21.03.12 by Jeff

The Impossible Project / Polaroid Sun 600 camera Giveaway

The Impossible Project / Polaroid Sun 600 camera Giveaway
I’ve got a vintage “gold” 50th anniversary Polaroid Sun 600 camera to give away courtesy of The Impossible Project. I’ll toss in a limited gold edition set, I’ll hook another person up with this M.A.D Kit.

So who wants it?

If you’d like to snag the camera describe the best photo you ever took in the comments below! (So I can imagine I was there too.)

We’ll pick a winner next Friday!

Thank you to everyone over at The Impossible Project!



Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • The best photo I have ever took is a picture of a sunset over Montreal reflecting into a building windows.

    • Elsa

      One late afternoon, I took a photo of the iconic ‘Esplanade Hotel’ in St. Kilda Melbourne, Australia, on my Lubital Camera (which I now don’t have), onto which I superimposed a photo of the moorish seabaths across the road, with palms. Along with the soft late afternoon light of a Melbourne autumn, a timeless vision.

    • During the summer of 2003, I took a photo with a decent Panasonic point and shoot I got from Walmart. The Kodak film from that roll that gave me surprisingly colour saturated prints if I captured the moment in bright sunlight. Most of the photos turned out to be useless but from the handful I saved my favourite is of the top of a portuguese church on the corner of clark and Duluth in Montreal. It was on a Sunday & I was leaving the Tam Tams, a weekend summer ritual in Montreal. I stopped before crossing the street at the top of this bike path that descends down Rachel and was immediately hit in the face by wafting white clouds of chicken smoke from the portuguese rotisserie restaurant a few blocks away. Being stunned by the shockly delicious smell of amazing food I took a moment to myself and for the first time heard loud music was coming from the parking lot of this decorated neighbourhood church in front of me across the street. People filled the parking lot, everyone was smiling and laughing. They had a brass band playing music while people danced and the sun glinted ever so powerfully of the other instruments that you thought they were on fire. I pulled out my camera and took a picture. It’s the best picture it has ever taken. Please, imagine yourself in this mazing moment. That is one beautiful camera you’re giving away!

    • It was a Sunday afternoon in Montreal, the summer of 2003. The photo was of a church’s rooftops that had been decorated with pale yellow diamond and star burst shapes for the season’s celebration; taken with a Panasonic point and click. A brass band played in the parking lot at the church’s entrance while people danced. The smell of rotisserie chicken hung in the air and the sound laughter and drums from the near by parks floated through the neighbouring streets.

    • Rachael

      The best photo I have taken is a self portrait of me resurfacing from under water. A bubble formed over one of my eyes and it is very eerie.

  • Timo

    I took a photo of my girlfriend after a drunken dress-up party.

    great night but we felt wrecked! http://www.lomography.com/photos/6182323?utm_source=community&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=dailyreport

  • The best one I ever took I think was in high school actually. I just took a picture of a girl in my class outside the dark room and somehow, accidentally she had just glanced up at me at that exact second and moved in a way that her hair flipped. A combination of right elements at that time made it my favorite picture. Lost it in a move. Still can’t find it. Bummer.

  • Linnéa

    Wait a minute. This can’t be right. No comments on this post? Doesn’t anyone else than me want this wonderful piece of art-producing-art?

    • Linnéa

      Oh. And the best picture I ever took was one of my father, on a ferry. He’s wearing a pair of big squareish sunglasses, thats too small för his face and has the biggest smile on his lips. The day was perfect just me, my sister and my father on mini-vacation.

  • A futuristic flash: http://bit.ly/GG0iTc
    Happened between takes at a shoot in 2010. A happy accident, but loved the result.

  • in 2001 when I was in 1st grade I bought a jets green crew neck and jordan number 9s and had on a pair of khaki dickie pants and a gold chain on, and I took a picture in front of a lincoln town car, all black with gold trim and dayton looking rims, I was 6 or 7 years old in the picture and I had this ridiculous grin on my face you would have thought I was on drugs and I had a HiC juice box in my hand…..(p.s. I NEED THAT CAMERA FOR A PROJECT ITS BEYOND A NECESSITY!)

  • The best photo I ever took was of my best friend, Kevin, doing a beer bong at our hotel room party in Austin, Texas. I snapped the photo at just the exact moment when the beer foams and overflows out of his mouth. It looks a little like something else if you know what I mean. I randomly show it to him and he still hates it 5 years later! Good times!

  • The best photo I took was of my best friend and I sitting in a tree – as 22 year olds, and not giving any f**ks to the passerby’s giving us weird looks. I haven’t climbed a tree for more than ten years prior to this, so this was nostalgic. It was a beautiful day.

  • Jameson

    1000 words

  • Nathan Friedman

    One of the best photos I took recently was one of my friend Ayse.

    I did a project where I didn’t sleep in my own bed for a week. And I would spend the night with friends, and in this photo, She had been dancing around her coffe table, but then stopped. She is slouched wearing a brown cardigan and shorts. Her cigarette is dangling between her fingers. There is a only light shining from the right of the frame illuminating the wall and her right side and back. To the left of her it fades into black.

  • SomeGuyinMontana

    I’d say the best photo I took was of some guy climbing a tree while I was visiting Hawaii. It was still pretty amateurish though considering I took it on a phone.

  • b.s

    of a car going booooooom from heat exhaustion.


    • Christoph

      I really like this.


  • I still remember everything about the day I took this one:


  • Last year during lolla, I caught moment when Lykke Li was performing; in which she leaned forward and her hair just flew over her face. Words don’t do justice to the moment, but my photograph can explain it. You can feel the raw energy of her music and performance.

  • uG

    Best photo I ever took was of my 8yr old nephew scoring the winning goal in his first ever soccer tournament. He had been tackled three times previously, and I told him that the other team was trying to take him out because they knew he would win the game. He tied the game, and then won it as soon as they put him back on the field. His belief in himself began to equal my belief in him after this game, and I caught it on film.

  • I was in a lovely city called Sintra with a great friend, the sun was shining and the view was amazing.

  • The best photo I ever took was a photo of my grandfather who was sitting in his rocking chair reading the Sunday paper as he always did and my grandmother who was half his size standing behind him planting a kiss on top of his head. She passed away shortly after. That picture and that single moment really reflected their 63 years together.

  • Nina

    On the very old balcony, mom and two little sisters, who just took out there front teeth! :)

  • I think it was this one http://www.flickr.com/photos/alansierra/5610293297

    We were on an art trip to Mexico City, the hotel was full of young art students discussing contemporary. Suddenly in the TV came the picture of Mona Lisa. We started laughing immediately.

  • Seth

    A night shot in Seattle. Was on a bridge, shooting a stairwell that lead to an abandoned transit shelter. Fucked up in the printing process, ended up splitting 2 shots that created a diptic of a never ending staircase.

  • Hmmm…best picture.
    It’s silly, but I think it was a picture of me.

    I was a ugly duckling growing up. And then when I was 12 I took a self portrait where I for the first time thought I looked pretty. It was a strange feeling.

    • Chrissy

      That’s a really sweet story :)

  • fred

    i took a picture of my hairy ass in front of a nude beach sign, that hang in our old kitchen.

    • fred

      when i win, I’ll show!

  • gloria

    i took a foto of my husband snoring heavily on the bed,first night of our honeymoon.

  • Aaron

    The best photo I ever took was taken back in 2010 on a road trip from Van to Cali and back. After 3 weeks of driving and about 2000 photos, I snapped a self portrait of my fiance and I in Weed, California (insert joke here) heading back north. We both were exhausted from the trip, cold from the wind, walking on the side of the snow induced highway to snap a picture of the sign “Weed” California when I grabbed her face and laid a big fat KISS on her cheek. The smile on her face, the twinkle in her eye, and the feeling of Love makes this picture the best ever.

  • Jeremy Okai Davis

    I took a photo of a young girl the morning after a fun filled afternoon and evening at Pickathon Music Festival in Oregon. I woke up before everyone else in my camp and was getting a coffee and noticed this young girl soaking in the morning rays. I snapped a shot and it to me embodies a lot of the beauty of this all ages and obviously kid friendly festival.I shot it with a Polaroid Land Camera. This particular camera hasn’t worked properly since this weekend.


  • Shalemar

    My cat on my laptop on my lap. Literally had an adorableness orgasm.

  • The best photo I have ever taken was a macro shot of a praying mantis that looks as if it was playing the washing line. They really are the most insane insects! I took this photo when travelling in India

  • li

    the best one of mine so far is,
    a christmas tree in a refrigerator in front of my dorm.

  • Graham Johnstone

    My best photo is when I took my friend’s dog Archie on the seafront promenade of my hometown, Brighton. It was just after a downpour the dark clouds had lifted with the sun half peeking out. Archie was picking up his ball off the ground, it was the perfect moment for a photo. the dark clouds lifting, streaks of sunlight breaking through, all reflecting on the wet ground. With Archie caught in the middle of the frame. The surrounding clouds were amazing as was the sunlight breaking through.

  • Sean

    The best photo I ever took was at the Anish Kapoor sculpture, Cloud Gate, in Chicago. While people standing underneath photographed each other, morphed and contorted in the steel reflection, I photographed the center of the sculpture’s underbelly. It looks as though the reflection is rippling out in a wave, without having any effect on the people whose heads and hair are reflected above. It is not recognizable as being a picture of Cloud Gate, but instead resembles a 3D ripple that I caught in a strange moment of inversion.

  • Matthew Bush

    Aside all the massive installations and murals of last year’s ArtPrize (http://www.artprize.org/) I stumbled upon a very intimate sculpture set that completely contrasted the rest of the festival. It was a series of sculptures of Saint Mary that got more and more detailed as they went. They were set on a white shelf in a completely black room with one incredibly warm light focusing on the shelf.

    I stopped my aperture all the way down to 1.4 and at an angle focused on the least detailed of them. The depth of field created a sense that the sculpture was almost fading into existence; but the order from most detailed to least created the sense that it was falling apart. This juxtaposition was probably the best storytelling I’ve ever accomplished using only my camera.

  • Matt

    The best photo I have taken is a night shot of a distant hill on the outskirts of town, backlit by the pulsing lights of a radio tower and the parking lot lights of an empty shopping mall. The lighting gave the dark sky a slight gradient, blue-green fading into the stars.

  • best photo I took was in a safeway. It was a B&W shot of 2 liter soda bottles in a isle. The perspective of the bottles were tweaked due to the position of the capture. There is also a shallow depth of field, and the coca cola band was in focus.

  • the best photo i ever took was at the top of a satellite hill in northern california. it overlooked the entire sacramento valley in front of me, with the sierra nevada mountain range behind me. we had just watched a storm pass over the land and were completely moved by it. i took a shot right before the sun set and to my surprise a HUGE sun circle appeared in the photo and really brought the experience to another level. we’re all connected!

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/26146920@N04/4706801251/ :)

  • David

    When i was 10, a picture of my twin brother carrying a camera too, so that there is no way anyone could ever tell if it’s an autoportrait or a simple portrait, even we forgot ! there’s something really disturbing when looking at this picture…

  • The best photo I ever took I have yet to take.
    I imagine it to be of 20 pug dogs. 8 of them have gold chains on their necks, which star wars lego men hang from.
    I imagine them to be staring at elephant seals.
    I imagine a single mariachi wearing an Native American Headdress in the background, feet and his calves partially blocked by a seal, who is barking.
    I imagine it to be nighttime.
    Long exposure.
    There is a campfire of to the side.
    It’s flames lick the borders of the photo.
    Illuminating the faces.
    The ocean is still.
    Not a single wave.

  • In the summer of 2011 I went with my mum, sister and boyfriend to Stradbroke Island for a beach holiday. I got a disposable underwater camera for the trip to take some fun photos with. One day it was raining but we all decided to go swimming anyway!! I riding my bodyboard in the waves and took a hilarious photo of my mum! I caught a wave and had my camera in hand ready to take a photo and called out to my mum so that I could take her picture. She turned around and thought I was going to crash into her (not realising my awesome bodyboarding skill at steering). I took the photo right as she screamed. When I got the film developed it was the best photo and I managed to capture so much fear. She has her hands up trying to protect herself and her mouth is open in horror. It’s a side that I’ve never really seen of my mum and makes it look more like a shark is heading towards her!

  • Nate

    One of my favorites I’ve taken is of my 4 year old cousin Jimmy, butt naked, holding a cat in front of him on the stoop of my grandparent’s house. It was a humid 90-some degree day and he was enjoying feelin the breeze. behind me while i was taking the photo my grandma was trying to make him put on his underwear. The photo is also speckled with little black dots that must have happened when i was developing the film but it just adds something to the photo that i wish i could duplicate again.


  • the best photograph i’ve ever taken would have to be a picture of my friend bronwyn. it was the first or second day of school maybe, and she was walking up to us while we sat on the grass in front of our school. her straight shoulder-length hair was swinging back and forth and her laughter could be heard from steps away. it was so sunny and beautiful and in the photo she has the most lonely but antagonizing look in her eyes and her hair is caught perfectly in motion.
    it was the best.

  • Catherine

    The best picture I ever took was with my iPhone. It was a beautiful day in January so I took my dog to the beach. We were the only ones on this gigantic beach so I let him run around. Before the sun set, I managed to grab a picture of him standing and loving life in the perfect spot.

    It looked like a summer picture and every time it’s cold, I pull out my phone and look at it to feel warmer. And happy.

  • John

    …The other day I snapped a quick photo, just on my iphone. My girlfriend and I were out on a bike ride, and had stopped at this little coffee shop to chat and hangout on their patio. We were talking about the most outrageous things (from what I can tell was the consensus of the looks we were getting from the other patrons), and she grabbed our plates and mugs and took them inside. When she came out I had already gotten up and was standing in the neighbouring driveway, and caught this amazing picture full of contrast between the sun set, the park across the street, both of our yellow bikes, her leopard print leggings, and a face that could only summed up as: “what the fuck are you doing, you dork”.

    I suck at taking photos, I’d probably give the camera to her.

  • Once I took a photo of my brother on the beach, and when we developed it their was a guy that looked like it could have been his twin behind him running by the shore. Very strange made for an interesting shot!

  • Three years ago, I moved from my hometown Chicago to Oakland, CA for a job. My mother came to my house to wish me good luck and all of that emotional stuff (per usual) that caring parents tend to do. I had my polaroid camera out. While my mom was pointing her finger at me and chiding me about my terrible folding job, I snapped a really great photo of her with the most frustrated face EVER! The photo came out pretty dim, as most polaroids do. The old wooden panels (circa the 70’s) plus the dim color of the photo made it look extremely cool! I wrote on the bottom of the picture, WWMD??? What would mom do? It still is taked up in my room today.

  • The best photo I ever took was when my girlfriend and I explored a series of abandoned silos in Buffalo New York. She is and Urban Planner with an interest in post-industrial environments and developing new uses for them, so she naturally wants first hand experiences of seeing them.
    While exploring a hollowed out set of silos I snapped a picture of her gazing up into the vastness of one. In the background was an endless corridor of identical rooms located below each silo, but in the foreground was her looking up into this giant hole. It seemed almost extraterrestrial.
    What made it more amazing was the echo effect that occurred when shouting or singing up into them. We definitely took advantage of that.

  • In 2007 at the FIB festival I took a picture of Patrick Wolf crowd surfing. It was the last of the film. He was a few inches away from my face, I lifted the camera over my head and shot without looking. I cut half of his face but love how it turn out. You can really feel the atmosphere; heat, sweat and glitter!


  • Monica Tzeng

    My family and I headed to Lake Tahoe for a winter vacation, and we invited another family. I hadn’t seen the family in ages, and I ended up with a great photo of me and the family’s son surrounded by heaps of snow, in our swimsuits. It took me ages to beg him to come out and take a photo standing on the snow, as our swimsuits were still wet on our bodies, the cold causing us to shiver like crazy. We smiled with our teeth chattering as my father snapped a shot. It was perfect, a little crazy, and fun.

  • The best photo I ever took was of the surface of the ocean, just as my camera fell into it (and survived only to give me that one image).

  • Shelby

    The morning of my eighteenth birthday, my parents and I woke up at 4am to drive to the beach and watch the last nest of summer sea turtles hatch. At sunrise, hundreds of them started making their way toward the water. A park ranger/turtle wrangler scooped one up and brought it closer for us to see. So that’s my photo– a newborn sea turtle at sunrise, with his brothers and sisters behind him on the first day of his life and the first day of my adult life.

  • The best photo I ever took was of my girlfriend waiting for the NYC train at south station:


    It’s dreamy.

  • Fabian

    I am not sure if this (or these) pictures where my best picture(s), due the fact i never saw them.

    Being totally wasted i took pics which i expected would be great and magical but then when i got them developed they were blank. Just blank. I don’t think it was because i was wasted but because the place where i developed them fucked them up. (never going back there again)

    I expected pictures a la Nan Goldin because of the raw nature of the night. It were pictures of friends in a very wasted state, but very realisticly showing the night and the concert we went to.

  • Rebekka

    walking trough the streets of berlin with my family. my grandfather had just reunited with his brother, whom he hadn’t seen nor spoken to for half a decade. and there was me, in the middle of this reunion taking pictures of both them and the city my grandfathers brother hadn’t seen since before the fall of the berlin wall. so we were walking past that little peace left of the wall, when we saw this guy with a huge soap-bubble-set. I took an extreme close shot picture of the shiny and colorful soap-bubbles, and in it reflected was, at a very far distance, the two brothers and parts of berlin buildings. just a really peaceful moment that left me with the picture Im most proud of.

  • Andrea

    My best photo was taken on an inky Fourth of July night a few years ago. In the midst of a backyard party that spilled into the front yard (and street) my friend announced he wanted to do something grand. In no time we’d affixed bottle rockets to his wheels (he is in a wheelchair) and he had procured a topless girl. She sat astride him, defiantly waving sparklers back and forth, as my friend rocketed down the street in his wheelchair, wheels-a-blazing and rockets bursting overhead. It was wonderful!

  • Her shoulders were broad. Her overcoat a dull red. Her skirt held the sexuality of times gone by. The squareness of her overall composure as she stood motionless, staring straight down the lens was only emphasised by her barren expression and oversized legs. Why was she carrying a bag in each hand?
    Her apparent non-sporting physique was brought into question by the presence of the adidas logo just visible under the collar of her tshirt.
    Where was she going?
    Did I love this lady?
    Yes, Instantly. She was the one.

  • February. Portland, Oregon. I was assisting a friend on a photo shoot in a salon downtown. Old building, top floor, roof access. We went up to the roof to take advantage of the fact that it wasn’t raining but we still had that full silver light of cloud coverage. I was loading film and also shooting with my Polaroid Land Camera using Fuji 3000b film, mainly taking behind the scenes shots. It wasn’t warm, low 40s or high 30s probably. The model, Kendell, was wearing sheer pants and a tank top that was loose enough where a lot of bare skin was showing. She was shivering. I snapped her profile while she was blowing into her hands to keep warm. The look on her face combined with her tightly clenched posture says so much in the photo. It’s that capture of emotion where anyone can look at the photo and know exactly how she feels that makes this the best photo I’ve ever taken.

  • Eve

    I was in new zealand on top of one of its tropical mountains, in this kind of weird shack where people gathered and got drunk after a harsh day of rock climbing. I was outside, my friend was inside, and we were enjoying ourselves at communicating with facial expressions through a window (yes, the day had been long and exhausting, and anything was fun due to our lack of energy and mental lazyness). As i took hold of my old-school camera (canon from the 80s!) and took a picture of my friend through the window, i never imagined what would be the end result! The developed frame showed a clear focus on my own reflection in the window and a clear focus of my friend’s face on the other side! The background of the picture is the reflection of the scenery that was behind me! The effect is creepy; my friend and I look as if we were one human with 4 eyes, with pale white and dark brown skin at the same time, and a mixture of curly brown hair and wavy ginger hair ! Priceless!

  • It was a black and white double exposure taken with an old twin reflex lens I picked up in an antique store in my hometown…No light meter or anything.

    The first image was a very contrasty silhouette of a staghorn fern in the windowsill behind a lace curtain…the old man brought it out and moved it with the light every morning. The second part of the image shown through the silhouette (taken with the camera sitting on the sidewalk) was a walkway extending back that had a little cupie doll laying on it’s back. You can barely make out the blurry tree line, cars, and the old brick apartment building across the street.

    It is the single best representation of what summer felt like those first few years after moving out and to a shiny new city.

  • The best picture I ever took was when watching people work in the woods. There was this guy coming up the hill with a chainsaw, another one with an axe standing at the top of the hill. The third man is just standing there. All of it looked so surreal.

    You find the picture here:

  • Ange

    i don’t know if i have ONE best photo… but a recent photo that i keep coming back to is a shot of the moon through the telescope.


    the science building on campus had an open night for observing the alignment of Mars, the moon, Venus, and Jupiter. we first observed the moon and i was amazed. and slightly blinded by how bright it was through the eyepiece! it was breath-takingly beautiful to see something a million miles away right in your face.

  • best photo I’ve taken was two years ago, on a summer camping trip with my family to yosemite. It was the morning we were leaving and were having breakfast outside of the lodge and a mother deer with her two fawns were walking through the site. The photo is of the mother walking, I had the shutter set slightly low so the shot has her back leg with motion blur but her body clear in focus.

  • Belma

    One of my favorites photos it’s my winner dog running fowards me. How cute!!

  • Niklas

    the best picture i took is a scene in egypt, where you can see three different camels looking in three different direction and every single one is looking incredibly silly in it´s own way

  • Yul

    The best picture I ever took was on a night out with my friends in the vibrating City of Seoul. I just bought a Canon AE-1 and used a Agfa Vista 400. We went to a bar and there was another group of people. But different from us, they were completely wasted. I took a picture of the part of the group which wasnt throwing up, but who were sitting and lying half conscious on the table. A lamp from up enlightens the guy lying on the table, while the sitting guy is looking at him. In the backround you can see other people lying on the table. The tables are completely empty and black. The wall is green with red and white silhouettes on it and a red door. The picture is a bit grainy, but in this case it fits. The mood of the picture stands in contrast to the motif.

  • Dave

    The best picture I ever took was with a camera my dad gave me, his old Cannon A-1. I was used to taking photos with digital point and clicks but I wanted to learn more about photography. I took the camera out to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington with my girlfriend. Most of the shots came out horribly due to my lack of experience. One shot taken as the sun was going down into the Pacific. My girl was sitting on large driftwood and I snapped the perfect shot. When I developed the film the colors were amazing and I was hooked.

  • The best photo I ever took was on a vacation I took recently. I was visiting a friend (Gio) in a small Mediterranean coastal town called Alassio in northern Italy.

    It’s a beautiful place, and my friend grew up right on the beach, and then lifeguarded there all through his teenage years.

    There is a pier in the centre of town just off the main piazza, and I took a portrait of Gio standing on the end of the pier with the beach where he was a lifeguard in the background.

    Haven’t taken a great deal of portraits and this one turned out really well. Captured a great memory of a very cool place.

  • Cal

    It was of a local (slightly eccentric) guy called penny picker steve, he goes around the town in a hi-vis jacket with a big bucket covered in duct-tape collecting any lose change he finds, apparently he then gives to it too charity too which is pretty damn nice of him.

  • new years day, we were walking to the closest sandwich shop and passed by so many christmas trees on every street corner. incredibly hungover our friend mark laid down on a pile of trees and closed his eyes. he looked so peaceful i got my camera out when our friends flopped onto the pile as well, their limbs thrown everywhere. the resulting picture is a collage of thrown trees, limbs, and a moment of tranquility.

  • Brian

    Was a gig at my local, here in Edmonton. Curtains behind the band were letting in just the right light and I caught the lead singer in a moment of rest between songs with one arm up, leaning on his boom, staring off at nothing. Background shows rest of band rocking HARD while he’s in the fore looking so serene.

  • shel

    best photo i ever took was a polaroid of the steam coming up from the sidewalk vents on my first morning in philadephia.

