24.02.12 by Jeff

Susanne Sundfør / White Foxes

Susanne Sundfør White Foxes music video
“White Foxes” by Susanne Sundfør. Beautiful song!

Watch the music video below!



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  • sunnis


  • beth melvin

    a little repetitive, but a wonderfully interesting video

  • Gabi.N

    haunting voice..

  • http://www.throughtheeyesofuneblonde.blogspot.com Jana

    This is incredible, so pure, god thank you for sharing this beautiful piece of art.

  • Ger Arie

    Beautiful song. Very very talented singer/songwriter.
    Her live concert in Rotterdam was the best concert i’ve ever heard.

  • lorimill

    I know you posted this two years ago, but this song still haunts me.