VHS Akira turned up I watched, re-watched, drew pictures with it on pause, recorded the audio onto tapes and then watched it again over and over.

  • Honestly, Sonic the Hedgehog. I would play for hours to get to a level that I wanted to draw, then pause it and just try and recreate that vista in felt pen. I found a folder literally choc full of details from the sonic games the other week – I’d forgotten just how anal my obsession was!

  • Alfredo


  • Alfredo


  • Mansour

    Howling Man Murdock, from the A-Team.

  • till

    probably “tim” or “tintin” from the comic book “the adventures of tintin”.

  • When i was 5-6 year old, i was highly interested in Puss in Boots redrawing :)

  • Guy

    El Nombre without fail, he was like a mini zoro. Made me want to understand maths at the time, and get a pet hamster

  • Gea

    Scooby Doo, he made me want to be an archeologist, right until I was 17! Then, I changed my mind. Top Cat because he made me be interested into jazz. And also, this boy from a Japanese WW2 story. His parents die, and he is left to take care of his little sister. His courage and his ambition really give you strength. I can’t remember the name of those cartoons.

  • deKalibrú

    Is this book by Captain Obvious, of course it’s “not a toy” it’s a bloody book!
    Nice content, though.

  • Brianna Harris

    Ayla. From Clan of the Cave Bear and Valley of Horses.

  • As a child I couldn’t stop watching and reading “Babar” (French), I never got bored of him, his friend and the city Celesteville . I even watched the cartoon again a few months ago.

  • Bram

    harry potter, before the hype even started, i was playing quidditch in my garden already, running around with a large branch between my legs.

  • When I was about 9 years old i watched my first anime. It was “Princess Mononoke”. A brilliant studio Ghibli creation that changed my way of thinking, broadened my horizon and even influenced my taste in clothes, hairstyles and so on. Of course my loved character was princess Mononoke herself. I was hypnotized by her character because first of all, she was independent. She grew up with wolfs. Secondly, she was pretty, wearing that white fur,the mask, and having paint on her face. Finally and most importantly she cared about her home, her planet, the forest she lived in. She could have given her life just to save it. Before watching this anime i was sort of a so called spoiled brat but after that i understood something. We have to cherish what we have and always try to make a brighter future. I was really influenced by this character and i thank her because she made me who i am now.

  • Anderson

    Spock- lover of culture, science and deep thinking- capable of figuring almost anything out. I had the actiion figure and he kicked Evil Kenevil’s ass everyday.

  • Cheburashka : )

  • A two fold answer, Fiver from Watership Down for his sensitivity (the part in the film where they play “bright eyes” always made me cry), and Bigwig from the same film for his raw badassery!

  • Greig

    Han Solo. Brimming with sass. Though I didn’t have the backbone and dirty bar rumble experience to get me out of all the trouble Han Solo got me into…

  • Franz

    The two fighters from Nintendo’s Double Dragon.

  • “Atreyu” from Neverending Story

  • shin chan!

  • when i was a kid, i was inspired by a french cartoon, Barbapapa. http://www.dessinaimprimer.net/barbapapa/barbapapa020.gif i like this one, is a painter, its funny and i dont understand at all. im from santiago, chile. these character was very psychodelic!

  • Edward Scissor Hands

    Awesome book!

  • Cheburashka!

  • haku from spirited away.

  • Tom & Jerry! The most detailed and beautifully violent cartoons ever!

  • I was kind of raised by Star Wars, and my earliest role model was Han Solo. I guess he kind of reminded me of my dad minus my dad’s bad qualities, he was very good looking, and he was such a scoundrel.

  • zen

    nono the little robot from ulysee31

  • Daniel


  • i was the shortest kid in class complete with my shiny belt buckle. So, every time we played Hall of Justice – i was always the ATOM.

  • haz

    Taz from looney tunes !!

  • Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes. I still have his haircut. And I’m a lady.

  • K.J.

    Johnny Quest and Hadji. infinite adventures and never ending fun, thats all I’ve ever wanted.

