23.08.13 by Jeff

Urbanears RePlattan Headphones + Slussen Adapter Giveaway!

Urbanears RePlatten Headphones + Slussen Adapter Giveaway!

Urbanears hooked me up with a pair of their newly launched RePlattan series of headphones. These headphones are all made of unused parts from previous seasons instead of letting them go to waste!

The coolest part is they’ve built in a personal ID and GPS coordinates that cover 5 square meters of rainforest. As soon as you purchase a pair of headphones that specific area of rainforest is protected.

They estimate that 500 ants, 10 flowers, 5 spiders and 2 butterflies live in each of those little squares, maybe even a bird, or a tree, or a frog, or a tree frog, or even a bird frog (they never said this).

I also got a little adapter called a Slussen, which lets you dj from your iPhone (the video below explains it better).

So now I get to giveaway one of each to one of you as well! Leave a comment below with the first song you’d listen to. I’ll pick a winner next Friday, have a great weekend.

Urbanears RePlatten Headphones + Slussen Adapter Giveaway!

Urbanears RePlatten Headphones + Slussen Adapter Giveaway!

Urbanears RePlatten Headphones + Slussen Adapter Giveaway!

Urbanears RePlatten Headphones + Slussen Adapter Giveaway!

Urbanears RePlatten Headphones + Slussen Adapter Giveaway!





This giveaway is limited to North American residents! Sorry to the rest of you! The next giveaway is open worldwide! We’ll pick a winner August 30th. Good luck!


And the winner is… LaToya Caresse

Congrats, check your inbox!

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Guest

    Nothing like a little ‘Zadia Bobo’

  • Lien

    Nothing Better by the Postal Service

  • Aaron Wheeler

    Byegone- Volcano Choir

  • sunnyheadcase

    Feeling Good by the one and only Nina Simone. Classic, powerful and encompassing and always deserves to be played loud on a nice set of headphones.

  • Tal Bogomolny

    Airwaves by Thomas Dolby

  • vicki

    the killers -mr brightside

  • @wonderfulwilson

    Women – “Shaking Hand”

  • Jesse

    omgomgomgomgomg. ummmm……

    I would listen to pap smear by crystal castles tbh

  • Teo

    Neu Chicago by Clive Tanaka y su Orquesta

  • Donna

    Hoppipolla by Sigur Ros

  • Marc Funaro

    The Latest BOOOOOOOM summer mix, of course. As a thank you, and also because it’s spectacular.

  • jackson beyda

    Worst Enemy – Toddla T Sound

  • TFadam

    blue hawaii – follow

  • Andy Jukes

    Tom Tom Club — Genius of Love

  • Leonel

    I would listen to “First Day of My Life” by Bright Eyes!

  • DX

    I would jam to Graceland — Paul Simon

    • daniel ribar

      A close second in my book also.

  • ohnj

    Be (Intro)-Common

  • jaycie

    Hearts Like Ours by The Naked and Famous

  • Ellen

    I would listen to Primitive by The Groupies

  • Nate Friedman

    I would listen to “Because I got a Girl” by Nate Dogg

  • Haley McLain

    Empire of the Sun- ‘Ice on the Dune’

  • daniel ribar

    Anything by Jonathan Richman.

  • Rosie

    Tame Impala ~ Beverly Laurel

  • sam

    body party-ciara (bc those headphones are seeexy)

  • Ben C.

    Hmm. “Africa” – Toto.

  • Lucia Louca

    I would listen to Kuku by Hilight Tribe ;)

  • goot

    the booooooom mix

  • Anna

    I’d listen to the “Intro” of the only album by Rain Machine!

  • Elijah FOrd

    Hey Love by the Delfonics

  • Milou Maass

    Sea of Love by The National

  • Jaakko Myyri

    Nick Cave’s song Red right hand.

  • adamvaudin

    12:51 – The Strokes !

  • Soraan Latif

    DJ Mehdi – Signature ( Thomas Bangalter remix )

  • Ally Chaps

    Massive Attack – Paradise Circus

  • tmblw

    Get Up Offa That Thing – James Brown

  • Ronnie

    Death from Above 1979 – black history month

  • Matt

    You send me by Sam Cooke

  • isa


    Watermelon Man – Herbie Hancock

  • Chewy

    Sweet Leaf by Black Sabbath

  • SIX

    Invader Invader – Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

  • Annebel

    Dylan by Emmy The Great!

