10.02.14 by Jeff

“Love From Hawaii” Free Encouragement Project



If you’ve been following along on Instagram you already know that I’m in Honolulu right now for this year’s Pow! Wow! Hawaii event. The last two years I painted murals, but this year I wanted my contribution to be a little different.

This year I want to include people who can’t physically come to Hawaii so I’m launching a free encouragement project. It’s really simple, if you’re in need of some encouragement ask for it in the comments below.

Tell me why you need the encouragement, be specific, and include your mailing address. I’ll be walking around Hawaii this week meeting people and asking them to write some words of encouragement on postcards, in response to the comments on this post.






The first 100 messages will be written on a set of beautiful postcards given to me by my friend James Jean. If you’re interested the set will be released by Chronicle Books on February 25th. At the end of the week I will mail out all the postcards.

I’m not sure how many people will actually ask for free encouragement but if I get through the first 100 I’ll buy more postcards and continue on. So who wants some free encouragement?




Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Alice

    I need some encouragement to knuckle down and finish my self-published photo book! My mailing address is Dudenstraße 15, 10965 Berlin, Germany. Looking forward to my postcard pep-talk!

    • Alice

      It would probably help to know my full name so it gets to me … Alice Connew

  • Thomas

    I would like some encouragement to get drawing & painting again! I have hit a (writers) block in not even knowing what to draw!

    Flat 2
    93 Wickham Road
    SE4 1NH

  • Brennan Wyatt

    I’m a design student and I’m racked with self-doubt. I just don’t feel creative anymore. I love design but I’m constantly unsure of whether this was the right choice of career for me. I need some encouragement to help ease my anxiety.

    1740 Henry St
    Halifax, NS
    B3H 3K6

  • Lately I feel like an ostrich. A flightless bird. What is the purpose of a bird that cannot fly? I can run, yes, that much I can do, but that isn’t what birds do. It’s like I have wings, and they’ve placed me in a bird park, competing with falcons and owls and sparrows and I have the biggest wings but they do me no good.

    Please encourage this ostrich.

    Azrul “Flightless” Zulkifli
    P.O. Box 13449
    50810 Kuala Lumpur

  • Toby

    (I’m about to head back to uni to get started on my 2nd year of Interior Design.

    It’s a pretty strange (but fun!) conceptual course – but I always get trapped by thoroughly developing ideas through thoughts and scrappy sketches, only to start smashing out more presentable work a day or so before the assignment’s due.)

    Q: I’d really love some advice on how to find a balance between thinking and /doing/, so strong visual work can be created in tandem with the development of ideas

    9 Glover Street
    South Melbourne
    Melbourne VIC 3205

  • martina schürpf

    I recently moved back across the globe (AU-CH) and need a job. I did a 3month Graphic design course in Australia, but due to loads of travelling and moving I have lost the momentum to ‘go out there and get what I want!’ Incidentally I don’t quite know what I want. I also feel that I will never be able to financially support myself through doing something that I really enjoy (embroidery, sewing and design). I would appreciate some encouragement on boosting my career-self confidence. Thank you!
    Blimoosstrasse 6
    CH-6318 Walchwil

    • Serena Jetelina

      I don’t know what I want either. It gets overwhelming and I end up just taking crappy jobs for the money while I try to figure it out. Keep doing what you love – even just one project at a time. Eventually we will find our way :)

  • Lucas Spivey

    I could really use this encouragement on my thesis! It’s turning into a monster project now (which is good) but I’ve got a long way to go. I also just started a new job and I could use a postcard on my desk to keep me going along!

    Lucas Spivey
    17 Cox Court
    Beverly MA 01915

  • Marisol Cabrera

    As is true for any other senior in the class of 2014, I am doubly in need of encouragement. Going to uni this next fall is both exciting and horrifying. As my dreams are in the initial budding stage, I worry that they will never bloom as so many people point out the flaws in my ambition to study Fashion Design in NYC. With lack of encouragement, I fear my dream will wither into bitter regret. I know I will always keep going for my passions but it is difficult to go at it alone. Some encouragement would be greatly appreciated from one artist to another. I await such encouragement with bated breath: just like I await my uni acceptance/denial.
    5001 Ridgedale Parkway
    Apt 220
    North Chesterfield, VA 23234

