06.11.12 by Jeff

Poler / Giveaway

Poler / Booooooom Giveaway napsack
My friends at Poler have hooked me up with one of their new napsacks! Who wants it? (Do I even have to ask?)

Poler / Booooooom Giveaway napsack

If you want it, tell me what your first adventure with it would be in the comments below!

This giveaway is just for North American residents (due to shipping costs). Good luck!


CONGRATS TO ERNIE HERSHEY. You’ve won the Poler Napsack, check your email! Stay tuned for more giveaways, I’ve got lots of good ones lined up!

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • I would take it with me as I walk part of the Appalachian trail!

  • Rachel

    I would use it for when I go camping on the moon.

  • Kyle Norton

    I would take the Napsack with me on a hike to the summit of Mount Hood, camp, then use it as a sled and slide down through the snow field in the morning!

  • I need this for late nights at the library and sleeping in my car between classes

  • Josh Parshall

    If I had it today, my first adventure would be wearing it to vote.
    Otherwise, I will wear it on my honeymoon.

  • matthewshurrrr

    In all honesty the first adventure would be at my house as soon as I take it out of the box. Theres no way I could get that in and not immediately put it on and wear it for a little while.

  • Miklós Németh

    I would bring it along with my girfriend to the mountain where we first met.

  • I would bring it with me on my cold cold Northern Michigan bike tour in two weeks. In memory of the Edmund Fitzgerald, Great Lakes Freighter that sank in Lake Superior Nov. 10th, 1975.

  • John Fry

    I will organize a winter fishing (by bicycle) trip just to show off my Napsack, if I win.

  • i’d sleep on my deck.

  • I would just sleep in it. That’s about it.

  • Laurent

    sleep in the street … :(

  • I am going to take my napsack bike camping!!

  • Josh

    I’d let my 2 daughters double up in it on our next camping trip!

  • Guest

    I would make the ultimate pillow/blanket fort and camp out in my apartment.

  • Wear it to the mountains. Chop down a tree. Catch a fish. Make a fire…and never take it off.

  • jaycie

    it would be the next cuddle station for the pups.

  • NickT

    I would take it into northern Ontario for a camping and photography excursion deep in the Algonquin Provincial Park.

  • Craig Flood

    The 1st Adventure…. hmmmmmm…. I would go snowboarding on Mt. Hood with it on to keep the frost from nippin at my heels as I slash the pow. Then…. post a film of it here on the site! BOOM!!!

  • I’d turn off the heat/cut the power in my apartment, grab a couple excessively large houseplants, pitch a tent in the living room and throw a second floor walkup camping party.

  • Rebekah Heacock

    I’m going camping in western Massachusetts this weekend and would zip myself into it to ward off the worst of the winter.

  • erica

    i would open the package at my front door
    put it on
    lay face down on the ground
    scoot around like an inchworm

  • michelle warnke

    My first adventure will be to camp out in the backyard of the new house i am moving into this weekend!

  • kiddo katsu

    First – nap on the couch. Next, try a session on the roof. Venture a little further to be snuggly in the park. Put it on in the car (no heat!) and drive to the wildlife preserve for a hike and nap. Let the dog climb in to nap for a minute. Bring it home for the winter backyard bbq. See if I can wear it riding my bike home. Fall asleep in it, see if someone else can fit in as well. Then wake up for work the next morning…still in the napsack. i work from home so i’m thinking i’ll basically never take it off?

  • I’d be going to the event here on campus where we sleep outside to raise awareness for the needs of the homeless.w

  • Kyle

    I would use it when staying at my friend Kevin’s cottage. He never has extra blankets…

  • I live in Oregon, so definitely one of the camp grounds by the beach!

  • GABE

    I would definitely put it on and run down a hill and roll around in it!

  • Jessie Croll

    I will wear it for my next overnighter architecture school deadline!

  • Powell 25

    I would wear it over the top of the one I bought the other day. No heating: cheap winter… skillz

  • I would use it to get cozy on our annual trip to the U.P. in the summer.

  • colin b

    I would road trip to Spokane and never take it off…then proceed to go down some mountains on the shred sled, again, without removing the napsack, and lastly, beneath some twinkly stars I would fall into a slumber only to wake up completely warm thanks from the guys over at poler.

  • I would use this incredible napsack to camp out on my apt. roof and star gaze

  • elli

    I would go into the woods and scare off the boy scouts and then try how many of them will fit inside my napsack with me…

  • I would wear it like a hermit crab wears it’s shell. Everyday, only getting out of it to bathe and whatnot. Seems perfect for a couch surfing student like me, in this rainy place called Vancouver.

