10.02.12 by Jeff

Orinoco Ochre / Camera Giveaway

Lomography La Sardina & Flash Orinoco Ochre Camera
My friends at Lomography have hooked me up with another camera to giveaway! This time it’s the “Orinoco Ochre” edition of the La Sardina (comes with a flash). Who wants it?

Lomography La Sardina & Flash Orinoco Ochre Camera

Lomography La Sardina & Flash Orinoco Ochre Camera


If you’d like to snag this camera let me know the first place you’d take it and what you’d shoot when you got there.

This giveaway is open to everyone! I’ll pick a winner next Friday!

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • I’d shoot my new kitten, who likes to climb inside the butter dish, eat its contents and then curl up inside it

    • Is this izzy burnett?

      • nope, why?!

      • your idea fits in very wierdly to what my freind wuld chooose, that is all. he

    • rrr

      Probably I´d travel to my bathroom and take a pic of one of my toes after having a shower.

    • Brenda Hernandez

      I would take it to the elementary school where I manage a after-school arts program! Those kids have the best facial expressions and the decor is simply amazing!!

      • Seal johnson

        Awesome .. Hard to compete with that .. but I have puppies .. so I win !! : >}

    • The first thing I would shoot is the landscape at a nearby park. We are forgetting to enjoy the beautiful artwork mother nature provides at times… before or after a storm.

    • Stork

      I would take it home and take a picture of my left foot on a table.

    • luke

      if you give it to me i’ll take pictures of my incredible buttocks and send them to you

    • I am going to Mexico soon, so I will take there a lot of pictures of people and places !
      love Sardina and retro cameras

    • Adrian

      I’d shoot the street art projects me and my friends just started to work on the streets of Mexico, we deffinitively need a camera ´cos we also hava a brand new audiovisual glitch hop music project and some pics from our work on da streets can be really useful on the videos

  • Jo

    I’d love to have it :-))))

    • Jo

      I’d love to have it :-)

      I think I’ll take the snowman I did before it melt away


      (type too fast the first time)

  • Jeff C.

    Since my mom and I are going to the Philippines next month I would take it there. We’re most going to Manila and I can definitely take photos of some interesting stuff there.

  • i would take it to my University interviews and take pictures of the interviewer reaction when i pull it out of my pocket and shout… ‘CHEEEEESEE’!

  • beth melvin

    I’d find you and take a photo from a bush capturing the back of your head and leave a copy on your windscreen. this happened to me, twas Very Fun (p.s it was a friend not an internet stalker oo err)

  • Janice

    I’m heavily invested/involved in the Occupy movement and I have been photographing with San Francisco’s movement since October. It’s been my goal to have something other than digital to capture more of a raw mood, & document the sense of community that is so covered up by mainstream media. This would be a perfect (esp. since the police still have my camera from when they arrested many of us in Oakland).

    • Sean B.

      I’d probably take it to a local show/party and capture the mayhem! Looks like a fun little camera!

  • MAX

    I’m going to Paris for an exchange in August.. Would love to shoot Paris with that camera!

    Would love to show the architecture and civil engineering of Paris.

  • I would go deep in the woods and take a photo of a deer at a cold morning – i imagen it with a cloud of condensing breath and a lot of moss on the ground around the old fir´s.

  • C

    me and my girl are going to Vlieland, a small, almost deserted island above the Netherlands. we are going to see the sea and just be. would deliver some nice photos.

  • Kim

    To the garden for the spring flowers.

  • I’m going to Berlin for my partner and I’s anniversary in a week or two. People have been clamouring to tell me all of the amazing things to go see there so I know I wouldn’t be short of things to take pictures of!

  • Photos of the Black Keys, Ally Pally this Saturday. Would need quick P&P mind

  • Going back home to Abu Dhabi in April. It’s going to be lovely and warm compared to the freezing temperature here in London. I’m going to shoot photographs of my family on a day at the beach and so I can be reminded how much I miss them and perfect summer weather <3

  • mmmm i think i would go around berlin, plenty of inspiring abandoned places to be creative =)

  • I’ll take a picture of myself laughing like a crazy girl, because I like to be egocentric (or not). The real reason is because if I win a camera I deserve to be shoot, since I never won anything, it’s a reason to be proud.

  • I would take it all around my homeland, Lithuania. I would take lots of shots and i would like to see the cameras version of my motherland, what it thinks of it.

    • That rocks, Adriana! I would love to see photos from Lithuania, I’ve never been but have wanted to go..I could live vicariously through your photos :D

  • I would bring it to all my creative workspaces and take pictures of them all since my next http://www.weunite.dk blog is going to be about my different workspaces.

  • Niels

    I would take it around my hometown: Nijmegen – the oldest city in the Netherlands. We have a beautiful town square here, that would look lovely through a camera like this :)

  • Lambersens Paul

    As a pro snowboarder I’ll simply take lifestyle pictures of my homies during our travels around Europe. In the joy after landing a nice trick or in the pain after falling hard (or both in the same day)!

  • Tom Lynch

    I would shoot my mum in her bee suit getting the beehive ready for summer.

  • Ben

    I’d take it to the east coast of Scotland, in Fife.

    Also, I’d use it once a day for my site, Picture of the Day, which has been reduced to using phone pictures – my camera is broken and I can’t afford a new one!

    • Austin Baroudi

      The first place I would use this camera would be at my local skatepark. It’d be awesome to get some shots of the people skating and for someone to get a few of me as well.

  • jane

    i’d probably take this sweet camera to mine and my friends’ spring birthdays, we usually celebrate it in the forest.. so i guess, take some dreamy-kind-of-photos would be nice:)

  • I would photograph Carnival in RIO, in my loving Brazil! and probably would have cool effects with all those lights and colors :)

  • AquaChic

    OMG…it’s soo cute, love love love the orange. I would use the cutie to take shots of my urban environment and a project I’m starting “Tagged in Canada” …I Love Graffiti!! Thanks for the Chance! :)

  • I would love that camera. It would be my new baby.

    I would take it to:
    the nearest roadworks to my house.

    I would shoot:
    angry worker men chasing me, who think I just stole a light from the top of one of their traffic cones.
    the reconciliation between myself, my beautiful new camera and a worker man after he realizes that I had a Orinoco Ochre and not a cone light. Silly worker bee. Situation avoided. New friends created. Photos to last forever. YAY!

  • I’d bring it out with me as I take a walk in Sydney. When I find an interesting background, I’d stop, take out an origami water droplet and snap a photo dedicated to a sponsor for Project 10WATERpumps, raising money by World Water Day. (example here: http://on.fb.me/xFCZes)

  • Lee

    I’d take it to the beach and have a wonderful day : )

  • whatnot

    Shoot some politicians

  • Wow ! Lovely !

    I’d take it to London City Airport, to immortalize the first time my friend Maud takes the airplane! That would be an awesome souvenir of her 20’years birthday.

  • Brittany Bange

    I’m a small town Kansas girl who is eager to see the world. I’m finally having this opportunity now that I’m 18 and studying art in college. I’ve grown so much every day in school with my passion for art and as I travel to Chicago and Kansas City this spring I would love to catch the essence of life out side of the farm. To top it off, Ireland is my trip planned in May and who would not want to snap this beautiful country with this lovely camera? :)
    I’m so glad there are wonderful people in this world offering such great things! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

  • Me and Orinoco would go back to the well in the woods in norfolk, I think there is a unicorn at the bottom of the well… the flash will help to capture it!!

  • Zoe Shane

    If I won this camera I would walk around town, and take some nice street photography. And I would probably take my pouches to the dog park, and get some nice shots of them! :)
    Thank you very much, and have an awesome day!

  • I’d take it back to the first place i met my partner and take a photo there every year of the 2 of us until we are old and gray.

  • Frida

    i would take it to teh big bridge, here in gothenburg. then i would take a picture of all the cranes in the harbour and the sun in the sea and i think that that place sometimes is the most beautiful place i know.

  • i think i’ll go right to the flea market in the center of Athens..a lot of people..a lot of colour! thanks in advance

  • I would take this camera to New York via Minneapolis over spring break to take pictures of my friend ben @ his new place in Queens.

  • Sharon L

    I would take it to the sea in Domburg, a trip I’m planning with my boyfriend and one of my best friends. Taking fresh air, eating pancakes , and taking pictures = perfect day.

  • Lindsey kemp

    I’d take it up north to my grandmothers old house and photograph the places she used to frequent.

  • I would take it and shoot some crazy Japanese food! I am a food photographer currently living in Japan! Oh boy, this camera would give me some new inspiration for sure! Thanks!

  • well, i would take it to the end of some pier and shoot floor, the clouds, then go back to another pier and do the same think (Forrest Gump style!)

  • Rick Carter

    Yes please! I would take it to the Scottish highlands in April and shoot some haggis?!

  • Michelle

    I’d give it to my husband so that he could take pictures of the birth of our first born child.

  • ian

    i would let this camera take me many places, especially once i returned home to admire the brilliance of the Colorado sky.
    cheers booooooom

  • Ana

    I woul take it to this museum/ garden called Gulbenkian, in çisbon and i woud take pictures of tiny frogs.

  • I would take it up to the mountains in Snowdonia and take photos of me and my friends going on a walk.

  • Rach

    Easy. I’d love to take this beautiful camera to an orange grove in Orange County, Cali…

  • I would take it to the Caringorm Mountains and photograph my husband in the snow.

  • Melanie Christine Warner

    I am moving to NYC next week. I have only been there twice. I will take pictures of the nuances that stand out that are only depicted within that city. Repetition of using the subway daily, the none-interaction of millions of people standing right next to each other, familiar situations that would give me Déjà vu, etc.
    Living in the midwest for 2 years and raised in the west, this east coast city will visually jump out at me and must be documented.

    • Bubu

      welcome to nyc. here are a few general (hopefully/kinda) helpful tips-
      good: salvation armies in astoria, downtown sushi, craft beers, galleries in chinatown to chelsea (or vice versa i dunno…. and beyond actually), trader joes and flushing groceries, the brooklyn bridge at night.

      bad: staten island, halal carts, having your gps devices visible in the bronx, cigarette prices, whole foods (more than over priced, kinda overrated), subways at odd hours, (and for all intensive purposes again) flushing.

      best of luck to you homes.

  • IndiaLB

    I would bring it back to my hometown with me and I would take pictures of my childhood.

  • I would open the box where it lay on my porch when delivered, and load the camera there. I would then take a photograph from the angle in which the camera was resting inside the box when first opened. Then I would carry the camera with me for the day, and take a photo every time I set the camera down, until the roll ran out.

  • Raymond Klecker

    I would take the camera to a local hotdog shop and take a picture of a footlong with ketchup and mustard.

    • Tabitha Evans

      I’d take it to the park and I’d take pics of my daughter and dog

  • the first place i’d shoot would be mallorca… a sunset or a sunrise… the perfect island with the perfect lighting….. i think this camera is perfect and more than perfect for a place like this!!!!

    sooooo, i want it!!!


  • I would take it home. Post-communist architecture, wild eastern forests, gypsy district in my hometown, abandoned beach resorts from 70’s. I would take it home, to Poland, just because i miss it so much. I would take photos of everything, and i would send them to my polish friends spread all over the world, as postcards. Look what we have lost. J.

  • carras

    I’ll take it to the Bering’s Strait. From Naukan (Russia) i will try to make a photo of Wales (AK, USA).
    Probably i can’t, but the trip there will be nice :)

  • i’d take it to the next party near the beach when the dust is coming.

  • With this camera, I’ll go to the stone quarries of the area to shoot this enormous cleanly cut blocks of white stone (the one you have on the base of the Statue of Liberty) and the workers with the steaming saw… It will be great !

  • Wenye Fang

    I’d take it back home with me to China and take pictures of childhood places… and my grandpa fishing.

  • Lucy

    I would run up the nearest hill and take pictures of cows and ruinous castles.

  • alinazarzar

    I`d go straight to Cádiz (South of Spain, near to where I live)to have a plate of the famous fried SARDINES and try to capture the incredible light of this ancient city and it´s coast with my new LA SARDINA!!

  • The first place I’ll take pictures with this camera is airport. When I pick my hubby.. We’ll reunite after 3 years didn’t see each other.. And I want to capture every single moment that I spend with him :)

  • Isabel

    I’m from Mexico (: and I would go to “San Cristobal de las Casas”,Chiapas. I would capture all the beautiful colors of the magic village in the morning…

  • V Michael

    Looks great. First shot would be of my beloved girl. Lots of frame posibillities, still thinkin’ of that… I gotta go for nude though, can’t see it otherwise.

  • I’d go to a basement show (since the only good venue in on this side of the Mississippi just shut down) and crowdsurf with it. It looks tough enough!

  • Henrik

    I would stay in and take a picture of the snow covered rooftops i have been staring at for weeks while studying.

  • I’m taking my wife to Rome and Paris to see as many crypts and cathedrals as possible in 7 days. I promise I would not pretend to hold up the tower in Pisa.

  • I looks so awesome! I wanna take it out on a date… Actually a series of dates and make fall in love with me.

  • Bubu

    people in my town are always on the wire b/t self indulgence or selfless ness.

    i’d like to visit everyone that fits those personality traits, and take a portrait of them with some colleagues lingering around them dressed in slightly amiguous devil and angel costumes… an allegory to the human condition.

    and if the devils advocate project doesn’t pan out the way i’d like it to, i’d totally just take pictures of my farts.

  • I am having my Grad show at NSCAD University next month and will be showing 6 new paintings! I would take it to the opening and have a blast capturing the memories of my friends and family, peers and advisors at my first ever solo art show! Please give it to me!!!! I will post pictures after to share with the BOOOOOOOM Community!

  • Constanza Vargas Rivas

    If I won the camera I would go to the nearest farmer’s market, and I would photograph very colorful ripe fruit from very close.

  • i would take portrait pictures of my friends. thay have beautiful eyes.

  • I will visit Rio de Janeiro in April, so it would be great to have this camera to take some pictures at Angra dos Reis. ;)

  • the Polish candy store down the street, it matches

  • What a lovely camera! I’d use to it to take sweet photos of my baby brother and bbq-lovin’ grandmother on an upcoming trip to the North Carolina coast.

  • Erik

    on tour!

  • Lindsay

    Buenos Aires. I haven’t looked forward to a trip this much in a long time.

  • isabel

    I would take it on my trip to Lisbon, my cousin’s wedding. cool wedding shots!

  • Annika

    I’d take it to the city and capture the noise and buildings and people and general crash of the moments.

  • Keegan

    I would take it to the french quarter in new orleans, and convince the old shopkeepers who seem to live in their antique stores to let me photograph them in various states of dress and undress. they couldn’t turn this beauty down. by which i mean, the camera.

  • federica

    i will photograph my grandma ahah, she’s intresting expressive

  • This is the first time I’m studying abroad in Melbourne. If I won this amazing lomo camera, I would bring it to the first day of school and take a memorable picture of new self with my new surroundings in my new school with my new camera.


    –PICK ME!

  • I’d take it to Chicago! I’ve been meaning to go downtown for a photo shoot, a nice new lomo would make it perfect!

  • Dan Pinto

    I would just walk around my neighborhood and take pictures of the people.

  • Kim Wilson

    I would take Orinoco Ochre out into the woods at night.. we have a lot of snow and I will take portraits of all the nocturnal winter beasties.

  • Augustus Valentinus

    The La Sardina excels through its wide angle lens. Therefore I’d book a long-legged model to shoot some endless leg shots with it, taking advantage of the distortion ;D Location: An abandoned sanitarium.

  • Guy

    I would make myself go away to some remote place especially to use this beauty.

  • I’d take it with me to Morocco, Africa… where well known painters, writers and photographers spent their time being inspired exactly at this time of the year… the light there hits magic hour all day long during March and April and Chergui(the notorious East wind) runs through the Medinas in beautiful northern cities like Tangier!

  • Casey

    I’d go to the Alps and take pictures of old swiss men on skis.

  • Wow I would love it and orange really suits me!

  • I would go to London’s Edmonton victorian cemetery in church st…

  • Ipek


    Lovely camera!

    I would take it to my grandma’s house and take the pictures of our crowded family dinner. No one cares about real photos anymore, so it would be nice to sincerely bring people together and be able to reflect the warmness of the family picnic in the warmness of the colors of the camera. Family gatherings are so vintage these days, people forgot the importance of it, even for once in a while.

    This vintage baby would go perfect with a tradition.


  • Pam

    I would to take it to my brothers hours. Him and his wife just had a baby. First I would convince them to let me babysit (might be tough because they think I’m a hippie Ha!). Then I would dress my niece up in crazy outfits and put weird hats on her. Then I’d take some funky shots :)

  • Shaun

    I’d take it on my upcoming trip to Vietnam and take shots of the locals, various sights, and try and capture some of the culture of a country I’ve never been to before!

  • If I would have this camera I would take it out on a day of photoshooting with my shirt painting friends, to make promotion for our shirts. Each of us will pick a secret place for one of the photoshoots and all of us will take with him/her weird props.

    (I’m picking sand dunes and I’ll bring machettes, mexican wrestling masks and some wooden planks for some sandboarding)

  • Alexis

    I’d take it to my grandma’s house. She can barely walk and I want to get some really good shots of her before she goes. I never really see her anymore, and I want to have memories when she passes. I also want to get family pictures and give it to my mother as a birthday present. We used to be really close and I still want her to be a big part of my life. I currently do not have a camera.

  • Vincent Spano

    The first place I would take this camera with me would be to the jungles of Brazil, where I will live in seclusion for a year, documenting my story with a fancy camera I was given by Jeff Hamada

  • I’m going to New Orleans for a few days at the end of the month! I’ll be staying in the French Quarter and would love to shoot some color 35mm with this Orinoco Ochre when I go!! People. Architecture. FOOD.


    I would just take it on an adventure to where ever my feet (or bike or board) carry me! Beauty is everywhere! So many places and faces that deserve to be preserved and shared. Camera love <3 !

  • Ateanna

    I’d take it to my graduation & take pictures of my fellow classmates accepting their degrees!

  • Valerie

    It would go with me wherever I went, ready to snap up any perfect scenario. You never know when inspiration will hit! For sure it will go with me to Legoland this spring, with that bright color it will fit right in.

  • afroot

    I live in the middle of the desert, and there’s always something lovely to picture – so I’ll take it with me to my next walk, there’s usually no need to look too far ;)

  • AMilloway

    I’d take it out and photograph Glasgow for a new personal project I’m working on. You know when you discover new things in a city you’ve lived in for years?

  • Charlotte

    I would take this camera to college with me to document the first day of my new life.

  • I’d probably take it to a live show, and shoot some live photos to change up my boring mundane ones.

  • Xavier

    My fiance and I are getting married soon and are going to Astoria, Oregon for our honeymoon. I would use it to document the memories we make on our trips to the Goonies house, Canon Beach, Portland and Washington :)

  • Onico

    Hi there! Uoooooooou, if life would be peachy and this beauty was mine I would take it to my trip in Berlin, in June, and catch the indefinable and restless breath of the city! Can’t wait to do that!

  • Miranda

    Ooh! I would love this! First place would be to local record shop, Shake It. The Heartless Bastards will be in-store prior to playing a show in my town in a few weeks.

  • Cale

    I would take it to the decaying Frank Lloyd Wright house in Detroit, MI USA.

  • Tianna

    I’d take a photo of the field outside my bedroom window everyday until Spring so I can really appreciate the changes of season


  • I would take it to the top of Mont Royal in the city I live, Montreal. I would shoot all the interesting people that hang out at the top of the mountain at the chalet lookout, as well as the amazing architecture and flora and fauna. I would also take it to the Georgian Bay and shoot the most beautiful sunset scenes on the open bay.