  • Lis Xu

    hey jeff! this is so nice of you to do :))
    I’m in my second year of illustration right now and really love it! I guess one really big issue I’m trying to work through is trying to not draw ~pretty things~ and actually learn how to draw well. it’s been sending me all over the place, and I’m becoming less focused on actual illustration versus making art now. I’m gonna keep working through it though!

    here’s my address:
    Lis Xu
    222 Elm Street, Apt 503
    Toronto ON
    M5T 1K5

    cheers :))

  • Lauren

    This project is amazing! I’m a design student in my last year of studies, and I’m currently working on a few things that are giving me an insane amout of stress, and am also burdened with fear of my quickly approaching post grad life. I need some encouragement to remind me that my hard work will pay off, and that I should let other talented people inspire me rather than make me doubt myself.
    2655 Harris St., Eugene OR 97405

  • Mono

    I need an encouragement because I’m thinking to stop doing what I have been doing half my life and move on to something else.

    (Can I email you my address? I’m a little weirded out if I have to leave my address online…)

    Thanks so much. Even if I don’t receive it in the end I still feel encouraged because you are doing this!

  • Jinx

    Currently listening to Martin Dupont in Metz, France. Sitting in my appartement that I can’t afford. I decided to move back to France two years ago & realized Psych/Sociology institutionalized wasn’t my thang, I rather keep my nose in books. So I dropped everything to travel arround, headed back to the States..worked as a waitress..and now here I am again in a different city in the same country. I’m 22 living off scratch and whatever my parents can spare (which is incredibly generous on there part). My best friend who is a photgrapher is leaving next year, claiming that school is stunting her inspiration and opertunities she has with a gallery down south. Often wondering what I’m doing as a first year student when I could have graduated last fall. Life is still breathless through it al though.

    I’d be delighted to recieve a incouraging letter from you <3

    Ambre Gilbert
    95 Rue Aux Arénne
    57000 Metz France

  • tia

    I am an Art teacher in a public school. Everyday someone tells me that my job isn’t important.
    this is a cool project have fun in Hawaii!

    8984 Myrtle Dr.
    Douglasville Ga. 30134
    thank you, Tia

    • lindee zimmer

      Tia your job is important!!!

      Coming from a Art Teacher

      • Sarah Blum

        Seriously! Art helps kids learn to be human beings and see the world through others’ eyes. There’s nothing more important than that!

    • disqus_0XpCcypyAk

      I work with art teachers and it is so so important, it’s essential for entering the world with an open mind and curiosity !

    • Michael Falck

      I love that you’re an art teacher! Tremendously important in my opinion and so many others’!

    • Marisol Cabrera

      Be encouraged! If it wasn’t for my high school art teachers, I would have given up on pursuing art all together and would have never seen the full potential of my abilities. Public school art teachers raise the next generations of amazing artists; I will be forever grateful for you all and the amazing skills you teach to young people everywhere.

    • lucindarosejones

      Two of the most influential ladies I’ve met have been my art teachers! Art gives people such a huge enjoyment and freedom, two things that are sure to engage young people in ways that other subjects can’t. You’ve got the opportunity to really connect with students which I would love to do one day either through art or photography!

    • Troy Mendham

      Tia you’re listening to the wrong people! Unfortunately the ones to listen to are your students who are prob too young or if they’re older, too oblivious to show you the appreciation you deserve. I went to a public school in Australia and am now many years later so grateful that I did have art teachers who gave a shit, despite I’m sure, the same pressures you’re facing. I’m lucky many years later to have told them how great they were and hugely important in my development. Not important huh? imagine a world without art in it?

    • Mille Cinq

      If not for art teachers, there would be no designers, no manufacturers, no jewelers… Those of us who work in creative industries draw our inspirations from the first lessons we learned in school.

    • Tasha

      Art really saved me in school. It is important.

  • John Philip Cornelius Suffren

    I am really broke and just spent my whole paycheck that I got today to pay my rent. I start working my third job today just to get ends to meet. I live in Norway where the weather is always terrible, I really wish I could be on a warm beach away from everyday troubles! I am applying for a BA in furniture design at the royal Danish design academy and really have to nail my application. Any kind words will help!

