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James Blake + Nosaj Thing / Vancouver Concert Ticket Giveaway

James Blake + Nosaj Thing / Concert Ticket Giveaway

James Blake + Nosaj Thing / Concert Ticket Giveaway

Heads up Vancouver, James Blake is rolling through town on the 19th, playing Vogue Theatre with Nosaj Thing! I’ve also heard that James Blake’s dj collective 1-800-Dinosaur will be back here again in April. Anyways, this show is going to be epic and I have a pair of tickets to give away!

If you wanna go to the show tell me your favourite song by James Blake or Nosaj Thing in the comments below. If you have a story or specific memory tied to the song I wanna hear it!

James Blake + Nosaj Thing / Concert Ticket Giveaway

I’ll pick a winner on the 15th. This giveaway is open to anyone living here in Vancouver, or willing to get here for the show.


Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Natalie Slater

    wilhelm scream live is so nice

  • Zoe Arthur

    I saw James Blake at Coachella last year and his performance blew me away. His voice is so beautiful live, and you can tell that he looses himself in his music. The sun was setting behind the palm trees and casting a calming orange glow on everyone on stage and the crowd at the front. It was a very spiritual and definitely an unforgettable experience. When he played “Retrograde” I felt completely taken over over by his music and the emotion in his voice.
    I would love so much to see him again in Vancouver!

  • Maggie Chok



    !!! :D !!!

  • interesting

    CYMK is my jam

  • Andrew Walsh

    Listening to Fog by Nosaj Thing during foggy day after foggy day during October in Vancouver.

  • Julia Falci

    a case of you. — I don’t have any memorable story to tell, but I’m looking forward to experiencing one, if I get these tickets in my hands. :)

  • Sapphire Woods

    “I Never Learnt to Share” – James Blake

    I left home right after high school 5 years ago to go after my dreams, leaving my 4 siblings. We were all really close, but after I left, I’m almost invisible. I was always the odd child out, but now I feel it more than ever.
    I played this song with my father on our last father-daughter date. That was 4 years ago; he doesn’t speak to me now. His siblings don’t speak to him anymore either. It was a strange last bonding moment.
    This song reminds me of my siblings and the sadness of being away from home. It’s beautiful, to have the freedom to go after your dreams, but it also feels a bit tragic.
    My brother and my sisters don’t speak to me. But I don’t blame them.

    In fact, I love them lots and James Blake lets me connect in a simple, quiet way.

    I live in Alberta and would love to go see my brother and my Dad in Vancouver. Maybe take them to this concert =)

    • thanks for sharing this story, if you lived here i woulda loved to give em to ya but seeing as the concert is 2 days away and there’s only a pair of tickets it wouldn’t be easy to catch a last minute flight from Alberta!

      • Sapphire Woods

        Ah, you’re very right! We just had a massive snowfall too! Hopefully there’ll be lots of recordings of the show that I can watch online. I’m sure it’s going to be an other-worldly experience

  • Robbie

    I went to see James Blake at the Commodore a couple of years ago, on the same night Bon Iver was performing at the Orpheum. They just released their song together called Fall Creek Choir boys. My friends and I thought they were going to perform the song together (since Bon Iver ended earlier), but they didn’t. However, they did show up to watch James Blake from backstage! It was amazing to see artists supporting each other like that. My favourite James Blake song is CMYK and favourite Nosaj Thing song is IOIO!

  • Nomin

    I always thought Nosaj Thing was based on “no such thing” but then later I learned it’s Jason backwards. But that fact that it’s backwards like that and still work out to be a cool name is pretty neat. Favorite song is Eclipse/Blue ft. Kazu Makino

  • Greg

    I love relaxing to James Blake, in particular “Life Round Here”. Would be amazing to see him live here in Vancouver.

  • sarcila

    Although it’s a cover, ‘Limit to Your Love’ by our little Canadian treasure Feist….love me some Blake, love me some Feist!

  • rainbowstripe

    Oh man, I just love Retrograde by James Blake. It makes me feel nostalgic for our old record player – spent one Friday night listening to this song almost on repeat. Had to leave the record player and record behind in Auckland, NZ – just moved to Vancouver so would love to go to this show!

  • Morijah Oslund

    I love Blakes cover of “Limit to Your Love ”
    I remember me and my fiancée set up a blanket fortress on our balcony.. We live in Van (West End), and we spent night after night out there. We had the speakers out there, we blared Blake till the early morning. The neighbours next to us even came out and set up their own fort… it was preeetty memorable!

  • Eric Brandon Wang

    James Blake’s “Retrograde” was one of the first songs I’ve ever heard from him. I visited England this summer and once I hopped onto a cab the song was playing. It became the song of my summer.

  • Tracy Dee

    Is it too late to enter this? I hope not! Every song does something different to me so It’s a difficult to pick a favorite. They’re all my favorite, James Blake is my Favorite! To see him live singing all of my favorite songs would be more than amazing!

  • The winner of the tickets is Morijah Oslund – Plz check your inbox!

    • Morijah Oslund


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