06.12.13 by Jeff

Giveaway: Risograph Calendar by J.P. King


I’ve got 5 Risograph Calendars to give away again this year, courtesy of designer J.P. King. If you wanna snag one of them, tell me your favourite month and why in the comments below!










This giveaway ends December 20th!


The winners are:

Caitlin, Andrew Walsh , Erika Arbour-Nevins, Kyler Zeleny, and Carla Giuliana Gilio.



Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Maren

    October – because of my birthday! :)

  • Veronica Katta

    January! Because it’s TROPICAL. Club Tropicanaaa.

  • natali

    september, because of the sky

  • Amapp

    April, Because is my B-day!!

  • Mia Holton

    May, because it’s my birth month and because it’s not too hot and not too cold. Just right

  • Florian Schrödl

    January, because I want the calendar.

  • Ellie

    July, because then people stop counting down to, and wishing it was summer.

  • jud

    May! Because of my cat`s birthday!

  • Guest

    August! Good things always happen in August & it’s the month with the most beautiful name.

  • Bogdan Jugureanu

    September. It reminds me of when I was a small boy and went to the countryside at our vineyard with all our family and friends to pick the grapes for that year’s wine making.

  • L_ee

    Daylight savings time begins and it’s perfect mid-spring weather (in Sydney).

  • Dan Walters

    January! as it’ll be the first month I can use my new risograph calendar! :op

  • Luz Angelica Parra Reyes

    Because how I feel the colors and the shapes in my heart, sometimes, when I´m perceptive, sometimes I just see all the artist work, how he transmit something that only exist in hisher head….

  • Jana Vasiljević

    July, because it’s warm wherever I go, so I don’t have to spend all the time in bed, hiding from the cold

  • Angeliki Angel

    my favorite month is August, because it has the juiciest fruits, the warmest sea and a feeling of freedom and holidays :)

  • Zuza Żochowska

    June, because me & my fiance have birthsday at 14th of June, both of us- teh same date! He always say that it’s really convenient for him- don’t have to rememebr when my B-day is. So maybe the next step is getting married the same day as well- couldn’t that be easier? ;)

  • Jun Ming

    All the ‘Months’ in One; because it is designed by One designer’ =)

  • George O’Hara

    July, my favorite line from Flanders and Swann’s (1950s English song writing duo) Song of the Weather (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_eT40eV7OiI)

  • Louise Fitzpatrick

    November, because of the colours. We’ve always lived across from a space full of trees, and seeing them go from deep green, to wine, to bright golden is such an experience. Even though they’re dying and decaying, they fill the street with explosions of different colour combinations. Great way to end the year.

  • Eduardo Ferreira

    December, because the year is ending and I´m going to need a new calendar! And this one is pronouncing a very good year, I hope!

  • puogintas

    August – As during this month I go hiking and spend most of the time drawing and getting inspiration from the wilderness…

  • Alice Brussels

    May I receive…

  • Toby Cameron Hooper

    This month/December!

    A little into the month uni stress has generally worn off, so all the plans you had planned on doing a few weeks earlier finally get underway.
    I reckon for me it’s often a month of dreaming up new goals and possibilities for the rest of Summer and the year to come.

  • borsi

    all the summer ones! sunshine & holiday!

  • Alice Camm

    My favourite month is April. Here in Tasmania, it’s when the weather turns Autumn-y. Everyone rugs up, men grow out their stubble and, even though it’s cold enough to huddle around a wood fire, the sun still shines and everything look beautiful.

    My favourite month of this calendar is June. Having dabbled in risograph printing myself, I can really appreciate how spot-on the registration needs to be to get such crisp geometric shapes!!

  • Hárí Krí Shñáñ AU

    February- Its has my birthday and the most beautiful day “The Valentine’s Day” <3

  • Marta Benavides

    October. The beautiful light and wonderful time to take pictures!

  • acauã novais

    July is the month I met my love

  • RV

    My favourite month is July. I’ve lived in both hemispheres, and in both, whether winter or summer, it’s always heralded an extended school or university break. July thus till today smacks of possibility and discovery to me. Coincidentally, I think the heavy, heady labyrinthine graphic of July captures that wonderfully!

  • laurari

    november looks incredibly awesome to me! please please please jeff i want this calendar so bad <3 i'm moving to a new flat in january and am actually fantasising about this happily hanging on the walls…

  • Deli Cious

    well, beauty and colour and sound and sadness and love are children of all the months !

  • Ger ald

    February. It just comes and goes!

  • Katie

    February because there’s always snow to go up the hills and shred! And once yer finished you can warm up at home next to the fire and drink a well deserved beer. The best.

