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Pillows by Roxy Marj / Giveaway

Home Cozy Home Pillows by Roxy Marj Giveaway
My friend Roxy has given me two of her fun Home Cozy Home pillows to giveaway, who wants ’em?

Home Cozy Home Pillows by Roxy Marj Giveaway

Home Cozy Home Pillows by Roxy Marj Giveaway

Thanks to ROXY MARJ for doing this giveaway. You can enter this contest with your email or via Facebook (that way I can contact you if you win). Describe what your couch looks like in the comments below! This widget above will also give you options to get a ton of extra entries. Good Luck!

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. Congrats to Janna Goode! You have yourself the pillows!!!

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Bethanymayhall

    me me me me me !

  • James Shaw

    LOve these! would fit nicely in my new UNI room :)



  • Selina


  • Jlcris2

    I want one!!!

  • Nalimgarzesi

    i wannnt!

  • I have a dark brown leather sofa, it’s boring, it would look amazing with these pillows on it!

  • Larrrrrrrrrrrrry


  • Helen

    Meeeeeee!! So sweet! :)

  • Allison

    black couch. black cat on it. with hopefully one of these lovely little pillows to add some zazz to it! :)

  • I would love to have a tiny home in my home!

  • Rocío

    Meeeee!!!! me. 

  • Me me me! My couch is pretty dull and grey, but right now has a little pillow with my face on it (check out http://pillowmob.com/) – but could use some color!

  • Olivia_t

    So awesome, it’s so cute!! My couch is very small and a faded colour but now its covered in a colourful crochet blanket that I found in my old house!

  • Ki Yoong

    I found my sofa on the street outside my house..a sad little thing cast out and forgotten. I’ve given it a home, all it needs now is a lovely cushion or two.

  • costy


  • Want it! Love these!

  • Alepochorikatze

    Want!!! So cute 

  • Mareva

    I’ve known my couch my entire life, it’s perfect vintage and green but the pillows are really not that great so those would be much much appreciated!

  • mindinrewind

    Moi, s’il vous plaît!!!

  • Andytbarnes

    A couch?

  • Lisa_Lasagne

    If you still have some after these requests, I want some, they´ll look great on my shared flat couch =)

  • hi. commenting :)

  • Treesary

    my red couch will be pretty with these cute pillows! Ahh want want

  • Emmasapples

    I really would LVOE one of these super cute pillows…they would make my homely home feel even homelier having nice cushy pillows in the shape of houses on my couches! 

  • hi. commenting :)

  • Kmcmull1

    I have a grey couch with black and white and grey pillows.

  • askydidit

    I need home for pRdaWn LoND -> https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=345764668804471&set=a.279053308808941.63296.278869455493993&type=3&theater

  • jac

    It’s an enormous and amazing hand me down, and fits into our new house with about an inch to spare

  • these are so lovely..

  • Rin

    me! Definitely!

  • LO_TS

    Our couch is an old futon sadly, it’s beige so it could do with some colour to jazz and liven it up, but its very comfy!

  • La Furia Mancebo

    I have no couch… But I’ll buy one matching these awesome pillows!!

  • Lisa Jane

    These pillows are adorable! My boyfriend and I just bought our first fixer upper, a super cute vintage bungalow :)Currently our couches are a horrible yellow floral which I refuse to move into the house looking that way. I am going to be re-upholstering them in  dark grey recycled fabrics and these cute little house pillows will be an extra special addition to our mid century european thrifted style! http://9808bungalow.blogspot.ca/

  • crystal marie

    My couch is a light shade of grey futon type couch, which would totes match these rad pillows!

  • Kimi

    my couch is an old futon my dad bought 25 years ago. Old, worn wooden frame with a flattened old futon mattress on it, covered by a gold and purple quilt my ex-boyfriend made to add some colour. very grad student chic 

  • vintage, but drab, dark goldish colored couch…needs some punch added to it!

  • Mary Warner

    My purple couch would be the perfect home for these lovelies…

  • Yvy-t

    My couch looks like a lone wolf.

