22.11.13 by Jeff

Pharrell Williams “24 Hours of Happy”


Okay we still have a month to go but this is my pick for video of the year! Pharrell Williams and creative director Yoann Lemoine have made the perfect video for the happiest song of 2013. Oh yeah did I mention it’s 24 hours long?

The interactive video for “Happy” allows you to watch Pharrell and other people dancing to the song at any hour of the day!

Watch for the dude at 12:20 AM, he’s totally from The Black Keys “Lonely Boy” video (watch it on Youtube here)!

Also 1:33 AM – I spotted my homies, director duo DANIELS! Their part is the best (watch it on Youtube here).

Hit the link below for the full experience!



  • Randy Morales

    this is madness!

  • danielle

    this is rad. thanks for posting

  • Lily

    Small mistake notification: the director is not Yoann Lemoine but the WAFLA(WeAreFromLA) : 2 directors : Pierre Dupaquier & Clément Durou :)