31.03.12 by Jeff

Elli Popp / Giveaway

Elli Popp Cup and Saucer Giveaway drawings by Edwyn Collins
You may have seen me post this photo to my instagram a couple days ago and yes, it is our next giveaway! Elli Popp sent over these beautiful ceramics featuring drawings by Edwyn Collins (had to link it for the Empire Records fans). So who wants ’em?

If you’d like to snag this beautiful plate and mug tell me the first food and first beverage you’d put in and on them.

This giveaway courtesy of Elli Popp is open to everyone!


Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Me! Me! The owl is soooo pretty! Barn owls are the shit!

    • Gergana

      i want them so badly I could eat my own heart out..

  • ORANGE JUICE of course

    and toast

    • Elisabeth

      These are adorable! I would put milk and cookies on them. :)

  • carolyn

    Breakfast time! Maple-flavoured coffee in the pretty bird cup, and a toasted cinnamon raisin bagel with veggie butter on the sweet little owl plate.

  • Coffee and Reeses Cups. My staple diet.

  • Amy

    ginger tea and waffles!

  • Sophie

    The first thing I would drink in that amazing cup would be a delicious London Fog, which is basically an Earl Grey tea latte with a touch of vanilla. And I think the beautiful plate would be perfect for a warm brownie topped with ice cream and raspberries. :D

  • Loes Linders

    hot chocolate with marshmallows and a huge piece of chocolate pie with these fizzy sprinkles that pop and fuzz in your mouth :)

  • Plavc

    bacon. definetely bacon. and coffee, no sugar.

  • Hannah G

    Some delicious sin dog nugs and tea… most likely of the coconut chai variety.

  • robbie nolan

    effulvia and toast

  • Amanda

    A hot cup of chai tea and toast with cream cheese, cucumbers and sprouts! om nom nom.

  • dee

    Mugs are for coffee and only for coffee.
    Something bloody or blood-like has to go on top of those talons. Steak kebabs! Extra rare.

  • strawberry and mango tea, and a curly wurly cake.

  • I would have a cup of tea, and on the plate, a fried egg put on top of a fat toasted crumpet with ketchup on top.

  • owls are carnivores. so the first dish on the plate will be sashimi and some worm sake in that beautiful mug will be ideal. ohhh.. i want this set!!! sooooo gorj!!!

  • White chocolate mocha coffee and a piece of banana bread with chocolate chips! mmm

  • tam

    tomato soup in the mug and grilled cheese on the plate. today. right now. for the rain it’s perfect.

  • Alex Tolosa

    Paris tea and a chocolate muffin :3

  • Tea, Earl Grey, hot.
    Make it so.

  • Vérénice

    I would have a cup of Galão and a piece of greek chocolate cake. The worlds greatest chocolate cake! Something one could kill for ;)

  • Kaitlyn

    This African honeybush herbal tea that smells like perfume. On the plate, a large spoonful of my cousin’s warm cranberry nutty brie and a handful of sweet crackers sprinkled with cinnamon.

  • d.no

    Lion blend coconut coffee and a snickers bar (to be eaten with fork and knife.)

  • Chloe

    ooohhh some toast with maple syrup and watered down pom!

  • Coffee (black)and a fresh pistachio muffin

  • Coffee (black) and a fresh pistachio muffin

  • coffee with cream and sugar in the cup and a biscotti on the saucer

  • Mischelle

    a loaf of french toast with some butter melting on top and some orangeade!

  • Liz

    Such an amazingly beautiful cup and saucer would require only the finest.. a steaming cup of English breakfast tea, and some super yummy vegemite toast to compliment… Yum!

  • cardamon scented, fair trade coffe and the last remaining piece of “reisauflauf” (rice casserole?) that my grandma made before her timely death.

  • Cali

    Kona coffee black without sugar and some italian dolci, after my afternoon nap to get fresh again

  • wow, well the saucer is so perfect to look at, so I wouldn’t wanna just put any old mess on there and cover up that gorgeous illustration. So Id stick a few avocado maki rolls and pieces of tuna sashimi round the edge there. As for the cup, it would be some lady Gray tea, yeah LADY gray, nice and lemony. Very nice set you got there man.

  • peppermint tea straight from my summer garden and an orange cranberry scone with lemon curd!

  • Tori

    There’s always a time for coffee and Bailey’s, and the mug makes it that time. I would have to put a bagel with Speculoos Cookie Butter on the to make it a perfect occasion.

  • I would putt some hot chocolate in the mug and since my friends call me an “owl”, I would tell my bf to make me the promised cake in a shape of an owl and taste it :)

  • Dylan S

    Lemon ginseng green tea and lemon tarts! :)
    I would love to have these, they’re absolutely perfect.

  • What a beautiful set!
    I would love to sip some of my favorite coconut chai tea (with a splash of maple whiskey) from this perfectly shaped mug, and my friend Raden says he would love to use the plate to eat his catch of the day because Owls love mice just as much as cats do!

  • Caitlin

    Jasmine tea and hot curry home fries.

  • Cortadito and a pastelito.