  • Asia Olech

    Twilite – One Quiet Moment (Lieke remix)

  • Vincent

    Everlasting Light by The BLACK KEYS

  • Rebecca Tritschler

    Sly Fox by Koan Sound!

  • 0981

    ‘cross the breeze – Sonic Youth

  • Jenny W.

    New Slang. The Shins.

  • Jenny

    I’m obsessed with Avicii – Wake Me Up!

  • Dominique Saks

    Nothing like a little Zadia Bobo

  • zaczac

    Larz Randa – Frankenstein

  • 2HB by Roxy Music, turned up to 11 natch

  • Jason Perdue
  • Alej Perez

    Go With You by Toro Y Moi – Holla

  • Nathan

    All Of Me by John Legend

  • Audun G

    Hit it and quit it – Funkadelic :)

  • Blair

    “eat you alive”-the oh hellos !!!.x

  • Rae Bees

    Gotta keep it topical & tropical:
    “Vanilla Rainforest” by Strawberry Girls

  • Jason Perdue
  • tony

    I go with “Good Stuff” by the B52s.

  • ross

    Jungle – ELO

  • FrenchFrye

    Heart Beat by Childish Gambino <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Jéssica Oliveira

    Milk by Moderat

  • Ezra Griffioen

    Untrust Us by Crystal Castles – Covered by Capital Children’s Choir

  • Borys Tarasenko

    The track Orange Man from the Unbreakable soundtrack. Composer: James Newton Howard. Heroism!

  • WinstonGFX

    Light This City – Stormchaser

  • CindyAiton

    The Cars – Candy-O

    Cindy Aiton


  • jxtutorials

    yamaha by delta spirit

  • Shaun

    13 and good – KRS ONE

  • BogMilk

    Jason Lescalleet – The Future Belongs To No One

  • Bence Sándor

    Siriusmo – Goldene kugel

  • Sepehr Lemar Nabi

    Flying Lotus – Do the Astral Plane

  • olga abeleva

    lucitania by andrew bird!

  • Joejoe

    mule skinner blues by dolly parton. BANJO UP.

  • Pia

    Woodkid – I Love You

  • Everardo López

    the xx / angels

  • Hugo Douglas-Deane

    Bloom – Radiohead :)

  • Gizem

    Lange & Audrey Gallagher – Our Way Home!

  • Erik

    Svenf-G-Englar- Sigur Ros

  • Grace

    Row by Jon Brion !

  • tom

    The Capital Children’s Choir cover of “Untrust Us” by Crystal Castles (http://youtu.be/g7a2u9v0V0c)

  • Megan McGuinness

    Banshee Beat – Animal Collective

  • Tammy

    American Authors – Believer :)

  • smao

    explosions in the sky – the birth and death of the day

  • Maren

    Karma Police – Radiohead

  • Dziugas

    Queen – Cool Cat

  • hendrikova

    Retrogade – James Blake

  • David Morejón

    Girl from the North Country – Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash

  • Liza

    groove is in the heart by Deee-lite, no better way to break in new headphones than this song. pick me jeff you know i’m right.

  • Lenny Wu

    Burn by Ellie Goulding

  • Guest

    A new error by Moderat!!!

  • Joshua Glenn Bryant

    Yes- Nujabes <3

  • Jonathan Baker

    Resolution – John Coltrane

  • michel

    cuckoo chaos- slowly counting down to nothing

  • Debs

    Gus Gus with my eyes closed… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e96lbFiG_k8

  • Brett
  • Brooke Archibald

    magic carpet ride by steppenwolf, which would be quite relevant while wearing these for the first time.. a sort of magical carpet journey into the depths of ridiculously good sound quality

  • ChadwicK

    Cookie Thumper – Die Antwoord

  • Victoria Guirlinger


    The Replacements – I Will Dare

  • designandpaper

    Definitely Mount Kimbie – You took your time feat. Kign Krule

  • Matt

    **** Kings of Convenience – Misread ****

  • Nadia Gapur

    Imagine – John Lennon

  • Sander Smeekes

    Jensen Sportag – Bellz! Ah yeah!

