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Shawn Barber / Memoir Book Giveaway

Shawn Barber / Memoir Book Giveaway
Shawn Barber’s new book “Memoir” looks fantastic and Joshua Liner Gallery has hooked me up with one of the 100 signed hard cover copies to giveaway to one of you! Who wants it?

Shawn Barber / Memoir Book Giveaway

Shawn Barber / Memoir Book Giveaway


If you’d like to snag the book describe a tattoo you have (or want to get) in the comments below! I’ll pick a winner on Friday August 24th.

This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations Caitlin Burns!

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • LucyInDaSky

    I really want to get my left shoulder/back covered in an intricate buddhist design as my faith is growing :)

  • Erenegade50

    I’m colorblind and I’ve decided to get a “colorblind test wheel” on my shoulder. I’m still debating on what it should say since I won’t be able to read it. http://geekinheels.squarespace.com/storage/color_blindness_test.jpg

  • Andreas B Sogn

    I want to tattoo the outline of my birtmark on my foreleg. It will then look like a map of the place my family comes from. I also want to tattoo the name of the place, for a reminder of my dead grandfather :)

  • blakewest

    I have a full body suit that makes me look like a very hairy old man. Also warts.

  • mary allen

    i have a dozen tattoos now, most of them are man made objects i use daily.  scissors, egg beaters, typewriter.  next up is a percolator.  when people ask me why i have x tatoo i tell them it’s the last thing i used to murder someone.  

  • Benjamin Kowalski

    I have “Fight to the Goddamn Death” in script on my ribs. One has to know what they want and get it.

  • I want to get the cartoon network logo as a tramp stamp

  • A waterfall running through a wormhole on a garden that only grows blue-square shaped fruits.

  • KelseyMae

    I’d like a sleeve of Alphonse Mucha’s artwork

  • For my 18th birthday, I got tattooed on the inside of my right arm “and all that could have been”, from my favorite song of all time by Nine Inch Nails.

  • Courtney Koslof

    I have a tattoo covering my left shoulder that is a mixture of cyan and dark blue throughout a design that is based off of the lace on my mother;s wedding dress.  I got the tattoo to honor the love that my parents continue to have for one another. I obviously wouldn’t be here without it.

  • Drbuzzler

    I want to get a tat of my dog who past away about a year and a half ago. I’m thinking in a coat-of-arms style, with her in the center. Someday…

  • jaycie

    a simplistic dog face on my right shoulder. 

  • I’d love white lace tattoo sleeves on both arms, it would be gorgeous

  • 3/4 done with a body suit by Robert Atkinson, Long man falls on both arms, two warriors of the suikoden on my back. blah blah blah, hook a brother up

  • Angela Datre

    I’ve wanted a tattoo for a long time and hope to get it sometime this year. I want the saying “Miles to go before I sleep” on my arm.

  • I always wanted a barcode at the back of my neck. Nowadays I want a black star on the inside of my wrist.

  • Juan

    I’m going to get a portrait of my first dog, a beagle/blue tick coonhound mix named Kody, on my right calf.

  • Jon W.

    I want to get a tattoo on my wrist of an outline of a cube because I always make it my mission to think out side of the proverbial box.

  • sweet rad-sauce! excited to take a look at this…

  • DT Renaud

    Picasso’s ‘Guernica’.

  • Gizelle

    wish i had a pterodactyl sketch with wings spread open across my back right shoulder!

  • Kiwitopia

    Octopus, Left Arm….cause FUCKYEAOCTOPUS!

  • Traditional japanese styled sleeves.  Arms and legs are covered with koi, geishas, snake, tiger, peonies, cherry blossoms, windbars and clouds.

  • its a black hart with a black fron in the middel with roman numbers

  • CrankyBrown

    Most recent work I’ve had done is my knuckles and more added to my forearm piece. The forearm is a “Sugar Trooper” which is a Star Wars Stormtrooper helmet done in the style of a sugar skull, on some roses. Traditional influence.

    My knuckles are IV, V, VI for the Holy Trilogy. (Star Wars). 

  • Divesin

    I want a black cat drawn like a children’s drawing. And a Polaroid camera.

  • Marco Polo sheep skull chestpiece with the horns wrapping around my nipples. 

  • Tastahl

    I have a half sleeve family piece with imagery tying together many important members of my family. the golden gate bridge, various flours, and large waves and fish are woven together. full of great stories and memories.

  • isitagiraffe

    i have tattooed the date i got tattooed, to mark the significance of every day.

  • Jackie

    i have a vaughn bode tattoo but have been holding out for the large back one for years. also some alien flowers on my shoulders/ collarbone.

  • Dukesd33

    something about my dad who passed away when i was little, maybe a compilaiton of things he liked, fishing, his jewelry business etc. and the ring i lost, the disney world necklace from my 3rd birthday i lost…

  • Val S

    Oh man! I’d love to get paint strokes as a tattoo. Maybe as a full sleeve. =)

  • Midnightmaze

    umbrella corporation logo on my right wrist. that way when the inevitable zombie apocalypse occurs, i’ll be less likely to get munched.