  • Kaitlyn

    Indiana Jones, without a doubt. I was always exploring and going on adventures, sure I was going to discover something new.

  • jack

    melt man from kablam! I used to turn the shower up as hot as it went. what a rush.

  • Howard the Duck, which is a really disturbing movie upon revisiting as an adult.

  • Alexander

    Curious George.

  • Adrian

    I always wanted to be Little Pete (of Pete and Pete fame). He had a huge tattoo, a pirate radio station, a personal superhero, and was constantly thinking up new ways to be awesome.

  • Angel C
  • rui

    Abelha Maia or the german original name “Die Biene Maja und ihre Abenteuer” by Waldemar Bonsels

  • Sean

    I was influenced most by Hergé’s Tintin. I loved the cartoons on Nickelodeon and I read all of the comics repeatedly. Little did I know how much his values would be instilled in me- goodness, honesty, the urge to always do what’s right, value for friends, and the boldness to pursue a goal for the sake of adventure.
    I also felt the same way about Guybrush Threepwood from the Monkey Island adventure game series, it was just a plus that he was funnier and dumber.

  • Sailor Moon caracters for sure!

  • Lauren

    Barney, I saw him live like three times when I was a child, he taught me to love

  • Though not characters, I watched more nature programming than anything, so David Attenborough and Thomas Eisner. Otherwise, the Snowman by Raymond Briggs.

  • MyT

    Matilda, from the film by Danny De Vito was my favourite character ever. She had special powers such as moving objects juste by looking at them and being ultra clever. I was convinced I had the same powers!

    This book is just stunning, I go to my favourite library all the time just to look at it, hoping it’ll get cheaper…

  • Amy

    Maude from Harold and Maude.

  • Elena

    I really loved and looked up to Disney’s Mulan. She was the only female character I could relate to, as I hated pink and all those supposedly girly stuff.

  • Holden

    The Green Power Ranger. The rouge power ranger, doing things on his own, for himself. I didn’t like him as much as when he became the White Ranger, but he was still pretty rad in the the first move with Ivan Ooze.

  • I related most to Sebastian from The Never Ending Story. He was kind of a wimpy kid who retreated into his own imaginative world.

  • Oh boy! So many!!
    But one of my greatest memories are with the Mr. Man and Little Miss books and characters! Remember those? They just conveyed happiness and even an attitude of being yourself.
    Mr. Small and Little Miss Star were some of my faves : )

  • strawberry shortcake. she was so cool, and smelled delicious

  • GJJ

    Puppets have had an enormous influence especially the yip yip martians from sesame street…remember them:

  • Linus

    i always liked the peanuts. not only cause of linus ;)

  • Influence is a very interesting word. My earliest (and more importantly enjoyable) influence came when I was very young. My mother used to read my “In the Night Kitchen” by Maurice Sendak and I just loved it. I’d ask her to read it to me before bed and when I finally started reading I read it and read it and read it and hope that I would dream about being Mickey and falling into a giant vat of cake batter and magically escaping the bakers in a plane of bread dough. It’s a wonderful book; if you’ve never read it, even as an adult, I recommend you pick it up. It will probably do you some kind of good.

    Later it was Bill Watterson’s Calvin and when “Little Nemo: The Dream Master” came out it was Nemo. I think I was really struck by the idea that I could be somewhere else in my sleeping or waking life and that maybe there was some kind of way to maybe kind of sort of bend the rules a little- like maybe the world (and what we could experience of the world) wasn’t so static. It sparked my imagination, you know? Like the thought that if I did some kind of dance, or if I just paid attention to something else close enough (or fell asleep) or fell off the monkey bars at school and bonked my head on the ground I could disappear and find a whole other world where unexpected, weird and awesome things that nobody ever got to see happened all the time.

    I still think there’s some truth to that, although it feels now like one of those more adult “this is the way it works” truths. I mean I think if you look hard enough you’ll see the things you’re looking for. We do live in your own secret worlds. Or at least I do.