  • Gabriel T. Martini

    Baby Driver – Simon & Garfunkel

  • Henna

    If I Know You – The Presets

  • skaddict

    Suicide demo for Kara walker – Destroyer

  • Warner James Robinson

    Rise to the Sun – Alabama Shakes

  • Jojo

    Moodoïd – Je suis la Montagne

  • Jeanne

    Kennedy’s Bridge – way to the mist

  • Jeanne

    Laurie Anderson – oh superman

  • Nick

    I would absolutely listen to Gavin Bryars’s “The Sinking of the Titanic,” and my old headphones are broken…

  • Maya Ushikubo

    Grant Lazlo’s mash of the Beatles’ “Honey Pie” (feat. Django Reinhart, Sidney Bechet)!!!! One of my favourites at the moment! You just have to give this bass-swing a go!***


  • Guest

    Cage the elephant – come a little closer

  • Mathieu

    Giorgio Moroder – I Wanna Funk with You Tonight

  • Dyana

    Half Asleep by School of Seven Bells

  • beboop

    i dont remenber the very first, my memory is limited and getting worse and worse… but this was my first favourite song form the first albun i bought <3
    Charmless man (Blur, the great escape)

  • Katy Laurel Edwards
  • Nina Kirsch

    Beat your heart out – distillers

  • Logan Lape

    Gloria – Patti Smith

  • Emmie Myers

    I Am The Walrus-The Beatles

  • Asja

    Moving Pictures Silent Films from The Great Lake Swimmers, beautiful song!

  • elyse


  • Maddie

    Weird Fishes – Radiohead

  • Leandro Pellenc

    Tom Browne – Funkin’ for Jamaica

  • Ellen

    I’d love me some ‘You’ by Bibio

  • the knife – full of fire

  • sakulmada

    Biggie Vs. LCD Soundsystem: Dance Yrself Juicy


  • anon

    I’d listen to “Hide and Seek” by Imogen Heap.

  • Lauren Krukowski
  • Louis Little

    El Perro Del Mar – Change of Heart

  • Alden

    last summer by wish key

  • chapmanstudio

    Sunday Morning – Velvet Underground

  • mae

    Jónsi – “Go Do”

  • zoe

    Tom Tom Club, Genius of Love

  • interesting

    Solong (godisdead)- M O N E Y

  • Gabriel

    September by St. Lucia!

  • Lin Houtman
  • Lin Houtman
  • Trashy – J Dilla

  • Matt Salter

    DJ Laz – Journey Into Bass

  • Luke
  • Math M.

    Woodkid – “Iron”

  • Marcus Gunnar Pettersson

    Mitch Murder – Glass Cities!

  • Andreas Schanzenbach

    Erlend Oye – La prima estate

  • Breakfast in Fur

    (((((((((alberto balsalm by aphex twin)))))))))))

  • Cläire Kang Bang Bang

    Disclosure – You & Me (Flume Remix)!!!!!

  • cck1

    Karina– Menahan Street Band

  • Evan Mark Hopkins

    The North End – Joie De Vivre

  • Alyissa Johnson

    Diane Young – Vampire Weekend.

  • Josue Amaro

    Kavinksy – Nightcall

  • Connie

    ocean floor for everything – how to dress well

  • Sam McBride

    Love Gun – Rick James

  • River Donaghey
  • Jordan Young

    Thinking About You – Frank Ocean

  • Brock

    The Seed 2.0 – The Roots

  • Madalena Soares Carneiro

    Since I would be helping mother nature the first song should be – Lorax OST – Let it Grow!!!!


  • Carolyn

    Florence and the Machine – Shake it Out

  • tommy evans

    My Sweet Lord – George Harrison

  • Daniel Hernandez

    Out getting ribs – zoo kid

  • Max Morris
  • costellooo
  • rutata

    queen – bohemian rhapsody

  • Suzie

    Andrew Bird – You Woke Me Up!
    > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fj0ADpLt5iU

  • Amberobscura

    “If I Ruled the World” by Nas!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4L5SEdUzGE

    Princess Nauwisa – I Like Him

  • jutekja

    Weeping by Throbbing Gristle

  • A Bro Named Bro

    “Come In Alone” by My Bloody Valentine

  • Ljubica Aiko

    Arctic Monkeys – Do I wanna know?

  • Michael Falck

    Walk like an egyptian – The Banshees

  • Agi

    Chela – Full Moon

  • LaToya Caresse

    Insane – Flume feat. Moon Holiday

  • Dona Ghenof

    shukar collective – verbal fight

  • robertryanspeers

    Apple Pie Bed by Lawrence Arabia.