  • Tracy

    coffee and smoked salmon on a bagel

  • Martine

    cranberry/lemon scone and chai tea latte

  • ERIC

    english breakfast, biscuit

  • Kelsey Erin

    Missoula Evening tea that I got from Montana and the cranberry glazed scones that my Aunt makes.

  • Max

    Latte and Buñuelos

  • Melonie

    Hot coffee at 2 a.m. and a ham and swiss croissant at 8 a.m.

  • Nuno

    Macaroons, strawberries, and tea.

  • Sandy J

    chaï tea and chocolate chips cookie(s) !

  • Kelaine

    Boozey hot chocolate and macarons!

  • ali

    Pizza and machiato!

  • EMMA

    you know those little brightly-colored marzipan animals? those. on the plate. they’re kitsch and ugly and the counterpoint would be stunning. this gorgeous owl needs some prey.
    before putting them on the plate i’d change their smiley expressions to wide-eyed fear, and arrange them huddling in terror before the owl.

    and in the cup, a matcha latte. the green of the tea and bright white will look beautiful and elegant, and pick up some green from one of the unfortunate, dorky animals.


  • Such lovely ceramics! The first foods would have to be home-baked banana bread muffins and almond milk.

  • Meg

    At 4pm I’d boil the kettle and make a cup of English tea for my mum. Then a chocolate digestive buiscuit to accompany it on the plate…

  • lyn

    Coffee & pancakes

  • Andrea

    7am coffee with eucalypt and a croissant.

  • I’d have to go with a London Fog for the beverage and a nice earl gray macaron to go with it :)

  • Adrian

    Pizza on the plate. Rolled up pizza in the mug.

  • Ted

    Some strong Earl Grey and a piece of raspberry tart.

  • Trevor

    Chocolate milk and a giant blueberry muffin!

  • Ark

    “La Belle Verte” goes in the mug. Grandmas hummus with some pita on the plate. YUUUUUUUM

  • Kat

    A classic cup of Earl Grey with some home baked blueberry muffins on the side. Mmm perfect for the upcoming winter!

  • Bogdan

    White hot chocolate mocca and tiramisu.

  • brandi h.

    i would wait to share the set with my dearest love – him the owl, me the bird. we reconnected a bit over a year ago after parting ways some 15 years back, and save for 3 lovely days spent together last fall, we remain separated by 3,000 miles… for now. i am certain we would have tea and toast – the black tea milky, the warm toast buttery.

    thanks for the chance! good luck, all!


    • vth

      I love this girl, truly and deeply.

  • Wenye Fang


  • yes, please. chamomile tea and some chocolate covered pretzels for me – my favorite late night snack.

  • Lorri

    Sweet tea and a sugar cookie :o) Simple pleasures.

  • Gaston

    I would put a HOT BISCUIT on the plate and fill the cup up with GRAVY and pour the GRAVY all over the BISCUIT and make a mess everywhere and have the dog lick them clean afterwards

  • Alexandra

    I invite my friends for dinner and serve the appetizers like homemade gyoza on the plate and the sauce in the cup. They would discover my new ceramics at the end!

  • Tea. With a Garibaldi.

  • William

    Reminds me of my mom :)

  • William

    Reminds me of my mom

  • Melissa

    Frrench pressed coffee for the beautiful mug and some type of delicate pastry for the plate…maybe a croissant or sfogliatella, mmmmm

  • Monique

    Extra strength english breakfast tea (1 sugar) with a buttermilk scone (strawberry jam & cream).

  • passion fruits tea and some cookies ^^

  • M

    Hot Espresso with avocado, a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream with chocolate sprinkle on top.

  • Coffee – dark as night, and sweet as sin

    Pecan pie – the old fashioned way

  • Christina

    I would make yummy double bergamot Earl Grey tea, with honey & cream… On the plate, some mini lemon zest cranberry scones, clotted cream and raspberry preserves & mini cinnamon butter buns. Yum yum yum. Love this!!

  • Liz Andrew

    Why, brunch of course! Coffee & bagel crisps w/goat cheese. And strawberries.

  • Daniel

    i would be rebellious and place a handful of croutons into the cup and pour pom-wonderful into the shallow depths of the plate and drink it with a straw

  • Annika

    raspberry tea and a muffin!
    the breakfast of champions and artists and frolickers!

  • Will

    grilled cheese with green apple on the plate. soothing green tea in the cup.

  • black coffee & toast w plum butter

  • Rhonda

    Strong, black, oganic, fair-trade coffee in the lovely cup. The owl on the plate wants a mouse, but it’s going to get a bolo de arroz from the Portuguese bakery down the street.

  • Vinnie Spano

    Id put a bird on it. Chicken panini with roasted reds, onions and feta cheese. And coffee. Black coffee.

  • Ashley Villarreal

    Milk and cookies, of course!

  • Mary

    Earl grey tea and homemade birds nest cookies with mini chocolate Cadbury eggs inside them would be perfect.

  • Erin

    I will have a cup of hot chocolate with some marshmallows. Crispy bacon, pancakes with butter and honey, a pouched egg, kiwi fruits and strawberries will make a colorful picture on the plate.