  • gainnomoss

    December – I love it when it rains.

  • alissa

    september, because of the most beautiful sunsets

  • Matthieu Couillaud

    January, because of brand new calendars!

  • Anna865

    June! because the summer is nearly there an everybody is looking forward to it.

  • Xixi Zheng

    What if I love all of them? They are just beautiful in their own ways.

  • Jules

    Can-not choose. Must be may. Oh, no, august. Although I love april, such nice dynamics. Or september, because I want that pattern in those colors on my kitchen floor (tiled, not the calender).
    Guess I stick with april. Or may. Or february. Yeah, that’s my favourite!

  • Emily b

    November – cold weather and rain after an exhaustingly hot summer :}

  • edd

    June June June! This is when our first baby will arrive, so excited and scared stiff! x

  • Alexandra

    January, because my birthday is in January, and it’s the start of a new year.

  • Kathryn Dowell

    I love April. The simplicity of colors and shapes is so dynamic. I love how it looks real and yet surreal.

  • christina

    I love all the months of the year!!! But mostly December because of Christmas holidays!!!

  • Guest

    March and October, since they are symmetric that means harmonious and beautiful proportion and balance: the way life should be.

  • Jess Bee

    September. Anything can happen (rain, snow, sun…). It’s also when you get that great smell of rain on the hot roads.

  • the58elephant

    November. The best wind to blow confetti in the air and turn a smile on everyone’s faces!

  • Will Ortiz

    I love the cold weather and snow, being born in Germany during the separation of Berlin and the fall of the wall, it reminds me of humanity and unity. So my favorites gotta be December.
    And all the freakin gifts too!

  • Amy Frances Whittle

    Since I was born in October, November. Because it was the first month I’ve ever experienced.

  • Amanda Kay Barrett

    December is my favorite month! We celebrate Christmas for thirty days, put up the tree and decorations on the first. My nieces birthday is on the 9th and my birthday is on the 20th. I love the snow, I love the cold, and I love the culmination of yet another year.

  • Flore Diamant

    May. The light is golden and everything start to change.

  • Joe Goddard

    October = Scary

  • Camille Craspaud

    January is like bicentenary, bleary, balneary in a wierd way and in a same weather

  • A.

    My favourite month is October. University starts in October, but the first weeks are still laidback plus you get to see everyone back after summerbreak. And the weather is usually just perfect.

  • elln

    August. Hottest month in Britain. A month to experience the city as a playground and really live it, to party in it and see it with different eyes. But specifically because in this calendar the illustration can be interpreted by dirty minds like mine to demonstrate the painful joy guys must experience in the face of all the flesh that suddenly is exposed. Month of Priapus.

  • isi

    march! , in my family we have a birthday every day for seven days :) -…..march roars in like a lion , with a bluster and a slam , and tiptoes out gently like a quiet little lamb :) aaand the air is so fresh at that time of year and the colours are so bright :) … please can i have a lovely calander? :)

  • Eleonora

    september, when the weather is perfect, everyone comes back from a beautiful summer and can’t wait to have some chilled and relaxing days with friends

  • Boris Jeločnik

    February..shortest of them all..the utmost underdog..and You always favor the underdog..

  • Michael K. Knutson

    I like March, not only is it the end of winter and the begaining of spring, but Its my birthday month. My favoriet month on this calendar is September, got to love that fade.

  • Honeysblood

    March for me is my favourite month – it’s where things start picking up again after Christmas…it has that mild temperature and it’s my Birthday. I also love the design on this calender for it – a bunch of pyramids making up stars which to me is what life is about…the cycle of life with the triangle becoming a beaming star :)

  • Mauricio

    December, because I can be naked all Christmas until Santa Claus comes, dress me and give me a lot of gifts. The snow covers my house, the cold is inescapable and my warm heart gives me the reason to be with my family.

  • claire

    december because everything is so cozy and happy

  • skellingttons

    December, I love the cold and there’s lots to look forward to!

  • Edmund Savory

    January, as i am given the opportunity to use this calender!

  • Xani Byrne

    OCTOBER. Just listen to it; OCTO-BEAR, clearly if it were an animal it’d be an interesting, unstoppable and inexplicable cross between an Octopus and a Bear. Forget Giant Squid VS Mega Shark, Octo Bear would win hands down, all eight of them.
    Also, October is a little cheeky no? Octo makes you think it’d be the eight month. BUT IT’S NOT.
    And then you get Halloween where you can dress up as OCTO-BEAR.

  • M / X

    June because it’s the best name for a girl.