    Philip Suffren
    Elisenbergveien 37, 0265 Oslo

  • jaycie

    this is an amazing project. i guess ive been needing some encouragement as of late because im graduating college in about 6 months and my parents suddenly want me to go into a different career since the art field is not stable enough, or so theyve decided. i guess ive always had my doubts but sometimes it gets hard to keep going when youre the only one who believes in yourself. also, i think i want to drop my graphic design major and get into printmaking. something about making something you can hold and say “i made that” is just so fulfilling but i think it’s a bit too late to become a studio artist, academically. plus, design is probably still my number one passion. anyways, there’s just been a lot of confusion and stress with graduation coming up and things are getting real. some encouragement would be great!

    Jaycie Kim
    5960 Crestmont Dr.
    Chino Hills, Ca 91709

  • Ksenia Zake

    Well, guess an encouragement would be of great value here. I am a multimedia artist and art student, half through my MA. Just moved to Berlin for 5 months for an internship. Last year I made a short film that changed the way I see things, as if showing me clearly what I must go on doing in my life. It took great effort then to believe in myself. Now it feels like I should start working on the next project. But now it’s even harder for some reason to pluck up the courage. Another dream is to make a music video for DIIV and John Grant. Guess, the skills of offering and “selling” myself as an artist need a boost.
    I’m 27 and I have 3yo son. Most of all I wish that when he grows up he can be proud of his mom.
    Thank you for beginning this project, I admire the stuff you do.

  • Linda M

    Hi – I’d like to ask for some free encouragement for my partner, James. He’s an extremely talented photographer, but is stuck in a day job he’s not very fond of. Last week, his backup drive containing all of his photographs between 2011 and 2013 crashed. He’s feeling really down and losing hope that he’ll ever be able to do something meaningful with his art. Some encouragement from a stranger on a beautiful postcard would help immensely! Thank you :) – Linda

    Our address:
    1038 Union St. #2F
    Brooklyn, NY 11225

  • Esmé Wright

    Suffice it to say, I had an entirely life-altering situation happen and things are just now getting better after making some really hard decisions about where I need to be in my life. Winter here in NYC is getting into my bones, now. A little nudge from someone would do wonders to get me to spring after the last 6 months.

    I’ll be happy to return the favor, too, in the form of a hand-painted card.

    Esmé Wright
    114 Hall St
    Brooklyn NY 11205

  • birgif


    I can safely say I need encouragement because I am 1) an artist doing completely my own thing and 2) a graphic designer doing his final project.So I thought it would be a great idea to make the final project be the ‘identity’ of the #1 (artist) persona.So in order to make it happen I had to stop being in the role of the artist and start being in the graphic designer’s.The outcome of this is that I cant paint, I cant finish the final project and I am stuck in a inbetween situation where I cant do anything.

    I am 25 (in 2 weeks) and I need the encouragement for obvious unstucking reasons
    This project looks awesome.

    Efstathopoulos A.
    Ioanninon 4
    Athens 11146

  • lindee zimmer

    I am switching careers from Art Education to Web Design. It is a leap! Please help me close the gap. Thank you so much! Your rad.

    1205 Maple St
    Fort Collins CO 80521

  • Shelby Duckworth


    I am a freshman in college and trying to figure life out. It would be wonderful to receive one of your postcards. I love what you’re doing. Keep on!

    Shelby Duckworth
    90 Butterfield Terrace
    Amherst Ma, 01003

  • Andrea Montealegre

    I’m an Art Student in Rochester, NY having lived all my life in Nicaragua. I need encouragement.

    Andrea Montealegre
    00716 Nathaniel Rochester Hall
    Rochester, NY 14623

  • lunaloove

    It’s been raining for three weeks, and it really gets to me. I miss sunny and lazy days. I’m graduating in two months, and jeez, am I an adult already ? I’m very doubtful about my choice or my abilities to succeed, but oh well !
    Would love some sun from Hawaii (and I mean, look at that postcards set, James Jean is my hero).

    36 rue Renière
    33000 Bordeaux

  • Salvador Carrascosa

    I need encouragement to do some nice things, such as being more courageous, and I even need encouragement to stop doing some bad things, such as checking blogs while I’m at work.
    super nice project, thank you!!

    Salvador CF
    42 rue Jean Gayral
    31200 Toulouse (France)

  • Elaina

    Oh goodness, this is such a kind and wonderful idea. I could definitely use some encouragement too! As a sixteen year old with a possibly terminal illness, life can be a bit confusing. I was recently diagnosed with Juvenile Myositis, and I had to switch back to online schooling now that we’ve started treatment for it.
    (Freshman – public school, Sophomore- online school, Junior year – decided to try going back but had to switch due to weakness)

    Luckily, none of the nasty side effects have kicked in yet, but not much progress is being made either. I’m trying to stay optimistic, but it’s hard when you feel like you’re wasting your youth! The condition has made me really weak, so I don’t get out a lot.