  • I’d like to take this camera to Israel to photograph the blues, whites and browns of the Dead Sea before it dries up!

  • Andrew

    The first place I would go with this camera would be my friend’s new apartment. I’ve been trying to make excuses or reasons for me to go over there, but nothing has seemed either important or exciting enough to convince him to free up his schedule. (He’s working on a million projects right now, as am I) One project I’m working on right now: I’m taking portrait photographs of people around me through a glass bottle, distorting part of the image, making somewhat of a documentation of what my life is like right now. I’ve been wanting to take my friend’s photograph to be in this series for a little while now. I think the occasion of getting a new camera and him being the first person I would shoot would give him enough reason to forget about projects for at least long enough for me to take his photograph.

  • Just as the sun is rising I would slip out of bed and crack the blinds so that the rays would fall across my girls face and just as she begins to smile from the warmth of those rays…that is when I would snap a photo.

  • this camera, to me, seems to belong in south america, in little villages, taking pictures of anything and everything. thats where i’d take it.

  • Ashley K

    I’ll take it to the state fair to shoot all the rides and animals!

    • Nice call..state fair you’re bound to get something interesting..if not the surroundings then certainly some of the eccentric individuals!

  • Tina

    I’ll take it to London with me and take a photo of a pint of Shandy

  • Chika

    I’d take it to Grand Rapids, Michigan and shoot the work of the amazing artists that come from around the world.

  • nico

    Filming my first feature length film in a few weeks. Using a Bolex Super 16mm, cause my director and I are crazy like that. Would love nothing more then to document to whole experience then creating a photo album. I take a picture of the first shot of the film on set. Which is the huge mosh pit. Shout be a fun time regardless.

  • I would just bring it with me everywhere and take pictures of whatever I feel is worth photographing. Maybe do a fashion shoot, or save it for a festival.

  • Jocelyne Denault

    I’d take it to the park to shoot my grandkids laughing away. Jocelyne

  • I would probably take this to my very first surf trip (also happens to be my first trip out of the country) to mexico.

  • Martine

    I would take it with me on a walk through woods with my two good friends, Priya and Nivedh. Magic.

  • Paul

    I’d take it out to an ultra fancy dim sum restaurant and snap some dumplings. Though, maybe it’s just because I’m hungry.

  • I would go take it to my birthday. ;) And shoot everything… it would be a remembrance. ;)

  • I would take it on my next trip to Israel, photographing people, individuals, crowds, and interactions.

  • Jo

    I’d take it with me on my first trip to New York in March for the Armory show! I’d use it to document my trip to all the art museums, the armory show, and for my birthday which also happens to be that same weekend, on Ninth of March!

    Of course not taking any photos that would damage any of the awesome work that’ll be there. So excited to see Sargent’s Madame X!

  • I would take this to SOUTH AFRICA SONNN and snap pics of some polar bears!!

  • Scott

    It’s been really beautiful mild winter weather here so I’d take it to go watch the dog park and snap some pictures of the pups while they play.

  • Melissa D

    I’d take it to the Dance Cave and shoot all the insanely amazing dance moves!

  • Krisitn

    I would use it to get myself back into photography again and having an excuse not to use my phone anymore :)

  • Blake

    I would fill my bag with a selection of my Japanese Kaiju toy collection and take them out into hills and down to the river for some outdoor photo action. I think I could get some good shots of Kemur Seijin and Bandera in the late afternoon sun. :)

  • I’d take it to the monthly soul dance night at the Meadowlark in Denver and take pictures of all the well-dressed people dancing their hearts out.

  • I’d take it with me to the South Bank and get some shots of the runners in their short shorts.

  • Rachelle S.

    Easy! My boyfriend and I are taking a motorcycle trip from our home here in North Carolina to Mexico, down through South America, back up to Las Vegas, and then back home. Oh the magic I could capture on film with this!

  • ben

    I’d like it. I don’t have a good reason why, really. It’d help me meet girls, I bet. I’ve just been pretty lonely lately.

  • I would take it to our local botanic garden and take pictures of their orchid exhibit. I love the exoticness of it all!

  • Shea

    I’d take it to band practice (My friends basement) and let it circulate so we could get some action shots of everyone on their instruments.

  • Patrick

    Going home in a week and a half so I would take pictures of all my friends so I can put them all over my apartment.

  • I’d strap it around my head and film POV shots skating through the city. It’d also be great to document time lapse on during the monsoon season!

  • i would attach it to a weather balloon and launch it into space.
    why not, everyone else is doing it.

  • This is so sexy! Belongs in a Wes Anderson Film.

    I’d take it to a party, but I’d like to get double exposures of the same people passed out.

    • Fred

      Cograts man. Hope you get some sweet pictures out of the thing.

  • Dennis

    I would document my spirit quest deep in the woods.

  • Ian

    I would take pictures of my lady friend drinking joe early in the morning

  • Federico Cuatlacuatl

    I would take it to the south of Mexico in Oaxaca and take pictures of Subcomander Marcos and the brave Zapatistas!

  • Honestly, I’d probably take a picture of the box that it came in.

  • Hakodate, Japan, full of squid hot-springs and there is this futon shop there. Masaharu Takaya’s shop. It’s just a funny old building full of cotton, fabric, pillows, pajamas, sewing machines, Futons, Zaputons, and good old Masaharu.

  • Linda

    I would bring it with myself everyday and I would take pictures of all dinosaurs i see!!

  • Gaston

    I’d take it under the covers and see what happens :D

  • Joe

    I would probably get some friends together and we would finally take that road trip to Vancouver, and go to a race at the mini-drome(assuming that’s still a thing). I would photograph memorable moments and interesting things we see.

  • Barbara

    I do!

  • Yu

    I’d take it with me when I go for a work and take random photos of Vancouver.

  • Freaking love that this is orange – I’d take it to Jasper, AB. and take photos from the top of the mountain. (Then snowboard down, taking photos along the way!).

  • Jake C

    I’d go straight to Jordan, and photograph the giant palace carved into the stone at Petra.

  • Kal

    I would take it to the orange groves and shimmy up the trunk avoiding the thorns to the tops of the canopy. From there I would spy on the birds, take pictures of the sneaky cats and lovers who court at dusk. With that beautiful flash I’d race about hunting the night nymphs. The bright orange won’t distract looking merely like an innocent citrus.

  • Lena M.

    I am going to Cyprus in April – my first time being abroad, so I would take the camera with me and take a picture of me in Cyprus, so my friends would see that even this girl can travel :)

  • Ana Gilbert

    since i’m going to sxsw and wmc in miami beach will do full coverage exclusively with this camera.

  • eric

    i would use this camera to shoot nudes of fat people.

  • 1. Everywhere
    2. Naked People, all of them

  • Andy Jukes

    Love the orange color. I’ll pick it up in person if I win!

  • Emily

    the hand painted sign that has half fallen off a tree at the front of a deep wood at the end of my road and its light dusting of snow

  • Landen

    i would take this camera on a trip to scandinavia and take pictures of absolutely everything

  • I would take the camera to the Upper Peninsula and shoot the unknown.

  • Nga Luu


  • Yes please! In my favorite color too!!!

  • Taylor

    I’d take it up to the mountain, that flash would make the snow look sick.

  • Taylor

    I would take it to space because the odds of me winning something as awesome as that are the same as me landing on the moon.

  • Andrea

    I’d take this new baby on a longboarding trip around the city.

  • Jourdan Joly

    This wouldn’t be for me, but if I received this beautiful camera I would give it to my good friends and art collective buddies who currently run The Church of Holy Colors in Gainesville Florida. Currently they are working to convert a small school bus into an art bus that runs on vegetable oil as an ethical, and affordable way for them to travel around the country working on installations, murals, and other various projects. I think this would be an amazing way for them to document their exciting journey! They are still trying to raise money for the bus as well so here is a link to their kickstarter page and home page. Thanks so much for the opportunity!



  • India-Mae

    What a beautiful camera!

    I’d take it to my local high street and photograph the interesting people that live in my town.

  • I would take the Orinoco Ochre to an abandoned mansion I’ve discovered. It’s a beautiful Victorian style home completely over-run by vines. Inside, the furniture is rotting and family photos still hang on the walls. The way the sunlight licks in through the tattered curtains is eerie and I would love to capture that feeling on film.

  • Mark and I love Booooooom & Lomography. It would be wonderful to use the camera for another short mockumentary about famed fake photographer Jerry Heggleman. Jerry takes the best worst photos: http://vimeo.com/8093925

  • I’d take this camera with me on the streets in Paris and would shoot some portraits of strangers who would like to participate ^_^

  • Bancroft

    I have so many plans this summer, this camera has to be included now. I will shoot pictures of my family in Hawaii, my friends at the Grand Canyon, pictures at the Wild Flag concert I have tickets to, and photos all around Oregon. But the first place I would take this camera is on a road trip from school to home.

  • I’d take the camera to the forest and shoot pictures of trees and leaves and long exposures/flash pictures at night

  • Bonsoir ! et bien moi j’aimerais photographier mes poupées, je suis créatrice de poupées et j’adore faire des shootings de mes créations !!!!

  • art

    I`m going to see a Baltic Sea. Never been at the sea – but now, i`m gonna live there. Wanna take a long break out of my work – a make things, that i make in my childhood. Paint a lot, walk a lot, lying on the ground and watch the sky. and take all my cameras to make good pictures of that part of my life

  • I’d take a bus and get off at stops unfamiliar to me. New places generally have so much to offer for pictures!

  • Flora

    I’d take it to a tiny town where I could take people’s photos and, once I got home, I’d write a story out of them creating an imaginary mid-forties city and its fiction characters out of their non-fiction images.

  • Paul Iann

    Since I’m studying ”Music Management” in Montreal Qc, I’d probably bring it to any underground concert and try to get a good snap of the incredible ambiance we have here for shows.


    Étant un étudiant en ”Gestion de l’industrie de la musique” à Montréal Qc, j’apporterais probablement l’Orinoco Ochre à un spectacle underground ici, afin de démontrer la merveilleuse ambiance que cette ville offre aux jeunes talents du onde musical.


  • Krista

    i would take it with me to the southern graphics conference and take pretty pictures of new orleans!!

  • st

    im going to nyc for easter, id take it there and photgraph pretty much everything and anything.

  • Laila

    I moved to brooklyn , 6 months ago, and I am without a camera or my bike. If I got this camera I would wait until a sunny day, I would find a new bike, and go on a ride to no where in particular, with this camera in hand.

  • Ann-Marie

    I wouldn’t take it anywhere monumental, I would walk outside my door and take photos of all of the wonderful people and things I see everyday. Life is what’s beautiful.

  • I’d take it to the bathroom and shoot my first nudie pic! And then I’d burn the film and give the camera to my photographer friend who doesn’t have a clever response for this giveaway :)

  • Jc

    I’d take it to the hospital, where my dad is battling brain cancer.

  • I’d bring it to the moon to shoot some stars…. but realistically, i think it’d be fun to take portraits of random people. :)

  • amber

    to colombia to photograph the way steam rises from the magdalena in the morning.


    YEEEEEEEEEEEEEES! I would take it up in a giant hot air balloon that could hold myself, several of my closest friends, and a select few exotic animals and then we would have a party in the sky and I’d take pictures of it all.

  • My love for you is a stampede of penguins. I’d take lots of pictures of naked girls and flying squirrels.

  • Michael Melvin

    I would take this camera everywhere on my trip to Alaska during their dark days of winter. The goal would be getting shots of people and animals as they go about their days in very low light. Those filters would play well with the light from the aurora borealis coming over the mountains in the middle of a lonely country road. Bringing the light to those who need it most in winters moody environments.

    mike melvin

  • The first place I’d take this would be to the 2nd installment of the Yukon’s first live Graphic design Duel!

    I’d shoot the digital artists with an analogue camera …. oh the irony!

  • I would go to Chinatown, and use my charm to make all the merchants smile so i can shoot them.

  • Sand Ros

    I would loooove to have this La Sardina camara! I would definitely take it with me to the retrospective exhibition of YAYOI KUSAMA at the Tate Modern in London to see what additional effects the camara brings to the creative works of this amazing artist!!

  • Ramona

    I’ve never been abroad, although I’m 21. But this spring I’m going to have a little eurotrip from Finland to Czech Republic with my friends from couchsurfing. I think it’s gonna be the greatest fun ever. Taking hundreds of photos of people living in such beautiful places, some charming moments and adorable details of their culture – I’m looking forward to shoot it all.

    • That sounds like a blast, Ramona! I hope you have a wonderful time and take lots of pics..possibly even with this awesome camera :)

  • Brian Agamie

    I sneak on to the top of sutton high rise and snap a picture of the baltimore skyline!!

  • I’m going to take photos of public restrooms with it (in Los Angeles).

  • Alfie

    my sis is set to give birth to a baby boy late May/early June. I’d like the first shot of the happy family in the delivery room to be in analogue :)

  • betibup

    I will take a pic of my room, because I am moving after living 3 years in, and I have very bad memory, maybe when i will be far away I want to remember the good times I had in my cute 9 square meters…

  • jaycie

    id go to the griffith observatory and snap pics of all the dogs.

  • i’d take it to china! i’m goign next month :)

  • I would take it camping at joshua tree national park and shoot the jumbo rocks.

  • I’m an art student in my final year.
    Need to create my own exposition as final project so i can show my teachers I’m ready for the hard but wonderful world of art. The theme I’m working around is the right to remain a child. This camera would be used in this project offcourse!
    (Sorry for my English)

  • Stevan

    Pluto, former planet.

  • I’d take it to the Florianopolis fish market and take pictures of the sardines of course!

  • James


  • jonathan

    I’d take it to sleep with me and photograph my dreams.

  • Jasper


  • Sam!

    I’d take it to downtown Salt Lake City and find the most interesting individual I can find. We’d chat about politics and the local marine life, then I’d whip out this camera and snap a choice shot of his shocked expression. Because how could a square like me get a hold of such a stylin’ piece of picture-taking plastic.

  • definitely helpful for the hubs bathroom blog.

  • Kelsey

    Definitely my new home.

  • Meredith

    Ohhhh I love oh-ranj. I would take this camera…back home. And I would shoot pictures of my family because we don’t see each other enough, and I would love to have more pictures of the peoplez I love.

  • Marisa

    I’d take it for a walk around Toronto – I always find taking your camera with you gives you a new perspective on your hometown!

  • If I didn’t take it to Abalone Cove where I’d shoot the luck dragon that dwells peacefully in the cave, I’d go straight to the bathroom in my apartment where, for at least a month, there has lived a monstrous potato beetle that I have been terrified to disturb.

  • a.king

    The bathroom… last-nights dinner.

  • i’d snap my younger sister returning from Israel after a year and a half away from home.

  • I would bring it to the high school I teach at and take pictures of my students spraying their “socially conscious” stencils around campus.

  • I would use it to take my son’s first picture of all time (one of the millions I will take throughout his life. He’s due on March 23, 2012.

  • Jeannette Gutierrez

    I would use it to take pictures of my family in Cochabamba, Bolivia that I have not seen in soo many years!!! We are traveling there in July 2012 for 3 weeks!! so so excited. Then i would share my pics with whoever would like to see them <3

  • Jonathan P

    With that Sardina, I’m telling you
    I’ll capture the sights of Spadina avenue.

  • Meaghan

    I’d probably just take random shots of people on the street, in the hope one of them would compliment me on my awesome camera.

  • i would take the camera and become my dream job; a paparazzi. i’m trying to find earl anyways

  • I want the camera, to take pictures… and stuff.

  • Berry

    I’d shoot the first roll entirely at my first housewarming. It deserves to be remembered.

  • My cousin just had their first baby and, it just so happens, that a baby would love to oogle that camera. All the while I’m snapping away some images of that babies earliest days. It’s a match made both in the womb and in the photo design lab.

  • Ericka

    I want it! I’ll take it to my next trip in two weeks and shoot whatever I can to capture every moment with my loved one.

  • Shmootzy

    I would be SUPER excited to take that treasure with me on Friday mornings to the flea market in Jaffa (Tel-aviv) Israel. I will take photos that are memories of memories, and they’ll last forever and will be cooler than ever with Orinco Ochre.

  • Leontien

    Thats one fantastic camera! I think I would take it with me on Queensday in the Netherlands (google is your friend ;-) It totally would go with my outfit!

  • taylor

    Well, the first place I’d take it is on a trip down the Orinoco River, of course! I’d feel obligated, after all, as it’s where this beauty gets its name. I’d be on the lookout for The Boto and other endemic river dwellers when not enjoying masato and snapping photos with the locals. I’m sure they’d be ecstatic to learn the meaning behind my visit !

  • I would love this camera.

    I would take it down to Seattle for my birthday later this month and use it to take some shots on the extended underground tour of the city…as well of me getting a tattoo and other general madness. Nothing like a new camera to celebrate a birthday, right? Not like that’s ever happened before, but this could be a first.

  • iris

    I would probably go up to my roof and take a picture of my street. I guess I can go to the beach or somewhere more scenic, but I know I won’t have the patience to wait.

  • SP

    I would take it to my significant other’s room, strip him down, and shoot him. Then, I would have him shoot me.

  • BD

    I’d take it on the PCH road trip I’m going on with my twin.

  • Mexico!

  • jake dockter

    I am working on a photo of series of old towns along rivers in Oregon. I want to take this out for a shoot.

  • Avery Miller

    a tea leaf. that is all.

  • Mig

    I d capture all my friends to whom I every day make coffee at my place . It would be a foggy brownish photo of early Sunday morning and you all, dear. Having the photo you’d understand how glad, despite far-away home, we are.

  • Nathan

    there is this over grown foresty area in downtown chicago, near where Amtrack is, that has pathways and i’m pretty sure people live there too. I would go there and take photos and hang out with the people who call it home.

  • I would take it with me to the Dominican,i’m going there in a couple of weeks to build houses:) and i could really use this.

  • Derick

    I live in Puerto Rico and I will definitely take it to the east islands of Culebra or Vieques, Truly Tropical photo madness!

  • I would crawl inside an orange and take a pic of the pulp

  • jackie

    i’d bust it out while making food with friends. i like food. and friends.

  • amelia

    I’d take it to the woods and take photos of a beautiful girl.

  • I would take it downtown and shoot pictures of people around me – people watching is an amazing way to pass the time!

  • L

    I am saving pennies to go to paris this summer, i would take it there and photograph everything!

  • EMac

    I’d take it to the Judy Collins concert and capture a legend!

  • I’d take it to a few concerts in town, maybe out to dinner first at a nice restaurant first.

  • Christina Z

    Orinoco! My Fav Wombles character!

  • Mariella

    I would go to the old sugar factory in Vancouver and take pictures of the building inside…

  • I’d take this sweet pretty baby on a road trip from Austin, Tx to San Diego, CA. Camping adventures!

  • I’d take it to London on my birthday with me (1st April) and snap the happy times on my jollys :) something to remember me 27th with!

  • Id use it to take some vintage style photos of my next range of han screen printed tshirts i do from the shed.

  • tea

    it’d take it to the Freeport in Birzebbugia, Malta (here: http://carmelcacopardo.files.wordpress.com/2010/07/picture-026.jpg) I can imagine some great shots!


    I would take it to the abandoned brick factory near me and climb up the 70ft chimney

  • Tom

    I’d take it to the alley behind my house during sunset and take a photo of my wife’s lovely face.

  • bianca

    i would go to oregon and take a picture of a beard.

  • Ben Fegradoe

    I would take it to Dorset and take it to my trip to paris and take some romantic snaps when i go at the end of febuary

  • I’d take it all over San Fransisco when I go to visit college friends I haven’t seen in a year! Hopefully my first role on it will be pictures of us playing music and singing in Dolores park.

