03.01.13 by Jeff

Palomino Blackwing / Giveaway

Palomino Blackwing Pencil Giveaway
Thanks to the folks at Pencils.com I’ve got a beautiful set of Palomino Blackwing pencils, a sharpener, and a notebook to giveaway. Who wants ’em?

Palomino Blackwing Pencil Giveaway

Palomino Blackwing Pencil Giveaway

Palomino Blackwing Pencil Giveaway

Leave a comment below, describe the first thing you would draw! I’ll pick a winner at the end of next week!

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • koston

    I would draw things, a lot of things – spin of elementary particles according to the Bose-Einstein statistics, thin dashed lines, african mask, front of the Ford Mustang, my friend left eye, Philip Zimbardo during the Stanford Prison Experiment, speaker membrane, this and that…

  • Matt

    I’d give them to my 5 year old daughter so she could (continue to) draw funny lookin’ people, spiders, and cats.

  • I would draw a smug winner face

  • bob101

    I would draw a unicorn, it could be attached on a postcard to you if I get those pencils ;-)

  • Felipe Navarro

    At first, I would draw a d**k on my class table for sure!

  • I would draw my breakfast then take a photo of the drawing then put it on instagram.

  • I would draw a map and probably textures. Damn, this setup looks good.

  • debi holbrook

    Those are some sexy looking pencils – l would draw nudies ;)

  • Pedro Oliveira

    I would draw a giant mastodonte monkey that lives in a wood nordic house. I like monkeys. And wood nordic houses. And other things.

  • Dav

    A comix about little stories during the last hours on the Titanic.

  • ghosttthead

    I would draw a lonely child wearing a mask….

  • I would draw engorged boobs leaking and shooting out milky confections.

  • Liisa

    I would draw a white tiger that has broken into a hive of orchid bees (the metallic green and blue ones), she’s licking her paws from honey and the beautiful shimmering bees are walking all over her fur (obviously I’d have to incorporate some color as well).

  • Poppy

    I would draw my submission piece for the Hermione Hammond Drawing Award (http://www.hermionehammonddrawingaward.co.uk/) and that in turn would mean that I could have a work worthy enough to send to Dan Fischer so he might show it to Derek Eller gallery in NYC. Also so I could prove to my tutors that representational drawing is still important to the contemporary arts scene. (http://www.p-veale.co.uk/)

  • Rob T

    A Badger.

  • Jacob Halpern

    I would recreate all the pencil drawings from A-Ha’s “Take on Me” video.

  • Sav

    a drawing of a pencil, drawing a pencil, drawing a pencil, drawing a pencil, drawing a pencil, drawing a………….

  • Benjamin

    I’d draw back the blinds…I like working in a natural light.

  • HenryFool

    I would draw something i dare not speak – then rub it out.

  • Guest

    I would use the materials to create my submission for the Hermione Hammond Drawing Award in the UK and to create a drawing that I could send to Derek Eller Gallery :) http://www.hermionehammonddrawingaward.co.uk/

  • I’m going to Germany on Friday next week (for the first time, coming from Australia), so I’d definitely be drawing scenery and life over there… over there. haha. Probably the friend i’ll be stay with’s Room or the view out her window first :)

  • denido

    I would start drawing multitude of things from scantily clad women to tour de france cyclists covered in blood and sweat, but never finish any of them…

  • I would draw Abraham Lincoln as a samurai from the edo period.

  • ERIC

    I would use these to begin my Lil Bub outsider-art comic spoof – “Lil Dub”.

  • Ann

    I’d draw a picture of my grandpa dog Henry who was just attacked by a pit bull. The look on his face the last couple of days is so sad even though he’s fine…it’s like he’s bummed out. I’d like to capture that.

  • I would draw pencil shavings with the pencil that was sharpened with that cool sharpener.

  • Steph

    I’ll be drawing strangers on the subway.

  • Magda

    I NEED THESE! I am starting a new art project mixing famous Modern painters with Japanese manga and anime. It’s going to be wonderful, BUT, I will need *wonderful* tools to create it! Cheap HB pencils from the dollar store just aren’t cutting it… Please please please! :3 *please* (The first thing I would draw is a clash between Matisse and Digimon!)

  • Ilse M

    The first thing I would draw would be lips. :)

  • Kodamma

    I would draw my dreams. Writing them is too complicated, but drawing them will help others understand them better.

  • jrod

    Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier (French chemist that discovered phlogiston does not exist) hanging out with Jimmy Buffett, Boba Fett, and Rajon Rondo (Celtics point guard) at a beachside bar.

  • IndiaLB

    I would draw a picture of my toilet overflowing. Since seeing it happen this morning, the image has haunted me

  • Nadav

    I would probably draw a bunch of portraits of kids with Downe Syndrome, for a project I’m working on right now… That, and bears.

  • vicdavila

    I’d draw an elephant. Maybe holding an umbrella, maybe playing baseball or even ping pong. I like elephants.

  • josh


  • M. Gordy

    Frih-ken cool. I’d doodle up some mustachio’d dudes in funny, poorly-fitting, russet-colored suits.

  • I would draw a preponderance of water droplets in zero gravity.

  • lukas

    I would certainly draw a 90° line on a piece of wood at my work, just to cut it 10 seconds after. It would take part of a roof, I think…

  • LilyCoy

    I would draw the jealous look on my husbands face when he sees what I got.

  • ETL

    head out into the winter and do a little park sketching. 20º weather and the warmth of my new gifts to keep me from the elements.

  • i would draw the first pattern for my new winter accessory collection ( screenprinted ) !

  • SHaun

    I would draw some practice layouts for the next page of my comicbook.

  • hbrannon

    I would draw a big THANK YOU for winning!

  • I’d probably work on a self portrait.

  • Nathan

    i would draw out plans for the various forts and tents i like to build.

  • I’d try to portrait my best friend sitting somewhere in the heath :3

  • Lewis fishcakes

    Pencils! I won’t be able to think of anything else.
    These. Look. drawesome!

  • chris

    I’d draw a picture of my butt on a mirror.

  • danielle c

    a portrait of neil young

  • I’d draw a psychedelic 3 panel comic where a fly’s brain explodes and all the bits morph into small babies

  • I would draw shadows and use the funny strips of eraser to make highlights.

  • David Jaworski

    I could use it to sketch a graphic novel I’m working with my girlfriend on about a ’50’s Crooner being abducted aliens.

  • Monika Wyndham

    I would draw the curtains and get down to business.