  • I am saving up to go to Belgium to get an intricate   Geometric dotwork tattoo by Vincent Hocquet which will merge strong lines and geometry with flowing natural lines. The contrast in forms which are polar opposites resemble my personality. I have wanted it for a few years but have waited to see if I was serious about it… I am… so I am going get it.

  • This is a tattoo I recently designed that I’m thinking about getting. http://instagram.com/p/NBfYBESo3a/

  • CaseFace

    Desired Tatto: A Ben Tour ink of the chakra system running the length my spine.

  • Kat

    Damn that book looks flippen awesome!
    I’d love to get a Tui (New Zealand native bird) holding a sprig of rosemary somewhere on me, as a memory of my Nana who passed away at the beginning of the year. :) Beautiful bird for a beautiful lady.

  • Sminick397

    I have my wedding flowers, Freesia, and a dove on my foot. I also have a dove on my arm. I would love to have Shawn Barber’s book.

  • I want to get a chart on my forearm of the days of the week with blank boxes next to each day. I found out last year I have ADHD, and I’m getting pretty good at scheduling my time, but a tattoo of things to do throughout the week wouldn’t hurt. I’d have real fancy scroll-esque lettering and whatnot, not just some boring chart. :)

  • Pretty soon here I’ll be getting a tattoo of a large and dark forest situated on a floating island. Inside the forest there are two little hardy boy-esque kids exploring the wilderness with some flashlights. the drawing is pretty moody and mysterious, really looking forward to it! it’ll be going on my arm someplace, unsure of exact placement just yet

  • Full length back tattoo of the Hawaiian Punch guy

  • I plan to design my first tattoo as a sleeve up the arm to various parts of my body.  The concept would wrap around tree roots and a bit of a bark and wood grain texture that allows for future tattoos to be ‘engraved’ into the first tattoo. The hope is that it would allow for creativity but still remain one cohesive piece of art.

  • hah whoops, forgot to log in. this would be mine

  • Scottiehenry

    My most recent work is a Pin up octopus lady that her tenticals curve around my side and hip and a Victorian style frame on my ribs with a portrait of my Siberian husky

  • josh

    My latest was something I sketched.

  • Mie Lorenzen

    If I were to have a tattoo, then it should be a fox. Because of their independence and their beautifulness even in the city..

  • Michael D.

    On my back, between my shoulder blades, I have a tattoo about the side of my entire palm spread out open.  My ink is a Buddhist symbol of my own / my tattoo artist’s co-design.  It’s the sanskrit seed syllable HUM – written in esoteric Buddhist “siddham” script.  On my tattoo, a radiant blue HUM is emerging from an opened lotus, and is enveloped in a cartouche of orange and red Tibetan-style flames.  I got this tattoo because HUM and this design are the seed syllable of the esoteric Japanese deity “Aizen Myo-o.”  He’s supposed to transform lust and base desires into enlightenment.

  • Sorry, no tatts for me – but my wife wants a shooting star on her boob!

  • sofia

    I have the red ribbon (of aids awareness) tattooed on the back of my neck, as a constant reminder, to me and everyone who looks at it.

  • Nicki H

    I have a koi and cherry blossom sleeve on my right arm and would love to get the left arm fully sleeved too! I’m also looking forward to getting some typography or lettering done and a lotus flower (yep, I have a wish list for tattoos!).

  • A cracked porcelain baby doll head with the eyes missing. 

  • Adriana

    I always wanted to tattoo my whole left arm. The right arm would be not tattooed at all and will symbolize purity, primary human form and natural beauty without any humanly interference. Otherwise the left arm will symbolize my beliefs, imagination, my world, creativity, disorder in my mind and body, art as my lifes purpose, leaving a trace in history. Starting from the shoulder it wil be black and ending at the elbow. Then from the elbow there will be images of my memories, visions, experiences which I have encoutered in my life. They will be all tangled and only those who know will see the true pictures of what I have to say. 

  • Sarah

    I have a large tattoo on my back of a day of the dead skull with a thought bubble containing very intricate random drawing/doodling/words taken as a small piece of a larger page in one of my sketch books.  It reads on scroll in traditional script underneath, “Don’t believe Everything You Think”.  My next tattoo will be of the “flying K”.  It is the cattle brand and symbol for my maternal grandparents’ ranch in Oklahoma and the first initial of my son’s first name.  His first name is my mother’s maiden name : )

  • George ‘dod’ Mcknight

    It’s been over 12 years since my last tattoo, but have been considering for ages getting one of an old Maui surfboard along with some stylised day-of-the-dead type skull emblazoned on the board, with some flourishes of wagetting’ flowers, all nicely scribed onto my calf

  • I’ve always told people that someone (not I) should get a rooster, in a noose just below the knee. Therefore, one could say their cock hangs below their knee…

  • Shnbit

    Gordan Freeman on my forearm.