  • I would take it to Viña del Mar, Chile and take a lot of photos of this beautiful summer we are having :)

  • I would take a photo of the postman that comes with the package!! Us, together, happy, joyful. And i would give him flower cause i am so happy.

  • That’s one sexy camera!
    I’ve wanted a lomo for a while now and the first place I will take it would probably be the mountains on my country, there’s a place called Boquete and there is gonna be a jazz and blues festival in march, so I was hoping to get some cool, interesting shots of the artists and the tourist, along with all the wildlife and nature
    its such a beautiful place
    im also going to ny on june so THAT would be sick. city shots with lomos are amazing.

  • Ben Y

    I would bring it to my photo class where everyone’s got a big ass DSLR.
    Haters gonna hate.

  • I would take this camera to candyland and photograph the oppressive nature of the sugary landscape and its affects on the local candy tribes. Diabetes is an epidemic! The Orinoco Ochre would be the perfect camera for this particular sort of reportage.

  • I’ll do a trip with my girlfriend around the country, through mountains and beaches, just the two of us. It would be so nice to save all those moments with this camera :)

    Thanks :)

  • I would take it to my grandmothers house and take a picture of her

  • I would take it on all my fashion shoots and get pictures of all the beautiful women, scenery, and clothes

  • Rebecca

    i would take the camera to my boyfriend’s live art shows that happen twice a month in hermosa beach, ca, called the “my beating heART show.” each show has a different theme where him & 3 other artists paint live and raffle off the paintings at the end of the night. they also have different local bands play at each show. i’m usually the photographer… but i need a new camera.

  • Eva

    I would take it on a road trip to the south of Italy with my friend, with whom I’m been planning this trip. I’d take photos of our fishing bounty; squids, fish, anything else. Pictures of cleaning and eating the haul.

    Subsequently I would take this camera to the moon, and take pictures of the craters that resemble human faces and cryptic messages, craters that prompt any experience of pareidolia.

  • I would take it into the bathroom and photograph some landscapes

  • I think would take it to class and show my photo students there is more to life and making art than a Digital SLR.

  • alison

    I would go to the park and photograph the bison!

  • i’d take it to my wedding at the woodland plantation in new orleans. rather than paying for a photographer we’ve asked everyone to bring a film camera, and we’re giving all the guests a roll of film & paying for it to be developed. this isn’t about style, it’s about pure excitement!

  • Nay

    i ll take it to a party with my friends to brag with it ^^, take pictures of them all with it and then just always have it with me on my travels <3

  • Jessica

    The first place I would take this camera is on the highest floor of my parking garage.

  • i’d wander around the streets, taking pictures of random strangers and add captions, telling what they love most.
    the idea is a bit old, but i would love doing it myself.

  • Alex

    I wouldn’t go anywhere. Lomo cameras aren’t made for special occasions. They are made for randomness. So I just simply would go on with my life, take the cam with me wherever I go and just do random stuff with it and possibly experiment and just have fun with it.

  • Jason

    I will take it with me to my hometown back in Malaysia to take a picture of my beloved parents… I haven’t seen each them for almost 2 years.. The only regret I have ever since I came Italy is that I have never made a good shot of them even I shot people everyday here.


    I’d take the camera and let her snap whatever it desires, as my first camera I want it to have all the freedom she needs.

  • gabriel martini

    oh the places we’ll go! i think i’d break it in with a nice morning hike up seymour mountain, on a sunny day of course.

  • Lil

    I’d probably take it on the tube on a Friday night and obnoxiously take pictures of drunk strangers.

  • Out to my chicken coop.

    I have 5 very fluffy hens (Silkies) – who are most curious. Some up close and personal chicken faces seem just about made for this camera!!!


  • I would take it with me to some hot springs here in the rockies, and take pictures of people (fat wrinkly legs! skinny lumpy feet! wobbly knees!), rocks, sulfur bubbles, and other underwater kewl stuff.

  • I want need want it!! I would love to take it to the local natural hot springs in the woods and light that baby up with lomo beauty.

  • Stephanie!

    We are going to Disney soon with our 3 daughters … I would take it there and capture some memories!!!

  • Katy

    Okay, if this camera came into my possession I would take it on my road trip from Santa Fe, NM to Austin, TX for sxsw and, of coarse, take continuous pictures for the next week!

  • I would take it to my down town or saint augustine. I love photography people downtown. :)

  • oooooh love it!!! i’d take it on our band’s tour in New Zealand, on stage and outdoors!

  • Holli

    I would take it..
    everywhere :)
    “No place is boring, if you’ve had a good night’s sleep and have a pocket full of unexposed film.”

  • I always planned to go to the longest ‘wavy block'(kind of building which has a wavy shape in its body and balcony) in Gdansk, Poland to knock to 36 people out of nearly random 6,000 occupants to take a picture of them and view from theirs window. Greetings from country full of absurd.

  • Missy

    I would wait for a snowstorm, then head to the nearest vacant lot and photograph a pair of empty snow boots surrounded by a halo of brown hair clippings. Preferrably with one of those colored gels shown…

  • Steph

    I would take it home to Alaska. Of course I’d take pictures of the mountains, ocean, whales, and glaciers. But what I’d take pictures of first are of the locals in back corners of bars, on stage, hanging out of historic windows, and dancing in the misty streets during the week of the ultimate folk music festival…things my nice DSLR would just make too pretty and clear. Last time I forgot to bring any camera, which I realize was a pretty terrible thing to do.

  • I would no doubt, take this gift to my dream destination of Athens, Greece. There, I would photograph The Acropolis and many other visions of white and blue.

  • Luci Rod

    I would take it downtown and shoot pigeons on statues

  • Take it to NOAH (national organization of albinism and hypopigmentaion) convention. So i can portraits of them in over saturated color.

  • I`ll take it to the places where my sister (who lives abroad) and I used to go and shoot the clouds in the sky and wonder if those clouds are going to travel the sky right up where she is.

  • I’d sit on the roof of my university residence building on the morning of Valentines day and obnoxiously document the walks of shame

  • Leslie

    I would take it with me when I go to Montreal with my friends in a few weeks! I would go down to the harbor and take pictures there and use the flash when we go bar hopping at night.

  • AbbeyMay

    I’d take this gorgeous wee camera for a walk around my city of Christchurch and capture some of the most derelict looking, empty lots where buildings once lived, bringing vibrance and life to them with the coloured flashes. The photos would look fantastic!

    This would just be the perfect camera to kart around everywhere and capture life :)

  • I would wait for the sun to rise or set (whichever came after I received this- probably set!) and take a picture out the window of the room in my new apartment. I’ve been wanting to do this because the sloped walls and the trees make a breathtaking silhouette almost every night and morning, but my film camera is elsewhere right now and we don’t currently have a digital! I’ve ached seeing so many beautiful views out that window since I’ve moved here and not being able to properly capture what I’m seeing, so I can show others.

  • Jana

    I would take it to my grandparent’s next weekend I visit.

  • kristina

    I would shoot the people at corner of dundas and sherbourne , just after 10 just after the church clinic has fed them breakfast and they are sitting , not doing much … so I would ask each of them to sit for me and tell me their name ( true or not ) and a story of their lives .. an dI would write it down
    I would take all those photos and exhibit them besides teh stories underneath , reminding people that everyone who walks this earth is worthy of being seen and heard and listened to
    that in cities we can be kind to each other
    that we just need to find all ways to love and to care .

  • kristina

    ooops my email came up wrong – its kristinanicoll@hotmail.com for your contest

  • Carly Rapp

    I’m hitting the south to drive down the Florida coastline. I would shoot the entire trip!

  • Ben

    Love it. Great color.

  • I would take it on the plane to Utah for skiing in a couple of weeks and shoot the mountains from above and then shoot more aerials while on the ski lift during a snow storm.

  • Emily Browne

    To be completely truthful, the first place I’d take it wouldn’t be to some beautiful outdoor location. I’d probably take it to my desk so I could write a facebook update bragging about my new camera.

    THEN I’d take it to the beach.

    You wanted honesty, right? :P

  • Fruzsi Bognar

    i m moving to berlin (where my twinsister lives) sometime in the summer but before that i m doing a tour around europe. mostly working at organic farms and i m planning to visit all the countries i havent been yet like Portugal and Norway, and the places i ve already been to and loved them like Spain and South-France. I would take photoes about the tour and the people in the country-side. then i ll take photoes in all the open-air parties im gonna go to enjoy Berliner summer. and Bar 25. of course. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZO9ag1ulkpY

    • Fruzsi Bognar

      and i would take hundreds of photoes about my twin coz i miss her hella lot!

  • sally cinnamon

    I would take it “through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land of imagination.”!!

  • I would take it to a Pancake house in London and capture some amsterdam style bacon and syrup spirit through an english girls eyes.

  • Caitlin

    I’d take it hunting so we could shoot some wild animals.

  • My partner is a sailor. We’d love to take the camera to everywhere he’s been along the Mediterranean. There’s a coffee shop in Capri that has the best coffee I’ve ever had in my life, I’d love to go back again for another cup and a snapshot.

  • Ankelchenn

    Where would I take it? Everywhere I go! There’s no place where you can’t take an awesome picture with a camera like that!

  • Lauren

    oooooh iwantwantwant this.

    i would probably take this to one of my friend’s upcoming parties. 90% of the parties my friend’s have seem to be costume/face paint/etc parties and people seem to do the strangest things. i would be guaranteed some ridiculous and awesome photos by the end of the night.

  • Gabe Garza!

    As soon as I got this camera i would go run around the lake near my house and take a picture of every person I passed

  • Lindsey a

    I wouldn’t get the chance to use it because if I won this beautiful goddamn camera, I WOULD DIE OF HAPPINESS.
    I’d have to pass it down to my daughter. Her first photo would definitely be of DJ Lance from yo gabba gabba….

  • i would drag this cool thing to a nature park somewhere and take pictures of light and my kid. :)

  • it’s easy, taking my kid and the sleigh in one of the largest parks around europe. it’s freezing here in romania! :)

  • I would take it to my daughter’s school and give it to her to take pictures with.

  • I’d shoot me and my girlfriends 2-month trip to America (from Sweden) this summer.

    Travelling down the west coast from Seattle to sunny San Fran, campsite breakfasts, redwood trees, bike rides and greyhound views, those things.


  • awesome! i would take this on some spring adventures to vancouver in april (from minneapolis) to shoot the beautiful cherry blossoms and stanley park. i went to school there and still dream about it every so often!

  • Jamie

    I’d probably take it to Cabo Rojo or Rincón in Puerto Rico to photograph the landscape there. Even though I live on a small island we have various landscapes from foggy and humid to hot and dry to cold weather!

  • linette m.

    The first place Id take it to would be this secret shooting spot my best friend and I always go to. Id take a photograph of this old magnolia tree I used to hang on every summer.

  • Straight to the Canals of Amsterdam, to capture all the iceskating people! This icy weather brings such a friendly atmosphere to this city.
    Can hardly wait to finally be in possession of a camera again and then take a stroll (wander and ice glide) through my home city.

  • I would take it to the forest in the Basque Country and would take pictures of nature (animals, plants, trees etc…) and then would go to the city of San Sebastian and would shoot the nightlife at the clubs (the people, surroundings, lights etc..) and then would do a photographic collage/montage with both themes, i think such antagonistic subjects would look strangely good together.

  • roxan

    I’d take it to my sister’s wedding here in San Francisco. She loves the beach and she wants to go there before their reception. She have waited for the right man and time to come and it’s finally here.

  • I will take it down-town, and do some straight up ‘spy-fi’ staking pictures CCCP style!

  • Michael

    I would love this camera.

    My first shoot would be of the above posts. It is not to be nasty or insensitive. A later shoot may represent what was hoped for this camera by other people in a different way. Or some other way of sharing it.

  • El

    i would take it to a hardcore music show and photograph the bands and crowd. i believe the flash would anger people even more than they naturally are, and that would be exciting. then i would probably submit to booooom. ah yeah.

  • DFVM

    I would take it to the bathtub and shoot the turmoil of the water

  • curious landscapes in iceland

  • Julie

    Omg! i so want one of these! I would document life at school. i’m in my last year of my Visual Arts degree and i would take pictures of the workshop, the students, i would stalk people. + i could reveal the film in the black room……

  • Drue

    I would take it ibto the creepy woods behind my house and do a photoshoot there.

  • Grab the cutest kid in the world and go exploring. Capture his expressions and look of wonder.

  • Daniel

    I’m thinking my trip to Sweden next month would be the perfect time to have a play with this beauty!

  • I’d take it to Mexico on LA DIA DE LOS MUERTOS!

  • alex

    to a crapy exhibition of prehistoric animals at the local botanic garden and with false perspective put mustaches in all the dinosaurs :3

  • I love that it comes with a flash!
    I would take it to a house on Mulberry St where my friends live; we’ve had bands play there, art shows, game nights, and potlucks just about every week something is happening and open to the community in that house.
    We all recently found out that the landlord is having it DEMOLISHED! We only have until November of 2012 to document the wonderful people and events that have been welcomed in this house.

  • I would shoot the other side of the mirror. Or shadows of an inside-out pattern on the under-hem of my dream.

  • Alice

    I wouldn’t really pick a place but just go out with it and walk randomly in Paris, see what happens with serendipity only !

  • I live in the States but I’m from Venezuela, so the first place I’ll take this camera is to my country to make some pictures of our beautiful river “Orinoco”. ;)

  • I’d take it home with me to see my family after 18 months of living abroad. I think my grandmother would get a kick out of it!

  • i would take pictures of different audiences, then pass the camera on to someone else, in order to continue applying the concept of “moving gifts”

  • I would take this with me at the end of the month for my first time visiting San Francisco. My friend just moved there and hasn’t explored the city too much. I would take this with me when me and her explored the city!

  • Bryan steski

    I would take it over to my sisters house and snap a bunch of pics of my nieces and nephews! Kids do funny things when a camera is out!

  • I’d take it to Peru with me and take photos of everything I could!

  • Karen Woods

    In my back pocket,
    Is a little orange camera
    To snap up the wonders I see-
    To shutter the clutter
    To capture the mutter
    And share all the things that are me.
    The Images wild, the wondering child
    The natural world as it is
    All trapped in a flash in the mad of my dash
    In the click of a button you live—
    A moment, a second, a flutter, a whisper
    All magically stored by the click of the shutter
    Of the little orange camera
    In my back pocket.

  • Lizz O.

    I would take it with me into outer space…because I’m headed for the stars…

  • I’d take it to my gallery opening in March and take pictures of all the cool people there.

  • Seal johnson

    At this time I have NO camera and could only afford one if it’s free .. so there’s that. Also, I foster dogs for Guidedogs for The Blind and would like to start an album of my many “visitors” .. plus could help with litter photo’s ( approx. 600 puppies per year .. just sayin’ ..) I’m sure I’ll find many other worthy “things” to capture photo-wise.. So . yes ..gimme gimme .. please :-) and Thank You !

  • Texas

    I will be going to Haiti on Sunday (documenting charity work), returning on Thursday, and leaving again the Monday after that. So, I will take it with me to Haiti and photograph all the beautiful children who have had their lives turned around because of the Earthquake. I may even pass it along to one of them, because I know it will be appreciated.

    – Texas

  • I’d put stripes on it, dress in a tiger costume, go to the zoo and shoot (photographically) the tigers. The photos of them would be so good they’d adopt me as one of their own (tigers are vain). I’d then set up a darkroom in their lair to keep them supplied with lovely lomo tiger portraits.

  • That thing is crazy cool!I would take it with me outside on a sunny Seattle day and take pictures of all the things that look purdy under the sun.

  • i’d take it to a place where most of my friends would be and shoot them next to some trees. i don’t know why, but trees and friends sounds like a perfect match.

  • I’d take it to Moscow, am going there in three weeks ! And shoot dozens of Lenine Statues, run down Buildings, stray dogs, Lenine’s mummy and THE BIGGEST MC DONALDS IN THE WORLD

  • Nick Alblas

    If I was to win the camera the first place I would take pictures is the drop in I work at called “The Fridge” and it wouldn’t be me taking the pictures but I would let some of the youth take pictures that night and allow them to enjoy it first!

  • I would take the little lomo on a little plane to switzerland and then go to Schwarzsee (the Black Lake) in the Bern Oberland, where they have an ice palace. I’d wait til it got dark and then I would take pictures of the palace lit in hues of pinks, purples and blues and the icicles that resemble stalactites and stalagmites

  • ♡♥♬ Louis ♬♥♡

    take it with me to a trip along PCH – California is a beauty in the early spring

  • TK

    The Zoo and take pics of penguins and giraffes!

  • Molly

    I would take it out with me while exploring oakland so that I could take portraits and pictures of places I want to go back and further explore.

  • Y. T.

    I would take it down Steveston Harbour, my favorite place.

  • Ste

    I would take the camera on a date in my hometown. Not sure how this will come across, but I’ve been wanting to take a series of pictures of the doorknobs around here for ages. Seriously you guys they look so cool an fresh and smart.

  • Lauren Wuornos

    The first place I would take this awesome tangerine Orinoco Ochre camera would be to Montrose Beach, in Chicago. It’s the only place that feels like home. The best time to go is on those wonderfully warm sunny days, and sometimes even the blistery cold ones. It’s a 40 minute walk, but what makes it worth it to me is getting a shot with my chin almost to the ground, or my knees indenting the earth. I look forward to the complete focus on trying to create something aesthetically pleasing to nobody else but myself. Even now, I could tell you exactly where my favorite tree is, there, the best place to stand on the pier, where all those tiny little red apples drop and how perfect those waves are, to crash behind it all. So this is the most diverse place I have ever been, and I love it, and I love keeping a visual diary of it.

  • I’d take it into my back garden because I learned that new creatures are being discovered in people’s yards all the time!

  • emily

    i’d take pictures of my next guerilla art project

  • i’ll step out of my apartment in brussels and start running into people down the street and turning around at the same second in order to snap a close up shot of their reactions

  • Strapped to my hip, it’s comin’ with me to the magically mushy messy mess that is Sasquatch Music Festival.

  • lizzy

    uhh! I would love this- the first place I would shoot would be the bathroom stall where some asshole throw my pair of glasses in the trash(wtf, i know right???) today- on my 25th birthday.

  • cory

    I’ll take it to Jays spring training in Dunedin to document the beginning of an unexpected pennant-winning season.

  • I’d take it with me to Chicago in March and shoot from the transparent balcony in the Sear’s Towers or of our new one eyed Boston Terrier, Louie, the first day he joins our home.

  • A documentation diary for all the childlab stuff ^^

  • I just found my father and I’d love to do a portrait series of him. He’s an incredibly interesting guy…lots of stories told through his facial expressions.

  • Nathan

    The beach here in Leucadia and take pictures of the tides changing :)

  • louis hilton

    I would take a photo of what it looks like in my fridge right after i clean it so my flatmate will now that i once cleaned.

  • I’d take it to Helsinki this summer, and take photos of my friends from around the Europe =)

  • A documentation diary for all the childlab stuff ^^

  • Vlad

    probably the best place in the world, most beautiful(in my opinion), Lofoten Islands, Norway to catch some aurora with some good friendsa and hot wine
    and after passing iit to someone else who is also “practicing” moving gifts

  • Heather

    I would take it around the city of Dublin and photograph why I like living here.

  • Shawn

    As the first to leave my family and go to college, I’d have to take it with me up to foggy san fran and document my colorful experiences

  • I would take this camera someplace dark – maybe a closet, maybe the forest, maybe a park at night. And then I would start taking pictures, letting the flash guide my way, photographing things that I wouldn’t be able to see until I clicked the shutter.