  • Jessica Ali

    The first thing I would draw would be replica of an oil painting my grandfather painted in 1960. The painting means more to me than anything so, I’m copying it to honor his memory.

  • K O

    I probably would draw some comic

  • Dani Smith

    Cat with a handlebar moustache. Because what else would you draw?

  • Anna

    I would draw a picture of a word.

  • gretchen

    I would draw the snake spine and raccoon skull my husband got me for Christmas. <3

  • aimes

    i would draw your face how i think it would look like to thank you

  • Michelle

    My wall-eyed beagle named Stanley

  • kevin mummery

    I would draw whatever came to mind when I picked up my Palomino Blackwing pencil and admired how much like the now extinct Berol 314 it is.

  • LP

    I’ll draw a knitting design!

  • Vee

    I would draw the first most beautiful view I have seen this year – my love sleeping, dreaming, and smiling warm crooked smile sweetly in his dream.

  • here and now

    I would draw my boyfriend’s beautiful derriere.

  • I would draw a pattern of clouds from edge to edge in a million shades of gray.

  • I would draw a robot… with a monocle and mustache. I’m crossing my fingers… thank you for the chance!

  • Inua

    I’ll draw the lense of the camera that I will use to take the picture of the drawing of the camera lense that I will use to take a picture of the drawing of the camera lense that I will use to take a picture of the drawing….

  • Jon H.

    I would draw a dragon eating a monk.

  • I would probably draw a cartoony self portrait, which I find myself mindlessly drawing on everything (think Yoshitomo Nara-esque)

  • Chris Matthai

    I would draw

  • stonefox

    Wow, what a treasure.

    Hm, I would draw whatever my brain and heart throws up on the paper.


    I would draw what I would have done if I hadn’t won.

  • mountains!

  • ethanmessier

    I would draw myself… drawing myself.

  • SarahRyanDraws

    A lion! With wings!

  • taryn

    more portraits, more frogs and cats, maybe mushrooms.

  • Steph

    I would draw a picture of my forgiving one-eyed dog playing with his feline pal Victor who claimed the what turns out to be extra eye.

  • Scott Stanley

    A bicorn, a two horned unicorn.

  • A garden gnome. They make me laugh every time.

  • Guest

    I would draw a garden gnome because they make me laugh.

  • I would draw my first landscape of the new year and tweet endlessly about what a great pencil it is.

  • Garret Gartner

    I would draw an astronaut floating in space!

  • Moto Louda

    I would draw my very-naked-except-a-perfect-mohawk chinese crested four pound dog that looks frighteningly similar to Gollum.

  • David A

    A comix about little stories during the last hours on the Titanic.

  • Adada

    I would draw one of the things that i have procrastinated drawing! Probably a drawing of my friend’s favorite poem for her approaching birthday.

  • Kate

    I would draw Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation!

  • AuditChaos

    A QR code that once scanned reveals the message; BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU!

  • Janne

    I would actually draw with them

  • I would draw a heavy spider doing some camp dance moves!

  • Deliberately Askew

    A little landscape with a sneaky little tree and two clandestine cobwebs – viva bob Ross

  • Chrissy

    I would draw myself drawing myself with that pencil drawing myself with that pencil drawing myself with that pencil drawing myself with that pencil drawing myself with that pencil and son on

  • Alireza

    I would give it to a dear friend and ask her to draw me and herself together.

  • Cale

    I would draw something abstract and hard to describe.

  • my name is jasmine and I wouldn’t be able to draw anything because I would be blinded by ecstatic tears…

  • Allie Doersch

    First thing? A full page spread of myself overjoyed in the eye-bulging glory of having one ‘o them Blackwings in my real AND cartoon hand. My cartoon self would probably have wings. That are black.

  • bnards

    I would draw letters and more letters

  • awesome pencils – would get me drawing for sure!

  • the grande odalisque

  • i would draw my dick with these…

  • counsel

    i will draw an arctic fox sitting with my one year old boy.

  • anners

    Portfolio drawings for my design school application!

  • Michael

    I would draw a sword… And challenge you to a duel if you don’t pick me to win the pencils.

  • Aude

    I would draw a forest of birches at wintertime

  • Adam

    I’d draw nothing. Just sit and sniff them. So woody.

  • a triangle

  • toreee

    I would draw zen tangles upon zen tangles of neon blue wolves and neon yellow deer I would draw other peoples dreams and nightmares.

  • I would do an awesome lettering illustration! (well I’d try to!)

  • babababrenda

    i would draw a portrait of the palomino blackwing in homage to its grandiose presence.

  • Marin

    the north shore mountains

  • Like in le petit prince from St Exupéry, I’ll draw a sheep.

  • I’ve been practising drawing portraits for the first time recently, since finishing my Art GCSE 3 years ago :P I would love to practise drawing more faces but also continue practise drawing beautiful landscapes and architecture in Cambridge, as well as quirky still life drawings at university in my spare time :)

  • jonathon

    I would draw a picture of innovation

  • Tiffany

    I would draw the pencils…they are just so “good-looking” :P

  • chhowell

    I would draw my grandma, an intriguing pencil for an intriguing woman.

  • I’d draw abstract, emaciated bodies. I’m always drawing abstract, emaciated bodies.

  • I would sure love to draw a spaceman with this.

  • I would draw a great bridge, in a huge city, with little people in every window, smiling at the dawning sun.

  • Sandra Rose

    a leather clad Kimye eating its baby

  • jumpsuitjohnny

    I would draw the universe the size of a pinpoint. How? You ask. I’ll let you know as soon as I win these suckers.

  • I would draw men with beards.

  • I would draw a series of portraits. (serie as in 30 little drawings) With the technique of drawing blind.

  • Draw some really cool beast-mode thing!! Pls give me <3

  • tk

    i would doodle all over a piece of paper

  • pencilfun

    I would draw a picture of Prime Minister Stephen Harper meeting with Chief Theresa Spence who is on a hunger strike for 1st nations issues….. with a crowd of Idle No More dancers nearby. Because with a pencil, u can imagine anything, no matter how fantastical. Go pencils go, they can help inspire and move people.

  • gundisalvus

    a Rolls-Royce 1701

  • heidi

    some ghosts in festive winter sweaters

  • Samuel

    I´d start the next chapter of my ongoing painting/drawing project of playgrounds. 62 and counting…

  • Emily

    The first thing I could draw was a very terrifying looking puppy.

  • I would draw a lot of kisses, because i currently working with that project

  • kvyong

    i would draw “line” from point “A” to point “B” from my living room.