  • Hands down and without a doubt Tank Girl. Yes, the movie sucked a big D, but the comics were the closest thing a 12 year old tomboy had to a kick ass superhero(ine). I don’t drive a black pick up truck with a shotgun in the back seat for no reason. :)

  • Maja

    Rachel from Blade Runner

    When I was a child I wasn’t allowed to watch the cult films my father loved watching.
    When my mother was out or went to bed. I would sneak into the living room – I remember Rachael from Blade Runner. Beautiful, venerable and loveable – yet powerful.
    – Even today, Im 18, I have the same hairstyle and bushy brows.

  • Tristan

    Snoopy! Love the Peanuts strips and the cartoons.

  • J Schinkel

    Calvin… and usually Hobbes.

  • One-eyed mouse, that danger one :)

  • Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town

  • ‘Mortadelo y Filemón’ from Francisco Ibáñez!

  • Zanardi by Andrea Pazienza

  • Saxonkm

    Wishbone the dog. He was so wise and could go back into time to tell you the moral of a story. Inspired.

  • || CELEBRITY DEATHMATCH || for sure influenced me !

  • rodrigo aguilar

    Ren & Stimpy!

  • Rei Ayanami, from Evangelion!!

  • The power rangers!!!

  • Cheburashka also known as Topple ! ! :))

  • Alfred from Alfred J.Kwak because no matter what bad ever happened his values always came first and he played beautiful music on a violin.

  • Austé

    Lithuanian style

  • Colin B

    gumby and pokey!

  • randy!

    MITCH BUCHANAN (mitch buchanan)
    was so sexy watching him running through those waves… gosh!

  • Richard Evans

    Ulysses from Ulysses 31 – an awesome 80’s cartoon that taught me about Greek mythology, simply epic!

  • Jonne

    goku for sure!

  • The super sweet Emily Erdbeer :)

  • stego

    the silent assistant of gyro gearloose called “little helper” was one of my favourite characters as a child. i even tried to build robots like him myself, back then :D

  • Jose

    Definitely Mazinger Z!

  • Amberoo

    As a kid, the character that most influenced me was Johnny Bravo. So much so that I copied his mouth spray move, but not with mouth spray. Foolishly enough, I used perfume.

    Don’t try it.

  • Steffen

    darkwing duck, because the evil guys are very funny!

  • Pikachu from Pokemon. I Loved Pokemon SO MUCH and It still makes me a little bit sad that it’s not actually possible for me to own my own Pikachu, hehe. That feeling is what continues to grab my interest about animation and character design today…creating creatures and worlds that you WISH existed and making them feel real. Forming a connection to a 2d drawing or some little pixels on a gameboy screen is really quite crazy but judging from the replies here everyone has done it and I love that!

  • Nokush

    Marco (3000 Leagues in Search of Mother)

  • Maria

    This would be an amazing book to add to by shelf…especially for being an art educator. So perfect.

  • Amir

    Omega Supreme from the Transformers



  • Pippi Långstrump!!

  • Net

    Twiki from Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

  • Ruby Barrett


  • Mrstone

    Without a doubt UFO Robo Grendizer.

  • ohgush

    The androgynous Ma-Ti from Captain Planet and the Planeteers, with the great power of heart, uniting all in one. I always imagined he is a girl.

  • Danger Mouse!

  • Adi

    Mark, the ultimate hero of Battle of the Planets (G-force)!

  • danny

    Lucky luke – shoots faster than his own shadow…

  • Beetlejuice!

  • I spent so much time drawing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

  • Mandi

    Zia and Esteban from The Mysterious Cities of Gold…

  • Birgit

    Huckleberry Finn

  • Bruce Wayne.

  • Ren & Stimpy for sure! Teaching me randomness is a part of life that always presents itself. randomly.

  • Roger Rabbit :)

  • Lydia Deetz (Winona Ryder) in Beetlejuice. She was the first celebrity crush I had and I instantly fell in love with her after seeing Beetlejuice years ago. Her character taught me that there is beauty in the darker things in life which at first glance may go unnoticed.

  • Julien

    Buck ,the dog from The Call of the Wild (Jack London)


    All those crazy characters from Don Martin of Mad maagazine.

