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Sigur Ros / Ticket Giveaway

Sigur Ros / Ticket Giveaway
Sigur Rós will appear on The Simpsons this Sunday (love this poster) but the better news for Vancouverites they play here on the 27th.

I’ve snagged two pairs of tickets to give away, courtesy of Live Nation. If you wanna go, leave a comment below describing your favourite episode of The Simpsons.

Sigur Ros / Ticket Giveaway

Tickets are currently on sale here.

This giveaway is now closed.

Winners (2) will be picked on 22nd.

The winners are  Russell Alton and Edward, check your inboxes!

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Edward

    I had a taped version of the Bobo episode as a kid that I watched all the time. I thought it was hilarious, even though I didn’t get all the jokes. Later in life I saw Citizen Cane and realized the connection. But it was more like one of those, “ha! It’s just like the Simpsons.”

  • DM

    I don’t know if it’s my favourite, but the episode where Mr. Burns wants to turn greyhound puppies into a grey hound vest and sings “See My Vest” is an episode that always comes to mind.

  • Mitra

    The model UN episode is one of my favourites on so many levels. Mainly because Ralph is Canada and also because of the Lord of the Flies reference. So many amazing things in that episode. Another top one is when Maggie is in day care jail and they make the Great Escape reference.

  • Chili cook-off with the Insanity Peppers for sure. Homer’s trip in the desert was some inspiring animation. Like whoa, man!

    • gergo

      thumbs up, this one mine fav aswell

  • Kristen

    Hipsters taking over Springfield for suuuuuuuuuure!

  • Luke R

    I always thought the Halloween episodes were the most creative. My all time favorite has always been the “Night of the Dolphin” episode from Tree House of Horror 11. Dolphins take over the world and it was so funny and ridiculous.


  • The Hank Scorpio one!

  • Additup

    Hank Scorpio. Nuff said…

  • The Canine Mutiny – purely for when Milhouse says: “Remember the time he [Santa’s Little Helper] ate my goldfish, and you lied to me and said I never had any goldfish? Then why did I have the bowl, Bart? Why did I have the bowl?” Or maybe Bart Sells His Soul for the Iron Butterfly reference. “Wait a minute, this sounds like Rock and/or Roll!”

  • katiebird

    “Homer goes to the dog races. Santa’s little helper loses. Homer feels bad for him because he’s being beaten by his owner. He’s a really bad dog at first and then they end up keeping him. Homer’s best friend brings over a hooker and her name is Diarrhea. They keep Santa’s little helper.” As described by my boyfriend.

  • bergendi

    I love the VH1 Behind the Music spoof they did. Brilliant.

  • Shannon


  • Sebastian

    When homer built a scarecrow to try and keep the crows from his backyard. Somehow he ends up getting attacked by a murder of crows and gets pecked in the eye. He then goes to the doctor and gets prescribed medical marihuana. Homer encounters many shenanigans following his new prescription, including a new appreciation for Smoke on the Water, the song; and candy bars. He finds a new appreciation for Lisa’s saxophone, imagining that it would make a great bong. He encounters many different hallucinations and sees life in a whole new perspective. After numerous strange encounters and half realities, Homer’s eye condition is cured and everybody thinks it would be better if homer stopped smoking marihuana. THE END.

    Please I want tickets now. Please.

  • Morgan

    Treehouse of Horrors. The first one.

  • jesse

    weekend at bernsies! has always been one of my favorites. it contains crows! and stoner jokes. and my child self, would be ecstatic that my adult self was still enjoying this episode.

  • The Episode where ‘Michael Jackson’ comes back from jail with Homer, and writes a song with Bart for Lisas’ Birthday…. I still can’t get bart’s original version out of my head…
    “Lisa, her teeth are big and green.
    Lisa, she smells like gasoline.”

  • ccker

    “A Star is Burns”
    Mr. Burns hosts a film festival in Springfield. This episode features the unforgettable line “are you saying boo or boo-urns?”