  • Kuznik Dino

    I once fell on a pencil tip in kindergarten. It made a tiny scar and the thing healed quite quickly…but wait. The pencil left a mark inside me…or rather a dot. It has been with me since then. 

    This accidentally self inflicted “tattoo” reminds me of my childhood days.

  • Eva

    the tattoo i have booked is one i designed myself . it represents everything to this day ; its a third eye encased in a diamond box with lines coming out of each point of the diamond shape (forming a giant plus sign ) each space in between the lines form a kaleidoscope like Marrakesh ish design using only skinny lines and dots(as thomas hooper would have haha ) all designs parallel to each side using only black ink. its going at the back of my neck / along my spine / shoulders in a month and its not too big as you’re probably imagining it to be ;) pahah 

  • Mark

    I want to get a tattoo of this book

  • Klsda

    who the fuck is shawn barber?

  • TattooGiggles


    This, and subsequent images from the novel, Nausicaa and the Valley of Wind by Hayao Miyazaki covers my right arm and shoulder blade.

  • Ulysses Rodriguez

    I realy don’t know what I what to get tattooed yet, but I’ve been thinking about getting different body parts covered with symbols an stuff.

  • Ulysses Rodriguez

    Oh I forgot to mention that a bear would be awesome ‘couse it kinda represents love and caring to me.

  • I recently stick n poke tattooed the word “gusto” on my right foot (on the toes) so that whenever I’m looking down, I’ll remember to live my life with some pizazz. It’s usually when you’re looking at your feet that you need a reminder to hold your head up high.

  • Krissak Tomas

    I have Edwards Munch Madonna on my back and I want to add some more tatoos ingluding writings of H.S.Thompson, Jack Carouack (For Krissakes have a drink, cause Krissak is my surname), GInsberg and Hesse, but I would love to end up with this kind of beauty on my chest 

  • Zazzers

    A massive star on my left foot when I lost my mum. She would also say I was her little star and that I would go far (hopefully on my own feat) :)

  • I was in San Francisco in March 2009 at Skull & Sword (Grime, Lango and Henry Lewis’s tattoo shop, some of Barber’s favorite subjects) looking at a painting by Shawn as my friend was getting tattooed by Lango when I decided to make Supersonic Electronic into just an art blog.  As I looked at Shawn’s painting of Grime on the wall I realized that many people (myself included) don’t have a chance to see amazing artwork on a daily basis.  I have tattoos on my skin, but I also have tattoos on my memory.  As far as I’m concerned, the tattoo I got on my mind that day in San Francisco changed my life.  A signed copy of that book would be incredible to me.     

  • Simon malvaez

    i want it! this is so good…

  • Andrew Reach

    My aunt and I have matching vegetarian tattoos.  She is young and full of awesomeness and has been my hero since I was a little tot. She turned me on to being veggie years ago and so we decided to each get a fierce looking traditional style wolf head with a carrot in its mouth! 

  • Hhsoftlion

    I would love one!
    my email is hhsoftlion@yahoo.com

  • Hhsoftlion

    I would love one!
    my email is hhsoftlion@yahoo.com

  • Hhsoftlion

    I would love one!
    my email is hhsoftlion@yahoo.com

  • Hhsoftlion

    I would love one!
    my email is hhsoftlion@yahoo.com

  • Hhsoftlion

    I would love one!
    my email is hhsoftlion@yahoo.com

  • Hhsoftlion

    I would love one!
    my email is hhsoftlion@yahoo.com

  • Hhsoftlion

    I would love one!
    my email is hhsoftlion@yahoo.com

  • Zxcasq11

    This January I’m going to get the silhouette of an evergreen tree between my shoulder blades, on my upper spine.

  • Cayce

    I’ve always wanted Libra Scales across my back, done in pastel colors with hints of teal, turquoise and cherry, bordering the scales are a small variety of plant leaves and flowers. One scale would have a pudu deer with white spots and antlers with fluffy roses growing on them, nestled into baby’s breath, peacock feathers, bells and keys, the other would have a ocelot matching the pudu’s size, its ears back with teeth barely showing, around its paws are embers, arrowheads, small cat skulls, more roses, and locks.
    At the top of the pole of the scales is a colorful horned owl with passionflower coming from behind it going down, the vines wrapping around the pole. 
    Mostly trying to go for art appeal (afraid of it goin disbalanced) I’m trying to think of it as a representation of trying to keep the calm, open, tolerant part of me in balance with the spiteful, closed, unforgiving part of me.

  • ThePaintedPisces

    I have a Kewpie doll on the back of my neck, old skool style.

  • Roman_119

    I would like to get Andy Warhol’s Marlin Monroe with full color and background. 

  • AreaWoman

    I want an intricate Spirograph tattoo on the inside of my forearm that follows a formula that predicts the movement of the planets around the sun. 

  • Would love this book!  Would also like to get a mash-up of Sailor Jerry style tattoos by the like of Adam Hawthorwn, Nikko Hurtado, Sandi Calistro, and of course the man Shawn Barber himself!

