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“Queen of Tsawwassen” Curated by Twelvebooks / Book Giveaway

Queen of Tsawassen photo book curated by TwelveBooks

The folks at Inventory have designed and published a gorgeous clothbound hardcover book called “Queen of Tsawwassen”, named after one of the old BC Ferries. The book was curated by Twelvebooks (Japan), and features the work of five emerging Canadian photographers, Ali Bosworth, Seth Fluker, Jennilee Marigomen, Dan Siney, and Chris Taylor.

Inventory is hosting the book launch this Saturday at 8pm, and has graciously given me a copy to give away to one of you! The book can be purchased here.

Leave a comment below telling me your favourite thing about British Columbia, or if you’ve never been here, tell me why you’d like to visit! This giveaway is open to everyone! I’ll pick a winner next Friday!

Queen of Tsawassen photo book curated by TwelveBooks

Queen of Tsawassen photo book curated by TwelveBooks

Queen of Tsawassen photo book curated by TwelveBooks

Queen of Tsawassen photo book curated by TwelveBooks

Queen of Tsawassen photo book curated by TwelveBooks

Queen of Tsawassen photo book curated by TwelveBooks

Queen of Tsawassen photo book curated by TwelveBooks

Queen of Tsawassen photo book curated by TwelveBooks

Queen of Tsawassen photo book curated by TwelveBooks

“Queen of Tsawwassen” Book Launch

July 13th, from 8:00pm
Inventory Vancouver
45 Powell St.
Vancouver, BC



Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Miguel Shaw

    BC fresh air (go travelling and you can tell the difference)

  • oezoe

    i’ve never been.
    but i need to learn a B C.

  • Paul Kilbertus

    Standing in mountain forest of giant trees.

  • Jeremy Stewart

    I love that even though our arts scene is quite developed, it’s still wide open with possibility!

  • eric

    Hey the mountains and the trees

  • Sara

    I was born on a Gulf Island and spent most of my life on the West Coast. Currently I live in Toronto and while I’m loving it here, I miss the forest outside my back door, and the ocean a walk away. The photo of the tree stump in the forest is making me feel nostalgic. BC will always be in my blood.

  • Joe Strummer

    BC bud!

  • RS

    I want to see the mountains, the trails, the clouds, the people. I want to photograph them all.

  • Seff

    Totem Poles.

  • Esme jarrell

    Recently, a band from Victoria came through my town on tour. They were really great people. I asked them a lot about what living is like in BC and they all talked it up really hard. One of the guys lives in Vancouver and that city sounds like an area that I would thrive in.

  • domIK

    I never been to British Columbia, but I’d like to travel to British Columbia because I want to see nature, animals & spend such a nice time with locals =]

  • Kat Osg

    winter fog

  • Javier Ortega

    never been, but after completing a cross country motorcycle trip, i think my next one will be US 1 west coast trip starting in Baja California and ending in BC, i’ve heard the city has a nice vibe.

  • Corey Vaughan

    Am I a nerd for wanting to visit all the X-files locations in BC?? That’s why I want to visit.

  • Drew Bremer

    I went there on a trip a few years ago and while hiking we ran into a little bear cub! We didn’t pet it because it’s momma may have been around and she probably wouldn’t have been so down with that, but it was pretty dang cute. So that’s probably my favorite part about British Columbia. Their infamous (maybe?) adorable bear cubs… And their hot springs.

  • Rachel DeJohn

    i have never been but id love it if this book could take me there. looks inspiring. :)

  • Maria Simmons

    I’ve been to BC once for my uncle’s wedding when I was four. I was a flower girl. I hated my hair and thought I looked like a boy and was a downright grump most of the time. Other than that, my aunt dared me to eat a hot pepper. I did it. I was then free to indulge in enough sugar to extinguish a forest fire, which helped the internal fire substantially. More recently, my boyfriend spent a few months in BC on a road trip he made in a 1970’s station wagon. He worked on an organic farm as a WOOFer and wants to take me there when we can afford to go. It was a WOOFer’s dream, apparently. He even had his own cottage.

  • caitlin

    i was just thinking i should get this book! best thing about BC is the road trip possibilities. start at the ocean and drive right up a mountain.