  • Em Dash

    I like all months, I’m a calendar girl! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaeltYEsenw

  • Autumn Shultz

    January – the design reminds us that everything settles back into place after the hectic and disjointed November and December. :)

  • Jack Rowe

    March, because that’s the month your birthday’s in and you’re a total legend. If i could i’d give you 50 high fives. Live long and have a frigging sweet life my friend. booooooom changed my life

  • Dr. P. Gage Burke.II

    July holds warm memories for all the senses. This particular design is reminiscent of a picnic basket in a bright green park infused with activity and life. It’s walking aimlessly in your favorite metropolis, discovering all the smells and colors and sounds of summer in the city. It screams creativity and love and community and the pleasures of living in the Now. It’s a break from the repetition of daily life as you find yourself inclined to try new things/foods/experiences. July = Boosh!

  • Joey Borovicka

    As far as the calendar design is concerned, I really enjoy April. It’s amazing how the mind perceives line and shape as three dimensional space. And isometric projection has always attracted me because it creates the illusion of depth without receding. It is at once flat and three dimensional.

  • LL

    October! Fall leaves, jean jackets, bikes, whiskey, family, pumpkin pie.

  • Emil Rivera

    i Like september, it’s been ages since i’ve been in school but i still get that feeling of something new starting, like new year.

  • matica

    August because i like the direction of the squares.

  • Chris Richards

    August. The design reminds me of aspiration and triumph.

  • Kelsey Lennon

    February! best time of year for nice, crisp weather, and it’s my birthday month, too!

  • Dada Daria

    DECEMBER: my private cocktail partys are the best of the year. And tomorrow we VIVA LAS VEGAS!

  • KoBeaR

    May! …because of the beautiful drive of the graphics which is like the drive this months gives me every year because of the exploding nature…

  • Sabine Maselkowski

    All of them!! I am happy – currently living in Colombia – that I grew up in a place with seasons where each and every month has its pleasures (and downsides also, to be honest).

  • Lusi

    June, because it begins my favorite season. The sun is out, it’s bright, it’s warm. What could possibly be better?

  • Tal Bogomolny

    I’d say my favorite month is April. Why, may you ask, is this the case?
    They say spring starts in March — in New York City we get snow in March. April symbolizes the end of a shitty season that lasted three months too long.
    Also, cardigens.

  • Sara

    August – my favorite time to live in Brooklyn. Hot summer dog days and warm evening rooftops. The city feels most alive to me this month. Plus the design on this calendar matches that, with rectangular prisms shooting up like skyscrapers

  • Josephine Kyhn

    July, because of memories of one week in 2013, on an danish island called Bornholm, where the weather was some of the best that summer. And because you allways have 1 month left of your holiday. :D

  • Allegra

    April, in spanish Abril.
    Abril in the south america it can be warm or not, its a transcitional month, and I love that, because you get a bit of everything. Also, the name itself its perfect, has a lovely rithym and just by saying its name my whole body gets happy.

  • maggie

    January, my birthday month. It’s cold, bitter, winter white, and so beautiful. Also I will be seeing Neutral Milk Hotel this month!

  • elry

    maybe may

  • Matthew Terrell

    Smarch. Because Homer Simpson thinks that Smarch is the name of a month.

  • Kyler Zeleny

    I”m from Edmonton its -30 right now, so I like May because that’s when it becomes warm again here. Vancouver might be rainy but man this place is a Soviet-style winter desert. Those beautiful risograph calendars would help me count the days until warmth!

  • reallyher

    September. Squeezing in the last bit of warmth, but with a tinge of autumn in the air. I also like the word September.

  • smj

    I like august. I always travel in August.

  • February.
    It’s the odd one. It’s short but dynamic. As a child I was really amazed by this strange month. I’m still intrigued by it. It’s both a transitional month and the apex of summer/winter.

  • Lisa

    October! because I am a fall junkie – the beginning of pumpkins, caramel, crunchy leaves and pumpkin flavored anythings – most exciting time of the year

  • Mu_Run

    September because look at that repeating pattern and sweet fade! Also as a month it’s the first to have an ember.

  • Erika Arbour-Nevins

    May is a good one for me, its a time where the weather gets warmer and I
    get inspired and driven to produce tons of work! The design is like air
    vent tunnels I would fly to leading to an alternate reality full of
    possibilities, a real trip! Hopefully I would end up made in crazy
    geometries once on the other side.
    Love J.P.’s work and the shop, gets me really excited about the printing world!

  • Belén López

    August… for the sun, the sea, the long days, the holidays…

    Such a cool calendar!