  • GabSah

    I want to get a tattoo that shows the silhouette of the ISS, as it is seen from a terrastial theleskope, on that occasion , when the Station pases the sun. Not that i am a esa or nasa fan but the ISS always gets something tattoo worthy at this particular moment.T

  • This book would be great to have to my book collection. I have a tattoo that says, “We cannot be sure of having something to live for unless we are willing to die for it.”  This tattoo has strong meaning in my life and a sense of pride of who I am.

  • Camerawoman123

    i want a half sleeve of tentacles passing through waves. i want it in a colorful watercolor style.
    if i could choose any tatoo artist to do it, it would be Peter Aurisch.

  • Hbennett124

    I want a traditional style woman in Victorian garb with a sawed off shotgun across her lap with the words “you are a ghost and I am a ghost and we are walking side by side.” somewhere near her.

  • Filippo ronca

    I want to make a tree in my back. Besides all the meaning it has for me, I’ll be interesting to redo the tattoo only the tip of the leaves each time, and hence a long time to see the development of the tree with new leaves stronger and old ones weaker.

  • i really want this tattoo its nothing over complicated but its written in typewriter script saying ” this will is itching, this want is making me sore”

  • Patrick

    For years, I’ve wanted a line—thick as electrical tape, maybe—running from my collarbone straight down to my foot on my right side. A design that uses position and placement—not mass—in order to dominate the space of my skin. (I’m 6’4 (and poor) though, so I’ve never had enough $ for a session that would take that long.)

  • Classical art changed my life, and directed me towards getting a degree in art history. I have many tattoos, but one day I hope to have a backpiece of Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus”, but I want the tattoo artist I choose to give their interpretation of it and tattoo that. 

  • miss magpi

    for my daughter’s first birthday party invitations i linocut an illustration of a rabbit whispering in another rabbit’s ear. over both rabbits i screened a copper heart. my daughter, watching me, grabbed a pre-heart invitation and with my prismacolors drew above the rabbits in teal, magenta, and aqua. on valentines day i got the rabbits and her drawing tattooed on my arm. at three she beams talking about it with others.

  • Gary Hill

    I’d get whatever Shawn Barber wanted to tattoo on me, his paintings are beautiful, his tattoo work ain’t much worse.

  • Jpishkur

    I have a chest piece starte that has an old scrollwork keyhole in the middle and off one side is a ship with hot air ballon rising above te clouds. On the other side is a wise owl with an All Seeing Eye in his belly looking down on houses and trees. Inside the keyhole you see a beautiful ocean/ beach scene with a sunrise symbolizing that all our dreams are inside if we look close enough.

  • Rachel

    I want a tattoo of the phrase memento mori, the saying  really defines how I want to think of life.

  • Goodtimefrancis

    I want to get suburban life with a super soaker on my stomach

  • Vwxycrook

    May favorite tattoo that I have is in script on my thigh- SMFS- the initials of my parent’s social club the Slow Moving Fun Seekers. Started in college, now spread out all over the world but still running strong, their group of friends travel, eat and joke together annually and each provide the blueprint for the type of adult I strive to be. When my godfather (founder of the group) was fighting bone marrow cancer I got this tattoo as my mark of solidarity. Luckily, he beat it so it will always be a lucky charm and reminder of the true nature of fun seeking. Not all tattoos have to be memorials or serious markers, and not all of mine are. But this one is, and its very special to me.

  • Since I am too changeable to get a tattoo, and aware of the fact that my body is too small to get enough masterpieces done by him to be satisfied, I think I would just get a tattoo saying ‘Shawn Barber was here’, of course implying that it was done by him.

  • Jaime

    i have a venn diagram on my arm

  • hoy

    An Alphonse Mucha artwork would be cool.

  • Ashrafali87

    I personally don’t have any tattoos but I am a tattoo apprentice, and this book would be great to have in my collection of great tattoo stuff.

  • I have a butterfly on my left upper arm. I want many more! I drew on myself as a little kid because I have always been fascinated by having ART ON YOU. What a wonderful thing :)

  • daniel hernandez

    I’d really dig a tattoo with that pencil sketchy feel with some light water color pigments to accent certain parts of the sketch.

    That, or a stack of waffles. I like waffles.


    I’ve tested it in sharpie but haven’t actually gotten it. An anchor tattoo across my knuckles that only forms when my fist is clenched and when my hand is open it just appears to be a patchwork of lines. 

  • Abmante

    MEMEMEME! I want a book.

  • Since I have a very large interest in middle eastern politics as well as a yearning for unity and peace in society in a world context, I have thought about a tattoo saying “peace” in arabic between my thumb and wrist on my left hand. I choose my left hand because I’m left handed, and it is the same hand that allows many of my artistic visions to come to life!

  • d-nice

    i would like to get a heart on my forearm. but at the top(s) of the heart, i’d put nipples. then below the nips, more toward the center of the heart, i would place a windy banner proclaiming the word “tits” in a fitting, serif typeface. preferably hand done and not from some dafont-esque website…

    right?, right…?

  • Ship in a bottle in a ship.