  • Ana

    The best picture I ever took was of a crazy old man in the the streets of Lisbon near Chiado. He was yelling to himself, but he said so many wise things that I am not certain if he was mad or a misunderstood genius. Never saw him again.

    I loved that picture because it marks a random moment in my life where I was inspired by everything in the place, the setting, the sounds, the smells. Completely random but so touching and scary. It made me think that maybe if I want to be heard I have to end up like him. That Only then my words will change some fool wanderer that passes by like myself.

    I really wish I could win this because of how much I love photography, and I have so much to learn. If i win it, the first picture I’ll take will be one on the beach, really early, sunrise and on the sand ” Across the Universe”. It would be the start of something. Not a collectible end of some lovely object. I would be the birth of something bigger than me and my tiny life.

  • One November, I went to the SFMOMA with some friends. We decided to take more pictures around the city before taking the train back home to the East Bay. On our way to Grace Cathedral, I passed a homeless man on the sidewalk he was sitting against one of those big blue USPS mail boxes. I somehow noticed that he had electric blue eyes and was fixated. I asked if I could take a picture of him. When I asked him to open his eyes, he couldn’t hold eye contact with me or even my lens. He’d look up for mere seconds very uncomfortably as if he were shameful or hiding something. Finally, he yelled at me, I left him half of a sandwich, and ran away.

    This is the picture.


  • i went to iguazu falls. they’re huge and astonishing. the feeling it brings is more than amazement. I didn’t think i could take a photo that would remind me of the emotion that poured over me as i gawked at all the different water falls. I took one photo of a smaller water fall in a crevice of the forest. The sun shines at the top and its reflection lights up the sky as the water collects into a dark yet shallow pool. it’s calm yet powerful. i love it.

  • ALMO

    the best photo i took is the one that with the moment when i saw a old married couple they carry the two bag, probably they were after shopping, and that moment was happened in the square, there was no another people, just like the world only them, and full of happiness and with out problem. and the photo took had noting else, expect the couple carry thing go back home.

  • i took this photo two summers ago with a disposable waterproof camera, we had rigged up some elastic bands so i could throw the camera up in the air and then shutter would release, it was pretty much all luck and yet such a simple idea turned into a beautiful photo that reminds me just how good life can be.

  • The best picture EVER took was in Quito in Ecuador of all the power lines in the air above the city. It was a big mess and it created the coolest pattern I ever seen. All the best fram Denmark

  • took a pic of my balls and sent it to a friend for his bday.

  • My favorite is a shot of the setting sun through reeds in Rhode Island. There’s a sentimental kick in there – it was an interesting time in my life.

  • The Best photo i ever took is one of a ferriswheel in leipzig… some how a few birds flew over the wheel so it looks a little bit postspocalyptic so i really like it

  • Honestly. there is so many of them. but to me. they are all one individual photo. an individual photo that when you see it.. you can see a bunch of different places that give you a different emotion. man it’s just so complex to explain.

  • Dan

    The best picture I ever took was of my mother candidly putting on mascara which was published in nomad magazine .

  • The best photo I have taken, is one that didn’t go to plan! I took the photo on the top a hill looking over Woolacombe Bay, Devon. By clicking on the thumbnail (http://soundcloud.com/simon-pearce-1/songbirds-2) your see we only just made it in the path of the lens! That camera, is a dream camera. Thanks for reading and taking a look if you did.

  • Dusty

    The best foto i ever took was one of my girlfriend. I suprised her by taking a polaroid picture the moment she got out of bed. She has the most wonderful curls and each and every one of them stood completely upright at that moment.

  • The best picture that I have ever taken was this summer. We swam for a week with canoes in the deep forests. The picture looks like this. It is taken horizontally. On the left side you can see trees that grow out of the lake. On the right side there are fields which bloom in color. In front of me I captured four canoes foreparts which had collided with each other. The peaks almost touch. The dazzling water acted like a mirror. I love this picture because the natural colors of nature like green and brown perfectly connect with the colors of the canoes which were electric blue, violet, yellow, orange and red. To me this picture symbolizes that nature and man always connect easily in any kind of way. Also this picture was taken by film.

  • Timna Tomisa

    The best photo I ever took was a rather candid photo in black and white of a sales lady cleaning a window shop in Prague. I was sitting right across from the shop sipping my mocha latte in Starbucks and then I spotted this Asian-looking lady cleaning the windows and I snapped. What I mostly love about that photo is the expression on a lady’s face, completely focused on her job and utterly unaware of the fact I was photographing her.

    It was in my very starts as a photographer and most of my peers have trouble believing that I took this photo even to this day.

    Also I have been using it as my laptop’s desktop photo since it gives an impression as though she is cleaning my laptop screen from within :)


  • The best photo I’ve ever took was in a very popular shopping here called “Bond Street” (Argentina), it’s a place where people with different music tastes (specially alternative music) goes to pass the time.
    I was in the bottom floor, and there it was this tattoo-piercing place with all these beautiful vintage toys, all in really vivid colors, all combining with the black and white squared counter.
    I saw a beautiful vintage radio, really shiny and red, and I took a close picture of it, incluiding the toys and the counter, it looked dreamy, the place was it too.

  • The best photo I’ve ever taken is probably a portrait of my twin sister with a painted face, bubble wrap and lace. It was originally inspired by old horror movies, but it turned out quite different than planned. More like a misty dream!

  • Mike

    The best photo I ever took was with a Hasselblad 501 with Fuji Velvia 100 ISO film. I was at Lake Ontario in New York State and on one of the beaches I looked out over the water and it was so foggy out, I couldn’t tell where the sea ended and the sky began. I think I took an entire roll of just the lake and the fog. When I got the film back, I couldn’t stop staring up at it in the lab. It had the most perfect blues I’ve ever seen. That photograph, that one photograph made me fall back in love with photography. I “got” what I wanted to be doing and I’ve felt good about it since that day.

  • Amber

    The best photo I ever took was on my very first roll of 120 film shot on my Diana+. All its overexposures and lack of focus resulted in a dreamy capture of some spring leaves and a dappled path. Not the most original of subject matter, but I still love its nod to formless days spent wandering.

  • mathieu

    I don’t have any best shot yet as i’m actually planing to make it with your camera!

  • The best photo I ever took was of my friend Gary. We were standing in the scorching heat, at a park, for about 4 hours waiting for the “Golden Hour” to arrive. We threw stones, he took pictures of me sneezing with snot flying out of my nose, and we waited, and sweat, and waited.

    Finally, cutting through the musky stench of the landfill nearby was the sunset and light I needed, of which this photo resulted:

  • The best picture I ever took was actually a beautiful mistake. It was a slow shutter speed blur of Daedelus performing live in Manila, the Philippines. He was lost in the music and the picture completely captures this experience of dimensional transcendence.

    (2nd to last picture)

  • George Madrid

    The best photo I’ve ever taken was at Dave and Busters (bar + arcade= barcade), with a Polaroid One and Impossible PX680. The picture was of my girlfriend with all the flashing lights of the wheel of fortune game and lazer lights going around. Pretty amazing.

  • The best photo I ever took was of my good friend, Michael Durey, and his then girlfriend, Ester. They were spooning during class one day while I was studying design and I just couldn’t pass it up. I jumped on a table for a good vantage point and, later, boosted the saturation in Photoshop. It was super cute. :)

  • Eric Robinson

    the best photo i took was in a little nice hotel room, it was morning, my girlfriend was brushing her teeth and i steal a picture of her back (actually her hole body was on the picture) leaning forward, there was a dim light but enough to capture that beautiful moment.

  • I went camping for last year’s 4th of July at a lake upstate NY. I couldnt sleep in the early morning, but the sun was already shining brightly across the entire lake. I walked around the camp site until I reach the water. Everything was quiet because everyone at the lake was still sleeping. I saw our row-boat floating peacefully in the untouched glass-like water. The sun was shining, the sky was blue with a touch of clouds. I snapped one shot of that boat near the grassy part of our campsite island and it came out exactly as I saw it that day. Summer time, the lake, the boat, the bokeh’ed trees in the background.

  • eli sometimes

    The best pictures i probably have taken so far were both done using instant film. When i got my first Land Camera 250 a few years ago, I took a high-contrast, high-angle night portrait of a friend under a steet lamp (as I wasn’t proficient with the flash gun yet!) and accidentally pulled two tabs instead of one to develop. the finished photo had my subject in a perfect hazy light, but overlaying were these hot streaks shooting downward from the top of the photo – they looked like multiple comets shooting towards the ground.. white heat etc. The other photo was taken on a fuji instax mini, shot vertically. a detail of a tree struck by lightning last year, sht at the point of break so that the remaining top of the tree resembled the pyramids of giza.

  • its not I who took it, but Im in it. when I had my graduate vernissage at an art school, my girlfriend decided to shake the champagne bottle a little extra and when she crank that open the foam got all over me, and in that exakt moment, just as the foam hits me the photo was taken. the look on her face and me, the foam just touching my face, and the moment after covering my whole face, shirt, pants, everything. you should have been there.
    plus that my polaroid camera just broke down.

    yes! party!

  • ok i’ve a second best photo! on the photo i lay on my bed you can see a turntable with a vinyl on it it should symbolise that i can only sleep with good music.i think i would look very goog when if i had taken it with a polaroid :P

  • Best Photo i ever took, was mg mum dancing to a mili by lil wayne.

  • gianpaolo maesano

    the best photo I ve ever took was my first polaroid.I waitend for about two weeks before using my first film in my 600…and then..I thought that I Wanted to be in My first polaroid..so I put myself in front of the mirror with the hand on the flash and…SHOOT!Nice photo of an hand covering a flashlight!http://www.flickr.com/photos/jpdiodado/6678353007/in/photostreamthat was the best one just cause from delusion I understood that I had so much to learn about photography..and instead of being sad…that awekened unknown desires:D

  • i took a photo of the sun setting on big apartment building. but only the last floor saw the sunset and only the last row of windows were golden and pink.

  • lisa cox

    The best picture I ever took was of my breakfast. It was a closeup of a vanilla yogurt parfait with contrasting blackberries and a small pile of warm brown almonds on top. Then in the background you can see a biscuit with bright yellow lemon curd slathered on top. Its such a vibrant mix of colors.

  • It was an early morning on the Oregon Coast the fog was just starting to lift and reveal a stark naked blue sky. There were about six of us out in the water waiting for a good set of waves to roll in. All of us looked the same, thick black wetsuits from head to toe to fingertip. You could only tell us apart from the way we moved and the things we did. I paddled out with a crappy waterproof disposable camera tied around my neck. Because of the water on the lens all these cool colored blurry sparkles framed the photo of forest, sea, and humans all hanging out there in our purest form.

  • The best picture I’ve taken was of an old antique shop in the Amana Colonies in Iowa. The scattered but friendly exterior completely embodies the owner of the shop. When I entered, he had a million things to say to me about himself, his family and his life in the colonies. Though hard to follow, I couldn’t help but feel comfortable with him just like I did with the photo.


  • The best picture I’d ever taken was the first improvised shoot, in which my girlfriend and I incorporated our new addition (son) for the first time. We’d been collaborating for years already, and I was suddenly inspired, when I’d stumbled upon the perfect shot from an outside window of an abandoned apartment (during the ‘golden hour’) and immediately envisioned the shot I wanted to capture. I’d broken into the apartment, taken a few self test shots; and flagged the two of them in.
    I felt my heart beating out of my chest, as I guided the two of them into the vacant room with sunlight pouring in through the windows (which passing traffic and pedestrians could clearly see us through). I steadied my tripod, while my girlfriend quickly de-robed; and quickly captured the shot I’d initially envisioned. This would be the first documented mark, in which our son was officially brought into our nostalgic, creative world.


  • Best photo I’ve taken? I would have to say it was a photo called Cello Time. The photo consists of a girl sitting down on an old antique wooden chair, wearing a flowing black dress that waved through the air because of the constant wind, all doing so while playing her antique german Cello. As the background for the photograph I decided to go out for a 30 minute drive out of my home town of Brawley, Ca to a place we a know as Glamis or the Imperial Valley Sand Dunes. I chose this place since the sand dunes always have curves that would go along with the curves of my lady and her cello. Also the sand texture would go well with the texture of the old cello. In all the photo ends up to be a black and white photograph, the idea of the photo being originated in 2005 and eventually coming true in 2006. Till this day people still say thats my photograph that still resonates with all my work.

  • Cindy

    in my kitchen
    he sat on the table
    young and wild
    i called him bambi
    a blue towel
    he red out frost or something like that
    wrinkles between the lights
    and he looked at me
    he looked at me
    so seriously
    on the dark brown table of my grandgrandmother
    i guess
    he had green eyes
    and the towel
    what about the towel

  • The best photo I took was walking down by the river with my then 6 year old. He was in a red shirt and jeans and the water was quite still. His shadow stretched out longer than he was tall. I captioned it, “I wish some days were longer than 24 hours.”

  • Tim

    My best photo ever would have to be a partial eclipse of the sun that I shot May 21, 1993 while I was working and living in Hull, Quebec. I was working in a photofinishing lab that sold a few cameras; I looked out the windows at lunch time and I wondered why the contrast had suddenly improved (yup, I’m a photo geek). I then realised that we supposed to have an eclipse that day. So I grabbed my Yashica FX-3, my 80-200 zoom, a roll of 100 ISO print film, a cable release (grabbed one from right off the wall) and a table top tripod.

    After all of this, I got outside and I realised that there would be no way that I could ever look through the SLR viewfinder to meter, focus or compose the shot. Thinking quickly, I set the aperture to F2, the shutter to 1/2000, and focused on infinity using the markings on the lens barrel. Now, in order to frame the shot, I held my hand behind the eyepiece while positioning the camera (looking at the camera and not the sun). When my hand got noticeably brighter, I surmised that the sun was now in the frame.

    I shot the entire roll.

    Back in the photo lab, the negatives were blasted and very over-exposed (no choice, how do you meter the sun?) but since I had chosen print film, I knew that printing could save my image. And boy does it ever; the partial eclipse looks like a crescent sliver of white light, surrounded by darkness, with the clouds of the day appearing like smoke. People that have seen the 11×14 that I have hanging in my living room always ask “Who painted that?” or comment on it’s other-worldly feel; when I tell them who shot it and the story behind it, they usually then ask me for a copy. So far, the only other copy in existence resides at my mother’s house and believe it or not, she hangs it the wrong way!

    • What a well written comment. I have been on the lookout for interesting photos to decorate my bedroom walls(I’m 17, you know what we’re like). I would love to be the person with the third copy of your intriguing photograph. It would be ever so kind if you could email me to let me know whether this would be at all possible. Thank you. Simon – simon.jpearce@hotmail.co.uk

  • Jane Kang

    My most favorite photograph I’ve ever taken was actually on an old cell phone of mine. My best friend and I realized that a full lunar eclipse was taking place one night and got up really early (around 4 am) to go drive out to see it, pick up our other friend and make it to high school on time. Surprisingly, we did. We got his dad’s high powered binoculars, picked up our friend, and went out to the lake. The roads around there are super twisting/maze-like and..somehow after chasing the moon around, daylight was breaking and we found ourselves in this clearing by the water where an entire herd of deer was grazing. We all stepped out into the water of the lake with our pant legs rolled up and that’s when I took the picture of a hazy morning in the Ozark mountains. It was just clear enough to see the sunrise peeking out behind a mountain but foggy enough to capture how mysterious that whole morning had been. Man! Forgot about that until just now!

  • la mejor foto que eh tomado fue en un viaje a Bolivia con mi novia, ella me prestó su cámara, ya que yo no tengo, situada en un barco, en medio del lago Titicaca, yendo a La Isla del Sol, presioné el botón y después del estallido de luz,detuve en el tiempo millones de colores, sentimientos y alegría por estar ahí. Una imagen preciosa del pasado, del presente y tal vez del futuro, porque ese lugar si que es increíble.

  • The best photo I have thus far taken: In late 2004 I was on an airplane. I squished my camera between the seat and the window to try to take a picture of the midwest spread below me with the roads and rivers drawn out like tan pencil lines beneath the blue haze. What I got was a photo that was half of that, and the other half was the solid hard metal of the jet engine housing. I hit the shutter at just the right speed and angle so that the turbine looks as if it’s stopped… as if the plane is frozen hanging in stasis high over the earth. It’s graphic and surreal all at once.

  • Ben Wolfarth

    hmmmmmmm i cant say really, all my photo’s mean somthing diffrent, but maybe this one: the sun was out but it was in the middle of the winter so it was still bitter, so me and a few friends went to the beach, as you do. we accidently pumped into some other friends that where taking the dogs on a walk, and as the dogs where playing i snapped two friends that where watching the dogs. its the joy on my friends face that makes it, but all you can really see is the smile.

    take a look http://www.flickr.com/photos/ryuheihotoke/6721894965/in/photostream/

  • Adam

    It was one of the first Polaroid’s I’d taken. It’s of two friends eating wings in a bar in Buffalo, NY. I love it because the slightly faded film and their smiles look like a picture a restaurant would put up on their wall to show it’s age/character. A great remember of a good time.

  • I think the best picture I have ever taken has actually been developped today.
    It was quite a nice surprise that highlighted my day. It is set on a lake, and the reflection of the trees around, making the blue water be melted into yellow tones, is just like a beautiful combination.
    And it’s like to be here back again while just looking at it, feeling, just feeling peaceful, while thinking about nothing but this motionless picture making me feel and see moving landscapes.

  • Deyan

    I think the best photo I took was a couple of years ago with a canon eos 300 (and kodak tmax400 i think).The photo was of sunrise in the mountain Vitosha in Bulgaria and my friends sleeping near the dying fire and the sun rising from the hills. I love that picture because in a way it describes my youth – a time without problems, just one great moment of joy.

  • Dan

    My best picture was really simple. I took a picture of my grandparent’s house in the woods with a disposable kodak. I know that doesn’t sound like much but it really meant a lot to me because thousands of my childhood memories took place there. Now it’s being sold but I’m still comforted by the thought of that picture.

  • I was in the front of my friends classic car, my girlfriend was in the back, with her head out of the window, I leaned out of the front window and took the picture of her.

  • The best photo I ever took was of the Iconic Temple of Kulkulcan in Chitzen Itza, Mexico. This is the best photo not because of the composition or artistic work, but because of the turning point in me being a photographer, and realizing I love creating photographs. I was around eleven or twelve years old on vacation with my family. It was a beautiful sunny day, set up to create a beautiful image of the temple with a disposable 35mm camera.

  • laura

    My favorite photo is one I took with an old Polaroid that belonged to my college roommate. I’d just gotten a kitten, and wanted to take a few shots of him, but the light in my apartment was terrible, and he kept darting under the furniture. In a moment of inspiration, I took him up to the roof of my apartment building and took a picture of him on the sun-drenched expanse of gravel there. The camera and film had been banging around basements, attics and dorm rooms for so long that something had gone awry, and the photo it created showed only the cyan elements of the image…rendering my kitten on a gravel roof as a pointillist masterpiece in blue and green. I loved it! Sadly, before I could create more images, my room mate threw the camera away. “It was broken,” she said. Broken? I thought it was perfect!

  • Mine was in Betty’s Bay, South Africa. We had been eating dinner when we saw the sun was in its last few minutes before going under. There were many clouds that evening, which created a canvas for the red light to fill up the sky. It’s was all shades of red and orange and yellow, but mostly red, above our heads and all around. We felt small. Just as I was about to take a picture a macnificent swarm of swallows flew past us, as if they were dancing in the sky, we just lied on the ground snapping and absorbing. A minute later all was dark. We kept the pictures and the memories though.

    This is a fantastic giveaway, good luck everyone!

  • La mejor foto que eh tomado, fue en un viaje a Bolivia con mi novia; ella me prestó su cámara, ya que yo no tengo, y cuando estábamos cruzando el Lago Titicaca, yendo para la Isla del Sol, presione el botón, y después del estallido de luz, detuve en el tiempo millones de colores y los sentimientos del momento, por estar allí.Es inolvidable e increíble como podemos tener fragmentos del tiempo, como podemos guardar en un cajón, un papel con la imagen del momento que ya pasó.

  • Nick

    The best photo I’ve ever taken was in Philadelphia, at 30th Street Station. I don’t remember why I was in the city, but I remember that my train was late, so I decided to walk around. I went to the roof of the parking garage and started taking pictures of the train yards and the skyscraper adjacent to the garage. I set my camera down so I could check what time it is. At that moment, the sun aligned itself through the pillars of the buildings behind the sinking sun, and reflected off of the city skyline. I saw the sunburst on the edge of the skyscraper and took the shot. 10 seconds later, a cloud obscured the sun, and I had to run down to catch my train.

  • ryan

    my best photo is my next one.

  • Jennifer

    The best picture I ever took was of some beautiful Icelandic horses on a farm in Iceland. There are three different coloured horses in the picture with green/ stormy/ moody Iceland farmland in the background.

  • my perfect photo was taken with a lomo LC-A. i was lucky enough to have the window seat, on the food tray i had my moleskin, a can of coke (red one, with no holiday branding) and a generic blue pen, the best kind. It was taken somewhere above the coast of NY, or maybe farther, over the ocean, i was on my way back home for the first time in 2 years in a Delta Airlines plane, away from the cold november and towards the never ending summer of the caribbean.

    That was two years ago, again.

  • mark weston

    finally got round and bought a 1000se land camera and a very eager me started snapping away to my sadness that no pictures turned out i put this down to lack of experiance so i purchaced another round of film and decided to take my time with it, but again no pictures came out at any good i was very dissapointed and very broke thinking it was just wasting my money i decided i would no longer continue so one suuny day my girlfriend and stepson were sitting round cuddling in sherwood forest infront of a beautiful backdrop of trees so decided to use the last couple of pictures i had and snapped one of them i put it away not really caring about it and went on a long walk on my return i had a look at how poor this one would come out but to my suprise, £50 and about 14 unsucsessful snaps later i finally had one that worked it was amazing infact even better it was of my family it made me realise the money which i thought i wasted was no longer a problem because this picture was priceless and quite simply was the best photo i have ever taken and perhaps the one that means the most to me

  • Heleen Hoving

    The best photo I ever took wasn’t that pretty,but full of good memories. It was six in the morning after a night out with three friends of mine. On the picture you see all four of us doing our own things. It looks like we’re all telling our own story. You can see the pain in my face because that nght I broke my arm by dancing to wild.

  • Danny

    I took an awesome shot in Red Rocks, NV of my friend climbing a route called ‘the fox’

    super saturated sky and rock made it a beautiful moment

  • Kevin

    i once’ve been to an art exhibition in hamburg, germany. it showed the sculptures and pictures of a turkish/german physicist named ‘attila csörgö’.
    he not only was a brilliant photographer but he also built sculptures based on scientific principles while he always’ve been working with light and the ability to experience his work in three dimensions. and there was this one piece that made it impossible to just walk pass it with just one look.
    it was in a dark room an on two elevated parts of the floor, there were two devices.
    and the first one is shown on my best picture.
    it is a small turning table, a circle with maybe 0.6m as it’s diameter and its rotating clockwise. on top of it is a structure holding a rod, aligned 45° to the ground, 40cm long and rotating around an axis set 20cm from each end. and on every end is a small light.
    now this whole structure, the turning table as well as the rod, is rotating and in the dark room with a steady camera and long exposure time it shows a hemisphere.

    if you want to check it out, click here: http://tinyurl.com/7fkj4va

  • Victoria F

    My personal favourite image I have taken was of my father one winter, taken with my Holga using some out of date French black & white film. We were out for our Christmas day walk and he had a big old trapper hat on and steamy breath. It’s my favourite because of his expression, which was mouth wide open as he was saying something funny and his eyes are happy and bright, but it’s more poignant as he was just getting over a period of mental illness, which was an extremely hard time. It’s not exactly a great aesthetic image and no one else in my family particularly likes it, but there is something about it that I just love and that’s why it got a space on my bedroom wall. I’m a daddy’s girl after all! :)

  • Lynn

    A black and white photo of my husband in a rubber monster mask: I developed and printed it myself. The reason it is particularly grat is that his skin tone and the green mask matched exactly in b/w so that it looked as if the mask is actually his face. Creepy.

