25.10.13 by Jeff

Ultimate Ears UE Boom Speaker Giveaway

UE Boom Speaker Giveaway

Ultimate Ears, a brand of Logitech, have created a pretty spectacular Bluetooth speaker called the UE Boom. I’m not just posting about this because its name happens to be Boom, I was sent one of them to test out and it’s become my go-to wireless speaker.

It’s loud as hell, and actually pretty heavy for its size, but that’s probably why the low end sounds pretty good on it. Anyways, I wouldn’t be giving one away to you unless it was a quality product. So who wants it?

*Edit – I actually have five(5) speakers to give away! So I’m extending the giveaway until end of day Monday.

If you wanna snag a speaker, leave a comment below with the name of the first song you’ll listen to, and where you’ll be when you’re blasting it.

(This giveaway is limited to North America.)



CONGRATULATIONS TO: Claire Short, CastleGun, Sashiko, Garrett Lockhart, Kelvin Poon

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Ambera Wellmann

    I would absolutely love to have this – I’m living in Seoul and had to leave my stereo behind!

    • Ambera Wellmann

      if I WAS in North America it would be Hooting and Howling by Wild Beasts

  • Simon Vanderveen

    My current jam is “Batwing” by the Terminals, so I would probably blast that song.

  • Tom

    Sebastian – Dolami

  • Alonzo

    ASIWYFA – Clench Fist, Grit Teeth…GO!

    I’ll be running down the street skipping with joy because I just won this bomb-ass portable speaker!

  • wyatt rhue

    wow, I think that little guy would be great for listening to the new Bill Callahan album in NC.

  • JWH

    I would really like to grab a few friends, entering our roof which has a magnificent view above Ehrenfeld (Cologne, Germany) and then celebrating the autuum by listening to Soap&Skin’s ‘Sugarbread’.

  • M. Gordy

    I’d blast “Jump in the Stands” by Robert Brooks while tailgating at Lambeau Field in GB, Wisco.

  • Guillaume Brs

    Arcade Fire – Reflektor, and all the rest of the album right after.
    And I will probably use it in a warm cottage, dancing in front of the fire place.

  • Steve Rab

    Get Up Offa That Thing by James Brown. Outside, playing with my son, Illinois.

  • Guillaume Brs

    Reflektor by Arcade Fire, and all the rest of the album, in a cottage around Montréal, dancing in front of the fireplace.

  • Jo Cao

    I’d Blast Banks – Warm Water snakehips remix in McCarren park in Brooklyn sipping on foam cup margaritas.

  • J. Suarez

    Can I do a scaled-down re-enactment of the music video to “Superstylin” with this? Using action figures?

  • tcass

    I would very much like this!

  • Geovannie Soto

    The first song I would play is “Bitches aint shit” by Dr. Dre only because its the only dirty rap song i know by heart and i would blast it at school on campus.

  • sjfranks

    I’d pump Celebration by Kanye West, because celebrating is exactly what I’d be doing. “Grab a drink, grab a glass…”

  • tuxut

    As a student, this would be incredibly useful. I’d probably blast Vampire Weekend’s ‘Step’ all over campus!

  • Brent Schoepf

    I’d listen to “Arca – Brokeup” and to be honest, I’d be blasting it in the bathroom while I’m taking a shower. Who doesn’t want to listen to some shower tunes?

  • Shawn Reza

    I sure could use this to help my creative mind from dropping dead of sound bordom.

  • Shawn Reza

    Oh, I would listen to Alabama Shakes, at work, to create some moody buzzing in the office.

  • Sebastian_granados

    I would listen to: Thai Break – Flowers in the rain (Maxi mix), at the beach in Houston!

  • James Lee

    I would play Ty Segall Bands’ Muscle Man at an unreasonable volume while in the shower

  • aaronjb

    Gangsta Paradise by Coolio
    UNT in Denton, Tx
    Definitely the most gangster place to ever exist.