  • Daniesh

    I would wear it like regular clothing- Vancouver’s getting chilly

  • I would, firstly of course, build a time machine and transport myself to 1925 Anchorage, Alaska. Secondly, I would tie myself to the famous siberian sled dog ‘Balto’s heroic sled and assist him in bringing the medicine to the sick children by sleeping in the back of the sled like a human hourglass. I would be a comfortable reminder of the hypothermia Balto will contract if he cannot reach Nome in time. I would sacrifice my comfortability to cuddle with the diphtheria antitoxin in order to keep it safe, and finally return to my native time to read about myself on Wikipedia as the mysterious, fashionable sleeping man that Balto lugged 1,600 km to save the diseased children. Yay.

  • I would camp out on top of Lane Stadium the night before a football game

  • SamO

    I would rent a room with some friends up at Snowbird Utah, and chill out in it while I anticipate heading up the mountain to hit the powder!

  • This July im embarking on an 11 month trip to 11 countries. My team and I will be building homes, feeding homeless, working at aids clinics, helping sex traffic victims and more. Of course I will have small weekends off to rest and travel a bit myself however Its a long and strenuous trip. I have to raise money because i wont be able to work myself for a year. Anything donated or help like this would help. I would use it on 32 hour trips on train or bus through africa or asia. Even in the hills of romania. This napsack would be such a great comfort! I will be sleeping in a tent the full 11 months. Check out my blog about the trip at jakobusmichele.theworldrace.org or the organization at worldrace.org help me out! I wish i could just buy one but all my money is going towards the 16 thousand i have to save up in order to go! anything helps out!

  • alesb27

    Every summer I attend an overnight camp for underprivileged children. It will be my second year as a counselor this year and the Napsack would help keep me warm during the cold northern Canadian nights!

  • After next paycheck take a $25 drive into the Bitterroot, grab some road sodas, and head up the first old logging road. After enough good old boy driving get out and wander around. With the poler napsack I would not have to watch the sun, except the clouds of course, that is what we do here for fun. Even after too man road sodas i could just fall asleep on a rock or log, or the car, but be warm. Wake up, head down into Lolo, get some fry bread, drive through the range to the Tobacco Roots. Say hi to old Morris living down in there before he returns to his childhood Spainland during the below zero time.

  • David

    I’d go back to Iceland, this time in the early spring, and I’d make sure I got to the interior of the continent for a night or two.

  • I’m putting up a project to go highpacking in Greenland for at least a month this summer, to meet the Inuit people and learn about their lifestyle and what changed for them because of mondialisation in Greenland (leading to the highest rate of alcoholism and suicide in the world).

  • It would definitely be useful for my next hostel stay over—but we all know I’ll just be wearing that around the house/work/bus/all over Vancouver.

  • I’ll make an indoor campout with my friends in my house! Set up a tent in the living room and roast s’mores over the stove and tell spooky stories to each other…We got a small fake evergreen tree from a store closing down on the corner awhile back so I’ll stick that outside the tent and BOOM. Forest.


  • The adventure of comfort as I roll out of bed, directly onto the 99, truck down to IHOP & get some chicken & waffles. ALL WITHOUT WAKING UP

  • I would move into the woods outside my college.

  • I would wear it to the grocery store

  • Diego

    I would wear it to school. (i’ll take a photo as proof so pick meee).

  • Drew Turner

    Id take it to the fucking moon.

  • laura

    My first adventure in my knapsack would be being able to venture to and work at my desk to write my dissertation! Living in an igloo of a student house and having no money to turn the heating on full whack getting out of the duvet to sit on the most uncomfortable desk chair which kills my butt cheeks within 10 minutes to go through the excruciating process of writing a dissertation requires a large amount of motivation and will power which I just do not have in these winter months! This knapsack would be my saving grace and worthy of me passing my degree.

  • I would take it with me when I go WWOOFing (Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms) next year in Canada!

  • Andrew Bevin

    I’m going to uni next year and moving out of home to live in a student flat with no heating, i’m gonna need something to keep me warm!

  • Nathan Henry

    I would probably sit in my living room, and sit in it and adventure in skyrim, and watch adventure time.

  • Ben

    I’m going on a climbing trip to Southern Illinois three weeks from now. We’re gonna camp out on the beach one night and this would be perfect for staying warm!

  • kristen

    This wonderful item would come out into the research field with me (site: the Kamchatka Peninsula) as I study affects of climate change on indigenous salmon farming practices. Also, considering my grad school is in Chicago, it’d make my commute a hell of a lot warmer.

  • Two words: train hopping. Okokok I’ll explain. I’ve done from BC to Manitoba but I want to go from Nova Scotia to BC. Coast to coast. The napsack would cut down on weight and bulk to make it easier to break the law. ;) Help me break the law Booooooom.

  • I would take it to my trip around Finland and use it as I road trip around the country discovering my roots. I’m a landscape and climate change installation artist and will make artwork while I’m there and after I leave in which I may include the Poler Napsack.

