23.10.13 by Jeff

Railside Conversations: Jeff Hamada & Florian Kaps (The Impossible Project)

Levi’s® x HYPEBEAST Railside Conversations: Jeff Hamada & Florian Kaps

A few weeks ago I was brought out to Arizona by Hypebeast to be a part of Levi’s “Station to Station” project and got to chat with Florian “Doc” Kaps, the founder of The Impossible Project.

This is 10 mins of an hour long conversation we had (in really awkward chairs) and it kinda ends just as it’s getting to the good stuff, but it’s better than it being way too long.

Becoming friends with Doc was the highlight of the entire trip for me, when we shared ideas it was like our heads were two puzzle pieces interlocking. We will definitely be working on a project together in the future.

After we filmed this piece an amazing thing happened, we were having a beer together in another train car, and randomly Giorgio Moroder and Bruce Sudano sat down with us. Some may only recognize Giorgio from the recent Daft Punk album but to me he is the guy who scored Top Gun. What I didn’t realise is he is also the guy who made the first electronic live-to-digital album in 1979. He is Mr. Digital. Doc on the other hand, having devoted years of his life to saving Polaroid from destruction, is Mr. Analog.

The two Mr.’s got into one of the greatest arguments I’ve ever witnessed.

It was a friendly argument, but definitely an impassioned one. Digital versus analog, one-off experiences versus multiple viewings, which of these make life better? The Giorgio side of my brain wishes the conversation had been recorded but the Doc side of my brain enjoys the fact it wasn’t.

You can watch my conversation with Doc below!


Video produced by Hypebeast



Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • scott dye

    Station to Station stopped in my hometown (Winslow, AZ)! Wish I could have made it – I’ve been following Booooooom since early 2010 – love what you’re doing and how far you’ve come! Thanks for posting this!

    • ahh thats extra too bad because this was filmed at the Winslow stop, that’s the only stop i was at! woulda been cool to meet you

  • Rachel Mychajluk

    I love your site (a lot) and have been following for over four years. Great to see an interview with you and hear some of your ideas on what you do, art, creativity. Very cool :)

    • hey rachel! its always encouraging to hear from people who have followed it for quite awhile and are still into it, glad you enjoy it – thanks for hanging around!

      • Rachel Mychajluk

        I definitely enjoy it, and I look forward to all the future posts! Would love to see more interviews with you as well!

      • you might enjoy this one: https://vimeo.com/53222014

      • Rachel Mychajluk

        Just watched it. Loved your work/ideas and all the stories. I laughed throughout :) Negative 20 questions is interesting as reverse engineering into creation. Overall very cool, and I’m def. feeling inspired! Thank you!

      • :-)

  • mcgennisken

    So great to hear you talk about Booooom, Jeff! – Almost daily checker of booooom here for the past four, four and a half years and love it. You’ve really helped bring some amazing talent to my attention over these years, much appreciated!

  • thanks for the kind words! i still really enjoy it and its mostly because i get to connect with people like yourself everyday

  • PatrickJClarke

    Thank you for posting this interview with Doc! I, for one, wouldn’t have minded the hour-long version as I love what Doc did and his passion for re-creating the IMPOSSSIBLE. He is sorely missed in the TIP community and the new management has a lot to live up to.

    Would love to know what he’s doing now, sounded like the Fisher-Price PXL-2000 was intriguing to him. ;)

    • just saw your comment now – yes we had a really long conversation woulda loved for more of it to be in the video! he is brilliant!

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