  • fenton mewley

    Apple by Dilute in a well-insulated attic.

  • Nick Riker

    I’d crank “Latch” by Disclosure in Golden Gate Park.

  • Rashad Taylor

    1901 by Phoenix… Loud as hell while I’m in the shower

  • Annika

    The first song I’d play is Moskau by Dschingis Khan–80s German pop music in celebration.

  • WinstonGFX

    Two Inches From a Main Artery by Through The Eyes of the Dead in NYC

  • cck1

    Thriller- MJ.
    ‘Tis the season.

  • Jon Conway

    Satori (part 2) – Flower Travellin’ Band
    Going through downtown Kansas City

  • theearlcarlson

    Outkast – Two Dope Boyz (In a Cadillac) out by the lake with friends, and beer.

  • Coleman Humphries

    I would play Haim’s “The Wire” as I drove through the wilderness of Mississippi.

  • Flick

    2 live crew – hoochie mama

    In the quiet car of the metra at 6 am on the way to the city dressed in a suit doing the Harlem Shake.


  • Tyler Hurd

    The Return To Innocence by Enigma from the highest mountaintops.

  • Alexander Hayashi

    爆弾こわい – 在日ファンク
    Japanese funk, yes please.

  • Gabe Pearlman

    Ince Ince by Selda (http://youtu.be/vL3raxfj1oo)/midnight riverfront danceparteeeeeeeeeee

  • Nga Luu

    Arcade Fire- Reflektor

  • Alicia

    You Got The Power by Swiss Lips!

  • Brentley33

    Everything in it’s right place – Radiohead

    Because everything would be in it’s right play while I play that song at 2am in the morning staying up and trying to make a design deadline. That song is also great when it’s snowing outside and the city is glowing orange out my window. Good song for those lows on the new speaker.

  • Don Neptuno

    Herbie Hancocks Watermelon Man. I’ll probably listen to it at my Parents room, in the a.m

  • Daniel Imberman

    “Truly, Madly, Deeply” by Savage Garden. I’d be holding the speakers above my head outside of my ex’s bedroom window just crying so much.

  • Curtis Flanagan

    Drake’s ‘Too Much’ driving through the Adirondacks.

  • Marc Funaro

    We Are the Champions – Queen.
    Underground in the subway in Boston after a Red Sox game.

  • Alison Jardine

    Rachmaninoff’s piano concerto no. 3, in my studio – my favorite music to paint to right now.

  • zahra premji

    I would probably be blasting kiss you inside out by Hedley at home while getting ready for a date ;-).

  • The Twelves Remix of Something Good Can Work at Ras Sudr, a local beach here.

  • Langston Allston

    Migos- Chinatown, in my studio cubby at the University of Illinois. Praying the base keeps me warm because they don’t turn the heat on for another month.

  • Benj Funk

    Dayvan Cowboy by Boards of Canada in my living room in Winnipeg.
    (My go-to speaker testing song)

  • Arhip Mf

    Burial – Shutta off the balcony, just to test the low end :D

  • Ben C.

    Take The Long Way Home, on a hike.

  • Payton Wood

    By and Down by A Perfect Circle…in my studio creating art.

  • Without Permission by The National.

  • Oliver Surey

    Emergency by Nothing but Thieves and I’ll be blasting it absolutely everywhere I can (apart from in my apartment, don’t want to upset the neighbours)

  • Marie Sullivan

    Chain my name by Poliça. In mah backyard in Portland, OR.

  • tim b

    Lucky One by Pure Bathing Culture in Mt. Tabor Park, Portland.

  • tcass

    Interpol, pioneer to the falls – at home in toronto!

  • Brentley33

    Everything in it’s Right Place – Radiohead

    I would listen to it at 2am while I’m working on a design deadline. Everything would be in it’s right place while it’s snowing outside and making the city glow orange; favorite time to work. Plus, that song would be great for the lows on the speaker.

  • jan castillo

    Hoppipolla – sigur ros
    On the roof top of my studio.