  • Lilya

    The spider monkey Fulang Chang inh Frida Kahlo’s paintings. Bill Waterson’s Calvin and George Lukas’ Yoda once we moved to a country with public libraries. But Frida’s primate character stayed with me. I looked after an orphaned macaque at the zoo and felt a wordless closeness to this woman who also poured her energy into such an intuitive creature.

  • Nicholas

    Brian Robeson, from the Gary Paulsen books. That kid was such a bad ass.

  • Aeon Flux, it definitely blow my mind the first time I saw her.

  • Paz

    definitely Ren Höek
    (from “The Ren and Stimpy Show” of course)

  • She-ra!!!

  • Chanel

    Krumm from AAAHH!!! Real Monsters

  • Old Shatterhand – blood brother of Winnetou.

  • Hobbes :)

  • em

    Anne of Green Gables.
    I would get my mom to put braids in my hair and sit on opportune windowsills and wait to see who came by and said “Oh, you look like Anne of Green Gables.” And then I would smirk.
    Luckily this got old.

  • Felo

    Captain Planet

  • batman. always and forever.

  • Ben

    I gotta say Bilbo Baggins for his heroism in The Hobbit

  • michelle

    Jane Lane from Daria. She was an artist, had a rock n roll brother, and generally didn’t give a shit! Wanted to be just like her.

  • Zack W.

    Courage The Cowardly Dog

  • Jackie S.

    I guess I must be old…I was always inspired by Wonder Woman and would drive my mom nuts when I would spin around, on the kitchen floor, until I collapsed from dizziness…all well she was trying to cook dinner

  • HAL from 2001 Space Odyssey (my dad is a Kubrick fanatic who showed me his stuff early on)

  • ami

    When I was 5 my family and I moved to Japan. I didn’t speak any Japanese but I started watching Sailor Moon and not only did she teach me Japanese but going to preschool became fun because we all played Sailor Moon! She was a big part of my transition from the US to Japan.

  • l2odrigoMichel

    The Riddler from the old Batman cartoon.. he was just so weird!

  • Keith

    I was really inspired when I was a kid by Ash from Pokemon. I would always run around pretending to be him, wearing his hat and imagining defeating all my opponents. He had so much drive and determination, as well as an overall good heartedness that pervaded his every action. These are traits that I still try to emulate to this day. Ash was so great that he died and was resurrected with Pokemon tears, a feat only paralleled by Jesus.

  • Am I too late?
    What is time anyways.

    Where’s Waldo. I always wanted to know why is he hiding? What is he hiding from? Why wear such an obvious getup to hid?

    Waldo is my hero because he hides from all, but is found by everyone. He is like God, yet comes with a shorter book that is more fulfilling for one lifetime.

    I found your page today and was tempted to write your name down. But how do I know I will remember to remember, why should I write anything down when the enjoyment is finding in the first place.

    Today, jeff can be my waldo.

  • When I was kid I was very influenced by Donald Duck; his bad luck and irascible temper amused me very much.
    Also, I really liked the other characters in the comics made by Carl Barks and Keno Don Rosa (probably the two best-known Disney’s cartoonists), especially Scrooge McDuck.

    Time flies, but I still enjoy these comics and characters! ^^

  • Hannah

    Wendy from the Adams family. I was brought up in a sarcastic family, so even as a kid I was described as a smart alec. But mostly I just like her generally dgaf nature.

  • Jennette

    Frank N. Furter, believe it or not.

  • Ash Mothatruckin Ketchum. When i was a kid i frickin loved Pokemon (still do); all the different pocket monsters were so cool and out of the ordinary, my 7 year old self didn’t know how to handle himself other than to go around dressed like his favorite cartoon character (Ash). Ash Ketchum inspires me to this day because even though he isn’t the best Pokemon trainer around he still believes in his heart that one day he will be the very best that no one ever was. He loves Pokemon and being a Pokemon trainer. I try to reflect these ideals with my passion for art. Obviously I’m not the best artist, but I love creating enough to pursue it in hopes that one day my art will truly be great: the best there ever was even.