  • Hanna Lee

    I would wander Philadelphia in it and pretend to be a caterpillar!

  • This is so amazing. I would take this everywhere. especially as I’m currently in Zurich and it’s coooooooold. I would sleep with it, wake up with it, eat breakfast with it, smoke a cigarette with it, drink a coffee with it, do my homework with it, take it to the cinema and when its getting warmer again, i would take it outside to watch the stars. Also my boyfriend and I would never fight again, cos we just have one blanket.

  • I live in a crappy and cold apartment and I’m constantly wrapped in multiple layers of blankets. This would be soooo useful to me ! I would also use it for camping : My regular sleeping bag is cheap and torn…

  • I plan on going on a bike trip across the US where I make a new Facebook profile (and or Twitter/etc, as well) and add only the people I meet along the way. Everyone else could subscribe to the account and follow the adventure though all the public posts. Maybe I’ll even ask Facebook to sponsor me haha.
    I’d need a napsack to survive the nights in-between towns & cities, and this would be a good one!

  • i will sleep on the beach that borders my campus and then go to the mountains and i will write it all down and then live in it for all my 8 ams forever

  • JOJ

    There is a freight train line that ive wanted to ride for some time now. it goes from Oakland, CA (where i live) to Reno, NV. With the Poler I would not have to worry about lying down on cold metal, going through train tunnels (the summit tunnel is1,659-feet long), and making it through donner pass (in the winter) I’m not sure if you’ve ever ridden freight before, but it gets pretty cold. Steel is not a very good heat conductor.

  • let

    Supposing its warm enough, it would be taken right away from me by some cute girl who’s always feeling cold, but its not a matter of heart. If I’m fortunate enough I’ll be granted with one/two tries of fitting together into it. It is worth it anyways. :)

  • Amy

    I would never stop adventuring! Plopping down to sleep wherever I pleased would be part of the fun and wouldn’t slow me down in the morning.

  • i would wear it to work. Warmth and hands free designing sounds spectacular.

  • this would make for the best couch potato experience ever. I would use it to hibernate all winter, watching random internet videos and snuggling with lots of cats. This thing looks roomy enough for cats to be in there with you so its pretty much a dream come true

  • “Abdul” Dube

    the napsack comes in handy for my adventure down south, I mean South Afrika – travelling light is a must and participating in as much as possible is just a must, Afrika Burns here i come—anyway a Napsack enough trippy treats and im set —-

  • Tiffany Patterson

    I would romp around my yard late one evening – build a fire and drink hot boozy beverages. It gets super cold at night! Love love love this! ♥

  • mananetwork

    I’d share all that warm Poler Napsack space with all three of my cats. It’ll be an adventure inside!

  • elvy

    this knapsack would give me the perfect excuse to perfect my worm, thus following in the footsteps of the great scotty-2-hottie.

  • i want to trip mushrooms on the peak of a mountain as I lay in a napsack looking at the stars

  • bldwndr

    I’d hang it on my living room wall should any visitors have emergency napping needs–just want my friends to know there will always be a comfy place to escape as long as I’m around.


  • frank traynor

    i’d wear it in my shackshop. s’chilly in there. http://perfectnothingcatalog.tumblr.com/

  • Alice Yoon

    I would go to Elysian Park and camp there cuddling in my napsack!! Then I would watch the sunset and take pictures eating crackers and cheese! :-)

  • Sung

    i’m an art student – to be specific, a graphic design major. graphic designers mostly work on computers. that means we are always sitting down. which means that we are always cold due to the lack of circulation in our non-moving bodies. but it really means that i need this to keep warm while working. in the end, it seriously means that it will make my life a little more happier as a sleep-deprived art student.

  • I’d wear it to work, so in case I had a late night, I could sleep on the subway and go to work early and nap under my cubicle.

  • justin

    I have a surgery on my sinuses soon. I would build a blanket fort and campout in it since I’ll be out of commission for a week.

  • Helmet Boot

    First, I would get a bowl of spaghetti Why, you ask? Because spagetti flippin’ (I’m done with the letter “G.” For_et that letter) rules. Up next? Buy a jet ski. In the middle of winter. It’s going to sit in my garage and I will regret that purchase for the next four months. After the jet ski I’m going to Idaho. Why? No clue. I’m pretty sure I have a cousin there or something. Then I’m going to start a bonfire. In front of a fire station. Who knows what’ll happen? After I get banned from Idaho, I think I’ll settle down at the BOTTOM OF THE OCEAN. THAT’S RIGHT, THE FLIPPIN’ (still no G) OCEAN. How am I going to breathe? I’m not. I don’t breathe. I never breathe. After twenty years of dormant underwater slumber I will arise from the murky depths and run for mayor of America. Maybe after that I’ll settle down, get a timeshare in Sweden, eat an entire goat, I don’t know. Haven’t thought that far.