  • Haley

    Probably the best photo I’ve ever taken was of my pet hedgehog, Ollie. I took him outside one evening. The sun was somewhat low in the sky, creating a lot of contrast between highlights and shadows. It was a super close up with a really wide aperture, which made a sort of “twinkling” effect in the bright green grass in the background. Just before I snapped the picture, Ollie lifted his head and started sniffing the air, so, in the photo, you can see his nose lifted slightly, exposing his little teeth. It really captured just how cute and curious little hedgehogs can be, and to this day it is one of my favorite photos that I’ve ever taken.

  • i went to thailand for travelling. feeling, seeing, even smelling this wonderful culture. i’m still without words for describing this beautiful country. especially the landscape.
    but i was even more impressed when i descent and saw the wonderful underwater world. nothing compared to anything else i’ve ever seen. that beauty. i still feel like a mermaid if i look back at that very moment.

  • jon

    the best photo i took was one of a group of friends, while traveling around New Zealand… I went to get it developed but… half the film had decided not to expose and that was the one photo I had been waiting for on that whole roll. needless to say the best photo i ever took is just a black film, exposed with the memory of that moment.

  • PeeWee

    I took my best picture, last summer in the forest behind our house…it was a very cloudy night and some friends just decided to spray one of our latest graffitis on an old wall..I took that picture just in that moment an old man came down the street and screamed at us and my best friend suddenly startet to run away… Great picture, great light, great dynamic in this picture!

  • Jessie

    I sat on a small island of pebbles among the calmly running river. The sky was a deep blue that one only sees in early spring and Garrett was on an island across from me. A lanky,sandy, sun bleached beautiful boy that had captured my thoughts and became a muse for quite some time. I lifted my camera and caught his body shining in a contemplative pose.
    I love him.

  • I am not quite sure what photo I would say is the best one I have taken but the ones I like the most are the pictures that I take of something i stumble upon by accident and just know that if I don’t take the shot I will regret it.

    One of these photographs is one that I took of two Mods in London last year. I was walking through Soho and these two guys drove past me in their old scooters looking cool in their green coats and parked just up the road. I walk up to them and asked them if they could pose for me on their scooters and they said sure.

    The picture turned out great and it is the one shot that stands out the most for me out of my photographs.

  • Patrick

    the best polaroid i’ve ever taken has to be skiing in quebec on the ski lift and the polaroid came out an odd colour due to the chemicals being cold and frozen


    I want it please.
    Best photo… I took it very long ago in some city in Germany. I was i think 11 or 12. I was taking shots of all the buildings and such with my mom’s camera and I saw a woman standing in the middle of the square smoking a cigarette. She was just standing there looking up at the cathedral and thinking. I didn’t want her to see me take a picture of her so i held the camera down by my hip and took it with my back to her. The photo came out so much better than I had expected. It was crookedly cropped with her standing with her arms crossed, cigarette loosely held in one hand and her expression was so deep. It’s impossible to know what thoughts were in her head, but it was beautiful.

  • (it’d be the opportunity to try *3*) My favorite one, has been a beautiful result of my passion for astrophysic and a walk, alone during a day of grey sky, on the little city where I’m studying. Indeed, the photo, nearly minimalist seems to be some far away stars… whereas I was just seeing the negative variation of the snow and its shadow which had fallen.

  • Max

    My first impossible polaroid, It was a picture of my cute red puddle dog. It was really special because I have gone through a lot of trouble to fix my sx-70 camera to get a working polaroid out of the vintage camera.

  • Mitchell G.

    The best photo I ever took was awhile ago when I was cruising around the local park trying to do a portrait assignment I got in my photo class. I was walking down this trail full of trees with leaves on the ground and it was an absolutely beautiful afternoon the sun was out and there were hardly any people walking around. While walking Out of the corner of my eye I saw a man in a business suit just minding his own business talking on his blue tooth. At this time my social skills were kind of lacking so it took awhile to get up the courage to talk to him. Finally once I did he was more than happy to sit there and pose for some photos. The thing that really makes the photo great though is that the reason he was there and so out of place was because he brought his son who has autism to the park everyday to look at the ducks since his son had this obsession with trains and ducks. And it really warmed my heart to see the boy so happy. This experience may not seem exciting but it is the best photo I’ve ever taken because it reminds me every time I look at it that a photo is more than just a photo it is a whole story.

    • Mitchell G.

      And sorry I didn’t know how to get a picture next to my comment!

  • Holy moly. Amazing giveaway as always, Jeff.

    My personally favourite shot I ever took was on a long drive out into the prairies in Alberta with an ex of mine. We were driving and driving until we came to a field of the friendliest horses. We drove the car into the ditch so we could take some photos and of course… the car got stuck in about 2 feet of snow! It took us almost an hour to get out of that mess.
    Link to the photo:


  • Lucas Napier dos Reis

    The best photo i ever tooked? one time i had the chance to go to a cave where there is a lagoon inside and i, luckly, was able to shoot on a higher place were the view consisted of a beautiful ray of light passing through the upper side of the cave and reflecting into the water below. Besides that on the back there was a waterfall that re-inforced the contrast between light and shadow. the photo was taken in B&W. hope u like it!

  • The best (my favorite anyway) photo I ever took was coincidentally with a Polaroid camera. I was in Japan and exploring Kamakura outside of Tokyo. I got off the train and a bunch of school kids were walking around in matching uniforms. They all stopped at this massively complicated sign that indicated the different train lines and routes. I grabbed the Polaroid and snapped a shot, and the composition and colors are lovely. I had it framed and gave it to a friend.

  • LP

    It was in São Paulo, Brazil. There’s a plaza in front of an ornate government building with a modern metal sculpture that rotates. I got a picture of some happy little kids running and pushing the piece around and around.

  • Best polaroid I ever took was at a party in my first year at University, I was living in halls in New Cross Gate, in South London, it was a friend’s birthday and they threw a fancy dress party. Think it started out as Elton John theme, but it digressed as people couldn’t think up as many Elton John related costumes, so we had a Marie Antoinette, a rocket man, a Justin Timberlake, Madonna, Bowie, and I went as a dead Diana (probably very tasteless I know- but I had to do it after finishing work late and so dressed in a kind of twin suit and tiara, and gave myself a black eye with make up) I took a load of polaroid film that night, with strange combinations of characters, but the best photo was when we were all dancing, in character, and JT ran up and did a jump off the wall and I managed to catch a photo. He was dressed all in white so it looks like a crazy lightning bolt in a sort of run down kitchen. Shows the weirdness of the night perfectly.

  • Rupert

    The best photo I took with my Polaroid camera was, when I got back from spenidng a year abroad in America as an exchange student. My whole family and my best friends were wating for me to return and when they saw me I quickly took a picture I will never forget. They were laughing and smiling and my mom was even crying :)
    Thats my best photo.

  • Stephanie Hollerud

    The best photograph I have ever taken was during a beautiful summer day. There was a puffy, white dandelion growing in the grass so I picked it up, and held it against the sun. I focused on the dandelion, and everything behind it because blurry. You could see every detail of the dandelion, and had the warm, beautiful summer sunshine shining through the flower. It’s so simple, yet incredibly detailed. The light shining through makes the dandelion appear almost black and white, but the sky in the background is a vibrant, sky blue which makes the photo pop, but also gives attention to the flower itself.

  • I was walking in Prague somewhere in Žižkov when I saw a cat behind the glass of a window and i stopped staring at him for like a minute. The reflection of a building behind be, some violent flowers on the parapet, the white curtain like a white brush stroke were all at the same plane with the green-yellow eyes of the cat looking thorugh the camera like almost never a cat is doing.

    • violet flowers, not violent. Or…

  • I remember that was spring break and I woke up early to go downtown and take some photos from different buildings. That was two years ago and I was using my last expired 600 polaroid film. I set my mind doing something different, so I took a yellow filter from 35 film camera to a old vintage look. I try to get the best spot from different buildings and good angles. So I went to the top of a big building and I got the best shot of the city, since then I haven’t use none polaroid film. If you would like to see the photos heres the link, hope you like it…


  • Taking photos by myself at sunset at my local beach, I went over to the bench where my very recent ex boyfriend (and high school sweetheart) and I shared our first kiss. I decided to take a photo of it with the sun rising up in the background. As this was pre polaroid camera and pre slr cameras time to me I just had a little point and shoot. When I got the photos home to look at them closely I realised that the sun flare had made a heart in the bottom right hand corner of the frame.

  • The best photograph I’ve ever taken was at a halloween party in 2009. I was drunk, he was high. http://www.flickr.com/photos/artistfriendship/4073521632. I had no idea how to work the old flash and didn’t even think about shutter speed. A spur of the moment photo turned out to be one of my best.

  • Ian McCarthy

    I took this photo of my girlfriend’s grandmother through a car window as she spoke with her daughter. I only took the shot to test a camera setting but it turned into my favourite photo that I’ve ever taken, maybe because I was there and heard her voice as she spoke, too, or maybe just because she didn’t know she was having her photo taken at the time…


  • I was freelancing for a website on a story about a coal-polluted town in Iowa on the mississippi river. (Muscatine) It was January and the sun had just set. The fading light was caught in the smoke and steam from this factory part of town and I shot some video and then snapped a shot on my lil Kodak Sport (5 megapixels). That shot was selected for the article and then the article was picked up by the Minneapolis Star Tribune and which also published that picture with the headline Pretty City, Dirty Air.

  • Bart

    Last summer, with some friends, Berlin. We got lost and were looking for a way back to our hotel. We stumbled upon a strange subway station, bright orange coloured. As we entered we were surprised by the huge white spacy hall. The ceiling was covered with unique black circular lamps. The beams of light and endless space gave a surreal feeling. It was totally abandoned. After walking in I stopped, turned around and saw the stairs, first few meters and escalator were almost shining from the sun. It was a beautiful contrast with the space that we were standing in.

  • 8:00 AM
    I woke up on a January morning, my parents and brother were still sleeping, all was quiet and seemed to be ok.
    I down the stairs looking for something to eat, then I saw it: soil from the pots, water (well it was not water, but i tougth it was XD) , reserves form the lower kitchen compartments and a big hole on the couch, yes my little cocker spaniel “Toty” was the guilty.
    Before search for Toty I cleaned the whole room, my parents would kicked her of the house if they saw what she did.
    I finished and began searching her, but it was not finished, a roll of stickers from mom’s work was hidden behind the couch, all biten so I looked and there she was, with all the stickers on her head pacific looking trougth the window like if nothing has happened, she didn’t saw me, so I went from the camera, put a new 35mm roll on it, and surprised her with a shot.
    The photography were lost as some ligth filtered trougth the camera :/ and Toty gone few months later (I still have few pics of her), but even without a physical photography I still remember her with all those stickers around her head, proof of her “tricks”.
    Thats why is my perfect picture, not because it was amazing, because it was memorable :D.

  • John Ross

    It was the last photo on the roll. It was in kelowna and me and four friends went for have hearts farewell tour. After three days of holiganism and excessive shenanigans it was time to leave. I set up my canon r2000 for a self timered shot and run quickly to the van for the group photo. my focus was out a bit but the blurriness matched the weekend pretty well.

  • Probably when I was walking through the dense forest right by the bay in Cape Cod when she walked through the sun which was peering through a patch in the wooded treetop. Her back to me and red shirt illuminated by the warm sun.

  • Jessie

    wait, are we aloud to actually post a link to the pic?! i really want to now, but I don’t wanna break the rules :/

    • I think you can but the post say you migth describe the picture as well as another person would think was there. I think if they needed the picture itself they just asked for it. :D

  • Lauren

    best picture: my sister’s face reflected on the hood of a car.

  • Bunker

    The best picture I ever took was of myself feeding a unicorn with a golden bowtie. There was a beautiful rainbow and if you look closely you see Richard Gere in the background smiling. It was a beautiful scene.

  • The best picture I ever took was the one that changed my career. It is a cliche to photograph eyes, yes. But I took it, of my own dark brown sultry eye and in the reflection a window of a clear blue sky… not photoshopped. This also was shot with an old camcorder camera mode, pre-dating me even having the pleasure of owning a camera. In the end it was the first picture I ever sold and it hung at The Ohio State University school gym for 5 years… this is when I switched my field from Architecture to Photography and have loved that decision ever since.

  • João Cordeiro

    The best photo I ever took was last week with my Polaroid SX-70.
    I had just arrived at my university’s library (where silence is more valuable than money), and climbed the stairs all the way up to the 5th floor, so I could spend the afternoon studying cof* cof*. When I got there, I noticed almost all the tables were occupied (there were dozens of students studying for the exams, me included) so I looked around and finally found a free one. I sat there for half an hour, pretending to be studying, when I decided to take a brake. I went by the window, which was open, and noticed for the first time, the amazing view I had from up there. I could see the whole city (Lisbon, Portugal), with the tall buildings in the horizon, it was a great view, and even the light was perfect, so I grabbed my bag and took my camera out, made all the necessary adjustments and finally pressed the magical red shutter button. No words can describe what hapened next. In all that silence, the sound of my camera spitting the photo was probably louder than a train passing through! After that, I felt the most silent silence ever (I don’t know if this makes any sense ahah) while the whole floor was starring at me! It was bad! Everyone was stressed because of the exams, and there I was, taking pictures from the library window and dreaming with the outside world…

    (I apologize for my possibly crappy English :)

  • Laura

    The best photo I ever took didn’t show up because the film was expired. If it did exist it was probably of my friends jumping naked into a river, or climbing a tree, or rolling around on a stand up paddle board. It’s tough to remember.

  • garth

    words don’t really do justice to the best image i ever took probably because there are so many emotions tied up in the taking of it. it was 1983 and i was on a class trip to high point state park in new jersey. it had been raining furiously, relentlessly even, the entire day and the whole park was shrouded in mist. to say it was dark and dismal is a bit of an understatement. i remember my father loaning me his precious polaroid sun 600 camera that day with a warning with his fist in my face that should i wreck it in any way, whatever happened to it would happen to me. luckily enough, i just had to watch out for torrents of rain, which we were shielded from as we went on our non-refundable trek through the high point woods (gotta love early 80’s catholic schools with their “do or die” mentality!). pretty much every picture i took needed extra light, so i used the flash, which would also change the look of whatever i captured, usually washing out colors and making the subject seem dramatic and silly, at least to my then 11-year-old mind. at some point the guide was going on and on about the sponge-like moss that had been at the edge of the trail we’d been following–this is when i noticed that there really was a tiny world at our very feet! it was one of those strange moments of clarity where the greens that were visible were just so vibrant, and even more so when seen through the lens of my father’s camera. at some point i took a picture of this living ecosystem comprised of what most people would call a swampy morass of nothing; to me, though, it was the coming night, it was the swirling mist, it was…cold as hell and I was shivering so that when I released the sticky shutter lever, I got almost a double exposure that was side-by-side: two tiny worlds, two living bodies of creeping water at my feet, two places I was at in this world, and one picture i can and will never forget.

  • Colin

    The best photo I ever took was strolling down Van Buren, the prostitute street in Phoenix. I saw an old woman rolling down the sidewalk in her rascal scooter. I was shooting 400 black and white and she was wearing a big, patterned sun dress (The kind really old and big women wear). It was the perfect time to take the photo, I had just past the log cabin motel and she was rolling in front of an empty lot. I snapped the photo and caught her cruising with her shades on (of course the old lady shades). Later on, I messed around in the darkroom to make her flying through the air on a stormy afternoon. That granny tearing ass on her rascal was one of the best shots I have ever gotten

  • it was the last time i managed to see her with out her shouting, screaming or losing her temper. the soft afternoon haze through my bedroom curtains cast her highlights into brilliant warmth, her pale skin soaking in what little light there was- radiating, but to me it was always there. she faced me, sad- but not yet angry. she was fresh from the shower, towel help tentatively around her breasts…shy, or maybe ashamed- after all of the time we had spent together. she would call it the latter and place that blame on me later.

    did she want to kiss me? should i have kissed her? maybe, but that time had passed. so much of this time we shared had passed, yet in that last polaroid i still see love.


  • Barb Morrissey

    The best photo I’ve ever taken was a shot I took with my Polaroid camera inside the Packard Automotive Plant in Detroit, MI. It was one of the factory floors and it was black and white. There was one pillar on the left of the shot and a line of pillars along the right side. The floor used to be wooden planks and they have all buckled and popped up. There is also white light spilling in from the former windows all along the right and back walls. It’s a great, creepy, haunting sight and shows the past of a once great car company.

  • … a photo of my dear friend Jonathan Leung Hoi Yat, wearing a smart T-shirt (saying: “world without strangers”). The picture was taken after a descent from the Convent of a thousand buddhas at Sha Tin (HONG KONG), while consuming the necessary refreshing “soft” drinks. The image was striking in the sense that the epigraph contained an ambiguity as to the massive population in the city of Hong Kong, to the loneliness of the individual experience of someone who is lost in translation, within an environment that is alien to him.(2008)

  • I was walking in Prague somewhere in Žižkov when I saw a cat behind the glass of a window and i stopped staring at him for like a minute. The reflection of a building behind be, some violet flowers on the parapet, the white curtain like a white brush stroke were all at the same plane with the green-yellow eyes of the cat looking thorugh the camera like almost never a cat is doing.

    P.s. sorry for the double post, i needed to correct violent to violet

  • abhishek

    Clicked a shot of my mother saying a prayer early morning at a temple .

  • Marieke

    My nicest photo is of my grandmother under her tree in her clean of leaves greener than green garden.

    Keeping everything clean and taking care of the family was her territory totally. Nobody did it better than she did, and it was always fun at her place because there we’re always people, food and things of course to help her with cleaning, for example the many leaves of her huge garden tree.
    Although everybody knows her like that, on all the photo’s we have of her, she was always perfectly dressed up with no trace of her busy character.
    One day, being alone with her in the garden, she made an exception and told me I could make a picture of her right then and there. And that’s the moment I got to catch my grandmother on camera in her as I remember her in her busy and working all day outfit, looking a bit scared and fragile, but also looking with pride in the lens.

  • Jessie

    …a photo of my 5-year old cousin demonstrating crime fighting moves in his transformers helmet. Best action photo ever.

  • Jimmymac

    I’m hoping its somewhere on the 35mm film I’m going to develop tomorrow morning. Optimistic.

  • Mischelle

    All I wanted to do was roller-blade alongside the ocean while the sun set. I brought my Canon AE-1 with me though, as dangerous as it is, because I knew something was going to be worth capturing. With wheels under my feet, I managed to get down for this one shot of my little sister and cousin playing in the grass between the ocean and the highway. I had no idea how double-exposures worked or even what most of the buttons and knobs on my camera were supposed to do. This double-exposure was the greatest accident that has ever happened to me in my experience in photography. Getting a full frame rewinded on my roll must’ve been the result of banging my camera while I skated. It has light-leak problems now but this photo was worth it.

  • The only surprise party i have ever had for my 21st birthday. It was the last shot on a roll of 35mm film i had been shooting, and was the last time i ever saw my girlfriend. My best friend had driven from NYC to surprise me, along with a house full of close friends from school. I was heading home from dinner, ready to change out of my dress shirt to head to the bars. I opened the door to my housemates playing a board game, only to discover the dark room behind them was full of wonderful people. Needless to say, i was very surprised and could not take the smile off of my face for the entire night. The picture was a self timer, of me, my girlfriend, and my two closest friends. That night was the best night of my life, i had never been happier than that one moment of bliss when i was surrounded by the people i love and who love me back. I look back on that photo and am instantly sent back to that one night, and wish i could live in that single second forever.

  • The best picture I have ever taken was in the woods in Saratoga, California. Haning moss, towering pine trees, lichen covered boulders, and a permeating morning mist that was tinted green by the surrounding plant life.

  • Mischelle
  • Chi Hsi

    Cloudless blue sky gradually fading to white from left to right due to the direction of the shot away from the sun. You can tell it’s November because of the tint of red and orange leaves on the trees in the hills surrounding the Heidelberg Castle located in Germany. The Neckar River, covering the lower half of the photo, reflects the Old Bridge and the traditional buildings and church tower. The wind in that lovely autumn day creates small waves in the river.

  • Ali Burns

    Haiku to photo

    Almost empty pool
    surface floating makes ripples
    star shadowed bottom

  • My favourite photo of mine is of my friend caitlin. It’s taken on agfa vista 400, the contrast and colours are rich with red, green, yellow and blue. There’s trees and other plants to the right, with a yellow gold sort of tinge from the sun and pale blue sky to the right. The afternoon sun is in the top left hand corner of the frame (photog’s dream light) is shining through her hair, giving it a gold glow. She’s looking over her shoulder to the right and laughing at something you can’t see.

    It’s my favourite because it captures that afternoon perfectly.

  • Marko Sommer

    The best photograph I ever took, it is tough to say, but it will have to be a polaroid of my son while playing with soap bubbles, and if I had to describe the photo it would be very hard to translate not only the happiness and joy that my son projected through laughter but also the emotional response that I got from it.
    Him playing on the floor looking skyward and seeing the bubbles slowly descending all the while trying to grab the nearest one. Confused as he was, it did not matter when bubbles popped, it was the action of more of them on the way that was exciting.

  • Between her legs

  • My favorite photos was a digital taken of a monarch at a butterfly habitat. I converted in with a daylab and did an emulsion lift. Then embedded it in encaustic. It can be seen on the index page at betkindley.com.

    I would love to win the camera.

  • T-Rex

    the best photo i ever took was of my old black and white cat walking across my driveway with another old black and white cat. They looked like two happy old men hanging out as they crossed the road together. it makes me happy every time i look at it.

  • ami

    The best photo I took was probably the first photo I ever took when I was about 4. I remember taking it too! my parents and I were on a camping trip. They had just finished pitching the tent and I insisted on taking a photo of the two of them standing in front of the tent. My father handed me the camera, slightly nervous, and stood in front of the tent with my mother. I held up the camera, my father asked “are you sure our heads are in the picture?” I said “Yes!” and took the picture. There is a very precious and hilarious picture in our family album with my parents standing in front of the tent with their heads cut off..Although I am much better at taking photos now, I still gotta say that is my best.

  • Joe D

    it was getting late and i was sitting in my basement and looked out the back door and the sky was bright orange with puffy clouds so i went upstairs to get my camera and when i returned to my pleasant surprise there was a beautiful rainbow going from one end of my cul-de-sac to the other

    and that was the best photo i ever shot

  • David

    On my first roll of shooting film I was walking when i see a plane flying over head, I aim and shoot. After I developed the pictures, it turns out I caught the plane right as it was kissing the wall next to me.

  • I grew up in central Europe so never really was around oceans that much. The day I took the photo I was in NSW, Australia, with my husband and he took me to this enormous pier that led right into the ocean. He said he used to play there as a kid. It was a windy and overcast day, just about to rain and the ocean was brutal and the waves smashed against the pier and I was trying to get a good shot of that when I noticed this elderly man on the very top end of the pier, with a fishing rod and a red bucket. He tried to fish in the turbulent sea and kept bringing his line in and throwing it back out. I was so fascinated by his calmness because it was such a contrast to the sea. All I could hear were waves and noise and I could feel the pier shaking, he just stood there and fished and it seemed there was nothing that could relax him more.

  • Lisa kiraly

    I shot video shot pictures from the video… I then shot pictures of me watching with a large format camera and printed on large matt paper. it was shot during a mental breakdown of sorts and became an amazing seried of work

  • The best photo I ever took was the first photo I took of me and my fiance. It was a few weeks into the relationship and we were waiting outside a theater for our movie to start. I decided to snap a picture of the both of us. Just with a little point and shoot. Now, I work as a part time professional photographer but I can’t help but love that silly first photo of us: our fashion, our hair, the smiles on our faces. Its been about 5 years since that photo was taken and we will be husband and wife in May! Who would have thought those crazy kids would fall so in love!