  • Katya

    a scotch and coke with a pear/walnut salad.

  • Cat

    Every day my lunch is a bacon sandwich and coffee. So that!

  • Matías

    Some orange tea, and nut kuchen <3

  • pizza and pizza

  • London fog and buttered bread with hagelslag.

  • Chiara Martini

    Depending on how thick the ceramic is and if it can be put in the oven. I would make a Croque Monsieur in the mug with bread, creme fraiche, thinly sliced good quality ham and an egg. Pop that out onto that lovely plate(lovely yummy runny egg in the centre). Wash the mug and make a Mokka coffee with steamed almond milk and some sugar! If it’s too delicate and can’t go in oven, then poached egg on a bed of crunchy sourdough from the cafe across from my flat(spread some butter on that), crispy bacon with a dash of hot sauce. Strong earl grey tea with almond milk and honey in the mug.

  • Letty

    If I had these, it would be time to celebrate, and the first thing I’d use them for would be lemonade and party rings!

  • tea and blueberry pancake! :)

  • Fabian

    A cappuccino with latte art (yes I can do that) and a blueberry muffin from my favorite baker. :)

  • earl grey and banoffee pie!

  • Lucas

    Schweppes Ginger Ale and some Tater Tots

  • Michele

    Well if the cup and plate arrived in the morning i’d have a coffee and one of the best chelsea buns known to humankind from Fitzbillies in Cambridge. Sticky, sweet and astonishingly good. But if the cup and plate arrived in the afternoon it would have to be earl grey tea with milk (clipper preferably) and a big fat wedge of homemade coffee and walnut cake with lots of buttercream icing. I’m salivating already.

  • water and bread

  • Adrienn

    Strawberry tea and toast with strawberry jam. Too much strawberry? Never!

  • Karli

    hibiscus tea and pita bread with butter and honey. :)

  • Rowdy

    Its morning here in the Netherlands, the sun is shining through my window on my bed. This would be a perfect morning to use the cup and plate for a breakfast in bed.
    A croissant with marmelade and a cup of orange juice…. Hmmmm..

  • Dad’s homemade cappuccino topped with cinnamon, and warm toast with acacia honey.

  • Cappucino and brioche alla crema!

  • It would have to be peppermint tea, it always looks better in a white mug! and some of my boyfriends fresh homemade date and walnut bread still warm from the over with real butter.

  • garigatos

    Tea and crepes. I love them! Thanks!

  • Caroline


  • Oliver

    Chai tea and a cheese platter… lovely!

  • the cup fills with the wings that wake me–fresh ground french press coffee & soy milk; the plate watches me spoon ginger granola, yogurt, and whole almonds from a bowl. because i nibbled the almonds into smaller pieces the owl believes i’m some kind of squirrel. and so we spend our mornings like this, hungering, hunting, getting our fill.

  • Rich

    mint and chilli tea and nutella on toast.

  • Mai

    These egg muffins I made would look beautiful on that plate accompanied by my favorite licorice tea ! http://instagr.am/p/IY8AtDICdN/

  • Rebeca

    Something typical spanish: hot chocolate & churros!

  • the cup fills with the wings that wake me–fresh ground french press coffee & soy milk; the plate watches me spoon ginger granola, yogurt, and whole almonds from a bowl. because i nibbled the almonds into smaller pieces with my teeth the owl believes i’m some kind of squirrel. and so we spend our mornings like this, hungering, hunting, getting our fill.

  • alex

    Cigarette and chocolate milk

  • Finbar conran

    Diet coke and eggy bread

  • CC

    grandads coffee
    banana & chocolate chip muffin with custard

    ( ◕‿◕ )

  • Chai tea and my delicious, home made carrot cake!

  • Croissants and coffee. Duh!

  • Tom

    Hot chocolate and bourbons, Mmm

  • qt

    i have a friend who is an ornithologist who I would desperately like to impress… These would be so good for that! Pretty please?

    • qt

      And of course: jasmine tea and some toast with margarine

  • I would drink mountain dew from the mug and eat a sesame bagel with chocolate cream cheese from the plate.

  • Ana

    Mint tea and a blueberry muffin.
    It’s so cute. black coffee and a couple ferrero rochers would be nice too. Specially because my cat Poe broke my favourite cup and saucer the day he decides the kitchen was “too full”…
    Or I would give them to my mum. Next month it’s her birthday and she loves owls. My mum is a hipster she started liking owls years and years before it was even cool. lol but it’s true, she has a collection of little ceramic owls, or made of shells, or glass… she loves them. :)

  • latte macchiato and a slice of rock-cake!

  • Joostthehost

    Lol, if you want a list of hipster food, look above!

    Just a simple coffee and a sandwich for me!

  • Mug: Hot chocolate with plenty of Kahlua and topped with fresh whipped cream. Plate: Churros. A great way to start a Sunday morning!

  • Aduke

    A security guard at work told me a he likes instant coffee and tea mixed together. I think I’ll stick to ‘long black’ which I just found out isn’t only a euphemism but also coffee with a little hot water?! I’d put a stroop waffle over the top to melt a bit.

