10.06.13 by Jeff

“Tokyo Dreams” by Nicholas Barker

Tokyo Dreams by Nicholas Barker
This might make you sleepy, watch below!

Tokyo Dreams from Rogue

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Mono

    Very compelling yet finding it increasingly uncomfortable watching this guy secretly recording footage of people sleeping

  • KenKChung.com


  • whatwhat

    interesting but creepy undertone… especially if these people aren’t told they were being recorded…

    • lepetitfaon

      Hmm, don’t necessarily find it creepy, when I look back on my travels I’ve photographed countless people I don’t know and living in NYC I often have moments wondering how many tourist snapshots I’ve been a part of unknowingly. I don’t think it being a video makes it any different.

  • lukas

    It reminds me two things : the heat comming from under the seats (it really made me want to sleep), and the sounds of the railway, the tiny music and voices of which I made a record back then. When you’re a tourist, it’s very relaxing but it’s feels obvious that they’re exhausted by the extatic rythm of their lives.
    Maybe they will live longer thanks to these moments.
    Talking about rythm of life, I just finished reading ‘in praise of shadows’ by Jun’ichirō Tanizaki. I enjoyed this book a lot.

26.07.17 by Staff

“Copy Kitty” by Illustrator Kyung Me

Illustrator Kyung Me explores the various ways we construct false identities in romantic relationships with a series of drawings surrounding a character named Copy Kitty. Going to great lengths to be accepted and adored, Copy Kitty gradually descends into a vortex of fantasy and paranoia. Check out more images from Me’s elaborate narrative series below.

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26.07.17 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Vadis Turner

A selection of recent work by artist Vadis Turner (previously featured here). See more images courtesy of the artist and Geary Gallery in New York below or on display that The Frist Center for the Visual Arts in Nashville until September 10.

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26.07.17 by Jeff

Illustrator Spotlight: Vincent Giard + Singeon

I recently stumbled across this tumblr called Brousse, an older project by illustrators Vincent Giard and Singeon. If you’re looking for some drawing inspiration, the blog documents a game of visual ping pong between the two artists (they’ve also released a couple books). Check out some more images below.

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26.07.17 by Jeff

Photographer Spotlight: Mike Chalmers

A selection of work by photographer Mike Chalmers, who was born in Scotland and is currently based in London. More images below.

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25.07.17 by Jeff

Illustrator Spotlight: Alice Conisbee

A selection of work by illustrator Alice Conisbee. More images below.

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