  • Isabella

    This is probably the best photo I’ve taken.
    I dragged my boyfriend down to a part of the lakeside we don’t normally visit for an assignment for the photo class I was in at the time. I was completely spaced out trying to figure out what I was going to do for this assignment when my boyfriend says “Wow, look at that” I turned around to see what looked like hundreds of birds all taking flight from one tree. I took a stance and snapped a shot as quickly as possible and snagged the one above. It’s one of the few times I was grateful to have autofocus.

  • Michael A. Cooper

    The best photo I have taken thus far is probably also the worst technically.

    It’s a photo of a moment I felt truly happy, with a girl who (if I’m lucky) will spend the rest of my life with. The picture doesn’t give away much at all, but when I look at it I can recall everything at that moment. Her smile.

  • Seven days after my son was born, I was able to shoot a black and white DIY studio shot of his little wrinkled feet. It was his first day home from the hospital but I NEEDED to photograph him! So I wrapped his feet in a black blanket and stuck his feet out in a heart shape. I did this next to harsh window light so the high contrast of his feet and the black blanket made for a stunning image. He cried and hated every single second of it. But, to this day I still show him the picture and he goes, “Dad! My Feet!”. Then he grabs his baby camera and tries to re-create it. I guess I got him started in the right direction as early as possible. Long live photography, and pass it on to your children!

  • the best photo i took is also one of my first memories as a child: my grandma peeling an orange. you can almost taste it! and it is sweet.

  • joseph

    A game of scrabble: someone busted a huge seven letter doozie and all parties lost their shit just as I snapped the photo….’twas as if we were modelling for a new picture of folks having fun for the new scrabble box.

  • the best photograph i’ve ever taken is actually a series of photos taken at a beer festival / carnival in herzogenaurach germany (seen here: http://cargocollective.com/specialmushroomlining#REMINISCE) while there for work.

    a small town with not much to do, it’s the home of the adidas and puma offices. Outside of that, is, well…pure boredom. but this trip was unique because of the festival. i love these photos because they freeze a moment of joy in time. captured mostly at night, all of the neon lights and smiles capture a sense of nostalgic, youthful joy that will never be duplicated.

    i suppose from a technical standpoint there are better photos that I’ve taken. but there are no other photos as close to my heart.

  • buzz

    There was endless darkness around us but a bright ray of sunlight shone upon my friend, who poked the american flag in the dusty grey ground. You could see his footsteps all over the place…

  • Best photo I ever took was in a Sunday after Liverpools ‘Santa Dash’
    Walking through the city I saw a guy in full Santa getup having a nap on a bench while his friend also in costume looked on. I had to take the picture, only after I had it developed did I notice the two women in the background pushing prams, looking at this guy like he was Santa claus himself.

    It was about 5 years ago abd I’ve never taken a shot so perfect again.

  • who does?

    • ugh…who doesn’t. i’m distracted.

  • Ian

    I was exploring an abandoned insane asylum and as I was kicking through what was left of the kitchen passed some blood spills and rusted beer cans, I looked through what I imagine was the serving counter into this huge room peeling away. The light was shining so perfectly through the windows, I could hardly breathe through my bandana (place was covered in asbestos) and I snapped the picture. When I developed the roll, it was the only picture I was waiting to see, and it came out so flawlessly, contrast lighting, composition, it was fantastic.

  • On the sandy point of an island in the Vanuatu Archepelago. Altitude of 3cm above sea level for the whole island. Low tide, 1 AFL footy, 1 2 1/2 yr old pale skin , blonde curly hair, wearing oversized floral boardies and a shell necklace (my son).
    Four, 4- 9 year old local Ni Vanuatu boys keen to learn how to play AFL footy i theor school uniforms and bare feet, no language, massive smiles nad the footy getting around however it goes.
    The odd crab and starfish to miss and then a CATCH. My son catches a massive kick and the exact moment with all faces so amazed, the action and excitement is caught on the camera from 2 1/2 year old height.

  • Lexi

    My friends and I went out exploring on the first nice day we had. We had adventured out to this new spot we had never seen before. My friend and I were sitting on the edge of the grass hanging over a small pond, and I took a picture with my polaroid 215 of my friend. the colors came out splendid and it had a dream-like quality to it.

  • The best photo I ever took was of my best friend standing in a wheat field. It was right when the sun was setting on Loucelles, France, where I lived at the time, and we had to run to catch the last light after having dinner with my host family. He’s got an American flag draped over his shoulders as he’s pulling tobacco out of his pouch, the filter’s in his mouth because that’s what we learned to do while we lived there. He’s wearing this blue hoodie that we’ve both shared tons of memories in, and it just is the perfect definition of him. This is my best photo that really resonates with us, the American exchange students living in Normandy.

  • A picture of a man with black hair, a big mustache and sparkling eyes of hope. My father, looking through the kitchen window, dreaming of a time without being sick. He died a few months later. I mis this brave man.

  • It was 2003 and I was in–what felt like–the hottest place on earth… the ancient Mayan city of Tikal. We climbed ruins, trekked through the jungle, felt like explorers in a forgotten realm. At the top of the tallest pyramid the endless jungle spread out before me as far as the eye could see, with the peaks of the surrounding pyramids pushing through the growth. In that moment and at the top of the highest pyramid I took a photograph and burned into my mind one of the most beautiful scenes I would ever witness.


  • David Parrado

    It’s always the one that it hasn’t been taken yet. Just light, the analogue camera and you. Imagining the snapshot in your mind while you trigger the mechanism. The way back home from the developing shop. And the memory of that magic moment stuck in your mind forever…

  • Courtney

    It was the summer of 2008 and me and my cousin, also one of my best friends, we’re spending the last few days at our lake house in spicer, Minnesota. We had just spent the entire day in the sun wading in and out of the lake. We were exhausted from the heat of the day. We had just changed from our bathing suits into jeans and our respective tank tops. We walked the long dock barefoot so you could still feel the sand against the cold metal dock. We took our seats and let our feet dangle just so they grazed the top of the lake. The sunset was just beginning and our skin was relieved. I put my Polaroid 600 on the bench right behind us and put it on self timer and snapped it. It was a great day and a great ending to a seemingly endless summer. I’ll never forget my youth.

  • My favorite one is one from last year. I set up my Rolleiflex on a tripod in the desert with duct tape on the shutter release to keep it down. It was an exposure of several minutes but well worth it! I captured a full moon rising over the crest of a hill in the desert but it doesn’t look like the moon, but the golden glow of the sun! In the top of the frame you can see the trail of the stars and beyond the moon and hill you can see the desert stretching beyond. I was so excited to see this image when I scanned it in!

  • I spray painted the pavement at my school with silver paint and in the soft light of the moon, I snapped a shot of the bushes, flowers and silvery paint. It was pretty neat.

  • it has yet to be made.

  • Lorena

    The best photo I’ve taken is of my cat at night.
    Ever since he was little he’s slept right beside me. I’ll see his little white paws emerge out of the darkness, or feel of his light jump onto the edge of the mattress. He’ll make his way around and wait for me to lift the blanket so he can use my arm as his pillow. I’ll cover him up and cuddled into a warm ball, he’ll sleep peacefully. I always want to remember these moments, so I took a photo of him from my perspective. This way, whenever I look at the photo, it’ll take me back to those nights where it was just me and my little cat.

  • Armaan

    I don’t think I’ve taken my best photo yet.

    But for answering sake, it was probably a photo from my first ever photoshoot (with a university friend). Feb 2010. We were at Hyde Park, it was a stunning chill, she was barefoot and half naked, and there were a surprising amount of people who kept passing us by (and smiling, and winking, all good fun). I remember she had a glass of rosé in her hands, and this was by the fountains… she looked away from me for a second and I clicked – and wow, her eyes were beautiful. She was beautiful, and such unassuming grace. Unlike a way I’d seen her around me, the photos were fireworks – making her come alive. :)

  • Walking down a back alley of Asakusa in Tokyo, I stumbled upon an elderly man sitting on a stool having his hair cut by his elderly wife in the middle of the alley way. It was something so normal for them, yet seem so genuine and beautiful to me. Made me realise that true love does exist in that very moment.

  • Sean

    I went to Africa over the summer and came across a penguin gang. One of them waddled toward me, turned around and then looked back, like he was posing. The photo has a blurry sunset in the background and a sassy penguin so it’s probably the best i’ve ever taken (or at least my favorite)

  • taylor

    Killing time before work, I detoured through Grand central terminal in new york. I had my old Minolta with me and was exploring and snapping shots. I walked across an overpass and stopped to rest, watching the commuters rushing to catch trains below me. After a moment the busy corridor below eerily emptied out and a mysterious tall slim shadowy figure wearing a suit and a top hat walked alone towards me. I rushed to set up my camera almost dropping it over the edge, waited for the figure to walk into the center of the frame and nervously snapped the shot. It was one of those moments that sends chills down your spine, as if this ghost like stranger knew I was waiting for him. The black and white film I shot with adds to the eeriness. His black silhouette contrasts against the soft lighting of the station, his face shadowed by his hat. Its a complete candid, although it looks totally set up. I still wonder who this person is, where they are going, what they are holding, wishing I could show them my photo. It tells a story. Photos that tell a story are the best.

  • My favorite photo I’ve ever taken is one I took from the roof of my best friend’s garage in San Pedro. The sun is hanging low, and you can see the vague outlines of palm trees and electrical wires against the periwinkle sky. Whenever I look at that photo I see all of the good times I’ve had with my friends on the roof, and all of the things I’ve left behind in California.

  • Jeremy Diamond

    best one i ever took is of my friend thomas. we all went to his house to hang out and ended up putting vinegar in our mouths and baking soda and seeing how long we could last without it exploding out. i got a picture of him right after he coughed it all out.

  • Ben Fegradoe

    I went on a day trip to paris to paris through my university and thought this would be a great chance to get some good street photography. I spent the whole day just wondering around and paris being paris everyone was very good looking and very well dressed


    as i crossed the street i saw a woman on the otherside of the road wearing a matching denim patchwork skirt and jacket i managed to snap her and her posture and postion facing towards me but looking into the distance with a great depth of field so she is really strong.

    the best photo i took. unprepared and completely by chance one of the charms about photography

  • A group of four young men are sitting by the water, rocks at their feet. If I had to guess, they were in their early teens. The sun is bright and warm and they are surrounded by lush green foliage and concrete. A soft white translucent curtain is half drawn across them.

    They are pasted to the wall.

  • Ansley McDurmon

    Sidewalk chalk + photography + illusions + my best freinds = teenage girls lying on the ground with chalk “balloons” in hand. The camera was crappy, the day was cold, but the was is still real. I’d love to take even more beautiful memories with a gem like the Polariod Sun 600!
    Here’s the photo: http://a6.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/402814_3000003917813_1193755319_3324402_1527607553_n.jpg

  • Ansley McDurmon

    Sidewalk chalk + photography + illusions + my best freinds = teenage girls lying on the ground with chalk “balloons” in hand. The camera was crappy, the day was cold, but the fun is still real. I’d love to take even more beautiful memories with a gem like the Polariod Sun 600!
    Here’s the photo: http://a6.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/402814_3000003917813_1193755319_3324402_1527607553_n.jpg

  • the best photos i have taken are my kids. you won’t imagine yourself there but capturing their time now and having this frozen moment in time is such a gift.

  • The best photo I ever took was of one of my best friends in the woods. It was a cool, damp but sunny day and we decided to take a walk through the woods in the Vancouver Point Grey area, just days before she left for Toronto (for good).

    We both enjoy the silence we share when we go for walks, but we also know how to have fun when a camera’s involved. That day, I had my camera with me and an idea came when we stumbled upon a tree stump. I told her to pretend she was a pro gymnast by balancing herself on the stump with only her arms, with legs spread out. I said, “This is going to be the money shot!!” She said, “I don’t know why I do the things you tell me to do but OK!!”

    We laughed as I snapped what I thought was the perfect picture that captured all the creative fun we had that day.


  • Tyler

    I have a picture of a sandwich I found laying on the ground once, someone had written “I’m sorry” on the bread in purple marker.

  • Calvin

    The best photo I’ve ever taken was of my friend in an apple orchard. She was balancing apples on her head, and I decided to try to shoot one with my old Minolta SRT-100 before it could roll off. The atmosphere was perfect, overcast and foggy, and it brings out the apple really well. I got lucky in having a great depth of focus, with the background completely blurred. Better than I could have hoped for. http://www.flickr.com/photos/c_lamothe/6215453233/

  • The best photo I ever took was of an ex-boyfriend, waking up and hunching over in bed at about 5 am just as the sun hit my bedroom window. Everything was warm and cold and the dust particles looked the beginning of a snow storm.

  • Phaedra

    One of the best pictures I ever took was when I stopped at a beautiful beach during my road trip across Australia. One of my friends and I broke off from the group and found a rocky expanse that jutted out into the sea. We spent some time sitting under giant boulders, but when the sun started to set we headed back towards the main group. My friend ran ahead of me, up a small rocky hill, straight into the sun. I snapped a shot of his silhouette running into the sunset of a rocky, alien-looking land.

  • alex

    The best photo I ever took:

    I was at a car show (really an informal saturday morning car gathering) held in the parking lot of a local coffee shop. Over two hundred cars were there, ranging from modern super-exotics, to classic pre-war coupes. I went with my basic Nikon SLR and i was just snapping pictures of all the gorgeous metal around me when I came to a 1956 Lincoln Zephyr. The car was classic 50’s style with big round curves all over over it. It also had these wonderful chrome wheels with the cars name printed in a futuristic red font on them. I went down to take a picture of the letters and looking through the viewfinder i realized the reflection of the 1960 corvette and myself in the Chrome were all distorted and had an ultra-wide angle look to it. So I took the picture and it came out amazingly. So below is the link to the photo, please enjoy.

    Zephyr Self Portrait:

  • jackson beyda

    Hey! Im not the best photographer but I love photography!
    So I went backpacking along the coast of Ireland in 2008 and I saw theM ost wonderful sights, with huge mountains, sweeping green planes and craggy cliffs leading to the stormy water. Not to mention the stars were incredible, If only i had a camera to take a picture.. Please! bring back polaroids!

  • K

    You are on a shaded veranda somewhere on the Tibetan plateau, peeking at the vastness outside through drawn curtains. You can’t see all around the building, but in front of you are rolling hills fading into rolling hills, and you can imagine they fade into even more rolling hills. Except they aren’t hills at all; the open space tricks your eyes. Rather, they are mountains asleep and never aware of your presence.

  • I love a serie of pictures I did at Cordoba, Argentina for a client.

    I took one of them from pinkish cupolas of a church with lots of mosaic tiles as adornments. The sky was perfectly light blue and the sun was so yellow I can feel it as sunflowers floting in the air.

    Check it at: http://www.behance.net/gallery/Digital-Frame-App/820766

    It is the first one.

  • My favorite photo was taken of a random older man through a restaurant window in downtown Montreal. It was a random snap that he walked into—there was a blizzard going on around him. The photo caught his tall fir hat moving forward.

  • difa

    the black and white photo of my littlest sister who was waving her long hair on her elementary uniform under the midday sun :)

  • the best photo i ever took was of a reflection of a rainbow in my hand

  • James

    the best photo i took was the nature of grass.

  • The best photograph I have ever taken was during an impromptu game of outdoor Soccer in Mitte, Berlin. It was around 2 o’clock in the afternoon and my friend Georgia went to kick the ball, as I took the photo her hair wrapped all the way around her face covering it completely. She ran into the center of my frame and I captured her from the waist up, her hair wrapped around her face like the monster from Alien.

  • sheila

    every year my friends and i look forward to memorial day weekend, simply for the world’s greatest hipsterpalooza, sasquatch music festival. the 4 day music getaway is at the scenic gorge amphitheatre in george, washington (yes! that’s the name! haha), which offers amazing views of the columbia gorge as your favorite band plays (imagine band of horses playing “the funeral” while the sun sets…oh god). last year, we all got so excited about what was in store for us that weekend, we all hopped up onto our car roofs and started dancing as we were driving into the campgrounds. the best picture i ever took captured this moment, with my two friends looking as happy as ever, one with his hands up, the other wearing a sombrero and a fake mustache (i don’t know why either. but it was awesome.).

  • The best photo I’ve ever taken was of my best friend Will. It’s a close up of his face… a hard look in his eye with a 5 o’clock shadow engulfing his face. Water running down his face, dripping down his chin. Lit from above with a reflector bouncing light back into his eyes. <3 it

  • Dan

    The best photo I ever took was an accident. It was for a photography project in high school and I was learning how to use the Pentax. The best shot of the 4 rolls was this solitary shot of an elm tree. It had such well defined lights and darks.

    The print I made from it was amazing, and I still have it even though it was 18yrs ago.

  • G.L. Richardson

    Recently, my friends and I went on google earth and decided to find an interesting landmark and take an adventure and actually find this geographical feature. We decided on a lake that was about a 6 mile hike away from the main road. After quite a while we found this lake and it was such a great feeling to set out on a journey and actually accomplish that goal. Anyway as we explored around this lake (which was completely isolated) we started to find random old items toward one side of the lake. So we followed these relics and eventually found 3 run down shacks. Now these shacks were scary as hell but also intriguing. There were so many old things just laying around like old Tvs, moonshine bottles, refrigerators, and finally the cou de gra. A bicycle from like the 60s that was completely rusted, lying flat on the ground and partially covered by the fallen leaves. This picture was honestly so amazing that it could never have been set up or recreated since it was created by nature.

  • sam

    was a head and shoulders portrait of my mate in melbourne as she was exhaling a puff of smoke..little generic but something about the timing and the look in her eyes as amazingw

  • The best photo I have ever taken was the inside of a lens cap. I need to try that more often.

  • I had had my DSLR for less than one month and it was raining like a MF in São Paulo. My girlfriend was doing something for the house and I am pretty sure she was a bit mad that instead of helping I was adjusting the camera and shooting random stuff. We lived in an apartment with a view – which is quite rare around there – and I noticed the lightnings and the storm closing in. I set up the tripod, prepared the camera for longer exposures and started shooting. Even though I shot about 50 pictures from that same window, none of them was better than the third or fourth attempt, with the dark stormy sky, some nearby buildings, and this big lightning right behind them.

    The result can be seen at http://www.flickr.com/photos/gp-sachs/4260727908/in/set-72157624188834439

  • Rosie

    The best photo I have ever taken was on White Head Island in New Brunswick, Canada. The tide was out. 20 feet of the dock was exposed and covered in seaweed. The fog was rolling in. Three boats were moored to the dock. It was eery and beautiful. I’d love to take that shot again with a Polaroid!!!

  • gab-

    the best photo I ever took is a photo taken 5 years ago. when i saw it at the time I was not very impressed. Two weeks ago, ordering my negative archives, I saw it and I was reminded of how photography has changed my perception of things around and how I have changed my way of viewing because of it.

  • Julian

    I was standing atop El Cerro del Cubilete in the state of Guanajuato, Mexico in the summer of 2004. It was July, to be exact, and during those months it is not uncommon for a heavy downpour to occur. We had just climbed to the top of the mountain, the sky was full of passing clouds, some dark, ready to unleash rain, others white. The tour guide had just finished talking and had let us loose to look and discover for ourselves. I stood near the old stones, and the very edge of the mountain, I look to the left and I see it, I pull the shutter. The view was breathtaking, on top of this mountain, 8 thousand+ feet high. The rolling green hills, the entire sky covered with dark clouds, and placed perfectly in the middle of my frame, a crack amongst the clouds, letting a bright stream of light pierce through and shine onto the ground. It was beautifully perfect timing, I took more shots immediately after, none looked like that first one.

  • a 2D picture of my best friend in the whole world wearing 3D glasses..

  • M

    the best photo was taken on a school field trip. my teacher brought his dog and the black lab was catching a stick in mid-air. It was with an analog camera, the only time i’ve actually really used one.

  • The gem of a photo that I consider my best was on my trip to NYC. We went to the MOMA on a busy Friday afternoon! After walking around a bit I saw some people congregating around a very large painting…. to my surprise it was Edward Rusha’s oil painting, “OOF”. Posing innocently in front of said painting was a family of fob Japanese tourists…all beaming with huge smiles. I couldn’t help but bust out laughing. (While not Rusha’s intent, OOF is a slang word that means something else in Hawaii). I quickly knelt behind the father and took my own angle of his families portrait– This is my favorite candid shot, with the look on their faces it’s priceless!

  • feehee

    Any photo of someone old and cute

  • Jake

    Before I (briefly) moved out to Vancouver Island, friends and I had a ‘so long’ party/barbeque. I received a few gifts, one of which was a disposable camera. Not really thinking I snapped photos throughout the evening. It was a good time of year, like early BBQ season. People were coming out and feeling really relaxed. You know, one of those nights that you kind of sink into with friends. Once you are in it, you just ride out the night, no one wants to be anywhere else. It took 4 years for me to develop those photos. They are all pretty bad, but they contain the feeling of the night. Sunlight into the late evening, shorts and long-sleeves, burgers and drinks.

  • The best photos are the ones I take of my sister, she’s so gorgeous and she doesn’t even know it.

  • Liv

    I was given an old Nikon F a while ago and last year I took a roll of film at our favorite family holiday spot, Lake Alexandrina in New Zealand.
    The best image was the view from our deck looking out across the lake.
    It was nearing the end of summer and life was beautiful. The colours came out quite saturated which I loved, a bright, piercing light blue in the sky and reflected in the water.
    The sky had a couple of soft, small clouds and there were a few black swans on the lake.
    The lake is surrounded by old willow trees and the water was clear and still.
    I look at the photograph and am reminded of our lovely times spent there.

  • A Man, a fez, a musical apple, a guitar. The musical red apple in left hand, guitar in right, held at the neck. He was wearing all black except for the fez and standing on one foot with his arms extended parallel to the ground. I can send you a copy. Yea!

  • I would say it is the one that made me realise I should go into graphic design and dig photography as a creative tool.
    That photo was taken in the south east wharfs of Bermondsey in London, one fresh sunny afternoon. Picture that, sunny warm light hitting the bricks of the old cold store now derelict. No one around, my bike is on the side, I catch my breath and think how I can capture the joy that place gives me. No one around, I can take my bad 3 mp camera and try. Thanks to that woman coming out of nowhere, dressed in vintage clothing, passing in the frame but at a far distance. I shoot. It’s maybe a nice one from the tiny lcd screen. I’ll see on my computer later… Photography is a succession of accidents. Just like everything.

  • Lucas

    The best photo I ever took was of the sun setting over San Francisco as the plane I was in landed. The plants and runway were completely lit up as the thrust reversers roared open and the sudden stop almost threw my camera out of my hand. I still can’t remember ever pressing the shutter button, but the photo was somehow taken, and the memory immortalized in it.

  • The best photograph I ever took was bittersweet. It was the last photograph I took with my best friend of 22 years. Both are faces are beaming up at the camera, our cheeky grins and mischievous eyes twinkled up. Me and her adopting the same pose we’ve do for every picture. Me stooping down to the height of her wheelchair and her tiny arm wrapped around my neck. Both oblivious of the future tragedy facing us. Sadly, she was taken away from me 4 months ago and while the pain is still raw, I still look at this photo and it makes me smile and think of the good times we’ve shared.

  • Kyle Vaughn

    The best picture I ever took, I took last week in Chinatown, NYC. One night I happened upon an open door that emanated both a strong fluorescent glow and a large white cloud of dust of some sort. When I looked inside, I saw what seemed to be some sort of flour factory. Everything inside was white and was awash in this magical glow–the floors, walls, stacks of sacks–all white; the workers’ clothes, the mounds of flour on the tables–all white; and the cloud–all white, like flying through a cumulonimbus. I snapped a few pictures, some with my film camera, and one with my Polaroid Image Spectra, and headed on my way. About half a block down, I noticed someone from inside the flour factory was following me. Every turn I made, he made; as I sped up, he sped up. I was practically in a dead sprint for my hotel when he tried to cut a corner to catch up with me. I don’t know what he wanted, but I wasn’t going to hang around to find out. As he cut the corner (he on one side of some cars, I on the other), I wheeled around and ducked behind the edge of a shop stall that jutted out just enough. I watched as the man looked up and down the street and darted into a nearby door, assuming I had entered. Then, I made off down the street, Polaroid and film in hand.

