30.08.13 by Jeff

Northern Sun Jacket Giveaway

Northern Sun Jacket Giveaway

I’ve got good news and bad news. The bad news is summer is nearly gone, it’s painful to even say it. But the good news is I’ve got a giveaway from my friends at Northern Sun that’s perfect for the fall season.

First of all I’ve gotta give credit to my friends, Jennilee Marigomen (photographer) and Redia Soltis (stylist), who put these beautiful images together. The video below was shot by Peter Hadfield.

I’ve got a men’s Aput Jacket and a women’s Aga Jacket to give away! Both are water resistant and premium down filled, and as promised this one’s open to everyone. If you’d like to snag either jacket, leave a comment below describing the first adventure you’ll go on.

We’ll pick two winners September 13th.


Northern Sun Jacket Giveaway


Northern Sun Jacket Giveaway





The winners have been selected by the team at Northern Sun, congrats to Hanna B and Philip Faulkner. You’ve got mail!


  • luckyspark

    It might not be tourist season, but, in early winter I want to go to Duluth and then up to the Northern Shore of Lake Superior to see friends and go snow shoeing!

  • ArmandoSaysNo

    Recently finished school and have been aching to drive up California’s golden coast and see where it takes me. I can picture it now, waking up early one morning when the sky’s still drenched in a velvety purple sea of darkness. Quickly packing a bag with a toiletry kit, an apple, some clothing, and a Northern Sun Aput Jacket as I make that critical decision to drive down PCH and leave all that I know, at least for a few days while I find myself. Somewhere inbetween the sand filled beaches of Laguna Beach and the rocky cliffs of Big Sur’s Doorway to Heaven is where I hope to find myself once more.

  • Lars

    I’m gonna go to Benidorm and drink Banana colada!

  • adammanley

    I moved to Maine two years ago from San Diego, where I spent some time camping and making art in the Southern California Desert. I miss that expansive space and the hot days and cold clear nights. I want to plan a camping trip for this winter to really explore the desert southwest and find the quietest place I can.

  • j4m3z

    I’m planning on a trip to New Zealand which has unpredictable weather so the men’s Aput jacket is perfect to give me some weather protection and shelter.

  • micky

    I’m living in Estonia for the winter and am uncertain what the winter holds weather wise… probably very cold though.

  • bekkapalmer

    I haven’t been on a good adventure in weeks, so I would plan something special around this jacket. Probably upstate New York for some hiking.

  • Melissa

    I want to wear it in Yosemite this winter and find some bears to hang out with.

  • http://kareemahmed.com Kareem Ahmed

    i will wear it on an urban hike in new york city on the first snowy day of this winter. it will be romantic and enchanting.

  • Brooke Archibald

    the first adventure i will go on will be when i go on a hiking expedition in Iceland in a couple of months!

  • MarkKalan

    Being that I don’t have a Winter jacket yet…and next year we’ll be leaving on the greatest adventure of our lives – retirement and traveling the National Parks through the Northwest then settling in the mountains of Mexico.

  • iliveonwallst

    this will keep me warm on my winter trip to Duluth, Minnesnowta.

  • Whitney

    ****( | | | )****
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    ***( _| | | _)***
    ******| __|___|*******

  • http://foxesinthegraveyard.blogspot.com/ Kelly Rae

    I’d love to head to Arkansas in the winter and see the Thorncrown Chapel by E Fay Jones. It would be so beautiful there with a big blanket of snow.

  • caitiemc

    I’m going to run through a corn maze searching for ghouls!

  • heinzactivities

    This would actually line up perfectly for my first west coast excursion. My best friend and former roommate recently landed an incredible job for an animation firm in Portland, Oregon prompting him to move away from Pittsburgh. This move was all I needed to start planning my first trip to the Pacific Ocean.

    I’ve been dreaming of the rocky coast ever since I was introduced to it through television (I’m a HUGE Goonies fan and have been i love with the fall scenery since I first saw it in the late 80s).