  • Kimberly

    I love owls, i would have coffee and a slice of cake. thanks for the giveaway!

  • Lucy

    time for traditional english afternoon tea, with scones and jam, and cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off, oh yeah!

  • nora

    awwww. i want to give it to my best friend, i’m the wolf and he’s the owwl. <3<3

  • nora

    awwwww. i want to give it to my best friend, i’m the wolf and he’s the owwl. <3<3

  • Want! I would have a cup of Earl Grey and an almond croissant.

  • Brandon W

    Well that’s simple. I would make some butterscotch scones with sour cream (don’t worry, i’d be sure to pick out the butterscotch morsels before tossing some crumbs to the owl….I wouldn’t want her to make a smack smack smack noise when it stuck in her beak). As I munched on my scone I’d have a cup of chicory coffee I just brought back from New Orleans.

  • Brandon W

    Well that’s simple. I would make some butterscotch scones with sour cream (don’t worry, i’d be sure to pick out the butterscotch morsels before tossing some crumbs to the owl….I wouldn’t want her to make a smack smack smack noise when it stuck in her beak). As I munched on my scone I’d have a cup of chicory coffee I just brought back from New Orleans.

  • a warm slice of my mama’s banana bread & a steaming cup of homemade chai, spicy and sweet.
    oh these pieces make my heart melt.

  • Marike

    Coffee and carrot cake!

  • Lovely!

  • Sarah-Rose

    Lets start with a warm bevvy’ classic earl gray tea – one sugar (and a cheeky bit) no milk. then the B.E.A.utiful barn owl plate will kick the summer off with an array of party ring, jamie dodgers and fox’s cream biscuits. YES PLEASE!

  • Pancakes and scrambled eggs. mmmmm

  • NionLead

    I’d fill the cup with black coffee and make eggs Benedict and bring the breakfast to my love.

  • Tea and a slice of ginger cake.

  • Mariana

    A cappuccino from my nesspresso machine aaaand a slice of whole wheat toast with butter and orange marmalade! Pick meeeeeeeeeeee :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stephen

    some good old Earl Grey and Jammy Dodgers

  • A good cup of English Tea and some of my mums homemade cake! Perfect set!!

  • Melissa Di Pasquale

    Paleo pancakes and a roiboos tea!

  • Carol

    Latte and a slice of homemade cake! :))

  • maris

    goat cheese ice cream and a wasa cracker.

  • Andrea

    I want ’em!

  • Andrea

    I mean, I’d put a hot toddy in the mug and a piece of crusty bread with butter on the plate!

  • GrenadineTomate

    I want it!!!! <3
    The first think I would drink in it would be one of my favourite green tea "Geisha Flower" and I would eat a croissant in my garden on a sunny sunday morning! That would be my ideal way to start using this!

  • andrea

    lemon cookies with earl grey.

  • Samathon

    It’d have to be a cup of English tea,
    with fairy cakes that Nanny bakes,
    on a Sunday morning.

  • Kasia

    green tea and ginger cookie :)

  • liz

    coffee & a scone with some marmelade unless i got it around dessert time in which case ice cream & pie in exchange for the scone

  • Stacey

    English breakfast tea and some party rings and jammy dodgers

  • zxcasq11

    Vanilla chai tea, and some apple slices with cheese.

    They are so beautiful, I almost wouldn’t want to eat off of them, though…

  • So nice starting the day eating on this, besides Edwyn Collins rocks! this is amazing.
    I would have chamomile with dice strawberries, one aspirin and two slices of nice bread with olive oil and cottage cheese and a biiiggg shiny smile : )

  • Brianna

    Snack time in my living-simply household! Apples with cheese and hummus! Mint tea!


    They are beautifully pretty! Great illustrations.

    I would have to say;
    A cup of rich black coffee and a couple of my home made hot cross buns I am about to make for Easter, straight out of the oven with butter on one and some home made raspberry jam on the other!

  • rebecca

    English breakfast tea in the cup with a label stating ‘drink me’. And on the plate; two slices of bread-and-butterflies (of coure without jam: ‘jam to-morrow and jam yesterday — but never jam to-day…’)

  • Ti

    Petit beurre cake and water (goes good with the birds :D)

  • Smoky earl grey tea and hot cross buns
    ahh I can almost taste it!

  • beautiful!!! earl grey and a whoopie from *one girls cookies*

  • Harley

    Dish soap, water, and a sponge.

  • Brye

    raspberry smoothie and cashew cookies!

  • hot chocolate in the mug and a plate of fruit!

  • Gabrielle D.

    Earl grey tea deluxe with little blue flowers in it and a piece of brownie. :)

  • Those are coffee and pie plates.

    What lovely things.

  • T

    They’re so pretty! I’d put in green tea in the mug and pancakes with blueberries on the plate.

  • Strong coffee or some espresso with a little bit of cream.
    Avocado on toast with a pinch of black pepper.

  • Black coffee and tofu scramble with avocado. Sounds amazing. Jeff, you always give away the most beautiful interesting things.