    When I’m feeling crappy about my art I put on my old Ash Ketchum hat I used to wear when I was a kid and continue working.

  • Taylor b

    When I was a kid I would watch sesame street and I would just love Oscar the Grouch so much. Like, I was in love with him. Good thing too, I really did live in a garbage can from ages 13 to 30. And my first husband looked a lot like him too. I find he has influenced me now because I constantly draw him, I can’t stop. Someone please help me.

  • Sylvanshine

    Babar the Elephant,,,,or there’s also Anno i.e. Anno’s Journey etc. So many more to choose from! Glad to hear about Pow Wow II,,it’s gonna be Rad.

  • daisy duck…she was sassy and a classic…plus she got to hang out with donald…way cool

  • kris

    Jesus from ‘the bible’.
    He could do crazy magic tricks and stuff, like making the fish walk and slaying dragons.


  • hedgehog, from Yuri Norshtein animated film “Hedgehog in the fog”. No one understood me.

  • Calvin!!!

  • Eileen

    Alice in the Wonderland

  • Giacomo

    I wanna see who else can remember him: Freakazoid!!

  • Adrienn

    Jerry from Tom & Jerry heheh

  • DUMBO THE ELEPHANT! psychedelic mayhem!

  • difa

    usagi, from sailor moon.

    • I was inlove with sailor moon…aldow I wan’t a kid any more and I still love them ;D

  • ALF: he is a goober.

  • shinmay

    it is the tv stuff from the 80s in germany: the fraggles, the muppets and sesame street people like samson, the cookie monster, oskar who´s living in the trash, all these hairy, furry, coloured and stuffed animals. it´s no one specific, it is the feeling of being home with them.

  • Skeletor from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe :D He used to scare me but I also liked him and his castle was way cooler then Eternia : )

  • Well mine was Garfield, I was so linlove with them…I always have to war my garfild sunglasses, and have badges on my Garfield outfit (cool garfild kid)…and I always screamed garfild when the cartoon started…when I started to read my mom went nuts cause I still have box full of garfield comics….ah…lol…

  • Henrik

    Totoro from My Neighbor Totoro

  • since I was a kid, mom showed me cartoons. felix the cat has been without doubt one of my biggest influences. felix being one of the first animated characters cartoons mom showed me :)

  • si


  • Robert

    The Log Driver, because we all want to waltz with the Log Driver.

  • since I was a kid, mom showed me cartoons. felix the cat has been without doubt one of my biggest influences. felix being one of the first animated characters cartoons mom showed me.

  • Lilian

    the caterpillar from alice and wonderland.
    he was always just so chill and wise

  • I was influenced by pugsly addams. He was always picked on by his sister and only really ever let her do that because he was kind and he wanted to spend time with her. That kind of reminds me a lot of my childhood with me and my twin, except she wasn’t exactly a sadist. I just always identified with him.

  • The Mr. Men series of books.

  • In 1990, at the age of 8, I moved from the US to India and lived there for 4 years. At first I was miserable when I realized I no longer had the ninja turtles, transformers, batman. But at my school, all the kids were into The Adventures of TinTin. The famous globe travelling reporter. Reading those comics helped me escape from the culture shock and TinTin’s stories taught me about other cultures and how to treat others. He was my hero. I discovered a new batman. And a way to relate to my indian schoolmates. And his adventures were way funny!

  • my tiny blonde younger sister!

  • ok i realized that doesn’t count.
    then opcion b
    all of the above

  • Dominique

    ALVIN from the chipmunks. still in love…

  • Lulu

    Momotaró. Borned inside of a huge peach, flowing in the river.

  • Danielle

    mr. rogers

  • Sofia F

    Krumm from Ah Real Monsters! all the way.

  • Barbapapa! Because he can take any form he wants. He triggers to creativity..

  • Nick

    Kim Cattrall in the movie “Mannequin.” I even asked Santa for a mannequin for Christmas…

  • Tyler

    Ever since watching a vhs of the X-men episode “Sanctuary”, I was always a fan of Nightcrawler.