  • Carley Smith

    Austra-Beat and the Pulse

  • evert martin

    ratatat – wildcat

  • Shelby Wams

    Kveiker by Sight Ros

  • Bryan Fountain

    Genius of Love – Tom Tom Club

  • Sofie

    MØ – Waste of time

  • Briana Fahey

    Jeffer – Boys Noize

  • Joshua Caravaggio

    Going out West by Tom Waits

  • Daniella

    Semi-Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind

  • Lefoqer
  • Laura Kapriis

    Low – Murderer

  • LVM

    Well, I’m sure I’ll be the first to share this one then.. http://bit.ly/158dVtN

  • Jackie

    The Civil Wars – Girl with the Red Balloon

  • Aide Quirarte
  • Rust


  • Sérgio Campos
  • evanjed

    ooooh, lookit that box!

    This is subject to change, but maybe I’ll go with New Noise by Refused.

  • Natalie

    grimes. oblivion.

    but really i just want that sticker…

  • Kenny

    huerco s. – skug commune

  • tom
  • Santiago Bayona

    El alma y el cuerpo – Bomba Estereo. https://vimeo.com/48364466

  • Ian Sheh

    Letter 23 – XXYYXX

  • Isaiah Holmes
  • jimmy hadley

    Aphex Twin – Yellow Catx

  • Emily Glassman
  • Ben Westergreen

    kind of blue – miles davis

  • Winta
  • subtle takeover

    Mládek by Russian Circles

  • Dracula

    Retrograde by James Blake

  • Brittany Zagoria

    “If I Am” My Bloody Valentine

  • Mareva

    “First Love Never Die” by Soko

  • Kebing Kim

    Party In the USA – Miley Cyrus
    (Reason : Moving to the states next friday!)

  • Annie

    The Association “Cherish” : D

  • Nalim Garzesi

    Portugal The Man! – Modern Jesus

  • stayearly

    slum village – untitled/fantastic

  • Guest

    “The Lumberjack song” by the Monty Python

    • Martha Naranjo

      je je this was me, but i screwed up while posting!

  • Enon Avital

    Sticker Song – Hadag Nachash

  • Martha Naranjo

    “The Lumberjack song” by the Monty Python

  • seebas

    Roar! Cloverfield Overture by Michael Giacchino

  • C+CK

    Can’t even lie, I’m hooked to ZIMMER on soundcloud! La Cirque August Mixtape is awesssomeee!


  • jbomb

    Hudson Hohawke – Star Crackout. Beautiful song.


  • Olive Ridley
  • Meg Walls

    Beat and The Pulse – Austra

  • Ale

    “Machines” –– The Soft Moon

  • Amy

    Mouth’s Cradle by Björk!

  • Pardis

    Lay your cards out – Polica

  • Ryan Aquilino

    YEAH – LCD Soundsystem

  • Frank ritenour

    Fun fun fun by the big boys

  • Sam Marvin

    Mighty Morphin Foreskin – Captain Murphy (Flying Lotus, Earl Sweatshirt, Tyler the Creator)

  • Brian Ahola

    Floating Leaf – Peals

  • Mae Beerman

    Some Nights – fun.

  • jelly

    you know, i resisted for as long as i could…but can’t stop listening to blurred lines by robin thicke.

  • Sarah O’Sell

    “Hanuman” by Rodrigo y Gabriella

  • Harry Belafonte – Banana Boat Song



    I’d listen to I Wanna Be Like You… but the Jungle Book version.

  • ben_marins

    Tame imapala – Elephant

    • ben_marins


  • Ruudu

    Lulu Rouge – Melankoli


  • David K Koppe

    Washed Out – It Feels Right

  • Bilou

    Origins by Tennis

  • Angela Marie

    “Pink Lady Lemonade You’re From Outer Space Part 1 & 2” – Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic Inferno

  • Sean Neppl

    Losing My Edge – LCD Soundsystem

  • Wessel Beumer
  • tina

    godspeed you! black emperor / mladic

  • michele parliament

    “ARMY” by Japanese Cartoon

  • “ARMY” by Japanese Cartoon

  • Djoka
  • Alfredo Rondon

    M83 – Oblivion (feat. Susanne Sundfør)

  • Betsy Morningstar

    Rusted Root – Send me on my way


  • karrah Kwasnik
  • Pip
  • andra

    Arvo Part – Tabula Rasa

  • Tessa

    St. Tropez by Fyfe!