  • I will pit it againts the next #sandy!

  • I’m going to masturbate in it.

  • red river gorge. perfect for camping and playing cards

  • I will definitely need this when I go to Hamburg, Germany this winter… ufff

  • Michael Rollins

    For our first romp together, I would make sure that we focus on the needs of my newest fashion accessory, before we serve my typical human interests. In order to help the napsack get situated in a foreign environment I would take it some place familiar. 
    First my bed to let it meet the starting lineup, which will bore it, because those pillows and blankets never leave the room. 
    Then to give nappy the sense of history it deserves we would venture to the nearest outdoor supply store. My new napsack could see all of the hard work those old sleeping bags put in so that it could have a much more vibrant life. After this first self reflective journey, the napsack and I will take on any resting challenge that lay before us. But for the first time it’s all about nappy, and isn’t that the sign of true love? 

  • Andrew Flanagan

    This recipe calls for:

    Human being – 1
    Puppies – 2-9
    Bacon bits – Handful

    Place ingredients in Napsack, shaking gently as needed to rouse dozing puppies. Feeds an infinite amount of souls.

  • I would shuffle around a snow filled Edmonton, telling everyone I was the winter moth living in their attic, getting some groceries.

  • I’ll make this simple: naps.

  • Annika

    My first adventure would be to traverse the Minnesotan frozen tundra as winter approaches. Wearing my napsack and armed with a good book and tea, I would live in joyous warmth and BANISH THE DOOM OF THE COLD!

  • Let’s be real here: I’d continue sitting here *exploring* the internet, but I’d look and feel way hotter.

  • Annabelle

    I would, without question, sleep under the stars every night until it snows. And then maybe some snowy nights too.

  • the napsack holds the key to limitless comfort potential…there are
    two places i frequent daily or rather nightly that the napsack would change the the entire paradigm of…first, i am a new father and a ceramic artist, my studio is set away from the house and the studio is not heated. i spend very late nights there working as my days are spent reveling in the glory of my son. the fall is here in new mexico where i live that means the nights are getting longer and colder. my country home is at about 6500 feet above sea level this means the snow will fall soon. the napsack could be worn during the creation of my next series of work and when i return to my bed in the early morning hours i will remain warm as to not chill my baby boy. and second, i read on the toilet mostly sci-fi and often my legs fall asleep while i am there. if i had the napsack i could just fall asleep rather than put my book down to began the process of waking my legs. the napsack is a necessity, i need this, I NEED IT.

  • heather

    Don’t make me buy another dumb winter jacket…i wanna wear this everyday until spring hits!

  • I would find a huge pile of leaves to climb into, and take a nap inside it!!!

  • Sashiko

    I’d be able to sit under the stars and sketch with a hot cup of tea. It’d be really picturesque to sit in the middle of a quiet field and read though. <3

  • Willy B

    I’d use it as an emergency blanket in our work truck to increase comfort when victims of all too frequent hangovers and injuries need to spend the day lying in the back hiding from the terrifying power and insidious dampness of the wild west coast weather.

  • I’d take my wife to spend a night out under the stars. Just wine and fun stories!

  • I’d tie it to the rafters and pretend I was a cocoon. And hope I didn’t die in the process.

  • Guest

    I would use it to take photographs out in the woods at night in Northern Michigan. Great lakes = Great chills.

  • Lisa Boulton

    I’d Wear it DOUBLES! TEAM NAP!

  • cuddling with all my cats! and eating a pizza.

  • in the winter months I will build elaborate forts in my bedroom out of sheets, furniture and house plants and sit inside with the napsack on with my friend Caroline and drink wine and listen to old records by xtc (for her) and patti smith and toro y moi (for me, i get two as its my fort). in the summer the napsack will keep me company working at coyote moon cafe servicing chilli to folks until i’m let out to go dancing. it will also be handy when visiting my parents who live in the woods. my day job is as carer and i also have to sleep at work some times (on call) then get up very early, I will be able to wear the napsack on the bus home until i take the milk off the milkmen and slip through my door to skip the day. and last but not leased wear it when i’m on booooooom. regards alfie

  • Jon

    I would wear it as camouflage to blend in and scare shoppers at Mountain Equipment Co-op.

  • Nicole

    zzzzzz errrraywhere

  • Sarah

    I would wear it to school- Art history lecture in blissful, cozy comfort!

  • dena

    this was love at first sight, i seriously have been dreaming of something so delightful. my first adventure would be a day and night in my studio.. running at about 50 degrees (quickly on the decline) i wear full on winter gear.. unfortunately this calls for little flexibility in the arms… but the Poler provides so much motility it would be a beautiful union Art+Poler= amazing adventures in my studio. (and a hot cup of tea) this poler would never look back.

