07.06.13 by Jeff

James Jean “Parallel Lives” iBook Giveaway

James Jean Parallel Lives iBook Giveaway
Coinciding with James Jean’s show at New York City’s Tilton Gallery earlier this year, was the release of his “Parallel Lives” book. The limited edition of 1,000 signed and numbered books sold out in a single day.

Soon after that James mysteriously vanished. While the artist remains underground, his publisher Pressure Printing has just released an electronic version of his catalog. This version comes with an additional 179 behind-the-scenes process images, I like seeing how his work changes as he goes.

I have a digital copy to give away! If you wanna snag it, leave a haiku message to James in the comments below!

(Lots more images below as well!)

James Jean Parallel Lives iBook Giveaway

James Jean Parallel Lives iBook Giveaway

James Jean Parallel Lives iBook Giveaway

James Jean Parallel Lives iBook Giveaway

James Jean Parallel Lives iBook Giveaway

James Jean Parallel Lives iBook Giveaway

James Jean Parallel Lives iBook Giveaway

James Jean Parallel Lives iBook Giveaway

James Jean Parallel Lives iBook Giveaway

James Jean Parallel Lives iBook Giveaway

I’ll pick a winner next Friday!

Buy the book off iTunes here.

More images of the book on Pressure Printing.


Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • AngryAlan

    Oh look, an iPad!
    I should post a nice comment.
    This is my haiku.

  • Friendly_Stranger

    the flame of a match
    casts shadows on the cave wall
    hidden from the sun

    • we have a winner!

      • Friendly_Stranger

        How unexpected! Thank you very much.

  • Jayson Ramos

    His Parallel Lives
    My eyes, fan the flame. James Jean
    Damn dude, your the man.

  • Kat Saunt

    More art ebooks please
    Poetry is hard.

  • Tony D.

    Cabbage head baby
    Psychedelic flapping swan
    Wish I thought of that…

  • Patchworx

    James Jean is funny
    Smells like funky art supplies
    Do not take to work

  • KatShanny

    Whose art is so great

    James Jean the world needs you yet

    Hiding won’t cut it

  • Joshua Caravaggio

    haikus are silly things

    they don’t always make that much sense


    • Samuel Barber

      Props for originality.

      • Kris

        It’s ironic, because he stole it.

  • tochomacias

    we had to live
    parallel lives
    we escape in surrealism.

  • Jeff

    James James James
    Jean Jean Jean Jean Jean
    James James James

    • Samuel Barber

      James James James, JAMES James.
      Jean Jean Jean Jean Jean? JeanJean?
      It’s 5 7 5, right?

  • nicklas-h

    I already have your Lotus War Pyramid hanging on my wall – it’s marvelous.
    I hope you are well and that you are in one of your own drawings, like the Van Gogh movie.

  • lp

    saddening bore
    commercial gallore
    give us more

  • Walenski

    I have no iPad.

    This would be wasted on me.

    Please pick someone else.

  • laissez_pear

    I don’t know you, who?
    Make fame look lame, O James
    I do not know you

  • Samuel Barber

    Poetry is hard,
    True but I really want this.
    Like so bad. Please God.

  • Jane Grundin

    Idaho is home.
    Alaska is where I work.
    Travel E-books please!

  • Lucas Espin

    gimme gimme mine!
    i want this ibook okay!?
    yes yes excellent (*moves fingers like Mr. Burns*)

  • David IsBell

    Jerry has some Jello
    He wouldn’t share it with me

    So let’s go and dance

  • Pedro Motta

    first haiku ever
    trying to win an iBook
    James Jean, you are rad!

  • meaps

    I spilled coffee on myself

    james your work is staggering

    you owe me one

  • Jackson Beyda

    I’d Like to read this
    This artwork is really swell
    Very magic To Me !

  • ggirl

    Images from whiz
    intrigue and captivate me
    Will he resurface?

  • Pia_Bird

    Book: Parallel Lives,
    I want to see more of this…
    Radical art, bruh

  • Jamie

    entrenched in mystic
    barrel ties of coral reef

    last lines are hard

  • Aaron Wheeler

    Put your soul in the palm of my hand, like a crystal jewel. I’ll sketch it in words.
    With such beautiful material- if I weren’t a novelist, my emotions could not have let you live into the distant future.

  • lepetitfaon

    Stuck in a taxi
    Writing a haiku to you
    It goes: hello there

    (I really just wanted to write a haiku!)

    • Excited to see you comment again, it’s been ages!

      • i was gonna say the same thing!

      • lepetitfaon

        Ha, thanks!

  • owomo

    dripping glandular
    orange bloom, on desert blue…
    vanished silhouette

  • Roosa

    My dearest noodle,
    I have lost you in my beard.
    Life’s a labyrinth

  • Joshua Lee

    I want this so much
    James is such a great artist
    Please do pick Josh Lee

  • Kelly

    The ephemeral, in exchange for solid form, all is art in time

  • To vanish so one
    can be found. To die in hopes
    of being reborn.

