28.06.13 by Jeff

Switcheroo Book Giveaway & Interview with Hana Pesut

Switcheroo Book and Interview with photographer Hana Pesut

Switcheroo Book and Interview with photographer Hana Pesut

Switcheroo Book and Interview with photographer Hana Pesut

My friend Hana rules! She’s the one in the middle, then on the left, then on the right. She’s the one I dedicated the first two Booooooom mixes to (here and here).

She spent the last couple years traveling the world, shooting “switcheroos”, portraits of people swapping clothes. After she’d shot more than 200 of them, and had them appear on every blog imaginable, she decided to put together a book.

Well, she’s finally released her “Switcheroo Book”, and the best news for you guys is that I have a copy to give away! I’ve been sent hundreds of books since I started this site and I can honestly say this is one of my absolute favourites. She spared no expense producing this thing, and the final product is gorgeous.

If you’d like to snag the book, take a couple minutes to read my short interview with her below, and then leave her am encouraging message in the comments! I’ll pick a winner in two weeks (July 12th). This is open to everyone!

Read the Interview below!


Interview with photographer Hana Pesut

Jeff Hamada: When’s the last time you saw something, went for your camera, and then decided not to shoot it? (maybe in an effort to enjoy the moment or for completely different reasons)

Hana Pesut: I’ve been hiking a lot lately and I always bring my camera, but it rarely makes it out of my bag. A lot of times the things I see in nature are just not the same when captured on film. I think it’s better to just bring friends to the forest so they can see it themselves.

J: Tell me about Marf.

H: Haha, Marf is my cat but he’s just like a dog! He growls at people out the window, he plays fetch, he sleeps in the bed and needs lots of hugs. His real name is Matthew but we call him Marf. I got him at the SPCA about 5 years ago. He was really gross he had an eye infection, and kitty cold, and was so skinny and greasy, but he’s cool now.

J: I really want to move so that I can get a pet, I can’t have one in the apartment I live in now. I was thinking maybe a dog, but I like cats too. I’ve never really had a pet so I don’t know if I can just jump right into it or if I need some sort of transition pet. Like an easy one. Something small and quiet, like a fish.

H: Cats are pretty low maintenance, you just have to make sure you find a good one. But I think you should go for it and get a dog, I’ll dog sit!


Switcheroo Book and Interview with photographer Hana Pesut


J: Over time photographers develop a sort of trademark – it could be subject matter, style, method, do you have one? Do you think about this at all?

H: I guess my trademark is the switcheroo as that’s probably what I’m most know for, but my style is very natural. I don’t alter my images much, and I use mostly natural light, and I’m often shooting in nature.

J: Can you share your most memorable experience shooting photos for your Switcheroo series?

H: Each one that I’ve shot has been a really unique experience but definitely one of my favourites was with Erik and Jasmine. We went to Prospect Point in Stanley Park and they had decided to just change on the spot. As they were changing a bus of tourists showed up with their cameras ready, and Erik was running around in his underwear!


Switcheroo Book and Interview with photographer Hana Pesut

Switcheroo Book and Interview with photographer Hana Pesut


J: Outside of photography, what sorta things get you excited?

H: I really want to go fishing! Definitely traveling, whether it’s camping in Pemberton or flying somewhere far far away I love seeing new things. Also, going to my dad’s for dinner is pretty awesome.

J: I love Pemberton, we always used to camp at Birkenhead. Do you have a good fishing story? Like one of those ones where the fish was really big but got away?

H: I can’t really think of one awesome story. My dad used to take me fishing a lot as a kid, we had a place in Campbell River, and a boat there so we’d go there a lot during the summer. I remember going to Gold River once and my dad making me wake up at 3am to go fishing, and it was worth it because I caught a 33lb salmon, tyee! I also remember another time going in Ucluelet and eating lots of Werthers, and then being so sea sick that I can’t eat Werthers anymore.