  • I’d take it to my work in gastown, and shoot a photo of my coworkers bare bum because I know he’d be willing

  • difa

    i would take it to bogor botanical garden, and shoot the trees

  • I will jump off the San Francisco bridge and take the photos as I am falling down, the moment of impact with water, the chaos following, until the rhythm settles into a clear landscape.

  • Shea Quinlan

    I’d take it to the beach and photograph the people i love in a place i love <3

  • Matías

    I’m going to Bogota, Colombia so i would take it there, and i’d shoot a photo of my cousin and me! :)

  • Ian

    Kentucky. Woods. Beasts. Magic.

  • I’d take it on my balcony, and take a picture of the transcontinental road that still impresses me after all this time…

  • Eleanor

    I’d take it to my school’s garden to take pictures of the early blooming violets

  • Bella

    I’d take it with me when i visit the next person on their death bed, who ever that may be. It would be beatiful to capture our last moments of life together before they slip away…

  • Kyle

    I would take it to one concert, three hikes, two parties, and five surprise places.

  • Madelyn

    I’d take it to my grandma’s house, and take a picture of just about everything.

  • AT

    I would take pictures of things I had never known about and yet loved. I would take it to an empty room, pull down the blinds and stop about four inches at the bottom and marvel at the way the almost-spring afternoon light swam in, almost discreetly but still sudden (always sudden), in the stark silence from behind the lens.

    That boy would come in, silently, aware of the moment. Without a word, he would stand in front of the window and the harsh light would hit his frame in all the right places, causing him to squint his eyes. I would watch light bounce from his bright blue hair onto the walls and I would take a picture of that, too.

    He would slowly crouch down to a starting position, It’s for the shot, he’d say with half a smile. The interesting angle his figure made would cast a lopsided triangle shadow on the wall and as I lift the camera to my face I’d notice that the shadow matched the patterns on his shirt, too. I’d smile, and he’d ask, Why? I would say, Oh, nothing, I was reminded about our lesson today about the Gestalt Principles by the way you’re crouched on the hardwood right now. It’s kind of nice.

    Our eyes would lock and despite the walls we built and the white noise between us, we would be reassured of this single and beautiful truth: that even though the Niagara Falls continues to reveal itself outside our window in its world-known flowing glory, we would rather be in this room on the 59th floor where we hope only light could reach, basking in the silence of this three-second moment with this camera.

    The door would open almost discreetly but still sudden (oh, so sudden) and a girl would step in. Without a word, you would get up and the bright blue hair in the light would disappear and the triangle on the wall, gone, too.

    I would stand there with the camera strap around my collarbones, looking exactly the way I did when I came in the room.

    (In a few lines I told you what I would take pictures of, in the truest and most vivid way possible, but you have to let me show you exactly what they look like. I have to know them so I could show you.)

    • AT

      Typographical error: HE would get up (…)

  • A camera named La Sardina? I’d take it to the New Fulton Fish Market and photograph fish, fisherfolk, and all of the characters who inhabit the predawn world.

  • Gabrielle D.

    In March, I’m leaving Montreal to work in a really small village in France for four months. It will be the first time I travel alone, as well as the first time I live in a village. I’m really looking foward to it and with such a great camera to photograph my new environment, it would be even better!

  • If I were to receive this kick ass camera I’d say the first place I’d take it would be … well into my hands. Get it? It’s a joke. But no, really I don’t think I could imagine a place to take it first. I’d just let the camera guide me towards the composition it desired :)

  • Tash

    I would take a picture of the TWENTY FOOT CUPCAKE SNOW SCULPTURE that was made on the college campus. it is the only snow sculpture that exists in this year’s “Winter Carnival” due to GlObAl WaRmInG O_O

  • Sam

    The top of the St. John’s Bridge
    where you can see Mt. St Helens, Mt. Adams and Mt. Bachelor seemingly next to each other.

  • Jenna

    first i would take it to the north star roller girls bout and snap some pics of strong ladies skating it out.

  • The tiny spider that I watch spin its web when I take a shower every morning.

  • I would take the camera to this year’s Holi Festival of Colors for the Hari Krishna celebration. It looks like someone detonated the Skittles rainbow.

    Check out the throwing of the colored dust: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdRjoLZ55VY

    (I would prepare plastic to cover and protect the camera body of course, it’s too beautiful of an orange to be multi-colored the rest of it’s life.)

  • Jo Bleach

    Leaving for the military in the next few months, so I would use it at my first station (hopefully abroad). Lately I’ve been shooting with macro, but I want to get into street photography.

  • David

    sorry me english is bad but i would take a picture of my grand-father in front of my uncle in front of my aunt etc.. all these people symetrically fronting a perspecive of french buildings…
    i think this would be really stunning and interesting…hello to you all!

  • I would take time to photograph and photograph time.

  • Morgan

    I would go to the salt flats and photograph nothingness.

  • Maria

    i’d immediately plan a trip somewhere and take this camera (as well as other cameras). the pictures would be of unpredictable things, interesting angles.

  • I would take it to a place called ‘Chapada dos Veadeiros’ here in Brazil. A mystical place surrounded by waterfalls, which attracts millions of foreigners who want to escape for the cataclysms generated with the end of the world. The place is known as the energy center in the world. AMAZING!

  • I would go to my school and take a portrait of everyone in my senior class, in the class that they like best – so I can make it into a book and distribute it to everyone before we graduate.

  • I’d take my pants off and shoot my skinned up knees

  • Ayse

    i’d take it with me on my way to work early in the morning and snap a pic of people frequently traveling with me on the bus.

  • Ryan

    I wouldn’t plan on taking it anywhere specific, it would probably just be a spontaneous thing. Probably outside to shoot my daughter and dog though…that last sentence looks so weird.

  • Kelaine

    I would go on a photo walk to all the coffee shops in downtown Lethbridge – taking photos of a million coffee cups and bragging around my awesome new camera and boooooooom.com.

  • Mischelle

    I would take it to the Top of the Rock and the Empire Observatory. All the time I’ve owned cameras and lived here, I still have never been up there.

  • I’d take this camera on all sorts of adventures. But the first one being to the closest wine country – Los Olivos or Temecula. I’d artistically photograph every step of the wine making and enjoying process. I’d add a real sense of love and beauty to each shot because I have the eye of a great photographer. But then I’d probably end up taking some silly drunk pictures too. And those are just as fun.

    Please pick me!

  • Ansley McDurmon

    If I won a Sardina,
    I’d give it to my friend Tina.
    She sometimes likes to visit Utah.

    She photographs things so small.
    We’d give a million thanks to Booooooom,
    and send you a picture of my loom.

    Please Please Please Jeff!

  • i’d take it to the ice-cream parlour
    guess what i’d see
    licorice ice-cream
    for me

  • Alonzo

    I’d take it to work and take pictures of all the inspiring patients I bring meals to so I can remember them all when they leave. (Work at a hospital)

  • antartica and take pictures of penguins – maybe i’ll get lucky and witness a good hipster penguin

  • Paige

    I would shoot the beautiful pink flowers that the most awkward of my houseplants has mysteriously developed.

  • Kalle

    I’d take it right away to photograph the mystical giants of Mossy Maple Grove near Cowichan Lake.

  • My partner and I are 20 year old college students, and my family has finally comes to terms with my sexuality and the first place I would take my camera is with her and my road trip home from Florida to New Jersey. I want to photograph progression and acceptance.

  • Erin L

    I would take it to the park with my daughter…there’s nothing like seeing the world from a child’s point of view.

  • Jinn Liu

    I’d take the camera to my favorite mountaintop that overlooks my entire hometown. And at sunset, I’d take a candid of my boyfriend standing by the view looking out to the horizon. I’m leaving for college soon and I’ll be losing both of them soon…and I want to remember my first love and the first place my soul felt at peace forever.

  • John Mark Vinroot

    If I was to acquire this camera, I would immediately take it outdoors, where true beauty is held. There I would capture Gods greatest gift to humanity, and have defined memories to cherish for my remaining days

  • I would probably begin taking pictures of my nephew’s 13th birthday party, where I hope to find a myriad of lights and kids performing dozens of activities. This would then be followed by the complete opposite, photos of the newly fallen snow and the way it changes the landscape.

  • I’d take this camera and take my parents’ portraits. I think that that is the hardest thing to accomplish. Where it all started.

  • i would go to san paulo, meet the duo amazing artist Os Gemeos…or take picture at front of his grafiti.

  • Jason

    I’d use it to photograph the old abandoned mental asylum thats about a 45 minute drive from my house. The place is amazingly interesting and has so much history behind it, I’d love to go at night to get some shots.

  • I would take it to the zoo. Only shooting orange animals.

  • feehee

    In my disgustingly messy room….

  • Jeannine

    I would search the horizon and shoot the moment I see timelessness.

  • I’d go to Seattle & take pictures of all the hipster bums

  • After waiting too long for it to come all the way from the US to Australia. I would firstly take a photo of the mess I had created in unwrapping the camera, a beautiful mess captured by it’s creator

  • id take it to my friends. have them take a picture of themselves doing what they love. print em out. make a book. replace film. repeat. ^___^

  • aaron

    will be taking the drive to paris, [texas] for valentines , with the lady. will be camping and then taking the haul to finish in marfa. hope to see some weird things, with the beautiful lady. this will be a gift among other things i have planned <3

  • Jeff, I’d take it back to Cape Town, its where i lived for 2 years (2008-10). Cape Town International Kite Festival is run annually on this long broad stretch of green grass, and from what i have been told the it amazing, the sky peppered with colors and shapes and the on ground all the people with eyes to the sky. i missed it both years, that’s where I’d take.

  • I’d take it to this warehouse that a friend of mine owns. The walls have been painted blue and there are different mythical figures painted over the blue in white. His father used to use the space as an art studio so there are more than a few paintings of adult animals with their babies. The fluorescent light bulbs have been painted blue because they suck dick. We do illegal shit in that place and it always makes for a grimy flick. I don’t plan what I shoot; It’s more organic than that for me. Whatever catches my eye at any given time.

  • Emily

    I’d take it to the bowling alley and take pictures of my ridiculous friends, they may be dorks, but I love ’em.

  • eloise

    i would take it to massachusetts and take a picture of the girl i love.

  • Tyler

    i’d take it out to the hill up by my house and shoot my self.

  • I would take this to my school site where I student teach! I graduated there almost 20 years ago and I would like to photograph how much has changed- and how much hasn’t!

  • diner, pancakes

  • harlan chamberlain

    fish market. seems fitting, no?

  • I have always been interested in photography, painting and drawing, and anything creative.
    But. It was not until I started my classes at UTC did I know I was at the right place at the right time. I am in the photography and media program and am learning how to share my perception of the world. I have learned how to share my vision and thoughts through a single photograph. And let me tell you, it is the most beautiful feeling in the world. Never have I felt such a strong connection to the world that we live in. I am now a part to this whole, and I just have the strongest feeling within me that I am going to do something really really great. My camera is my ticket. And I want to explore EVERYWHRE. Before I was a photographer, I always enjoyed being exploring new places but I would not always go where I wanted to go for some reason. Maybe I was scared. But with a camera in my hand. I can and will go where ever I want. Its my own natural right.
    But as far as where I will go.. This summer I am studying abroad in Thailand. But I know that sounds extreme as far as where I’m going to take pictures but It seems like a very amazing place. Especially sense I have only experienced a southern, white, christian society. I am excited to be turned upside-down. But Its not just Thailand. Its the corner of my window seal, its that man you seeing playing guitar downtown everyday, its the smell of your favorite food, your first memory of color, that dumpster you where too scared to open, the town you have never been to, the way someone taps their foot every time they talk, people dancing to their favorite song that they just herd for the first time, the fog in a morning forrest, or the tapestry hut in my best friends room. Its everything. From an intricate crevice to the universe’s idea of infinity.
    Its my mind on display and an expression of my mind and soul. Which I want to give to the viewer as tokens and gifts. I want them to inquire what I have inquired. Experience my experiences. And Lastly, I just want to Playyy and have fun with a new tool!!

  • I would take it to Spain with me this summer where I would be studying abroad in Architecture!! This camera will be used to live the history of Spanish Architecture and this camera will make prove other people wrong about camera NOT being able to capture history!

  • It would probably arrive at my house nicely packaged so the first place I’d take it is my lovely room, but I wouldn’t shoot anything- I’m not a murderer. geeze. All these people shooting things in the name of “Orinoco Ochre” – smh – all I have to say is disgusting.

  • Pardis

    I would sooo take pictures of trolls under bridges.

  • Oooh! Oooh! I do!

  • I’d take it to this fringe festival we’re having and take photos of mermaids swimming in a giant tank

  • Anika Raza

    To the Manhattan Child Advocacy Center. I work with kids who have been physically and sexually abused. They find photography so fun and relaxing. They would love using this camera. So bright and cheery.

  • Bryan

    I would take this quirky camera with me over to Downtown LA and take photographs of the amazing buildings, then to the beach, then Hollywood… I would take this camera everywhere with me in Los Angeles!

  • Ben G

    The first place I would take my camera are the alleys behind peoples houses that are run-down and overgrown with random items. But I would like to take photos of a friend taking a bath (very fully clothed) in a very public place while others look on in disbelief. Getting a reaction from the people/audience is important.

  • azure

    freezing time’s no mean thing,
    but there’s just no scheduling inspiration, babies;
    not when life’s as off-the-cuff as it alwayshas and everwillbe.

    sunday next, this mexi-lady’s korea-bound;
    whereat a bustling-beautiful peninsula packed tight with epic-ancient, massive history lies in the midst of one of those gawjus Big-Wet-Blue Things–
    surely, then, a sumptuous feast of subject matter,
    ripe for the improvisational picking.

    we’d be swell friends, that Jaunty One-Eyed Fellow and i.

    lieutenant clara bobbington

  • I would take it back to my hometown,Penticton.I was raised in Vancouver and only visited Penticton during summers as a child. I haven’t been back since and it would be nice to see it as an adult. I would take pictures of the lake and view from the hill because thats all I remember.

  • Amy Smethurst-Schoales

    I would take it to my doctors office. I’ve had an idea of recording my infertility journey in my head for months now. Each doctor’s visit. Each medication. Each negative pregnancy test. My husband’s tears. I want to record this journey visually but just don’t have a camera at the moment as infertility is quite expensive, and I’m working on starting a non profit organization for women suffering from PCOS, which I have and which plays a role in my infertility. One day I’d use it to document that miracle that came from our treatments!

  • Zee

    there’s this secret roof top garden in one of the building in the middle of the city where i live. nobody really know its existence cause everyone is busy going to the mall and shop. if i have this super awesome toy im gonna snap a sunset view from there. the point of view many might wonder where.

  • Scott

    I would take it to Boston and take pictures of historic Back Bay!

  • god just

  • komal

    i would take it to my window and capture the winter, because it will be gone soon.

  • Taylor

    step 1: go to local unauthorized “shooting range”
    step 2: shoot camera
    step 3: rejoice!

  • That camera is a beautiful orange!

    My mum and I are going to Sydney next weekend, and I would love for the first photo to be from the plane when we’re descending into Sydney, because they have the most beautiful coastal view, with the lapping ocean and the parting clouds. As cliche as it must sound, that’s probably my favourite part about travelling.

  • sarah

    it’s quite nice to never know what i’ll be shooting next

  • Lucas

    I’d take it to Africa with me next month and take a picture of Victoria Falls.

  • I would take that bad boy to a Kanye and Jay-Z concert and take a photo of myself after jumping on stage.

  • martha

    i will take it to the beach and take pictures at the amusement park.

  • SK

    Going to London in May for Amon Tobin’s “Isam Live” Concert at Brixton Academy. I can’t think of a better concert or venue than this to use Orinoco Ochre. Amon Tobin’s mind bending visuals will definitely make the camera very happy.

  • Djusa is a small village in the heart of Dalarna in Sweden, where my best friend moved in to her grandfathers old house when he died two years ago.
    In this village where most old people lives, everyone is having red houses, pickup trucks and are farmers.
    The nature is so beautiful and this cold winter makes this place even more magic.
    My best friend Moa’s grandfather was an artist and the art and furnitures that he made is still in the house. It’s one of the most beautiful houses I’ve seen.
    So first of all i would take photos in the house with Moa, then spend days with every other local in the village and take portraitphotos of them as the days go by.

    And when I’m done I should have some kind of exhibition in my appartment in Stockholm with all the photos I’ve been taken, and it would go under the name “Djusa eternalized by La Sardina.”

    Flippin’ good.

  • chris

    i would take it on my next biking adventure!

  • i would take it to my local dog walking park and shoot photos of all the different shaped/coloured poos and get a publishing deal for a book of all the different magnificent dog turds!

  • Llana

    If I can sneak it in… I’ll take it to the Garbage concert in April here in LA! Been dying to see them live and never thought I would. They didn’t really tour little towns in Asia where I grew up. If I can’t, I’d take it with me all night to the Downtown LA Art Walk : )

  • I would take it EVERYWHERE!
    But I’d start with everyday life…the way lomo was intended :)
    So walks on Sea Point promenade, friends laughing way too much, sunset at Llundadno…

  • I would take it to my first camping trip in France with my boyfriend next summer !
    I would take a picture our tent set in a beautiful field with many flowers and green grass (:

  • Amba

    I’ve been wanting to photograph my favourite street (Roy Street, Wellington, New Zealand) for forever and a day now but never thought I could do it justice. All the blossoms are out and the olive trees are in bloom, I’d take it there first! The zoo happens to be right around the corner so I’d probably venture there afterwards.

  • I want that one!

  • Alex

    Oh yes please, this would be perfect for my current project! Ive been looking at them for ages but im on a postgrad course and my fees mean no new cameras for me :( i would take it into the countryside (my current project is about photographing the obscure in the natural world and presenting it to a viewer and forcing them to notice it) and photograph the shit outta some usually unnoticed things. In the summer of course because the photos would be just diviiiine <3

  • this has been on my wish list! i would take pictures of my two kiddos, most likely at the park or dog beach :)

  • Bea

    I´d take it to my kids room and I´d take a picture of them without notice about me.

  • Meg

    I would capture photos of myself (and yes, my friends too) smiling, and smiling lots, wherever we went.

  • Charlotte Mabbett

    I would use it to shoot all the groovy pictures i need for my AS art exam next month. A beautiful tool for beautiful results!

  • I’d take it on stage with me when I perform with my band so I can keep a record of the faces of the few people who believe in what we’re doing.

  • timo

    Martin Parr has an exhibition in Helsinki (my hometown). I’d go there, and shoot the visitors adoring his work.

  • Judith

    I’ll take it to the Père Lachaise cemetery and shoot Jim Morrison’s grave.

  • The Sardina Homage_
    I would go to the Boqueria Market in Barcelona early in the morning and I’d take one picture from the old fisherman carrying his awesome wooden box with real fresh Sardina fish.


  • Amy

    I would take it with me when i go travelling around the world in a couple of months, so that i could shoot all the amazing places and opportunities i will be experiencing!

  • Phanny McNee

    I’ve never been to Canada, but as a child I totally adored Anne of Green Gables. So I’d take the camera and my best friend to Cavendish and have her take a picture of me strolling through the tall grass. That would be a dream come true.

  • Hi! It was my birthday yesterday, so I would like the camera for this reason. Don’t know if I’d take any pictures though, don’t really like photography…

  • filipa

    i would love to have that.
    and honestly the first picture would be of myself holding it in front of the mirror.

  • MyT

    I would go with my girlfriend to Iceland and take a hundred pictures of the beautiful landscape!

  • The first place I’d go to is the beach in the cold country that I live in which is Scotland and I would take some friends down with me too, documenting my day as it happens – creating memories.

  • Marta

    Well, I’ll bring it with me in Stuttgart, where I’m gonna move from Italy in a few days, and I really don’t know which will be the first shot, but for sure it will be a “new life start” shot!