  • The best photo I’ve taken so far is of my grandmother who occasionally visits from Seattle. One day I got a picture of her preparing a bunch of Filipino veggies for dinner. Her candid smile and the slight motion blur of her working hands was the best. Totally defines her hardworking and carefree lifestyle :)

  • jaycie

    photo of my sister roaring with a sloth.

  • Patrick

    The best instant phot I have ever taken was actually taken with the discounted Push film with my SX-70.
    My girlfriend standing near the mouth of a cave near a lake. She is wearing a dress but because of the crazy nature of that film you cant really tell and she look a lot like Raquel Welch lol
    Still very beautiful and great unexpected results

  • Kay

    I was on a boat off the coast of Scotland looking at puffins and I snapped this photo that has three puffins, right in a line. The one farthest to the left is about to land, the one in the middle just landed and the one on the right is just taking off. Then there’s an innocent bystander floating around in the background.

  • Jenny

    I took a photo of the moment my rabbit woke my boyfriend up with a sharp tug to his hair.

  • Christine

    The best photograph I have taken so far would have to be of my hands signing the word “hamburger.” When I was shooting it, I looked pretty silly. I was wearing a black long sleeve shirt and white gloves that made me look like a magician. I was also wearing a scarf to hide my neck and to hold my hair. My camera stood in front of me on a tripod, while I stood in front of a black backdrop. By using a 4 second exposure, I hoped to capture the motion of sign language that we cannot see with our own eyes. The resulting image showed my hands, one above the other, ready to clasp each other. It also revealed the motion of my hands coming together, opening, flipping over, and clasping again. It appeared as though my hands were holding a ball of energy between them. These white hands and the motion are in the center of a horizontal black rectangle, and are all that is visible.

  • My best picture ever was shot during flying the london eye. I took it with my lomo action sampler. By coincident it was a double exposure, not knowing it. It is a cloudy tuscany sky with some hills in the back, combined with the translucent cabin in the opposite of mine. it looks like an flying saucer of a science fiction movie from the early twenties. And that four times through the four lenses of the action sampler. I blew it up and made a big poster of it. Outstanding!

  • Lindsey

    The best photo I’ve taken so far was of a family during an event. It was at a baptismal reception and the couple was holding their baby. They were looking at each other and the baby has a smile on his face when I took the picture. It was priceless.

  • trina

    when i was 22, i accidentally drove off the west side of the pacific coast highway (and rolled down the cliff towards the ocean.) my passenger and i both survived, quite well, amazingly, despite some intense poison oak. weeks later, i was in line for coffee and was flipping through the photos i had just developed. a woman behind me spotted an incredible one that had red discoloration mottling the california shore, at the bottom of the cliff. i had taken it the last time we took a driving break, just before the crash. she asked me, “what happened there?” and i answered that it must have been a mistake in the developing. she asked again: what HAPPENED there? and that’s when i realized where, and when, the photo was taken.

  • Best photo I ever took was actually using Impossible Project film on a cold January morning in 2011. Smiling, mustached face of my partner at the time. I put the film in the microwave sort of as a science experiment, and it was, fittingly, impossibly good. Somehow the fact that the film exploded made the nostalgia of the picture taking all the more potent.

  • Brendan

    While rock climbing in Joshua tree last year me and a group of friends set off into the rocky terrain to climb the biggest rock face in the 20mile radius…it was 100 feet into the air. me being the person iam climbed with my canon camera strapped on my back…it was the hardest climb ive ever done..the granite was wet from eailer rainfall. No matter, once i got to the top it was nearly sunset. i steadily take out my equipment being extremely cautious when suddenly i hear the loudest cry. in panic i quickly turn around to see a family of crows nested in a crack about 2feet away. i focused my lens and took my favorite picture. the colors turned out beautiful.:)

  • When I was 15 on a school camping trip our bus stopped at a rest stop in inner BC. I hopped out of my camera which I had dropped a few days back and prayed that the new clicking sound would not affect the potentially grand photo i was lining up. I took a picture of a small standalone bathroom building in the shadow of a large pointed mountain. Shot worked. Still my favorite pick 5 years later.

  • ƒøgg¥ Sç®uncH øF lEaveß Un∂ÈR my Dåmp FØø† |
    Police searching the grounds for clues
    35mm Plastic Jåppanese SLR
    w- an unexpected double exposure

  • Once, in Amsterdam, I stopped to take picture of some old bikes lining one of the canals.
    It was mid afternoon and it was a bit overcast. On the other side of the canal was a man in front of a ornate cathedral. He was throwing bread crumbs to the birds in the water. The birds were skipping and jumping around to get thier fill. And I pressed the button on my camera to capture a moment that totally encapsulates my experience in that city.

  • Judy Lu

    The greatest picture I have taken are hard to describe because I take pictures every day with my eyes.

  • La mejor foto que he tomado.. hmmm fijo es la primera foto con mi Nikon FM10. [:

    The best picture that I’ve ever taken… It would definitely be my first with the Nikon FM10.[:

  • el

    the next one i take will be the best one. its a constant process of improvement and it never stops.

  • Dylan

    skating with my best friend down the french alps, easily hitting 80kmh. my gopro was attached to my helmet, taking shots at 2 second intervals. 3 minutes into the run the hair pins start, so we both slide to wash off as much speed as we can. both of us lost it on a patch of snow and stopped, laughing while sitting on the side of the road. then, without warning, something huge flies a few meters over us extremely fast, we look down the mountain to see a wing suit jumper going scary close to the ground. both of use were speechless, but not as speechless as when we reviewed the photos from that afternoon. in just one photo out of the thousands from that day, the wing suit jumper is perfectly captured in flight, framed amazingly and just an intense feeling of speed. and that is the best photo ive ever taken

  • Rachel

    The best photo I ever took was of the view from the top of Mt. Sinai in Egypt. My boyfriend and I had spent that day hiking through the vast and sometimes eerie landscape. After trekking up the final “steps of penitence” to reach the summit, we relaxed, looking out on the beautiful scene in front of us. At sunset, I snapped a gorgeous purple sky over rust mountains.

  • Bridger

    It was a cloudy day. The sun was setting on the Teton mountain range with Jackson lake beneath it, in Teton National Park in North West Wyoming. The sun was low enough behind them that it cast a shadow of the mountains onto the clouds. The mountains where in the sky, on the land and in the reflection of the water. That’s the closest I’ve come to seeing enough of those mountains.

  • Some friends and I celebrated their engagement with laughing, and drinking in their kitchen. I was introduced to a friend of theirs with a beard. Later in the night we wondered how many skewers we could fit in his beard. The photo I took is of his beard filled with kitchen skewers and a smile on his face. We got married a few years after that

  • Jake

    When I was in the UK on holiday I took a picture of a homeless man sitting down playing a traffic cone as a trumpet.
    I took the photo on my Holga 120GN using redscale 35mm film. To this day I think it is the strongest photo I have ever taken.


    Moments after I took the photo he was moved away by Police.

  • Lani

    The best photo I ever took was of my new vintage “gold” 50th anniversary Polaroid Sun 600 camera. Of course it will have to be taken once I receive this lovely piece of equipment.

  • The best photo I ever took was when I went hiking with my gf on a sunny but really polluted day. She brought her sister’s miniature daschund along and I brought my trusty camera. When we got to the top of the mountain trail we decided to climb a little higher to where the electrical and storm equipment was so we could get a better view. As my gf and the pup went a bit lower to where there was a flat rock, I saw an opportunity for a perfect image representing the day and life that we currently live in. The electrical equipment was fenced off so I used it to communicate the polluted air that we were breathing, I had a sense of imprisonment by the city we resided in. The barb-wired fence took up half of the frame and the other half was sky, the mountain, and a portion of the suburban city at the bottom of it all. I named the image “prisoners of the city life”. http://www.flickr.com/photos/mtnmtnyo/6782956244/in/set-72157629453090071

  • Lena M.

    The best photo I have ever taken is actually a photo of the countryside around the village where I live. We have a large lake there, surrounded by rocks and woods. One night I went to the woods with my best friend, we climbed up the rocks, sat down and looked down on the beauty of the lake and nature at 1 a.m. It was all very fairy-tale like, very subtle, combined with the fresh air. I took a picture, just to have this memory captured. When I looked at it the day after, I saw the picture came out very nice and really looked like a scenery from a fairy tale. It has a subtle purple and pink hue all over and the lights above the lake made a huge circle of orange light shining upon the whole village.

  • Jim

    My good friend choked on some cereal and and I caught it midway from his dog jumping up to snatch a tasty ABC bite.

  • it’s so strange when i try to find the best photo l took of my life, i couldn’t remind anything. Even if i’ve addicted to take snap phtography for fun with my close friends for a long time. i think i just wasted my precious films. haha. The Only iamage which suddenly poped up in my head is this little cute moment.
    i think i just love this moment of my life and try to catch this lovely memory for myself who must be old someday and the moment which should be fainted by time to time.
    because it’s impossible to remember everything NICE it happend to me.
    sometimes i feel i love spending time with people more than taking photography

  • _whyy

    best picture i ever took was in a dream. it was of a girl i had a huge crush on. no it was not a wet dream. in the dream i was taking pictures of her like an american apparel ad. it was great. waking up was like having the most juicy, tender, succulent hamburger snatched from your hands just as you are about to take a bite. devastating. its weird that one of the most awesome memories i have of someone didn’t actually happen.

  • Anu

    The best photo I’ve taken is the one with my mom sleeping in a hotel room in Prague. The sun shone through the curtains and my mom was still asleep in the little bit uncomfortable bed. Right then I felt it was my turn to protect her as she had protected me for the last 28 years.

  • It was another weekend afternoon in winter Melbourne. My roommate finally got a day off work but had a report to complete for university. While I was lazily sitting in our kitchen she walked in carrying her laptop, in her usual blue pajamas with her hair tied in a bun on top of her head. She put her laptop on the dining table, got a cup of water and continued with her report. I listened to the sounds of her fingers typing on the keyboard while staring at our laundry in the backyard through the full-glazed window of our kitchen. The sun outside was warm but I couldn’t be bothered to go out. Instead, I wandered around the kitchen and noticed a cozy moment that needs to be remembered. Quickly, I ran into my room, grabbed my Polaroid 1000 camera and shot a photo of that instant. That instant that produced the most beautiful photo I’ve ever taken.


  • annie

    I was in Indonesia for a class, and I visited a school where I met many children who eventually sang an Indonesian song for me. Amidst their singing and dancing, I snapped a shot. When I got the roll developed, each child was blurred from their clapping and dancing except for the center child, who was entirely still except for his clapping hands. As the only sharp part of the image, he seems to be glowing. I admire the photo as it hangs in a small collection above my bed.

  • I once snagged a photo of my dad at the point where we spread my mothers ashes, down at Cape Ferrello in Southern Oregon. He was standing right at the top of this outcropping looking out at the ocean. Both my brother and I knew to give him some time alone up there, but I couldn’t resist snapping one off. It turned out to be the best and most sentimental photo I’ve ever taken, and probably will ever take.


  • 5. a.m, a foggy morning on the edge of a french river. One of the best morning in my life.

  • I went with a group of friends to my friend’s childhood house in rural Quebec. We spent all day on the lake making a giant igloo. It was super crazy out. Total white out. You couldn’t see the difference between the sky and the horizon. We had enthousiasm, but poor planning. By the time the sun set, the igloo was done except that we couldn’t close the roof and it remained like a sky light. I snapped a photo of a couple of friends in the igloo gazing out the hole in the ceiling at the whiteness outside with my huge medium format camera, guessing at the light metering, right before the sun went down. Itt turned out really well. It looks a bit surreal since the context is hard to guess, which I like.


    • I forgot to say… another cool thing is that the snow sort of looks like a crazy cloud with a hole in the middle, almost like a vortex.

  • Apple pai

    The best photo I’ve ever taken was on the last day I was in Japan. I dragged my sister out of our hostel bed at 5:30 am to catch a 2hour trip to Nikko, north of Tokyo. We got there before the crowds of tourists, if you have ever been to Japan, you’ll know just how many tourists are everywhere. It was so cold there it was snowing, we were the first to leave our footprints on the fresh snow on the path leading up to the temple gates. I turned around behind me to see my sister taking a photo of the gate. Snow lightly falling. Standing there solo, camera in hand, looking up, perfectly in the middle of the snowy path, huge ancient trees towering besides her on either side, doing what she likes to do. It wasn’t staged, but it was perfect.
    Later in the morning, the clouds parted, the sun came out, people came and left muddy prints everywhere and that peaceful world was lost again to the tourist.

  • The best image I ever took was the last image I took. You’re only as good as you’re last image.

  • Lucas M

    The best photo I took was of my foot right after my toe got cut off while mowing the lawn. I don’t know how it happened but the blade somehow missed everything but the toe beside my pinky toe on my right foot. I was in the hospital on a bed and there was lots of blood. No more detail really needed.

  • I have never really owned a camera of my own so I would highly appreciate obtaining this for the sake of being able to capture an image and claim it as the best i’ve ever taken

  • Craig Paterson

    The best photo I ever took will be the first one I take with this magnificent beast!

  • renee

    I think I took the foto when I was 10 years old (six years ago). The picture is a little overexposed. It was my sister in an swimmingpool. A giant beach ball is just hanging above her head, and in the front of the picture sombody points at her. I don’t know who it is any more and because only his arm is shown. Somewhere in the right are the toes of my little niece. She was standing on the pool edge.I think that it was my niece who threw the ball…

  • Ben

    An underwater shot of my brothers, fully clothed and with sunglasses, sitting on chairs at the bottom of a pool holding coffee mugs.

  • Fabi

    The best photo I ever took was in the last days of one of my photography courses. I was finishing the last of the film and one of the photos I took was a motion blur of a car that seemed to be only driven by the driver, but great was my surprise when I saw the picture revealed and there was a dog in the car that had just looked out of the window (with his tongue outside) in the passenger sit. Apparently our little friend came out to pose for a photo at the precise moment :)

  • MAX

    A picture of my father couple of months before he died.

  • J

    I took a photo at a party once, almost half accidentally, snapping the camera in people’s faces drunkenly, and I later realized that it captured my good friend pining over his ex-boyfriend who was pining over a straight guy also in the picture. Someone was trying to console my friend, rubbing his shoulder, but, because we go to a Southern Baptist university, he couldn’t talk about what was going on. All of this in an accidental photograph! I think it is the best visual representation I have of growing up gay in the South. It’s come to mean a lot to me.

  • Matthias

    The best picture I took was of my grandparents sitting on a bench in front of their little garden shed. It was taken on their golden wedding, celebrating their unique love with the whole family.

  • I was on the outskirts of The Great Wall of China with my friend, Kathy on a very foggy day. As we were walking I came across this very scene. In the foreground are tall skinny vertical leave less tree’s and blending in between the tree’s is a wooden fence. In the middle ground is a Silhouette of more tree’s and a Chinese temple with the gray sky looming in the back. A dark and kinda creepy photo but yet looks like a Chinese historic painting.

  • damla

    The best photo I’ve ever taken was my dog dying on a Turkish carpet while he was blind and shivering from seizure.
    I think I lost the photo.

  • ^^^^^^^^the best one i took is ^^^^^^^^^
    [on the train looking out the window with ocean in the horizon]

    ^^^^^^^^ it was beauifulllll! ^^^^^^^^^

  • Lei Lei

    I have two favourite photos, but the one that I’m most fond of is probably the photo from this summer, when a couple of friends and I went to the beach. I remember the drive being more fun and beautiful than the actual destination. I had these rose tinted glasses, and the sea and high hills just looked so infinite and warm, like the world was on fire. We had on a few of my friend’s mix and it was one of those really, truly great carefree moments.

    When we got to the cove, the clouds rolled in, and instead of going for a swim, we decided to walk down to the other side of the bay, where there were some caves/ crevices in the rock face. The photo that I snapped is of the back of my friend exiting the cave, and all you can see is a rough silhouette of her outline, with all her strands of hair lit up by the sun from the outside, and it’s such a magical shot for me, like a nymph or something.

  • My favourite photo is one of a number of seemingly huge boulders. The boulders are wet and glistening in the light, despite their thick covering of what, in the photograph, appears to be a thick coating of moss or algae. The yellow looks as if glossy paint spilled across the stones, and bubbles with a seeming energy that once was. Now this energy is trapped in the still stones while the water now has its turn. The glisten. The glisten is where the life lies.

    My favourite photo is one that transforms. It is one that creates. It is one that makes the banal into the extraordinary. The corner of a road marking is such an unnoticeable place, but holds such beauty in the details. The yellow paint covers the tiny pebbles of the road like an algae on a seaside boulder. The dew looks like the recent coating of water from an impacting wave. The glisten. The glisten is where the life lies.

  • Ztuart

    My friend does backflips into lakes. this particular lake was as flat as a mirror and was reflecting a fullish moon, thus it looked just like the sky. this optical illusion of sky/water/water/sky was enough of a thrill. Ben then backflipped from a height of about five metres and appeared to by heading to the moon.

    My photo came out a mysterious black with gold spots.

  • The best photo I took was a total random one with my sister and her boyfriend. They sat on a couch and I came by and took it with OneStep polaroid camera and Mint flash. It turned out perfect! Can’t wait to take another one.

  • Hannah

    Stumbling through the never ending forest. Feet caked in mud, scratches bleeding. Running, faster now. The fog may have lifted momentarily, but they still lurk in the shadows. The snap of a branch, crunch of dead dried up leaves, I can still feel their presence.

    Watching, waiting. Never leaving.


  • Caroline

    the best photo i ever took was of huge slabs of beef left in this display case in the middle of a casino in las vegas, not only did i manage to capture the bright red juiciness of the beef but also the dozens of lights reflecting off the case they were in…in the middle of this casino..

  • I was visiting my girlfriends hometown, Gjógv, where she lived from age 1-4, with the 40 other people living there.

    Right when we entered the town, I saw this silhouette of a lonely old sheep standing on top of a hill, with the town houses, ocean and tall mountains on the other side of the ocean, all in the background. It was the last frame on the roll, and I was so excited to rewind and change film, that I rewound the film backwards. To my surprise, it left these dreamy yellow and red stretchmarks on the very underexposed negative.

  • dan

    The best photo I ever took was down a dark alley in London. The sun had just gone down, and the lampposts were creating some amazing light and shadows, picking up some beautiful colours down an otherwise dark, gloomy forgetful alley way!


  • Guy

    My younger brother went bowling for his 10th birthday and I took a picture of him just as he celebrated getting a strike and threw his arms in the air. He looks crazy happy.

  • My best ever photo was a polaroid I took of a stripper in my local pub. She would come in on a Friday afternoon, strip then serve behind the bar for an hour. She posed for a snap with a customer who would only come in when she worked and nursed a solitary orange juice for the duration of her shift.

  • Kailyn

    the best photo i ever took was from a pedestrian bridge looking down at the river below- a red shopping cart was stuck at the bottom of the river bed and was faintly visible through the sea foam teal river water. It was sunset and the rippling water was reflecting bits of golden light.

  • Sorina

    i took my best foto ever in lima, in a district which is called la punta.
    after a delicious mussle meal and a sunny day on the beach we drove around with the car of my boyfriends sister.
    my hair was still wet, the windows wide open and we listened to some reggae classics.
    we drove to the end of a small street to have a view on the ocean.
    this was when i saw this men on the border of the street with an old case in his hand looking into the wideness without moving.
    he was in some kind of meditation and everything seemed to be meditating with him.
    the clouds, the ocean, the street, everything was exactly where it has to be.
    i knew that this is my picture. it felt like someone was giving me a present.
    i took the picture with my old analoguos minolta with a ilford black and white movie in it.
    i waited weeks for this picture always knowing that there is something special waiting for me.
    finally back in berlin while exposing the picture in university i finally got my best picture ever in my hands and remembered the salty sunny day which gave it to me.

  • Hi!
    It was once, when I was on my drawing classes. There were lots of people drawing a balet dancer – young girl in her performing suit. She sat on a chair, we set up lights and people started to work on their pieces. I was drawing, when my tutor came to me and asked me if I could take a few snaps of her, to document lighting, position, etc. I took my camera and tried to capture her, but it was extremally hard because of hard lights and big contrasts. I tried on and on. Finally without any good shot I decided to capture one last frame. Took it and she moved. Damn it! I cursed in my mind and wanted to remove (from DSLR) my shot, when mistakenly pushed “zoom” button on preview. The crop was perfect! Purely painting quality, perfect lighting, slight move. Her fragile, beautiful hands and legs… everything was perfect!

    Later on, when I cropped and adjusted my image I was really glad with it :)

    But what’s most interesting – it was shown on an internation exhibition called “self-portrait”. Well, a boy might have come girl look too… I guess ;)

  • Rogeno T. Mahor

    I was nervous about taking going on vacation to Puerto Rico with my girlfriend in 2007 since we would be in a foreign country. We were in San Juan, the capital, and wanted to see the hidden gems of the beautiful island. We decided to check out El Junke, the local jungle complete with coquii, an exotic frogs that croaked like no other. We got off the beaten path and decided to make our way up the roads of the highest mountain. It seemed like forever when we reached the top even though it was only a 4 mile trek up the mountain. I will never forget finally reaching our destination.
    Words fail me when I describe what I saw at the top of the mountain. It was as if we were floating amongst the clouds and did not have any cares in the world. The view was serene and the stressors of the world had melted away.
    To commemorate the moment, we took a picture together in this huge embrace. From that moment, I realized how madly in love I was with her.

  • Nash

    The best picture I ever took was while I was in Bali. Me and my family (this includes everyone who’s in our huge, family. Relatives who were from other cities came with us) were at the beach. We were all waiting for the sunset. As a kid, I’ve aways wanted to take at least 1 picture of a sunset, and seeing how people always say this place has the best sunsets ever (ok maybe not the best, but its one of the best places in the world!), I decided to take one with an old lame camera of mine (I don’t remember it’s name, I don’t use it anymore). A lot of people were at the beach. My family was sitting around, chatting away. A lot of people were surfing, I could see it in the distance. Kids were building sand castles. People walking by, maybe they’re saying something along the lines how romantic it is to walk with their partner. And some people, were like me. Just staring at the bright blue sky waiting for the sunset.
    It finally came, it brought joy within me. When I took the picture, the sky was orange, almost red.
    It’s the best because it made me happy, I never taken photography seriously before. It’s just a really fun way to express the beauty of the surroundings.

  • Best photo I ever took hands down was a film, double exposed photo of my brother holding a pumpkin he had smashed and there is a huge (real) alligator floating above his head

  • Amy

    The best photo i ever took was on one of my photography projects for school, taking pictures of everyday objects. It was the first time i’d ever used colour film, and i was so amazed at how i had managed to find so many ordinary things to photograph, and yet make them look unique. My favourite was of a bright pink billboard in front of a building that was being demolished. After i developed that role of film i learnt how to look for photographs in the most unlikely places.

  • Mike

    The best photo I have ever took was of a homeless lady in Manchester, UK, with her guitar outside of a Pizza Hut branch, in the background you could see a family literally stuffing themselves with the buffet they offer, yet she looked so much happier with just her guitar. I gave her the picture a couple of weeks later when i saw her again and I’d like to hope she still has it.

  • Best photo ever:
    picture this….

    seven years ago. disposible camera. last photo on the roll. baby bearded dragon supermaning into the face of jesus.

    I see my new little baby bearded dragon (no more than four inches long) planking or supermaning, arms straight out in front feet straight out the back..perfectly balanced on the two highest points of a piece of driftwood that I put in her terrarium the day before.