  • annasofiat

    As a new artist,
    Your work astounds.
    Inspiration abound in digital form.

  • chasby

    Gazing at fingers
    Slowly pronunciating
    I count as I speak

  • newspapernells

    be male or female –
    meaningless, though, isn’t it?
    james, please resurface.

  • R.J.

    Fireflies after
    The rain – even a no-one
    Can enjoy this world

  • Benji

    Electronic Jean
    Whose breath burns the retina
    Immolate me please

  • Jason

    Oh how I miss you
    Please for the love of gods son
    Return to me now

  • Joost

    Ooo eee,ooo ah ah,
    ting tang
    Walla walla, bang bang
    (repeat eight times ‘kay?)

  • sharmylae

    inspiration in art
    difficult to find and keep
    possibly found here

  • Alex

    James, you’re underground?
    What is it like among roots?
    Perhaps you’ll paint it.

  • Jo Fong

    Painting what he sees

    Inside only his own mind
    James Jean, te quiero!

  • LS1

    dark best not knowing
    lost in time to see extreme

    take me soar on plunge

  • Mike

    Books are often read
    Syllables are uncited
    Words are often said

  • M2!

    Don’t we all want it?
    This constant competition
    Most of us don’t win

  • Johnjohn

    Life is bittersweet
    Hurt may feel everlasting
    Better times are near

  • Jeon Sungbin

    I dunno about haiku
    Even living pretty near Japan
    But wanna feel your colour!

  • Prashant

    Amazing Give Away. Great Site. Love the way you do book reviews :D, just stumbled upon your site and bdw nice review of Exquisite book.

  • James James
    Forget the Fames
    Games Aims

  • Sarah Blum

    Does your name sound French?
    I don’t know how to say it
    James Gene or James Zjawn?

  • JimTodd

    Marble Statue Still

    Soaking Wet Crispy Cabbage

    Lungs Breadth; Crunch, Crack, Drip.

  • Christopher Kilroy

    Line and Form Thrill me
    Sharpie in my Sweaty Hand
    I need a Strong Drink

  • Eric Quick

    barnacles cover
    as amber leaves overflow
    a broken mask falls

  • eunhyelee85

    i must tell you james
    your paintings are beautiful
    and so is your hair

  • owomo

    pigment coated peach
    sanded wood sticks, floating things
    wishes calcified

  • BM

    Reaching to the soul
    Beautiful mote of reason
    Share with me your view

  • Pimlico Drudge

    I always mess up haikus
    Get line lengths mixed up
    Which stops them being haikus

  • Lucid dreams made real
    An artist disappears
    Thinking of Ai Weiwei

    JJ roolz, ko.

  • I would love to have
    An iBook on my iPad
    Full of these pictures

  • Justin Pelletier

    Zephyr claws tremble
    Shifting spheres vanish

    Lies of the golden sheath

24.07.17 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Val Britton

A selection of recent work by artist Val Britton (previously featured here). See more images below, courtesy of the artist and Gallery Wendi Norris, San Francisco.

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24.07.17 by Staff

“The Omega Project” by Rone

Rone continues his exploration of doomed and abandoned spaces with his latest immersive exhibition. “The Omega Project” sees the Melbourne-based artist setting up shop in a condemned suburban cottage in his hometown. Granted access and free rein before it’s torn down, Rone has filled the early 1900s weatherboard house with his signature ‘Jane Doe’ portraits. He also teamed up with interior stylist, Carly Spooner, to recreate the archetypal interiors, furthering the jarring mix of beauty and destruction particular to the experience of street art. As Rone explains:

“The concept of creating something beautiful within the context of decay and decline is central to the experience of any street artist. As is the idea that whatever you create might be gone the next day. For the artist, street art is all about embracing that transience and impermanence. And for the audience, it’s about seeing it (and taking photos of it) while you can”

Click here to check out the incredible 3D tour created by Phoria as well as more images and video below. While the exhibition starts July 22 and runs until the end of the month, the exact location will only be disclosed via email tomorrow morning to those who RSVP!

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Artist Spotlight: Patrick Jacobs

Incredible three-dimensional dioramas viewed through small porthole windows by Brooklyn-based artist Patrick Jacobs. See more images below!

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21.07.17 by Jeff

The Booooooom Creative Job Board

Booooooom art design jobs

If you’re a creative looking for work, or a company looking to hire, we are excited to announce our very own creative job board: Booooooom Jobs. Graphic design jobs, curatorial positions in galleries, freelance animation gigs, a wide variety of opportunities to work in a creative field!

A couple of examples: Our friends at Society6 are looking for a Creative Director, and Skillshare has an opening for a Content Producer.

To start, we’re focusing on three cities (New York, Los Angeles, and Vancouver) and will also be posting remote jobs (for those of you who prefer to work from home). All job postings are free for the rest of the month if you use the PROMO CODE: ‘friends’.

Check it out: jobs.booooooom.com

20.07.17 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Till Rabus

A selection of recent work by artist Till Rabus from Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Click here for previous posts. See more images below.

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