  • Alanna Norman

    October, that design is really awesome

  • Tom Roche

    July, Because it’s the Copenhagen Jazz festival in which one day I hope to attend.

  • Matthew Homer

    With the panic of the impending semester, it’s always the time I squeeze in the most impractical and elaborate adventures.

  • Kyle Norton

    March. Because this is when the good spring powder dumps huge, but it still gets warm during the day!

  • July, when the sun finally comes out in Seattle

  • heidi

    october because halloween is my favourite and i get to spend all month feeling festive with pumpkins and horror movies! image wise, august is rad.

  • july because its hottest

  • Alley O’Shea

    October! Orange magical trees everywhere. And Halloween custome prep makes for extensive craft time.

  • Sarah Lewis

    January is my favorite month. Not only because my birthday is on the tenth but I always love the feeling of a fresh new year. So many new possibilities!

  • Grace

    May – because it’s the sweet spot between spring and summer and also the perfect cardigan weather!

  • alisha davidson

    January because this is when I’m being reunited with my love after a year apart.

  • Galareh Good

    March because it’s the the Persian New Year on the the 21st and it coincides with the 1st day of Spring. On the day of the astronomical Northward equinox. The moment the sun crosses the celestial equator. It is the rebirth of nature! The geometric design for this month also looks celestial. Very appropriate :)

  • Amber Courteau

    October, hands down – beautiful fall colors, light, and crispy weather.

  • Georgia

    None… Because all of them surprise you and bring you something to smile about!

  • DavidEssex

    My favorite month is August because not only is it the month that both me and my partners birthdays are in, but also the month we met, 17 years ago. :o)

  • Rita Ko König

    December, cause in this month people throw money to the shops and do crazy stuff in the name of whatever they can find.

  • Brent Karwatowski

    november! because it’s cold but not too cold, plus my favorite holiday is thanksgiving.

  • Archie Edwards

    April, because April spelled backwards is Lirpa, which happens to be the name of this deadly Vulcan melee weapon from Star Trek: http://www.lirpa.de/en/pics.htm,
    which is used in an epic fight between Spock and Captain Kirk. There is a video of the fight on youtube, but it is not available to watch in the UK, where I am, so instead I have provided this incredibly accurate re-enactment I found:


  • Shawn

    October, first of all because Halloween, and secondly all the awesome colors are sexy, also I always feel some type of way in October

  • Amy West

    All the fun things happen in June

  • Dorey Kronick

    if we’re talking about the calendar, i’d have to say march is my favorite month because triangles are so hot right now. if we’re talking about favorite months in general… i’d have to say may because it’s not summer yet, but spring is in full effect, flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, the weather is sweet, birds are singing, and the year is in motion.

  • criggs85

    June, because that is usually the first month of hopefully a long summer of camping, climbing, swimming and partying in the sun.

  • Archie Edwards

    April, because April spelled backwards is Lirpa which is a Vulcan melee weapon from Star Trek that Spock and Kirk had a fight with

  • tanner

    i really love may because i know what your butthole looks like :)

  • Daniella

    August! The reason may sound a bit cheesy, but it’s my favorite month because it’s often when school starts again so it sort of feels like a fresh start for almost everything.

  • paulina

    May all the way! My wedding Anniversary, Cinco de Mayo, My birthday, my baby daugther’s birthday and mother’s day. it’s a whole lot of flowers and drinking, plus the weather’s getting better. xo

  • elliria

    May because summer is coming

  • Joseph Amsel

    February. For my Mother.

  • Meg S

    June because it’s my birthday month :)

  • chrisunagi

    July! Summer of course.

  • Thomas R.

    July b/c I was born in it. And that is the month we landed on the moon which is also my birthday, so it’s very cyclical.

  • Andrew Philpot

    dang i think all months are chill B-)

  • Brad Spudich

    October because I get to see girls tweet about how excited they are about pumpkin spice lattes and yoga pants

  • Jessica

    June. Not too hot, starting to feel summery.

  • chessie bb

    december because of the holidazeeee

  • Brooke

    I love June. Schooool’s out for summer.

  • Jesse Dale

    April, because hibernation is over in the colder states, and people are genuinely happy to have survived.

  • Robyn Mitchell

    I love June! It’s my birthday month and the design of it reminds me of the sun shining over skyscrapers :) I’m a city cirl, love skyscrapers and bustling cities!

  • Seadna Mcgillycuddy

    December. Its good to live in the moment.

  • Alyssa

    April – its bursting with real fruit flavor.

  • Tabitha

    May! I think it’s my favourite design on this calendar, but it’s also
    full of friends and family’s birthdays (including my own), a good
    balance of sunshine and rain, and the perfect temperature to start experimenting with tasty iced drinks as spring begins!