  • brahmk

    super mario throwin radishes

  • I’d say Indiana Jones, defined dreams + aspirations for the first 15 years of my life.

  • Oliver

    Pinnochio. I watched the movie about 1000 times.

  • Rex The Tyrannosaurus Rex

    We’re Back! A Dinosaur’s (1993)

  • The Grinch, he trully had a reason to be mean he was authentic, meanwhile the whos where so empty and fake.

  • Lucas


  • Laura

    Lambert the sheepish lion

  • Matthias

    Popeye the Sailor Man ;)

  • Mownia

    SQUIRREL NUTKIN! from Beatrix Potter’s stories. I loved how unruly and crazy he was. I tried to achieve the perfect balance of his mischievousness without losing my tail. That damn old owl…

  • Priscila

    Alex from A Clockwork Orange. I watched the movie the first time at age 7. It was love at first sight.

  • Alanna

    When I was tiny with blonde curls dressed up in lacy pink dresses I wanted to be Capt. Haddock from the Tintin books. I hated water too.

  • I was quite inspired by Tin Tin and Ash from Pokemon :D

  • Sebastien

    Scat cat!

  • I was most influenced by the Horton the elephant. His life lessons always seemed so relevant. ..er … :)

  • Aimee

    Wonder Woman. I used to have WW undies and I loved dancing around the house in them, singing and laughing.

  • Sooo many… but one of my favorites was the little prince!

  • Animal from the Muppet Babies

  • demo

    I was pretty influenced by Senshi of Silence, a Sailormoon Character. It was my 1st contact with the dark side. ahauahuahaua XD

  • Emma

    Chuckie from the Chuckie movies, I saw a doll of him once in Spencer’s gifts and to this day am hesitant to enter a spencers for fear of seeing his face

  • Harl Vind

    I have always been inspired by the crazy and bizarre surrealism of The Cat in the Hat.

  • Helen

    …I grew up in Eastern Germany, so the chance to watch foreign TV was quite limited. It was not allowed to watch Western German TV – but we did secretly :) and so I saw Nils Holgersson and the wild geese. I loved it and always wanted to be like Nils – able to fly away with a goose :)

  • Melanie Christine Warner

    Edward Gorey’s characters exude something that we all embody that is dark and yet humorous, with mystery and curiosity, slightly childlike.

  • Donna

    all the animated characters from Fantasia, but especially the broomsticks

  • diana

    Krtek the little mole!

  • wow, that book looks incredible.

    Murdoc from the gorillaz. In my darkest, depressed, crusty punk days of high school I thought of him as my confident, badass alter-ego.

  • galactica

    David the Gnome as a child. I still can’t whistle with to fingers, but try alot.
    Tank girl when things got more thrash.

  • Paul

    spongebob, because it got good right around the time i was young enough to watch it. he made so much out of the few events that five undersea characters had

  • I was insanely influenced by Atreyu in “The Neverending Story”. For some reason, I always wanted my own Falcor. I was just jealous so I envied him.
    Partially because I liked the imagination of it all, possibly because it seriously disturbed me.

  • Victor

    I was really into the Teen Titans when I was younger and I stil love Raven!

  • David

    Dennis the Menace, a true role model !


  • When I was a young tot, I love Harriet the Spy. The novel was first published in 1964 by author Louise Fitzhugh. I was a nerdy kid way back in the 90s, and loved spending the hot, musty Las Vegas, NV afternoons in the pristine and cool library. I think that’s when I discovered that book. I must have read it a thousand times, each repetition more exciting than the last. I eventually bought the book, read it a thousand more times, and began to imitate my idol’s behavior of spying. I even kept a notebook just like hers. Needless to say I was beside myself with child-like exhilaration when the movie came out in ’96. I watched that movie a thousand times too. Harriet inspired me to be inquisitive, to explore, to invent and be persistent; those times were awesome…. I think I’m going to go try and find that book now.