  • Hi!

    If I win i would take this cute little piece of art to my trip to Iran and take photos of the beautiful side of this country: people’s hopefulness, laughs, dances and amazing landscapes…

    PEACE and LOVE to everyone. And don’t forget that Art is the answer.

  • natalia

    i would go outside and take pictures of random, interesting strangers. those are the best portraits since there’s always a story behind them.


  • Len

    I don’t know specifically where I’d go with it, all I know I’d take it with me. Going somewhere with the best of people, we’d wake the beauty in every day things… and when the air is bursting with smiles, I’d take a shot, of something to rmemeber.
    Those are the moments I want so save, forever. There’s no need to go to a grand canyon to see things that makes you feel the marvelous wonder of life.

  • Lynn

    oooooooooh pretty orange

    i’m gonna soend the rest of the day day dreaming about the possibility of winning it

  • Lynn

    oooooooooh pretty orange

    i’m gonna spend the rest of the day day dreaming about the possibility of winning it

  • Crystal

    I would go to my living room and take an honest photo of my beautiful family.

  • I would go to the local Buddhist temple and take some portraits of the nuns there, they have great peaceful faces. It would force me to kick start a project I wanted to do taking portraits from local Buddhist communities.

  • I’d go to Assateague Island and shoot pictures of the wild horses.

  • I would take it to a punk rock show and snap a shot of the sticker art in the dirty bathrooms.

  • I would take it all the time with me, in my bag, and shoot the simple wonders in life that catch our attention, all this poectic moment; like a smile, the snow, the glittering reflections of the sun in the water…

  • Just booked tickets for Val D’isere for a outing, I WAS searching for a T2 or a GR1 BUT this little beaut would make my mountain trek a lot more fun!

  • I’m going to Munich, Germany in May to be an au pair and this will be my first time being back in germany since in was a small child I would take a million photos to document my amazing experiences in being in europe and traveling to new places :]

  • I would take it with me to visit my boyfriend in Berlin. I think I would take a photo of the bathtub filled with water and some tea-bags. He did that for me when I was sick because he said that his grandma always did that. It was the first time i visited him. It was the time when we fell in love and i can’t imagine something cuter then putting me in a bathtub with teabags and driving around with the bike in the middle of the night just to find a pharmacy that’s still open. That’s why I would take a photo of that and why this special photo should be near him.

  • theodor a

    I would put on my orange cap, orange shirt and orange jacket then take a pic of myself in the mirror. narcissism

  • Erin

    I’d take the camera on a walk through the south wedge neighborhood of rochester, ny and photograph the abundant number of dilapidated signs- wood and paint, neon , plastic letters.

  • Jimmymac

    I’d drive out of the city with a couple of friends, shoot the first thing that catches my eye and make a day of it.

  • I would first take this lovely camera to the lake near my home, Lake Lynn, and photograph a model in a vintage dress standing in the eery brush lakeside ♡ :)

    ~ Kristy Lynn

  • Madara

    Oh ho ho, first place, where I would take it is the Carnival in Art Academy of Latvia. This years theme is Toy Factory, oh boy, many interesting things will be seen there- giant bears, barbies, batmans and other -mans, tigers and fancy dolls, clowns, probably some ball (like last year) or maybe even some chineese who makes all of that. Anything can happen there ;)

  • Marieve

    I’d cross the street from my house to the forest and walk for a while to take picture of tree trunks with snowy decor. I’d bring my friend and we would enjoy taking pictures of each other and have fun with multiple exposure.

  • I want it!
    I’d take it with me to the Swedish Museum of Natural History and take photos of massive dinosaur skelletons. It’s like a 10 minuits walk away from my appartment, havent been there since I was a kid though ^^.

  • Sandra Lea

    I would take it to Maine. There’s nothing more beautiful than a photograph of a snow topped mountain in Maine.

  • i would take it to a friends party, and take a picture of the drunkest and most attractive friend at the party

  • Pedro

    I would take it to a BBQ with the crew and shoot the riot when “No sleep till brooklyn” is playing!

  • id take it to mardi gras and take pictures of drunk tourist.

  • Me please!!! If I get this this would be the most precious object in my life. Δ

  • to the top of the sand dunes B)

  • Marie Antoinette

    Oranges of course! But really…I would hit the streets and see what I can find. I am fascinated by people, and living in a city provides for infinite people watching. I would love to test out this rad camera and produce some beautiful images!

  • I would take it home
    and I’d shoot my relatives
    I think they’d like that

    Then I’d take secret shots
    at my university
    a spy who studies

    Then I’d go outside
    to snap things covered in snow
    before it turns brown

  • Lea

    I would go to the wood where I’d been often in my childhood and would take pictures of the frozen cascades of the creek.

  • Celine

    I would go down to the very popular Rideau Canal Skateway in Ottawa (where I am) and take a picture of the people; enjoying themselves, falling on the ice, warming up with hot chocolate or hot apple cider, eating beaver tails, showing off their skating talent, teaching their kids how to skate, laughing together, having romantic dates… etc. There are always beautiful moment to be captured if you look properly.

  • Jessie

    Into my kitchen to snap a pic of breakfast

  • Una

    I would take it with me to the hospital and take pictures of my baby just after its born.

  • Nick

    I would go to a supermarket and take a picture of the first person I saw putting a product back on a shelf.

  • Nathalie

    My sister’s wedding in Paris – to take special sentimental photographs of moments we won’t want to forget.

  • Hi,
    i would take it to Iceland. And snap the first pic of my son next to a deep turquoise lake.

  • It will be my companion all the time… I will document all the beautiful things that I do and use it on my new blog… ;)

  • Blair

    I think this camera would give me the push to go somewhere I’ve never been before.

  • Marti

    I would shoot mickey Mouse while he’s putting on his costume at Disney world, it would be awesome if Minnie was helpping him xD

  • uh, I will go to St. Augustine http://tiny.cc/upphk and from the cable car take pictures with red cover flash to the neighborhoods they people say are “dangerous” in Caracas, from the sky everything looks safe.

  • LP

    I’d take it to the park and catch the trees that are currently spring-ified due to an unseasonably warm winter.

  • This is my second year living in Madrid and it’s being the year of my life, i’m meeting friends, love, and i want to keep all this people in beautiful photos,and i know that with this amazing camera it would be possible :)

  • Britaney A-C

    I am taking a trip to Mexico soon, more specificly to the Mayan ruins and would love to photograph them using this camera. First bit would to be to photograph the plane ride over and then a sunrise/sunset at the ruins.

  • I’d take it to my new love and home: London. Shooting pictures of my naked boyfriend!

  • Nasri

    I’d take it to bed with my lover and I and dedicate a whole roll of film to exploring our bodies.

  • JP

    I would take it to badminton tryouts, you know.

  • I would try really hard to think of the best possible use for this camera.

    In the meantime, I would bring it with me on my walk to work in downtown Minneapolis to photograph the strange and alluring [ noun ]

  • Delaney

    I have two best friends who are both thousands of miles away from me on the two coasts of America, while I’m stuck somewhere between. So I’d wait until I get to see one of them again and take a picture of how excited we are to see each other.

    Good luck choosing one, there’s so many fantastic potential pictures.

  • Jay

    I’d take it to Vermont and go to town with it. I’ve never been and there is a lot to be explored there and on the way there from NYC.

  • Kayrl

    I’d take it back home to Inner Mongolia and snap photos of my beloved grandparents. Gotta save those precious moments.

  • Andrew

    I’d take it with me to a party and get lots of pictures with it there.

  • Jen

    I’d take it to take pictures of my nieces & nephews because they’re so flippin cute!

  • Matthew Cornell

    I would take it to Clark Park and snap some snazzy action poses and capture a few brutal slayings on the battlefield with my favorite LARPin pals!!

  • Rach

    I’d take it to this pub i know that is full of taxidermy animals, all strange, sinister looking things and take photos of them. Either to display them as an oddity or try to find the beauty in them!!

  • hanna

    I’ll take it to a sleig ride at the only hill in my city. The hill was build out of debris from world war 2, but now its like a little forest in the middle of the city. At the very top of the hill you’d have a great view over the hole city. just perfect…

  • I’d take a photograph of be simultaneously handing in my thesis and opening a can of very cheap beer to celebrate. PERFECT

  • matt garcia

    ill take it to my hidden island, show it to the directors of hatcheries and conditioning see if we can over turn the use of a thirty story building, used for fertilization of sad sad embryos.
    but i also should add for the sake of respect; you guys are the f*&#@ing best for everything :)

  • I’d take it to Rio de Janeiro so i could take some pictures of Carnaval!

  • Greig

    Glasow City Council have drafted some bullshit amendment to some bullshit public entertainment licensing law. Basically, they want to charge everyone and anyone who provides public entertainment – even those who are doing so FREE OF CHARGE. It’s going to kill the Glasgow grass roots arts scene.
    I’d take this camera, march into their offices, take pictures as I white-boy-dance, demanding to see their public entertainment license for which they require – as my dancing is TravoltaGrease entertaining.

  • Kat

    I’m actually a photography major in school right now and would love to use this camera to shoot a series on my grandparents. They live in a rural area north of Halifax called Caledonia and I will be visiting them in the next few weeks for the first time in over a year. I am planning on bringing a large format camera with me as well, but would love this addition to make some beautiful images of my two favorite people who I don’t get to see enough.

  • I’d take it to Rio de Janeiro and shoot the hole Carnaval Parade!

  • I’d take it to Austin and shoot the people at Psych Fest! Olivia Tremor Control in technicolor-multi-exposure!

  • Angela Marie

    I want and NEED this unique camera.

    I recently hit up Kenji Nakayama to help him out with his street signs for the homeless project in Boston, MA.

    We have a meeting next week and he asked me if I had a good camera.

    The only good camera I own came with my iphone.

    So, if I am lucky enough to be the winner of this camera, I will bring it to my first with meeting with Kenji somewhere in Downtown Boston and take some photos of him, his signs, and happy homeless folk.

  • I want! I want! …. I would take it into my bedroom and shoot my cat destroying my favourite things, as she often does :)

  • Davis Thal

    I would take it to my grandmother’s house. Her house is full of antiques and crazy objects. She lives in the most beautiful green area and she’s always worked so hard to keep her house as pretty as possible. She would love to keep working on her garden, but she just recently was diagnosed with lymphoma a second time. She still tries to continue her watercolors that calm her so, and I would probably take some photos of her at her best in front of the paper.

  • RLE

    I would take it to a barrel and shoot fish with it.

  • I would take pictures of the beautiful food the me and my new wife are making.

  • I’ll take this to my city’s carnival celebration and shoot the colorful outfits.

  • Max

    I’ll have a big party and invite all my friends, but on the invites I’ll say it’ll just be a little get together so when everyone shows up I can say ‘It’s was only meant to be a little get together.’ They’d all get a plus 5 so they can invite their friends too. The party will have all fun and weird situations happen like weeks later someone would say ‘Remember when Jeff got on the roof and found that hottub?’ and I’d say ‘Yeah I didn’t even know that was up there and remember how warm and comforting that water was in the hottub, we almost forgot we were at a party, if it wasn’t for that killer song that someone put on the minidisc player, which just so happened to be everyones favourite song despite it being a weird B side from 70’s’ And when everyone is at their most happiest, even if it’s only because they’re at their drunkest I’d say ‘Hey guys, Let me take a photo to stick in my book’ and I’d get everyone in the photo perfectly. I’d almost think I couldn’t ever take another photo again because it would just not seem worth it, but I’d accept that no photo would be as great as the one I took of all my friends and their friends and how perfectly drunk they all look.

  • Alexander

    I want to document the best bathroom stall graffiti on my university campus.

  • Emma D

    The moon.


    I’d paint masks onto all my friends faces and take photos of them in public places around Sydney.

  • zxcasq

    I’d take it into the woods and take photos of the old rotting stumps

  • Rosie

    I would take it to China with me, with the types of places i am going to there i’m sure it will really intrigue the people, i’d show them how it works by photographing them then hopefully have a wicked set of portraits to show off.

  • rachel

    the first place i’d take it would be my work and i’d take a picture of all of the different regulars.

  • Gray

    I would take it to the middle of nowhere and shoot everything.

  • Taylor

    I live in a neighbor hood right next to the 405 freeway. There are three houses in my neighborhood that are abandonded. I’d take pictures of whats left of their frail bodies. The yards are overgrown and I’ve heard that one is slowly slipping down the hill it was built on. They’re built right next to the freeway so from the backyard you can see them longing to move on. I love them and they need love.

  • Ben

    I would take it behind the cafeteria where the lunch ladies take their smoke breaks and photograph real life.

  • Samantha Pereira

    I would take it next month to the airport to take the departure picture of my best friend who gave me my first lomo. I’ll miss him and this would be a good last memory.

  • ( I’m french so sorry for my mistakes) I will take my friends skateboarding in Bordeaux, the night, with the big flash, or I will take some clichés of a secret place that I have, who is a cold blue lake, lost il a big forest, down in a “natural bowl”. Bonne continuation!

  • I’d probably take it down to the river and take pictures of all the strange creatures living there! Might be hard to stay camouflaged with an orange camera though…

  • I would definitely take in it the Doréa hospital and school in Franklin (Canada) where they sheltered handicapped boys and girls that got abused in the mid century. The atmosphere of this place is so particular, and lomo really does a great great job at capturing textures of buildings turning back to dust, charged with all this dark history.

  • Sophia

    I would take that camera to Blood Alley in Gastown, Vancouver. I would sit against the opposite wall to Salt (that little cafe) and take pictures of the contrast between the unfortunate people walking by the high end, chic cafe.

  • the first beautiful girl i see on the street, hopefully it’ll be snowing and she’ll be smiling

  • Isabela

    I would take it to my favorite place: angra dos reis, in brazil. i think that my first shot would be of the exuberant nature there.

  • michaela

    If I won this God of a camera, I would for sure rush to Disney Land to document me reuniting with Pooh Bear the right way. The Lomo way.
    Was that cheesy, or was that cheesy.

  • There’s an old street in México city where vintage prostitutes hang out. I have tried with some other cameras but they don’t capture the vintage color “feeling”, perhaps this one sardine thing will do.

  • jo

    I would shoot where ever I am – everyday moments – with a twist – and a smile

  • Ana Pino

    first place I’d go– USC frat row
    first thing I’d shoot– drunk sorority kids

  • I might use it only once a month each month, using only one frame at the time… and wait at the same date next year to see what’s inside… so my first pic would be..? Let’s see in a year…

  • Adam

    I would take it down to the frozen lake past the wooded path behind my house. The lack of snow this year has allowed the frozen lakes to turn completely orange at sunset.

  • Jerrrrrry

    the first place i’ll take it is
    on a road trip to Colorado
    and take pictures of the man on
    top of the mountain

  • Pooja Patel

    I live in Siesta Key and my sister finally had her twin girls after a difficult pregnancy and I would love to capture their first time at the beach in analogue! Not to mention I’m a Florida Gator so I love anything orange {&blue}!

  • I would take it with me for a walk, and shoot a simple day which could become in a extraordinary one.

  • Jennette

    My college has an event called “Alice”, in which everyone takes hallucinogenic drugs and plays with chalk, bouncy castles, paint, etc. whilst extremely fucked up and happy.

    I would totes take this camera to this event and chronicle the last most epic day of my life.


  • Claire

    I’m going to visit Boulder next weekend, which is where I’ll be starting my freshman year of college in the fall. Getting to take pictures in the beautiful town with such a cool camera would be awesome!

  • Grace

    The first place I would take this camera would be to the city. I would photograph the pigeons because they are a constant reminder that humans are not all powerful like we would like to believe.

  • id use it like the rest of my cameras.

  • S.

    I would take it to the Sri Sri Radha Hare Krishna temple in rural Utah to photograph the Festival of Colors–an event which attracts tens of thousands of people to throw brightly colored powder into the air to celebrate the Hindu god, Krishna.

  • connor murphy

    I’m going to New York City for the first time next month, and I’d love to use it there!

  • Adam

    I would take it to the moon.

    Mind you, the question is where I ‘would’ take take it…(if I could)

  • Adam

    P.S. I would photograph cheese

  • Catherine

    I’d take it with me on the “Photograph Road Trip” my friends and I are going on in a couple of months!

    We like shooting with all kinds of cameras and this would be so awesome to have in our case

  • Anna

    to somewhere i didn’t speak the language. take photos of strangers when they weren’t looking.

  • Paul

    OKAY FIRST i would get a large quantity of condiments (ketchup, mustard, relish etc.).

    Then I would proceed to the nearest highway overpass and start squirting/dropping the condiments onto the cars below.

    I would then capture the rage and confusion of the drivers with the camera yay~

  • I’d bring it to India and take pictures of my yoga class.

  • Monica

    I’d take it to the beach and photograph old married couples who hold hands and walk on the pier. I love wondering the stories behind couples: how they first met, when they fell in love. I’m a hopeless romantic!

  • Ariel

    I’d shoot my friend or myself in the forest behind my house or drive down to the Grand Canyon and shoot some photographs there!

  • I’d take it babysitting with me and take photos of the adorable faces of the kids I look after. :)

  • Gabbie

    I’d go to the Mission District in SF. Definitely would take pictures of the murals and architecture together.

  • Temika

    Summer in Australia ends in February, and this year we get an extra day because it’s a leap year. If that’s not something to remember, I don’t know what is. I’d take this camera to the beach with a few friends that last night of summer, have a few ciders, throw up some fireworks and hold on to what has been an amazing couple of months.

  • The first thing that comes to mine with the name of this beautiful camera is The Island Of Sardinia. I would definitely take it there and take photos of the beautiful clear waters, beaches and rock hills.

  • MIND*

  • I’d take the camera to the night out my mother and I will have for Valentine’s day–she’s never liked photographs of herself so I will attempt to catch the kindness in her eyes as she enjoys a cup of tea, or the hastily hidden tears that fill her eyes when I give her whatever trinket I can afford.

    She is always graceful, always grateful.

  • Kelly

    i would take it into the forest, lay down, and photograph the tree branches interweaving overhead.

  • I’d take it down to the installation currently happening at Cloud Gate (“The Bean”) in downtown Chicago: http://www.suntimes.com/entertainment/10538008-421/light-show-transforms-millennium-park-sculpture-into-a-magic-bean.html

  • Qingyun

    I’ll take it on the bus and snap some pictures of my unkwown seat-mates (with their permission, of course).

  • Annie

    I’d go door to door with a friend and take pictures of people who answer them!

  • This wonderful camera would travel to Flaming Lips shows and beyond. It may be exposed to things it was never expecting to see, things beyond its greatest imagination. Together we would create beauty and capture energy.

  • I’d do out to the forest behind my building and explore until I find something picture worthy! : )

  • Justine

    I would step out into the city and take pictures of the lives of other people. I would take pictures of the homeless, the working, the middle, and the upper classes. I hope to create images of both the glory and corruption of today’s society.

  • I’d take it to a park I used to go to as a kid. There’s a ship there. So I’d take a picture of one of my friend’s jumping off of it on a sunny day.

  • i would take my new “Orinoco Ochre” La Sardina on a well supplied cycle trip across the cornish coast. starting at Pendennis point to snap cormorant and Shags, as they fittingly eat fish. moving across to Penzance where they is a plain and helicopter graveyard.

  • Natalie T

    I would take it around Austin and take pictures of the city!

  • i would take it to my closet and photograph myself in the mirror because -everyone- knows that that’s what you do with a cool new camera. i’m being sarcastic.
    i’d probably take it to a nightmarket and photograph the best food on the planet. dunno, i guess we’ll see when i get it, right? (;

  • Jordan

    My husband and I are moving in a couple of weeks and I would first use it to document our journey together of our new chapter about getting out of the military and starting new lives.