  • I want to get a tattoo of a woman in a strattle position, with one hand down and one hand up. its hard  to describe but it winds up looking like a peace sign.

  • Spoot

    A small typed “g”

  • ‘,:D

    want dis. i <3 free stuff

  • NateVeldhoen

    Man that’s sick.

  • jax

    I want to get a tattoo that covers my ugly tattoo. flowers or something. laser removal hurts. i’ve had it done 10 times now. this book might just help me therapeutically.

  • NateVeldhoen

    I’ve got a piece on my arm of a photo I took on my way to St george Utah from Las Vegas just before for doing Ironman in May.  Its of a snow storm in the distant desert.  

  • The words “Dook Hole” above my butthole in old english.

  • Tyson

    I have “ART IS A WEAPON” on my forearm… all my forthcoming ones are top secret ;)

  • I have two naked cavemen, waist deep in black fluid inside a ribcage, pumping and pulling a set of lungs. I call them Prometheus and Bob. It’s how my insides work.

    Please pick me! I really want Shawn’s book!

  • Helena

    I have this work of Iain McArthur’s on my back: http://iainmacarthur.carbonmade.com/projects/2341760#125

  • Diandrarose

    I’ll never get it, but I wanted to have Nirvana tattooed behind my ear. Not as a tribute to the band, think more about its definition. I want it as an expression of my freedom when I turn 18. I’ve felt so oppressed my entire life. When I first learned about Nirvana in history class it really hit home, connecting with it on a more personal level.
    ++Shawn Barber’s art Is inspirational and I would love to win his book.

  • Carly

    I have thought about getting a tattoo of a spine along my spine. I want it because it reminds me about the fragile things in life. Something so minor but when damaged can change everything.

  • Emma

    I’m actually going to the tattoo parlor tomorrow to see how much this tattoo would cost: http://i45.tinypic.com/23hwvv4.jpg

    Infinity symbol over a delta symbol, to me meaning “change is infinite”. I know it’s not much but I made it myself :3 and the message behind it means a lot to me. Can’t stagnate. Progress, change, always. 

  • Emma

    Oh, and adding onto my last comment, it would be about 2 inches wide, right under the elbow on the inside of my right arm. 

  • Mark Angus

    I have one I don’t like any more (alongside others I like) and am planning on some work to cover it over. 
    Black work only for me though.

  • Kay

    I really want a naked woman reclining behind my ear. Don’t quite know why.

  • I have always wanted Someones face, on my face. At the moment its a toss up between Ryan Reynolds and Dustin Hoffman in “Hook”, I mean who wouldn’t want to look like the Neverland-clock-Wuss?

  • lampz

    I don’t have any tattoos but I know a girl, who is obsessed with tattoo-art and considers getting something big done. I would love to be able to give this to her because I know she would appreciate it very much.

  • erik

    I want an invisble tatoo that says nothing

  • Ollie

    Last year as I was coming back from exchange in Europe, I saw a large flock of birds flying intricately through the sky before I entered the plane. I imagined the freedom and exposure of being in flight as such. As I returned home I saw a similar flock of birds soaring above my hometown. I want to get a tattoo of this flock of birds on my left shoulder blade in order to remind me of my own ability to fly, seek and discover in life.

  • Jonsubmarine

    I want to get a couple.
    One eye from each of my parents behind my ear on my scalp.
    My legs covered with the four elements as warriors connecting through the scenery all out my leg. BRIGHT colors.
    Also my side all covered with a dragon and phoenix from my rib to my butt.

  • I really want to get a chest piece of a rusty mechanical octopus creeping out of a black square.

  • Callum

    A booooooom knuckle tattoo, luckily I have an extra finger.

  • Sophia

    i wanna have an owl on the side of my chest maybe, just black and white but glowing eyes. because they were my favorite animal when i was little and they go great with my first name ‘sophia’ because both mean wisdom

  • P Kenison

    I have a giant skull on my knee. 

  • Aga

    “Left” on my left hand. “Right” on my right one. No more mistakes…

  • i have a buffalo on the inside of my left arm. i designed it myself. it’s made of only black lines. sorta looks like it’s zebra striped.

  • Rob

    I think the coolest tattoo is still the olympic rings, in black, on the chest. Just need to work on reaching an Olympic standard in sport despite my complete lack of hand-eye coordination first…

  • Pat Butler

    I have a tattoo of Dylan on my right arm with the opening verse of my favourite of his songs, “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall”.

  • Mokasi

    I have the pattern from the floor in the tower of the skeksis ( from the Dark Crystal Film) on my back, A piece of Raymond Lemstras on the whole front of my left leg ( check out Raymond Lemstra he’s awesome) and one of my own designs on the my calf its a man with trees growing out of his eyes turning into a worried looking cloud tree, :) XX

  • trainrek

    I have a skull with the tower of Babel growing out of the top on my calf.

