10.06.13 by Jeff

The Dramatically Redesigned Mac Pro

A shiny black cylinder: The New Apple Mac Pro
Apple just announced a bold re-design of the Mac Pro and it feels really gimmicky. To me, this looks less like an Apple product and more like Darth Vader’s wine chiller. I’m having a flashback to when Sony released that egg shaped music player. Did anyone buy that thing?

You can jump over here to read all the tech specs but I’d love to hear what you guys think of this purely from a visual standpoint.

I slapped together the image above in Photoshop in 2 seconds, take a look at the real photos below! You be the judge!

A shiny black cylinder: The New Apple Mac Pro

A shiny black cylinder: The New Apple Mac Pro

A shiny black cylinder: The New Apple Mac Pro

A shiny black cylinder: The New Apple Mac Pro


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  • giddsi

    The silver mac pro exuded exclusivity, professionalism and power. This looks like a coffee grinder.

    • i feel like video editors or whoever the main demographic is that most uses mac towers just want the ability to upgrade hardware and dont care if it continues looking like a box – this re-design isn’t gonna make me go and buy one, ill stick with an imac and a laptop for awhile longer. unclear who they are targeting with this

      • Danny

        it’s clearly not trying to sell you. it is trying to sell to people who actually need to render 3d animation in hours and not days. or are processing video on two 4k monitors. these are artists who need powerful tools and work more efficiently in a mac environment.

        it doesn’t have to market to anyone because you know if you need it, if you are questioning if you need it, you dont. which means professions which rely on the performance of your equipment and your ability to use it and those with disposable incomes who want something in the top end without taking up a lot of desks pace (and iMacs are most definitely midrange).

        dont get me wrong, critique the design all you want. the wine cooler made me laugh. the form factor does makes sense with their radical cooling solution and its overall well thought out. i’m curious to see how well it does. the G4 cube was a flop but i’m thinking the mac pro is right time right place now that apple has some serious clout.

      • Dave Lynch

        Does it matter who the intended audience is if you’re wondering what people’s reaction to the aesthetic is?

    • Kid

      I disagree. This does exude exclusivity, professionalism and power. At least by the look. I feel like peeps should be mocking iOS7 instead of this. perhaps my design values are completely off, or dunno.

      • giddsi

        There’s something about hard angular lines and brushed aluminum that make the old model look like it means business. I’ve got a feeling that this looks better in the flesh. I think my design sensibilities are a stuck in the past, I relate the old designs with the Bauhaus and all the connotations that come with it. A younger audience probably doesn’t have all my hang ups.

      • Kid

        I think design is a timeless principle by its very nature. The aesthetics and values of bauhaus (or other particular style) certainly had their place in the past, but these change with the era. Especially when we live in such complicated mixed-everything era today. Nonetheless the principles seems to be as valid as they were in past to me, and applied correctly here.

        I see this device quite as a nod to beauty in design as a principle and goal. Kind of a nod to 60s and 70s crafts and art world. To me this is an object that could fit into something like A Space Odyssey or Brazil very well.

  • Johan Ronsse

    the point of the Mac Pro extensibility that you can stick hard drives in and out, as wel as new PCI-E GPUs. Or is that not relevant if you have Thunderbolt drives?

    In the end you have a Mac Pro on your desk with 6 wires running from it? Not really elegant.

    • ya its not thought through

      • Kaspars Kursišs

        I am not yet quite sure how that works in real life, but what Thunderbolt 2 does is exactly that – it let’s you add anything to the machine – starting with external HDD blocks to cards etc. Well, that’s how I see it and it seems pretty legit. I haven’t yet had the time to research on this, but I suppose it will be explained. That’s the way of Apple – changing rules of the game.
        I love how they did it with FCPX – the workflow now seems so much better and when the new version arrives in fall – it will surely adress all the main issues everyone is having, as the new OS X does – with tabs and everything, all the small things.