  • jan castillo

    hoppipolla – sigur ros

    On the roof top of my studio.

  • Morgan Drew

    Alt J – Taro . In my studio, Halifax NS! :)

  • Moremongoe Mahoda

    Maybeso by Dave Aju on my balcony in Johannesburg sipping on a bombay and tonic

  • Nick Lawler

    hmmm…probably some TNGHT or some Ta-Ku…heavy beats yo. and it’ll probably be in mah room..and my parents would probably tell me to turn down the music..

  • Ray Easley

    Ray Easley. Ummmmm in my studio blasting Brian Posehn into other studios.

  • witsok

    Always be my baby by Mariah Carey, on a bicycle down Western while I keep up with my sleep-running boyfriend.

  • Meaghenp

    First song I’m going to listen to is the new one I put on my Soundcloud- that I made (Norman)!


  • anormalguywhocares

    Casio kids – Fot a hose – while attempting to put a new roof on my house!

  • Jason D Nickolay

    I will probably crank some Tool, most likely Lateralus while putting the dock in the lake this Spring!

  • Laura Parker

    Definitely some volume benchmark! And almost definitely at occasion to make my neighbours at Czech Republic very happy. Let it be Mahler then .)

  • Jeff

    The Ghostbusters Theme

    In the shower

    • Tyler Snazelle

      ^^ good one.

  • Guest

    I’d give this speaker a test drive with Black Sabbath Dub by Venetian Snares (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-0TPSAyywY) while sitting in my dark apartment somewhere in Vancouver, likely accompanied by some “sweet leaf” too.

  • Guest

    I’d give this speaker a test drive with Black Sabbath Dub by Venetian Snares (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KimPQUuQzM) while sitting in my dark apartment somewhere in Vancouver, likely accompanied by some “sweet leaf” too.

  • HCS

    I’d give this speaker a test drive with Black Sabbath Dub by Venetian Snares (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KimPQUuQzM) while sitting in my dark apartment somewhere in Vancouver, likely accompanied by some “sweet leaf” too.

  • Guest

    I’d give this speaker a test drive with “Black Sabbath Dub” by Venetian Snares while sitting in my dark apartment somewhere in Vancouver, likely accompanied by some “sweet leaf” too.

  • Rainer

    “Root of all evil” from The Underachievers, playing it to my daughter, who, probably for some of the funnier sounds of the song, loves to dance to it with her arms. She’s four months old now.

  • Anders Blyme Skov-Petersen

    London Grammar – Hey now. Where, you ask? In my window while the rain falls outside, probably with a newly lit cigarette in my mouth.

  • Ark Duart

    Mogwai – George Square Thatcher Death Party. Paint studio

  • Chris Schwartz
  • Kelvin Poon

    Kanye West – Can’t Tell Me Nothing

    Best yeezy track to date!

  • missreneer

    I’ll be listening to Welcome Home by Elle Varner in our new house. Thanks for the awesome giveaway :)

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  • davesandell

    It’ll be “Moth” by Burial & Four Tet. (Because all new speakers should be broken in with that song.) Likely I’ll be in the living room with our newborn twin boys. Yep, newborn. Twin. Boys.

  • Daisuke Kawachi

    If You Wait by London Grammar. Or Vital Vessels Vindicate by The Dear Hunter.

  • Jenko

    Chvrches- We Sink at FIFA 2014

  • CHVRCHES – The Mother We Share.


  • subtle takeover

    Son Lux /// Lost it to Trying

    on the moon

  • jra716

    DJ Snake – Birdmachine playing in my bedroom.

  • peterpattern

    I want to hang this in woods of Brooklyn and alternately play glitched out birdsong and Biggie classics slowed to the pace of sigur ros. Big fan of stumbling on mysterious music floating through the forrest…

  • okatea

    El Tigeraso by Maluca all through my house, starting in my room.