  • The Canadian winter got me good last year when I moved here.. I could use some help to survive the coming one.

  • Jay

    I would take a serious 5 in my tree fort.

  • I’d like to imagine it would be sleeping under the stars, but it would probably end up being sleeping in it on the couch.

  • etp4eva

    i would probably sleep on my regular bed with it

  • Lauren

    I would take it with me on my next meteor shower and/or northern lights watching adventure. The arm holes would come in handy while sipping hot chocolate from a thermos.

  • I would put it on, grab some coffee and head up to Cadillac Mountain in Maine just in time for the sunrise.

  • Robert Marohn

    Of course I would use it for napping, but trampoline jumping would never be the same if I won a napsack!

  • Eti Namasu

    I’m going to spend a few days in Lapland in December, visiting Santa Claus and stuff. Being a brazilian, I’m used to some quite ‘hot’ winters, so I guess I’ll need the extra warmth and cosiness provided by those napsacks, otherwise I’d get a cold shock or something. It also would be the perfect outfit for sitting outside watching the northern lights, dont you think?

  • i’m pretty sure i would take the money i would spend on one otherwise & stay the night in the integratron (look it up) in the middle of the desert and work on recording an album while making photographs & self portraits in it the entire time. oh, one can dream, can’t she?

  • I’d wear it at Sundance film feat all 11 days I’m there showing up all the fur coats.

  • having just moved here from california and seriously unprepared for the cold, this will solve ALL MY PROBLEMS! if i win, i’ll just wear it out and make a video of myself doing it. what better advertisement?!

  • Leyna

    I would gather a couple friends on a Sunday afternoon, drive up to Bolinas and find a camping spot to sleep in my lovely Napsack under the clear blue sky. In the morning we would sing songs and jump in the water and dry off (in my Napsack) by a fire while cooking bacon and eggs on an old skillet pan. And then everyone i know would buy a Napsack. Because of jealousy.

  • I’d wear it to work.

  • jennifer

    I would take it deer hunting in case of a slow day

  • Jennifer

    I would lay down on my kitchen floor, zip all the zippers up, and sizzle like bacon…..yummm.

  • i would take some friends, get into my woody van & drive outside of the city to the nearest drive-in theater. get into the comfy little napsack, grab some popcorn & beer & reminisce :]

  • Marie S.

    I would lie on the floor while watching my baby play ay 5 am every day.

  • I’d zip both of my cats inside it against their will then walk around the apartment.

  • I would take it with me watch the space station pass overhead upstate.

  • Ellen

    I would take it with me on the Camino de Santiago in Spain (which I plan to do next semester when I graduate…what better for an art major?) and until then, rep it proudly around good old Athens, GA

  • I would wear it to sleep, then wear it to class the next morning.

  • Mike

    I would just snuggle so damn hard, anywhere and everywhere.

  • With my napsack, I’d pack my bags and go on a fantastic hitchiking, train-hopping adventure across British Columbia and Alberta, hopping between music festivals and WWOOF farms. Its the perfect accessory for the itinerant lifestyle.

  • Stargazing in the mountains!

  • I would wear this amazing thing to work. I would take pictures and let everyone have a turn trying it on and taking a nap. And I mean everyone. Even when clients show up. I would make everyone at the office wear it at least once, and snuggle each and every one of them.

  • I would travel with this napsack from my home in whistler to coachella 2013 in california, while sleeping in the weirdest places I can find along the way

  • I would wear it as regular warmth clothing for all time. My house and my job are frigid places.

  • I’m driving from colorado to panama this coming spring, this would be perfect to sleep in

  • anna

    Head straight to the ice rink and spend the entire day sitting in the stands watching hockey without worrying about getting cold. I could try to play hockey in it, but that might be slightly dangerous. :D

  • greatkate

    I’d drive to Jasper and up a mountain, cinch it around my waist while I
    hiked up to a clearing then sit in it and watch the northern lights.
    After I saw the sun rise, I’d slide in it back down the mountain.

  • Guest

    I would gather a group of my friends for a friendly group event to Burning Man and wear it!

  • Niko Subido

    I live in Washington and my best friend is coming up from Arizons during Thanksgiving. We’re planning on going to Oregon to camp! I could really use this!!!

  • I will wear it naked. While mountain biking. Or climbing. Rocks. In the woods.

  • i would wear this napsack,hook it and hang myself upside down at any monumental installations and shout,” so what..i wanna be batman all my life,fuck you! .”

  • James Grant

    I’d be sleeping under the stars in the greatest place on earth – The Canadian Rockies.

  • I think i would act like a caterpillar and wait for a bird to take me away

  • Claire

    My house is really cold so I’d use it to cuddle with my pup and sleep and whatnot. I think I’d probably even live in it..