  • Magda


    First thing I would put in that cup is a Borscht! It’s a Ukrainian soap made from beets (yum it’s so good). While it is a soap and normally has beets in it, it’s commonly used as a hearty drink when you’re having it quickly or on the road that you can eat with buttered rye bread.

    Why does this beat coffee and tea? If you’ve ever had it, you know that it is a serious stainer! This soup packs a punch, in flavour and as a stain!

    But also, it’s an extremely old dish that my parents learned when they were living in communism. It is fairly simple to make and when you drink it you feel like your digesting a relic. My parents have made it for me since I was young, and although I love tea and coffee, there is no smell and sight that beats a cup of Borscht.

    And of course, the rye bread on the side because it’s a staple of any European family. Because my parents considered rye bread as a treat I’ve always had it. Together the two create this european beat down of heartiness and flavour, that is…


  • Chicken in some sort of plum-cranberry marinade and a chardonay in the mug.

  • Beautiful!

    I’d drink tea- because that is what I always drink,

    and I’d eat chicken-

    because nothing is so delicious
    as irony.

  • Chrissi Bambi

    Oh I want that, I’d make some sweet blood orange tea in white cup to make the vibrant orange pop! And I’d save the plate for when I make a new batch of bacon jam to spread on some toast with roasted red peppers and havarti cheese.. this is making me hungry.

  • Colin B

    some strong hot coffee and pop tarts or should i say popp tarts

  • Sarah Levy

    Nothing, they are too pretty to eat or drink from, I would just admire them x

  • Kevin P.

    Hmmm a chai tea latte wih extra foam and cinnamon sprinkled in top and a cheese Danish

  • Annie T

    black coffee and a grilled cheese sandwich

  • Black coffee and shortbread.

  • Lindsay

    Definitely some Russian Earl Grey (earl grey with orange rind and a touch of lavender petal) with some wonderful homemade orange and lemon scones. Yum yum.

  • Taylor

    It’s not as important what I put in it, because I would leave that to my wonderful mother. I’m not able to get her much, but we both have an unwarranted fondness of birds and art and I know she would be over the moon about this piece. I can guess that she would put in the cup some chai or sassafras tea, and the cinnamon toast my grandmother used to make.

  • Flora

    First, I’d take the plate and the mug to the garden at sunset. Then, I’d call out the owls all around.

    The first owl to arrive (owl-owl or human-owl)would go hunting with me. Then, we’d share some water in the mug and our award-prey on the plate.

    Will anyone want to join us?

  • David

    mouse blood and sunflower seeds.

  • sarah e.

    these are beautiful..

    If my first meal i used these with was breakfast, I would have coffee and breakfast bagel sandwiches I’ve been making all the time

  • Sydney Zane Hill

    My english tea time tea deserves to be in a cup of that caliber. Don’t crush its dreams.

  • Dan

    How could you not go with a Twin Peaks meal as a maiden voyage?

    Strong black coffee and a slice of delicious cherry pie!

    • Simone B

      i was going to enter, but nothing will be more perfect than this…..

  • If I’m trying to be normal, I’d say coffee and macarons. But right now, I’m hungry and I’d probably say a nice burger with avocado and mac n cheese on top and passion tea. OR maybe some dim sum. OR all of the above. Yeah.

  • Alex

    In the mug: Ice cream and fresh strawberries!
    On the plate: Cheese and crackers and LOTS of grapes!

  • I’d put some green tea in the mug and semisweet chocolate chips on the plate. =)

  • Lia

    This is beautiful! I’d make a white russian in the mug with some smores on the plate. I feel it reflects the design a bit : )

  • Arthur Lee

    tacos y horchata!

  • Since winter is coming in this side of the world, i’put some black tea with honey and whisky on the cup, and a lot of strawberrys, blueberrys, pancakes with cream and a special thing we have here called “dulce de leche” its a kind of sweet made out of cooked milk and sugar. Happiness

  • Kal

    what beautiful designs! I would drink my evening chamomile tea with ginger biscuits.

  • Michelle

    Hot cup of coffee w cream, and couple of chocolate chip cookies on the plate

  • M

    red tea and mini chocolate chip muffins!!! I WANT ‘EM! <3 thank u <3

  • Sara P.

    Strong coffee and an english muffin with almond butter, bananas and honey on top. These are great designs.

  • Bridger

    i would put a huge breakfast burrito in the cup and enchiladas with rice on the plate.

  • David Jaworski

    I would fill the mug with rotisserie chicken in the closest honor I could to the bird who rules the mug and fill the plate with whiskey and several tootsie pops (an owl’s favorite snack).

  • Lauren W

    Homemade eggplant panini and BlackBerry tea!

  • Em

    there is one beverage and that is goddamn tea. anyone who tells you different is pulling your legs in directions your mind does not wish to go in. Got it?

  • Ellen

    Local Kalamazoo Coffee Co. coffee, preferably “backpackers blend” (mmmmm) and eggy-in-a-basket with sauteed asparagus and strawberries on the side :] Man, now I’m hungry.

  • Rae

    I’d put a good cup of coffee in it. And a piece of Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble.

  • Liz

    Vanilla Jasmine Green Tea with a couple honey-drizzled-blackberry-topped whole wheat waffles. Heaven.