    I’ll be flying into San Francisco late October, and driving my way up the coast, camping my way through Sacramento CA, Ashland OR, Portland OR and finally Haystack Rock – Cannon Beach and Astoria OR.

    When most people dream of vacations, they think of sunny beaches — but i’ve been fantasizing of cold fall nights along the Oregon coast for the past 20 years and it’s finally coming true. A Northern Sun Jacket would be the perfect travel companion for this long sought and beautiful trip.

  • Emile

    i like the envoirement

  • Angie

    I recently moved to Copenhagen, from sunny Australia. I didn’t think to bring any warm clothes, so a super nice warm coat like this would allow for many adventures – especially riding to design home from design school at 2am in the middle of winter.

  • Thomas Homolya

    I’d love to go hiking with my son near Mt. Hood!

  • http://twitter.com/oxfordhaus DM Heebner

    With this coat, I would finally take my first trip to Colorado & do some serious hiking, exploring, and photographing.

  • Bryan Dunn

    I’d take my kids up to Minnesota’s north shore in the winter to show them frozen waterfalls.

  • http://www.borborigm.com boris

    I’ll go for a winter photo safari to catch the beautiful sunset of Marseille’s Calanques. When the Mistral (cold wind) blows one need this kind of sweet jacket.

  • jelly

    i’ve lived in vancouver for 6.5 years. Still don’t own a waterproof coat! First thing I’d do? Hike through the rainy woods! And stay dry this time!

  • Alejandro Velarde

    I’ve lived in Mexico my whole life and I’m going on a roadtrip through Alaska in a few weeks. This would help A LOT!

  • Nick K

    Venturing up to Moosehead Lake, ME. this winter. North Woods. Land where Moose outnumber people 3:1. Working on a photo workshop for disadvantaged Moose – living amongst them, making paintings of the snowbroth out of berry juice and charcoal. Snap a few of the Moose culture, real candid-type. Jacket could come in handy.

  • David K Koppe

    looking forward to the fall season when all the campsites are empty. Will head towards Whistler and find a good spot in my dad’s Westfalia.

  • Conciergedesk

    I might get flak from my girl but I really love the Fall and Winter in British Columbia. I think a great way to flip that script would be to take her on a surprise vacation up to Haida Gwaii. It’s totally off kilter and very memorable (and require a certain level of trust and convincing). I’m thinking we ride the ferry up to Prince Rupert and then across the water to Skidegate. The scenery on the boat would be incredible and definitely a big part of the appeal. Once there, the rough plan would be to stay in a nice rustic cabin on the coast, take in some First Nations culture, eat a bunch of seafood, try some winter surfing, get out and fish, etc. Being somewhere so remote and untouched would be very inspiring. I think that these are the best types of adventures: embracing the unknown and challenging yourself in order to truly experience something new. The bonds and memories that you create are, I believe, much stronger. And we’d sure as hell need proper down jackets for that.

  • travelluna

    going to Dornach in the Highlands of Scotland this November it would be perfect to wear the Aput Jacket there, and so stylish too

  • Diego Diez

    Im going to Denmark in a few weeks, so It would be perfect for the first Fall days!

  • Marion Young

    This would be the perfect jacket to cosy up in when I head to the Bugaboos this winter!

  • Math M.

    Study abroad in Iceland!

  • Alex Weaver

    I am currently traveling the Americas in my converted school bus! While the solar panels on the roof keep me warm and toasty on the inside, I’m sure that the Aput Jacket would be perfect for keeping me warm while trekking the Tierra del Fuego!

  • Sylvia

    I am going to the bottom of the sea to see if I can find an old friend of mine. Being water proof, this jacket would be ideal. Also, wikipedia says it is really cold down there so I’m pretty stoked that it is down. I also have an underwater camera, pumped!

  • Rust

    It’d be for my daughter, working the ski areas in WA state.

  • Levi Mandel

    Solo hikes through the upstate NY mountains with my camera and a book. The city is pulling me down, man.

