29.01.14 by Jeff

Booooooom x Flexfit: “All In A Day’s Work”


Some time last year I approached hat manufacturer, Flexfit, about making some products for Booooooom. After meeting with them I realized that making a hat was just one of several projects I wanted to do together.

In the fall I collaborated with them, and their parent company Yupoong, to make a short piece about their factory in Vietnam. This is where they produce hats for many of the largest lifestyle brands, and where they will be making some special things for Booooooom. I expressed interest in shooting a portrait of the people who actually make the hats rather than focus on the factory itself, and they were excited about this idea.

They gave us complete access to their facility, which had previously never allowed any cameras. I’m sure there are companies out there who would be reluctant to show this side of their operations but Yupoong is proud of their efforts towards fair working conditions.

This is a portrait of some inspiring people we met in Vietnam. People who dream about the same things we do, while they’re working, playing soccer, or singing karaoke.

Enjoy. (Go full screen if you’re computer can handle it)


I directed this video with my talented friend Liam Mitchell, and with the enormous help of our friend Dave Ehrenreich. It was an adventure shooting this piece renegade-style in a place none of us knew. The music is by a band that more people should know about, called Programm.

Over the course of this next year I’ll be working with Flexfit to produce, among other things, a whole series of art-focused videos. I can’t wait to show you what’s next.



Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Dean Morris

    Great work Hamada. Excellent video, excellent song choice!

  • scott dye

    This is great! I’ve been looking into doing my own hats and I totally forgot about flex-fit. I loved them in the 90’s – glad they’re still around – thanks for posting this!

    • ya they actually do a lot more than that one style of hat youre imagining, snapbacks for brands like Starter, Hurley, Stussy, etc all made by Flexfit

  • John Murray

    A lot different than the typical, more-tragic portraits of factory manufacturing. Cool though – I like seeing the outside of work shots, definitely humanized the people

  • andygrellmann

    awesome. so much goin on; it’s fun to watch. you guys did a great job.

  • rghayati

    Honestly love this…. and VERY excited for the hats themselves, whenever they’ll be available. The piece-by-piece work in this builds up in a way so that, by the end of three minutes, I feel like I’ve known these people for weeks. Already one of my favorite videos of 2014.

  • Anders Blyme Skov-Petersen

    this was a beautiful piece!

  • 8mismo

    How long of shifts did they work? Did most of the people seem to be enjoying their lives as much as it looks like these two are? Are the floor managers really as lenient as they portrayed here?

  • Gotta snag one of these beauty hats if they become available

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