  • John Murray

    September. Simple design/pattern, but some nice subtle depth as well. Where do the blocks lead???

  • Joseph snell

    September! For the leaves and because somewhere in the middle, everywhere on earth has roughly the same amount of light and darkness in the day.

  • Hoolian Godinez

    My favorite month would have to be a combination of late May and early June because it is that beautiful time of Spring that is just starting to warm up but still has those wonderfully refreshing breezy nights to look forward to.

  • Lauren Sampson

    November! It’s my birthday and the end of fall/beginning of winter, so it’s getting cozy cold, but not yet freezing, and there are still some fall colors around

  • Valeria Ruiz

    I love January, in my country is summer.When I was younger I used to hate my birthdays, I felt really bad back then so it occurred to me maybe someone else felt like I did… maybe the ones who were born close to my own date. That is how I found out Virginia Woolf was born the same day as me. I’ve read everything I could find about her and encountered beautiful thinking that got me out of that sad stage of my life…Even though she had a tormented life that I could never compare to my own, she had such beautiful thoughts. I love January and my birthday! Also my favourite designer’s birthday is just one day before mine, A. M. Cassandre!

  • nguyendanieldaniel

    October, a time for morbid thoughts and macabre costumes

  • Cristina Cecilia

    August’s design makes me feel as though i’m shooting off into the sky with a jetpack. “Take to the skies,” August says, deceiving me into the impression that i have flying abilities while subtly hinting that i should introduce more neon pleather into my wardrobe while Super Nintendo music plays softly in the background.

  • nguyendanieldaniel

    October, a time for morbid thoughts and macabre costumes.

  • Rachel

    November! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I love going home and cooking with my mother for two whole days, and inviting friends and family into our home. It’s just cold enough to light a fire and roast marshmallows, but not so cold that there’s brown snow on the ground. Apple cider and pumpkin pie, sweaters and boots, mulled wine & the beginning of the Holiday spirit. All of it is wonderful.

  • Rubi A

    June is my favourite month because it’s when my (and my best friends) birthday is and the weather usually isn’t too bad. My favourite from the designs above though is probably Julys. I don’t really have a reason.

  • Sarah Lukes

    September, because I was born that month and fall is the best time of year! :)

  • achyabby

    November. As it is the time of year that starts to usher in the cold. It’s long spindly fingers reach out and start to tug at your cardigan- “let me in, let me in!” Your ice teas and gin drinks turn to spice coffees and whiskey tumblers. Friends huddle closer to keep you warmer. And your warm cozy bed is the best comfort at the end of a chilly day. Socks hug your feet, gloves your hands. Hats your head. BUT! November is just wonderful because once and a while she surprises you with a warm, crisp sunny day. She won the prizes of October and of December, and who doesn’t love a Halloween/Christmas sandwich.

  • Upto0013

    April! My birth month, but also the time it stops being deadly cold.

    (Typed with numb fingers and rosy cheeks.)

  • Brandon Heston

    August; the end of summer. its like the end of a roller coaster, catching your breath, fixing your hair, gathering your thoughts and preparing for the next wild ride

  • Justin Sengly

    august bc dopene$$

  • nesslessmess

    september because its always a fresh start

  • curiousscholar

    December…I wish my years would end like this…

  • k.austin

    September! Lots of my favorite people were born in September, including my husband (and myself too). He proposed in September and we were wed on 9/15 the following year (last year)… so LOTS of goodness in this wonderful month! Plus the weather is great and the fair comes to town.

  • TiffanyPatterson

    March!…The days get longer, everything starts growing, my chickens look fancy again (winter is a bitch), and my yearly vacation time resets at work. Also to be totally honest – St. Patrick’s day is also my Birthday and Anniversary…so it’s a big month for me!

  • Mary Gaspar

    October-BEST weather month in Chicago, my anniversary, scarves and boots in fashion, halloween with my kiddos, and that something energizing in the air…

  • Andrew Walsh

    I like the psychedelic macaroni in May! That’s my fav.

  • Colin

    January! My next semester in graphic design begins and I’m hoping for a wonderful future in the design world! Much love from Ireland :)

  • Helen Eakin

    #december….because there is such hope and belief in what the new year will hold and could become…in Australia everything finishes…school, work, responsibilities…it is our summer..December becomes a continuous Friday night…the heat..the gatherings…the possibilities…#it’sbeautiful<3<3<3

  • Ash Kayser

    August because the August Risograph looks hella cool!