  • Emma D

    These are precious, just lovely.

    I’d put on it a slice of homemade strawberry cheesecake, some blueberries on the side, drizzle a bit of Hershey’s syrup on top, and put some coffee mixed with bailey’s in the mug. I’d eat some rock candy afterwards. It would be heavenly.

  • jaycie

    coffee and a pancake.

  • katie

    something super organic #livelaughlove

  • brew some mexican chocolate coffee jn the french press and make fried eggs on toast with salsa. now i need to make that right now.

  • Benice

    A hot cup of English tea and two slices of toast, ceramics like that deserve a classic!

  • I hereby promise I will have something I haven’t had before, but what I have been wanting to make myself for a long time, like hot chocolate with raw cacao and cayenne pepper, and, let’s see, thyme-roasted grapes with ricotta & grilled bread, yeah.

  • Lilly

    Selfmade red velvet cupcake and milky englisch breakfast tea from twinings. =) love owls and birds, oh and my birthday is quite soon :D

  • tre hibbit

    posh cup of cider and last nights pizza.. but if i got this i properly will be way to excited to eat.:) xx

  • rthomas

    Lady Grey and jammy dodgers

  • Natasaur

    We Im obsessed with tea so thats what would go in it but not just any ordinary tea it would be brewed from loose leaf tea in my lovely glass tea pot mmmmmm Russian Caravan.

  • Catherine

    A set like this, so beautiful deserves something special:
    A cup of rose tea (rose petals, as we know) with a hint of lavender honey. On the plate a red fruit caramelized almond cake, homemade as we know. With a little hint of cinnamon. Hmmmm. I am hungry and thirsty now. Good luck to everyone.

  • Mike

    Orange Juice! And pankcakes.

  • AbbeyMay

    Definitely Earl Grey tea with a wee bit of milk, and a pumpkin scone with butter and a slice of cheese. My Nana’s recipe :)

    • AbbeyMay

      Lady Grey* I really dislike Earl grey lol.. Oops!

  • Kirsty

    These are beautiful.

    I would have a hot cup of tea and a freshly baked (by me) scone with butter, strawberry jam and clotted cream.

    Thank you! x

  • demo

    creamy coffee and cookies. how original of me :)

  • Leanne

    Tea and Crumpets

  • A smokey Russian tea (for me), and a chocolate mouse (for the owl).

  • lemon ginger honey tea and carrot cake! all the way, and in CHILE…awesome

  • Jerrrrrry

    waffles and dr. pepper !

  • Salmon, brie, caramelized onions, lettuce & horseradish on a toasted baguette and strong Sumatran coffee w/cream, sugar, and a Good-Catholic’s shot of Jameson. Start Sunday mid-morning right.

  • Giulia

    Orange pekoe tea (with lemon) and anna’s ginger thins.

  • elise

    POMEGRANATE with Indian Chai Thea

  • Georgia

    strawberry green tea and pistachio macaroons, yummy!!!

  • I would definitely be drinking butterfly blood and eating wasabi peas + sour patch kids

  • Carly Rapp

    Grilled cheese sandwich and hot tomato soup.

  • hot chocolate and churros to cheer the unemployed soul ;)

  • Lea

    I would drink turkish apple tea and eat selfmade happy vegan choclate chips cookies (high risk of addiction!)

    a link to the recipe http://vegweb.com/index.php?topic=6391.0

  • crappy black coffee and a bagel with nothing on it because i’m lazy and i’m not going to lie to you

  • Agnes

    I love birds, to me they always symbolize the freedom of mind and spirit.

    What I would put into them?
    Black coffee with half a spoon of sugar + a hint of lemon juice.
    Plate would be decorated with baby spinach salad with pear balsamic vinegar with blue cheese, and probably slice of 12-grain bread with brie cheese and tomato <3

  • Maria

    owl so beautiful. love it
    orange juice and green peas

  • Matt

    One slice of my girlfriend’s owl-shaped carrot cake and a cup of vanilla honeybush tea.

    As a reference point, http://www.flickr.com/photos/lettersnumbersanddashes/6551542979/in/photostream

  • Maria

    This is such a whimsical design! I adore it. I have been looking for the ideal cup and plate for my afternoon Matcha green tea latte! The bright green tea would pop against the black and white design of the cup. For the plate, I would pair my tea with a homemade elderflower cream tartlet topes with fresh figs, raspberries, and blueberries.

    (This is so incredible decadent that I am staring at my computer screen, stunned at the thought of such a divine creation.)

  • For the cup, a Japanese tea blend with toasted rice and sesame….and for the plate, sugar cookies shaped like little white mice, with white lemon icing and little red sugar balls for the eyes..

  • I’d go with an Irish coffee and some toast and bacon.

  • Flower Craft tea and Green Tea Macarons <3 Owl illustration makes it even more peaceful :)

  • ioana

    ginger tea with lemons and honey + 3 chocolate chip cookies dipped in sour cherry jam (please pick me!)

  • cam

    Probably coffee..then i would make some dead mouse shaped biscotti for the side. that seems fitting.

