15.11.12 by Jeff

That Will Be The Day

That Will Be The Day by Aldo Aréchar and Matthew DiVito
“That Will Be The Day”, an animation by Matthew DiVito, with music by composer Aldo Aréchar. Watch below!




Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • http://twitter.com/NikolajKorsgaar Nikolaj Korsgaard

    Need that pic in higher res.

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

      ya ill take a giant poster of it plz

      • http://twitter.com/NikolajKorsgaar Nikolaj Korsgaard

        That would be awesome. I don’t really have the opportunity, since I’ve switched to mac, and don’t how to screen capture.



  • http://okasha.daportfolio.com/ Dalton Sjogren

    For a second I thought this was a continuation of the student made video called, “eclipse” that you posted not too long ago (but whose to say it isn’t???). But also I was really pleasantly surprised by the music that accompanied the video, really nice.


    this is incredible.

  • http://www.facebook.com/aaronbum25 Aaron Bumgarner

    Ah, soothing…