  • Melissa Prichard

    November. I love the sense of movement and space in this one. The perceptual space this one creates is quite dynamic.

  • Jennifer Nystedt

    Bittersweet. Full of promise. Buds bursting in extacy. Everything green. Nearly summer. Summer nearly gone. May in Sweden.

  • krista

    definitely october.. love the range of line quality, layers of opacity, color shifts, optical illusions.. i want this!

  • j in j-land

    March has good colors

  • Esther Tea

    NOVEMBER. everyone is finishing their studies, and it’s a big inhale before the christmas rush and the tumble of the new year. mmm yes.

  • Max Sobol

    September as it is the beginning of Autumn; the femme fatal of seasons, beautiful but heartbreaking

  • my favorite month has got to be july because the energy is so relaxing and exciting at the same time! plus its during the summer, when anything can literally happen :D

  • Leah Rich

    October. the angle of the sun in the evening sky is so romantic and sunset in the colorado mountains are a long moment of electric orange with clouds of steel grey and cotton candy orange.

  • November: Winter is closely approaching, and it’s now expected to listen to Mount Eerie on the daily.

  • Chesco.R

    I’m digging September, gorgeous design on it. Love the colors and squares.

  • Audrey Smith

    September. The start of fall, the changing of leaves, the smell. All of it.

  • mazefancier

    September because that’s when Stereolab’s Dots and Loops album was released which reminds me of this awesome calendar.

  • Kevin Umaña

    January because its the coldest month in SAN FRANCISCO!!!!

  • Cynthia Mao

    November is gloomy afternoons, fallen leaves, the indoors, sitting by the heating vent wearing your father’s sweater

  • Amulya Aradhyula

    October because the weather is perfect where I live

  • March! Because I’m a March baby and it’s just starting to get warmer in the day, but the nights are cool and nice. >_<

  • sana kamal

    February…. its the just that time of the year when springs here n everyone’s ready for a new fresh start moreover i was born in feb .. and all the designs in this calender are awesome!

  • tyler

    June! The grid-like lines and the fills of them form a series of divided cubes, i dig the separated sections! Chill color choice as well.

  • hippyblue

    january! new and fresh start awaits

  • jaycie

    december because that’s the only time of year socal gets cold.

  • Neill Furmston

    July. Because anything is possible.

  • May has a nice flow to it!

  • Candace Rose

    January. The beginning of movement after rest.

  • Bananablitz M.

    november. for the balance of the design and the playfulness.

  • C R

    Where I’m from, the breeze starts to dry in October. I can’t say the same about the sky, but I love it anyway.

  • David

    Hmm I would say October. I think that’s when fall sort of solidifies around here and the weather is very relaxing. A bunch of creative people also start making and showing off their great Halloween costumes.

  • RMS

    August has a really energetic design and is my favorite month in real life, when summer is the hottest.

  • Pat

    August, the transition from the end of summer to the beginning of autumn.

  • paigemont

    I like April, mostly for the weather and the young leaves.

  • Nico Glaude

    October! Nothing like stepping on crunchy leaves.

  • dearkellygreen

    March! It’s the moment when spring starts to come through and everyone is happy to see the sun.

  • Amy Voorhees

    April the month of disasters. Troops move, wars start, ships sink (Titanic), doomed marriages marry (mine did), snow melts into floods.

  • january! so many new possibilities

  • Bridgette

    November begins with the last fallen leaves and ends with a holiday break.

  • Ramadan. Because it’s good

  • Randy Morales

    June… I like going to nudist beachs

  • Sofia Mandarina Fiorentino Sar

    June! and let all the creative crazies celebrate their birthday!

  • Carol Lynn

    January – It is the start of something new and fabulous!

  • Jay T. Doggzone

    august is nice because it’s nice

  • tayt

    January, ’cause it’s so quiet and I like pretending the whiteness of snow is empty space that’ll be filled in when the warmth comes

  • Julia s

    September. Something interesting always happens in september.

  • Anna

    January – I love the excitement connected with all the new stuff that are going to happen!

  • Alice Rooney

    January, Because it will hopefully be the start of me having a REALLY nice calendar to look at every day for a year!!

  • October because it seems so very well balanced.
    This is dope.

  • frida

    i love july cause it looks like a hidden stair case into a secret world! and i hope my 2014 will be full of secret worlds!

  • ebjahsucgu

    October; it has the atmosphere of my favourite Ray Bradbury collection of spooky stories, “The October Country”. JP King could have translated the original book cover perfectly for the modern age…

  • Scott

    As I am a student, I love May. I am usually bursting with energy and making ambitious/elaborate plans for the best summer ever before the school bell rings again.