  • nailmask

    Living for the City – Stevie Wonder

  • rocksinablender

    Phil Collins “Strangers Like Me” from the Tarzan soundtrack to celebrate them 5 square meters of rainforest!

  • cat square

    Breeders – its the love

  • AndersBlyme

    Foo Fighters – Ballad of the Beaconsfields Miners

  • saeros0l

    Tokimonsta’s “Go with it (ft. MNDR)

  • Taylor Harpster

    Brand New – Vices

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXdF9uhVrI0 because I’m sure I’m missing something here.

  • spiritpony
  • Carelette la belette

    Are You Experienced ? Jimi Hendrix

  • michaela

    L’eau a La Bouche – Serge Gainsbourg

  • okatea

    Savage Skulls, Douster and Robyn – Bad Gal.

  • Patrick

    Al Green: love and happiness

  • Emil Fabio Steinhov

    Todd Ternje – Inspector Norse

  • Alberto

    Enrique Morente & Lagartija Nick- Omega

  • Jerrod Beck

    Discovery – Swing Tree

  • Zaquerii

    Montezuma–Fleet Foxes!!!

  • Andrea

    Lost by crash karma :)

  • Brody

    Moderat – Versions

  • sarah cameron

    I Hold Nothing- Mount Eerie

  • Katie

    Head is a Flame (Cool With It)- Portugal. the Man

  • Ex-drummer

    Cymande – Dove – 1972 http://youtu.be/9eioW2FC_vY

  • wishcandy

    Oooh these are deliciously gorgeous and clever!

    I’d dance around the house to Iggy Azalea’s “Work”. Never fails to get my booty shaking.

  • Jon Timmble

    Um, Circles And Squares by Dosh. Revisited him tonight while cleaning out my itunes library and remembered how great 2005 was!

  • Blair

    “Endless Love” Diana Ross & Lionel Richie

  • Melissa Kullman

    Baby by Devendra Banhart. I’m currently in the rainforest (studying in Costa Rica)! I’m making a short video about my stay and setting it to that song.

    • Melissa Kullman

      I forgot to pack headphones also!

  • Lucky

    Kavinsky – Nightcall

  • Tashrika Sharma

    All Falls Down by Kanye West.

  • Jeremy Diamond

    right now. probably the weight by the band

  • Alec Hillyer


  • Alex

    The garbage and the flowers – nothin goin down


  • ssaschaa

    Uffie – Pop The Glock

  • Vrajka
  • Teo Wollrabe

    Machine gun – The Peter Brötzmann Octet

  • On a Neck, On a Spit by Grizzly Bear.

  • Guest

    This one is so good. Drip-133 – Water Curtain

  • Oliver Herlitschek

    This one is so good. Drip-133 – Water Curtain


  • Stephen

    Ellie Goulding – Tessellate (Alt-J Cover)


  • hjbevan

    Honey – Swim Deep :)

  • Eddie Finch

    I Fink U Freeky – Die Antwoord

  • BREVKi

    The Outsiders – NeedToBreathe

  • Andy Jungle

    Weird Honey – Elvis Depressedly

  • Andrea Vela

    Home – LCD Soundsystem

  • Nick Lawler

    Little Green Cars- The John Wayne

  • Sara Barnes

    Neko Case – Man

  • Simon Basler

    So many details – Toro Y Moi

  • Tim

    Nine Inch Nails – ‘Came Back Haunted’

  • Devon

    First Time Caller – White Lies

  • Mullin

    My Body Is a Cage – Arcade Fire

  • Tom Wells

    Serengeti – Dennehy

  • mmorel

    Buena Vista Social Club – Candela

  • Federico Cuatlacuatl

    El Fin De La Infansia by Cafe Tacuba

  • Ricardo Villalobos –
    Fizheuer Zieheuerthat would be a nice start


  • Tamiya Leung

    Naughty Boy- La La La ft. Sam Smith

  • Adam

    Baths, Apologetic Shoulder Blades

  • Andrew
  • Jon

    Drake – Hold On, We’re Coming Home

  • witsok

    Volcano Choir’s Byegone.

  • Shane McCleery


    New album is too good not to play on repeat.

