16.08.13 by Jeff

“12 O’Clock Boys” Documentary by Lotfy Nathan (Official Trailer)

12 O'Clock Boys Documentary by Lotfy Nathan

When I posted Noah Rabinowitz’s photo series last week (see the photos here), I had no idea there was also a documentary film coming out!

Filmmaker Lotfy Nathan spent 3 years on the project, filming the wild antics of a notorious dirt bike gang known as the “12 O’Clock Boys”, in Baltimore. The gang’s name is a reference to wheeling the bike to the point you’re completely vertical.

The story is told from the point of view of Pug, a youngster from the Westside who wants to join them. According to the film’s website, it’s already garnered critical acclaim at SXSW and Hot Docs film festivals, and is set to be released in 2014. Can’t wait!

Watch the exhilarating trailer below!



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  • kylehale

    Pretty sure I’ve seen these guys riding 12 o’clock style in Atlanta, GA as well.

  • Bbbb

    Yeah, law-breaking gang cr*p really needs even more glorification in this country. Why not highlight the smart, hardworking, accomplished, law-abiding black kids being good at science, math, writing, art, dance, community building, family support, etc for once?

    • bf

      cause thats boring this looks awesome

    • i’m interested to see portraits of people that are doing something i know nothing about, whether it’s positive or negative. i haven’t seen the film but my guess would be that its message isn’t that everyone should be doing wheelies down the street. i could be wrong.

      You would probably enjoy the documentary The Interrupters, about former gang members and people committed to ending gang violence. There are actually lots of documentaries about some of the positive things you mentioned.

  • Skid

    @Bbbb They ride dirt bikes on the street. That is not typical “law-breaking gang crap”. I don’t see it as any different than the kids on dirt bikes when I was growing up in suburban/rural Massachusetts, except for the color of their skin. I don’t think you have to be a rule-following goody-two-shoes to be a good person, you can have a little outlaw in you.

  • Wren

    I live next to a mural of the 12 o’clock Boys, and see them and the kids on their bikes all the time.
    Baltimore is too real to say anythings good or bad, but I often find the 12’s beautiful.

  • MCD

    @Bbbb I’m from Baltimore and I have to say that if this”law-breaking gang crap” was ostensibly that, then Baltimore would have zero gang violence. The 12 O’Clock Boys interact in an interesting way in an otherwise blighted and uninteresting environment. All points north, son…

  • Kevin Fink

    Looking forward to seeing this soon. Any word on the music? I know “Joe Williams” is the composer, but am wondering if anyone can ID the songs in the trailer?

    • Kevin Fink

      00:45 to 01:20 …song ID, anyone?

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