  • Francesca

    My local derelict precinct as part of my uni project on buildings

  • i would draw a bridge to nairobi so i could see my man again

  • lulala

    tons of naked bodies, Oh YEAAAAAAH!!!!

  • Jane

    I would draw comics about my sushi chef training adventures.

  • beed

    50 shades of grey

  • Kal

    a self portrait to send to my grandma, who I miss dearly this time of year

  • I would like to draw a thank you card for booooooom

  • I would draw all sorts of monsters eating each other.

  • what would I draw ?….it all depends what my mind comes up with !

  • Nry

    I would draw a twisted but funny version of some rutinary activities mixed with imaginary animals, persons, vegetables, melting on top of some buildings. all with diferent textures and line weight.

  • I have no idea what I would draw but I liked the shape of the eraserhead ..

  • Chenille L’Oiseau

    My twisted white feathers

  • Lexi

    I would draw booooooom a thank you drawing, put in an envelope, lick a couple of stamps and send it to you all the way from Buenos Aires :)

  • Philz

    I would draw a map of American with an erect Florida.

  • Flippabotamatic

    I’d draw a drawing of me drawing a cowboy drawing a gun on me as I was drawing a drawing of a cowboy drawing a gun.

  • Guest

    I’d draw my sexual fantasies that I would be arrested for in real life.

  • Kelsey Ellison

    I would draw everything I have ever lost. Even if if I couldn’t remember what I lost, I would still draw it.

  • I would draw the portrait of my little 9 month daughter

  • Anna S

    I’d draw a rare insect borrowed from the natural history museum at my school.

  • I would draw a magical rock spewing out amazing fluorescent magical crystals.

  • Richard Hill

    I’d draw a Rolls Royce..and then probably go buy one due to the fact these pencils would make it look that desirable :D

  • spencer

    I think I’d probably start with a straight line and build from there.

  • Don

    An oscillator fan standing on the sidewalk, outside of a delicatessen that it has drawn.

  • Guy Grimshaw

    I’d most likely draw a Palomino Blackwing pencil

  • Capital_7

    I’d draw a picture of the future. Imagine a boot stamping on a human face — forever.

  • Maly

    Awesome giveaway! I’d probably use these to sketch some characters for a children’s book I’m writing!

  • bd

    i would draw an origami bird (dead) encircled in a rainbow blood puddle.

  • Insects! Cicada and Grasshoppers. Also some little creatures of my own :)

  • beev

    i would draw whatever comes to my mind first as i hold the pencil in my hand

  • Sina

    I would draw a boy looking at a beautiful dragon

  • I would draw one of my incredible friends portraits… can’t get enough portraiture.

  • Val

    a baguette

  • Torsten

    I would draw a hand drawing a hand with a Blackwing drawing a hand with a Blackwing drawing a hand with a Blackwing drawing …

  • I would illustrate Christina Rossettis poetry and maybe do some portraiture in style of the pre raphaelites ‘)

  • LuisAcoltzi

    I would probably keep sketching a couple logos that I’m working on right now. :)

  • I would draw a Jackelope wearing a sombrero dancing erratically to Radiohead’s ‘Lotus Flower’.

  • my lips, xo

  • jaycie

    i would draw my pups.

  • I would wait until my child is born and draw her when she is born.

  • obsessedwithtriangles

    Hm, sick and tired of digital illustrations and even doodles.. nothing is better than a good pencil and a piece of paper for that :) and it may sound too hipsterish but i would draw a giant & colorful macaw made from hundreds of triangles

  • Christine Apiou

    I’d draw the New Orleans Brass band

  • jessica vasquez

    I would draw a picture of Chi Chi, my dog. And then do some homework.

  • Kevin

    I would draw my beautiful girlfriend.

  • James Boswell

    I would draw the other 11 pencils

  • christine

    a little ghost :)

  • Ellie C

    One massive swipe of a line straight across the page. Feels goooooood.

  • Em Rose

    With these pencils I would draw design ideas for a chair. This chair would (hopefully) give me the opportunity to study furniture design in Copenhagen this coming summer!

  • Evelyn

    I´ll draw my destiny: a map of my 2013 wishes! Happy-New-Yeah!

  • I’d probably draw one line first to see how they write. BEING REAL

  • misfit

    lightening bolt.

  • theo

    I will draw you like one of my french girls!

  • Em

    self portrait with cereal

  • mca

    A Snake with a Bunny head…

  • A big-old happy face. And a map, ’cause that’s what I do.

  • I would draw my breakfast dinner from the current day

  • Sara Brostmeyer

    I would draw my cat.

  • I would draw a hot dog bleeding ketchup and mustard.

  • I would draw a big big tree, and a small small axe

  • I would draw Brett Hart giving Sgt. Slaughter the sharp shooter with the Ultimate Warrior shaking the ropes in excitement.

  • grace

    my own font of alphabets and numbers.

  • Amy Herzel

    I would draw my first wig of the new year.

  • alex

    i would draw my great-grandmother

  • emmanuel

    I would draw a photo of Syria from current time so crazy that it happens and the world just seems to go on as usual

  • Martine

    I would draw the faces my entire family tree all together in one frame.

  • I will draw a hand with a pencil that draws a hand with a pencil that draws a hand with a pencil holding it upside down and erasing the previous hand holding a pencil.

  • Briana Bloom

    I’d draw a love story in comic form about a girl with a radio for a head and a boy with a TV for a head. It would be titled “Watts For Dinner”

  • I would draw my name. Like ya do.

  • I would trace my hand and make it a turkey!

  • an evil laughing lama with horns like the devil and maybe a goatee, sitting in a fighter jet cockpit. and on the next page a heroic alpaca that is about to save the day

  • Niplo

    Rolls Royce of pencils! I’d frame them!

  • KMA

    ….more self-deprecating nude self-portraits obviously….

  • Kristina Alice Waller

    I’d draw my roomate surrounded by broccoli and in a hurricane so that she would get a present that meant a lot to her :)))

  • I would draw emotions

  • robots. always robots.

  • nastia p

    i am drawing animation by hand, frame by frame. it is about my brother, called Hiding-Place and it’s very mystery… based on my and his memories. he moos a lot)

  • alucianogena

    i would draw the blueprints of my dream life

  • I’d first draw a lot of attention with these ones!