  • Antonia

    The first adventure (of many) that I would love to go on is a proper trip across Canada, the country I live in but have seen so little of compared to other places. Hopefully I could go coast to coast, starting with British Columbia, dipping up into the territories from there.

  • T.Ferghe

    I would bring my camera and a tent, and hike in Jostedalsbreen National Park, see the glacier and the magnificent Norwegian mountains. Bringing my girlfriend. Back to the roots, just breathing the fresh air, feeling the fresh solitary retreat, and recharging before going back to the Copenhagen city life.

  • Rosie

    Just moved to Portland from Phoenix and don’t have a good quality warm, water-resistant jacket yet! My first adventure would be to go camping somewhere nearby in a few weeks, hopefully in the Steens Mountains. The area features several glaciers and temperatures can get down into the 40′s at night, so the Aga jacket would be perfect!

  • Piia

    Going to Estonia in October, would love to win this jacket to keep me warm! Thanks!

  • rutata

    My first adventure would be to survive the whole winter in my hometown Vilnius, Lithuania. And not to be cold when waiting for a bus in bus stop.

  • Michael Goldberg

    My adventure is “Surviving” the winter. If it’s under 60, it’s too cold.

  • thejokercharacter

    If I get this jacket I’d visit Iceland for the first time and meet Björk and check how people can live there in the winter ^^

  • Jo

    I’ve recently moved to Japan, so I’d go searching for Snow Monkeys!

  • somare

    with my new jacket i will go to the ice kingdom, and help finn and jake fighting against the ice king!

  • etp4eva

    im going to roll around in the dirt and get my new jacket all messay

  • rainbowstripe

    I’d love to win either jacket (women’s for myself, men’s for my boyfriend) as I’m actually about to make a big move from New Zealand to Vancouver, BC – so I’ll definitely need something warm as I’m used to the VERY mild NZ winters!! This will be my biggest adventure yet – I arrive in one week and I’m so excited!!

  • Molly Arey

    I’d love to win either jacket myself. They’d be perfect for the coming winter weather!

  • thegreenlane

    Dropping, bucking and splitting some hazard trees around our super hush-hush back-country ski-snowboard hut in the Rossland Range, British Columbia, Canada; instead of holdin’ hands and mincing through the underbrush, our crew will be busy at work chopping, stacking and busting deadfall and dead-stand up so there’s a few thousand BTUs of salvageable heat to warm the cabin through winter’s icy lovin’.

  • http://www.melonimitchell.com/ Meloni Mitchell

    Hello, I’m American and my husband is Italian. We live in a very small town in the country in Italy, and we are planning to move to the U.S. soon. We are artists and sometimes it takes time to turn creative work profitable, so we live in a house and work in studios without insulation. In the winter (which is very long here) it is freezing both inside and outside. We aren’t planning any trips because we need to save money, but with these jackets we would be able to comfortably sit at our computers and travel around the web so that we can check BOOOOOOOM and other creative sites without shivering. At the same time, we would be warm and comfortable from the hi-tech structure of the jackets while we are working on our projects. These jackets would also be perfect for the continuation of our “Snow Series” short film project. So far we have made 22 short snow films and if you are interested, you can see one of them here (the others are also posted in the same vimeo account: http://vimeo.com/36682417 This video is titled “SNOW HIDE”. Thanks and have a nice day! Meloni Mitchell / Roberto Calbucci

  • http://twitter.com/shark_y sharky

    I’ll put my jacket on and spend many hours in my supermarket deep-freeze aisle to eat as many ice-creams as possible.

  • JimLimProject

    I will go walking in a state park.

  • boogerspit

    save it for a trip to the beach while it’s snowing.

  • Natalie

    Hanging out in Whistler with all the pretty shiny people. Go snowshoeing!!

  • Matt Hansen

    Walking, 6 AM, to work.
    Snow swirling.
    Michigan Winter.

  • jaycie

    probably go on a hike with the pups to the hills behind my parents house.