  • lostinthere

    Drive my car until it ran out of gas, get out, walk 2.5 miles east, sit down and paint the scenery surrounding me.

  • I would wear it for a night of heavy drinking while walking around Stanley Park, pass out under a tree, and wear it hungover into work the next day.

  • get the orange one and take a walk in the woods (hunting season safety)

  • Camp out at FDR and get in early morning, frosty runs before anyone else shows up. I have to admit that I would definitely live in it around the house too; especially when letting the dog out.

  • I’m suppose to go up to the Yukon next year and so I’d take it up with me and waddle around the cabin with it and watch the Nothern lights with it.

    I would also just wear it around the house back here in Vancouver.

  • Shane Dolen

    My adventure with it would first start out with a quick cat nap followed by catching the next flight to Antarctica to live the remainder of my days as a penguin.

  • iamfreezing

    my radiator broke down, two weeks ago. lessor told me it’s gonna be repaired, but nothing happened so far. i am still freezing, trying to keep warm with some cups of tea, no chance to get a cuddle from my girlfriend, cause she’s studying some 100 kilometers from here.
    i guess my adventure would be to bring her warmth to my place, this napsack should be the perfect one to do it!

  • Megan

    I’m currently staying in the quite-isolated Odenwald of south-western Germany, and the napsack would be puuurrrfect for the mountain fields here. I’d have my family mail it to me, and upon receiving it I’d take it up to the apple orchard to the tree I like to climb because it has the most beautiful view of the Rhine river valley below. That way I could sit comfortably in my tree and read a book with a thermos of tea without fear of losing the feeling in my fingers or toes!

  • I would wear it around the office, like a boss.

  • I’d wear it, hide myself in it and lie down in a street corner or on a curb, so people will thought I’m some kind of trashbag. And would kick me, burn me or even throw me in a dumpster!
    Ojeez i’m so excited~

  • My parents have been living without power, heat and running water since Hurricane Sandy hit Long Island last Sunday. My father who lives on the South Shore has been displaced from his home. That’s been 9 days so far. Now the Nor’easter is set to hit. I just want them to be warm.

    If anyone can help, please donate things that keep people warm. Hundreds of thousands of Long Islanders, New Yorkers & folks in Jersey are just like my parents, and they’re still vulnerable.

  • I am willing to ride nuts to butt up too 1000 miles on the rear of my dude friend’s harley, all while wearing the @polerstuff napsack. I will document the whole trip via video camera if you select me as the lucky winner!

  • Vincent

    I would wear it in my apartment, saving money on heating :)

  • I would climb all the 14,000ft peaks in the Canadian Rockies dressed as a penguin.

  • I’d use it and roll on El Morro in Puerto Rico

  • Zoe

    i would sleep in a field of tulips in holland and dream only of the warmest things.

  • I would get the most amount of snuggling, anywhere I want!

  • Jhoff

    I would wear it on the plane to Taiwan making it the biggest trend to hit the country since Linsanity.

  • I’m a ‘property guardian’ (a legal, contracted squatter) in an abandoned home for the elderly, so firstly, I’d be able to go hang out there in the evenings (instead of in cafes) and not freeze my balls off, secondly, I’ll go ghost hunting in it (it doubles as ghost-protection wear, right?) and thirdly, at the very least I’ll have a go on one of the old adjustable electric beds, or the shower swing, with photos and videos included… just for the s**ts and giggles.

  • I would drive out to the west coast on a weekend. My friends and I would sleep on the floor of a fishing cottage in a pile. I would use the pockets for lip chap and my glasses.

  • It will be an epic adventure from the living room to the bedroom with my new napsack

  • I’d give it to my husband the next time I may him sleep in the garage! Just kidding!

  • I would go to a camping gear store and stand among the other hanging sleeping bags and grab people through the arm holes while staying at a toasty temperature.

  • I would hang upside down on a tree, and I wouldn’t come out until I’ve evolved!

  • Rebecca

    I would wear this thing to my university library and set up camp during finals.

  • Sleepover with my friends this winter. Me, the automatic favorite for winner of sleeping bag wrestling.

  • I go to school in rural Minnesota so I could walk to class wearing it and then fall asleep in style. We’re a quirky bunch out here, pretty sure I could start a trend.

  • Patrick Kinch

    My friends call me Patio Pat because I sleep on patios too often, help keep me warm.

  • Patrick Hannon

    Use my vacation time and Camp in the North Cascades NP!

  • Sara Sremac

    My favorite creature is the slug, so I would be able to actualize my fantasy of being a slug and I could continue to write my anthology of slug haikus in a more appropriate attire.

  • regreta

    everyday would be an adventure with the napsack, i would never take it off.

  • dt

    I would caterpillar everywhere until I went through some sort of Franz Kafka metamorphosis.