  • Tom smith

    April. The coming of spring, new life and colour after the dark winter… And I’ll be getting my first hive of bees!!

  • mike1one

    March! Because you can still ski in march!

  • eawesterhuis

    Smarch. The 13th month. Lousy Smarch Weather.

  • Gemma

    March because of Paddys day! :)

  • Richard Kelly

    January without a doubt. What other month offers such a Smörgåsbord of optimism for what the new year might bring. It’s only limit to positiveness is your own imagination!

  • Nick Lawler

    September! My first day of High School!

  • Jessica

    May, because it looks like my life plan! :)

  • Jsweat

    August is the best month. It’s very warm. I’m a lizard, I need the warmth, and California has been very, very cold.

  • Kimberly Kukoraitis

    This probably disqualifies me…
    Every month! Almost everyday I am grateful to exist and enjoy the positive, natural stimulations of everyday life…almost everyday!

  • Arhip Mf

    May! Love late Spring!!!

  • Matt Bizzle

    January. It’s a new start , everything is fresh and there is new adventures to be had new dreams to chase and more mistakes to make.

  • Lisa Davina

    October – beautiful sacred geometry … i like January too, reminds me of a dickey bow :)

  • Guest

    Smarch. The 13th month. Lousy Smarch Weather.

  • Derek St

    February because even short cold months need love

  • :-D

    April because my vacation leave is approved for that month.

  • José Gotés

    September! Because of Earth, Wind & Fire.

  • Denise

    June. always the beginning of something new.

  • eawesterhuis

    Smarch, the 13th month. Because of the lousy smarch weather.

  • Sara Jihan Fassil

    May. In my opinion, it’s a simple month… not too hot, not too cold. A Goldielocks month, you could say. It’s also the kickoff to summer. Plus, it’s the first month I learned to correctly spell when I was in like 2nd grade (February stumped me every time).

  • October

  • elker123

    Early October. The trees have started to change from greens to burnt oranges and reds…

  • Julian Occeña

    I had to give this a ton of thought but I’d have to say March because that’s when our academic years end here, and the feeling of your hard work resulting in something great paired with the freshness of a summer that’s just around the corner is unlike any other

  • Magda Krps

    august because the people are still tipsy from the summer

  • Kiki Falconer

    September. Summer’s swan song. In childhood, it was a month of pure potential, marking a new school year. As an adult, September is still as optimistic, commencing with the fireworks & flames of Burning Man

  • shannon

    May for sure, it’s when the weather starts to improve!

  • JackInTheJungle

    Any of the summer months (May, June, July), because they are short and quick to write and you don’t have to shorten them.

  • kyuss yawningman

    I like every month. sometimes an entire year can pass like a blur, and I’ve only ever remembered the moments and the good times. likewise, I make no fuss about the seasons because I like them all.
    The graphic for April is my favorite out of this calendar, and its my sister’s birth-month, so maybe I’ll just go with April.

  • Benj

    June: My girlfriend’s birthday month.

  • Mitchell Tang

    march. right after the dead of winter, the trees are again blossoming, and everything is coming to life. It symbolizes rebirth and the start of a new cycle.

  • Sarah

    August. My birthday month, my partner’s birthday month, the tail end of a hot sticky summer, the lead-in to a colourful autumn.

  • Lily Bonesso

    June because thats when you get the REAL Friday feeling x

  • Can I participate again with my last-year post? I don’t know if you remember Jeff that I won but you couldn’t get in touch with me! (http://www.booooooom.com/2012/12/17/risograph-calendar-giveaway/#comment-741913855)

    I really can’t think of another month, January is the one I love the most!

    I like January because i like summer days (here in Argentina is summer) and I love how people goes away from the city so easy during that month, and the centre starts to feel a little silent, as in every weekend when they all go home and the cars noise stops, but at January you know they are not in home, and thats what it makes me anxious, maybe they are all having fun or having troubles in some place new, changing their rutines to have good times and memories. It’s a shame they don’t see how much they want to change their rutines, they are just so blind with all their stuff and the “things they have to do for living” that they just look another side and go straight with the life they have chosen.

    Best wishes and love.

  • Elma Dögg Steingrímsdóttir

    June because where I’m from the sun never sets in June <3

  • hi Giuliana i remember you – you will for sure get a calendar this year, can you make sure your email is correct want to make sure you get one since you were supposed to get one last year

    • Ohh! I’m so happy! Yesss! This is my email (bulletproofiwishiwas(at)hotmail.com), thank you very much!!!! ♥

  • Alan Florit

    August. Beautiful work.