  • edo plasschaert

    It has to be Hoppipolla by sigur ros-the majestic dynamics and swoop in melody must sound incredible on the UE Boom… Where I’ll listen to it? In my sweet one year old’s nursery, as I can’t help but revel in how beautiful life can be.

  • davesandell

    Moth by Burial and Four-Tet, in my living room with our newborn twin boys.

  • I would probably listen to Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger new duet Let Me Go and it will be blasting in my room so I won’t be told to turn it down >_<

  • Benoit Marcotte Girard

    Blindblindblind – A Silver Mt Zion
    Running all around the apartment madly making 5 course meal for 10+ people. (stoping to get engulfed by the intensity of the crescendo)

  • Christopher Melton

    Daughters – Mike Morowitz, The Fantasy Fuck… in the studio.

  • Spencer Williams

    Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus and I’d blast it in my dorm for my whole floor to hear.

  • Sean Neppl

    216 – Lee Bannon

  • Jess Hinshaw

    “Just Another Victim” by House of Pain and Helmet, a perfect balance of hardcore and low end bass. I’ll listen to it in the art studio while screen printing.

  • carlos leal

    Lapalux “Without you” in my backyard in Los Angeles

  • jaycie

    ego by the sounds and prolly in the livingroom waking up my roommates.

  • elmagikoel

    just roaming > Jon Hopkins _ Open eye signal <

  • Angie Wijaya

    Only Love – Ben Howard
    Biking around the neighborhood seeing if anyone has the same taste of music as I do. (:

  • Ryan Burns

    Adventure Club – Superhero Vol.1 while I’m working on some new pieces. Dubstep is the perfect music for creating

  • Obaro Otovo

    CMYK by BADBADNOTGOOD at my portfolio show table.

  • arra

    I’ll be blasting “NY State of Mind” by Nas in my buildings hallway…no respect for the neighbors!

  • John

    Definitely Skauty by Sasash Ulz in my bedroom.

  • RMO

    Oddisee – Own Appeal

    Everywhere, people have to hear this.

  • Michael Booker

    SpottieOttieDopaliscious by Outkast while singing in the shower

  • Jim Krok

    Lemuria – Piranha

    Probably listening at home, the new apartment needs some love, even if there’s still no furniture.

  • Benjamin

    Hypo & EDH – Sunburn.

    At my office to give me the pulse to finish a never ending project I’m actually working on..

  • Lindsay Schwartz

    The Talking Heads – This Must be the Place

    I’ll be at my sisters house, baking warm zucchini bread & drinking tea in her kitchen on a cozy fall Minneapolis night.

  • YvonneJ

    I’ll be listening to an audiobook….in the bathroom.

  • Remy Walker

    ‘Can Our Love’ by Tindersticks on the beach in Miami aka my backyard.

  • tonktonktonk

    Time Vampires – Flying Lotus. Every room in my house, it’s wireless man.

  • Jaymie

    I’ll probably listen to Fade Away by Evy Jane in the studio while print making late at night…

  • Chesco.R

    I’ve Never Learnt to Share – James Blake
    He’s been on repeat in my room for the past week. Would be nice to have a great speaker to bust out the jams.

  • Charlie Christopher Wilkes

    queen – best friend

  • Garrett Lockhart

    Some Shlohmo in my dorm while it rains outside #emotional

  • Forever Dolphin Love (Erol Alkan’s Extended Rework Version 2) by Connan Mockasin since I cannot seem to put it down.

  • Karl

    eyehategod – My name is God in church.

  • Sheila Hall

    Probably one of the Kaskade songs.

  • Benny Hunter

    Destiny’s Child – Say My Name (Cyril Hahn’s Remix) at a party in Marchmont, Edinburgh with loads of drunken art students.

  • Kira

    Elephant by Tame Impala and I will blast it in the giant empty dance room downstairs in my building and it will be beautiful

  • David Jacob

    Tonight by Tourist.
    On the top of some hill during the night.