  • Jacob Z.

    The reason I would like this napsack is because I have had other sleeping bags before and all of them turned out to be unreliable. I travel around the world with my bike and sometimes napsacks are so necessary even when you’re waiting in the airport or on top of the Roraima plateau in the amazon. The design and the versatility look amazing and being able to have pockets and use as a jacket, seriously? This has to be the perfect one. My first adventure would be for sure next month in alaska.

  • wes

    I would invite my cute neighbor to a Nap-sack warming party ;)

  • Sarah Carlyle

    Sit in the snow at night during a snow fall. Nothing like it.

  • ccker

    I’d wear it to work and I’d wear it while I work. I swear, they keep the air conditioning on all year

  • Morijah

    I reckon I would duuck way down into the bottom, light up some mary j, whilst trying not start a fire but also try to hotbox the mother out of it.. then after my minds been blasted, I would put in my head phones, put on some Bonobo or the Thelonius Monk.. theeeeeenn.. YES, thats not the end,.. I would lay on a trampoline with my eyes toward a starry sky and get some pals to bounce me as high toward the cosmos as possible.. the Napsack deserves this and sooooo so much more!


  • Anastasia C

    I’d put it on straight out of the box and roll around in our NYC snow, slush, or rain – whichever comes first at the time. And if another hurricane hits I’m sure it’d make for a great warm parachuting device. But most of all, I’d share it with a loved one to keep them cozy mozy.

    Heatless and powerless nights can sure inspire creativity in a way…

  • I would just wear it in college. Comfortably creating!

  • I would open the Napsack IMMEDIATELY upon arrival, and so the adventure would begin there in Allston. I’d probably dance to the better side of a good record and make the best grilled cheese sandwich of all time. We’d have whatever beer that is in my fridge, probably something cheap and gross, but it could be a microbrew depending on my spending that week. I’d wear it while waiting for the B line, and it could ride the T with me.

  • eahiv

    I’d zip Levi Mandel’s cats inside it against their will then walk around his apartment.

  • palmtree

    i go to new york to visit my one true love every twenty two days and often am stuck places waiting for him – port authority, libraries, bagel stores, parks, sidewalks, subways, lobbies, duane reades (worst name for a store- who can even pronounce it??) so dressing up as the warmest person in the whole world would be the best – also i could sleep anywhere and then when we got to see each other we could BOTH BE WARM FORVER

  • Thomas

    I would wear it as a SuperHero costume, and whenever somebody bores me or it’s chilly out there, i would turn into Nap Guy

  • Allison Rude

    I’d roll down a hill in it.

  • Melala

    Episode #1: Poler Napsack <3 Melaw. Once my napsack arrives I would put it on make some coffee ask my kids to set the dial on the cardboard box time machine to the year 1999, get in with my thermos mug full of dark roast organic coffee with a teaspoon of honey and close my eyes….

  • steamroller the heck outof so many unsuspecting victims muhaha

  • taylor

    Upon reaching the summit of Tawahus I would wrap myself in the poler knapsack, take a swig from a wicker-woven flask, address formal salutations to the witnessing mountains and fire double-charges of gunpowder over the canyon and forest, arousing crashing reverberations that leaped from cliff to distant cliff, swiftly redoubling in the morning air.

  • I live in California and I just quit my miserable job of 3 years. I would drive up to the majestic redwoods with it and have my very first camping trip ever.


    I’d wear it to go shopping

  • mercedes rolandi

    So i’m planning a big backpacking trip to southamerica, i guess it would be a great place to use de napsack in my way to Machu Pichu, Perú. :)

  • emelex

    i’m in alaska for a few winter months and i’d wear it whenever i’m in my little cold dry cabin!

  • stray13

    I am just now recovering from emergency surgery on my appendix, that ended up having a huge tumor on it, that inverted into my bowl.
    After surgery I was doing fine, until day 3 then I started to bleed out.
    With in seconds my hemoglobin went from 11.3 down to 7.4.

    I was taken to the ICU and after 5 units of blood and one unit of plasma it dropped again down to 7.3. They managed to keep me stable. And with time they manage to stop the bleeding.
    After being do close to death, and after I fully recover I plan on traveling. I could really use this when camping out in Colorado.

  • Joshua Castillo

    Just moved to California from a little shit town, would head straight to a beautiful national park with this upon receiving this..

  • aisha

    I would go to walmart

  • I’d organise a flashmob in Trafalgar square and do an amazing en-masse napsack choreographed dance…

  • Id bring it on band’s north american tour. Wear it on stage like a noisy slug.

  • I’d be starting wintersleep!

  • SL

    I’d wear it to an upcoming party

  • I’d make it my official campaign attire in my run for President of the moon. That thing is totally kosher for space walks, right? Right…?