    In the background is a super stylized painting I did for a coulour class, saturated reds and greens, black and white checkerboard floor..of jesus wearing hospital scrubs injecting holy water into a patient whos looking pretty insane.

    Jesus is looking up toward heaven with a sinister gaze but because the painting was turned on its side and behind the glass back of the terrium, Jesus is staring at Goose, my bearded dragon.

    When I got the photo back there was a problem with the processing so a red flame like pattern is consuming the left half of the photo making Goose look like she is about to blast off from her superman position straight into the glare of jesus wearing a hospital mask.

    not only is this an awesome photo it is the only picture i have of goose as a baby. This is especially why it is the best photo i ever took.

    She is now seven and way too big to superman.

  • irma

    my young brother (25) sleeping with the mouth open wide on a huge pillow in a house we rented on the mountains. Through the window. a midday sunny landscape.

  • when i was about 8 i got a polaroid instamatic for xmas. the very first picture i took was of my neighbors dog. i vividly remember walking to the back fence, where the big (nice) german shepherd raised himself up so he could look over the fence at me. I simply pointed the camera at him and took the shot. then i squatted down next to the fence and the dog and i waited to see the photo develop. it looked pretty much like you’d imagine except for the fac that the polariod film made the snow look darker with more contrast. I always looked at that picture and imagined that the dog was on the moon, cause that’s what it looked like to me.

  • maxwell runko

    the best picture i ever took was one in which i created. a creature that inhabits the woods and lives off the land and its surrondings. her hair is a cosmic cone that is dripping in color- which i made. she lives in a handmade log cabin that isnt air or water tight. from the ceiling she has streamers and little stars. shes a dreamers and thats all she has.


  • Leanne

    Best photo I ever took was of a chair in a castle in France. The light was hitting the embossed velvet seat so perfectly, it showed the beauty of the make, but at the same time, aged the chair, back to the 1700’s when it was made

  • The best photo I took was with a Polaroid 600 camera. My girlfriend introduced me to the surroundings around my new apartment one summer night. She showed me a shortcut to a water tower and her favorite secret places. The photo was taken in total darkness, so the composition is a pure fluke. I really like how she watches over the darkness and the night like she owns it, while I stand behind with the straight opposite attitude.

    address: http://www.fredrikakum.com/fredrikakum-annalotta.jpg

  • The best photo I took was with a Polaroid 600 camera. My girlfriend introduced me to the surroundings around my new apartment one summer night. She showed me a shortcut to a water tower and her favorite secret places. The photo was taken in total darkness, so the composition is a pure fluke. I really like how she watches over the darkness and the night like she owns it, while I stand behind with the straight opposite attitude.

    Photo: http://www.fredrikakum.com/fredrikakum-annalotta.jpg

  • The best photo i’ve ever taken has never been taken. There is no such thing as a best photo, but there is such thing as aiming for everyone of your photos to be the best. Every photo I take is another step closer to the impossible goal of the perfect photo.

  • A chain-link fence glistening with the frost of transitioning seasons. So perfectly did the golden hour of the day reflect the light rays that encircled such a simple everyday occurrence as a chain-link fence. Taken with a cheap point-and-shoot, it was truly the majesty of nature and light itself that created such a beautiful photograph.

  • Talking about art is like dancing about architecture. – Steve Martin.

  • Tim

    please :)


    Best photo I ever took was on the way to a baseball game on the L train in Chicago. It was about 5 o’clock, the “magic hour” where the sun is golden and not overpowering. I looked out the window and shot this scene mixed in shadows and silhouettes of people waiting for the train on the next platform over. I know it wasn’t my best work, but it’s definitely one of my favorite captured moments simply because of the serenity of the scene and the memories from the day.

  • It was dark, there were dragons, unicorns, and men dressed as neighbors. I knew my subject and she knew me. We weren’t strangers, we were far from it. Some would call us soul mates, some would call us life long partners of friends. I introduced the sunlight to her face, and her face to the sunlight. “Be very careful” I said, “do not attempt anything crass.” And then winding the film, choosing the aperture, and setting the shutter speed my index finger descended towards the shutter button. Then it happened – a moment in time caught and captured forever of my beautiful wife on our wedding day.

  • loopy

    While walking away from a Circle K, on my last 3 exposures, I accidentally captured the red neon sign of the Circle K huddled under the glowing green suburban twilight.

  • I used to work at The Iconic 1st Avenue Danceteria in Minneapolis, MN. We would get off work very late around 4am, At the time I lived in a large house with 5 other people half of whom also worked at the club. One night after a show we went back to our house to commence carrying on and what not. I had spent most of that morning Listening to a friend discuss a recent relationship problem (typical stuff) but we had some nice insightful manly conversation. Around sunrise while he was getting ready to bike home (description of photo ->) My friend Doug stood between two houses and in that space the sun was coming up but not quite up so the deep reds, oranges, and yellows started to push the blue, purple clouds up into the sky. As he stood with his back to me a cloud of smoke rose from behind his hooded head, and the sky appeared to be on fire, Ironically he was also wearing a HIGH ON FIRE hoodie with a very fire image on the back. One of my favorite memories and photos.



    I took a picture at the moment my ex-girlfriend accidentally sat down on a hot hair straightener. She burned her ass like hell. Too bad she deleted the picture when we broke up..

  • amycoop

    The best photo I ever took was of my daughter Olivia when she was six months old. She’s wearing just a diaper, and sitting on a chocolate brown leather chair. The contrast between the dark leather and her pale, silky skin makes the image look remarkably three dimensional. Even today, it looks as if you could just reach out and touch her. Her pudgy curves delineated up and off of the dark background. She is looking directly at me with a clear gaze and her very blue eyes. I will never have her back at that age, but this photo makes me feel like I am with her again, there in our living room on an average afternoon. What an extraordinary gift.

  • Chelsea

    One of the best photographs I’ve taken was of my nephew on his first birthday. Pure smile on his face and covered with chocolate cake. And it was film- so I had no idea it was any good until I had it developed.

  • the best photo i have taken in my life to date would have to be when my dad and i went on a father and daughter day out on the river esk near Whitby (Dracular country. Anyway, we were canoeing down this river when a huge but beautiful swan started to follow us. it did this for a fair few hours untill we gave it some of our left over picknic. when we ran out of food it became rather agressive. at this point i had my rather haggered and battered but very trusty first digital camera out (i was around 14) and took a snap of this swan as it tryed to devower my camera and me. the result of this is that i gained a wonderfulk full frontal picture of this swans wide gaping mouth and facce looking like its about to eat the viewer. i feel i found a very agressive side out of a beautiful bird. plus i had a wonderful day out with my dad.

  • I took a picture of biz markie once.

  • I got off work at about 9pm and that’s about the time the sun sets and as I was walking I seen a crow in the middle of the street, all the cars were on a red light and the crow sat in the middle till the cars got ridiculously close. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera, I have tried to recreate it with a fake bird but nothing changed that moment where the bird sat in the middle of the street with the atmosphere glowing red with the sun setting and the city lights in the background.

  • My best photograph had to be when this black guy on PCP wearing a pink cure t-shirt covered in snot, was ripping newspaper racks out of the sidewalk and throwing them at buses. That day I found a new hero.

  • The shot I took was from the right side of a bowling alley, looking diagonally towards the opposite corner. it was entirely empty for the tables and chairs and the alleys were shiny. There were four circle of chairs (two alleys per set) and the tables and chairs were both glossy and reflective. the lights were those long lights of various colors n circles. they were red and the next set was yellow. the farther set was blue. and in the lights you could see only those colors, but when it reflected off the chairs and tables, you could see the whole spectrum as the photo went deeper.
    Really great shot.

  • The shot I took was from the right side of a bowling alley, looking diagonally towards the opposite corner. it was entirely empty except for the tables and chairs and the alleys, which were very shiny. There were four circle of chairs (two alleys per set) and the tables and chairs were both glossy and reflective. the lights were those long lights of various colors n circles. they were red and the next set was yellow. the farther set was blue. and in the lights you could see only those colors, but when it reflected off the chairs and tables, you could see the whole spectrum as the photo went deeper.
    Really great shot.

  • I was in the middle of the woods in Northern Norway coming down from a mountain. It started to get dark really fast and I started to get the feeling I was lost. Suddenly I saw something silvery laying on the ground. I walked towards it. There on the ground a old TV looked liked it had exploded. Some rusty metal was sticking out between the black and silvery plastic. Normally I would take 20-50 pictures of it since I got the luxury of a digital camera. I took one picture and found my way back to the road.

  • yuichi

    last summer’s holiday in japan, i went to my hometown of Yamagata. There, my uncle and i set out on a journey through the mountains covered with dense forest. I find this high point where we stop and rest, and there i can see an endless view of mountains fading away into the peach sky and the mist/clouds lay gently upon the tree’s with sunbeams breaking through onto the cliff tops. i said to my uncle “I have only one shot left on my camera” he replied “this is the one shot of a lifetime, take it quick before the sunsets” and so i did.

  • I have only got my hands into instant film, so I don’t have a story that can be gratified by memories of my distant past. What I do have is a passion for art and a niche for experimenting as a fine artist using as many different types of equipment as possible. The best instant photograph was with the impossible SX70 PUSH! film. I knew that keeping the film warm gave better results and I took the photograph of the tops of some houses in my village. I was amazed when I got amazing red/ purple hues and a nostalgic feeling when the photograph finished developing. It gave me a whole new outlook on the world we live in and how guilty we are of perceiving it in a way that isn’t positive sometimes.

  • colby

    every new photo that i make, is usually the best photo that i have ever made.

  • Nicola P.

    Few years ago my cousin visited me with his daughter. It was beautiful day and the sun was shining. She was 3 year old, pretty and quite a shy girl – she didn’t want to take photos of her. We were sitting on the grass beside my house and I was playing with my cousin’s camera (I wasn’t interested in photography then) and taking photos of different things around me (grass, wheat, flowers and all those obvious targets for the photography neophyte). I targeted the camera at this little girl, and to our surprise she looked straight into the lens, so I took the photo. It displayed her laughing face. The photo taken by pure chance, by photographic amateur. Now every time I visit them, I see this photo hanging on the wall, that makes me a bit proud.

  • Jake C

    One of the best photos I’ve ever been a part of was with a friend of mine on a beach. An old wooden boat, hundreds of years old washed up to shore one day a long time ago, and is now a feature of the beach. The old wreck is dark and charred and takes up the left side of the photo, which is contrasted by the light grey stone beach, which bleeds into the ocean and horizon. The scale of the thing becomes apparent with me standing by the boat, of which I’m less than a quarter of the height, and a tenth of the length.

  • Diana Urbina

    The Best photo I ever took was on a trip to the Antarctic. I attended a campfire party while Aurora Borealis lit up the night sky and penguins danced around us!

  • Sofia F

    The best photo I ever took was in high school (the last time I truly felt original and impassioned by the medium) and it was right under a highway overpass where two ramps diverged. One thing that would probably be a good preface would be to say that my favorite color is blue and not in the ‘I’ll occassionally purchase a blue product’ kind of way. Everything I own that isn’t black is blue instead, it’s kind of intense. Going back to the photo, everything was the most beautiful shade of indigo. The sky, the ramps, the shadows, the whole entire frame was an exploration of formal qualities and somehow the lighting was just right. Those blues, to this day, are still my favorite. There’s a lot of serenity in that moment, even if the actual place was extremely industrial. There’s also a lot to be said about looking up, people rarely do it but I seem to never be able to take my eyes or my camera off the sky.

  • Ross

    The best photo I ever took was during the act of coitus. The picture was of the woman on top of me.
    Man she was so happy.



  • Elliot

    The best photo I taked was of ma nuts from da bottom way cos I never seen under ma nuts before. It was hair.

  • Raquel Webber

    The best photo is one that everyone smiles when he sees! It’s like the surprise of people when you take a picture with a polaroid.

  • Laura Linn

    The best photo I ever took is just called the best because it reminds me of one of the most happiest moments of my life.
    When my niece completed one years old, we when to the beach close to our city Porto Alegre, here in Brazil. And in the end of the day, me and my sister decided to see the sunset. We went with Mariana, my niece. And when she saw the ocean in front of her and for the first time in her life, her face, her eyes was just shining, she smiled and laugh and sayed “mar, mamãe” that means “ocean, mommy”. And then I took this picture of her in my sister’s arms and the were both happy and smiling. A simple moment, a simple picture but that reminds us of a very happy and unforgettable moment.

  • Ian

    A picture of me and you drinking a ice cold beer!


    My favourite photo that i’ve ever taken was in Calcutta, I’d been walking around all day taking photos in the streets and eating street food at every possible opportunity. On the way back to my hostel I got completely lost. Anyway I’d just seen a guy getting his hair cut in the street and had just taken my camera out of my bag as a torrential downpour opened up on me, it was monsoon season. Nevertheless with my old Olympus OM10 covered in water I took the picture, just as one of their classic yellow taxis sped into my shot and the guy had turned to face me. Immediately after i was called over by the guys to sit under their tarpaulin and wait for the rain to stop. A few months later having completely forgotten about it I developed my best photo. A great memory and the photo is so so much better because of the rain!

  • Melissa

    My daughter was about a year old, and we were giving her a bath in the kitchen sink. She had long hair and after putting the shampoo in we spiked it all up in a mohawk and she gave this unbelievably funny smile and we snapped a pic at just the right moment. The in laws still laugh about that picture to this day, and it was taken 8 years ago. <3

  • After a long day of walking around in New York City summer heat, we’re walking home because the G train was down (it seems to always be down when you don’t think you can walk anymore). We had finally arrived back at my brothers apartment quite some time later. We scrounged together the last bit of weed we had left and rolled a sad little spliff. Smoked, and collapsed onto the couch. Ari got up to get a glass of water, didn’t even take a sip, just took off his shirt, draped it over his head and put his head down on his arm on the armrest. I took a photo.

  • First I insist that the pictures shown on my Tumblr are NOT mine unless mentioned otherwise.

    One of the prettiest pictures I have ever taken, I took on Crete, Greece in 2010. Near the beach of Matala an old -dead- tree stands there, watching all the tourists go by. In this tree faces of elderly men have been carved. The bark on most of the face has been removed, leaving bare wood, in the same color as the sand on the beach. Two of the men have their eyes closed. The faces stretch most of width of the tree and hight of the tree, approximately 1 – 1.5 meters. They also have beards which blend in with the tree at its base.

    I thank you for this opportunity!
    With love,
    Rina (from the 80s)


    i been pretty obsess lately with the x files tv show so i would like probably like take a picture with a occult theme like extraterrestrials, i would try to go to one of many observatories here in my country (chile),take lots of rare pictures of ovnis,other picture of me dressed up like one , other of me with those aluminium hats, to prevent myself of being kidnapped .with the beautiful landscapes of the atacama desert or ours mountainous cord my polaroid pictures would charged with a strange energy and beautiful colour.

  • Linda

    big sky, moody lighting, black and white….. standing underneath the iconic Luna Park ferris wheel looking up. Sydney.Epic.

  • Chloe

    I think the best picture I’ve ever taken was an accidental double exposure of my sister playing with our boxer tiger. I had taken a picture of the sky before and the effect was a bunch of drifty clouds stretched thing over the picture of my sister rolling around on our deck. Our boxer’s just pushed her and she has her hands up in surrender but she’s laughing and our boxer is rearing up for another go. The grey and coffee of the boards underneath below the blue sky creates a dreamy foggy effect like blowing cotton candy smoke across.

  • Taylor

    a picture of my mom on a sunny day at the beach.

  • caitlin

    the best photo i’ve even taken? the one where my mum looks happy.
    i was an accidental snap, but to capture a moment like that…priceless and timeless.

  • Andrew

    Probably the best photo I’ve taken was a double exposure with my 1963 Polaroid Land Camera. I set it on a tripod in the midst of a very old cemetery near my house. It was a slightly cloudy day, which provided an interesting lighting on the picture. The first shot was of a few old tombstones (I’m talking creepy 1700’s old stones). Then I had someone else take a second shot in the same spot with the camera set a little brighter. This time, I stood in the picture (complete with old fashioned clothes, of course). Pulled the film out, developed it, and there I was…a home-made ghost in the cemetery looking at my tombstone. It was all around a great black and white composition.

  • I was walking to class from my house one day. I currently live in a residential neighborhood. At the end of the street there was a bag hanging from a tree. I was in a hurry so I wouldn’t be late (my car had recently broken down, so it was a 15-20 minute walk to class vs. a 3 minute drive) so I didn’t stop to take a photo. On my walk back home, the bag had disappeared and all that was left was a deer’s head hanging against an overcast sky with branches crossing paths in the background. This photo helped fuel the ideas behind my current series involving beauty and the uncanny.

  • Vancouver rain.
    Granville Street.
    Southwest corner of West 11 ave.
    September 91.
    Late at night.
    Only days left before being shut down.
    Stopped the car because the lights of Stanley were on.
    Vancouver architect Henry Holdsby Simmons’ last remaining theatre facing an ominous future.
    She was glorious.
    A gem in the night.
    Set glittering by rain and reflective puddles.
    Admission prices were 10 cents in 30’s.
    Talkies, live performances and local talent.
    60 years of stories and heart pounding drama.
    If a photo wasn’t taken now…

  • The best photograph I ever took was with film of my dog leaping in to the air to try to catch a ball. She was actually miles from the ball – but the look of determination in her face was priceless. I still think about it sometimes and laugh. It really captured her entire attitude toward life – if you want something – it’s never out of reach. Literally smiling as I write this. The photograph was destroyed because it was on an external hard drive and our house flooded, but I still have my dog and the memory of that photo forever.

  • Nia

    My best photo is taken with an app on my phone, Hipstamatic, a photo of a window in my room with a dreamy effect

  • There’s an old piano. There’s wa

  • There’s an old piano. There’s a girl on the keyboards. She’s looking backwards wearing a horrendous renaissance mask. There’s a boy lying like charlie brown on the top of the piano, scary, with a greek tragedy mask. That’s it.

  • Andrew

    The best photo I have taken thus far was at a waterfall in Silver Falls, OR. Taken from the point of view of looking upwards, it was of a girl standing underneath one of the waterfalls and it was so up close that you could see the coldness in her eyes as the water crashed down upon her. Shot using black and white film, the contrast of her patterned bathing suit and the water bouncing off her body was incredible; crisp. Not to mention how big and piercing her eyes were. An expression of shock.

  • Anthea

    The best photo I ever took was of my two year old cousin on her birthday. My favourite thing about photography is capturing emotions, and hers was pure excitement. She’d just opened a present from someone, and right after opening anything, she would scream and smile and show it to everyone without even knowing what it was. Her eyes were so wide and big and blue, and the film had just the right amount of grain to it which made it even more perfect.

  • natalie

    The best photo I’ve taken is of the sunsetting outside my bedroom window. The sky is filled with purple, pink, and orange that blend together. Mixed with the colours, are clouds with the most interesting looking texture. In the distance, under the bright sky, are the silhouettes of mountains. Closer to the camera, is the view of Richmond’s city lights and some of the Fraser River. It is the most beautiful sunset I have seen from my bedroom so far. It didn’t last for very long either, so I’m really lucky I got a picture of it.

  • Amarie

    I sat down my friend, Tyler, to begin the prep work to re-create the dream I had the night before. I coated him in layers of make-up, maneuvering around his mustache and beard. The night before, I dreamt I passed him on the street dressed in drag, and this rather burly man is not to be mistaken for such a scene. After sitting him down and putting on his “face,” I placed a red polka dot bra over his rib cage. His long hair initially could lead one to thinking this was a woman, but one extra look and you know. He sat before a mirror in a behind the scenes theater preparation room, with make-up spread before him. A very masculine picture of him dressed in plaid was taped to the mirror. He sat comparing the two, choosing between two, yet managed to contain the most solid look upon his face. He was content with the two ideas of himself. He was content with himself.

  • Its always been there — the city lights — the colours — the cars as they pass by — the darkness and how it creates — well — one evening — i decided to go for it — changes the settings for long exposure on the camera — at first – i was not sure what I was doing — just clicking and waiting for something — after a few minutes — i got a little bored and started moving my hands while the image was been captured — and — I noticed that unexpected trails of light started to create in my imagination — something clicked — and changed the settings again — and clicked — moved my hands — and saw a result – I never would have thought possible — a digital wave — endless in my mind — it creates what I seek — that adventure in light — that moment — replays always when I see those lights of Durban — they will never cease creating

    Later days

  • Marie Antoinette

    Taken on a hillside at sunset of couple; the woman’s bare legs wrapped around her male counterpart as they embrace. The hill lays directly in front of an iconic Boston cathedral and the couple is positioned in between the two steeples. Titled “Blessed are the Sinners”

  • Abigail

    the best picture i’ve ever taken was in Danau Toba, a lake in Sumatera, Indonesia. It was about 4PM and a storm was about to raid the whole place so it became very dark, the waves were kicking in so vigorously. Just when I thought my camera bag would be fully drenched in water, i saw the best sight ever. Across the dark sky, just right beside it actually, was a clear orangey one, with white clouds and a group of birds flying towards the sun. I could see beams of sun rays dancing and reaching the water like disco lights. The wind was so strong that it made the aligned fishing boats look as if it was the audience in a football game making waves repeatedly. the silhouettes are the ones that made the drama in this picture. It literally looked like the heavens were opening on the other side of the lake. It was a beeaauttiful sight

  • I think the best picture i take was in berlin.I was walking next to the wall, and looking close to it i saw some hole in it.
    Then i keep walking till i find something who catched my eyes.
    Ths picture is a close up of the wall, and in the middle there is a crack (in the wall) and throught the crak you can see, far away, a lovely little house.

    I thought the contrast of the first and second plan was interresting.

  • When I first arrived in Tokyo I was lost. Overnight my world had been flipped upside down and I was experiencing sensory overload. Normally when I travel I have a hard time finding a rhythm in my photography. There is simply too much going on at first for me to calm myself and develop vision for the first few days. Yet as I wandered the blocks surrounding my tiny apartment I came around the bend of one of Tokyo’s many rivers and was presented with a massive bridge completely illuminated in blue.

    From corner to corner it was painted blue by light. So, tripod at the ready I snapped a number of long exposures. When growing up cerulean was my favorite color crayon and no color better describes the light on this bridge. At once my nakedness was changed to a comfort as my past and present combined in a moment captured forever.


  • I took a photo of my brother through the window of our bike shed. We were both home at my parents house for two days during a snowy spell. The frost in the window had formed beautiful crystal snowflakes in the window pane and as I trod through the garden I noticed my brother rummaging around looking for something inside. I stood on the slippery snowy step outside and shouted at him to look out of the window. I took the picture at pretty close range, focussing on the crystal flakes. When I got the picture back I was so happy. The crystals looked perfect, the reflection of a yew tree covered my brother’s hair like a side-show Bob shaped wig and he’s not very good at posing for pictures but somehow my brother had got this really faraway enchanted look in his eyes.

  • Sean D

    So, I took a picture in the mirror, of myself flexin ma guns and makin a serious face this one time. It was pretty awesome! The reflection of the flash kinda covered up my face, but whatever. Then I sent it to out to these chicks. A couple of em noticed I sent it to another girl. Stupid iPhone group messaging. A couple more responded “Who’s number is this?”
    Still the best picture I’ve ever taken…..

  • Johnny

    A summer afternoon I met my friend after work. He was wearing a full bear costume. We took a ride in my car, stopped a field in the outskirts of a road in the woods. He ran off, acting half human, half bear. I had a cheap 35mm camera, just for snap-shots. Took a picture and laughed with him, when I saw him in the yellow field, green trees, clear blue sky.
    Bright colors, blurry motion, pure chance but still works together, beautiful.

  • Niels

    A small girl that just picked a flower…moving slowly towards a pony behind a fence. She’s very shy, but offers the flower to the pony.