  • Misha Newby

    September. I have a bit of synesthesia and it’s always come up a lovely champagne colour in my mind. But particularly, for some reason, September 25th is a bright, shining gold (whereas all other dates are stripes of all the colours of their constituent numbers). Nothing significant has ever happened on that day, but even though I’m not superstitious, it’s always felt as if something willl…

  • Caitlin

    Love the Piet Zwartination of November!

  • Jimmy McArthur

    April. underrated.

  • Ted

    Marchtember! Because I can never seem to get an appointment scheduled! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWRKgEy6Okg

  • J. Gabriel R.Diaz

    It´s funny that nobody has mentioned December, considering is the month we are at, demonstrate that we normally spend most of the time thinking and dreaming with both, past and future instead of our present.

    I choose December, why? because is the month when everybody should be sharing love (or feeling miserable and hide it as good as they can) but also because even if for you means a grey and cold month, think about it, right now some people in the southern hemisphere are surfing with a Santa´s hat, how badass is that???

  • Gretchen A.

    My favorite month of the year is January. It may sound cliche, but I really love this month because people tend to re-evaluate their lives and try to change for the better. This is the month of hope and the month of new beginnings. Plus, it’s the month my mom was born in (of course . . . my favorite person in the world!). Although people may not always pull through with their New Year’s resolutions, it’s good to know that our society encourages people to strive to be their best. Setting goals for yourself is a good thing! Change may be a scary thing, but it is better to say “I tried” than “What if?”

  • Jemma Henderson

    January! January is always filled with fun holidays with my boyfriend. I’m on uni break and the weather is hot. The stress of Christmas is over and another year is just beginning.

  • psychoticbanana

    July because it is winter in the Southern hemisphere, and encapsulates the birthdays of both myself and my partner.

  • Grace Cote

    August. It just has the best art – HEAT RAYS look cooler than ever in this calendar

  • Chief Keef Sosa

    December. I can pretend LA is a normal city for a brief period. Its the perfect weather. Also it smells so nice

  • arra

    October!!! I love the beer during this month!

  • Samantha Alpert

    my favorite month is december because thats when art basel is . I was just at art basel for 4 days it was ammmazzing !and the holidays so I get a break from college. also its finally cold in florida

  • bittystarr

    April in southern Louisiana. I love the swamp iris that bloom during the early part of the month.

  • Alex S Guthrie

    November is tops mayn, early southern hemisphere summer ambience. The night warms up and it gets real ka pai!

  • sara MADbouli

    April: the calendar design reminds me of the scaffolding in the construction site that I can see from my uni room. It started last April and I’ve actually quite enjoyed watching it.

  • Suzie Sheldon

    I’d say May is my favorite month, because in Houston it’s warm enough for the humidity to envelope you in softness but not so suffocating that the mosquitoes torture you to despair. Also flowers and tree sex.

  • Talia

    Why choosing a month? I don’t see time as days, weeks or months, I see it linear, so there is a package of moments for me and each moment is unique. Hope this counts as an answer :)

  • Alicia

    October, because I love Autumn!

  • Max Walker

    Movember. Because facial hair.

  • MargaretLanterman

    January- when you start making all these exciting plans for the new year and everything feels like a fresh start

  • anda dewanty

    APRIL ! why april? cos my birthday is on april. not just that, but both of my favourite season is in april, spring and autumn, both of them happens at once but in different hemisphere. so spring will be occur in Northern hemisphere and autumn in the Southern hemisphere, that’s why april is special for me.the second reason is i love diamond but i don’t know why, and lately i just knew it that diamond is the birthstone of april. so i thought i had a attachment between my birth month and myself, and is it amazing things to reveal :D not just that, my third reason is Freedom day, World health day, Earth day, Patriot’s Day are held in april, the last but not least April has it’s own Fool’s Day. isn’t it Fun?

  • Yaya Mox

    January, because it does looks like a letter that hasent been finished.

  • Tiffany Chin

    June, because it reminds me of my childhood days where I looked forward to my summer vacations. Back in elementary school, my last day of school would be in that month.

  • Josh Rhoton

    May. It’s the month that I first meet (and really spoke to) my fiance during the installation of one of her sculpture pieces. I at the time had sliced through my hand cooking for the end of semester party, leaving me unable to do much in the sculpture shop but hang out.

  • Dino Kuznik

    June. Summer, Warmth, Sea, Love, Memories, New Beginnings.

  • hauptbahnhof

    june – because its the heart of summer and thats when the grasshopper wins over the ants

  • The winners are: Caitlin, Andrew Walsh , Erika Arbour-Nevins, Kyler Zeleny

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