  • Emily

    all I want – joni mitchell

  • Brock

    Endors Toi- Tame Impala

  • Zach

    Death Grips – Come up and get me

  • Felix Acuña

    Waulking Song – Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

  • smacleod

    grouplove ways to go

  • jeanette renault-caragianes

    david karsten daniels – scripts

  • Noel Kat
  • iliveonwallst

    pumpin’ blood by nonono

  • BrianR

    Holy Ghost! – Do It Again

  • Morgan Whipple

    Kaputt – Destroyer

  • JimLimProject

    Shogun by GRiZ

  • Avery M

    Acid Rain – Chance the Rapper.


  • Annika

    I’d listen to 30 minutes of raindrops to channel my little square of rainforest.

  • Guest

    Paradise Circus – Massive Attack feat. Hope Sandoval

  • edmund

    The Bizness feat. Common – De La Soul

  • Maria Gillies
  • Haley Prochnow

    Bob Dylan – Wigwam


  • Natalee Gibson
  • ryancoe
  • jayson213
  • Jon S.

    Bathtubs- Royal Canoe

  • Ingrid

    Latch – Disclosure

  • Alyssa Nip

    The Love Club by Lorde. Can’t stop listening to it.

  • diegomustache

    Radiohead- Everything In Its RIght Place

  • Anka

    The Verve – the drugs don’t work

  • Dylan Jacques Baumann

    Oh man, I’d have to go with “Dance Yrself Clean” by LCD Soundsystem to test it thoroughly!


    starts off slow, picks up at 3:00

  • nosuchthings

    Raga Bhairav – TEN RAGAS TO A DISCO BEAT

  • anthea

    Jesus Walks – Kanye West

  • Booma

    Salt-N-Pepa ~ Push It

  • Andrea Avery

    otis redding– i love you more than words can say

  • Michael Razin Brand
  • Lauren

    All My Friends – LCD Soundsystem or I Was a Love by TV on the Radio. Both songs make my heart want to burst. So good!

  • megan

    Poinciana by Ahmad Jamal


  • JagNagra

    Michael Jackson – Beat It

  • Olivia Basener

    Ben Watt & Stimming feat. Julia Biel – Bright Star (Sunset Remix)

  • Jennifer Brant

    Madness of Others by Wake Owl

  • Pat Bright

    We Are The Lazer Viking – An Albatross

  • Audrey Opfer

    The Bay – Metronomy

  • la_del_norte22

    “Not Tonight”–Elle Varner

  • la_del_norte22

    “Not Tonight”–Elle Varner

  • Alex Weaver

    Neutral Milk Hotel- the entire Aeroplane Over The Sea album

  • Tatiana A

    Crazy Little Thing Called Love

    (By Queen for those living under a rock of despair)

  • renee

    i can’t say how amazing it is to see a company with higher intentions. saving the rainforest with headphones. awesome.

  • Chinaa.

    Empathy // Crystal Castles <3 <3

  • JimLimProject

    where do you announce winners?

  • Mathias Rueda

    Queen-melancholy blues

21.07.17 by Jeff

The Booooooom Creative Job Board

Booooooom art design jobs

If you’re a creative looking for work, or a company looking to hire, we are excited to announce our very own creative job board: Booooooom Jobs. Graphic design jobs, curatorial positions in galleries, freelance animation gigs, a wide variety of opportunities to work in a creative field!

A couple of examples: Our friends at Society6 are looking for a Creative Director, and Skillshare have posted openings for both a Content Producer and Senior Product Designer.

To start, we’re focusing on three cities (New York, Los Angeles, and Vancouver) and will also be posting remote jobs (for those of you who prefer to work from home). All job postings are free for the rest of the month if you use the PROMO CODE: ‘friends’.

Check it out: jobs.booooooom.com

20.07.17 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Till Rabus

A selection of recent work by artist Till Rabus from Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Click here for previous posts. See more images below.

Read More

20.07.17 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Esther Sarto

A selection of paintings from “Sleepless” by artist Esther Sarto, based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Her show opens on Saturday at Talon Gallery (Portland). More images below.

Read More

20.07.17 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Samuel Rodriguez

Recent work by artist Sam Rodriguez from San José, California (previously featured here). More images below!

Read More

19.07.17 by Jeff

Photographer Spotlight: Angeles Peña

“Aguas de Montaña” is a journey into The Andean Patagonia, a desolate territory where photographer Angeles Peña lived all of her childhood.

She says, “In a world that spins faster and faster I feel an enormous necessity to focus on the details and the beauty of what still remains. I find myself with a nature that sustains itself but can fall at any moment. It is something that surpasses me and I cannot stop observing.”

See the rest of the series below.
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