  • A hand? I’m sure that I could draw a hand with one of this, or a woman, It would be great to be capable to drawn a woman…

  • scene919

    probably some flowers to work on my stippling

  • I love paper toys, so I would draw a set of cartoonish paper dolls of my all-over-the-world-located family, just to cheer up my folks.

  • ac


  • I would draw the logo for my new illustration identity – that this very pencil would enable.

  • I would draw a cube of ice; because how in the hell do you draw that?

  • Valeria Ruiz

    I always wanted to start a dream journal. So, everyday I would draw the scene I remember the most, and at the end of the year, I would join these pieces and make them into a story… an illustrated, surreal journey.

  • rosieryder

    wonders of the world!

  • Ooh! Comics about my spinal cord injury. It’s all true! I’m super awesome! Pick me!

  • I would draw how this makes me feel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itvJybdcYbI

  • Blaise

    I would like to draw like Mike Mills in Beginners.

  • Draw my hand catching fire as a begin to draw. Plus blue smoke of course

  • I would draw a woman holding a fox with other eyes surrounding her, the woman representing one of my best friends; the fox is her quiet slyness, and they eyes showing awareness. Then I’d surround that with tons of figure drawing

  • nicholasdanger

    tasteful nudes of your mom…

  • Rupa

    i would let the pencil wander creating tangles of confusion

  • Jared Duesterhaus


  • rachel

    I’d stop procrastinating and do my drawing a day for V Day Feb 28.2012…this year’s theme…the stupid things women do in the name of beauty.

  • Holly G

    I would draw myself, holding this pencil while drawing myself, holding this pencil, while drawing myself …

  • JennaTheSavage

    Inspirational quotes so I don’t irrationally quit my job

  • Gabriel Martini

    A portrait of a young elephant on vacation with his petite amie, sipping his cool peroni, pulling at his cohiba effortlessly, looking out into the vermillion sunset over the surf break.

  • I want them! It would be perfect for my future book where I draw my dreams.

  • i would draw a centaur.

  • Henna

    A picture of me giving myself a brain hemorrhage trying to think up a witty answer.

  • Kari Frey

    I wanna use them to draw comics history about my grandma! they are beautiful!

  • To be honest, I will be using them for my art project; the
    topic is architecture (old Victorian buildings).

  • Alistar

    just watching that ,scrolling quickly on FB, made me stop and thinking: it’s so beautiful that is the only thing that would make me turn off computer and start sketching with that

  • Two Aliens Eating Eachother.

  • olivianne

    i swear, i want to draw you.

  • jc

    i would draw the set!! :)

  • Kim Jong Il dressed as Darth Vader (without the helmet), ascending to heaven on a T-rex that’s dressed as Frank-n-furter. And they’d both be toting laser guns to fight off all the Edward Cullen’s

  • jordan

    I’d draw a bunch of really pretty succulents!

  • dlacasse

    Charlie Sheen

  • polly snow

    two wise, yet rude rude bison, guarded by three capybaras, taunting a young lass. oh those bison.

  • michael smith

    i would share them with my students. they can draw whatever they would like to.

  • Your Forehead

    I’m drawing a blank…

  • mauraya

    i would walk out into the night, trying to catch some light with them

  • Bronte

    I would start a comic about my character ‘BOB’, a strange alien-like couch potato who sits around contemplating life and making profound philosophical statements.

  • Ruth

    I’d draw a highly ornamented and abstracted female face out of one continuous line, cause it’s like a tick, I can’t help it! :)

  • Emily Holodnick

    I would draw a sidewinding snail with a gleaming trail.

  • syvlius southam

    I would draw a peaceful world where everyone is drawn in pencil by people who always claim they “can’t draw”, then I would breath life into the new little world and it will be the real world and it will be so funny…

  • ed

    A bionic arm attached by rubber tubing to a jar of motor oil, the jar would almost be empty and with that the arm is frantically trying to open a fresh can of oil, to fill up its jar. But the task would be impossible as the arm cant undo the fuel cap while holding the can still.

  • I would start drawing… and draw and draw and never stop until the End of my 12 news pencils ;)

  • I would draw an amazing header for booooooom.com

  • Jessica

    So… Beautiful…
    I would draw the pencils, notebook and sharpener themselves. Because they’re beautiful and deserve to be drawn. (like one of my French girls)

  • Martin Guggisberg

    I would draw everything.

  • AJ

    Nice – thanks for the contest! The first thing I would draw is a three dimensional path ascending towards the fulfillment of inspired sensationalism and the creative enlightenment of climactic inspiration, when reversed it shall descend into the depths of never ending torment, narcissism and madness… Or boobs… Probably boobs.

  • Rodney Anderson

    A cyclops

  • I would connect the dots.

  • A lion standing on his hind legs wearing the the top body skin portion of a human; his face poking out through the human’s dislocated jaw.

  • Arthur

    I would practice drawing a bird in flight. These are some elegant pencils!

  • Alexandria

    i would draw my husband composing with these pencils [which he does] and then give it to him so he can complete his own “drawings”.

  • I never win anything…and my car was just impounded I need this. please I need this….

    I’d use it to sign the liberation papers for my car’s freedom

  • I’d draw a drown or would draw.

  • Manuel

    I would draw the first thing i see once i get the pencils. That or 2 banana muffins rowing a boat in outer space on a rainbow river. Ya probably the second one.

  • mick

    a Moosapuss half moose half octopus

  • Alicia

    I would draw a brutal viking battle happening on the surface of the tea in the mug that I’m drinking from now.

  • emilio gonzalez

    i would draw you

  • Amanda

    A picture of a ‘Thank You’ card then mail it to BOOOOOOM!

  • A cat.

  • Jen

    I would draw a conclusion that I had the best pencils around, then I’d draw the universe as I saw it..

  • John Henry

    i’d draw something lennon inspired, an artwork conveying an inner spiritual peace that starts inside and then projects itself outward into physical space, into the community, milieu. a more peaceful world begins with the individual and his inner well-being.

  • my cat

  • Lindsey

    I would draw an alien with tentacles drawing with a dozen pencils, and it would be a character in a graphic novel I’m working on with my boyfriend involving abductions and crooners.

  • probably more decaying horses.

  • Not gonna lie, it’ll probably be a butt. The Roll Royce of butts though, obvs.

  • Kat

    I’d play a round or two of hangman, then sketch out my future.

  • Isaac

    I would draw last night’s dream

  • sbs

    the line

  • I’d work on preliminary sketches for new show posters for upcoming art shows I curate.

  • here and now

    I will draw my boyfriend’s beautiful derriere.