  • OminousJune

    I have 13 tattoos ranging in size from the size of a playing card to the size of my entire back. Of all of those my favorite right now is the scorpion on my wrist. When I was young, my mother was stung by a scorpion. My father caught it and put it in turpintine until he could get to the jewelers shop. He had the jeweler set the scorpion in resin and make a silver bracelet of it. My mother wore this bracelet all the time. When she died there was one thing I wanted, that bracelet…
    No one could find it, So I got the tattoo. Several months later, my sister was given the bracelet for her birthday from my grandmother. My sister brought the bracelet straight to me and gave it to me. What’s better than having both!  
    This is a fantastic tattoo, and looks even better with the bracelet there too.

  • Craige13

    silver surfer and the thinker …. its about balance 

  • M. Gordy

    Currently saving some cash for double-calf tattoos. The back of my left calf will be Calvin making a goofy, toothy face; the right calf will feature Hobbes doubled over, laughing wildly. Can’t take yourself too seriously, right?

  • Eric Hosford

    i don’t have a tattoo but if i were to get any i would get a little totoro on the inside of my arm when i have kids.

  • Linnea Langfjord

    I have a really detailed black and grey tattoo of a sailboat on the inside of my left arm. I love drawing, painting, photographing, building – everything creative made with my hands, and this tattoo is one of my own drawings. My dad is a sailor and is often away. I’m really fascinated by the beauty and freedom of sailing and on the other hand it gives me a feeling of sadness because I miss my dad a lot. This tattoo reminds me of the freedom, my dad and honestly I just find sailingboats extremely beautiful!

  • Linnea Langfjord

    I have a black and grey sailboat on the inside of my left arm. I love drawing, painting, photographing, building – everything creative with my hands, and this tattoo is one of my own drawings. My dad is a sailor and he is often away for a long time. I’m really fascinated about the beauty and freedom of sailing and on the other hand it gives me a feeling of sadness since I miss my dad a lot. This tattoo reminds me of my father, freedom and endless space – also, I just find sailboats extremely beautiful!

  • Ianguyleinbach

    just gave myself a tattoo of a shark surfing on my leg!

  • Jessemileswilcox

    wood grain pattern up the back and side of my right calf

  • Emmi

    A Where’s Wally, smaller than a 5p piece behind my left ear. To date only one person has ever found it…

  • Emily

    During a performance Lauryn Hill once said, “fantasy is what people want, but reality is what they need.” I feel those words would make an excellent tattoo to add to my already growing collection.

  • Next up, an old school style tattoo of a pissed of rat on my right thigh.

  • John Loudon

    I’ve got Icarus falling on my right arm, adapted from this painting: http://geronimocoachingnow.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/dreamart_icarus.jpg

  • To serve as a daily reminder to cherish and make the most out of every single passing moment of my life, I am planning to get “carpe diem” tattooed in black on my wrist, and integrate “noctem” with “diem,” but in white ink. 

  • Angela Marie Tayco

    blue & red siamese fighting fish on my left bicep

  • I have 12 but my favorite is my Blue Koi fish Sleeve with Japanese flowers and water on my upper arm and my orange flower on my elbow!

  • Fred chabot

    I have none but will soon get a somewhat geometric tribal bracelet around my forearm!

  • scott stanley is cool

    a naked lady

  • I have a full sleeve on my right arm, which deals with   birth and creation mythology, using only red and black. 

    It begins with a fetus and an umbilical cord on the wrist, connected to a red lifeline that leads up the arm and around an “Ohm” on my forearm, which is  illustrated in the style of Joan Miro. On the backside of the arm, there is a set of teeth eating a music note. This image refers to the myth of Brahma whose thought became sound, which became creation. 

    As we move up the arm, elbow to shoulder contains images of Darwin’s theory of evolution, sea anemones, etc. The inner arm has an image of the Ouroboros (a serpent eating its own tail), which references Alchemy.

  • sylvius

    I have a line drawn skull on my chest, but wait, before you judge, I got it in 1997, before skulls were so trendy as to be uncool….

  • Brok3n Inside

    tengo un tatuaje que dice extraterrestre y un uroboro , me gustaría tener muchos mas

  • I want to get a large octopus grabbing a hold around my entire arm.. possibly skating on two of its arms, holding a spraycan in one arm.. and I haven’t quite decided about the other arms :)

  • Yellowsoupbowl

    when i go bald i’m going to have hair tattooed on my head

  • frebeccae

    I am going to get a portrait of my face tattooed on my face..that face will have a small tattoo of my face on it’s face. 

    • hey man, i heard you like face, so i got you a tattoo of your face on your face so you can face while you face face.

  • Sal2993

    I would love to get the artwork Sunflowers by Van Gogh on my back.

  • Chris

    I have to hannya mask on my right arm that symbolise my 2 evil ex girlfriends!!

  • I’m Gonna get a tattoo with the words “TATTOO”. So i’ll be both stylish,  fashionable and cool; but also portray a distinct lack of soul and imagination. Its a look i’m striving for this autumn.

  • Young Ha Kim

    infinity symbol because what goes around comes around.

  • Niall

    I dont really like tattoo’s … but i like tatoo books….