  • Cindy Dinda Andani

    The best photo I have taken is some naked child playing with fountain in a park near my house. Some of that kids are homeless. I talked to them while they’re playing. They looks really happy and looks like no one can beats their happiness. If only I could more enjoy my life like them. Hehe :)

  • My favorite photo was actually taken with a point and shoot but it turned out to be perfection…the composition, the light, the color, the gestures, the narrative. It tells the story of a night of campfire on the beach, tequila donuts in the soft sand of low tide and belly laughs. Fast forward to the November morning sun rising up over the bay. My boyfriend at the time and his best buddy stumble down the hill in conversation with giant coats, pants rolled up, and bare feet. In the background my boyfriend’s Explorer is a quarter submerged, water ripples lapping against the metal while the cup holders inside are secretly filled to the brim with brown water. The campfire is just a haze in air over the beach. It’s golden, just like my memories of the nights spent dancing and laughing on the shore.

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  • This fat lady picking up dog poo. From my a second story building. Her ass was pointing about 7 o’clock. Noo I want to say like…8 o’clock. She was wearing bright red sweat pants. Oh her dog was a small small dog not sure what type. Maybe a Chihuahua. Anyways I snapped it. Her pants and hunky ass were popping in the photo. as her dog was looking the opposite direction. Probably more embarrassed that he had to get walked by this woman…and the fact of her poop picking up abilities.

    It was one of this things in life even though its disturbing you can’t help but look.

  • amber

    The best photo I ever took – my coworker napping in the office playpen, which was meant for her infant daughter. I managed to capture her with her tongue slightly out, exactly the same pose her daughter would sleep in.

  • Marissa

    summertime. along the boardwalk. three pigeons perched on the centers of three different newspaper dispensers/boxes. each facing a different side. a wrought iron table and chairs framing the left. the last remaining telephone booth in orange county on the right. beige salt weathered peeling stucco walls for the background.

    I took the photo with a disposable camera, and it came out highly contrasted with some scratches in the surface, giving it a weird patina. I came across the scene before the age of cell phone cameras, and I felt lucky to have someway to document the picture-perfect composition.

  • marissa

    I took a photo in the middle of the night my first year of college, standing on top of the tallest parking structure I’ve ever seen. Near an airport, you can see it in the background, city lights strewn along the coast and plumes of smoke from some generator below. People standing under a streetlight, huddled together, grainy and dodgy and skateboards in hand, vague figures blooming from the night and a chunky, old far somewhere in the distance, barely visible. Everything felt very possible in that moment, my future felt so bright. My favorite photo, which makes it my best, I guess.

  • Best photo I’ve ever taken was probably of my friend’s vintage blue ford truck. I still want that truck.

  • The best picture I ever took was at a Hives concert. The Hives are notorious for their high-energy shows and I was so nervous all my photos would just be blurs or overexposed. I waited until the perfect song came on and all the lights lit, the confetti fell and the perfect amount of hands were in the air. Whenever I see that photo, my heart starts to beat faster, my eyes get all shiny and I start dancing around.

  • The best photo I have ever taken is when I went walking around deer lake park and there were a million of these orange butterflies or moths and they were all over the long grass. I took a picture of 4 of them standing on a red clover .I caught one of them in the midst of taking off.

  • It was a dark and stormy night…

    Oh… sorry… different contest!

    I was on my way back from Boston (to East Lansing, Michigan), waiting on my connecting flight at Chicago’s O’Hare when I looked up. There in front of me, standing virtually side by side (a couple feet separated them) were a United Airlines pilot and a Catholic nun. Just as I grabbed my camera, passengers were being called for the next flight at the gate and a line was beginning to form between me and the photograph I wanted to take. I was fortunate to get enough of a break between people queuing to get my “Co-Pilot” photograph.

  • The best photo I ever took was several years ago in Bend, OR. I was taking a shot of my friends in the snow leaning against the VW camper when, unbeknownst to me, another friend threw a snowball at them at the exact same time. The snow ball exploded in one of the girl’s face while everyone else was smiling for the camera.
    She was a total bitch too. IN YOUR FACE LISA!!

  • The best photo I ever took was my first photo. I was about 10s it was 1980’sh. Grandma had a sx-70 (brown leather pop up thing) and never let me use it. I imagine it was because of the cost of the film. Oh sure she would let me “play” with it when with the empty cartridge. I was visiting my uncle and he had this bird. I was beside my self, grandma let me take the picture with the camera. Im sure its the only picture I ever took with that camera. My Grandmother wrote a sticker caption under the photo, it has fallen off over the years. I remember specifically what it said “Uncle bob with Pedro on his head”. I moved around and I always had that picture in my photo album. Grandma gone now, but I always remember her doing photo albums and telling grandpa that kids wear jeans not slacks.. I have boxes and boxes of Polaroids from her all labeled. I wish I knew where that camera was now.

    Ive had the picture ever since.

    see it here.


    The image says Polaroid 600 but im almost positive it was a sx-70. The tags were all messed up.

  • FiNN

    I used to love my polariod camera, until it got run over by a go cart at disney world. I’d probably end up using this one to document the changes going on around the school I’m in. It’s one of the oldest Universities in Canada, and is just now trying to play catch up and become more modern (ew). I’d love to have something like this to be able to document the old before it’s lost, in a format that seems to be going the same way.

  • The best photo I ever took was by accident, with my iPhone. I was rushing to catch a bus with it in hand, accidentally opened the Hipstamatic app, and snapped a shot of brightly-colored flower petals scattered on the gray wet pavement in front of a florist’s shop. I couldn’t have framed a better shot of it if I’d tried.

    It can be viewed here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/thisbrokenwheel/6777470745/in/photostream

  • Derrick

    I was probably 14 or 15 and I was starting to get into photography. One night at my house I stay up till sunrise and looked outside to my backyard and noticed the most brilliant colors on the horizon. I knew i had to capture the moment so I quickly grabbed my tripod and canon rebel and set up the shot. I took only one exposure of the horizon with a tree silhouetted in the left-side foreground and power lines in the farthest background which connected the image horizontally with parallel lines. Behind all of that was the morning sky. It was a smooth gradient with a dark orange/yellow at the bottom which slowly changed to light blue, then finishing with a dark ocean-like-blue at the top. I saw the image for before me and i knew then I had to take it before the light faded away and the moment was gone.
    When I finished taking the photograph I went inside and saw my dad who was awake making breakfast. He looked at me weird for being up so late making photographs. The look he gave me made me realize that being a photographer meant that i’ll get weird looks, but in the end i’ll have a reminder of something spectacular that I witnessed and will never forget.

    It can be viewed here : http://tinyurl.com/6p7per2

  • Brandon

    It was on a bright, sunny, and warm saturday afternoon in the park. I was with my girlfriend and took some pictures of her. I just just had to include the sun so I took a picture of her with the sun behind her. I overexposed the picture so I could have the sunny vibe to it and it turned out great!

  • Lia

    The best photo I ever took was on my trip to Paris, France. I was in a local cafe in Montparnesse and there was a mentally ill woman sitting near me at another table. She was talking to herself and acting very ‘crazyish’ so I took her photo in black&white because she was interesting and I wanted to remember her.

  • I’m from Argentina, las year i spent six months in Niagara Falls, Canada..i spent all winter season there and something ver rare to me was to see snob everywere it was ver interesting. Since there was not so much to do, in my free time i would walk the whole town through the snow taking pictures with my old camera from the nineties. Once while going to St Catherines my bus drove by an amazing church, it was an alpine like church with a huge cross on the front. Since that and for days i became obsessed with it and the need to picture it, but i couldn’t remember the street or any reference of its location, i hardly knew the town, so i searched and asked people about it, till i found out. I took another bus, but got down on the wrong stop, really far away, i didnt have a real map, only one that i drew from one on the internet, so i walked for about 20 min, it was snowing a lot and a band of crowes was standing in a tree and yelling…i finally got to the road, a very winding one running along the Niagara river…that one i remembered because it was very very far away from my home; so i went down the street and found it, it was awesome and i took several black and white pictures of it; went to develop on my way back downtown, when i got the pictures there was one in particular wich had a stain something that looked like a meteorite coming down to earth looked very cool, it probably was a mistake from the lab but the result was great. I love that picture.

  • Carolina

    the best image I have ever taken was, gladly, with my eyes. me and the ocean and the sky and all the deep joy that no photo can express. and the best part is that i can see it again whenever i want.

  • Oliver

    The best photo I ever took would be of the girl I am going to marry. Still haven’t met her yet.

  • Magda

    The best photo I ever took was of my forehead. I was sitting on the stairs hanging out with some friends and using my friends iPhone to take pictures of myself. For one of the photos, I accidentally dropped the phone so it just take a picture of my forehead just above my eyebrows, my horrendous middle part and the back of a hallway.

    I know what you’re thinking, HOW CREATIVE. Oh but it is, because it accurately describes my personality in such a metaphoric manner that you are literally brought into the photo with me. WIthout my eyebrows and eyes, I don’t ground my image, leaving it as a free running description of myself. But, my wonderful middle part, slight crevice and the awkward light bring that description back to myself.

    As you look at the photo, you can see how wonderful and awesome I am because the image is so open, but at the same time those few key details bring that description back to myself as a person.

    It is just, such a darn good photo!

  • Gabe Garza!

    The best photo i ever took was of the great wall of china, using a not very new disposable film camera i bought at one of the weird little shops at the base of one of the entrances to the wall. I had forgotten my camera that day at the hotel and decided i really needed to have a camera on me, even though i wasn’t that sure i would be affected by this “great” wall. but after walking on it for a couple hours i realized how really strangely magnificent it was to be able to stand on something that ginormous, and beautiful, and i took a shot of the sun and the wall together, and the crappy quality of the film made it so much nicer than any digital camera could

  • ppppfffttttt (silent fart sound)

  • Dennis Z

    The best picture that I have ever taken was of a little turtle shaped island in a little pond in a Japanese monastery. I remember feeling so out of place there.

  • Sky

    the best photo i’ve ever taken was when i was driving down the interstate. i snapped a picture of a volkswagon bug full of midgets dressed like clowns.

  • The best photo I ever took was the one that made me feel like I was seeing Michael Jackson do the Moonwalk for the first time.

  • sarah e.

    Wow, what a great opportunity to be able to participate in the Impossible Project!—I have yet to come across a Polaroid Camera (now is my chance ☺)

    I spent the last hour browsing through my favorite albums of pictures from over the past few years. Some were more lighthearted and fun, evident through the frozen laughter. And others were of more significance, showing the transformation of my growth, into an independent woman. I decided on my best photograph being one that I took this last summer. It was during an evening in my college town, where my friend and I were exploring the area. We rode bikes over this little creek, tucked behind some trees in a park. After crossing to the other side, we reached an island of land, and the city buildings were no longer of sight. The trees dominated their height, keeping any city-life hidden, while others had fallen all over the place. Our goal was to reach the other side of the island, so we could sit down on the rocks and watch the river run by. The brush and trees that were fallen over created piles of obstacles. As soon as I climbed up the first pile of trees, I stuck my arms out to balance on a large trunk. I began slowly crossing it but then stopped. I took off my Chacos to walk with bare feet and looked down. The sun was setting, ending another day of its presence on my skin. Lines had formed across my feet from over the summer. Bold, white zigzags were quite noticeable against the rest of my tanned skin. It was evidence of my time spent exploring outside by myself and with other people. My feet carried me on adventures doing new activities, meeting new friends, and finding my independence that summer. I grew to find this freedom to explore life and my feet were stained with how many days I spent doing so. Today was one that I wanted to mark. As I was standing on the trunk, the sun began to nestle behind the mountains. It brightly illuminated my feet as I balanced and looked down towards them, to take my best photo.

  • Adrienn

    My best photo is the one I took of an eagle sitting on a pole which was the only object on a field which was covered with snow, and as I took the photo it heard the click and flew away. I managed to take one shot but it was just perfect. Sharp, no need to crop, snowy background, and the eagle.

  • Marie Joy L. Requiroso

    It was during a cultural festival at seven in the morning. Eight tribes that live in the next province, a six-hour travel by land from my hometown, would gather every year and celebrate their good harvest. It was seven in the morning and the streets were filled with people eagerly waiting to watch the whole celebration. The place was filled so much energy. When the tribes came, it felt like the whole place exploded. They weaved stories of their lives with their own music and dance. They brought the whole tribe, from the children to grandparents, and they all danced and shouted and sang and celebrated. Amidst all the hype, I noticed the professional photographers getting the best view with their equipment all set to shoot in the middle of the street. I, like everyone else, could only watch from the sides. I took photos of the children playing the part of lizards and frogs, and riding on stilts several meters high up. There was a man holding a bow and arrow, who seemed ready to shoot me, and I was ecstatic to capture him too. It was in the middle of all that. I think it must have been the music or the energy or the smile that grandmother gave me as she danced holding up banana leaves and swaying to the music without a care. Since nobody was paying much attention, I stepped into the “dance floor”, right in front of the dancers, and took my most cherished photo. I could hear the traffic enforcers telling me it was forbidden. The photographers were shouting at me for obstructing their view. The crowds at the sides just watched the whole thing and cheered me on. The photos came out rather blurry, and less sharp because of my unskilled hands. I took a bit of sting from the outraged photographers. People who didn’t know me had thought the whole things was rather fun. Everything was perfect. I felt like celebrating as well.

  • TEA

    Early morning.
    Long night of pain and tears behind us.
    I’m tired as hell but we have to finish this.
    Woman in front of me is stearing and telling it’s over soon.
    I’m feeling scared and happy at the same time.
    Last push and its over.
    I see my daughter at the first time, between my legs, still attached to me for the last few minutes.
    I grap my camera and take the first foto of her without looking thru the lens.
    Picture is perfect, so is she.

    • Josiah

      Wow…that’s actually so beautiful.

  • The best photo I ever took was back in 2010. It was a beautiful October afternoon and my friends and I where heading down to the beach. It was a thrilling adventure we where walking through high bushes soon to be with the soft sand and crystal blue water. As we approached the beach we walked up aside a beach box and that’s where I saw it. I yelled to my friend “STOP!” and I picked up my pentax s2 as i looked through the lens I knew that this was it. She was facing the beach looking into the sea.

  • The best picture I took was last summer while on a trip to Menorca. I had just re-visited a hidden rocky cove I found 5 years before. It had lots of visible rock formations and the cove was full of perfectly smooth flat pebbles which I took home as a reminder. I got a beautiful picture of the sunset on leaving with a purple sky, reflecting in the sea.

  • Elisabeth

    I took the picture with a polaroid land 1000. It was a sunny, warm autumn day and my 5 year old sister – Evelyn – is feeding our fish. She wears disposable gloves, which are way too big. Her shirt has little flowers on it and shows a great contrast to the fence in the background. With her right hand she clutches the can with leaf shutter and her left arm is stretched because she just threw some of it into the pond.
    Evelyn looks satisfied and smilies to the fish. You can feel the satisfaction by watching the picture.
    The last but most important description is about the light.
    It´s coming from the left side and it just looks like if nothing else is lighted but her.

    (…sorry for my bad english ;) )

  • IndiaLB

    A pretty stereotypical photo of a sunset in Italy EXCEPT there were these thin rows of clouds going over the bottom half of the sun, so the light from the top half of the sun was pouring outward like streamers.

  • On a balcony in rural Lazio, with my grandmother, my cousin/kindred spirit and some cold orange fanta.

  • Ti

    A tree and a bench under a streetlamp in the centre of Leuven

  • Rock climbing the Sardinian shoreline with my friends I fell a bit behind. I took the photo when I was at a low vantage point with a chaotic path of ocean-smoothed rocks in front of me. A friend of mine stopped to take rest on top of the highest rock on the chain while my other friend is on the left side of this rock strategically making his next move. The friends are quite small compared to the rocks around them but it doesn’t make them less important-they are conquerors. The blue sky is wisped with clouds and the photo captures something special about our barefooted adventures.

  • Madelyn

    On an overcast day in the shadows and mist of Mackinac Island, a man was standing on the coast watching the angered wind express itself in the waves as they crashed at his feet. Behind him were a crowd of yellow umbrellas that felt abandoned by the summer tourists. I watched him in his contemplation from the road on my bicycle and took a picture with my 35mm Minolta camera. A flaw in the film or an overexposure left blue, yellow, and white marks that transitioned from the obscured into the yellow umbrellas and the coast of Mackinac Island with the man standing on the shore watching the waves.

  • So i want to told to you that i don’t have camera. so i hope win this one. :)
    but i have mobile phone that is Sony Ericsson K610i. that old one who can spread my imagination about having camera. and the photo that i ever took is when capturing epic hand flashlight. its simple and taken with SE K610i, because whatever what we had is the best.

    • Arifin

      i agreed with you dude. i had old mobilephone camera. and i took every single of my life with that.

      and i cannot imagine that i have real camera (you know what i mean) i’m very happy of course.

      i hope you win this superb one too

  • So i want to told to you that i don’t have camera. so i hope win this one. :)
    but i have mobile phone that is Sony Ericsson K610i. that old one who can spread my imagination about having camera. and the photo that i ever took is when capturing epic hand flashlight. its simple and taken with SE K610i, because whatever what we had is the best..

  • Merel

    The best photo is the first photo i ever made. I took it when i was 4. My dad gave me his camera and said take a picture. So i made a picture of my mom and dad in the forest where we were camping. I never stopped making photographs.

  • Jamie

    The best photo. I took a photo a of hairless Peruvian dog. Its skin was pink with brown dots.

  • Shya

    At a concert, k-pop to be specific. One of my bias singer belted out the wrong dance move and almost tripped over the wet stage floor. That moment, his expression was epic priceless, he stuck his tongue out and moved on the show with a swag.

  • Christian Anhalt

    I was on a beach in Georgia and my family and I were there for the spreading of ashes of my late aunt. It was a somber day but there was still something pretty about it. I saw some grasses near sand dunes and felt like a picture needed to be taken of that so I got up from the sand, went over and snapped it. I didn’t know what exactly would come out because the wind was quite violent that day but when the picture showed up in the monitor I was amazed. There, in the foreground, were the grasses and in the background spread the ocean blurred but not unrecognizable. It was a sweet bit of happiness in a weekend of mourning.

  • The best photo I ever took was the best photo I ever took because it happened how I want all my nights to happen. Nobody knew what they were doing but everyone was happy and laughing and curious. We started a fire with the lighter of a stranger and fed it with dead leaves and contracts. My lover began to tell me stories about his father. When he started to cry I started to photograph him. He snatched it before the polaroid could develop and threw it into the fire, along with someone’s visa photocopy and another photograph of a girl’s ‘ugly laugh’. I never got to see the photo developed properly but my lover was a blur and so was our romance. It doesn’t bother me. I think all my nights are better when they are fleeting and don’t last forever. It’s the best photo I ever took because it was neither real nor unreal. Nobody laughed over it and nobody cried. It wasn’t a loss but it also wasn’t a gain. It was ideal.

  • Brittany

    The best photo I ever took was of one of my good friends where we came up with a concept of just jamming a whole pack cigarettes and smoke them at the same time we turned on old rockabilly music and he danced and posed for the first half then we moved on to just posing while Trying to strike a match.That was my best photo because The vision in my head almost matched the final image and that’s rare.I had a good time, my friend was trooper, and my house smelled liked a casino afterwords .<3


  • a rainbow trapped inside a piece of glacier ice at sunset in iceland.mmmmm… the waves crashing against the coast shore and at this magical moment the sunglistening in such a way…….unreal!

  • Gary

    I took a picture in the woods a couple of miles from my house at night time. I looked up to the trees and let the flash go off.

    The result is that it looks like lots and lots of white antlers and bones are crossing over each other, some look like pale fingers and arms reaching towards the camera. Despite making it sound creepy, the photo is far from creepy, in fact to me it is one of my best memories taking this photo. The trees look fantastical, mythical and powerful and the branches almost appear to be trying to repel my flash from illuminating the darkness of that night. The subtle greens and browns in the photo add a sense of wonder and awe of nature at night.

    That is my favourite picture.

  • It was on my first reel of film (black and white) in an old Zenit – E I’d bought from a car boot in Hexham. I was sitting on the sofa in the living room of my old boyfriend’s, it was the start of summer and the day had been a scorcher. Their living room backed on to the garden with massive windows allowing beams and beams of light into the room. The backdoor had been shut to try and keep the heat out since the early morning, it was now late afternoon but the sun was still strong. Due to the shape of the room where the windows met the corner which then met the back door, the beams of light had created these strikingly grid like shadows which fell onto the back door and the wall of the corner. In the corner sat an old decoration, the ones you put on door handles and there are little material birds with a bell at the bottom, it looked like it had seen better days, but the shadows which fell on it made it seem new again. So I sat opposite and reached for my camera, a looked through the lens into this potentially stunning shot, focused with a slightly sweaty hand and pressed the shutter release. When I eventually got the film developed I had forgotten about that photo, but it was captured beautifully and took me straight back to the start of summer.

  • smk

    I havent taken many picture but once at a party some friends and i came across a disposable camera with some free film on it and immaturely took some down pants shots. Don’t know hows they turned out or if they ever got developed for that matter.

  • Ryan Heatherly

    It was one Beach in Pakistan. I had spent a night all at the beach, in complete darkness. Just a point ant shoot, no DSLR, but i was determined to go home with some good shots. So i Used my point and shoot all night trying to capture the boats parked with blinking lights under the twilight sky. All you could see was the reflection of those lights on the water as well as a bit of the moonlight. I set my camera to long ISO’s and left if on the ledge of a rock, and let it capture a couple of shots. To my surprise there was these bumps of clouds along the sky. I was highly intoxicated with all sorts of vodkas and whiskies. Waited eagerly at the sea shore for the sun to rise so i could take a pic of the wonderful beach.

    Once it was 5:30, i could see the sky turn to a dark brown /pink, and then I waited a few more minutes, until i got some more light. Within a few minutes, the sky was this wonderful pink, with clouds one side, and one side of the horizon was dark still with night. Along with those parked fishermen’s tinyboats blinking. It was a holiday, so i don’t think they were going to be fishing.Since I got a point at shoot, I’m a big fan of panoramas, so Managed to capture the eintire scene, which was simply breath taking. With a few tiny birds flying along the water. After i clicked that panorama, i waited an hour till the sun was completely out, but I think the panorama i clicked of the pink sky was the best!.

  • Ellie

    During the winter of 2011, there was one freezing cold day, it had been snowing so hard and whilst a lot of people would want to cuddle up with hot soup and a blanket, I decided to head outside to fairlop waters with my little brother through the snow. We trudged down to the frozen lake, and My little brother, like kids do, decides to play around with the ice, and picks up a huge piece of the frozen water, a big slate, and holds it up infront of his face. My immediate reaction was to snap with my camera, and the end result was a focused photo of frozen bubbles and watery shapes, and out of focus behind was my brothers face, unaware and totally oblivious. Incase you fancy seeing the end result, here it is!…

  • Luis Enrique

    First of all I suck at taking portraits, but my best it’s actually a portrait of my parents that I took like three months ago, I was showing them a new digital camera I won on a contest, they told me to take them a picture, I said to myself, why not, so I just took it, it was just perfect they were smiling, it was at home, with their plates collection and the kitchen on the background, and the light came out warm so I couldn’t ask for more. Since then I haven’t took a decent photo with that camera, even when it’s a good camera. Point is, sometimes it’s not the camera or the photographer but the moment what makes the magic.

  • TK

    a rainy sky

  • Patricija Stepanovic

    Jimmy and I were only 6 when we first met. But when we were 9 we started hanging out at the abandoned car park just outside town and spent our summer days playing with our yoyo’s, inspecting the cracks on the road and poking ant’s nests. I always disliked bugs but he thought it would be a good idea if we start collecting little dead insects that we found in the countryside. It was a humble collection; we had 3 scorpions, a few blind snakes, endless amounts of rain worms and a couple of wasps. We kept them all under a door mat that had a hole underneath and bars on top. One day I came to his house and he said his cat just had kittens and he gave me one. It was an ugly little thing–brown, black, grey and white–but I grew to love it just like the rest of little creatures we encountered. I named her Tacka (Paw). Jimmy and I and Tacka went to my grandmas house in August, and she’s a beekeeper, so my visits there have always been a bit scarry. I was afraid I would get stung and that Tacka might eat one of the bees and die. I was a crazy child.