  • François Sarpent Turcotte

    Slander – Trash Talk – in the mini-ramp

  • Jordan Nakamura

    Honey Pot – Cherrystones – in my room across of the house where they blast bad techno music 18 hours a day. Not out of spite of course, they might like it and we could be friends.

  • Andrew McDermott

    SPC ECO Delusional Waste

  • Gabriel

    Coastline from The Drips

  • Tim

    Zbigniew Preisner – Lacrimosa

    Drive out to the country and look up at the night sky.

  • shailesh shah

    The Beatles.

  • D.A.N.C.E. by Justice.
    At our daily office ping pong tournament.

  • Ryan

    Jurassic Park theme song while tripping balls on the bus.

  • patrickhannon

    Ace of Spades by Link Wray . This basement is far to silent.

  • Sam Ashcraft

    Awake by Tycho on the deck of my apartment after 8 hours of work and 2 hours in traffic.

  • Tyler Snazelle

    I would listen to the whole confessions album by usher and make spice cake in just ankle socks & apron

  • Anna McFadden

    I will be on my roof top as the city lights replace the sunlight


  • disqus_Agpms85udl

    “While You Were Sleeping” by Elvis Perkins. I’ll be at the top of a mountain star watching under the night sky

  • George Butcher

    Anyway – Dave Aju, in the studio working on my current Typography project

  • yakas

    om unit – le singe. on the lawn with my family

  • Nerve Jamming by Bass Drum of Death. I rock out to that song in my studio but I hurt my ears with my headphone turned up too loud. Save my ears and send me the speaker. please! my ears are bleeding!

  • Ben

    “I Was Wrong” – The Oh Hellos
    In my living room and it will be so right.

  • Mathias Rueda

    Transatlantic by Quantic- everywher

  • Morgan Campbell

    “Jitterbug”- Wham! on the streets of Chicago!

  • Brei

    Listening sesh for the new Arcade Fire album in my apartment

  • Anthony Rojas

    Arca- &&&&&, bedroom

  • Carly Moser

    All the Small Things- Blink-182 on the patio so I can listen to it while I shred with my Razor scooter

  • Jack Anthony

    All of my Friends: LCD Soundsystem – Sitting on the couch in the front yard of me and my mate’s house heckling pedestrians, sipping on Fat Tire, and not changing one decision even for another five years of life

  • Matthew Ðanchuk

    Geto Boys – “Damn It Feels Good to Be a Gangsta” next to my office photocopier.

  • HollyStormBurge

    Modest Mouse-Sleepwalkers in my office.

  • Isabelle

    Water me byFKA twigs- on a boat

  • Zachary Rozycki

    The top of Mt. Fuji – “I think I’m turning Japanese”
    (with pics to prove it!)

  • Liana


  • Tatiana A

    In honor of Lou Reed… Satellite Of Love.

  • Jesse

    i would listen to Insulin by crystal castles and prove if they really are hardcore as you say XD

  • hayley trone

    I would definitely blast D’Angelo’s Voodoo album all throughout my house.

  • Scott Rule

    In my Saab 93 SE… streaming a BenStev playlist off 8tracks.com.

  • Applause Lady gaga
    email: toocutebowsandaccessories(at)hotmail(dot)com

  • Dave

    Kool & the Gang, Celebrate Good Times
    immediately after opening box

  • Erica Duguay

    Iron- Woodkid. at the first winter bonfire of the season.

  • Karilyn Xu

    Phoner to Arizona – The Gorillaz, the living room while playing Super Smash Bros. Melee with my roomies.

  • Aaron E Wolf

    Herb Shuttles by the Underachievers

  • Sashiko

    Iggy Azalea – “Change your life” at the top of a mountain. Booty shakin’ required.

  • Aaron Wheeler

    Within- Daft Punk… in the dorm!

  • Francis Desjardins

    Arcade Fire – It’s Never Over (Oh Orpheus), Monday morning before leaving for work.

  • eugene

    Lorde, Tennis Court. In the office. Or on a beach in Senegal if I can get my act together!