  • espresoo and toast and jam! and cookies.

  • Sophia

    Pomagranete tea and french toast!

  • Black coffee and a dippy egg. Toast for dipping too.

  • Cloud

    Ginger and lemon tea and balsamic marinated strawbs! with a wee dusting of icing sugar

  • Marisa

    Toast with cambozola and honey and a cup of black tea!!

  • Jason Limberg

    Some coffee and sweet potato mash.

  • I shall drink some earl grey tea and some blueberry pancakes, PLEASE!

  • id probably use them for cookies and milk. or tea. truth comes out.

  • Nick

    Butter cake along with some tea.

  • Chelsea

    tea with some toast and jam. Yum!

  • camila

    i would put green tea in the cup, because i’m trying to be healthy, and a slice of cake on the plate, because i’m trying to not.

  • Em

    GUAVA JUICE and PAIN PERDU (french toast)

    At any time. Because that’s the REAL deal.

  • Nisa

    Jasmine tea and my home made banana muffins.

  • Just simple hot chocolate :)))

  • marlo

    Earl Grey with a drop of milk, and mint milano cookies!

  • te de frutilla y galletas de avena (L)

  • Casey

    I would have something as simply beautiful as the dishes. Maybe some light earl grey tea and fresh warm scones with some jam.

  • elaine

    chicken broth and seed bread

  • William


    This ceramic is wonderful, i’d love offer it to my dear Sister. She’d drink a cup of sunshine and most definitely finish her plate of my infinity love…

    Have a nice day Amigos !


  • I would have a capuccino and a homemade banana muffin with pink vanilla cream on top decorated with multicolor stars (:

  • mira

    some gummy worms for the owl and raspberry juice for the birdy.

  • Sky

    green tea in the cup and a wild sockeye salmon salad on the plate. yum yum

  • Martina

    Tea in the mug–earl grey and cookies! I think owls like shortbread the most…maybe with a little lavender in it.

  • feehee

    stout and pork belly

  • Rachel Boldt

    I would put cookie dough truffles on the plate (yes they exist!) and peppermint coco in the mug.

  • Ian Grieve

    I’d put two fingers of bourbon in the cup and three pimms orange/ chocolate cookies on the plate.

  • DJ

    really bitter cacao with a little muscovado & turon.

  • Gones

    In this dainty cup would be my grandmother’s hot and steamy Chai, the smell of cinnamon engulfing me. I would be sitting in my tiny kitchen overlooking the pacific ocean, the only thing enlivening the place being the streak of natural light piercing through the tiny crack of my black window. In the plate would be my mother’s sweet yellow rice, bulging with cloves, cardamon, and fennel. These sights and scents would allow me to reminisce. 20 years ago my parent’s immigrated to Vancouver, but today I feel as if I am sitting in my ancestor’s tiny village in India.

  • hot chocolate and mexican bread :)

  • Donna

    not a thing – i would display them with my other unique and cherished items – the owl is amazing

  • Pardis

    Chai and scone! Boring but good :)

  • Jennifer

    Tea and toast

  • Angee Andino

    I’d put some delicious hibiscus tea in the cup with a few drops of pomegranate flavor, then on the plate I’d have some light and airy rice cookies with a bit of pomegranate jelly!

    • Sara

      Omg yummy I need some of that

  • Rebecca Yong

    coffee and toast, morning food, but them and the birds would be my company throughout the night.. :)

  • English breakfast tea & red velvet cupcake :-) mmmm!

  • Shannon

    I’m immediately putting coffee and a bagel on that hotness.

  • BFrei

    Irish breakfast tea and crusty, nutty whole-wheat bread with peanut butter on top. Eaten on the front porch of my row house.

  • Kenzie

    O my! these are SO beautiful!
    Yerba mate tea and a peanut butter chocolate brownie. mmm MM Mmm gorgeous.

  • Sara

    They are amazing!

    I would put mint tea with soy milk and toast with maple syrup and cinnamon. Yummy!

  • These are lovely!

    Coffee in the cup, a bagel on the plate.

  • Loose Leaf Earl Grey tea, with a little milk and honey. As for the plate, a piece of toast with strawberry jam and cream cheese. I’d take a bite out of the toast before setting it down to reveal the owl, of course!

  • Jessica Kjenstad

    Vanilla Tea and a Spinach and Fennel Slice

  • A whisky ginger (ginger beer!) in the teeny cup and a taxidermy owl to accompany the little drawn one!

  • I am gong to put yogurt and honey and nuts in the cup and cookies on the plate

  • Yogurt and nuts and cookies

  • Helena

    Chocolate milk, cheese, crackers & grapes! Those ceramics make me happy just looking at them <3

  • ginger tea + a piece of carrot cake

  • Laura Marten

    I would have a cup of tea and a piece of the plum custard cake that is in the oven right now. I LOVE this design.

  • yongxia

    Sweet Corn Kakiage and a nice hot cup of green tea

  • Katie

    I’d have a Chilli Hot Chocolate and a piece of toast from a tin loaf with butter.

    Simple, but highly delicious

  • Jeremy Moore

    hot cup of chai and a stuff red pepper.

