31.01.14 by Jeff

Christina Mrozik Print Giveaway


This week’s giveaway is this beautiful 18 x 24 inch print, courtesy of artist Christina Mrozik. If you’d like to snag the print leave a nice message to Christina in the comments below. I’ll pick a winner on February 14th.






Christina Mrozik’s Website



Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Beautiful work Christina, Your colour palette is fresh and I can feel the movement in the scene. Made me think of Japan , so I wrote you a haiku!

    A red bird rises
    Flowering lotus sings
    The call to a new life

    :) x

  • Sarah

    Amazing work, so vibrant and fresh. Great detail and color.I really love this piece.

  • Paul Mullin

    Beautiful! The colors are what caught my attention, and then all the tiny details kept me staring for a good few minutes. Really lovely piece.

  • Rita Yurkovitch

    I adore your art, keep going!

  • Selma Zelda

    So glad I stumbled upon this and in the process discovered your work. So gorgeous!

  • Regina Chiuminatto

    I can’t recall another time I’ve wanted to use the words “brutal” and “lovely” to describe the same thing. I’m astounded–how wonderful.

  • Matt Gordon

    Your website is top-notch. I’ve been struggling to verbalize how much I dig your stuff, and just as I’m about to give up and comment, “Neat!” I find your photo-filled blog. Lawd, have mercy! You’re a Midwest maven.

  • Manuel K

    wow that’s art! simple as this. i would really enjoy to have one of these. just awesome!

  • Lindsey VT Freebie

    beautiful work, completely jealous at your talent :)

  • Jay Panelomo

    hello christinART. oops. Mrozik!

  • Jaclyn L South

    Hi Christina! This is so wonderful – your talent is unreal! Very jealous and in love with this piece.

  • Livia Fallarino


  • Josje Yorobi Bijl

    the level of detail in combination with the stark contrast in use of colour and the content of the image itself is astounding! It reminds me very much of a Japanese woodblock print, but on acid. Lovely!

  • Jessica

    The level of detail in this piece is truly amazing. The colors are so serene and beautiful. The depth and color scheme are my favorite things.

  • Adrian van Berlekom

    Beautiful work! I’d love to have this print!
    Greetings from Sweden :)

  • Magnus Jonsson

    Beautiful and a truly inspiring art piece. Awesome line work that is even more breath taking colored.

  • Samantha Wichers

    The thumbnail of this I saw on facebook did not do it justice. I literally gasped. This is gorgeous.

  • Eric Anderson

    Excellent work, love it!

  • LL

    Incredible! Would love to give this a prominent place in my home.

  • Andrea Pearce

    Pretty, puffy, pink birds feed their young.. Bent bound beaks and a twisty tongue! I dig!

  • Adrijana

    Really love your art. The quality, the style and the composition of each is so unique. You are a very inspiring human being.

  • Tara Pine

    I appreciate this introduction to your work by Jeff Hamada. Stunning.

  • brittany

    Christina! You are so cool and your pink bird is so rockin!! Please let me frame her nicely and hang her on our wall!

  • kkrystal

    Absolutely stunning. I especially love the tiny bird between the entwined beaks.

  • Vroemmmmm


  • Strata

    I see lots of super cool oriental reference and I LOVE IT! the use of a gradient of colour in the background giving the birds 2 different identities is the first thing i saw. very much like a religious painting distinguishing good and evil. keep it coming

  • Nicole Ruiz

    Love your work and would love to have this hanging on my walls.

  • Andrew Herndon

    The avian symmetry & beachy pastel colors really set the picture off for me. I could go off about the attention to detail among other artistic qualities but would be nothing unlike any other art critic. It’s quality, and I would be honored to be able to put it in my dorm:)

  • Azyzl

    What a beautiful piece of art. Strange and intriguing.

  • Jessie Brown

    I am in awe. This is truly an amazing, inspiring piece of work. It’s strange in the best way. I can’t quit looking at it, it would look so perfect on my seafoam walls. Chrstina Mrozik – you’re great

  • Claire Oakley

    Incredibly detailed and intriguing to observe. The tension between the connected birds is not immediately recognizable but entirely captivating once realized. I am excited to have stumbled upon your artwork. Stunning.

  • Soledad Maristany

    Gorgeous – I especially love the variation and subtleties of the reds and pinks for the birds.

  • Susan Schmieding

    I like it a lot! Will go search for other work by you now….

  • Jessamy Bridgewater

    A truly beautiful illustration of the ornithological variety.

  • Kelly Duncan

    Absolutely intriguing. I could stare at this forever.

  • Lizzie

    This is incredible!!!!!!!