  • Taylor Pearson

    bittersweet melodies ~ feist in my backyard

  • Jason Ackman

    Archipelago – Quantic or possibly I Turn My Camera On – Spoon. In my classroom with my 3-D Design kids.

  • taktheride

    cars by gary numan. BOOM

  • nakhtar

    Boombox Apocalypse by Aesop Rock in Pdx!

  • Balan Evans

    King Tubby – Declaration of Dub

  • Balan Evans

    Declaration of Dub – King Tubby

  • Sam

    Armonica – Darkstar. Utah Lake beach, with friends

  • Corey Smith

    Deltron 3030 – Memory Loss in the print shop at UW-Milwaukee Peck School of the Arts

  • Rhiannon Blouin

    Forget it- Blood Orange
    I will be grooving on a pool deck, wearing an ironic hat from the 70s or something backwards with a baseball tee, smoking a hookah pen and basically emulating everything cool.

  • ana

    I’ll be in my kitchen, and I will listen to Regina Spektor “Real Love” by John Lennon—no shame!

  • Jordan Baker

    Holy Grail- Jay Z
    In my room while I eat nutella.

  • Walsh

    Perfect Day, blasting from my fridge. From inside my fridge.

  • Sidney Stretz

    Miami-Will Smith in an Italian Restuarant

  • Larissa

    All Of You by John Legend in my car.

  • Porch with my firepit blasting paul van dyk For an Angel.

  • emma

    Anamanaguchi – Endless Fantasy

    I always get shivers from my neck down my back at the first…drop? (if you could call it that?). I can only imagine how good it’d sound on these speakers.

  • Walk on the wild side – Lou Reed

  • Jordan Cameron

    oh mannnn so tough but its gotta be Jonas Rathsman – Bringing You Down

  • Donna Mathis Salter

    Kashmir by Zeppelin, doing absolutely nothing else but zoning on my bed enjoying the memories

  • Briel M

    Patrick Wolf while camping

  • sheen

    listen to recorded ocean waves crashing while sitting at the ocean listening to them crash naturally

  • Manny Goguen

    Pompeii by Bastille. On a bike ride.

  • Chloe

    mass romantic by the new pornographers, in front of my laptop while i finish up a painting

  • Andrew Pham

    Eminem – Rap God

  • Dennis Healy

    Parliament Funkadelic.
    “Standing on the Verge of Getting it on”…

  • Travis Cooper

    rockwell-somebody’s watching me at a halloween party

  • Jo

    William DeVaughn – Be Thankful For What You Got
    In a cadillac.

  • erica

    Pixies – Gigantic, dancing around my kitchen

    • Fry Burger

      pixies rule!

  • Jared Davis

    Cool Like That – Digable Planets. In my crappy car that only plays CDs.

  • DrBuzzler

    I’ll be listening to “Masta Blasta” by Dillon Francis, poolside at the Ace Hotel in December for my bday. YEAH!!!

  • Winta

    FKA Twigs “Papi Pacify” in the bed wit my vibrator

  • Ekki mukk – Sigur Ros. Totally.

  • Justin Lawes

    Easy by Son Lux in my livingroom

  • jelly

    I’d love to listen to the new Arcade Fire album when I pull out my paints in the living room!

  • cezovski

    I would listen to Some Nights by Fun when I am working on my computer

  • Dan Swartz

    Cruising for Burgers by Frank Zappa!

  • Ashley Busenius

    The Twilight – Cut Copy

  • Louie Neale

    Yeasayer in a very confined space!

  • Jordan Reynolds

    Can’t Hold Us – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis… jamming out in my art studio

  • Jordan

    Gemini Becoming the Tripod– by Kayo Dot
    In a tiled room.

  • Ashton Ireland

    Girlfriend is better – talking heads (on my bike commute to work)

  • ross

    Au Revoir Simone – Somebody Who – annoying everyone at work

  • Denise

    No Waves – FIDLAR, and blast it

  • Tycho- Daydream, slacklining somewhere amazing in nature.

