24.07.13 by Jeff

“Fifth Element” by Marija Strajnic / Book Giveaway

Fifth Element book by Marija Strajnic

Photographer Marija Strajnic has released a little book about destruction, and I have a copy to give away! If you wanna snag it, leave a nice comment for Marija. More images below!

Fifth Element book by Marija Strajnic

Fifth Element book by Marija Strajnic

Fifth Element book by Marija Strajnic

Fifth Element book by Marija Strajnic

Fifth Element book by Marija Strajnic

Fifth Element book by Marija Strajnic

Fifth Element book by Marija Strajnic

Fifth Element book by Marija Strajnic

Fifth Element book by Marija Strajnic

Fifth Element book by Marija Strajnic









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  • Kim

    Hello Marija!

    Here is a nice comment from a nice person to a nice person about her nice book. Very nice photographs and a nice concept overall. And your book has a nice colour. It would be very nice to see more of your work in the future.

    Have a nice day!

  • val

    marija has the lightness of a dancing birch tree

  • Domenic


  • Matt

    Want it too !

  • M

    Volim te.

  • disqus_VJPq2Ul7Yt

    Great portraits I LOVE YOU

  • yourtigerlove

    “one should always go and never not go (somewhere)” – greatest words of wisdom that marija told me once. eternal love

  • Ash Kayser

    beautiful portraits, they almost portray the idea of trying to overcome your fears, but also showing how hard that is to do.


    this destruction is beautiful!

  • Jetmir

    Great work! Would definitely love to have this book!

    Greetings from Kosovo fan! ;)

  • Michael

    Love these concepts!! Nice mix of fun and smart.

  • kristin

    Marija’s work is very inspiring and I would love to have her book.

  • IndiaLB

    Marija Strajnic’s photos are dope

  • M Pierro

    I love this. Especially the dirt images…

  • erica

    i just spent like an hour and a half on marija’s website. great stuff.

  • angelina lth

    Known her work on Flickr and is beautiful. The photos in this book seems delicate and powerful.

  • emma

    This book is the equivalent of the sweetest cupcake in the world, with sprinkles on top, balancing on the nose of a fawn, who is standing up for the first time and trying to keep her balance, walking down a path on the summer solstice just as the sun comes up.

  • AbdiYohan

    Dear Marija,

    Awesome work.


  • ne.na

    ~nervous feeling,

    no scene stealing,

    can you reach the outer limits?

    stuck inside your pen too long,

    forgotten moves where you went wrong.

    you’ve lost the feeling, now you’re out of touch.~

    *marija you are a goddess*

  • Farah

    Aah I’d love to have a nose through this book, there’s something very profound about the destruction of someone we’ve just been introduced to, in this case, in the form of a personal photo of that looking at the camera and therefore seemingly straight at us; a sort of contradictory comment on the truthfulness behind the wholesome first impression someone makes on you, giving way to the crumbling mental asylum that may lie within a deceitfully normal exterior.

  • Nalim Garzesi

    which the chances of someone dro Brazil win? :)))))

  • seebas

    I love how her work seemingly doesn’t stop after the photos are taken. The way other materials such as water, dirt, and fire interact with the work to add more layers.

  • deevi

    I like this so badly. Looks like a great synthesis of what love brings us: breath, devastation, joy, curiosity, life, death, and many “somewhere in between”.

  • Danielle

    feels like a look into what we fear most

  • Monika Wyndham

    If my favorite had a favorite that favorite would be Marija.

  • Christine E

    these are actually just magnificent. there are no words to describe how this makes me feel.

  • Rhys Archer

    I love these photographs! I am just starting a degree in portrait photography and these are the perfect inspiration! Would love to have a copy of the book to myself!

  • Sanja


  • Danny

    looks neat

  • john

    hi Marija, how are you today?

  • natashatennant

    This book is insanely magical, yet devastating. My all time favorite.

  • johno

    I love how all the compositions are framed the same. For me this is really emotive , its like we all in it together as a collective, even though death and the fear of it is such a lonely and abstract experience.

    The subjects have no attachment to the events that eventually play out within the frame . She really has achieved the emotion of these experiences , visually representing a destined fate we cant control .

    I love it


  • Natalie P

    These photos look amazing. Such a neat idea with the progression of destruction. I love it.