  • Well, I am a budding birder and aim to someday spot a Barn Owl. They’re pretty, but their call is SCARY, like a scream. What I’d put onto these dishes would have to reflect that. How about a frothy Americano (spiked?!) and a dark chocolate with some salts on top?

  • As a fellow Scot to Edwyn, it’s going to have to be sugary tea and a fried egg and bacon roll. Yum.

  • alex

    beverage: melon ramuné food: some unagui onigiris Oh boy!

  • I think i will put a very nice elixir of inmortality i keep for special occasions

  • Fantastic owl illustration! I’d have it with coffee and a fried egg sandwich – the perfect lazy Sunday breakfast.

  • Beverly

    These are beautiful!!

    Lemon poppyseed cake on the plate and hot earl grey tea in te mug.

    Perfect weekend breakfast.

  • blood red motts clamato juice and a golden delicious apple half.

  • Sophia

    I would have Ovaltine in the mug and puffy, air filled, neon orange cheesies on the plate.

  • coffee, black & butter croissant.

  • Bex

    Taaaweeet tawooooo – this mug is calling out for a golden rum hot toddy and a mini coconut macaroooon.

  • kaitlin

    I’d drink a beer out of the mug (IPA) and the plate is for CHEEEEESE AND CRACKERS!! : )

  • tim

    Tea and sympathy

  • Sam

    I would have the simple food and drink – Tea and biscuits.

    Literally can’t wait to pick up a biscuit that would reveal the owl’s face while sipping from the mug.

  • Lauren Smith

    hot chocolate with cream and sprinkles and a piece of batten burg cake,

    What happened to the owl who fell in the well?

    It got wet!

  • Sarah

    In the cup: a curious gray field mouse in a brown billycock.

    On the plate: a nest of yellow straw, confetti stars and a topiary egg.

    For dessert: bread pudding hot from the pan.

  • They are so beautiful I would want to display them not eat from them.

  • It is a fantastically beautiful plate and cup. I would have a small coffee with cream and creme brûlée on the plate. It would be marvelous.

  • Goona

    Well of course I’d have to eat something that wouldn’t make the owl jealous since he’d have to watch. So maybe some onion rings coated in vinegar because I don’t think owls like vinegar. Cranberry juice in the mug just because they’re both awesome.

  • May

    I’d eat some awesome maple crackers with some vanilla rum tea as I bring them outside to drink on a picnic when summer will come by.

  • Tina

    I’d fill that cup with my awestruck slobber and put my unyielding gratitude on that perfect plate

  • M.L.

    gin tonic and lemons.

  • After being ill for 3 months and finally being able to eat normal food again, i would definatley have a yummy banana milkshake in the cup and on the plate a MOUNTAIN of pierogies, ruskie style. :)

  • Jill watson

    Orange juice and a girl like me would have chocolate cake

  • TK

    milk and cookies!

  • Szappanbubi

    Hot chocolate with whipped cream on top
    and honey+butter on bread *_*

  • Lia

    turkish delight and tea : )

  • Jovi

    A nice cup of coffee and a big piece of birthday cake for my hubby!

  • betibup

    I would put coffee with milk on the cup and a lachs bagel on the plate! never the other way round or it would ruin my breakfast!

  • Sara

    Half an avocado and chammomile tea !!!!!!!!

  • Richard

    milk and a white chocolate mouse

  • is this still open?? I would put some chilaquiles and atole for beberage yuummm

  • Brian

    Mountian Dew and a Snickers. Not in the slighest fancy but still better than anything else :)

  • Emma

    Beet juice and an ezekiel muffin! :P

  • Jaren

    I would make a feta wrap and drink a rasberry ice tea.

  • Tea and carrot cake!

  • Thanks for all these great answers! Fun to read through them all, sorry for the delay in picking a winner


    Brandi Henry

    Check your inbox!

  • Brent

    Whiskey and chicken wings!

  • Blonde_santa

    Elderflower tea and meatball pie!

  • Charlotte N

    Gin Fizz and and a massive slice of lemon and poppyseed cake! 

  • Felix

    Fresh milk from the mountains and some of my grandma´s  “Kaiserschmarrn”.

  • Claire

    Oooooo gotta be BREAKFAST!!!! Lightly toasted onion bagels covered in cream cheese, sliced beef tomatoes, and a sprinkle of capers- bit of seasalt and craked black pepper…. Yum!!!! Oh and a hot mug of deliciously strong black coffee!! Food of the gods served up on beautiful china- perfect start to the day!!!!!

  • Leine

    fresh mint tea and a light lemon cake

  • Ali

    moroccan mint tea and zucchini bread!

  • emelie björling

     Chocolate-tea and danish ryebread with vegan butter

  • Maria

    I keep checking this to see what sort of things other people will put on their plates. Amusingly, I find myself ranking people’s meals. I think that if I were to win this delightful cup and saucer, I would have to print out all these combinations and go through them, one by one, taking pictures as I go along. 

  • Thanks for all these great answers! Fun to read through them all, sorry for the delay in picking a winner
    Brandi Henry
    Check your inbox!

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