  • Richard

    Love your work Christina! been following you for a few years now. so awesome to see your work on boom!

  • Tim Breese

    I really love the birds and the intricate details…this would make an amazing valentines day gift ;) keep up the incredible work!!

  • Morgan

    Big fan of Christina’s work. Incredible and inspiring



  • Chris is as beautiful a person as the artwork she creates. From the moment she puts pen to paper the magic begins to flow. Her talent is sheerly God given. Every piece, every time gives a feeling of amazement and awe. Congratulations Chris.

  • Amanda Piel

    Christina has been an inspiration to me as an artist, and her work is always beautiful and unique!

  • Elen Feuerriegel

    Ah, I love Christina’s work! I love how how it rides the line between uncanny and beautiful. I can’t help but feel each of her paintings is a window to the secret and hidden things that lurk in protean, liminal spaces of ordinary life.

  • Jared Duesterhaus

    What a beautiful print.

  • allison brooke

    beautifully detailed art, beautiful color palette.. nature lover, and she captures these nature themed drawings flawlessly.

  • Renzo Bal

    very enchanting

  • chris dinan

    this is beautiful!

  • Susie King

    Christina Mrozik is so talented. The print is so pretty.

  • prints

    love the style!

  • June Ebinger


  • Jéssica Sartori

    Such amazing print. All the details the mix of colors makes it unique and unforgettable, I really wanna have it.

  • Ella J

    I had never heard of this artist before, to be honest, but when I saw the first image on this website’s home page, my eyes widened and my jaw literally dropped.

  • Zoe B

    This a gorgeous and carefully detailed print.

  • Stef Wit A F

    This is a beautiful print! I also love the illustrations on the website. I’d love to own a piece of your work!

  • Fanelle Rodriguez

    Holy sh…
    Okay, how to do this… I haven’t fallen in love at first sight with an artist that much in a little while now. I’ve just spent an hour going through your website and facebook, your blog… and what you do is just truly amazing. This look you have on nature and how you represent it really touched me and I just can’t get my eyes off this particular piece !
    Anyway, this is beautiful, and if I don’t win this… well, I’ll have to buy a print because there’s no way this art doesn’t become a part of my life !

    Amazing work… thank you !

  • Jesse

    This work is very amazing. It’s so feminine and pretty, but at the same time very psychedelic and very delicate. Amazing amazing work! Very inspirational. I would love to see your other work. The other work of yours I’ve seen on your website is also very beautiful. It is very pleasing to see work like this. keep it up :]

  • Karlis Goldstein

    Artists need artists.
    It is precisely such works of art that inspire you to stop hatever you were doing and take a moment off to reflect.

    This is the material that dreams are made of.

  • Heather Poencet

    Christina, I have always admired your art. I remember sitting next to you in math class and having you draw either on my homework, or on my arm! I love your work, and will miss those days we had in high school together! I love your work and am so happy that you do what you love for a living! Congratulations on all your success! I love you and miss you!

  • mattalber

    My favorite little elegances are the tiny hidden birds. Just exquisite. I would love to wake up to this image everyday!

  • krystal

    Muah ! Big hug to you for hearing out your heart to create something so beautiful. Simply unmatched by your true brilliance, which I may never know.

  • Your work is beautiful. Traditional looking, yet also a million miles from it. Colourful visually, yet dark in context. The dream like and mischievous surreal quality your work has contrasts greatly to the sheer beauty of it. I love the contradictions you’ve captured, as well as the majesty of the natural and imaginary world of your art.

  • Katie Garrison

    This print would be a perfect gift for my partner. The relationship between these birds is beautiful yet complicated.

  • Clara Whittaker

    This is one of the loveliest works of art i’ve seen in a very long time. How envious I am of the intricacies found within the bird’s beaks, it’s breathtaking, truly inspiring. I could only imagine what it would be like to win this on valentines day. Here’s my best to whoever wins! x

  • Margaret Dunlop

    stunning picture, very beautiful x

  • mbreen

    Chris this would look wonderful by “the swan” I got for my birthday last year! You do know your Aunt Molly will be 50 this year! Was an awesome birthday surprise to be picked to receive this.

  • Jeff Leanse

    Pick me please!

  • Rahlene Weeden

    I’d be honored. Lovely!

  • ninobenito

    i love bacon. and i want your print. please.

  • Cooper

    Your work has its own vocabulary
    What a beautiful language to learn.

  • Sue Jackson

    Gorgeous, count me in, thank-you. :-)

  • Alison Ball

    Hi Christina, thanks for the opportunity. Happy Valentines!

