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Lisa Cinar / Poster Giveaway

Lisa Cinar / Colouring Poster Giveaway
Today’s giveaway is for the kids! My friend Lisa Cinar is a talented children’s book illustrator here in Vancouver and she’s letting me give away two of her colouring posters! Who wants one?

If you want to win one of the posters tell me your pet’s name in the comments below! If you don’t have one, let me know what you’d name your pet if you had one.

This is open to everyone! I’ll pick two winners next Friday!


Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Jaenne

    I have 2 dogs named Achilles & Phoebe :D

  • rainypenguin

    I don’t have a pet, but if I did, it would be a chocolate lab. I think I would call him Jeff.

  • Kelly H

    I want one! I want one!! (Well, my cat loving Girl Child will want one!)

  • michelle g

    I had a pet turtle when I was a kid, his name was dougie!

  • barouf

    My cat : ALDO !

  • Donaldo

    my late dog’s name was diesel. And I had a cool fish named Schrodinger.

  • I had multiple cats and kittens before, but my favourite ones are Toby, Damien and Patches!

  • vesle serena

    What a super nice poster! My girl LOVES cats, and she wil absolutely love this! She can`t write yet, but her pets name is PUSHKINA WOOLSUCKER (its a cat of course)

  • Cats- Neptune, Penelope, and the late Piewacket.

  • kvollenberg

    This would be awsome for my niece. Her two fish are called Assepoester and Doornroosje (Cinderella and Aurora in Dutch)

  • Sami H

    Guinea pig called Agnus :)

  • Rae-Yen

    A fish called Fatfish and another fish with a bladder problem called Upside-down fish.

  • tomoko couture

    I have a cat named CHANNA, she’s my lil chick-pea!

  • cedbook

    My cat’s name is Pepsi :) #iwantone

  • yana

    pioupiou is my cat. He has a bird’s name (in France pioupiou is the noise that the birds are making, i don’t know in the rest of the world). It fits him well.

  • Dianahaha!

    Meow the Dog and Woof the Cat.

  • mauz

    karl friedrich, my old and wise cat.

  • Stephen

    Cat’s name is Heinrich.

  • lewisdawson.ld

    I used to have a dog called Bonnie, no idea what from but I’d love to have a dog again and call him Clyde!

  • we have a blind sheep called bert and a disabled sheep called sweetpea :D

  • Jess

    I don’t have a pet, but I’d love to have a dog name Quentin… just because if I called his name out, it’d sound like I had some sort of posh English butler. Plus, I love dogs.

  • We have a cat. She’s about 10 now… She’s called Mary Mears (after Ray)…

  • Suzanne

    Our dog is named Sagan, after Carl. He has hip dysplasia and can’t jump very high, but is super bouncy and full of energy. When he jumps extra crazy, we say, “blast off!”

  • Katherine

    My cat’s name is Russel. Only 1 ‘L’ cuz he’s fly.

  • Hollie E

    I have a pet hamster called Arthur but I recently found out he is a girl… So he is now Arthena!

  • carlito

    a cat, named Poseidon since I found it close to the beach in Greece while on vacation

  • zitrone.bohne

    dont have a pet…but the cats around me are named “Flocke” and “Pommes”… its german for Flake and Frites :D

  • This would be awsome for my niece (6). Her two fish are called Doornroosje and Assepoester (Cinderella and Aurora in Dutch)

  • Nadine Maaraba

    I was never allowed pets as a kid (except for a fish which seemed so lame at the time, since its not like I could play with it) and I always really wanted a dog. If I do ever get a dog it’d name it “eyebrow”. Yeah I know, kinda out there I guess, but I think its funny how dogs not actually have eyebrows, and I think it would be even funnier calling it on street “common eyebrow, lets go eyebrow!”.

  • Anna

    my dog’s name is Darling. Me and my Darling are watching TV. Come on Darling, we’re late! No, I can’t date with you, I already have my Darling. :)

  • I have a kitty named Spooky

  • daydri

    bruma & jace (our two cats – latin divas)
    cadbury (kitten we had briefly, but could not keep due to above-mentioned divas’ reaction)
    al (imaginary pet elephant)
    dirkie (imaginary labrador puppy)
    ice-cream (last non-imaginary dog i had&loved)

  • I have two guinea pigs, one white called ‘Snowy’, and one black called ‘Pepper’

  • Anna

    My cat’s name is Cyryl.

  • Lauren

    My last pet was a goldfish named Betty Bouffant.

  • my three cats are aloísio, babyzilla and mr. tea

  • Claire Fletcher

    two big dogs named Emma and Zoe. Zoe is an 85lb chocolate lab who thinks she is a cat.