J: Nooo, that’s the worst! I just bought a bag of those yummy granny candies, it would be hard to never eat them again.


Switcheroo Book and Interview with photographer Hana Pesut


J: Okay, imagine you are the star of a big Hollywood film, it is everything you’ve ever wanted in a movie! What is it called, who else is starring in it, and what’s the tagline?

H: Ooooh how about Space Jam 2? Bill Murray would probably have to be in it along with a bunch of my friends as the Looney Tunes guys, especially Chris Turner cause he was in Air Bud so he knows what’s up. The punch line would have to be a bad “jam” pun like “This is my jam” or something, I might need help with this.

J: Haha, this is my jam! I really want to see that movie.

H: I think you should probably be in it!


Switcheroo Book and Interview with photographer Hana Pesut

Switcheroo Book and Interview with photographer Hana Pesut


J: Is there something that makes you particularly anxious?

H: Waiting for 1000 copies of a self-published book eeeeeeeek.

J: Let’s end this with two final questions. First, what’s something you want to accomplish by the end of the year? And second, what’s something you want to accomplish in your lifetime?

H: By the end of the year I’d like to at least start a new photography project, and in my lifetime I’d like to hike a massive mountain (not sure which one yet), and I might not be ready for awhile.


Buy Hana’s book here (Dooo it).






Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Okay…this is one of the coolest ideas I’ve ever seen! Switcheroo pictures are hilarious! Now you’ve inspired me to try these sometime. Also, I’m terribly sorry you can’t eat Werther’s anymore, those are some of my favorites!

  • Clara Canepa

    This project is amazing! I was one of the people who spread it over the internet, haha. And good luck with the new projects and hiking the mountain, Hana! <3

  • hana’s work is unconventional and wonderful, i hope her switcheroos never end!

  • DX

    Hana, you’re an inspiration. I’m sitting here at my office desk reading through your interview and looking at your photography when I should be working on a monotonous data entry project. I’d rather not be doing this, but I have to. But artists like you inspire me to make what I have to do and what I want to do the same thing. By working really (really) hard, staying consistent, and sharing creativity and passion.

    And you too Jeff. Both of you are way awesome.

    I’m buying Switcheroo if I don’t win it.


  • Dino Kuznik

    Different content in the same package. It would be great to se this idea applied to very different people…like a homeless person and a rich entrepreneur. And why only people?
    Brilliant idea, with limitless possibilities! Keep it up. Cheers.

  • fleo

    Nice project and nice interview, you seem really a person to meet to me. I like the feel of the pictures, the focus on what’s inside it, their neutrality, style speaking. Wish you all the best, looking forward for your next project!

  • Clay Tang

    hanas work, whether through her photos or music, brings a lot of joy to people. automatic grin on my face every time i see a new switcheroo photo. def snaggin myself a copy. way to go hana!

  • Daniel

    Keep taking these photos, they are great! I love how simple the concept is. I can’t help but think of Menswear Dog.

  • Mélanie Azcurra

    I don’t use much the computer. Most of the days I sit down for just one only stimulating thing to know, to read, to listen, to feed myself with it, and then just leave. Sometimes it may takes two or three hours, wich i personally find annoying, or just a few minutes. This is one of that great a-few-minutes-search that leaves me full of it and ready to go out there and find myself a great adventure where I can get this kind of creative. Thanks Hana and Jeff. Buena vida !

  • Emma Bracy

    This is an awesome idea and so well executed! I’m super excited to see what more can come out of your work.

  • Ash Kayser

    I love this post, Jerry Hsu cracked me up so bad, he actually pulls off being a girl pretty well! If I don’t win, I’ll probably buy the book anyway haha its so cool! Well Done Hana

  • Pindeelay

    I love going back and forth, between each photo series, observing the subtle transformations. Everyone becomes actor trying to embody the other, in stance and persona, you can see it in their faces. It’s like a ping pong tournament for my eyes! Well done.