  • zillion

    I will draw my girlfriend’s beautiful derrier, smoochin’ with mine

  • Peter

    Probably a Booooooom x Palomino Blackwing logo

  • I would draw something new and unfamiliar to me. I normally draw with pen and to use a pencil would be a whole new experiment, especially with all of this inspiration to make amazing art in one place.

  • AmylooBaker

    My cat Bengy! He has..the… the….saddest wee half moon eyes…

  • Eva Neirynck

    i started drawing when I was very little and I had an obsession for dead mice (see at my blog:http://depaspop.blogspot.be/2012/10/uit-de-oude-doos.html), but I never drew them again, so its time for a wonderful pencil as perfect extension of my hand.

  • Cagla

    I’d sketch my new costomized varsity jacket

  • i would draw a very detailed weird bird with tentacles hair/feathers

  • I´d like to do my bachelor of arts final with it. its a comic about traveling in the 1960s.

  • I would do sketches of my baby brother and sister

  • sonia

    for my boyfriend, he draws science stuff

  • Imogen

    i would draw/doodle my lecturers in class. I don’t usually write as i can;t write and listen but somehow drawing and listening is fine!

  • liisa

    I will strat my thesis project with them! I´ll draw your dreams! If you have funny dreams that you remeber write me! liisa.kruusmagi@gmail.com

  • I’d draw my grinning face with half-chewed cashew nuts in my mouth and herpes growing on the upper right side of my lip from surprise!

  • Christian

    I’d draw boards for the short film I’ve been working on for five years and will finally shoot this year… and then write some poetry in the notebook :)

  • Vero Navarro

    I would draw to the moon and back

  • Cc Spencer

    a cartoon poop

  • Craig

    Draw with them!? They are to be gilt framed and mounted over the mantlepiece, next to my 16th Century Ming vases….or maybe I could draw that….?


    I’d draw a soft and smooth illustration of a black wing.

  • inki

    I would draw my architecture project for the university…I have to make it with pencil technique and it is very big (70×70 cm)…

  • Sarah

    I would draw…the curtains! Boom Boom!!

  • i would draw all the people i hate

  • I would draw a happy breath

  • Colin


  • Anca

    i would draw a pony, because I like ponies!

  • I would totally draw a flipbook animation, maybe like the one you see in Hot Fuzz done by Danny – been meaning to do one for ages!! Winning would be good motivation :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-ZzGNQnuo8

  • I would draw a story of that pencil. How did wood part of it grown, how the graphite was formed, how happy part of life was it for man, which pencil become a tool. A chance how to put his passion trought that pencil on paper and eventually how great and sad was end of that pencil.

    PS: Sorry for my english :)

  • i would draw a squid, to finish the one i’m working on.

  • Melissa

    I would draw what I hope to be the next big illustration.

  • jes


  • Wobby

    I would draw the next giveaway to feature on BOOOOOOOM!

  • a head of hair, blowing in the wind. massive amounts of undulating lines.

  • Lukas Bliss

    I would draw some scenes of “CRIME AND PUNISHMENT”, that I’m currently reading…

  • Rick

    I’d use the pencils to draw a bit of old school animation, most likely something with skateboards and speed

  • Perri

    I’d draw a map to the treasure!!

  • Shea

    Pages upon pages of weird faces.

  • snatchita

    I’d draw Jeff Hamada like one of my french girls

  • Snatchita

    I’d draw Jeff Hamada like one of my french girls

  • Jessica Sweat

    i’d be motivated to draw some fliers because i need to, but motivation! comes at the last minute. know what i’m saying?

  • Paula C

    I would draw a portrait of every day of someone that I met that day.

  • I’d draw a Big, Fat Full Moon, Stick it on my wall and Howl at it.

  • Michelle Moy

    I would draw all the people I hate as Sims in situations where they can’t survive

  • Heather

    I can’t even begin to say what I’d draw before sitting down to draw. Creativity is spontaneous and cannot be planned.

  • Olivia S

    I would draw tattoo designs with these glorious pencils.

  • Ryan

    i would draw me on top of a unicorn

  • saralovering

    i would turn celebrities into monsters (their natural form)

  • Autumn

    I would draw my next project for Drawing class!

  • I would do some doodles during my classes.

  • Troy Harris

    I’d sketch everyday until the pencils wouldn’t fit in my hand..

  • Erin

    I’d draw a portrait of my cat, emphasizing her insanely long body.

  • I’d draw my old pencils – so they don’t feel unloved – then I’d throw them away…cause they’re all yay big [

  • I’d draw my old pencils – so they don’t feel unloved – then I’d throw them away…cause they’re all yay big [

  • Temtop

    I’d draw my old pencils – so they don’t feel unloved – then I’d throw them away…cause they’re all yay big [

  • ms. b

    I would draw my dog. She is black.

  • Toon

    I would draw my bookshelf that is in front of me right now. I love that view!

  • I allways wanted to collect all of my imaginary characters in one book. So the first drawing would be a nameless one. Of one with a grin wearing a black velvet pyjamas with a furr collar on it. He is my favorite. If I got the book I´d love to send you a pic of it.

  • I would draw a bean perched on a spyglass atop the head of a man standing on two smiling giraffes frolicking in the ocean surf. yes.

  • I would draw an owl!

  • Bridgit Jones

  • I’d draw some music

  • Dave Irwin

    I would draw inspiration from the beautifully simple design.

  • Travis

    I would draw a pencil that is anti-sharpner.

  • Rez

    a cat, a fat one

  • Samantha Alpert

    draw a storyboard for an experimental, synesthesia, epic love story film.

  • Damon

    I would draw a bath while drawing a bath.

  • chris

    I would draw a picture of my butt on a mirror

  • Jen

    I would draw the next pic in my b/w imaginary reef.

  • I’d draw whatever fantastical creature my nephew described to me.

  • Eric

    Newbie needing good material, enter me!

  • Jennette Wilfong


  • roses and kittens

  • Alex Curl

    i would bring them to my school so everyone could get a chance to express themselves in anyway they wanted drawing, writing, or just scribbling (:

  • Looouie

    I’ll draw my friend when she dressed up at Halloweeeen with a monobrow and a granny dress

  • Saige

    I would draw air.

    the band Air.

  • Whatever the pencil wants to draw on that particular day…

  • I would draw my lover.

  • diniada

    I would bike around for some fresh air and draw anything that comes to mind.

  • lei

    i´m going to draw my broken heart

  • Maarten Nico


  • FishcalledWanda

    Oh, so beautiful! I would draw a portrait, the different shapes of faces is something that has always intrigued me.