  • Andrew Gallo

    Pale Blue Eyes – Velvet Underground, Kitchen making some hot chocolate

  • Stephghnc

    If I can beat my kid to it first, then Grouplove by Grouplove beside my laptop as I work; if not, then probably Katy Perry’s, “Roar,” while I plug my ears. (A little because honestly, I kind of like that song :-)

  • Ian H

    Sleepwalking – The Chain Gang Of 1974 on a boat to Catalina Island!

  • Dana

    midnight star- midas touch

  • Dana

    *midnight star- midas touch – from my bathroom

  • Zipeng Zhu

    White Christmas – Get myself into the holiday spirit so I will play on my rooftop near Time Square.

  • James Clapham

    the roots – kool on

  • RTW

    Blue Rondo A La Turk – Dave Brubeck Quartet (and then the rest of the album). Probably on my first walk across the Lions Gate Bridge after a year on the road.

  • Guest

    waaves on the roof deck

  • The Knife – A Tooth for An Eye, on a Manhattan rooftop

  • thecriterion

    Doin’ It Right – Daft Punk, at home while doing work

  • miguel josé

    wavves on the roof deck.

  • Fry Burger

    I will stand at the corner of Church and Wellesley in Toronto, blaring WE ARE FAMILY and I will dance, record it and post it. In fact, I will stand on the four-story scaffolding above the intersection that is currently erected for a street mural we are working on to get ready for WORLD PRIDE 2014. … wearing leg warmers. Promise.

  • Nelson Mouëllic

    ‘Darkside – Freak, Go Home’, on a late night bike cruise around the Seawall!

  • ArmandoSaysNo

    I’d be listening to the vibrations of “Cyclops” by The Libertines bouncing off the walls of my bedroom, as I grind to get my creative agency off the ground.


  • Septembersphere

    The Band : The Weight, in my home office

  • Janna Popoff

    No Church in the Wild- Kanye West In my studio

  • Andrew Hodgson

    Bridge over Troubled Water – Simon & Garfunkel

  • kiwae

    I’m going to be bumping The Police – Roxanne

  • Elizabeth

    James Blake “Retrograde” from my balcony. It goes to 11.

  • Flume – Holdin’ On, in the new house before we’ve unpacked anything else at all as we get started painting.

  • Matty Austin

    Im going to listen to Plantation by John Brown’s Body on top of a building in downtown Rochester NY :DDDDD

  • Nicolo

    James Blake Feat. Chance The Rapper “Life Round Here” – Shit would be slammin’

  • Juliana Stankiewicz

    Chan Chan by BVSC in my kitchen while I make dinner for friends.

  • Tod S

    The Thunderclaps – Judgement Day

  • SteveL

    The KLF – Justified and Ancient! Blasting it in an ice cream van

  • Claire Short

    Vennu Mallesh – It’s My Life What Ever I Wanna Do

    Gonna belt this baby in my school cafeteria and then profess my love to the brazilian exchange student. I need the push to do this that only boom speakers can provide man

  • CastleGun

    TheFreshest.ca – FMW (prod. by Kutcorners & Marvel)! Since this site brought me to this gem of a track, it’s only fitting, this has become my go-to track for testing speakers and headphones. The UE should get the treatment while helping me regain ch’i in my living room after dealing with bullshit tables all night.

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Collages by artist Rachael Jablo, currently living and working in Berlin. Informed by the work of English botanist and photographer Anna Atkins, Jablo tears up photograms of flowers, piecing them back together to create new shapes and patterns. See more images from “Where are you going, where have you been?” below.

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18.08.17 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Ed Cheverton

A selection of playful work by Bristol-based artist and illustrator Ed Cheverton, including several animations based on some of his 3D toys! See more images below.

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17.08.17 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Daniel Bilmes

Paintings by Los Angeles-based artist Daniel Bilmes. See more images below.

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