  • SYS


  • PearsonP

    i’m always in church on earth

  • I’ve been to Quebec so I’d love to see the other coast. I love Canada.

  • Enon Avital

    Because I damn right deserve it!

    I mean, I’d reeeally love to pay a visit on a holiday, someday.

  • Michael Welke

    lovely work…BC is beautiful, be it the cities, the sea or the sky. Oh, and there’s Whistler!

  • Alanna

    best thing in BC is sitting in my parent’s backyard in Chilliwack listening to the birds and enjoying a cooler

  • Jeremy Stewart

    Never been, but Jennilee Marigomen makes it look like a magical place.

  • a_neet_a

    Trees that I’ve been imagining standing beneath in awe for sometime now

  • Veale

    Could I have a courtesy copy of these pretty pictures please?

  • Rosie

    Waking up to fawns in the garden.

  • Richard Desanto

    I’ve never been, but it’s ranked high on my list of places to visit. Forested coastal regions appeal to my Northern Californian sensibilities.

  • Kyle Bear

    The Pacific Northwest just gets better the more north and west you go.

  • jaycie

    the sights and the weather!

  • bclover69

    its home

  • Guest


  • Nico Glaude

    Floe Lake

  • magpi


  • Bennyjmiller

    Stayed at Samesun Hostel in Vancouver. Some of the most picturesque parks in BC, with the seawall, epic mountain vistas. Beautiful place and friendly people. Great night in the beaver bar!

  • Jack

    One word on why I’d love to go to British Columbia: wanderlust.

  • Chief Keef Sosa

    Ive heard that Vancouver is like NYC in the 60’s. The art scene seems rad. Also the proxemity to nature is great as well!

  • Graalman

    Oceans, Mountains, valleys, Forsts and farms, so much Life in so Many different ways to experience. But Particularily the mountains.

  • adamvaudin

    the scenery and the seth rogen

  • Njedo

    Hi, i’m from Middle East =)
    I never been to British Columbia, but I’d like to travel to British Columbia because I’m photography.

  • Smilewideyed

    British Columbia is the home of the first person that made me experience heart ache. .. The kind that makes you stay up late and night and blame it on that 5 o’clock espresso

  • AbdiYohan

    I like BC because when I traveled there, I was fortunate enough to not get killed despite my stupidity in certain situations.

  • GABE

    My mom just asked me yesterday about places we would maybe want to travel too. She said Italy, I said no, she said London, I said no, and then Vancouver and I said yes! I’ve always wanted to travel there and see all its British Columbia glory.

  • Art

    Little Fernie in the Winter. There is no better snow in this world….

  • natasha

    If I had the opportunity I would move there today, its known for its premium quality of its marijuana and Small businesses make up over 98 per cent of the province’s businesses, and its an incredibly beautiful piece of land. My three favorite things in the world are there–
    the ocean, mountains and marijuana

  • Diego Diez

    I’ve never been there, but it looks like a mountain paradise with even beards. Thanks Google.

  • Brandon Mahler

    because it looks sick okay?

  • Ashley Busenius

    Vancouver-born and raised, but living abroad for the past three years, and now tied down to Southern California’s desert for an unforeseeable amount of time, there’s nothing better than stepping off a plane and breathing in the crisp fresh air of BC. There’s really nothing comparable… unless you land in Bellingham (but we’ll just ignore that for the sake of this contest ;) A small reminder of home in photographic form would be a lovely treat.

  • Francesco10

    I’m born and raised in British Columbia, and I’ve found myself never being able to leave. I miss the mountains/water/air/trees when I go away for anything longer than a week. It’s my home and I know that will never change.

  • nr

    I’d like to go to BC because there are some of the coolest-sounding and weirdest-sounding museums I’ve ever heard of (a toaster museum?!).

  • connor

    Because it’s home.

  • Daniel_ush

    I like the BC´s COAT OF ARMS!

    besides that, I imagine is similar to my homeland, only bigger and much much more cleaner

  • Lindsey Schmitt

    I have never been there nor met anyone from there. I would love to see what British OF Columbia has and meet the people that fill up the culture there. Thank you. The book looks beautiful

  • Jesse Wilcox

    I love driving through and driving through tunnels and valleys, by rivers and all of that. Above all, I like when you’re driving and getting tired of driving in the mountains for so long and then all of a sudden you turn the corner around a rocky cliff and are suddenly driving towards a huge and beautiful rainbow <3

    so amazing. I <3 BC

  • taryn

    I haven’t been yet, but since you linked to the Playground project (http://playground.is/), I’ve wanted to go make music there.