  • Philippe Faisy

    need a sweet home :)

  • Isla

    Cosy brown suede With room to curl up and crochet. Always with a throw hidden under the black damask cushions to curl up under at night.

  • Amber Hakim

    I would give those houses a home!!

  • a rust, yellow and brown futon with no pillows on it!  super-unconfortable!

  • My dark dark leather brown chairs (only thing that works in my teeny living room) would love a house on each! The room is airy and bright but the chairs could use some uplifting/ contrasting colors, such as the ones on these adorable house pillows!

  • These are so cute, they look perfect on that couch!

  • Maria

    First of all, love the pillows. I get a warm fuzzy feeling when I see them, as cheesy as that sounds. :)

    My couch is awesome. My parents bought it at a garage sale / market sort of thing, but it was in a perfect condition! No stains, “old smell”, etc. It has a really beautiful wooden frame and the both the arms, on each end, are a horse’s head. I know it sounds weird, but it’s really beautiful and discreet at the a same time (the frame & the arms don’t attract the “main” attention, if that makes sense). The covering is leather, of a washed out khaki, dirty taupe or gray-ish kind of colour, it’s hard to describe. It’s really comfy. 
    Even if this wasn’t requested, I would like to say that I want one of these pillows because I need new bedding, so a pillow as well, as I’m moving away from my parents to continue my studies and it’s gonna be a big change for me, and quite a hard year next year. Been looking for a nice pillow to put on my bed, and this one really is perfect. It would make me feel at home, even without my parens, and at the same time it would remind me of them. Home is where the heart is, right? Or where you have a nice Home Cozy Home pillow… :-)

  • Lguilbo

    My couch is small and a dark blueish gray

  • Theremin47

    Come on universe, send me some good vibes… Or pillows.

  • Georgiana

    My sofa is a gray leather sofa, and because it’s a shared house, my roommates’ friends tend to sleep on it quite often :) It is always cold though for some reason so could do with one of those pillows

  • I would enjoy these items in my abode.

  • Are there any left? ^.^ I can trade you one of my handmade pillows. =)

  • Are there any left? ^.^ I can trade you one of my handmade pillows. =)

  • My couch: black leather faux suede.  Cools you down during the hot summers – and during the winter, not so.   You can pack 4 people on it like a can of sardines.  Because it is jet black, it lacks any creativity. My couch will greatly benefit from your lovely pillows.

  • Adibah Azhar

    love those pillows! reminds me of home each time i hug them! v(^_^)v

  • Adibah Azhar

    my couch really needs some revamping work…it’s white and some of the leather is falling apart. help!

  • Sarah

    (Read in Russian) – ya! ya! ya!

  • jaycie

    my couch is leather with a bunch of pup scratches and tears. it’s not so much mine as it is theirs.

  • Monica Doohan

    My couch is a tan color, with matching cushions with white and little leaves on them!

  • my couch want to have them! xD

  • Gabriel Garza

    my couch is black and old and comfy but needs something great like this!

  • Talik

    My couch is purple and worn in perfectly. It is small yet there is room for a boy and a girl and their giant  mutt who thinks he is a lap dog…Also room for two cute pillows to remind them what is important. dothefromkin at yahoo dot com

  • kathi

    Me me me one million and billion of me :)

  • Lucas

    Grey, Rectangular.

  • Kari Cholnoky

    My couch is imaginary! DUUHHHHHHHHH!!!

  • Arden

    After two months of floor-sitting, I’ve just acquired an unsuitably nice couch for my college apartment from a family friend. It looks like the kind of couch my mom would buy.

  • Audree

    My couch is a long, dark maroon and studded with gold coloured circles along the outline.

  • Aggy


  • There are several couches in my house, but the biggest one is in the living room and is white. Very poor choice considering white always gets dirtier faster. It is quite comfy though and I can sleep here as well as in my bed. My cats are currently laying on said couch and sleeping. they like to stick their claws and teeth in the sofa so that’s why on the right side of the couch it looks like a vampire tried to ate it. Also you know the fabric under the couch like to protect it or something? My cat Poe ( 1 year old and named after EdgaR Allan Poe) managed to make a hole big enough where he could fit and he likes to take naps “inside” the couch, while we look for him like there is no bloody tomorrow. that being said, there is no way I would leave pillows as cute as that in the living room. they would be in my dear bed.