  • RD

    My granddad just had a triple bypass so I’d go visit and draw him and once he comes home, we can get it framed and hang it up.

  • Wobby

    I would draw the next giveaway to feature on BOOOOOOOM!

  • Bradinho90

    I would draw a favela, probably rocinha in rio de janeiro
    plus its january, what better way to celebrate brasil and rio.

  • Cata Gomez

    I would start by drawing half of my love and have of a monstrous creature into a same body.

  • KDJ

    i would start drawing again.

    • u deserve to win for this gracious comment.

  • Nelson Duarte

    a dot in motion that makes an line
    two dots in motion that makes two lines
    three dots in motion that makes three lines, and so on <3

  • Max0

    a self portrait of the pencil drawing itself

  • Uni So

    I would draw a drawing of me drawing the drawing that I am drawing and the drawing inside the drawing that I am drawing will have another drawing of me drawing the drawing of the outside drawing and the drawing goes deeper and deeper into another drawing so it becomes a drawing of me drawing of another me drawing and then another me drawing inside. If this makes any sense to anyone else besides me…… hmm.

  • I would draw Insects! Cicada and grasshoppers and whatever I could find at the local park :)

  • Brick

    the first thing i would draw would prolly be my left nipple and john lovitz makin out. in a hot tub full of spaguetti. and maybe a qewt little kitten watching.

  • I would draw a giraffe neck fight

  • Chinaa.

    most definitely would draw my mothers face.

  • Mason

    I like to imagine I would draw something the very first day I received them, but in all honesty they would get a “hey I won this” and a mental to do note as I shove them in a drawer. Weeks later I would be searching for a stapler I swore I put in that very same drawer, come across the pencils and notebook, decide I hadn’t been hipster enough, and try and draw something unique enough to pass as cute and artsy but easy enough to fit my basic sketching skills. 3 hours later I would have a half decent bird wearing a straw hat whistling a tune, totally and smugly satisfied with the warm glow of creative productivity, see the loose sheets of my term paper laying about my desk, and fail college. I would then have to draw my name on a withdrawal form, a chapter 7 bankruptcy filing to avoid my school loans, and subsequently take up life as just another struggling New York street artist, where the remaining longevity of the pencil would serve as a physically deprecating symbol for my livelihood.

  • ccker

    What a great way to start drawing for myself again. Then when I get it I would draw my name on the front page so no one would steal it.

  • Emma

    I’d draw on the back of an index card to make a postcard for a friend!

  • a little ghosty

  • i would draw a pencil. if possibly cooler than this.

  • Luca
  • I would draw a fart… And then I would smell the paper.

  • Who started the whole, “what would you do with these pencils?” comments? curious.

  • Pia

    I would draw a real good bird.

  • Tori

    I always skip the first two pages (first page anxiety) but afterwards, I would draw the setup in front of me: an open mail parcel on my desk with and my hands drawing in the new book.

  • Pablo H.

    a figure of a women who like to be touch just by good looking and elegant pencils.

  • Ryan Burns

    I would most likely draw an octopus. I could pretend that it would be something else, but they all end up as octopus anyways.

  • Thijs

    I would draw the northpole or southpole!

  • Austin

    i would draw some bacon.

  • Fantastic! I have been looking for some pencils to finish of my masterpiece. These pencils could be those. Im only assuming these pencils have magic powers; dew to its incredible name. what do they do? I am in my final year of art college and at the moment and i design kick ass sculptures to go along with some kick ass videos that i make. i believe that ideas start with a drawing, and a drawing is just the sum product of a pencil plus paper plus perspiration plus inspiration. I have three of those plus a shitty pencil. so if you could be so kind, i truly would not mind, give me a shot of your pencils.

  • Hannah

    I’d make a flip book.

  • MattLDesigns

    ill draw your boom logo and do some cool graphics over it and shit then post it back onto the website ! and ill share them with darragh coyle because he’s in my college except i do industrial design and he does sculpture ! pick us !

  • Guest
  • Menu

    I’d draw a portrait of my grandpa who I miss like mad…

  • Lo

    I’m working on a series of illustrations for a zine i’m self publishing about feeling free in the wild, i’d draw mountains woodlane lakes insects and wild grass

  • martine

    i would draw my sleeping dog….

  • Leonard

    I’d visualize the reason I am alive.

  • willy

    Id battle with my dick demons and draw a crowd

  • obsessedwithtriangles

    may sound too ‘hipsterish’ but I would draw a giant macaw made from hundreds of shaded triangles.. sick and tired of making digital illustrations, its time to get back to basics :)

  • obsessedwithtriangles

    may sound too ‘hipsterish’ but I would draw a giant macaw made from hundreds of shaded triangles.. sick and tired of making digital illustrations, its time to get back to basics :)

  • Ladymia69

    I would draw a portrait of you. <3

  • Alexandra Woolfe

    a big ol’ purty alphabet

  • LittleMissUppity

    I would trace my hand and style it into a turkey.

  • Athena

    what a great way to start the year!

  • My favorite music artists of 2012.

  • Taylor Harpster

    An artillery cannon firing beach balls

  • Doss Hill

    explore line and shape with a variety of abstract designs.

  • Daniela Sarchizian

    i would draw non sense doodles on the walls just to entertain people!!

  • Jeremy

    i would draw a cheeseburger and on the face of that cheeseburger it would be a portrait of Ron Burgundy, I will call this burger Ron Burgerdy.

  • Me

  • leo juarez

    i would draw a half portrait-skull for my illustration serie “afraid of the light”

  • Black and white birds flying around.

  • Tashy

    I would draw without thinking until I fill the book with these natural process drawings. Then I would take the book to portfolio day to chance my prospects of getting into art school.

  • I’m currently working on a two part animation, one is of a guy throwing himself off of a brutalist building, as he plummets his world distorts like ripples in water. The second is a reinterpretation of King Midas, these would mostly be used for my character designs.

  • Jesse

    a comic of me n my room mates smoking a bowl probably

  • Dean

    Me, me, me. Would love to draw with them, although Matt saying he’d give ’em to his kid makes me feel shellfish.

  • I’m working on my first 30 days project. Thirty days of monsters. I’ve made it though the first five and am working on #6 tonight. I’d love a place to gather them all together. Hopefully I can make it through this month and maybe, just maybe i’ll make a whole twelve months of challenges?