  • Caleigh Carlesimo

    If I won this camera, I would take it to the Heidelberg project in Detroit and shoot all of the unique artwork there. I’d want to do this so people know that there is still beauty in the city of Detroit.

  • If I were to receive this wonderful camera, the first place I would go to is the field outside my house, travel 3 hours to a very special tree, climb it, absorb the atmosphere, and snap a picture of the landscape. I would also take a picture of my twin in the tree, cause it is so pretty and cloudy these days, the light would be perfect!!!

  • Jennifer

    I would go to my fridge and take a picture of the moulding food.

  • Tony Low

    Living in Hawai’i, one is surrounded by beautiful scenery and people. Big island is so diverse that I could take pictures of observatories, SNOW (yeah, in Hawai’i. No joke) and sunrise above the clouds atop the summit of Mauna Kea, and that evening drive to Kau for shots of cliff jumpers at the southern most point in the US and sunset. ye.


  • I’d take it to school and capture all the smiling faces of my friends. Then I’d take it to the film shop and get the pictures developed, printed and give it back to my friends on their birthdays, or maybe at the end of the school term. This is the last year we are going to school together, if we don’t go to the same universities. This is for all my friends.

  • I will go to my mother’s and surprise her. Probably i’ll bring with me her favorite cake and a couple of sodas. I will take pictures of her and remind her how gorgeous she’ll always be for me. She’ll always be my first love.

  • Grace

    I’d take it of my father on Feb. 21, on the same beach in Hawaii he visited in his 20s, and show him how handsome and healthy he looks on his 50th birthday, after 25 years of being HIV positive.

  • Molly

    I’d take it to the hospital to take my mother’s potential last photos.

  • I would take pictures of my POOP! plain and simple document from the first to last.

  • I’d take it to New York City, and I’d take pictures of the city life, the streets, the open-minded people, and the beautiful sights


    Angelica Gapit

  • Im taking commercial diving at college and will hopefully get into saturation diving in the next couple of years. I would take some photos on our dive days of us in all of our gear and even all the equipment we use (helmets, hyperbaric chambers ect). We currently dive on a really nice lake(thats partially frozen)with lots of geese and a few swans that come around. Probably make for some cool shots!

  • Shanny

    I am going to Japan and China for two weeks on the 24. I’d capture the faces on the busy streets of Tokyo and Hong Kong!

  • Carol

    I’d take it to the old LA ZOO and take pictures of the eerie abandoned rusted habitats.

  • Catherine Toney

    I would take it to see my little brother, who I have been apart from for a while because of school. He is absolutely my best friend and the most inspiring person in my life. I would take so many beautiful pictures of him with this cute camera and take them back to school with me! :)

  • Jessica T!

    If I won this neat little beauty, I would strap it on my helmet while riding my bike and take pictures.

  • James Grayson Sinding

    I would put it on a tripod and tell people to look at it close and snap a shot when they least expect it.

  • Kelsey ostergren

    The first place i’d take it is to the isle of arran in scotland, where I’m getting married. We are saving all our money for the trip, and don’t have money for a photographer or a camera!

  • Sofia F

    I would totally take it to the biggest park they have in my town. It’s a chain of about 20 miles of hiking trails connecting major fields and linking different parks. My friends and I like to explore and find the best views. We usually pack picnics from the local market and have our ‘hippy days’. It’s our last couple months all living in the same city and we’re trying to document as much as possible.

  • Kevin P.

    Oh dang this thing looks like so much fun. I would love to take this to my work (instructional aide in various special needs classrooms) and let all the kids have blast with it! I’d let them take pictures of whatever they pleased =D. The first pictures taken would of course be of the students. Maybe add some photos to their name tags. I can probably do that last part with a cellphone, but still a cool classroom camera.

  • I would take the camera to wherever my friends are and shoot a bunch of fun portraits :)

  • Liz

    I would take it to downtown Nashville and shoot the buildings, the side streets, the street musicians doing their thing–the general hustle & bustle of the city.

  • As a budding journalist I am in need of a camera. I would take this on the next assignment after I got it. I would take hundreds of pictures and be overjoyed. I know I will be doing a travel story in the near future. I could take it there and use the photos to enhance the story. My old camera was lost when a drunken freshman fratboy roommate borrowed it and then passed out in a snowbank and got it stolen.

  • Jeremy

    I would take it to the Lai Lai dance hall and take shots of old gay chinese dudes getting naasty

  • sheila

    i would take it 8 feet from where i am now, out to the hall of my dorm. and i’d take a picture of each of my floormates, capturing their little quirks and their smiles and their eyes.

  • Andrea Mac

    I’d bring it into the majestic mountains of British Columbia and capture a photograph of the very rare, potentially fictional Sasquatch, tending to his vegetable garden.

  • Frankie

    I would photograph my home, in Hong Kong, and different aspects of Hong Kong which people tend to dismiss – Like an old man I see almost everyday who sits in front of a Chinese restaurant and simply observes everything that happens during the day, he never moves, he’s part of the wall and the wall is part of him.

  • Z

    I’d take it Downtown to take pictures of a local street performer who has a lovely, lovely voice.

    You can see her in action here:


  • Lance Deloso

    I would take this camera to the first place I met my girlfriend. And take a picture of the spot where I asked her out. I wanted to make a collage of all the memorable places that we’ve gone to.

  • louise

    i would take it into my bathroom, shoot a self portrait and send the photo back to you, just to say thanks.

  • If I was awarded this generous gift I would have it accompany me on my very first visit to my parents hometown Guerrero, Mexico. I would photograph anything and everything that holds sentimental value for both my parents. Things like the chapel in which they were married at, as teenage-sweet hearts, or perhaps traditional celebrations that take place around the time of my planned trip. I would also photograph sun filled hill sides and daily life on farms and orchards. These and many more are some of the things I would photograph and the first place I would take a beautiful “Orinoco Ochre” edition lomography camera.

    With much love,
    Nicholas Jimenez

  • Lindsey Schmitt

    ahhh this camera makes me drool!!! If I were blessed in a dream world with this dream camera, I would love to take it up the North Shore on Lake Superior and take photos of iced over rocks, the lake, and all of the this cold weather.

  • I’d take a picture of my time-traveling gnome in the future.

  • Karla

    If I win I would take my camera everywhere and photograph everything! :D
    Especially when I go see RADIOHEAD next month. Still need to capture Tom Yorke’s sly smile. :)

  • Kenn Lam

    I would make use of the camera’s unique golden glow and take pictures at the Beach with my friends. The flash is an added bonus as it enables me to take pictures, however dark the sky may be or however dim the lighting gets. If that isn’t enough, Orange just so happens to be my favorite color! This camera would be perfect!

  • I swear I’d take this camera everywhere. In school, the streets and basically everywhere around Manila. I don’t care if I get weird stares for shooting around with this. Because I know that this camera is too awesome to even get bothered about what they think.

  • renee

    I would take pictures at the building sites in my city. That are my favorite places,i’ts very beautiful in the dark when the construction lamps are making nice shadows.

  • This camera is exquisite.
    Photography is my passion. Pshh, Cat Lady? I’m already aspiring to be Camera Lady. Who needs men or cats when you have a house full of cameras… right…?
    If I should be the lucky winner of this camera, I have to say, I don’t have an exact plan as to what I’d shoot first. I’d go wherever it strikes me to the day I receive it and let the moments play out before me – observing and appreciating. After all, isn’t photography a patient art about capturing the perfect moment at precisely the right time? I find that all intent I have with photography evolves and changes when I am actually in the moment.

  • sam

    LEESIDE (cassiar tunnel ) ; everything and anything

  • WhereStillnesDwells

    My beloved is turning 50 yrs. old this week, so I would take him to Wisconsin Dells and start with photograph 1 of 50, all of wishes he wishes to leave friends and family. I would make books of the 50 wishes.

  • Jazzy

    I would take it camping with me to my favorite campsite, and take pictures of the sunrise, the lake, the trail by the creek, everything. It’ll be an adventure.

  • I would take pictures of this entire thread…so it feels like everyone won…kinda lol

  • Crystal

    I’d take it to the 2012 London Olympics and I’d shoot the opening women’s football match.

  • i would take it to the island of sardinia. the near matching name would create no end of confusion and conversation with the locals, some of whom i would photograph as they pointed into my lens.

  • I’d take it on the road and finally start photographing all that cool graffity we have here on various viaducts and on the sides of the highways. I’ve been planning to do this for years now, but never get around to actually doing that

  • I would take it to Rio de Janeiro and take lots of pictures of Carnaval celebration!

  • I’d take this camera down to the frozen assiniboine river, in winnipeg–the city in which i live–and capture snow covered banks with urban backdrops and naked trees. either that or a picture of my breakfast.

  • Suzie

    I would take it with me on a trip with my friends backpacking around Europe and take picture of all our adventures :)

  • stan

    seeing my girlfriend. havent seen her in 8months and 3 weeks. shes in paris. shoot her walking towards me at the airport.

  • The first picture I would take would be a double exposure picture. First I would take a half exposure of Stockholm, Sweden at night, and then travel up to the north of Sweden in Kiruna by the Ice Hotel and take a picture of the northern lights. The horizons would be aligned on both of the pictures to make it as though the northern lights were seen in Stockholm. Another picture that I would love to take is my city, Västerås while it is snowing, and a sunset while out ice skating on the lake. Just a few ideas I have.

  • I would go down to my local shop and photograph the miserable cashier that sits there 7 days a week

  • brandi

    –just shoot–
    if i had this camera i think it would be fun to set up little daily guidelines for myself. ie: i will only take pictures of people wearing yellow tops, or the back of girls’ heads with hair down to their shoulders, or wedding ring fingers. it wouldn’t be limited to just people either. i think setting these guidelines would get me connected to the details that often go unnoticed. a sort of 2D reliquary would be created by this cameras low fidelity, “vintage”-y quality.

    where: everywhere
    what: what not?

  • Ellie

    I’d take pictures of my neighbour gardening because he’s obsessively precise and only cuts the hedge separating our gardens to the dead centre line.

  • Creagh

    I live on the North Shore of Maui. I would go to the edge of a cliff looking out on the great wide Pacific Ocean and take a photo of the many huge whales and their newborn baby whales jumping out of the water in the first demonstration of joy and happiness. It would be a beautiful photo, and a special photo…one I’d never forget, for it would be the first photo on my NEW CAMERA!!!

  • Leine

    Hi Jeff,

    I would take it over to my friends house and take snapshots of her and her three little kids. She’s terminally ill but she is the most courageous and inspiring person I know. No need to travel far to see pure beauty.

  • I would go to my art school – where there are allot of unique looking people – and I would make allot of portraits of those people, maybe with some color & overlapping effects. :D

  • hannah lane

    i would take it everywhere, and take photos of everyone along my way. (particuarly of people that are close to me, i love images that capture off guard facial expressions that they dont know that they do, its a treat)

  • Willy Chong

    I would probably take a picture of my floor. In the process of learning how the camera works I often accidently takes a photo. :)

  • Mary Jane Meier

    Hi Jeff,

    I would take it everywhere like a crazy one but I’m going to take picture of our city cure park first. And I’m gonna pursue my photo challenge with this camera, too!

  • me yahuu

  • garigatos

    I love it!

    I’ll take it home and take pictures of my lovely dog!


  • Julishka

    I’m writing my master-thesis these days and I guess having this nice little camera would stop me from crying while typing, so I could go out for a walk and enjoy this lovely winter outside and fetch some images to remind me there is a life waiting for me after getting this degree. Fingers crossed.

  • Kc

    People’s shoes that are standing/sitting in the public toilet stall next to the one I’m in. Then, I’d try and find that person throughout the week or however long it takes to find them, using only a photo of their shoes as identification.

  • pupi

    i need it so bad it stinks

  • I’d cycle with it to shetland and around the folk festival snapping the all the folkies!

  • Marlowe

    I would take it to the bog land in Ireland and make photos which look a clown had made them on Mars.

  • I would take the camera to Wilmington, North Carolina when I go to visit my mother, she just moved there. I would take a picture of my new baby brother.

  • i moved to a new city and would take the cam with me on my explorations & would capture the first impressions of that new city :)

  • Well, I can’t go back in time.. But about a year and a half ago I saw two identical balled-headed, eggshaped twins wearing two identical short-sleeved hawaiian shirts, riding along next to eachother on two identical electric wheelchairs in the middle of the road.
    I’ve regretted ever since that I did’nt bring a camera with me that autumn day. This amazing picture is burned in to my mind for ever, but if I got this amazing looking La Sardina I would go back to my old neighborhood in Oslo (I’m now living in Gothenburg) and ask around for the two legendaric twins that still, in their 60’s, look exactly the same. And try and arrange the same moment in time again, which brought me, and I think many more, so much joy that day.

  • I would shoot my kids eating icecream!

  • i’d take the queen in a hot air balloon over london, wearing her tiara a rosey shade of lipstick

  • I’m leaving abroad, away from my native country, I haven’t been to in 3,5 years. After such a long time I finally decided I won’t make it anymore if I don’t see my wonderful granny and best friends soon. So I bought plane tix saved cash and I’m planning to enjoy my country’s landscapes and take loads of pics with my camera. It’ll be an amazing time for me and people close to me -I’m sure of it- and I can’t wait. It would be amazing to capture those moments with this lovely specific atmospheric touch Lomo cams gives.. Well, that’s my story. A <3 :)

  • Living* Sorry guys haha

  • I’d take it to the nearest lomography store and take a picture of the wonderful cameras!

  • I would walk down to the ocean because I don’t have time to sit and think by it anymore.

  • Well, I can’t go back in time.. But about a year and a half ago I saw two identical balled-headed, eggshaped twins wearing two identical short-sleeved hawaiian shirts, riding along next to eachother on two identical electric wheelchairs in the middle of the road.
    This wonderful picture is burned in to my mind forever, but if I got this amazing looking La Sardina I would go back to my old neighbourhood in Oslo (I now live in Gothenburg) and ask around for these legendaric twins (that still look the same even though they’re in their 60’s), who brought me, and probably many more, so much joy that warm autumn day. And I would have a go at arranging that perfect moment in time again. I know it wouldn’t be quite the same but it’s well worth a try!

  • The best photographs are never planned. I would just put it in my pocket and walk around my city. -L (Brooklyn Ny)

  • I would take this orange piece of happiness to Israel in May. I haven’t been there for 9 years. The first thing I’d like to capture is the face of my first love (whom I met there in 2003 during an art camp) when he opens the door, as I’m going to pay him a surprise visit.

  • Logan

    I’d take it up to the bluffs in my college town of Winona, MN, and I’d shoot the beautiful scenery.

  • to the woods.
    shooting some friends band members
    with this crazy colorflash

  • Hoellen

    I would take a picture inside my public art school (for youth) which is going to be closed cause the berlin senat does not finance it anymore. best place on planet earth.

  • I’d take it on my american road trip and take a picture ever 2 hours of what i was doing to sum up the whole day

  • Imojim

    I would take it on all the train journeys I go to get to and from home. Would make the commute more bearable and the country landscapes more enjoyable, finding beauty in the ordinary.

  • Holden

    I live on a small plain before a forest’s edge. When the wind picks up, the snow it whips form the ground makes for some incredible designs. Maybe put a friend in the picture as well and utilize that flash in the dark.

  • tie it with a scarf to my bike basket, that sees the world with me on a daily basis….currently all over New England.

  • rafael alves

    i would loveto use this camera for a project i have since i arrived in paris (last week) to take pictures of people waiting on the huge lines to nightclubs and assorted soirées. there are so many different “scenes” in paris and the night is such a big part of their life, that those “waiting moments” before it are def worth the shot.

  • Christina C.

    Oh I would love to have this camera… I I would take it everywhere with me and try to capture every moment I see something or someone who makes me happy. (and hopefully I won’t end up with 24 pictures of cats!)

  • jquinn

    The first picture I would take is of the grey squirrel that sits outside my bedroom window every morning. I’ve snapped his portrait a couple of times now but haven’t been able to achieve the quality I’m looking for yet. I think this camera would do the trick!

  • OMG.
    I would take it to Austin with me for SXSW. And it would be phenomenal. The dirt and personality of Austin always looks better in lomo.

  • Vera Lúcia Rita

    an egg

  • I would definitely take this to Denver, CO first, on my first podiatric externship. I would take pictures of everything from feet to mountaintops. Hooray.

  • Samathon

    I’ve just begun a study abroad in the Netherlands, the most magical place in the world. My first picture would be the snow falling on the frozen canals

  • Snapper

    I’d take it with me to the woods, along with someone I love very much, plus several cuddly toys. Cuddly toy safari.

  • my lovely red cat in the white snow!

  • Cindy Yeh

    I would take photographs of my road-trip that I am taking from san diego to zion national park. I hope to take photographs that emphasize the expanse of territory and landscape in comparison to a human subject. This camera would grace the stones that resemble the grand canyon, and tall pines and aspen trees native to Utah.

    Thank you!!!! :)

  • ayla

    i’m documenting my process of my graduation project!! Than i have a cool cam for my own picture development part!! Thant would be very very very nice

  • SEZ

    I would take a picture of my new girlfriend, Eloise. She’s lovely & it would be the first pic I’d have of her.

  • cicely

    i will take it out for a walk and take a picture of the first person i see!

  • Oguzhan

    The first place i would take this camera, would be in the woods with the beautiful snow falling down.

  • Tiffany

    I’d take this camera everywhere with me and the first thing I’d take a picture of is of a shadow.

  • AylaE

    I would carry it around with me until I find someone/somewhere worth using the first picture for.

  • Jean

    I just moved into a new flat and right around the corner is a retirement house-thing. Whenever I walk past and see someone chilling on their porch or in the garden I just take mental images, but something of substance would make me happier…on the inside.

  • Szabina L

    I’d take whereever my boyfriend and me are :P
    we always get in adventures so I’ll record every pretty moments of them =)

  • Everett

    I would go to a punk show and get some shots of bangin’ mohawks.

  • ilco

    I’d shoot my strange, no sense and dirty life.

  • Madisun

    I’d take that thing right near the beach boyyyyyyy and snap some photos there.

  • I’d take it to Two Guns, a small abandoned town out in the middle of nowhere. There’s a huge empty pool that’s covered in graffiti, I’d shoot my friends skating in it.

  • I’d take a picture of my dog with a paper horn tied to his head. Who doesn’t enjoy a good unicorn? Seriously.

  • i’ll take it to the moon and shoot all the tobacco chewing washed up gigglebutts that inhabit the left hemisphere of the moons eight continents

  • John Dumalig

    Downtown Sacramento, Tent City… Bunch of bums

  • T.A.F.

    World’s spectacles are at our feet, at the beck and call of creation, and the only way to shoot Nature’s grandeur of the Grand Canyon is through a wide angle lens. Orinoco Ochre has the slithering body to blend photographer and film into the woodwork of geologic history, a combination of desert yellow with the shadows of magenta, revealing an orange only conceivable at the breathing rift of Northern Arizona. With a camera appropriately named after the longest river in South America, it is with honest duty to photograph one of the most grand of North America. Orinoco Ochre, be my companion.

  • Annie

    I would take it straight home and take pictures of my sister who I have not seen in over 2 years.

  • Madelyn

    I would take it to visit my dad in shanghai and take photos of the people as I wander the streets.

  • Alejandro Velarde

    Teotihuacan pyramids, just outside of Mexico City. Capture timelessness.

  • Gdev

    I would take it around my city, to places I haven’t yet been to and find new places that are hidden away taking photos to document

  • Aaron

    I would save it for the summer, when I go on my biking trip to the East Coast of Canada, where I can capture the beauty of everything.