  • Farleyvaughan

    I would like to get a picture of Barack Obama and George Bush kissing each other.

  • Joost the host

    The Booooooom logo on my forehead!

  • ChristianScott

    I would like one of Chad Vangaalens drawings tattooed! 

  • I have the Donnie Darko countdown on the inside of my left arm, because time is running out, always.

  • Mary Crow

    I have a bird wearing a cone hat and shoes carrying a birdhouse in my left arm. I guess he´s mad…

  • Contrscout

    I have a fleur-de-lis surrounded by vines and a red ribbon on my sholder and I’m looking at getting a Chi Dragon on my upper leg.

  • I have a cute cat with long eyelashes and now want to get a narwhal :)

  • Well I quite can’t decide what tattoo to get. I was thinking about getting a tattoo with ice creams that i draw (cause if you know mw I can’t get enough of them) :D…I want them on my back (the tatto was suppose to have icecream on a cone, stick and popsical in yellow, red and blue colors, with balck outlines)

    But the thing is my design team and I did a project (Bento Gablec of School of Bento) enad each every one of us illsutarted a icon that repreents our selfs…so we were thinking to make tat with our icons…mine is a kitty…aldow it is nice idea (sort of like LORT gang) but I am still saving for my first tattoo not second :P

  • Lips on the arm …. cause they’re luscious

  • Francis Desjardins

    Got a old drawing of vorticime mouvement on my inner arm.

  • Luke

    I want REDEEMED written in a nice sleek font on my wrist/fore arm.

  • Naera Kim

    Planning on getting tattoos of my two children’s names in white calligraphy style on both my wrists. Naera

  • Assilemy

    I want to get an owl, or two, or three, but I don’t know where yet!

  • Michael Pace

    I want to expand on the tree tattoo I have by getting some wildlife around it.
    I really want this book so I can get some new ideas for a fresh tattoo though! haha 

  • GinnFizz

    My tattoos are in my brain. 

  • Hella_Red

    the last names of my father and mother, wrapped around my ankles, in a flowing script, they are the base of my existence…

  • My first tattoo I got last year in May, and it’s a mandala by Shepard Fairey, NO text, from his print “Make Art, Not War” image – http://i.imgur.com/UAmfZ.jpg

  • I want a partial sleeve of a tight, intricate, square maze, so I never get bored. Once I figure it out, I’ll have to get a curved maze partial sleeve on the other arm…

  • geocrad

    anything traditional! i’ve started my side piece of old school roses but like shawn, i love to draw tattoos on others or tattoo designs! pretty please can i have a copy jeff!!!

  • I’ve got an Ouroboros in my wrist

  • Chelriver

    I plan to create a tessellation starting with a dragonfly on my left arm turning into serpent and angel creatures over the top of my back to my other arm, like the style and creatures from m.c Eshers ‘satin’. Then I want to have one of his famous optical illusions on my back or his circular cymetrical peice ‘snakes’.

  • Randymorales182

    I want to get a on my leg a pink bunny flying on a carrot with the asshole wide open!

  • I love Shawn’s work. And I would love to have this book. 

  • Jtdugan

    I would very much love to have on, it would be used as a teaching tool in my classroom. Would be a nice addition

  • Martha Naranjo

    I am working on my new tattoo. It is a tandem back in the upper part of my back. I’m working with jolby so it is completely gorgeous. I like the idea of an object made specifically for two people to use it so that when you have no one to use it with you cannot use it at all… (for the record, I’ve been single and alone for 4 years now).

  • Swallowthstars

    I have a pineapple tattooed on the back of my right arm that’s falling into slices.  It looks amazing and celebrates my love of tiki and Hawaiian culture!

  • ursula schwuchow

    i want to get a plastic poem by Mathias Goeritz he was a german but lived in mexico and worked close to Luis Barragán, i´m an architecture student and one of the main reasons why im sudying architecture is these two guys work together. so i want the tattoo not just as a memory tribute to my favorite plastic artist and my favorite architect, but also as a reminder of my roots as an architect in my future career 

  • Weed

    I have “SOUL” written on my hand in a lettering i made, and a spacey meditatting & levitating person floating on my shoulder.. would love to get more eventually, thinking about some communist poster style  graphics for my other shoulder…


  • gingersoll

    A stoic Basset Hound lays on the porch, looking out upon the rolling hills of tall grass where I grew up…

  • Deselect

    I would like a life-sized full body tattoo of myself only slightly taller.

  • Jp_9thward

    I’ve always wanted to get the jaw structure of a great white shark directly in the center of my collarbone. To me, it represents standing up for what you believe in and not taking shit from anyone. 

  • Free Pez

    A ‘Hertz’ car rental company logo but change the ‘e’ to a ‘u’ so it spells ‘Hurtz’, on the side of my torso near my ribs.

  • Stepperen

    I actually dreamed about a tattoo last night, it was a blue bike where the shadow formed “On my uncles bike we can sit 3 kids”. I’ve really been missing my nephews lately, but where the bike idea comes from i have no idea. Good dream .