  • Rafaela

    I have one dog called Porkchop :) Yeah, 12 years ago i used to love Doug! And my cat’s name is Fiona, because 7 years ago i discovered a huge love for Fiona Apple.

  • Antonia

    My cat’s name is Justus, and he totally looks like the cat on the right, turning its head.

  • hELLIEcopter

    I’ve got a guinea Pig named Waldorf McDoulgas.

  • ashbot3000

    I used to have a cat called Checkpiece Charlie… my dad named him, dunno what it means. He “ran away” when I was 4 (the cat, not my dad).

  • Charline

    I have a dog who’s named Bacchus. But he only drinks water, don’t worry !

  • Michelle

    I have a sheltie named Koko, a cockatiel named Pepper, and I used to have two holland lops named Snowflake and Caramel!

  • me-mary

    My rabbit is called China, after the material, not the country. My sister and me were at a loss as to what to get for our ma and pa on there 20th (china) wedding anniversary so a pet rabbit seemed the best way to go. They are now coming up their 30th anniversary and poor old China is getting on a bit.

  • Rosaura

    I had an orange cat for 13 years and his name was Zun-Zun.

  • Clara Canepa

    Gizmo e Zelda! My beloved cats <3

  • Aleyna

    My cat’s name was Earl. He was a wizard cat! He would fall asleep on my face and cuddle up close and had a really low pitch meow. He was the animal love of my life but unfortunately he died. I held him in the car as my dad drove us to the pet hospital and we had to put him down. I received his ashes yesterday and plan to get him a cool Earl Urn and set it up in my room. I am obssessed with cats and illustration, dude. I know this is supposed to be for kids but I’m 17. Does that still count? ;)

  • Angela

    CHEWY. like chewbaka. :D My dog is pretty cool.

  • mercedes

    i have a beautifull false-siamese cat named olivia

  • Jess Fletcher

    i have a cat called Milly who thinks she is a parrot, she sits on your shoulder when you pick her up and she always attacks this little teddy tiger thing we have, i don’t no how it is all still in one piece but it stinks!

  • kateg

    i named our cat roastbeef as a tribute to achewood. when asked why my husband named our doggie bill cosby he responds ‘duh, because everybody loves bill cosby’.

  • Karlin & kids

    We have two dogs, one named Lucy and one named Eddy (he’s a deaf puppy who we have created a system of signs for).

  • i have a cat called Milly that thinks she is a parrot as every time you pick her up, she sits on your shoulder and she has a tiger that she attacks all the time, i wouldn’t advise smelling it!

  • Oh man I have lots of pets.. Chaos and Marley are our Boxers, Oreo & Sugar are our hamsters, Pandora & Casper are our birds and Grace is our chameleon!

  • Tyler

    My dogs names are Suzie Q and Curly (because he’s a stooge)

  • Luis Paulo

    I have a cat called Tchékhov!

  • Claudia Wong

    My cat’s name is General Meow :)

  • TheAndHeDrew

    My cats are named Merry and Pippin. :-)

  • Michelle

    My kids each have a beta. The older daughter, who’s a mini Tracy Flick, named her fish Sparkles. And my twirly kid who always smells like spit named hers Rachel Ginger-Ale.

  • Jesse

    a fennec fox named peanut

  • thistlehill

    I have a dog, his name is Otis. He runs marathons with me. :)

  • Chiara

    bonsoir, my name is Chiara and I’m 17 yrs old. Unluckily I haven’t got a pet, but if i had one (a cat!) I would call it Jacques Prévert, just like my favourite poet :-)

    greets from Italy

  • thistlehill

    I have a dog, his name is Otis. He runs marathons with me :)

  • Mallory Ketterer

    I have a dog, his name is Otis. He runs marathons with me :)

  • Mallory Ketterer

    I have a dog, his name is Otis. He runs marathons with me :)

  • ianguy

    my dogs name is Brodo! hes my bro and looks like Todo!

  • A kitty named “Tate Monster”

  • Danielle

    I have a Chihuahua named Don Juan Quixote!
    and if i had a cat i would name it cheerleader


  • Anthony

    We’ve got a olde english bulldogge named Gus. He’s 12 and he’s an amazing friend and member of the family.

  • Kathryn

    teddy isn’t a bear, he’s one of my cats! the other two are holly and basil.

  • annika

    If I had a cat I would name it Skeffington, after Lewis Carroll’s brother.

  • sd

    i have a dog named mandolin aka mandy! shes adorable.

  • Ally

    Neo would call his rabbit “Rosie”.

  • Carolyn

    I don’t have any right now but if I had a fish, I’d call it Swimmy.