  • Jasmin

    I would take it to berlin to take pictures of my voluntary work with homeless people.

  • I would take the camera with me when i take a walk with my mom and my wheelchair, it’s amazing because i see life again through the same eyes as i used to when i was a little child and that makes me look at life and all the houses and sights i used to walk right by when i was able to walk.
    But now i see the little things, little surprises, which are secretely hidden for the adult world.
    there’s a big area with little white houses all pasted together like little blocks where they put the elderly in these days, i was hoping to make photos of all these little houses which look exactly the same, but it’s the different curtains and the things they put on the mantle or in front of the window which makes their house different from all the other houses.
    I think it would be great to do that especially with the nostalgic vibe i get from the pictures made with la sardina.

    If you’re not convinced yet, i have an arm spasm which makes pictures foggy and interesting.

    Hope you pick a nice new owner which will treat this camera with love.

  • hassie

    travelling around the red sea next month!
    would be photos of city of petra and ancient ruins!

  • HooHar

    I’d get up early and sit across the river from Battersea Power Station for sunrise

  • i would take a picture of everything, starting from my toes and finishing on my toothbrush. how come can there be a single thing that i would like to take a picture of??? impossible!!!!!! So the first picture would be the first thing in front of me, then the thing next to it!

  • I would take it home, to Edmonton, Alberta and take an image of the abandoned farm building I photograph every time I go home, adding it to my ongoing series of the structure.

  • Karen Scammell

    I would take it out on my nature walks with my boyfriend. You never know what amazing things you are about to see.

  • francesca

    I’m driving up to Asheville with my bestfriend to see Cotton Jones as a final adventure before she moves across country. I’d document our mini-road-trip with that fancy little camera. Then i’d cherish the photos for the rest of my days.

  • Alex

    I would bring it home and take a picture of my lover.

  • sam

    i’d take it to school. there’s someone there with the most intense brown eyes that i would love to capture. i know i live in a city that’s electric, with a million things happening at once, but it’s those eyes and that smile i’d like to get a photo of first.

  • Julie K.

    I would take this straight to the motherland (Korea) and shoot while walking long the shore in Jejudo!

  • I’d take photos of everything I see on my road trip from Washington to Chicago to Arkansas to California to Oregon and then back up to Washington.

  • malin

    i’d take it to the atmosphere and i’d photograph me infront of the sun then i’d through it back to the earth so that everyone would know how beautiful it was. i want it! i need it! also because i have a really hot guy beside me who needs to be remembered in the future

  • Paula

    Rye Beach, NH. The place where I realized I was starting to fall in love with my best friend. It was around 12am on a warm summer night, the tide was so low we were convinced there would be a tsunami! I raced him several times in a long coral-tinted dress from the car to the tip of the sea; we laid there on the sand, looking up at the stars and I remember wondering what the place would look like in the morning. That was in August and I still don’t know.


  • Brian G

    Easyyy! Taking it to a candy store in the mall to simultaneously take pictures of candy and excited kids’ expressions from the candy and the candy-ish camera!

  • hayden

    I am a pilot so I would take it flying and take some photos of the beautiful cascade mountains.

  • dakota

    i’ll take it down to the boondocks
    beneath the city wharves
    at high tide, at full moon
    when light from behind the winter clouds
    shine down between the upper planks

    i’ll play a game of cards there
    on a floating styrofoam block
    by candle light
    and take a photo of my friend and i
    and of the seaweed crusted on the pilings
    just barely above the rising black water
    smoke from our cigarettes parting red lipstick smiles

  • Rob

    I’d take it to the cemetery when the morning sun just comes up and snap pics of old tombstones.

  • Camila González Uribe

    I’ve got a cat, a little cat, she loves the photos with any camera, she strikes a pose all the time. Do you imagine how she will strike a pose with a sardina lomo camera? Wow, will be amazing.

  • Jake Kinstler

    I’d take it to the basement of the library near my house and photograph the uncaged elevator shaft.

  • I would a cook a feast, and lay a beautiful table will all the food upon it and photograph it with all my friends around it, glasses raised!

  • Since the name of the camera is La Sardina, I would make my way to the nearest Spanish bodega and take a picture of a pile of sardines.

  • Leora Fennig T. Skinner

    i would get my husband to take a photo of me giving birth with a poncho and a mexican hat on, surrounded by a Mariachi band.

    Melbourne, Australia

  • amy

    Eeeeeek! I want it! I want it!
    I would take it to Cuba to shoot “underground” gyms that exist all over the country, albeit illegally. The images would look great as they often paint the “home-made” equipment in candy-colours.

  • Jane

    I’d take it to my friend’s ‘10,000 day of living party’ and document the occasion proudly.

  • Alex Alvarez

    I would take it to my girlfriend’s parents house and take a photo of their blind, diabetic corgi named Nunzio. He’s a cute little bastard and probably won’t be around for too much longer.

  • Lucas Napier dos Reis

    the fist photo i wanna take is on São Paulo’s Mercadão ( City market , due to the name of La Sardina!

  • Rachel

    I would probably take this on the train with me from my home Sackville NewBrunswick, to my old home of small town Almonte Ontario and document the 23hr ride. As well as the places and people I miss so much.
    But I have have a hard time planning photos, they just happen.

  • I’ll use this wonderful orange guy late night in the city streets taking pictures of the slimey gutters. yup! give it to me?!

  • André Avelelas

    I would take it to the place where I first kissed my girlfriend, and shoot with multiple exposure her reaction before and after knowing “la sardina” it’s for her. :)

  • Tyler


  • I would take it to my next roller derby bout…colorful camera for colorful people.

  • Dustin Perez

    I would take it to an arcade in a bowling alley.

  • dylan

    i would take it to ComBots, the largest fighting robot show in the world.

  • Oh man, I’d take this into the vermont woods at dawn and start shooting away with no one around

  • I’d go to Riverside or Central park and take a picture of my boyfriend in the bright winter sun. Then he’d probably take it from me and do the same.

  • Danny

    I’d send it to Europe with my daughter this summer. She’s backpacking with friends across 8 countries… sure to take amazing pics.

  • Adrian

    I´d Shoot the new street art projects me and my friends just started to work on the streets of mexico so we can add them to the glitch hop audiovisual project we also have , some pics can be really useful right now for us!

  • I want ITTTTT! Im going to Chile to build some adobe houses near the Elqui Valley and im sick of digital pictures i dont do anything with, i wanna shoot the Chilean country side and have the pictures framed all over my new apartment in Oakland when i get back!

  • the first place? oh goodness i guess that would be very soon although im not where id like to shoot photos (a.k.a. toronto) id want to take it to my beloved hometown of Charlottetown Prince Edward Island and take pictures of when children drop their ice cream cones in the street and of starfish and rope swings.

  • Anach

    I’d like to take it <3
    this page has inspired soo much that I want to start to capture my favorite moments and share them

  • Emma

    I would take it on a road trip to the blue mountains.Capturing the adventure filled with friends,landscapes and hopefully a cave filled with glow worms

  • Dawn

    I’d take it to Toronto and shoot the first day of spring!

  • olivia

    I would take it into an open-top airplane and take a self portrait once it flew into a cloud. For that moment, time would stop while we were floating.

  • I would like to take it to the kitchen and take a photo of the home-cooked meals that have been lovingly prepared by my mum.

  • I will fly back to California from New York and visit my grandmother. I will not shoot the photo myself. I will get my mother to shoot a portrait of me sitting next to my grandmother.

  • Ben C

    I’ll take it into the bathroom and snap my turd.

  • I would take it to the New York in March and take pictures of each cafe + jazz bar I visit with some imprint showing that I was there. :}

  • Ross

    I would take it to the golden gate bridge and shoot a pretty girl at sunset.

  • Beth

    Pottery studio at MIT

  • Gabrielė

    Oh, I would take it to my hometown Vilnius in Lithuania and I would shoot my friend’s frozen eyelashes because we have damn cold winter here, which we can still enjoy!

  • I would take pictures of illegal activity in my neighborhood because its stupid and they should know better but like, whatever they’re dumb.

  • I’d go to the mall and take pictures of the people on a Saturday morning, from open to noon.

  • Brian

    Out to the lake to take some pictures with my friends. This camera looks AWESOME!

  • Scott S

    Skid Row in LA

  • Megan

    I would take it home to Chicago and shoot the lake, because for some reason I feel like I need to be home to re-inspire myself. I’m currently in a bit of a funk with my artwork. I think seeing my city through a new lens would definitely be nice <3

  • jane

    I would shoot the dark side of Seoul, the other face of techno-polis where fluorescent lights invade crooked dark alleyways and abandoned walls. The neglected history of city planning comes to life here, as does the continuing laughter and simple pleasures of its people!

  • jane

    I’ll carry it with me when I go see my crush, and take a picture of his expression when I tell him of my feelings.

  • Maja

    I would take a picture of the first thing that catches my eye.

  • At the right time! As i probably go there, I would take this fabulous lomo to disneyland paris! i mean…photos full of colors!

  • cayn

    i would take a picture of the first thing that catches my eye. ;)

  • Hey there!

    I’d take it to the next level in London town…


  • Oh wow! I would take this to Grenwich Hill in London, to the Royal Observatory, and take a picture of the Prime Meridian, where Eath’s east hemisphere meets west. I’d love this camera!

  • clara

    I would take a picture from my window.

  • Judy L

    ________________ MYSELF AT H0ME AFTER I G0T IT.

  • I’d use it to take pictures of my mother.

    She’s been overworked lately. I want to make her feel beautiful for all the sacrifices she’s made.

    • siggie

      this is a really great response. even if you don’t win, just tell her how much you appreciate her! i’m sure you’ll make her day!

  • I would take photos of my renovated apartment. It’s at a state of deterioration right now so maybe La Sardina will make the dire state it’s in seem fun.

  • amy naidoo

    I would go to downtown Durban, South Africa (where I’m based) to the old Indian district to photograph the amazing shops, wares, and locals.

  • Mike

    I’d shoot the rat in the bins at my flat as it seems to enjoy my company.

  • Hi Jeff,
    Amsterdam! For sure. I will take it with me and use it for taking pictures of my (almost) daily photoblog “#waarinamsterdam?” (over 400 shots taken!) to shoot pictures of one of the most exciting and at the same time easy-going cities in the world, which is my beautiful hometown of Amsterdam.
    with regards,

  • I’ll take it to Brigthon during the summer, up the hill where we would sat in the grass and admiring the amazing view together ! and Maybe eat a litlle pique nique !

  • Holly Y

    I’d take it to the Natural History Museum and shoot some dinosaurs!

  • Ingrid

    i would bring it with me to my family cottage, and capture my brother as he jumps in the ocean for the first time in 2012 (and for the thousand time ever), and probably for the last time from that exact spot, as the cabin is being sold this spring.

  • Anneka

    I’d take photos of my dad who’s visiting (England) from the Faroe Islands soon. He’s fairly camera shy but has an expressive face, so always entertaining to capture!

  • demo

    i’d go and take some pix of the huge snows down here. never seen snow as big as a house. it’s pretty amazing and in the same time sad, for the hundreds of life it took.

  • I’d take it with me on my next trip to Paris and I’ll climb the stairs of the Eiffel Tower and shoot the city from above :)

  • Zoe

    I would take it to Berlin and take a picture of my first experience of winter!

  • With a camera that orange I would have to take it to Amsterdam and capture the Queen’s Day celebrations. Awesome floats going down the canal and EVERYONE dressed in orange! Loads of great photo ops in the making…

  • I’d take a picture of london street style

  • Colin B

    Hopefully I’ll be taking Andrew Bird’s picture in Brussels in March with this sweet deal!

  • Rapoals

    would be my wife :)

  • natalie

    I’ll take it to my grandmother’s graduation…she’s 79 and going to graduate from college this year. I’m proud of her! so even if the capera goes to the girl who’s from malaysia, or any of the photographers, i just wanted to tell the world how proud of my grandma millie i am.

  • Elena

    I would take pictures of my favorite place on earth, situated at the top of a mountain in the South of France. It’s a wonderful snowy landscape at this time of the year and the view on the mediterranean sea is divine ! I also would bring some friends up there to take pictures while having fun.

  • Alice B.

    I’d love to take pictures of sleeping people, they always look beautiful and so vulnerable. they’re absolutely different from what they are when they’re awake

  • Andrea Avery

    I would pick up my grandfather and go to his favorite spot, our log cabin in northern wisconsin, and take pictures of his favorite spots.

  • James Rothman

    First, I would bring the camera with me into the heart of a defunct volcano, and take a photograph pointed directly up at the sky. After this I would take this camera to the rainforest in South America, and take a single photograph of the vast multitude of vegetation before me. Following this, I would take it to the Moon, where I would take a single photograph of the Earth behind me. Lastly, I would wake up and take a photograph of myself in the mirror reacting to this dream.

    • this is my favourite. i wish i’d thought of this one.

  • i would shoot the sea frame by frame and compose a huge wall of it, like it was right there in my bedroom.
    wallpaper sea!!

  • Shane

    I would go Dolores Park and shoot a few pictures of my friends.

  • i would take it to australia – i’m going next month. we would drive out into the desert and i’d take a series of photos telling an apocalyptic fairy tale. i’d make my family dress in bizarre colourful costumes, clashing patterns against the barren sandy landscape, with plenty of props and a well-thought-out storyline. and maybe, bonfires! (..that is, if you’re allowed to light bonfires in the deserts of australia)

    it’s a very pretty camera.

  • Lucila

    A before and after shot of my dog while we bathe her.. before: the look of absolute panic, tail between her legs, shaking… after: shaking off the water, and pleasantly rolling to expose her tummy so we can brush her

  • Baberaham Lincoln

    On the weekends my mates and I operate a bare-knuckle boxing circuit amongst members of our town. We keep it civilized with referees and such, but sometimes people get bruised/bloodied up a bit. Everyone involved knows each other and remains friends outside the ring. It draws a pretty big crowd and we bounce to a new location every weekend, where betting and cheering goes on during fights, and partying takes place afterwards. Anyways, it’s long been my plan to chronicle these events since it’s not going to be sustainable in a few years when it’ll be time for our crowd to begin the transition from relatively young and definitively reckless to old, disenchanted, and dull. With the camera I would take photos of:
    every weekend’s location, a photo of the fighters before the match, a photo during, and a photo of the two blokes afterwards arm-in-arm (likely bleeding on each other). oh and pics of my girlfriend, who is a total babe

    Sorry if you were looking for something more like: “ill take pictures of my family standing in front of a mini-putt course on vacation in myrtle beach” or “my dog just had a puppy and it’s so cute so i’d take pictures of her”

  • Jason Wright

    I would love to walk around the city and take portraits of random people but to be honest, first I would go in the bathroom and take lots of pictures of me naked bc have a lot of new tattoos and from there I would find more exciting places to take pictures of my beautiful naked tattooed body such as a roof, by a mailbox, standing in a litter box, trying to climb into an oven (although I have no butt tatts that would just be for fun), oooo driving my car real gangsta style bc I have a Pontiac Grand Prix and they dont make those anymore, and not just posing I would get the great shots of joggers yelling “WHY THE HELL ARE YOU NAKED IN A KIDDIE POOL IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD”, and last but not least I would have to go to some body of water in honor of the La Sardina and maybe feed some birds but most likely end up back in my bathtub. I cant wait until you choose me you will get copies of each print 8x10s if youd like.

    Thanks Jason Samuel Wright

  • I would go to Pisa and take a picture of me pretending to push the leaning tower straight again x

  • Guess I would take it to the woods. Don’t know what and if I would find anything good to take a picture of =)

  • I love the sky & clouds. I keep seeing the most beautiful sunsets & I’m just dying to snap them! If I won this camera, I would snap a stunning sunset. =)

  • I’m going on a trip to Germany and I’d take that stylish camera with me. I’d pretend that the Berlin wall was still up and that I was a pop-cultural-sensitive spy.

    During my top-secret mission I would have to photograph characters who appear to be going about a normal day’s business but under the surface are up to no good.

  • I’m in the middle of a very slow photography class where my professor has spend 20 minutes explaining how pixels work. I’d use this camera to show all the digital-kids how analogers do things!

  • Radio Flyer!!! Just met a dude that built a Radio Flyer car!
    The first place I would take shots would be of Mikes sweet Radio Flyer Red Wagon car.

  • Tiana

    I’d go to a waterfall 1 hour from my city and take photos of me and my friends having fun with the sunshine and the waterfall! It’s an awesome camera.

  • I’d bring it to the airport, march 7th, when my men i’ve been waiting 6 months for finally gets off the plane. he’d be the first thing to touch those lenses.

    • siggie

      not to be a creep, but i’m reading through some of the other responses people posted and this is really heartwarming!!!

  • si

    your house! Pictures of you sleeping! Scary!!!

  • If I get this camera, I’m going to take pictures of light.

  • gill.man.cam

    I would take a picture of this camera with my old camera. Print it. Paint it. Then take a picture of the completed piece with the this camera. Cycle back.

  • I’d make sure this beautiful camera is as far away from Mr Eggy’s hole as possible (FB reference), away from babies, zoos and tiger/duck costumes…

    This orange camera belongs in HOLLAND! I just moved to Amsterdam and would take photos of beautiful old bicycles, crooked buildings, frozen canals, people, etc and post each online for you to see.

  • Gabriel

    I would take a picture of me or people waiting at a bus station because I am going in BC in 2 weeks. The bus ride will take 3 days. It’s going to awesome.

  • Lina

    I will go to the woods (it’s winter-wonderland time in my country) hoping to take a picture of running baby deers – also known as bambis!

  • Lina

    I will go to the woods (it’s winter-wonderland time in my country) hoping to take a picture of running baby deers – also known as bambis!

  • Sharon

    I would go to the himalayas and take a picture together with yeti in his house while licking colorful snow cones

  • Tony J

    I’d take it to Brazil and take a snap of my new baby niece.

  • Kaleena

    I would shoot the train tracks by my dad’s house. A train derailed there last summer and destroyed the bridge, and the city hasn’t rebuilt it yet.

  • I would take it to the Bob Baker theater and take pictures of his puppets.

  • I’d give the camera to my grandmother. The first couple pictures would probably be of us.

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  • Definitely snap one of those classic family pics at my little bro’s birthday party coming up!

  • Fraser

    ———–I would take it to a mirror to take a picture of my funky new camera ! ——————

  • I am absolutely in love with Lomography cameras! I asked for one for Christmas, but no dice. Anyway, if I got this baby, I would take it with me to visit my friends in Staten Island next week. I can’t think of a better way to document a trip. I think the first thing I would take a picture of is the “Welcome to Staten Island” sign.

  • Manca

    since i haven’t got my own camera but got to pass an exam in photography next month. i would take the camera on a trip across Slovenia and took photos for a school project +get a good grade in school! :)

  • —- I’d definitely take this camera with me to Downtown San Diego & I’d take pics of me & my fam’s adventures down there. :)

  • jaime

    sunset beach, sunset. boom.

  • the legs of my girlfriend.

  • I’d take it on set of our show I (Almost) Got Away With It for the Discovery Channel and shoot some of our recreations with it. Fake murders, store robbery, drug use etc. Ugly turned pretty.

  • Marty Parker

    I would show kids how to use the La Sardina at the elementary school where I teach. Those kids interested would blow off a few rolls of film, and I would let them take home the developed photos. This would likely be their first experience with a non-digital camera. Fun!

  • damian

    I’d take a picture of the package in which I recieve the camera!

  • Daniesh

    I’ll put it in my backpack (which I take everywhere)
    when I take pictures of things
    I will have them with me wherever I go
    and hopefully one day everyone else will be able
    to see my pictures too

  • I will walk down the block to my downtown neighborhood coffee shop in Evansville, IN. I’d find the first interesting person I see, and I’d take a simple portrait of them.