  • Jesse

    hit up the rockies and venture down to the US to do some skiing in montana as well. then id be off to europe and I’d ski it up in the Alps!! hell yeah!! winter!!!

  • Roop

    I’m inappropriately going to go to Australia this winter and look really hot.

  • SS_Summer

    Id love to go camping in the fall, and not worry about freezing to death!

  • Danny

    my next adventure is split boarding in utah and i just so happen to be in need of something fluffy

  • leanne

    I just moved to Bellingham, WA and the first adventure I would go on with this jacket, would be a trip to Mt. Baker to throw some snowballs around!

  • subtle takeover

    The first adventure will be fatherhood.

  • Phillip Faulkner

    I have just moved to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with my wife and one year old son, to teach art at a University . We hope to explore the landscape surrounding the snowiest city east of the Rockies (390″ snowfall last year). Our son is set on gear, but his parents are in desperate need of a quality outter layer.

    We picture ourselves snowshoeing to the grocery store towing our son in a wagon sled.

    Plus you’d only have to send the coats to one address.

  • Evan Mark Hopkins

    save princess bubblegum from the ice king!!!

  • Mike Teng

    my nexts and first adventure would be to Greenland or someplace cold to try this awesome jacket out

  • Neshii S Smith

    I’m from Oklahoma. I plan on resaving my money and once everything gets settled down before I go back to college, I’m gonna take a ski trip in Colorado. Ie always wanted to travel, but money is tight now more than ever. :((
    Thank you SO much for the Giveaway, lord knows I need a Winter jacket.! :))
    Love from Oklahoma,
    Neshii S Smith


  • Lindsay Braun

    The first adventure I’ll go on is to the Pacific Northwest (thereby removing myself from the surface of the sun, AKA Texas) to do some roaming/hiking/adventuring and put that jacket to good use!

  • Emily

    Storm King in the winter

  • tuxut

    I’d pose a scene out of Leutze’s ‘Washington Crossing The Delaware’!

  • colby

    I live in NYC. Its kinda hard to get away during the winter.
    I’ve always wanted to camp on my rooftop. I am for sure doing it this winter.

  • erica

    I’ll be going upstate (NY) to go camping and explore the sculpture gardens and frolic and forage in the forest.

  • Bianca Rogoveanu

    Wow, these are great ! I don’t know if this competition is international, but i am writing from Romania! We have plenty of mountains in our country, so in the winter i would grab my fiance and go on a hike haha. Kisses

  • kolpin

    i’m going to maine this fall. it’ll be a welcome change from the heat wave we’re experiencing now! but I’ll need to dress the part, and these jackets would be perfect!

    kolpin4680 at gmail dot com

  • Adam

    I would go walking in the light snow drifted woods with a girl, reminiscing about some Nietzsche quote or Booooooom article or wondering if I turned the dishwasher on, while she solemnly stared at the ground beside me, wondering how come we weren’t talking, but thankful we both had our Northern Sun down jackets to keep us warm.

  • ross

    Heading to Somalia in a few weeka for work and then to Kenya for a few workshops. I would love to take this jacket on my first assent of mt. Kilimanjaro when the work is done. It’s only a 5 day trip but is there a better way to break in a jacket such as this, i think not.

  • Kira

    I’m going to wonder whose woods these are, but I think I’ll know because his house is in the village though, and he won’t see me stopping there to watch his woods fill up with snow.

    My little horse will think it queer to stop without a farmhouse near. Between the woods and frozen lake, the darkest evening of the year. He’ll give his harness bells a shake to ask if there’s some mistake. The only other sound will be the sweep of easy wind and downy flake.

    The woods are lovely dark and deep but I’ll have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep so give me the goddamn jacket.

  • Esme jarrell

    Hi! I am moving from SE America (read: hot) to the middle of Sweden (read: same latitude as northern Canada) in the middle of December! It is going to be an exciting and amazing adventure, and this jacket would help me to not freeze into an ice cube. I will be keeping a blog so you can take a look at me in my jacket and my sick adventures.