  • I have a fish named Amadeus – he’s an algae eater!

    • hey christopher – can you email me at jeff at booooooom dot com – your email address isn’t available


    Dog named Goldie… very unoriginal. Thank my sisters.

  • My cats name is Kero from the children’s show card captors! It’s me and my brother’s tradition to name our pets after anime characters from our childhood. Next in line is Baron for the suave kitty in The Cat Returns!

  • Ralu

    My guy and I have two fluffy cats going by the names of Tupeu (Guts) and Doi (Two). They’re sure live up to their names :))

  • Jason

    I have a Doberman named Ty, a shihtzu named Mia, two cocker spaniels named Nero and Zoey, and their puppies Auggie and Annie.

  • Trevor

    Haha ok here it goes…My cat’s name is Shitty Bill aka Bill (when he’s not being shitty).

  • jake dockter

    my cat is named pippin. hes a wild cat who lives in our house and from time to time the yard. he is named after both peregrine took and john steinbecks book…

  • Lulu

  • slowlikehoney

    Captain Pondsworthy (endearingly-obese goldfish who, rather than swims, kind of just… blobs)

  • my cat is called Tippi, like Tippi Hedren, he’s got a real diva attitude and everyone who meets him thinks he’s a girl and they comment on how pretty he is.

  • Ashley

    Our chubby fuzzmonkey is named Oscar after the baby from Ghostbusters 2, hahahaha! He is a very chatty orange tabby who also goes by Ohskey.

  • Orin is my cat’s name! She’s a longhair kitty that spits hairballs in my shoes and her name means orange.

  • diana

    My dog’s name is Joy!

  • My ideal pet would be a green and yellow parakeet named Guillen, (after one of my favorite poets).

    “Es joven, apenas vuela.
    Pero ya canta
    cuando oye en otras jaulas
    aletear sones y coplas.”

    She’s young, she barely flies.
    But already she sings
    when she hears the flutter
    of sounds and couplets
    in other cages.

  • Pat

    Astrophee… Cat Astrophee…

  • Andrey

    George is the name of my kitty :3

  • Joseph

    I have a cat named Mir after the Russian space station (it means Peace), and just recently got a puppy called Ida, because it’s a beautiful name.

  • Magdalen

    “Milagro Negra Selvaggia San Juan de la Cruz” is the realy name of my dog but I call simply Mila.

  • Erik

    I had a goldfish named Bruce that died on September 11, 2001…

  • jcoast

    I would name my pet…PROFESSOR FALAFEL III

  • Alicia

    I have two cats, one is named Dartanian and the other is named Basil!

  • My cat’s name is Stevesie! pronounced like Steve-Z, as in Steve Zissou from The Life Aquatic!
    But sometimes we call him Chicken Nugget or Chairman Meow.

  • mmegou

    mon chat est gros et roux et s’appelle Théo.

  • Nathan

    Dagobah… actually that may be my future kids name

  • jazz

    I have a seventeen year-old cat named Moppet, named after the Beatrix Potter book – The Story of Miss Moppet. One of her ears is broken, so she’s a bit of a lopsided babe. She could really use the company of the kitty poster.

  • I have three chihuahuas named Johnny, Kuddos, and their baby named Audio.

  • Sine


    my pet is a cat and his name is Laurits.

    Best regards

  • I have three chihuahuas named Johnny, Kuddos, and their baby named Audio who never shuts up, hence the name. :)

  • Steven Duncan

    my dogs name is sadie!

  • Lucas


  • Scott Paradis

    I had 3 lady cats growing up. Bijou, Lua, and Maxine.

  • monique

    I have two pets-a female dog and a male cat. dog’s name is tara, and cat’s name’s miki!

  • Kristin

    Bumble, Squee (the cats) and Little Bird (the parrotlet)

  • steph winton

    my cat is a giant cat and his name is theodore. i like to call him squidge or sometimes chicken. when he lies down he looks like a slug or a baby seal

  • ellie


  • Hachiiiko

    My dogs are called Rookie and Marty, and my bunny’s called Houdini. He tends to escape from his cage.

  • Carol Monnet

    My 2 cats are maned Chacal and Mouche (in French), wich means Jackal and Fly.
    The third cat, my ex-boyfriend kept, is maned Baleine, meaning Whale.
    One animal from the earth, one from the sky and one from the sea.
    (I realize how ridiculous it is while writing it now…)

  • ellen

    Edward, Angus, Philip, Neil, Sebastian, Kevin, & Lucy

  • Jace

    precious, not very original.