  • Kurtis L

    I haven’t been to B.C since the year I was born, my mother took me out there, why? I do not know, but I have the Expo 85′ mug to prove it. I’ve lived my whole life in the prairies, and have recently gained a new found love for nature, and the mountains, so while I can get plenty of nature minutes from home, I’m certainly itching to head to the mountains

  • Jena

    I have been born and raised in BC and have been to many other places. Not many can compare to the freakish amount of rocks and trees and water we have. Also, lake monster.

  • Clemens

    You got a destination which you idealize without having been there?

  • dodge

    I’ve never been, but this is the year i’ve set aside to do amazing things and step outside of my comfort zone, leaving the country is one of them.

  • erica

    rad ski slopes

  • Ace Isaac Kieffer

    Vancouver is the prettiest place I’ve ever visited. Coming from a town in Maryland, it was insane to see the daily scenery of BC. Also, how you can travel just minutes outside of the city to large forests and massive open water with views of beautiful mountains. The environment there is just so peaceful. I loved it so much I had to change my flight to extend my stay. Also the whole city is just very photogenic, as I imagine all of BC is.

  • Dani

    never been, but I’d love to visit for the magical-seeming forests and lush greenery!

  • jeanette renault-caragianes

    I love the temperate rainforest

  • Marie

    I love everything about British Columbia. But mostly, I love how it taught me that nature can be this grand and wild, how it could heal me spiritually and physically and how it could kill me if I thought I was wiser or stronger than it. British Columbia taught me how interrelated we were to nature. I love BC like my first love.

  • Lexie

    My favourite thing about BC.. is living here! Nature is everywhere and the forests are our backyards! I love the diversity of trees and plants that can be found and how tall some of them grow :)

  • Ruth Anna Coss

    Would love to visit British Colombia, especially Vancouver and experience it’s culture. Sounds like a fantastic creative hub!

  • Bruh Bruh

    To be able to escape the city on a boat and visit one of our beautiful islands :)

  • 7sterling

    It’s really clean!

  • Roop

    BC, the magical mysterious area within the Pacific Northwest. It has a little bit of everything for people with locational ADD.

    Funny thing is, I absolutely hated BC on my first visit of 3 months and was happy to leave for Australia for 6 months. Throughout those 6 months, I longed for BC, I missed it everyday – I’d close my eyes and listen to Hey! Ocean just to get my fix of BC memories, I’m not sure what happened and can’t really explain it, but it happened and I returns with open arms.

    If you can forgive and forget about the rain and embrace the best place in the world to have a summer, then everyday can genuinely be a unique thought-provoking life-affirming adventure.

    Camping on the beaches near Comox swimming under stars in fluorescent waters or relaxing outside a JJ Bean watching the world run by as fountains supply an unusual downtown ambient soundtrack after having a rewarding paddleboard session with good friends and inquisitive seals or having your breathe taken-away from the sights from the top of The Chief, it’s all there ready to be enjoyed.

    For me though, has to be Tofino, it’s where I shared with the love of my life, one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen, with a backdrop of mature trees and expansive beaches, I couldn’t help but shout at the sky in a confusion of my own emotions, not knowing how to deal with the awesome sight I was seeing before me. A memory that’s forever burnt to my retinas and brings me a smile whenever I blink.

    That’s why I love BC.

    Thanks for reading



  • Forest Roxx

    It looks clean. The air seems like it would be better

  • cm89

    Because no one in america knows how to make poutine and I want some.

  • Lil

    I think i’m late.. i hope i can get on shipped here! I like the freedom I felt when I was in bc, like it was a magical place! And for me it was really magical and beautiful!

  • Jon Timmble

    I want to visit because it sounds like a very dynamic place. Combining European and South American Culture.

  • Dave Ewald

    I love the coffee and the sense of ease that comes from drinking it there. …Or maybe that’s just a memory.

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