  • Mrs L

    I am sat here at home on a very gloomy Monday morning sending some work to a client using ‘We Transfer’ when this image appears and it lifted me out of the cold and gloom and into a different place altogether – I think only art, music and poetry can do that to you, which is I suppose what makes us human. Anyway as someone who packed away my paints when I had my children it has inspired me to unpack them and start my own creative journey again so if I don’t win this print you still helped me win back something else. Thank you.

  • Francesca Giorgetti

    Gorgeous! A fairy tale of a print

  • Abbers

    From one illustrator to another quite simply… ‘One of the best examples of traditional illustration I have seen in ages’, her style, has a hard edge and quite sinister but is softened by her painting technique and use of colour. Dare I say could be used to great success in advertising …. and well worth shouting about!

  • Hannah

    That is too beautiful! I’m for it! :)

  • jaycie

    this is amazing. they almost look like watercolored etchings, especially with that border. im always amazed at detailed stuff like this. good work.

  • Shannon Brown

    This is incredible and I’d love to have it in my home.

  • Bruno Fioreze

    Uau!!! Perfeito !! parabéns

  • Audrey

    Beautiful work! That is very generous of you to give a piece away. I would love to have this in my collection.

  • lalajune

    99% of the time I don’t bother clicking adverts, but this one on WeTransfer was worth it. Give-away or not, it’s great to know about Christina’s work :)

  • lalajune

    I’m happy to do a trade with her!

  • Thais Magalhães

    Omg it’s amazing! if is open internationally I’m in!

  • Diana Armes Wallace

    Wow, I don’t register for free stuff, but this I would love to hang on my wall. And it’s great to be made aware of Artist Christina Mrozik.

  • Jemma Henderson

    What an incredibly beautiful piece. I love the colours and the lines and the detail and all of it. It’s gruesomely stunning. I’d love to hang this as the centrepiece in my living room. I’m in love.

  • Francis Wong

    beautiful illustration

  • niya

    Wow, truly exceptional work!! Bizarre, rhythmic, and stunningly beautiful! ♥

  • d mon

    I was just introduced to the beauty of Christina’s work via the blog “SheWalksSoftly” Stunning imagery, flow and style.

  • tani

    Oh my, this is amazing! We celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary on feb 14th, it would be so incredible to win ourselves this beautiful gift! It really is stunning.

  • Frank

    Would love to have this print om my wall but thanks anyway for introducing this artist to me. Beautiful work. Everybody should check out the website mentioned above. Very detailed work, love it.

  • Dana Höffburton

    forget about hanging this on a wall: i’ll make this my heraldic coat of arms, and, singing spring-morning praises for its solemn virtues of maternity, habitat, and playful puzzlement, i’ll stand as humble human defender of dragon-flamingos and buzzing hummingsworths everywhere.

  • Ben Anderson

    Christina’s work is unique in the essence of its connection with my imagination. Her pieces bring out the exquisite detail and beauty in nature and meld them together with the figment of pure imagination. This reminds me of what I’d imagine as a child. I want to call this print my own because it has a personal connection to my childhood dreams.

  • IvanD

    Oh my, that is a very powerful drawing, a little surreal, a little old Japanese a lot of unique. More than lovely, outstanding!

  • Guest

    Oh I could just kiss all of your lovely faces. Thank you for all of your kind words and thoughtful interpretations!

  • Georgie

    What a delicate yet powerful piece of art. I am hoping to move house in the next couple of weeks and I would happily center the colour scheme and detail of the place around this print. You could be captivated for hours! Exquisite.

  • Oh I could just kiss all of your lovely faces. Thank you for all of your kind words and thoughtful interpretations. Im excited as you are to see who gets to take this print home!

  • Rimas

    I never meant not to write you back. I hope you are doing well, and I am super jealous of your upcoming trip to New Zealand! Let me know if you’re ever visiting LA.

  • Jake

    Wow this is just amazing i can only imagine attempting something like this, well done !

  • Juli

    Chris is a gifted and brilliant artist. In addition, she is someone who is genuine and kind. She’s just a beautiful person, inside & out, and is just talented!

  • Es

    Can I order this as wall paper as well? Love it!

  • Taylor Tots Weiss

    Its a snow day here. So if you were here we would be drinkin green tea with cocoa and you would be blow drying paint on paper. Cheers to you!

  • Sophia Vourdoukis Capuano

    Christina, thanks for turning the snowstorm into sunshine here in NYC! Best, Sophia

  • Tammy Talbot-DeLosh

    Super excited to see all of the various comments. It is a blessing to watch your imagination run, but to see that people world wide also recognize your unique talents, gives me great joy. Continued success to you my lovely daughter and adventurer. The world is lucky to have you to color its walls

  • João O Pedro

    Monet invented lily pads, and you invented your own creatures.