  • i’d just write my name

  • I would draw my two daughters, because they are growing up too fast!!

  • I would draw words.

  • ap

    I would draw a fighter. To remind me to not give up.

  • I would draw everything.

  • Dylan

    I would draw all the prizes I wish I got in the bottom of every cereal box I’ve ever eaten from.

  • I would draw a portrait of Malala, a tribute to her courage.

  • ruben

    I’d give them to my girlfriend who dreams of becoming a graphic artist and I wanna do everything to help her fulfill that ambition cuz I know she can become even greater than her favourite artist Kandinsky

  • Daniella

    I’d go to the food court and try to draw the most interesting person there for the day.

  • a lady with a big ole booty

  • Lizzie

    I would draw my favourite things from my listographies.

  • trubel143

    i will draw few pencils above wrapped with time bomb, including its timer cable and detonator. or using the pencil eraser on canvas it looks like brush, but unfortunately it erases the painting on it.

  • I would draw something random and trippy…and awesome. Then I would jump in and live there.

  • What i will do is take the pencil and safely place it into my pencil pack. and then i’ll take the pencil sharpener and sharpen my pinky finger and draw a whole sketchbook of booooooom graphics with my puny little blood.. All in the least gothic way imaginable!

  • chiydem

    I got bored of waiting, I’ll draw my dream boyfriend. ;)

  • I would draw a hyper-realistic battle scene of orcs vs cats. Roll for winner.

  • I would start making more typography sketches

  • I’d draw some concept art, original characters & do some life drawings from objects around the house <3

  • ET

    I would design my next sculptural installation with them!

  • Cree

    I would draw prehistoric shark and dinosaur battle scenes.

  • charlie

    all the sad faces of everyone that didn’t get the giveaway… and my happy face.

  • isabel

    I would draw a portrait of my pet rock

  • William

    I’d draw people in the subway or in the street
    I really love doing that, catching the character, the person, recreating their personality by their looks, and perhaps reusing them for a graphic novel or somehing? This is a great way to discover some stuff about people of a city or simply about how you see them

  • eLK

    I’d just keep drawing. But thanks anyway.

  • Abigail

    I would draw Kodiak bears. I love Kodiak bears.

  • Hasako

    The first thing I would draw would be a filipino woman drinking a cup of piping hot tea, with no fingers and no eyes.

  • Tyler Rizzo

    I’d draw a liger.

  • Noe Montes

    A page full of marks that don’t resolve into anything

  • Leanne

    I would make a sketch for a multi layer silkscreen :)

  • Andres Lozano

    A would draw some imposible architectures

  • Brit

    I would create a long continuous line drawing of a graffiti artist in motion based off a video I captured in the wee hours of the morning in downtown Vancouver.

  • McKay

    I would draw my pieces for the up coming art show I’m going to be in April. And I’d draw some notebook covers for this company called Denik. And for every book sold, a dollar goes towards building a school in Mali, Africa. So I could potentially educate hundreds of kids and — if they become doctors– save a bunch of lives. I WOULD SAVE LIVES WITH THOSE PENCILS.

  • Lindsay

    My signature on the delivery boy’s paper

  • janie

    head to the nearest coffee shop with my moleskin and draw the people standing in line.

  • SisterCam

    I would draw Shirley Temple Black

  • I would draw the Honda Civic of pencils, the Dixon Ticonderoga #2.

  • kim buettner

    I would draw something not clever enough to post here.

  • A beginner

    I’d make a mark in the corner of a paper, to make the work seem less scary.

  • Ellen

    I’d draw the woman I’m sleeping with, and she’d draw me.

  • Paul Iann

    Moi moi moi !

  • Andy

    I’d probably carry on drawing odd things that make people question my sanity.

  • I would draw the anguish of Captain Snegiryov from Dostoevsky’s Brothers Karamazov as he learns from the doctor that his son Ilyusha will not recover from his illness.

  • M

    I would draw Xacto knifes so that my old pencils can go cut themselves with the drawing, because they are so jealous of the sleek new black I could win!

  • Nick

    I’d draw. Maybe the greatest thing I’ve ever drawn, maybe some drunk crap. I’d be drawing, at least.

  • probably a spider

  • Joe Tucker

    a little boat. i draw boats all the time, they’re my subconscious image to draw!

  • I would draw an old man at a radiostation in the 40’s wearing a catsuit underneath a herringbone coat and reaching out to a radio dial to adjust it.

  • sofear

    I would draw a way out of here, an escape route to nowhere, and everywhere.
    I’d draw myself a new life, and figure it all out alone.

    And then once I was
    tired of being alone, I would draw myself a little house.

    And then I’d fill the
    house with little drawings of family and friends.

    And I’d draw them all pencils
    so they could draw themselves wonderful lives and never have to feel alone.

  • Kirsten R

    I’d draw my graduation comic project with it. And finally be a famous comic artist.

  • jackson beyda

    I would draw a giant landscape of my imagination..

  • april

    honestly? probably a dick.

  • Niko

    I’d work on the series of quilt drawings I’m doing for a portfolio challenge. They are mostly just jumbles of patterns but when you look at them from further away they tend to look like different styles of quilts. So far I’ve been using pen but I think it would be awesome to try it in pencil, so I could get a greater variety of textures and line qualities and weights. Uh…yeah.

  • I would draw all the pencils that have visciously had their rubbers chewed off by me and thus end this murderous habit.

  • Avery Miller

    a motion based drawing of a bird.

  • raquel

    a tall man wearing a fur coat

  • I would draw a drawing of me drawing a cowboy drawing a gun on me just as I began to draw a drawing of a cowboy drawing a gun on me just as I began to draw a drawing of a cowboy drawing a gun on me just as I began to draw a drawing of a camera shooting a shot of a cowboy.

  • I would draw some strangers on the bus.

  • I would draw kitty cats

  • Jason lecras

    i would draw a portrait of every fish i caught (until the pages ran out).

  • I would draw a picture of her beautiful face.

  • I would draw a eagle that just eat a cupcake.

  • Nina Johansson

    I´d draw Stockholm, like I usually do, but in a classer style. : )

  • Pedro Dengler

    I would draw the pencil drawing the pencil drawing the…

  • haf

    my edna mode look alike gran

  • Ryan

    I would just start to doodle, the best things tend to happen when you just doodle.

  • Lilly

    I would draw a picture for my grandad, i’ve promised him one for ages!

  • owomo

    I would reconstruct the pathways of a labyrinth drawn between the feathered skin of an asleep serpent in its cloudy nest.