  • Jesse Hunniford

    I have “Ceci n’est pas un tatouage” on my arm. I am a big fan of Magritte. As well as a tattoo of my old pet miniture pig whos name is Roast. Also a tattoo of three portraits of my best mates. All three of us have the same tattoo.

  • Hazel Mochan

    I have a tall ship on my right shoulder. I big regal looking black and white piece. With a compass glowing from behind it like the rays of the sun. Crashing waves below it and a cute little fleur de lit to top it off! (:

  • just a small heart somewhere on my body

  • w.kuklinski
  • Lucasespin

    I got my first tatto booked in late september. I’m getting a naked chick with a geisha haircut pulling out a sword from her gut on my back shoulder. The blood pouring out becomes a smokey tiger spirit enveloping her from above her. on my arm is going to be a tiger being slain with arrows and spears. so its kinda like the person is sacrificing herself for the spirit of the slain tiger which was killed by humans. i guess its some sort of cyclical life metaphor or something.  oh and her facial expression is just stone cold like “what up?!” 

    in the future me and my tattoo artist are talking about getting the legend of monkey king journey to the west on my whole left side.

    woo woo!

  • Ryan Meikle

    I have a tribal sleeve which has a mix of traditional polynesian and maori designs. I would love my other arm to have something similar!

  • I’m 18 and moving away to art school in 3 weeks. Naturally, I’m excited, but also nervous about a new country, a new city (I live in Glasgow currently, and love it to pieces), and having to start critiquing my art with the added pressure of how it will fare outside my little creative world.

    I am an adventurous, outdoorsy girl. I climb trees and explore abandoned buildings and this summer have learned to longboard – just because I felt like it, not that it is the most common activity among Scottish girls.. And so this new endeavor is exciting, I am so for it, but I’m beginning my life – for real – and that’s scary.So, before I go, before I say goodbye to a childhood and hello to the real world, I wanted to get a tattoo that will remind me to stay adventurous, to keep doing things that make people ask “why on earth is she doing that?”
    This all seems a bit long-winded to tell you that I’m getting a tattoo of a sailboat on my upper arm. I know right, how original!? But really, the sea is important to me (although I have no idea why) and I could recite to you by heart the entire first page of Moby Dick. I guess that idea of “setting sail”, of DOING it rather than talking about it, is something that I want to keep central to my soul.
    In addition, the boat has a rope attached to it’s sail, and the rope reaches onto the front of my shoulder where there are three bluetits carrying it along.
    The boat is in colour and with great attention to detail, the birds are black line drawings.
    I guess it’s to say: 
    Don’t be afraid to adventure on, because ultimately, there’s fate!

    And that’s a comfort.

  • Chris Tavares

    I really want this book. A friend of mine owns a shop and he told me that because I am an artist myself that I would be cheating myself out of something simply amazing. He hadn’t read the book but there is a huge buzz. Pick me!

  • Kristalblanco

    Nubicuculia by Marco Mazzoni…fab face without eyes…

  • Giraffodill

    I recently got my first tattoo on the inside of my right arm: “Nolite te bastardes carborundorum,” a phrase I first heard from The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood. It means “Don’t let the bastards grind you down.” I had the tattoo guy make it look sort of scratchy and haphazardly written so it would look like it was carved into wood, as it is in the book.

  • Yes please

  • vaiva čyvaitė

    i have a tattoo on my leg


    tattoo artist – Arnas Blinstrubas (Lithuania)
    drawing artist – Ricardo Vázquez Ortega (Mexico)
    drawing is oriented entirely to spirituality. In Mexico there are indigenous people called Wixárikas (or better known as huicholes)
    these people have a deep connection with nature, creation and
    retention. They have a complex system of rituals that complement  dress
    and a very folk art which always include a means of bonding with the
    metaphysical life the hikury (or Peyote) is a cactus has a properties through which pass very deep states of consciousness. Within their have stories, one I love is Venado Azul (blue
    deer) is very beautiful, explains how that people overcame an age of
    decadence and let them be what they are today, the deer is an animal
    sacred to them.

  • Chrissy

     I have a tattoo of an illustration from the children’s book the Runaway Bunny. The story is about the mama bunny always being there for the baby bunny. My mama died when I was 6, but I remember reading the book together.

  • Fizzlegoose

    I’m planning on getting Ace Ventura jumping over a hedge in a tutu, down the side of my body. Underneath inscribed: “weird forever”

  • I’ve been building up an b/w image in my mind for about 10 years now so that it could work as a sleeve tattoo. It would look like a forest of old pine trees and there would be imagery / people hidden in the tree trunks and behind them. Forest of souls and lives, reflecting life and the complex of it as well as the complexity of people. But at the same time it would be a salute to nature and all the living on earth. 

  • rute.p.

    my latest tattoo is an old-school anchor with a rose and a ribbon bearing the word “Pai” (father in Portuguese). I find it quite ironic that I’m honouring my dad with a tat, something he is absolutely not a fan of. :)

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