  • Katie

    Ron Weasley…
    he’s a ginger…what more could you want?

  • Gabrielle D.

    The Moomins, still a major influence for me.

  • hmm…. I guess I really liked Milo from the Phantom Tollbooth.

  • ChrisMo

    Bandit from Smokey and the Bandit. I watched it every time it was on cable as a kid and it was always on.

  • bron

    Much to my mother’s chagrin, my biggest influence from a character when I was a kid was probably Kevin McAllister played by Macaulay Culkin in ‘Home Alone’ – my brother and I had a habit of setting up booby traps all over the house!

  • Karina

    I love the Berenstain Bears. They have the cutest treehouse and I’ve always liked how they are very caring and loving towards each other..

  • Thomas

    Raphael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! I would watch the first motion picture for days upon days. He was also one of the very first characters that I learned how to draw as a child.

  • Archie from Archie comics!!!! I have a big box of my favorites at home and I’m still trying to figure out if I’m a Betty or a Veronica..

  • To be honest…….Austin Powers. Probably the first movie I watched and I remember when I was 5 I would walk around saying “shall we shag now, or shall we shag later?” It was pretty bad, hahah. There was just something about him that inspired me, lol, much to my mom’s fears. She loved the Austin Powers movies too, but hated that my dad let me watch them — but my dad was JUST like Austin Powers — which contributed to her fears even more haha. To this day, I walk around and yell “YEAH BABY YEAH”.

  • The Spice Girls!

  • Miss Eglantine Price, an apprentice witch from ” Bedknobs and Bromsticks” . 1971

  • Bryenne

    The elephant from Sharon, Lois and Bram. I saw their show live as a kid and he pulled me onstage to trap me in a huge bubble. First understanding of personal vs private ways of experience.


  • Isaac

    it would have to be tony hawk! because I’ve i used to love his stuff, from his skate videos to his games haha but as a kid he was cool, now he’s gone rather old and gloomy haha

  • Sheri

    Have to be Snoopy – Peanuts had so many enduring characters!

  • Matilda! I sometimes still try to move small objects with my mind!

  • lydia from beetlejuice

  • The Brain, from Pinky and the Brain, show which I watched all the time as a kid and now.

    It’s crazy and funny to think that one mouse lab can take over the world. But now I believe that metaphor can adjust to the type of politics that are bieng used now. Like a little Napoleon.

  • Nina Fránková

    Red Riding Hood was my guru. Now I see lot of symbolism in that story. she is great representation of an innocent girl beccoming a woman… :)

  • Poppi

    Pippi Longstocking as she got away with wearing odd socks every day but I was not allowed to wear my stripey cardigan and green shoes to school. My parents describe me as having been a ‘willful’ child, which I feel probably means stubborn and impulsive, but even so, I have to give some of the credit to Pippi for giving me a ‘but does it really matter and who gives a shit’ attitude and a healthy disrespect for authority. Life is more fun that way. Also. We have almost the same name. It’s fate.

  • Power Ranger Red

  • Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service, Clara from the Nutcracker, and Shaggy from Scooby-Doo… he has become the source of my taste in men strangely enough. Oh and Orbie. Does anyone know what Orbie from Katie and Orbie??
    And Elroy from the Jetsons.

  • Akos

    Top Cat.

  • keer

    Mulan. for real.

  • betibup

    i am influenced by Betty Boop, she’s cheeky but very independent and always kind! (not like most of disney’s princess…) She was a modern woman in the old days!

  • Drue

    I always wanted to be Thumbalina when I was young.

  • Amba

    Veronica Lodge from the Archie comics. I didn’t want to be like her, I think I envied her on some level.

  • Ariel

    Ariel from Disney’s The Little Mermaid – I loved her so much I even made my mum change my name from Amanda to Ariel when I was 5 :)

    obviusly because I never want to grow up. The most influence he has in me is through my art as I think the freedom he has I try to show in my work. and how he was involved and played with so many types of people for instance indians, which i used to play as well with stalking deer and making teepees. also with pirates, making battleships out of boats at the lake. and not to mention the fact of flying!