  • vanessa

    The Simpson family visits a petting zoo, where Lisa is enraptured by a cute lamb. That night, Marge serves lamb chops
    for dinner, but Lisa is troubled by the connection between the dish and
    its living counterpart, and announces that she will no longer eat meat.
    In response, her brother Bart and her father Homer razz her relentlessly. Reaction at school is no better; when Lisa requests a vegetarian alternative to the cafeteria food, Principal Skinner labels her an “agitator.” The students are then forced to watch a Meat Council propaganda film, starring Troy McClure, which criticizes vegetarianism. Lisa is unimpressed by the film, but her classmates tease her.

    Homer and Bart continue to give Lisa a hard time at home,
    particularly since Homer is ready to host a barbecue, complete with
    roast pig. Bart and Homer even form a conga line and sing, “You don’t win friends with salad!” On the day of the barbecue, Lisa makes gazpacho
    for all the guests as an alternative to meat, but the partygoers laugh
    in her face. Enraged and deeply hurt, she climbs aboard a riding mower
    and drives away with the roast pig in tow. Homer and Bart chase
    her, but she pushes the pig off a slope, and they are too late. The pig
    rolls through bushes, into a river, and is shot into the air by a dam spillway’s suction.

    At home, Homer scolds Lisa for ruining his party, and she rebukes him
    for serving a meat-based dish. They fight and she leaves the house, not
    wanting to live in a house with a “prehistoric carnivore.” As Lisa
    walks along, she decides that she can no longer fight the pressure to
    eat meat, prompting her to grab a hot dog from the grill at the Kwik-E-Mart and take a bite. However, Apu, himself a vegan, reveals that she has eaten a tofu
    dog. Apu takes Lisa through a secret passageway to the Kwik-E-Mart
    roof, where they meet Paul and Linda McCartney. The McCartneys explain
    that they are old friends of Apu from Paul’s days in India, and discuss
    their interest
    in animal rights. After a brief discussion, Lisa is committed once more
    to vegetarianism, but she realizes that she should tolerate those who
    disagree with her views. Inspired, Lisa begins to return home and finds
    Homer frantically searching for her. She apologizes to Homer, admitting
    she had no right to ruin his barbecue; he forgives her and offers her a “veggie back” ride home. The final credits play over the still airborne roast pig.

  • Oriana

    It’s hard to pick just one! The I Love Lisa episode where she gives Ralph Wiggum the “I Choo-choo-choose You” valentine because she feels sorry for him receiving none. He falls in love with her and then later at the Krusty Gala declares his love. She snaps at him and Bart has recorded this on TV, playing back in slow motion the moment his heart breaks. Sad and hilarious!

  • greench

    The Simpsons episode Stark Raving Dad! when bart and “Michael Jackson” sing Happy Birthday, Lisa as a birthday present to Lisa.

  • “Gime? What’s a gime?”
    Homer walks into gym.
    “oooo… a gime”

  • The one with hank Scorpio. Right at the top of my list

  • The HOMERPALOOZA episode hands down for me, where the Smashing Pumpkins play, Bart & Lisa wonder about the funny smell in the crowd & Homer is the sideshow getting gutted by a cannonball and getting shot out of a cannon lol

    Clint 778-877-8592

  • nathan.m

    “Homer the Great” the episoder in which Homer joins the ‘Stonecutters’. classic simspsons musical number “…who rigs every oscar night? who robs cave fish of their sight?…”

  • Matt Lim

    I liked Flaming Moe’s! Brought a supporting character to the forefront!

  • Nomin

    “22 short films about Springfield”

    The episode shows brief moments in various characters from the show. When I first watched as a teen, I didn’t really get the episode but after watching it years later, I understood things like the Pulp Fiction reference (“They call it a quarter pounder with cheese”) and how “Americanized” the Spanish that is spoken by the Bumblebee man. It was probably during the same time that I started realizing I can go back and watch everything I watched as a kid and it would be a different experience.

    There is a pretty cute Homer-Maggie moment when he accidentally locks her up in a newspaper box. As well as Apu partying it up for 4 minutes.

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