    Something like this:

    For your consideration.

  • Joy

    If you give it to me i’ll take a picture of water fight festival in Thailand(on April 13th)one of most fun fest ever!!!!

  • Sebastian

    I’d just take pictures around College Station (regardless of how risky carrying an orange camera would be!) seeking out color amongst all the drab!

  • I’d take it back to china with me, and shoot the place I was born through the eyes of a child again. hopefully I’ll be able to find something that was lost so many years ago, the something that I still feel singing when I open my windows at night or when I touch the back of my mother’s hand.

  • I would take this lil beauty out into the forest around sunrise. Then I’d hide and wait for the perfect moment to capture an elusive rainbow sprite taking his morning bath in a leaf puddle.

  • Salma

    I’d take it to an abandoned factory just off the Lachine canal. Some local graffiti artists use the space to practice and hang out. Empty spray paint and beer cans leave behind the shadow of an underworld but if you go when it first starts to snow, sometimes you can get into the abandoned courtyard and it’s just beautiful. Nobody’s memories live there anymore. Though you’re in the city [Montreal] you’re totally alone in its forgotten past.

  • camila

    i would take my mom out with me to go feed falcons and id take a picture so she could send it to her pen pal in Germany

  • Nathanael

    The first place would most likely be of all the fisher man that covers the rocks here at Takapuna, Auckland. but I think you should give it to WENYE FANG. I would wont to see them

  • I would take it with me under my bedsheets. just the two of us.

  • I would take it to New York with me next month on my trip with uni. It’s 4 years since I’ve been (I live in England) and with this camera I could capture every minute. After the trip, I’d take it with me everywhere. I’ve never owned a lomo camera before so it would be amazing to have one and create memories with it. Plus it’s orange… I love orange!

  • Astrid

    I’d take a picture of my crazy neighbour the moment he rages about us playing music too loud or having too many people over. I’d put a copy of the photo in his letter box too, to raise awareness of his own absurdity!

  • i met this lady who claimed that she’s feeding 50 homeless cats in her backyard. i’d go and visit her!!

  • I would go straight back to Annapurna Base Camp, Nepal, and capture an image of how weird and wonderful it is to be at 4200m without feeling like you’re at the top of the world. Annapurna Base Camp sits in a valley surrounded by Annapurna 1 (8091m), Annapurna South (7219m) and Machhapuchhre (6997m). The bronzed colours of the landscape are truly amazing against the blue skies and snow-capped mountains. Definitely worth the 10-day hike!

  • Silvia

    If I was given this camera I would most likely take it to my kitchen to photograph this project I’m workin on at the moment about POTATOES in the perspective of my childhood memories of my grandma peeling them but also in the wider context of how potatoes most likely changed the world!

  • Soon I’ll throw a birthday party @ my flat, so I would definitively want to capture all the faces of my friends and all the stupid things we do when we are “happy together”. I think that lomo would be just perfect gadget for the party to be memorized! :)

  • I will take it to brussels during an epic upcoming longboarding trip next month. (the Netherlands is too flat).

    It’ll be awesome!

  • Foteini

    I would take it to the beach and take a picture of the snow by the sea here in the Hague.

  • Tomi

    I’d take a pic of my old crapy camera falling to trash.

  • I’d take it to me and boyfriends ‘secret place’ and shoot the sky.

  • Konrad

    I’d take it to 1826 and take a photo of Nicéphore Niépce taking his ‘view from the window’.

  • Katie

    I’m terrified of emus. The first place I would take the La Sardina Animal Edition Camera is on a trip to the Safari Park in Natural Bridge, Va. It’s a drive-thru park where you can feed animals from your car. In the past I’ve always rolled up the windows when an emu comes along. Behind the lens of this fantastic camera, I believe I could find the courage to let the emu stick it’s head all the way into the car, where I would snap a close-up of it’s frightening mug.

  • James

    This camera would accompany me on a walk to my favourite bench in my home village. There i would take a picture of my girlfriend smiling with her tits out..It’s very picturesque, especially when the sun goes down

  • Dan Dan

    I would take it to my Grandparents farm on the west coast of New Zealand and get purposely lost in the native bush.

  • id take it to feeding the ducks in hyde park park in london with my girlfriend. I shoot the wild hungry swarms of ducks and birds and swans.

  • I’d take pictures while walking my awesome pug!

  • Bernardo

    I’d take it home to South America with me and photograph my family.

  • Probably I wouldn’t take it anywhere, I would take a picture in the room where I open the box at that moment. How small it might be, there’s always something interessting in any place to take a picture from. Plus, I would probably be to excited to wait..

  • Ted

    I’d take the camera to a farm where I would cover the horses in glitter and then have a photoshoot with them. Horses always appreciate being covered in glitter.

  • Judy Beth Anne

    I’m making my friend walk Boston’s streets with a flashlight because he lost a bet. I’m hoping it’ll be pretty embarrassing, and I’d like to get some nice documentation. If not, i’ll be forced to take cool pics on my COOLPIX :( and nobody wants that ):

  • Sam

    I’m heading to Austin next month and will be taking pictures of bands playing, loads of comic artists drinking and painting live and pictures of the city and nightlife.

  • Mahlia

    Since I live near the port in Fremantle.and there has been a weird mist from the fires in south west Australia. I would take the camera under the bridge and take a picture of the port right before darkness.

  • Sam

    Awkward to say, but I’d take it into the bathroom in my dorm building. The toilet paper is in a dispenser with the label “Royce Rolls” (ha.) I have a friend that nearly died laughing from the trays in our school that say “Countray” on the bottom, so I feel he’d enjoy to have this pun in the form of a photo.

  • Devan

    I’d take it with me when I move out of town and out of home, into my new house with my friends. It would be perfect to document this great new adventure in my life, as well as all the fun and all the challenges to come.

  • widdip hoob

    i would go to the city and take pictures of homeless people doing household activities on the streets such as ironing, watching tv, doing dishes, reading, etc. obviously a big risk in doing something like this is getting your camera stolen. since this one would be free, getting it stolen wouldn’t be as bad as if i had actually spent money on it, plus the thing is bright orange so it’d be easy to spot…i could just go up to someone and be like “a homeless guy just took my camera, i won it on this website, it means a lot to me, if you see it around let me know” then they’ll say “oh well i haven’t seen anything but whats it look like?” and i’ll get to respond, “its bright fucking orange, like a traffic cone, or a carrot, i was taking pictures of random homeless people watching broken television sets, ironing clothes, making sandwiches, and then this one mother fucker just jacked it and ran off”
    i bet if i told like 15 people id find it.

  • Christina

    I live in Northern Ohio near some really stunning forest areas, so’d I’d take it out of the package and straight outside on a hike for some abstract crazy color shots of branches and stones and rivers.

  • Mayra Amaro

    Cumbre Tajín is an annual festival that revolves around the Spring Equinox.
    And honestly I’d take A PIC OF ME SAYING THANK YOU FOR THE CAMERA with tears in my eyes and surely looking tired but really happy. The second pic would be probably BJÖRK singing in the stage.

  • i’d take it to my cousin’s wedding
    in northern california.
    and document the whole thing.
    vineyard. ceremony. reception.

  • I’ll begin to take a photo per day and try to do so for the rest of my life!

  • Brigit_Battle

    Do you usually plan where you take pictures? I usually don’t. But if you really want something precise I would say 51°31′00″N 0°04′30″W / 51.5166°N 0.0750°W / 51.5166 on 05/06/2012. I would shoot the people drinking on the bench outside. If there’s anybody.

  • i’m not gonna write here another super awesome unrealistic story. i think i’d just lent it to my little brother and let him to decide what to shoot first :)

  • To my beautiful country Costa Rica!

  • Alicia

    I would take it with me on my trip to Copenhagen and takes pictures of everything, document my trip.

  • I take the camera out of its box. Snap the film in. Rolling it up – id peek though it’s tiny window. There would be a click, or a clack, maybe a clunk. Images slip in: A wall.A sunset-ed gradient. A mirror, with me in the middle. Old people. Old bikes. Old land. People from behind. A photo copier. My love’s skin. Worms.

  • Luiz Bassa

    Since the camera is colorfull, i’d take to a party. And then i would take 2 identical photos but with diferent aspects. The firts one would symbolize who they were, and the second one, i would paint there’s body with orange ink to represent who they became after i took the photo. Something like a print on the body. That when they take a shower, not only they will remember the photo, but as the ink goes down, they remeber a photo could be way more than just a piece of paper to hang on a wall or a memory, could be a experience that touchs you.

  • Lue

    Wow this is one nice camera!
    If i got this camera, the first thing i wanna shoot is the happy faces of my love ones and the sunsets at the background!

  • Maria

    I’d take it to a meditation intensive and snap moving images of prayer.

  • I would take photos of a Vietnam War reenactment in Texas. Photos of the battle and portraits of its participants. Yeah cool.

  • Aiza

    I’d take it to the zoo and take a photo of the snakes. :)

  • I’ll go to the supermarket and shoot a photo of some sardines in a can or maybe the hole rack of these colourful cans with fish.

  • BFrei

    Iceland! I knooow, but I’m going there in a few weeks.

  • Matt Labrecque

    i’d take it to vietnam, where i’m going to in a month, and take a picture of the first thing that scares me

  • Hey! I’m leaving the states March 22 on a “semi-world tour. First stop, I’m going to Taiwan and I’d use the camera to take a sunrise picture of “Sun-Moon” Lake. Its an island in the middle of the island! http://www.travelodestination.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/Sun-Moon-Lake-3.jpg

  • Julian

    I would use it to take a picture of every person i´ll have to talk to on my way to find the guy whose appartment i rented about 2years back. i did flood the place by accident back then – but given my lack of social propriety he still gets the money for it..
    problem is – i need to catch him first – so i´d take a picture of the people i´ll have to talk to trying to track him down until i got him – than give him the money for the flooding and the camera (plus the pictures).

  • mike linington

    i would take it to my parents and take pictures of the local farmers and mennonites at the market in country side on the weekend.

  • I would take it to the deserted little town of Vizzola Ticino in Northern Italy, and stop by the site of the abandoned Caproni aircraft baron’s farm. Because last summer I rode my bike past and didn’t stop; and I can’t live with this level of regret.

  • Kostya

    I’ll take camera during mushroom trip and play with color filters)

  • I would take it with me to Israel this spring and take shots of the western wall and Yaffa and Eilat.

  • Lewis Scott – Dyson

    I’d take It to the nearest/ soonest press conference and/ or crime scene and flash the fudge out of It. FLASH BULB!

  • Yoga w

    I’d like take it to old chinese-style coffee store in my next holiday. I love the way they make coffee in unique tradional way. The people are very nice too. I’d like to shoot them in joyful face when making coffee. It would be Nice picture ;;))

  • Anna Shpaltakova

    I would go to the aquarium. And spend the next few hours watching the soothing movements of the water creatures while creating ghostly double exposure shots.

  • Taylor

    i would take it with me when i go visit my grandmother in alabama. she lives on small goat farm.

  • Fred

    I’m not going to pretend that I just so happen to be traveling to Europe next week and conveniently need a film camera to document myself meeting some great monarch or visiting a famous landmark. In all honesty, I’m going to see The Kooks in two weeks and I would FOR SURE bring this sucker to the dimly lit show and make full use of it’s humongous flash and groovy color attachment things. Who knows, maybe I’ll meet the dudes afterward and have ’em sign the thing.

  • Aaron Gonzalez

    I would take it to Chinatown and photograph a shop owner; thereby taking their soul.

  • Lilian Cheng

    I’d be a hipster and hand it over my neck to make a fashion statement, then maybe take pictures of “deep” things like weeds and dead animals…

  • I want it! :)

    I’ll go inside the earth with the camera, I’ll go into a small river inside of a tunnel. Where is the origin point of the city in which I live.

    City: Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    Small river: Arroyo de las Chacras

  • Margot Core

    I would head out to my garden and photograph my cat Leonardo sunning himself there.

  • john

    wow. i would take this camera to “music in 12 parts” which i am seeing next week at the park av armory.

  • lily

    If i won this beauty, i’d most probably take a photo of my own face, because lets be honest thats what most of us do when we get a new camera! you attempt to take a really nice attractive photograph of yourself (and your thinking hope this is facebook worthy) and it ends up as an unttractive double chin shot with you mid-blink!

    and then after that i’d use it for my next documentry photography project on identity.

  • steph ward

    I would ride my faster then the the speed of light space ship to the other side of the galaxy and take pictures of the earth through time as the light reaches me xx

  • bob

    i would put all my friends and the Orinoco Ochre into our van and take them up the east coast of tasmania and photograph our trip where we will stay and adventure around at wine glass bay, Ralph’s falls and bay of fires.

  • Betsy the ScienceBee

    I’d take it to the trees, to the very top, to see my city, the winter, and the bare branches of winter.

  • Melanie

    I would bring it to my friend Aileen’s house and take a picture of her reaction to me telling her I am giving her this camera as a gift!

  • Isabel

    id probably take it to the bathroom when i poop. and make a poop diary.

  • I am currently a junior in high school and wish to be an elementary school teacher and save the arctic from melting from the classroom – or maybe one of the kids will.

    I will take this camera on my school trip to Germany, France and England in March. I am going with four of my best friends along with 20 others, and hope to fall in love, either with a person or with a city – i’m thinking a city is more realistic but i’m a romantic sob so we’ll hope for the best, and to take pictures/videos of things/people/places/food/love to document the first trip without my family and basically the start of my travelling independence. I am planning on packing my fisheye camera from lomo, two journals, hiking boots, clothes, calling cards, film and my iPod. I would love to add this camera to the list, film is just so beautiful.

    Thank you!

  • I’d take it to my kitchen and bake something delicious… maybe cupcakes, then snap away and blog about it! :)

    kate1485 at hotmail.com

  • Mara

    I’d take it to my favorite lookout, and take a portrait of my friend under the radio tower that glows red.

  • Marco

    I had take it to my dad, he was very concerned about a good composition, and his face was like LOL

  • I’d take it to my dad, he was very concerned about a good frame, and his face was like LOL

  • i’d take the photo of the icicles under my balcony, and when i print the picture i’d color them so that the spring would come faster.

  • sarah reva

    I’d give it to every Child I’d see on the street and let them make one picture of something they like in that moment. In the end you got probably 36 pictures which where shot through the eyes of children.

  • C.

    the first first i’d take it to would be st petersburg where i’ll go for my birthday and shoot everything i can see there ! the architecture, domes, places, people and so on. can’t wait to go there.

  • siggie

    I don’t know if you’ve picked the winner yet, but I’d take a photo of the Long Island Sound on the ferry home for spring break. Maybe it’ll be all artsy and shit, or maybe it will just be a satisfying affirmation of the fact that I’ll be that much closer to home.

  • Providence RI’s east side. beautiful buildings, beautiful people.

  • Luke

    I’d probably take it downtown here in L.A. and shoot some of the scenery. Always love it down there.

  • I would take a photo of my taxidermy bird that I’m in love with.

  • Karla

    So I stick to my original comment that I posted a few days ago. However, I want to know how are you guys going to choose the winner? There are so many great responses. I think that there should be more than one winner! ^_^

    • Geoff

      I agree. So many great entries. Eager to know who won, too!

  • I would take it to New York with me for my graduation trip! I’m flying out there all they way from Manila and can’t wait to shoot the yellow cabs, bustling streets, and of course the night life I’ll be experiencing for the first time (flash would come in handy)!


    • sorry will pick a winner this weekend! i haven’t forgotten just busy here in hawaii

  • Lucas Martinic

    to the new expo in the cofee i work at

  • john

    I would take it to the zoo and take pictures of people.

  • Isabella Fogel

    I would take this to Great Barrington, MA the city of the college I’m going to and photograph the very first moment I see snow!

  • Cecilia B.

    I`m graduating college in May and going on a summer-long road trip with some friends before we’re forced to go to university. We’ve never been the types to take pictures, but as we’re separating, it’d be a great idea to start recording our times together now especially with such a monumental summer planned.

  • Matías

    You will send an email to the winner, or post it here?

  • Zar

    This camera is lovely.
    If i win it, the first person I will take a picture of is my mother. I love her soooo much and I can see she is getting older. One day when she leaves (hopefully not any time soon) I’d like to have a picture of her beautiful self!

  • hey just having the folks at Lomography pick a winner – will announce as soon as they pick!

  • LOMOGRAPHY has selected DALTON SJOGREN as the winner! Congrats Dalton – check your inbox!

  • I’d take it into my bedroom and take preposterous pictures of the girlfriend i haven’t got yet!

  • taylor

    gd it, I never win. I just bought my own now.

  • who the hell won!!??

    • scroll up three comments.

  • Adriane Dizon

    I’d take it to Las Vegas and take load of pictures of the architecture there.

  • I’d shoot the camera in its box!

  • Jenny Havens

    well i cant afford a new camera and i would take a picture of everything in sight.I’ve looked at cameras all night and i asked my dad and he was like we cannot afford this right now. I guess the main thing i would take a picture of would be my friends. Wait is this contest over? Dang it sorry for taking up your time…

  • roxanne

    to kelowna, bc. to shoot my last room mates wedding! 

  • ImanBenjamin

    If I did ever get my hands on this camera i would take a picture of the first thing I see (it being my first camera) which would probably my the window view in front of me–my neighbor’s window ( if he doesn’t mind..)

  • I’d take it to Gov Ball Fest and shootshootshoot

  • Alëna Skarina

    I would take this camera to the Sugar Beach and find a girl with sardine-like legs. 

  • nikki nadal

    my mom,i dont really have a photo of her not a single one in my purse so yeah that :S

  • sara

    I would go to the beach at dusk and take pictures of people because people are my favourite subjects

  • ohkeks

    my wedding in cuba

  • Picturedog3

    At first I would be astounded at the bright orange retro color.  After getting over that I would shoot anything and everything I find interesting……my outgoing far from camera shy daughter and my dog.  I would love to just explore and see what I come upon!  What a nice generous gift.  I would love to have it…..=^..^=

  • samwink

    i would double expose it and take a pic of someone hitting an urban
    handrail, snowboarding, then also take one of my friends floral side
    piece and see what turns out. also i might take it to the cemetery and
    double expose some faces around headstones.

  • Guinevere

    Nigeria falls with a rainbow

  • Campbell Wallace

    I would take it to my school and snap a shot of this killer blondie behind me

  • May

    I would double expose an image of Moscow and an image of a beautiful mountain scene. This picture will be worth the wait, for I am going there during the summer time. This camera would be perfect.

  • street photography in the hood I am doing my internship x

18.08.17 by Staff

“Happy Breakfast” by Artist Gary Card

“Happy Breakfast” is a psychedelic zine by set designer and artist Gary Card. Filled with colourful and chaotic images that blur the line between cute and creepy, what began as a commission for Japanese magazine Them, has turned into something of an ongoing experiment thanks to London-based publishers Katie Bagley and Ferry Gouw of New World International. See more images below.

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18.08.17 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Kelly Bjork

Paintings by Seattle-based artist and illustrator Kelly Bjork (previously featured here). See more images below.

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18.08.17 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Rachael Jablo

Collages by artist Rachael Jablo, currently living and working in Berlin. Informed by the work of English botanist and photographer Anna Atkins, Jablo tears up photograms of flowers, piecing them back together to create new shapes and patterns. See more images from “Where are you going, where have you been?” below.

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18.08.17 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Ed Cheverton

A selection of playful work by Bristol-based artist and illustrator Ed Cheverton, including several animations based on some of his 3D toys! See more images below.

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17.08.17 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Daniel Bilmes

Paintings by Los Angeles-based artist Daniel Bilmes. See more images below.

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