  • John Jurries

    I’m a huge fan of you, both as a person and an artist. Thanks for the constant inspiration!

  • Morgan Metius

    Love this!!!

  • Hannah Keen

    I’m in love… a truly inspiring piece of work

  • Pablo Palmeiro

    Love it Cristina…would love to be able to have this as my screen saver. Nice job

  • A fantastic colour palette and attention to detail. You can tell how much love and effort has gone into creating this piece! I’d definitely love a print :)

  • Zsófia Jámbor

    Beautiful work! :)

  • Marly Huibregtse

    You just made my day, please make mine!

  • Heidi Pomfret

    Truly awe inspiring. I haven’t painted for almost 20 years but I’m feeling inspired to start again, if my attempts reach even 10% of the beauty of yours I’d be happy!.

  • dan

    A delight to the tenses, sublime, luxurious, delicate, piece. DELICIOUS.

  • fi simmons

    I love WeTransfer for opening my eyes to your work! This print is really, really, really beautiful.

  • Ewen Farr

    Beautiful gradient. This is breathtaking, and also, apparently similiar to how i was concived.

  • Sinead O’Neill

    Love birds for Valentines Day. Inseparable and entwined forever together. The vibrant colours of their lush full feather complement beautifully the yellow tones of the spring flowers. It’s a gorgeous print that to represent love this Valentine’s Day. Thanks for sharing xx

  • Ryan

    I like the curious bird in the beak.

  • Marius Lukošius

    To “beat” all the comments for a not English speaker is I would say is mission impossible:)
    Just starred at your painting and forgot about winter, thick pale clouds hiding the sun and naked tree branches.

  • Koborism

    I cant wait the finish, i d like so much this print ^__^

  • deevyash vadher

    This work sparked off a whole manner of inspirational works in my mind, the jabberwocky’s words, the imagination of alice in wonderland and the sheer bold creativity of the beatles! Remarkable work with an amazing cocktail of subtle touches combined with courageous strokes. Keep them coming!

  • Linda Blackbird

    Gods! I’ve never even heard of you before, just stumbled over this post while browsing another, but this is so beautiful! I love your work, especially the birds are fantastic.
    I will be following your work from now on, so inspirational.

  • Trish Williams

    Absolutely stunning piece! I just moved to a new apt and these bare, sad walls would come to life w/this masterpiece! TY for the chance

  • DanieI

    Beautiful work! This would make a great gift for my girlfriend on Valentine’s.

  • Lömsk Kråka

    Simply breathtaking artwork :) Birdlovers unite! :D

  • Jessica Beeby

    This to me gives all the promises of the beauty of Spring… baby birds and blossom, mother nature at it’s best! xx
    “Upon this wondrous earth of ours are many lovely things.
    In spring I marveled at the sights the kind your beauty brings.
    Oh beautiful magnolia, you are by Heaven blessed.
    Spring time has many wonders but you’re one of the best.”

  • d’or et d’argent

    I came across of this print from WeTransfer.com and was basically wowed with the power and the intricate brush lines and the balance of everything. Just really love love love this print and all the rests on the website. It would be my greatest pleasure if I could win this one as my first artwork from the artist. Thank you :)

  • Ralph Kok

    I’m just blown away by this. There is nothing about this work that does not fascinate. The colors, the composition, the subject, the intricacy, the composition. My god what a surprise to just stumble across this. You’ve just made my day, thank you :)

  • Kris French

    Stunningly ornate! Congratulations on the beautiful work, Christina M.!

  • Casey Brockette

    This print is absolutely stunning. It’s so fluid and the colors are incredibly vibrant. I’d be totally lucky to get this.

  • Lyana Votey

    Christina your work takes my breath away. It is at once both subtle and dramatic. Pure poetry. Love the prints I already have. It would be great to add this one. I’m spreading the word. Everyone needs to see your art.

  • Brigitte Fouch

    loved your work since i saw it at Madcap.
    and I get lots of comps on my little birdie earrings!

  • Oh my goodness! Christina you are amazing! I love animals and birds and when I found you on instragram and facebook, I knew I had to follow you instantly and forever too! I also feel like I’m transported into a new secret utopia. A world and language we never heard and seen of, it’s truly magnificent. Thank you for creating such beautiful works for us to see. Xx

  • Margot Blom

    ….if only i could wake up in the morning with a scene like that from my window. or hanging on the wall in my bedroom…

  • Basia

    Stunning work. As a parent of a little boy I can truly relate to the beautiful relationship between these creatures.