  • Chloe Hubmann

    My husband and I live in the mountains of Appalachia. I’m ready for winter, and with it, mountain hiking!

  • Jameson Kergozou

    I’m emigrating to Gdansk in Poland soon, Nearby is a place called Hel where I want to travel to see wild seals!!

  • Gretchen A.

    sunken city in san pedro!

  • aa lark

    I have spent most of my life in Vancouver and we have pretty mild
    winters but I am applying to grad school in Toronto now and this pretty
    Jacket would make the transition from mild winter to real Canadian
    winter a little bit easier. :)

  • Karey Shumansky

    First adventure – snowshoeing at Seymour Mountain in the trails!
    Second adventure – exploring the Great Wall of China in January! It’s bound to test the warmth of these jackets, considering that it will be -20 degrees or so! We will need them, in place of our Vancouver “winter” jackets! Thanks!

  • http://autochocadora.tumblr.com/ Giuliana Autochocadora

    I’m from Argentina and here it is becoming summer, so I would take a nap holding it while I dream with a lot of joy about mountains under my fan.

  • Mike Haeg

    I’ll be heading up to Madeline Island (one of The Apostles on Lake Superior) to check the dead drop that our family shares with another on the island. Upon each visit, we pick up a gift from the other family and upon leaving, drop one for their next visit. This summer we left the kids mini harmonicas and tiny handmade books of songs they can play (it’s a 3 hour trip via car). Sam told me they left something equally fiendish for our kids. Autumn and I’ll be heading up on our latest trip ever in October. Should be brisk and nearly devoid of vacationers.

  • Laetitia

    I was thinking about an adventure I could come up with to win this beautiful jacket… but (my) life is already adventurous enough! No need to make something up. So first adventure would be facing autumn and get out there and see the world…

  • Michael McGhee

    Late-night snowmobile adventure across a frozen lake in northern BC.

  • Laurie Lucachick

    I feel it. Fall is coming. Then winter. I don’t mind it; I love the cold. I love MN. What I mind is the shortening of the days. Wish we could have the magic of winter for 18 hrs per day instead of 8. This jacket would keep things toasty.

  • shazzledazzle

    This jacket would accompany me on my 20 day camping trip I’m taking from the south west of England up the coast towards Scotland and around the Scottish islands. This jacket will see the most beautiful places on earth, whilst keeping me warm and snug in the harsh British evenings!

  • Maddie

    As a geologist/oceanographer in Maine, this Northern Sun jacket would be perfect for staying warm (and cute) on those many chilly fall New England days. First stop, Acadia National Park…

  • Rebecca West

    Hiking and camping in the Adirondaks! Love your lookbook and photos :)

  • Carrie

    I live in chilly – cold Jackson Hole, Wyoming ~ where we know how to play in the snow really, really well. I’ll arrange a mad snowball fight and document the best snow ball hit in the game in a 6 second video, if you give me the jacket. Special Bonus: I’ll video me slamming my husband with a snowball in the beard if you give us both!!!!!

  • kasia

    i hate to be cold, imagine that in poland for a half of year is winter…

  • kasia

    i hate cold and to be cold, imagine that you far away in poland which for a half o year is winter…. brrrr.

  • kasia

    i hate cold and be cold. imagine that where i live for a half of year is winter…BRRRRRRRRRR!

  • Lubaska

    oh no, I am late.:-( Dreaming about travelling Siberia (by train.:-) – but jacket would be great addition to my wardrobe. I hope next time…

  • Jay Geurink

    In early November I’m headed to New Mexico to do venture into the mountains and see an old friend. We are arranging a camping trip as well and intend to few rad wood burned log pieces using a car battery and tools. More then likely I’ll burn through some of my 8mm film for some stock film. Being a Austinite I’m clearly not equipped with a warm jacket.

  • anthea

    i’m going hiking in norway!

  • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

    The winners have been selected by the team at Northern Sun, congrats to Hanna B and Philip Faulkner. You’ve got mail!