  • Esme jarrell

    Hana, this project is great! I’ve passed by some of these photos before on the internet and it’s really exciting to see them finally in print!

    Something that I take out of this series is an awareness of the way I perceive gender. It provides a platform that lets me examine the process of perceiving a person. (p-p-p-p-) For example, where do you start? Through your photos, I learned that the framework with which I identify people begins with their hair. For this reason, I really enjoyed the photos where the hair was altered to help solidify the illusion of the switcharoo.

    p.s. your growling cat sounds extremely cute =^..^=

  • John Murray

    Really love the use of natural lighting and the immediate focus on the subjects rather than on any quirky editing techniques. Feels like a very organic project – and I love how just using two or three photos and a few changes of clothes are able to display the subtle dynamics of the relationships between the people. Very cool! Keep up the great work Hana!

    Also, Space Jam is up there with the Godfather and the Lion King as the greatest movie of all time. Kudos for having great photographic and cinematic taste.

  • mi

    Sweet awesomeness! More power to you girl!

  • DaMan


  • Johan

    This must be like the most perfect photo-idea throughout history. Just awesome! And so funny. My stupid brain gets confused with every switcheroo trying to piece it together.

  • Katherine

    Hahaha! This definitely made me laugh. I think what makes it even more creative is that Hana took the time to make sure the models were posed appropriately and had the same expressions. It made me give the photos a second look. Definitely creative!

  • gainnomoss

    Hannah you rule! I wish I had your guts!

  • Caroline Amelia Iles

    Hana you are amazing. Love the work/AMBITION and judging by the interview i think we’d really get along! 1,000 books will be simple

  • lilian martinez

    Hana soon all the rainbows treasures will belong to you :)

  • Tyler van Helden

    The shock of size perspective is engrossing. I’ve questioned my attitude toward sexes more than a few times browsing these photos. Thank you for the experience.

  • Flavia

    Such great photos, the couples are so funny and sweet but I especially loved the ones with her friends, friendship always makes me tear up. Best of luck Hana!!

  • Michelle Heller

    I love how simple your photos are stylistically… and the fact that you leave them natural and do very little editing! There is something great about the rawness in the quirky subjects you capture. The idea of the switcherhoo is both hilarious and thought-provoking! I hope to see more work from you in the future!

  • Jillian

    I’m really loving your work. I love how your idea transcends all the stereotypical gender ideals in society and goes beyond race, size, color… it’s brilliant! And so fun to look at. I’m sure you’ve really enjoyed all the shoots. You’ve definitely inspired me! Good luck in the future!

  • Brent

    Grrrrrrrrl! Now all I wanna do is run around and switch clothes with people.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  • EM. Halliburton

    I’ve loved this project since the first time I saw it. What a great concept – so simple, but it has so many potential incarnations, all of which translate in visually striking ways. It’s rare to see a project that so beautifully highlights both process and subject, and I’m so glad it’s gotten the attention it deserves.


  • seebas

    This is so cool!

  • TheGraphicBean

    These are AMAZINGLY GREAT. The technical side of the images work as well as the creative ideas.
    I want MORE

  • jesse

    The project rocks! I wish you the best of luck with your hiking and story-findings :] Hope you get some good fishing in the meantime too! You’re an awesome source of inspiration to lots so keep on rockin!

  • JJ

    I love this insight into how we can be morphed into one and yet so different, visually this is so addictive to look at because we’re all human and interested in each other, the gestures, the gender play, our identities we’re all so determined to guard.. and yet under the praxis of art we can give a little more of ourselves, thanks, I’d love to have this book to keep and make me smile when I can’t travel anymore

  • Teen Daze

    You’re the best Hana! Let’s DJ more french house themed nights together!

  • CMD

    C’est magnifique! The project, the book and especially, the Space Jam 2 idea. How about this for a tagline: “Space Jam 2: Spread it, don’t jet it”

  • Agustin

    greaaaaat! want one!