  • Senior graphic designer at Auburn University, I’d draw all my sketches with the new pencils.

  • Lina

    A palomino horse with black wings.

  • Megan

    I’d use the pencils to sketch out/plan my thesis! (MFA student)

  • Jade

    i would draw the face of my lover. with those eyes and those smiles full of love. i would draw that, because it’s pure luck.

  • i would draw my dissertation disappearing into a black hole, as it is consuming me entirely, recently.. or maybe some lines, i like lines.

  • Verilitle

    i would draw my mind and dreams.

  • I would draw my invisible friend.

  • ELeighK

    I wouldn’t personally draw anything, I would give them to my son who wants more than anything to be an artist when he “grows up”.

  • =^-^= I think… I would draw… my crush. tee-hee.

  • I will draw Gerard Depardieu.

  • I would start with drawing a realistic take on a traditional tattoo flash series.

  • Jemma

    I’d draw my lovely snail friends!

  • adtr12

    I would draw my coworkers and sad cubicle…my inspiration to keep drawing so i will NEVER have to work in an office again

  • Lexicon

    There’s no way to tell what I’ll draw, because it will start out like one thing and end up completely different in vision and meaning and with this I probably don’t apply to the regulations of the contest Hahaha so i’ll just say that i’ll draw a Stone Rabbit and a girl sitting by the side of a pond.

  • Ben Wilkinson

    I would start drawing my next impossible tattoo… nothing nicer than drawing with quality gear! want these a lot! don’t think my student budget would go that far at the moment!!

  • Keith Catt

    camp out in my favorite cafe
    in downtown thunder bay
    reading erotic folk tales of the ojibway
    & drawing petals du soleil

  • I would draw a conclusion. I am a novelist, I often write the first drafts of my scenes in pencil, and would love to write the end of my current work with the same type of pencil that was favored by John Steinbeck.

  • I would draw one drawing with each until there was nothing left of them. I wouldn’t stop until they were each cute little pencil stubs.

  • wendy

    I would draw a very elaborate Smiley Face.

  • I would draw a forest of mountains

  • When I was 10 or 12 years old we moved out of my childhood home which was also the house my mother grew up in. My parents unearthed a big box of pencils that belonged to my grandfather, an engineer that passed away long before I was born. The weirdest thing in the box were a bunch of black wings with their odd flat erasers. Erasers that had become dessicated with decades of neglect. I was 10 or twelve years old. The pencils were odd and smelled of mold. They didn’t even erase. I hated them.

    As I’ve grown older I’ve looked for that big box of pencils and cursed myself for not appreciating the past. If I had a box of those pencils now? I’d draw my grandfather.

    • congrats Dave, the team at Pencils.com has selected you!!! I’m emailing you now!

  • I’ll draw you, and not just you but me looking at you, looking at me drawing you.

  • i will fill several pages of the notebook with half-drawn pics, then i will send the items to my grandchildren to finish those pics.

  • Zoe

    I would draw a bunch of creatures with halos made of finely detailed snot-boogers. also I would draw a lot of hair. Hair and boogers, mostly.

  • I would draw myself drawing myself drawing myself drawing myself drawing myself drawing myself drawing myself drawing myself drawing myself drawing myself drawing myself drawing myself…

  • i wanna hve a life drawing of the naked me using your pencil & notebook drawing, 1 on textured paper 1 on tracing, different posture & overlay to create ‘double exposure’

    also wanna draw absracts circles & circles the makes a quirky atmosphere~~

    cheers~ (^O^)/

  • Guest

    I would actually draw something that symbolizes my past. Something i would never forget, something i i would say ” Oh i know what i drew this, the past is past”. Something interesting, and something that would cath other peoples eyes and make them think.Something trippy. Smething out of this world.

  • i would draw what i dream. The little things i remember when i wake up. Something trippy. The way i see the world sometimes. Something that would catch other peoples eye. Something that would relate to how i feel. Something you cant describe but draw.

  • Nicolas

    I would draw the supporting cast of Mac and Me.

  • marissa

    I would draw some cereal.

  • Beaudry

    I would draw a comic about the very pencils that I just received.

  • A samurai in the tall reeds.

  • Definitely a sea monster.

  • Kerri Boland

    I’d draw an elephant because my grade 7 students always ask me to…

  • Rachelattack

    It’s already the mid January?! I’d put finishing touches on my New Year’s-initiated projects. Because I’m still… working hard on… those

  • Timothy Hanley

    My name.
    I’d write my name.

  • lightmonkey

    I would draw the open notebook with a drawing of a pencil stub nestling on a bed of pencil shavings on the left side page and the same drawing on the right side page – but erased.

  • Abi

    a squirrel eating a cornish pasty

  • becky_scanlan

    I’d draw the things that I like to pretend no one else sees.

  • my neighbor Fabian.

  • racoonfromspace

    free association doodles

  • The first thing I would draw I if I had these pencils is a portrait of my grandmother who always had these pencils in her calligraphy studio when I was little.

  • Zara Boss

    the first thing i would draw is a cat perched on a fence looking out at the rainbow sunset, in a quiet street.

  • SelenE.

    Basicly I would draw my life, the streets, the pain, and obviously the love

  • kate

    I would draw a technical drawing of a siamese fighting fish.

21.08.17 by Jeff

OPEN CALL: @Booooooom Instagram Feature

photo by Jimmy Marble

Heads up, we are currently accepting submissions for features on our @Booooooom Instagram account. This is an open call for photos that fit the theme: ‘A fleeting moment’.

If you have an image that you think fits this theme, leave a comment below with 1 image and a clickable link to your Instagram account.



21.08.17 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Ian Cumberland

Paintings by artist Ian Cumberland, currently based in Belfast. More images below.

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21.08.17 by Staff

“Heads” by Artist Ronald Gonzalez

Sculptures made from found objects, wax, wire, metal filings, glue, soot and welded steel by New York-based artist Ronald Gonzalez. See more “Heads” below.

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21.08.17 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Klone

Arad, Israel

Some recent murals by Israel-based artist Klone, who describes this series of work as an exploration of personal topography. See more below.

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21.08.17 by Staff

ANIGIF Net Artwork by Artist Nicolas Sassoon

Artist Nicolas Sassoon has made one of the largest animated gifs we’ve seen (several smaller gifs combine to form one large 7680 x 2160 image)! The imagery is based on the architecture of Skylight, an artist-run space here in Vancouver. See more gifs/sections of the larger image below or on the project website.

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