  • Such beautiful line work! I love the sprit behind your pieces…so untique and timeless

  • Mikey Vonlang

    Hello! You’re artwork is so inspiring and I’m excited to hear about this giveaway! Good luck to everyone and myself ;)

  • Mikey Vonlang

    oops. I’m not sure my last post sent or not. Anyway, thanks for being such an amazing artist and giving us the opportunity to own one of your pieces. Your art is very inspiring to me. Good luck to all the entries, including myself!

  • Nathan Collins

    I’ve been following her work forever and each piece Christina makes really inspires me to push myself and my work, i would honestly be happy if i was to become half as good as her!! I really hope i win this print especially since this piece is one of my favourites, your amazing Cristina, keep making beautiful work :)

  • cfann

    Christina, I loved reading about some of your sources of inspiration on your website—I was so glad to see that you mentioned Wunderkammers, because that was actually one of the first things that came to mind when I saw your gorgeous work! As an aspiring scholar of design history and material culture, I always love to see how present-day artists tap into ideas from the material past and draw new meaning from them.

    Warmest wishes for all your endeavors!

  • Harry

    I adore this. I hope to own it one day soon so that I can hang it over the teenage scrawl on my toile wallpaper – by my own immature hand – that states ‘Blink 182 kick ass so bad it rex’ and smother that massacre with something beautiful. Blink did kick ass, but this does more subtly.

  • Stephanie Jane Fogg

    your just insanely good, my bf is a illustrator and i would love to give him this piece for his birthday :) he is obsessed with the japanese culture so this would be truly a lovely thing to give!

  • Clarissa


    Just happened across this site for the very first time today, and amongst all the new and inspiring posts was happy to see your art being selected for the giveaway. The winner will be selected Valentine’s Day which is fitting; your work is very romantic and clearly made with love. :) Many thanks for sharing your talent with us. I’m happy I now know of you and this wonderful website. Please keep up your gorgeous work!!

  • Sallie Ward

    Amazing work, lots of hidden things to see. Would love to look at this every day!

  • Anna Lindeman

    Hi There, I love this print from Christina!! The colors are so beautiful. It will look fantastic on the walls of my new house. Really inspiring! Love, Anna

  • Zdzisia Strojnisia

    I saw it before …Some elements of it to be more precise. I can not remember when and where exactly. Oh no! I’ve just realised. It was ages ago. Darkness was around. And the silece was around. Nor light nor scent. Perfect emptiness. And suddenly darkness was lightend up little by litte. And silence was ended by some sounds clearly audible …Sounds of wings. Wings of strong bird. Birds to be honest. More than one I’m sure.
    And the scent of blooming trees reached my nose. Magnolias in blossom … I’ve recognized it at once.
    The warm morning sun was playing with me not allowing to see what exactly was in the scene in front of me. There was something more … I was more than sure. But only this all glorious promises of miracle was approachable for me.
    And suddenly I entered your world Christina and the riddle was solved. I fund out what it was. I will remember this amazing beauty of Codependence forever. Thank you very much! Happy V-Day!

  • Laura Legge

    Absolutely beautiful expression of creativity

  • Amal Atif

    I just saw u’r drawing on wetransfer !! wow ,amazing feeling ,movement !!!!It touched me very deep ,Thank you.

  • Ella

    I could steal a few minutes of each day looking at the intricacies of this beautiful print. It’s got the delicacy of a Flower Fairies print, but with the edge of Polly Morgan’s taxidermy and it is surreally organic – tongues like vines. I’m delighted to be in the running for the print. What a reward for work-related file transfers!

  • Jarante Glenn

    You’re artwork is truly amazing, I love your use of color!

  • Andrew J Brown

    Came here from We Transfer – couldn’t resist clicking – ace image

  • Lauren Fozter Wellard

    I’m transported to a world full of adventure and passion, with elegant outcomes and a wealth of rich texture. Echoes of lands tropical and plentiful. I’d be happy here. I could make it my home. Thank you for the visions Christina.

  • The birds remind me of dinosaurs. This would be so awesome as a tarot series. Keep going lady!

  • emma

    Dusty colours, exceptionally intertwined. Nature, of those that fly, of those that pair, of those that reproduce, of those that are not human. Thank-you for your close attention to a forgotten species.

  • Manhattan

    This print: claws at my soul like a Klimt painting, hung above the bed of the girl who lived down the hallway that we were all in love with. Christina, this painting is a rapture.

  • Donna Mathis Salter

    Christina, I love bones, thunderstorms and dead bugs, too. Your work is awesome to explore and truly an inspiration. Rock on!

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