  • Simon Yong

    Marija Strajnic work is amazing!!!! I love this little book very much and wish to learn more with you.
    I’m a freelance photographer based in Singapore, appreciate if we have a chance to get the little book from you :)

    Have a nice day!!

  • T

    über kool Marija

  • Diego Diez

    I was already following her work, a book would be awesome :D

  • Anastasia

    I’ve never won anything…but this book seems so simple. Great work was done, congrats!

  • Alba

    Wow, so original. I love them. I would like to have some one book. :)

  • florence

    this is a lovely book that I feel has some similar themes to my work, very well done. F.

  • Pola

    I really need it!

  • Giulia

    Marija, these are absolutely amazing images!

  • Jesús Enrique

    No words

  • Juliana Stankiewicz

    I love how serious they look right before meeting their demise

  • Jasmine Perez

    Lovely was put inside a cover and a back cover and the images tell little secrets you wanted shared with the world. Secrets that speak truths, secrets that echoed how you feel inside and I’ll tell you right now, I really dig how you feel. <3

  • Christopher Captain

    dope dopeee

  • Nicole

    So beautiful. I’d love a physical copy to get a great look at it!

  • Federico Requena

    “Fire walk with me”.

  • ZeeTee

    Great Work All Around!!
    I’d love to get a copy of “Fifth Element” :))

  • Daniel Faria

    Such a great work!

  • James Lester

    Such a wonderful piece of work which really works as a printed document. Would love to see it in person. The curating process throughout the series of creation and destruction is stellar as well.



  • Nicholas Williams


  • Tocq

    You say the book is about destruction, but it looks like its about love.

  • Renzo Bal

    ms.Strajnic, what a series of great photo you have.

  • Doss

    A Beautiful book

  • J.C. O’Callaghan

    Dear Marjina Strajnic,
    There’s nothing nicer than saying good thing honestly. The concept of your book is incredibly beautiful. Destruction has been defined several times as a form of creation. There’s a unique beauty in something being broken, destruction itself. And you representing this artistically makes it even more beautiful and beauty is nice, so are you for representing it. Thank you.
    P.S. Your names is pretty cool.

  • LaÑoña

    This is my story, our story. I see them and my heart gets heavy from the hurt, but also from the hope. Thank you Marija. Your work is art, it is poetry. It makes me feel, it reminds me of my humaness and the humaness of those around me, and it births compassion. Keep making good art.

  • Yuli Sato

    Awesome, I’d love to have a copy!

  • Matthias Otto

    Great going Marija !

  • Thank you Jeff for sharing this! :)

    And to Marija, thank you for sharing this book, these photos that depict so much the sea of emotions, we as people are going through everyday. You’ve captured such fascinating photos, they’re like poems narrating love, destruction, hurt and compassion. This is the saddest yet the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in months! And I would really love to get my hands on your little book. <3

  • Riemer v/d Wijk

    A great way of making photography an actual interactive creative experience which you can journey trough. It’s not only the photo’s, it’s also the stories that start to build in your head. It keeps you busy from image to image… to image. Love it!

  • Marc Vila

    Really cool project, great pictures and it seems really well designed as well. Great!

  • JM

    Marija, the work in this book has a Becketien quality that I’m incredibly in love with right now. I’m going to go see if there’s interviews with you so that I can find out more about what’s going on inside your head.

    Anyway, at least know that someone in Ireland thinks your work is fantastic.

  • Ben_les_marins

    Marija’s poetry left a permanent glow in my mind, like an incandescent light bulb

  • Leon Sasa

    Znao sam, da če se neko nači prije mene i zaigrati na ljubazan “patriotizam”. Ništa, nečemo se kopirati iako sam na neki način baš to uradio.

    Keep up with the good work. Would love to see Marija and her work in London.

    p.s. 24/7 is my birthday.

  • Jose

    love how everyone comments when it comes to giveaways lol

    just give to a colombian kid whos far away from art books and contemporary photography aka me :)

  • danielsparker

    a beautiful book and art object that, like all things with a lifespan, is vulnerable to destruction.

  • Steven

    Hi Marija Strajnic…
    from the Underworld of Central America.. it’s a bit hard to get this kind of inspiration… I’ll totally love to have the oportunity to get to know all of your work…
    sorry for the bad english… come on! I’m from a third world country! ;)

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