    Jimmy took Tacka in his arms, stood in front of the beehouse and made me take a photo on my grandmas camera.

    Jimmy died in 2006, only 17 years old. I dont have a single photo of him. This story was just a wish. Tacka is now well over 10 years old and the bees are still there. If only I wasnt so afraid at that time to stand there and take a picture.. I want to go back to those places and re-create memories.

  • Simone B

    i woke up around at 7:00 in the morning in early summer in my own apartment to the sound of thumps. i’d just graduated from college, and two of my friends had unexpectedly slept in the living room after we went night-hiking. they’d decided to strip to their boxers because of the heat and were standing on the bike rack and trying [unsuccessfully] to jump and grab onto the second floor patio bars. i grabbed a polaroid and snuck up on them and got a picture of my friend completely stretched out into space, sporting nothing but a frizzy afro and boxers and clearly about to fail in his attempt to reach the second floor bars. he has a look of blissful determination, and I’m pretty sure he was convinced he would succeed [he didn’t]. the picture was taken on an ancient polaroid that i got for free because they were throwing them out, and the colors are muted at best. the bottom left corner starts with his feet and the top right corner ends with his outstretched arms.

  • when i was 10, i got a really cheap camera from my parents for my birthday. it was plastic crappy camera. i took lots of pics of my dog, my friends. 99% of pics are nothing good but there was this one picture, i took when we went to taiwan with my grandparents.

    my family went on a trip with my grandparents and cousins to taiwan, one day, we went to a theme park. it was mid week so it was so dead.

    so we could ride anything with no wait, we decided to ride this really slow ride. it was a cross between merry go-round with cups instead of horses. and its speed was so slow like a sloth. it was so slow that it made us laugh sohard.

    so i took a picture of us from my seat turning back. our whole family are there and laughing having simple fun.

    it was the best pic ive ever taken.

  • One night in year 11, all my girlfriends and I decided to have a big girls night in. It was an oddly cool night in Darwin and we had been dancing around acting crazy for ages so we decided to go for a walk. The house we slept over at was on a street that led straight to the esplanade and beyond the ocean at one end and shops at the other, palm trees and high fences lining either side. We were all in our pyjamas, with messy hair and band aids everywhere strolling up the road towards the shops. I was walking behind the group of girls with my SLR Nikon when all of a sudden there was a loud BANG from behind us. My best friend Rosie turned around with this look of absolute horror on her face just as my flash went off. No one else had responded to the noise yet so her shocked face is the focal point of the image. Because the flash is so focused on her, the rest of the photo is shrouded in darkness with only the grass, the road seemingly leading to nowhere and a group of young girls wondering into the night. It has this weird eerie feeling to it that matches Rosie’s face perfectly but at the same time it is hilarious for us because we know what happened.

  • One of the best photos I ever took was when I was rolling. After much excruciating conversation my friend and I decided to go on a walk outside. It was a warm fall winter night. The trees were already bare, but you could have sworn it was spring time. My friend had on this white shirt with a lace overlay in the back, that showed her beautiful shoulder blades very well. Her shirt was fluid, and laid perfectly on her body. As we were standing in my front yard, I began looking at a very specific branch of the tree. I told my friend to stand under that branch, and I wanted her to hold her arm to perfectly match branch that she was now standing above. And without giving her much direction, she stood with her hips protruding so that her body would lean like the crooked tree, and her arm bent at just the right angle to make it parallel with the branch.

  • I was sitting on the bus on my way home from work, on a stereotypically sunny summer day when lo and behold, a vintage looking vehicle presented itself. So I whipped out zee ipod (my camera, not of choice, but of … err … “budget”), and I snapped snapped snapped. Then I edited edited edited. And then we all lived happily ever after.
    ha ha ha

  • lauri

    a saturday evening glare on my window

  • the best photo I ever took was of a dead song bird. I think my cat actually killed it, but even though the life had left it, its feathers were so beautiful that in a way it still sung. also my grandfather who was a professional photographer left me his old 680 SLR folding camera, just recently broke and I’m extremely sad. its irreplaceable but I’m a photo student so I need a instant camera. Please help me get a new one.

  • The best photo I took, is the one, that never ever appeared.
    I was on the summer trip in Romanian mountains… one pretty chilly morning – first time ever I opened a completely frozen tent – jumped in shoes and from our camp at the little stream I went up the hill.
    Needed to… take a shit, sorry. Actually, I almost ran. :)
    But when, a few moments later, I appeared on the top of a little hill, and walk just behind it, I stood amazed. Frozen drops of mist on grass began to vaporize and the early sunlight changed the layer of mist in the lake of gold.
    And in the middle of this layer, I stood… and, you know… :)
    Another few moment later, I ran back to the camp, took my fathers Minolta AL-F, during this run, I put there Provia 400 (must be mentioned, the most expensive material I have ever held in hands!), and shot the absolutely beatiful lonely pine in the middle of this fairy yellowish meadow.
    This story ends in a little local lab, where the really nice woman said, that those film she has developed right now has not been exposed, “maybe a bad way of inserting?”
    In fact, a pretty sad story… :)

  • There was this little forrest on the side of a road. A juxtaposed house fire made it’s way and did damage. The forrest was nothing but remains afterward. Time happened and the vines and plants that once grew on the trees started consuming the leftovers. What came from this was a blanket wavy greens that roller coaster themselves up and down the “forrest” floor. My canon film camera captured it and here it is here:


    (side note): I plan to take another picture of this during a winter when it’s viney bones are exposed.

  • Amina

    A week ago,I took a picture of my father whom I didn’t see in 7 years!
    Him playing with my little brother, tickling him. My brother’s giggles were so loud, you can feel how much they both missed each other!
    I couldn’t stop staring at the picture I took! Thank God for cameras!

  • Carly Rapp

    we drove my little fiat convertible up into the mountains with champagne, balloons and a clutch of fake roses. we bumped our way up rocky roads until we found a good spot. we snuck off the road, and laid down in the grass and kissed. i have a photo of my little car, doors flung open, knee deep in the grass, with the blue sky above it.

  • ayo

    Off this cliff on the estate of Kentuck Knob, a Frank Lloyd Wright house, near Pittsburgh. It was pretty amazing, you would think farm county is a “boring” subject but we were so high up on this cliff that you could see everything from the adjacent farms, mountains and miles and miles of scenery beyond that. It was like an Andrew Wyeth painting come to life.

  • MF

    I was 16 in high school going to my first concert. I had saved up enough money and bought myself my very first digital camera. My favorite shot of the night: a sea of people, arms up in the air in silhouettes, bright lights facing them, creating a soft almost dream like effect of whites, reds and blues. Looking back now, in terms of composition/quality it may not be the best photo ever but the feedback I received on that photo gave me the confidence to continue taking photos and thus has lead to many more great photos : )

  • Ken

    Once, I took a picture through my pair of glasses at my high school environment during lunch and I got numerous likes on facebook… ;3
    (the caption was, “look at the world through my eyes.”)

  • I was in South Africa a few years ago and took a really rushed picture of the sun setting over Table Mountain before I headed into dinner. It wasn’t until I got back to the US that I realized the silhouette of a child made its way into my photo, making it my favorite and most powerful image I’ve taken.


  • Logan

    I remember taking a photo of my nephew literally minutes after he was born. It was quite an experience.

  • I will tell you about a photo I took that makes me smile. When hitchhiking back up from Big Sur to SF the kind folks giving us a ride wanted to stop at Nepenthe’s restaurant for food and a scenic view. My friend and I were completely broke and starving as skeletons, but while we waited for the family to finish eating and I saw this man who (for who knows what reason) reminded me of the book If You Give a Moose a Muffin. On the outside patio with scenery composed of lush trees, clear blue skys, and glistening water with a razor blade horizon this man that reminded me of a moose dressed in flanel with socks and slippers was such a gemstone. People are so interesting!!

  • It was a dark February night, around 11 pm, during my first visit to New York City. The winds had deposited a layer of rain and ice on my hair and overcoat, turning me into a speckled, dirty ice cube. Enamored by the sheer size and splendor, I meandered about the city (sans umbrella of course), romanticizing about my future…my life. On a whim, I whisked out my camera to capture a congregation of taxis and tall buildings to my left. As I pressed my shutter, a man carrying a stark briefcase walked by in front of my camera.
    Somewhat infuriated, I checked the resulting image only to find heartbreaking loneliness in a picture–a man, somber and blurred out by the moisture, alone in the heart of the most gloriously lonely city in the world. And then I realized I was lonely too.

  • A summer night, around midnight in my hometown, taking a walk with my girlfriend and enjoying the last pieces of summer heat that got stucked between the buildings.
    She smiled at me, and i totally messed up the shot.
    Not my “technical best picture” but the emotional value equalizes that.


    Greetings from germany


  • I love this vintage gold Polaroid Sun 600 camera!!!!

    I took last summer some lovely big pictures with a pin-hole camera that I made ​​myself from a old caravan. (because I do not have a sweet Polaroid Sun 600 camera who do everything himself ;-)) The caravan was also mine dark-room. it’s a great experience to work in and outside your own camera! I love to try the Polaroid Sun 600! and make some sweet pictures, which the development process is also in the camera (but a bit quicker than mine pin-hole proces).

    Sweet day’s,

  • A couple of summers ago I was at a music festival near my home town. It was a wet, typically British, summer afternoon and a friends band were playing on stage. The guy who played bass was wasted on local cider but was still managing to play his instrument almost perfectly, completely lost in the music. He reminded me of a musician at a 70s festival because of his bare feet and floral shirt. Cigarette in mouth, he moved to stand with one bare foot on a monitor at the front of the stage and in doing so knocked a mic stand, with the microphone attached, off the stage on to the grass in front. A small boy in rubber boots ran up to the microphone from the audience and picked it up. He stood looking up at the bassist on stage with a look of bewilderment and amazement on his face. I managed to capture that moment over the shoulders of other audience members and I’m pretty sure it’s the best photograph I’ve taken.

  • Justin H.

    The best photo I ever took was in the downtown district of my home town. There was an old railroad track that curled around the city, level with the rooftops of many of the older factory buildings. I was walking down these tracks one morning after a heavy rain. I came across a building with a large smokestack jutting out tall into the sky. This brick giant had been tagged with thin white writing, reading, “Ur Protector.” Indeed, it was so big, you felt tiny and weak in comparison. Then there was the rooftop, still latent with rainwater. It created a surreal reflection of the buildings across the street. The yellows and reds of these structures blended and smudged beautifully. Being above street level, with the road covered at this height, it gave me a strange sense of placement. It was then that I took the photograph, so overwhelmed by the beauty created when nature and the man made merged harmoniously.

  • Francisco

    On my trip to Cuba i photographed this very very sweet 4 years old girl.

    At the moment I’ve hit the clicker she start waving at me, and the picture came out with her middle finger sticking up.

    So the picture for everyone who sees it, it’s of a annoyed and rude girl (that could easily be a rock album cover) when in reality the was the most sweet child I’ve met in the streets of Havana!

  • komal

    That was a few days ago, with my friend’s cannon 1000D. I was at the streets, when i saw this little girl dancing around. She was poor, but she looked happy :)
    Made me think about a lot of things.

  • Drove to the beach towards end of day, sat in the car to talk about ending a relationship, after we parted I walked down to the beach (the sun was setting, a dull winter colourless one) and snapped a picture of the ripples by the rocks. Not because I was in some poetic photography moment but simply because I had to do something – I felt stupid for still lingering around instead of getting the hell out of there. Unexpectedly the picture turned out pretty awesome.

  • James

    I took a photo of all of my family and loved ones just days before they all passed away from diseases and natural disasters. Their last words were

    “win a polaroid sun 600 camera”

    This is a true story.

  • Em

    When I was very small (10?), my mother and sister and I were walking on the beach at sunset in East Dennis on the Cape. I had my mother’s Nikon and I snapped a picture of my older sister with her back to a gray and stormy ocean. She was looking over my right shoulder and up a little at my mom, and her face is bathed in this gorgeous pinky orange glow, and she’s not quite smiling like she and my mom are sharing a secret.

  • It’s a photo I took on my a friend of mine during our trip in Eindhoven. We were heading home from a student party and I took a photo right infront of her face with the flash on.

    I used a disposable camera so I haven’t seen the actual photo yet, so like you guys, I can only imagine it, and it’s pretty hilarious! :)

  • Ben

    I came for just a week to Russia during the summer to see the girl I was in love with, we took the train from Moscow to Saint Petersburg.

    She was sitting across from me at the table near the window and holding my hand. I had given her a fan from Korea and she was waving it and smiling at me — I was so happy just to be with her, she looked so beautiful. The light from the fields outside bounced in softly through the window and made her eyes and skin shine.

    It was my favorite picture for a long time because I had to go back to Korea without her and missed her like crazy. I’m going to marry her in two weeks and I have many more pictures of her now, but that one encapsulated everything I felt and remembered about her for the long months I spent away from her.

  • Patrick Birch

    If you drive out to Belcarra Regional Park on the Indian Arm and hike the Jug Island trail at one point as you’re nearing the water you’ll come across a tree somewhat hidden just off of the trail. It’s one of the largest around and its sure to grab your attention as it did mine. The first time I saw it and looked it up and down I was struck by the presence of a ladder composed of individual wood rungs nailed into it. The only thing was that they started about 8 meters above the base of the tree. Since trees grow apically and not basally I couldn’t figure out how or why they were there. They didn’t lead to anything? Had someone removed the bottom rungs or had the tree ejected them? I snapped a picture late winter and it has always reminded me of all the questions in nature waiting to be answered. GET OUTSIDE EVERYONE!

  • Alecia Klassen

    My best friend, my boyfriend and myself went to the airport one day bought a ticket and spontaneously decided to go to Ireland that day to cross off a significant item on my friends bucket list.

    Her Bucket List Item: “Stand on the Edge of Ireland and shout out loud” (Snow Patrol lyrics from the Planets Bend Between Us)

    We played the song on our iPods and began out epic run up the perfect grassy fields leading up to the magnificent cliffs of Moher! If wind, sun, song and sprint could create such a perfect harmony, I didn’t know it til this moment!

    As the first chorus and her big moment came so did a barbed wire fence… as we approached we sunk knee deep into mud. Scrambling to get out, ripping our clothes on the barbed wire we desperately climbed to make the second chorus and make perfect our big moment on the edge of Ireland!

    I made it over, with no time to meter I snapped a photo of my friend, covered in mud, leading over the last line of barbed wire, iPod in her ears, very over exposed photo but perfect timing as she crossed off one of the most significant items on her bucket list!

  • Sydney Zane Hill

    The most wonderful photo I ever took was on some sand dunes in the middle of the lake. It was a wonderful summer day when my father and I went out on the boat. We boated around the lake near our home and went out to our special “mini islands.” He’d brought chairs with him so we could sit and relax for a while. The dunes were so shallow you couldn’t see them under my father’s feet as he walked away. At that moment I took my camera out of my bag. As I knelled, careful not to get my camera wet, I took a picture of my dad walking away towards the mountains surrounding the lake, chairs in tow, in a manner that appeared as if he was walking on water. It was a magical picture for a magical day.

  • its weird, i dont really have a favorite photo that i have taken. i have several photographs that i liked for a while then got over them. but there is one particular photograph that i like because of the subject matter and the story. on a late night in denver, i was making my way back through campus to catch the train back home. the trains running infrequently, left me stranded on campus to kill an hour. i wandered around the arts building, exploring all the little nooks and crannies. i found my self near the kiln in the ceramics lab, surrounded by shelves of tests and pyrometric cones(clay used to test the temperature of the kiln). suddenly i felt a stomach jerking pain and a pressure in my behind. it was diarrhea. i had to scramble around to find a place to poop. scourer the unfamiliar territory, i found a drain in the ground. i was going to have to make due. a cinder block was going to be my toilet seat and my sock some toilet paper. sitting there, i noticed that there was a light peaking through the roof. i then found my self setting up the pyrometric cones on a stool and photographing them and this is how i ended up with this.


  • Stork

    Summer, sweaty palms sitting on the curb.

  • Leah

    The best photo I’ve ever taken… I was three or four years old, one morning I pointed my dad’s polaroid camera at my mother while she was drinking coffee at the kitchen table at 6am in her pajamas and her hair a mess.

  • I was in Cape Cod with some friends, on the beach on a perfect, sunny, warm and lazy day. It was almost twilight, and this particular stretch of beach was private enough that the only other two people on the beach besides my friends and I was a grandmother and her small son. The boy had been flying a red kite all afternoon long so that it was incredibly high in the sky. With the day coming to a close, however, the grandmother was encouraging the child it was time to go, and as they were discussing the subject, the boy lost grip of the kite.

    I had been taking pictures of the amazing colors in the sky behind them, but turned my lens towards the boy, miraculously, just as he was loosing his grip. So, I am now blessed to have this wonderful photo of a boy in shocked/disappointed mid-turn with a blurred kite handle taking off in mid-air. Behind him is his grandmother, standing frozen with him in front of a wash of evening colors and ocean tones. It’s wonderfully innocent, speaks to childhood, age, and disappointment, while at the same time being beautiful and enchanting as well.

  • Liz

    The best photo i’ve ever taken was with none other than a boots throw away camera at a new years after party last year. It’s a close up crotch shot of a ‘mangina’ (my friend with his dick tucked in between his incredibly hairy legs).

  • Gabriela Menoncin

    The best photo that I have ever took was with all my family reunited close to the waterfall in the lands of my grandfather, in south of Brazil, and I was almost thirteen. Grandparents, uncles, cousins and brothers, all together in a sunny sunday, in the middle of the forest, some in the top of the waterfall and others in the well of limpid waters that was made underneath her. It was the best photo I’ve ever took because it portraits a family that it’s not that close anymore like it was in that time. It was the last picture of everybody together. Some of them have already gone and that waterfall? Well, she has gone too, swallowed by the waters of the dammed river by the need of capitalism.
    But not the picture, it is still there and it will always be there, remembering the existence of those wonderful people and places that ceased to exist in the material world, but not on our hearts.

  • Sophia

    Giant coloured balloons dancing against the night sky and masses of confetti falling back down to earth – a photo captured during a Flaming Lips outdoor gig. Pure euphoria in a photograph.

  • One of the best photos I have ever shot was on a roadtrip from Las Vegas (my hometown) to Reno, Nevada. I stopped in the little town of Tonopah, Nevada to take a Polaroid of the Clown Motels’ signage with a big, jolly, smiling clown. I used my Polaroid SX-70 Sonar Land Camera with a pack of expired Time-Zero. The image that popped out of the camera totally captured the vision I had in mind. The classic Time-Zero orange flames lingering around the sign and sky as if they are little clown spirits.

    – Nick Leonard

  • Maddie

    The greatest photo that I have taken was in a mid afternoon in Fiji on an Island called South Sea Island- It was 2011.
    The photo captured all there is to be said about this place. Absolute Paradise.
    I took it with my Polaroid One 600 and it’s as clear as the crystal pristine blue water.
    It is set on the main beach with a beach umbrella and a hammock in the dark of the shade and it focuses and zooms out into the beautiful sandy white sand and aqua water. There’s shells lying on the beach and my brother is lying in the hammock. It was absolutely beautiful!

  • It was in a clandestine jazz bar in east london at 2am on a winter night and I’d been taking portraits of some of the people there edging my way towards a very interesting looking man in his 60s which had had a few too many. At the end of the night I summoned some courage to speak to him and ask him if I could take some photos of him to which he answered postively. He first posed with an agressive and provoking stance and after 5 o 6 photos, relaxed into an unexpected femenine posture. This last one was definitely the strongest of them all.

  • Una

    The best photo i ever took was a polaroid of my feet in the water when i was 6. i think it was also the first photo i ever took. it´s amazing.

  • I read a ruthless review of a recent exhibition I featured in whilst having a coffee at my local, as i left I noticed my super glue had attached itself to the floor, refusing to budge. Perfect photo opportunity of me, then the resulting customers / workers trying to remove it!

  • BFrei

    The best photo I ever took was in Mali, near Djenne. I was snapping a photo of a mud building with this old Nikon that an artist friend gave me. There happened to be a Fula girl in the shot, carrying a basin on her head. She’s a little blurred, but her smile is so big that even with the shot capturing the entire large large building, you can still see the white of her teeth.

  • Popcorn Blizzard

    A watermelon eatin’ contest, you don’t say! I’ve spent the better part of a lifetime hunting down this elusive past-time celebration. One would think that summertime in Texas would be hot bed for such activities, which is partly true. In fact, many a melon is consumed in similar competition type settings, but the overwhelming majority of which are hosted at family reunions. This is somewhat of an obstacle for a travelin’ man like myself. I mean honestly, how many times can a grown man be chased like a wild beast from a location when all he really wanted to do was to take part in an ole melon eatin’ contest?

  • Probably one of those dormitory rooms in an old Abbey where there had already been a fire a few months prior to when I went there. The rooms still had the mattresses and some bed sheets, chairs, frames on the walls, but as the firemen took the fire out, all the soot and the ash dripped all over the walls with the water and it made the whole place looks completely out of this world, very dark but still had that religious feel which made it even creepier. One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen, and naturally the whole building has been taken down a week or two after my first and only visit.

  • this one of my parents playing cards at our camp during sunset.

  • Clark

    Agh I love these give away contests so much!

    My favorite photo I’ve taken is probably not the best but it’s my favorite so whatever. I was walking home one night and it was cloudy and the moon was shining so bright, but behind all the clouds and illuminating certain areas and disappearing in others so I ran all the way home and got my digital and film camera to take pictures and they were totally blurry and there wasn’t much to them, but one of the pictures looks like there are ghosts in it, and I think I captured just how I felt with that picture.

  • of my mum and dad when they still slept on the same bed

  • we walked together to the grocery store, being the only thing that seemed fun at the time. i live in las vegas and the sky was really clear. it was a late afternoon and the shadows were slightly heightening. i just took out my camera and started snapping photos because i liked the warm lighting. my best friend was my favorite subject.
    i took one photo that i think is brilliant. i captured her in mid step, holding a can of arizona iced tea, the sun glinting on it and her wayfarer glasses.
    she was smiling because we were laughing at a joke and her lips were curled to a perfect crescent. the angle she was one caught the sunlight and made it look as if she were glowing.
    i consider this photo, just a random shot of my best friend and i hanging out, the best i’ve ever taken. not only because it looks amazing, but because it has sentimental value to me. i dont talk much with this person anymore and the photo just poses as a memory of when times were better.

  • The best photo I have ever taken was of My girlfriend and I on the beach. I held the camera above us so that the shot showed both of us laying on a towel. She was wearing a red bathing polka-dot suit. I was wearing bright orange aviator sunglasses.



    • Congrats to Mike Gaffney and rDavid Adrien you just snagged some goodies from @ImpossibleUSA — check your inboxes. They are also gonna email 20 more people and hook you up with a little something too! Cheers everybody.

  • fdl

    who was the winner?


    The best photo I ever took was of a blue jay who has a nest in my orange tree. It was a cloudy day and when that great second when the gray clouds moved and let sun through I snapped a photo of the bird with my Polaroid One 600. The photo looked like those vintage photos on the Impossible Project website. I guess you don’t need to be a professional photography or Photoshop expert to produce a great photo. You just need a camera and your creativity!

  • Yahaira12

    The best picture I ever took is when I took a picture of the sunset on the beach with crystal clean water and there is nobody there. There are dolphins coming out of the water and there is a cloud shaped as a heart on the top right of the sky.. And the sand is perfect.. 

  • Kmrwolf1

    The best photo i took was off my grampa playing the saxaphone on his porch during the sunset in California. The reason why its the best ohot ive ever taking is becuase it captured wh he was just a few weeks before he died.

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Secret Studio Hidden Beneath Overpass by Designer Fernando Abellanas

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