  • andrea erandi

    When I was a kid, I used to admire Arnold, from the cartoon HEY ARNOLD! I really felt motivated by him. He was a strong kid who tried to help the weak. He was clever enough to solve issues that were hard to attend, and he would always be thankful for what he got, getting to cope with pain and sadness. He was a humble boy, sometimes rejected by other people but always strong enough to avoid the agression affect his mind.

  • sarah

    i liked peter pan, ofcourse!

  • MadtHugz

    Buttercup from the Powerpuff Girls! I was really shy as a kid so I always looked up to female characters who didn’t take crap from anyone. Plus I hated bathing frequently.

    I still wish I was as kick-ass as she is.

  • Without a doubt… Inspector gadget.
    He always had the coolest stuff, especially the helicopter blades that would come out of his hat.
    When I was young I always dreamed of being able to fly. I would imagine what it would be like to have a personal, tiny helicopter and fly around the city.

    I still really want a personal tiny helicopter.

  • Steph

    Cam Jansen! She had a photographic memory and solved crimes. Booyah.

  • La Linea by Italian artist Osvaldo Cavandoli.
    ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/La_Linea_(TV_series))
    Watching it like hypnotized, and believe it or not learned to talk like him.
    It turned out, later, my sense of humor, as an adult was pretty similar to the La Linea’s.

    I’m always surprised how kids react like little sponges. Absorbing everything, specially things they like.

  • Matthew Chilton


    “I’m a very friendly lion called Parsley,with a tail for doing jobs of every kind.
    But I mustn’t treat it roughly or too harshly,for it’s such a useful thing to have behind.”

  • Victor


  • I really really like that book, and I hope that I didn’t miss the Friday you’re talking about!

    My favorite character as a child was Earthworm Jim. Looking at him today, I would think he is one of the dumbest looking things I have ever seen, but when I was a little kid I absolutely adored him. He looked like this buff super hero, but his head was just a big worm with these cartoony eyes. I used to play the video game and there was this really silly cartoon, and I used to draw him in my drawing books all the time.

    I had this Earthworm Jim action figure that I carried around everywhere. He had this button on his back that launched his wormy head into the air, which was pretty cool. One time when I was visiting my mom at work (this is really embarrassing) I was standing in the elevator holding Jim and thumbing the button on his back. Just when the elevator doors opened, I accidently shot his head into the air, and it fell right down the elevator shaft.

    I was so distraught, all I had left was a lifeless shell of my favorite hero. It was very emotionally scarring. Even now, at 20 years, I still get a little sad thinking about it. Just picture a tiny little boy standing there in an elevator with a headless doll. When we got home, I cried and cried. My Mom said she asked the maintenance people at her office to check the elevator shafts, but they said they couldn’t find anything.

    I never touched the video game again, it made me too sad to play. Anyways, that’s my story!

  • aldfaz@gmail.com

    Samantha from Bewitched. not so much marrying a mortal thing–but the nose twitching wit.

  • Adam

    As a little kid I always wanted to be the journalist detective TINTIN but was always dissapointed to find no mysteries come my way. So I decided to investigate my parents, found I couldn’t understand the long words which they said to each other when i eavesdropped on them and concluded that they were most definitely speaking in code and were topsecret undercover agents. I was most pleased, I had uncovered a national secret in my own home.

  • Mike

    Clifford the Big Red Dog.

    Today, I am a Big Red Dog.

  • Hannah B

    The boxcar children!!! I wanted to be an orphan in a rag tag gang of feral children.

  • DJ

    Brave Star.

  • Simona la plus belle

    It was Duckman. I must admit I understood something close to nothing from his speeches, but Loooordy how i “spiritually” bowed down to him. His anger was magnetic. And it’s funny to watch it now and understand everything and still be mesmerezied. like the dudes at the end of this video.

  • Vikte and Nata – you have both been selected as the winners of the Pictoplasma book!

  • ohkeks


  • Memelvin321

    danny dunn, adventures through time and space to tell basic stories about science, space, and imagination

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