08.05.12 by Jeff

The Eagleman Stag / Stop-motion animation by Mikey Please

The Eagleman Stag stop-motion animation by Mikey Please
OH MY GOD. This is one of the most incredible animations I have ever seen. Mikey Please sent me over a link to his latest film “The Eagleman Stag” and it is a masterpiece. What you are about to see is not a computer animation, it’s a stop-motion animation using thousands of handmade foam models.

Watch the entire film below!


And a peek behind the scenes, here.



Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • fionn

    Whoa. So amazing!

  • http://twitter.com/castavridis C. A. Stavridis

    That was absolutely amazing! I can’t imagine how difficult and time consuming that was to make such a seamless animation out of those foam models.

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

      everything is so smooth, hard to fathom building something like this

  • eeeps

    It’s unbelievably beautiful. There’s something lacking in the writing (or the voice acting maybe?), I feel like it dosent reach its full potential w/r/t saying meaningful things with more clarity and poignany about the isolation of genius and the quest for knowledge, or the inherent antisocialness of people whose driving motivation in life is esothereic knowledge, or something. But holy hell! What beauty! What skill! What effort! So visually lush within it’s chosen constraints…



  • felix

    holy chorizo, really taking stop animation to a whole new level, flipping amazing

27.11.15 by Jeff

#TheCreatorClass x Canon Presents: #SHOOTITYOURSELF


#SHOOTITYOURSELF, a new video series by #TheCreatorClass and Canon, features some of Instagram’s most popular photographers sharing some insights into how they create their signature images. In this episode, Dylan Furst (@fursty) explores some of the beautiful trails in Vancouver’s backyard.

Watch the video below!

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27.11.15 by Staff

Stop-Motion Animation of the Day: “They Crawl Amongst Us!”


This delightful short animation by filmmaker Sihanouk Mariona is an obvious homage to the classic claymation mockumentary, Creature Comforts. “They Crawl Amongst Us!” explores real social issues in New York City via various stereotypical urban pests. Watch the full short below!

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27.11.15 by Staff

Trippy Video of the Day: Sissi Rada “Sunday”


Images move in waves of fragmentation in this video for coquettish-electrodoompop duo Sissi Rada by schnellebuntebilder (a.k.a. Sebastian Huber, Robert Pohle and Johannes Timpernagel). Watch “Sunday” below!

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27.11.15 by Staff

Photographer Spotlight: John MacLean


London-based photographer John MacLean has a knack for capturing small urban moments with a subtle sense of humour and unexpected beauty. See more images from his diverse series, “City,” below.

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27.11.15 by Staff

Video of the Day: “The Art of the Gag”


In the latest instalment of the brilliant series Every Frame a Painting (click here for previous instalments), Tony Zhou explains The Art of the Gag by the original master of visual comedy, Buster Keaton. With traces of his work in everything from the shots of Wes Anderson, the physicality of Jackie Chan, and the body language of Bill Murray, you’ve seen Buster Keaton even if you think you haven’t. So how did he do it and why is he so influential? Watch (and learn) below!

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