16.10.13 by Jeff

Brandon Bird’s “Astonishing World of Art” Book Giveaway

Brandon Bird's Astonishing World of Art Book Giveaway

This week’s giveaway is a copy of pop artist Brandon Bird’s “Astonishing World of Art” activity book. Bird was one of the first artists I ever posted about on this site, way back in 2008 (remember Seinfeld wielding the nunchucks?), and he’s remained a personal favourite.

The artist is known for putting celebrities into the most bizarre situations, his painting “Nobody Wants To Play Sega With Harrison Ford” is one of my favourites.

If you’d like to snag this book, leave a comment below with a request for a celebrity in a bizarre situation. I’ve posted a bunch of images below to inspire your suggestions, there’s a video too!

Brandon Bird's Astonishing World of Art Book Giveaway


Brandon Bird's Astonishing World of Art Book Giveaway


Brandon Bird's Astonishing World of Art Book Giveaway


Brandon Bird's Astonishing World of Art Book Giveaway


Brandon Bird's Astonishing World of Art Book Giveaway


Brandon Bird's Astonishing World of Art Book Giveaway


Brandon Bird's Astonishing World of Art Book Giveaway


Brandon Bird's Astonishing World of Art Book Giveaway



This giveaway is courtesy of Chronicle Books.

Winner will be picked Friday October 25th.

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Nontastic

    Ron Pearlman as a short order chef.

  • erica

    show me kanye west and martha stewart lady-and-the-tramp’ing some spaghetti

  • M. Gordy

    Burt Reynolds and Arnold Schwarzenegger chumming it out as Bert and Ernie.

  • Zigigas

    Chef Gordon Ramsey in Hell’s Kitchen cooking Meth

  • Laura Parker

    David Bowie swimming and having fun side by side dolphins.

  • Aurélie Marteau

    Tommy Lee Jones’ serious grumpy face with a blue afro

  • George Butcher

    Samuel L. Jackson petting a Rabbit.

  • Ash Kayser

    Chris Brown receiving The Nobel Peace Prize whilst acting as an ambassador for women’s rights. (I actually like Chris Brown, but just thought it might be funny).

  • Payton Wood

    The Kardashian’s chasing and driving a Mammoth over a cliff.

  • Joey Shevelson

    Kanye West as angry samurai

  • Anders Blyme Skov-Petersen

    Wes Anderson making a crappy movie.

  • Tod S

    The cast of the Expendables movie doing ballet.

  • Ryan A. Bunch

    Crispin Glover finds himself on stage with the Rolling Stones (who are actually stone statues) playing a wheel of cheese for a guitar. He looks both thrilled and puzzled.

  • Ryan A. Bunch

    Tom Hanks in his Grammy-nominated roll as Queen Elizabeth.

  • Dan Sowten

    Quentin Tarantino most displeased with with his elephant ride.

  • Benjamin

    Anna Wintour playing roller derby

  • Vee

    Joseph Gordon Levitt sitting on the Queen’s lap, both sipping on a martini

  • Mister Waymers

    A greased up Larry David wearing a fur thong posing for a class of 2nd graders that are doing a shitty job of painting his likeliness so he is harshly scolding them.

  • jaycie

    aubrey plaza angrily getting her nails done.

  • Claire

    Jay Z doing yoga in neon 80s fitness gear

  • Benjamin Walters

    John Candy in a scene from Akira

  • Juliana Stankiewicz

    Phillip Seymour Hoffman spooning a koala or Christopher Walken breaking the neck of a rubber chicken

  • Carin

    Elizabeth Taylor sitting on a large strawberry frosted doughnut in the sierra desert

  • Lewis fishcakes

    Tom Waits In a theme park queue.

  • last tango in paris

    oh, there’s so many! bill murray replacing the tooth fairy, woody allen fishing, lena dunham playing baseball…

  • Martin Castro

    Ryan Gosling eating Vasiline.

  • Kevin Mummery

    Marty Feldman and jack Elam engaged in a staring contest.

  • Anastasia

    Patrick Stewart naked, on a Pegasus :D …. I’ve revealed too much about myself…. :)

  • civ67

    James Spader watching Nickelodeon on a black and white television and eating a maple bar.

  • Daniel Scheinert

    Phillip Seymour Hoffman wearing a t-shirt of a kid wearing a Phillip Seymour Hoffman Mognolia costume for halloween. #BrandonBird4Life!

  • Katie

    Angelina Jolie delivery Jennifer Aniston’s baby

  • arra

    Miley Cyrus getting married to The Juggernaut.

  • Sidney Stretz

    Britney Spears eating a cheeseburger in a blimp.

  • erikaldrich

    Betty White twerking.

  • Lauren

    Tilda Swinton elegantly riding a flying hawk.

    • Brandon Bird himself has chosen you as the winner Lauren!!! check your email

      • Lauren

        Thanks so much! I just saw the email today :D

      • sweet!!

  • Kyuss Yawningman

    I would like to see Chris Farley playing the role of Anakin Skywalker in “Star Wars Episode 1”

  • Bill motherfuckin’ Ghostbustin’ Murray is hacking the planet with dual Power Gloves connected to a Proton Pack on his back, they’re shooting rad neon electricity lined with Matrix-y code into a wall of mismatched TVs and monitors arranged like a fly’s compound eye on the glass wall of his suite overlooking Time’s Square.

    Each monitor or TV displays something different – a weatherman reporting on a small event in a small town, a commercial for spiritual exorcists for hire, an oceanography documentary, a Japanese whiskey commercial, a vacation spot commercial focusing on the golf courses, an animated cat on a half-smashed monitor, and so forth.

    Also, Chewbaca is reading a book on dog grooming while lounging in his pajamas on Bill’s couch.

  • Christopher Melton

    (Fat) Jon Favreau field dressing a deer.

  • Erdem

    Bill Murray in a pillow fort

  • James Earl Jones doing a keg stand. Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding holding him up.

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