12.03.12 by Jeff

Daniel Heidkamp

Artist painter Daniel Heidkamp
Paintings by Daniel Heidkamp.

Artist painter Daniel Heidkamp

Artist painter Daniel Heidkamp

Artist painter Daniel Heidkamp

Artist painter Daniel Heidkamp


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  • Sam

    Maira Kalman meets Architectural Digest.

    I don’t even want to like it, but goddammit, it demands to be liked. Good stuff.

  • http://www.artfumes.com RATHUR

    It’s amazing how the details in the windows add so much depth and I love the ripples in the water of the last one.

  • Cliff

    I’m sure David Hockney would be gratified to find the influence of his pool paintings is alive and kicking over 40 years later.

  • http://www.ericportis.com eric

    I saw this yesterday at work and was like “meh” but then I woke up this morning with the first image in my head … The colors!

  • http://isa-b-art.blogspot.com/ Isa B

    Great work!lOVE IT

  • http://francisfontaine-art.blogspot.com/ Francis Fontaine

    Very inspiring paintings.These Calm Me Down

  • ralf wiggem

    like em
    yea, very hockeyish

  • ralf wiggem

    oops hockney not hockey :-{p

  • ralf wiggem

    btw, check out my hipster smiley there with ironic mustasche and all

  • lapetitefaon

    second to last, I would definitely live in that apartment with the walls covered in paintings like that, its lovely!