  • Heidi Faye Kärcher

    This is such a fun, quirky, and lighthearted project that anyone can appriciate. You will have no problem selling those 1000 copies.

  • andykg09

    dig the book and project! very interesting stuff and something I haven’t seen before. Lookin’ forward to seein’ more of your work down the road, Hana!

  • sebht

    it’s as if you’re seeing reality and it’s opposite at the same time, delayed by one frame. keep the good work up! greetings from berlin :)

  • Monica

    such an awesome project – I’ve been following it for a while!

  • Monica

    such an awesome project! I’ve been following it for a while – keep up the great work Hana!

  • Daimond King

    i love this very unique idea! the photo layouts are magnificent as is the staging. congrats on a job well done & hopefully many more to come in the future! rock on=)

  • Maren

    This is such a beautiful project — very well done!!

  • Yaara

    Love the pics since the first time I saw them posted *everywhere*, great job!
    (And hee about Marf)

  • Marta

    Love the concept and execution! Can’t wait to see more! Good luck :)

  • Laura

    Haha you are amazing. I really want your book, but because I live in the Netherlands is very expensive for a student like me.. :( it’s such a great great idea. I’m a photography student and one day I hope I also create ideas and books like yours! Xoxo Laura Hospes (www . laurahospes . com)

  • Mareva

    Oops, I think I didn’t comment at the right place!
    I love your Switcheroo project, looking at those pictures brings so much happiness always! Your interview was cool, really what I would expect the creator of switcheroos to be! :) Can’t wait to see what your next project will be, exciting times!

  • Hanani


  • Stinni

    did they all switch underwear? ;) brilliant fun idea , I’m hooked!

  • hello Hana. your book is grand. i like beautiful/funny/happy things. like my girlfriend. i would like to give this book to her as a present. she broke her foot 4 weeks ago (well actually somebody drove his car over it). she loves trail running, bike trekking, photography and swishing. but with the broken foot she had to rest. no way, she hired a handbike for 4 weeks. really hard to ride, but she did it, and did it well. in a few weeks she can start hiking, running, cycling again. i’m sure your book will make her happy and encourage her to keep training. love, Tijl

  • GABE

    You’re doing great things now and they can only get better from here, this makes me want to create and create and create and create! thank you

  • Jameson Kergozou

    Wow! Such an amazing idea, don’t stop now! keep switching clothes like balls switch sides at wimbledon!

  • Stef Wit A F

    This is such an awesome photo project! Your next project should totally be Space Jam 2 related ;)

    P.S. I’m definitely buying this, if I don’t win it.

  • Jean-Luc Yusef Jawed

    I couldn’t stop laughing with your switcheroo idea! You have a perfectly normal couple and then walah! They’re suddenly the most absurd thing you’ve seen! :) Kudos on your creative genius and awesome humour!

    Also, this is the best thing I have heard anyone say about photography; “I’ve been hiking a lot lately and I always bring my camera, but it rarely makes it out of my bag. A lot of times the things I see in nature are just not the same when captured on film. I think it’s better to just bring friends to the forest so they can see it themselves.” It’s so true! No doubt I’ll be quoting you there for years!

    Although I’m a little late on commenting to when the free book, I’m likely to buy it anyway so just enjoy a nice comment and keep up the good work! I’m looking forward to your next project (no pressure!)

  • Soraia M.

    hi, everyone!

    hi Jeff :>

    hi Hanna :*

    this is probably one of the greatest, loveliest ideas ever. and I’m not saying this lightly. don’t ever stop to do switcheroo pictures (— isn’t ‘switcheroo’ an awesome word as well?) and spread them all over the world.

    best of luck to you, stay wonderful and inspiring X

  • Jake

    your work is actually amazing i looked at this and used it as inspiration for my photography project, really good idea !

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