    White futon. I use different printed fitted sheets as futon covers when I feel like switching it up. These pillows sure would make it a cozy spot to sit….

  • Nicky

    My couch has the exact colour of vomit. I’d love to have one of these cushions to slowly build up a collections of pillows to hide this disastrous color. Thanks!

  • My couch is a plum velvety number which has started to take on more of a ‘vintage’ feel thanks to the (almost) constant spit up of my 4 month old son :) we’re just starting to show him picture books and teach him basic words. I think these gorgeous housey cushions would be great for him to learn the word ‘home’ and would be handy to cover up the spit-up stains! They could also fit nicely in his cot next to a plush toy my friend made for his naming day :)

  • Zzzzzzzzzz.

  • Linda

    I would love these pillows!  They would look perfect on my living room couch – it’s kind of a retro-styled loveseat, avocado-green coloured, very simple and minimal.  These pillows would make a great accent!

  • IndiaLB

    I just moved into my first apartment EVERR, and for whatever reason we have about four couches throughout the house.  Two of them are futons (one is on the front porch so you can sleep outside).  The other two are grotty floral couches that from year one.  These pillows would really help spruce up these pieces of furniture.

    Poor College Student

  • scott stanley

    blue, and covered with plastic swords, ultraman dolls, and blocks with silkscreened bunnys on em.

  • Nichole

    I have a mustard yellow couch that I found on the side of the road.

  • Brown, cushy, and all torn up!

  • jo

    like a nude coloured cloud

  • Mokasi

    like a book that I carry around , dog eared and torn but great to fall into :)

  • Nagisaotsubo

    me, me, pretty pretty please with a cherry on top, Roxy! They will look so beautiful in my little apartment in Lima, Peru!!!  :) They should definitely be mine! hahahahaaa! Love, Nagisa. *Fan of your work.

  • Nagisaotsubo

    meee meee!!! perfect for my little dpto in Lima, Peru!!  They will be given lots of love!

  • Huwwenden


  • Dorimani


  • BeckyD

    My sofa is the hub of our home it has a collection of quirky and unusual cushions all handmade and each a unique talking point these would fit in perfectly!

  • Anna

    Mr.Couch is brown,
    Cushy and down

    And is quite in need of a friend,
    Are there any pillows you could send?


  • PhilipManiaci

    My couch is big, brown, and comfy. Its leather so I slide off of it time to time as I watch T.V.

  • I’ve got a 50s style tweed sofa, I love it. 

  • Currently I have several 1960s Ethan Allen low-back chairs rather than a couch!

  • Pardis

    creme cushion and stained wood frame early 1990s style couch would look swell with these :)

  • erin

    white and blue striped :)

  • Sarah Neeves

    My couch is long and brown and missing some awesome pillows!

  • Michelle Suzanne

    These are so cute! my couch is a brown tweedy fabric and I have been wanting to find some new cute pillows!. 

  • Jenni1607

    Floppy, blue, old but extremely comfy.

  • Liyana

    My couch looks like it has never won anything before.

  • Sweet houses. We just got our couch at a yard sale. The set is almost new as the lady it belonged to died 2 weeks before her son had the sale. She was rather old and had gotten this set about a year before and then went into total care about 6 months later. So almost never sat on. It kinda skeeves my husband out, but I like to think she is happy knowing how much I love the set. it is so homey looking. Carved wood trim across the back on top of thick cushions, deep forest green,ochre and rust. We live in the woods in a cabin so it fits right in. Thanks for the chance, our home is decorated in just about all handmade and upcycled and pre-owned stuff. I like to be thrifty. 

  • Louis Mark

    Wow! Cool designs, how I wish I could have all of them, it would make my couch look good. How I wish I could be as artistic and creative.

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