  • i’d have a huge cuddle puddle! and also crack the windows open, sleep in my birthday suite and go into bear mode for the wintery season.

  • Guest

    Wear it into the old city of Jerusalem, Irsael. And than to BURNING MAN! of course. YEEEEEHAW

  • Notorious Roach

    I would reside in it at BURNING MAN, would be my first week back in the US in a year. anticipation. over whelming.

  • I would wear this on stage while performing at Snowball Music Festival (in Winter Park, Colorado)

  • alex shea

    I’d use the poler napsack to improve my career as a professional North Shore couch surfer. I shoot photos for a couple of surf companies and always find myself on random couches and floors. This thing would be cozier than any dirty sheet or beach towel I’ve used before up north

  • Leora Fridman

    I would go sledding without a sled!

  • Robbie

    I lost my Snuggie. This would make an adequate replacement.

  • Brittany Eaton

    I have been waiting for this invention my whole life, as it matches all my aspirations perfectly. My first adventure of many would be to pack up my van and finally move to Lake Tahoe, now that I can be warm enough there in this cozy portable heaven. I would bring it with me backpacking, on the full moon hike up Mt Tallac, to party at the top with the bears and marmots and hide from the mountain lions-to make snow angels and shout off the top of the mountain-TAHOMEEEEE!

  • I would take it to joshua tree and watch the stars in it :)

  • e evans

    im going to haiti in 2 months to help with some clean up efforts—hatian camping + poler sounds great

  • I’m going on an expedition to look for a the lost city of Elko Tract!

  • ill probably wake up in it. go to school in it. and fall asleep in class.

  • Alison Kreitzberg

    I will drive to Portland, OR and sleep in my car, then recreate the trip I took three years ago, when I stayed in a hotel for $35 in Grants Pass, OR, and then drove out to the California coast and camped. Not wanting to pay the exorbitant state camping fee’s, which were slightly less than staying in a hotel room a few nights before, where I had a warm room, television and a mini fridge! I instead found a federal campground for $12 and a couple other cheaper, private campgrounds until I met a wonderful hippie lady in Mendocino, CA, where she fed me and let me sleep on her floor that night, then had me watch her 10 year old son for a couple hours the next day, while she went to work the next morning. I love adventures!

  • Colby

    I have a collection of mid century boy scouts decorations and badges. I would hop in my napsack, pin on my badges, put on my sash, tie and pin my scarf, go on my roof and stare at the stars. pretending to be the first ever, cosmic cub scout.

  • ak

    I would go on the adventure to lose my virginity…but in all honesty, that just won’t happen with the napsack.

  • Wesley George

    i’d probably do the worm with it on. at the dmv. waiting online. with a baja berry blast from tacobell in my hands. while laying down sweet moves on a piece of cardboard and greasing up a baby pig for the county fair. While all that’s going on, i’d be hog-wrassling in competition with shaolin monks from the 34th mountain infantry division of tibet as i layeth the smacketh down on several of their tae kwan warriors.

  • I would hike to various places and camp out in it and watch the stars.

  • I will slide in the snow with it and in the stop point i will take a nap and then restart all over. Slide, nap, slide, nap, slide, nap

  • Id take this on my upcoming camping trip, wear it on the beach and drink a hot toddy under the stars. Whooooo!

  • I’m in!


    I’d wear it skiing then take off my skis, tuck in my knees and summersault down the mountain from top to bottom in it

  • touring Canada in late fall, living in a van and freezing my butt off! I could wear it into the gas station in the middle of the night to go pee pee. The heat would never escape!!

  • Guest

    touring Canada in the late fall, living in a van. Cold! Sleeping outside at a gas station rocking this I could go in to go pee without risking shivering my ass off…the cold air would neva escape muahaha

  • Guest

    touring Canada in the late fall, living in a van. Cold! Sleeping outside at a gas station rocking this I could go in to go pee without risking shivering my ass off…the warm air would neva escape muahaha

  • I’d probably get on the subway with it and try and get someone to take picture of me and put it on reddit or something. or go camping in my kitchen

  • Skyy

    i NEEEEED one of these for Burning Man adventures!!! I would party my ass off in this thing and pass out right on the dance floor!

21.08.17 by Jeff

OPEN CALL: @Booooooom Instagram Feature

photo by Jimmy Marble

Heads up, we are currently accepting submissions for features on our @Booooooom Instagram account. This is an open call for photos that fit the theme: ‘A fleeting moment’.

If you have an image that you think fits this theme, leave a comment below with 1 image and a clickable link to your Instagram account.



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Artist Spotlight: Ian Cumberland

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“Heads” by Artist Ronald Gonzalez

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Artist Spotlight: Klone

Arad, Israel

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ANIGIF Net Artwork by Artist Nicolas Sassoon

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