  • samborino

    My lover and I have a called Bubbie which was handed to us by an old college friend. We based the name from Cartoon Network’s show The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. funny thing was, we used to think he was a girl and called him Ms. Bubbie, when we later found out he was a guy we now call him Señor Bubbie.

  • ana

    my dogs name is Tara, but someday ill have a dog albert. :)

  • our tabby cat is named Travis and our black cat is named Boris…they do not respond to their names

  • lilly

    Bobby and Momo, two red haired tomcats, very sweet, one is fat and the other very curious. I love them.

  • Lula

    My cat is Whisper, my dogs are Saffron and Pepper, my horses are Sovereign, Becka and Fred. I would also like to have a fish called Poppy! x

  • VsXu855ffd

    UMy cat’s name is Baron as in The baron from Hazao Miyazaki’s The Cat Returns. I absolutely fell in love with The Baron and felt that my cat deserved that name!

  • EL

    I have two long haired miniature dachshunds (sausage dogs!)
    I have never not had a dog in my all my 20 years!
    There names have been: Mr Reginald aka Reggie, William, Boysie and my two current dogs are Bertie (sometimes called Smedley) & Henry (often pronounced with a french accent)

  • I call my cat ‘Cat,’ but there isn’t a reason

  • My cat’s name is mittens he is an all white cat. Yeah, I dunno why I named him that either. But some of his nicknames range from Mitta to Miimoo.

  • Steve

    Our cat is called ‘creature from the black mega lagoon’ , much to my girlfriends horror whenever we go to the vets.

  • blowinggbubbles

    my hamster’s name is tibbits (pron. like ribbit) … he’s a dwarf robo hamster

  • My cats name is Hiro (the little tigers), and vi also call him Trol or Beasty boy, or Lijan. But I think it wouldn’t bee
    fair not to maintion my other two pets…I have 2 land turtles Kora and Spayke…they run around my back jard sinc I thought when I got them that is crule to let them be inside of 50 x 30 cm box…

  • We have a house rabbit called Ben. or “Benjamin No!” if he’s being bad, which is quite often.

  • joe gamble

    my cats are called isabella and matilda. matilda is afraid of people and isabella meows constantly.

  • mac

    Puca is my little dog and Olives is my cat :)

  • i’ve got 2 cat… Mateo and Simona ♥

  • One cat’s name is Lando Valu-Time Kitty, and the other is Kitty Whiskers.

  • yulin

    I don’t have a pet!!! I really do wish I had one and if I did I’ve always wanted to give them awful long complicated names but I would shorten them into much more manageable and pet-like nick names. Just for the fun of it. Like Synuh for Synagogue but I’m also drawn to things like yulin which means precious morning dew in chinese and i could call it yu or lin for short and yu also sounds like fish so I guess I’ve been thinking of a cat this whole time
    man i wish i could hold something fluffy right now

  • Torje Hausvik Olsen

    I once had a cat named Horse. I miss Horse.

  • Sarah

    My rabbit is called China. It was my parent’s 20th wedding anniversary, but they didn’t feel like giving each other plates.

  • Ragne

    My ferret is called Frida. After the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. But we also call her Maus.

  • Fenna


  • donna Salter

    have a cat named ellicott, she is almost as wild as i am!

  • Marin

    Ralphie the cat, named after Ralphie from the Christmas Story

  • Undeadjellybean

    my dog’s name is cotton, he was named like that when I adopted him and my mom didn’t let me change it for identity reasons. I would have liked to call him Dhani, after Dhani Harrison

  • Steviecat_d

    Simeon – he’s a big black bookshop cat.

  • My kitten is named Tiga, after the DJ! Woohoo

  • My kitten is named Tiga, after the DJ! Woohoo 

  • My first fish’s name as a child was named Spring-Pal (two names due to the illusion of having two fish in a bowl)

  • Christina

    I have a little grey cat named Squidward (Squidy for short) and a chocolate labrador named Moose.

  • Sarah Schmidt

    When we adopted our dog, her name was Dilli.
    We kept the name, as it is unique and suited her quite well.

  • Saigelove

    my puppy’s name is autumn! we got her in the fall. i’m lame.

  • Martijn Dijksma

     we have a black cat, found on the streets when she was about 8 weeks.. Her name is Ms. W. Wonka on her ID, and we call her wonka

  • Nicky Peacock

    We have a tortoise called Granville. He is named after a character in an 70’s English sitcom called ‘Open All Hours’ about a corner shop. Granville enjoys Borage flowers, blinking and sly cuttlefish munching when he thinks nobody’s watching.

  • I have a red dachshund and his name is Tubito what in english means Pipe


    Christopher Jones and Karlin & Kids – Lisa picked you as the winners of the posters! Check your inboxes!

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