        I would just wait and see and don’t brag about design and concept until I know all the details of how it is intended to deliver what is covered by PRO label.

  • Roland Cos

    gimmicky is the right word for it. the shape seems really unpractical to me. it seems designed to stand on your desk, table or whatever, but i dont think the shape will suit that kind of use like for instance the mac mini does.

    – same as harman kardon soundsticks. nice design, but you don’t want such a shape on your desk.

    it’s a shame they use the black now, all of a sudden, after getting rid of the black and white MacBooks. seems inconsistent. will this mac pro include a black mouse and keyboard as well?

    – it kinda looks like a samsung/braun product now.. where’s the apple logo??

    • ya i’d love to see what the monitor, keyboard, and mouse will look like

      • Sangie Nativus

        Not included…. v.v

    • dieterdreist

      btw.: Apple copied a whole lot of design from Braun, so resembling Braun is continuity. Have a look here if you don’t believe: http://visual.ly/braun-or-apple
      Just that Braun did these designs 30-50 years before ;-)

  • v1v2

    hot air naturally flows upwards. in terms of thermodynamics this design could really kick ass.

    • electrogeek

      “Kick ass cooling?” Wow, now I’ve got to have it. Apple will now claim that convection cooling is THEIR novel invention justifying the design.
      Flat boards integrated into a cylinder. A joke from an engineering perspective that will escape the Apple lemmings. I am now sure the first Apple car will have square wheels.

  • Teo Wollrabe

    I see an optimized and practical cooling system. I see a reduced amount of material needed build a computer this powerful. I see a bad-ass mother who don’t take no crap off of nobody.

  • matt

    I think its perfectly gorgeous.

  • jackvega
  • Rocco Malatesta
  • Ben Yau

    Missing apple’s sharp edges.

  • scott radnidge

    i thought it was a joke… actually looks like it’s been designed by Dyson… some kind of bladeless fan.

  • Kid

    I am a big fan of the aesthetics here. It’s a gorgeous product design and a nod to the old Italian ways. However my friend is rightfully questioning the decision of making it tubular – was this really necessary? Doesn’t it sacrifice more than it brings (appeal + supposedly efficient cooling)?

    As many others I too am concerned about the extensibility. I mean, with the old Pro you can do whatever, this seems to have much more restrictions. Still curious how much storage can they put on this. For my needs 1TB would be enough.

  • It’s for me.

  • I think the thing to consider here is that although superficially it looks like design-driven, it is really about the engineering. The entire chassis functions as a heatsink. Everything is built to maximize thermal efficiency. Heatsinks are expensive to produce. The new Mac Pro is small for a computer enclosure, but absolutely huge as a heatsink. I think that’s the real reason it’s so small. You start adding drive bays and you compromise the thermal performance, drive up costs, etc. Think of the Mac Pro as a computing “core” composed of the CPU, GPU, solid state HD’s, and Ram all similar with regards to the need for efficient cooling. Mass storage via spinning disks are something require a separate hardware solution, in my opinion, and that’s where Thunderbolt comes in. I understand the desire for an all-in-one enclosure but that means a kind of compromise Apple didn’t want.

  • leslie

    at first glance, seems really 90’s to put the power cord in the same place as the power button and slots. I don’t want to reach around every time i want to stick something in or turn on. Didn’t apple bring the usb and power buttons up front in the late 90’s?

    • ya i thought that was strange as well

      • ominousorb

        i think apple’s idea is that since rotating the object is so convenient, you can move all the i/o to the back since it will always be easily accessible when you do need it – when you don’t, your desk is less cluttered

  • ominousorb

    it’s a cylindar; it’s simple – a regular pc tower has eight vertices and six faces, this has three faces and two circumferences

    i think it’s aesthetically smart

    • ominousorb

      also, c’mon, now your pc is a pill shape – that’s some futuristic shit

  • sharmylae

    wow. i thought this was a joke.

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