    Art has always been one of my hobbies, and to stay productive and positive and general, I’ve been working on ways to try and start selling my art online. It’s been exciting and fun working on ways to make more practical art and actually see things be produced.

    Encouragement with any of these things would be great!
    Elaina Smith
    412 West 8th St.
    Winona, MN. 55987.

    • Tina

      Dear Elaina,

      your letter is touching, I’m wishing you all the best!! Checked your website, I like your doodle. Keep on rockin :) sending you much love from germany,

  • Aldo Martinez

    I need some encouragement to start an art career, to stop fearing it, and just do it. Aldo F. Martinez 10909 Gulf Fwy Apt 708 Houston, Tx 77034

  • Clara Báez Morandi

    I make videos. I like to make people smile and to make cool stuff. I’m saving to go to LA in Sep, study and have a year for of only making artistic stuff. But I’m also in love and away from him. And LA is even further. Exciting and scary times! Some encouragement would be nice :)

    12, Fernvale Drive
    Dublín 12

    • Clara Báez Morandi

      This is awesome, by the way! ♥♥

  • Lucy Sabatelli

    hey :)
    I’m in high school and going through boy problems and some confidence problems on my part. I’m also saving up for college. sometimes I just need some encouragement. I love that you are sending these postcards to people who need encouragement :) keep it up!

    Lucy Sabatelli
    25258 gold hills drive
    Castro Valley, California

  • Mitchell Kuga

    mercury is in retrograde :(

    218 Suydam St.
    BK, NY 11237

    • … F !

      • Marie V Fox

        IS IT EVER. Yeesh.

  • Shayda Omidvar

    I have been doing creative work for non-creative clients for the last few years and fear it is wearing down my will to experiment and push boundaries. I’ve also got a bad case of the daydreamer’s disease combined with winter blues making for a very unproductive waking life. A little encouragement to not buy the next ticket out of here would be nice (or encouragement to say yes to that plane ticket?).

    Thank you, I look forward to it!

  • I’m jobless and try to reignite my artist career… That’s not easy even if it fills me with joy.

    Boris Drenec
    130B, rue du vallon des auffes
    13007 Marseille

  • I am in need of some artistic encouragement. I have been painting since I was small, raised by a family of quiet artists… my studio is so full of work it is hard to work in there because I know my work is not being seen. Its stored, stacked wood panels that im preserving for some greater hope that one day my images will contribute something meaningful to the art world. I would be delighted ti hea4 from you.
    Looking for advise …kelsey anne heimerman, 2701 n bell, denton tx, 76201

  • Nathalie Williams

    I’m not happy with my current work situation and I can’t seem
    to find a place where I may want to make a difference. I don’t feel like I’m lost or that I need to find myself. I ‘m having a difficult time clarifying who I am and what I’m looking for. I feel immobilized by fear and the unknown.

    I’m participating in the Month of letters and it would be nice to get a little encouragement in the post. Thanks.

    Nathalie Williams
    3133 W. Augusta Blvd.
    Chicago, IL 60622

  • Jason Ackman

    Encouragement? WE ALL COULD USE SOME! As an artist and teacher there are days when I wonder what in the world I’m doing and why I’m doing it. It is during those difficult days when I really question my role, specifically my role as an artist. The time in the studio, away from the rest of the world can seem so pointless at times. It is in times like this where I could use a boost. Thanks
    Jason Ackman
    219 E. Washington
    Rushville, IL 62681

  • Carmen Stanciu

    First of all, your project is great! Second, I could use some encouragement right now, since I am an Art History major (hoping to become a really cool curator some day) working on my first ever art project and have to face a group of young artists for the first time, and can only hope for the best outcome. What if they don’t like me? Or if they don’t like the project? What if I fail miserably while lecturing about art? The anxiety is overwhelming…

    Karmen Stancu
    Serdar Janka Vukotica 22/38
    11000 Beograd

  • Michelle M

    I’m a little heartbroken and still searching for my purpose in life. I’d like to know not all is hopeless.

    2137 36th St Unit 1
    Astoria NY 11105

    Thank you for the kindness.


    This art thing is hard! I need all the encouragement I can get just to stay sane.


    Flat 4 Imperial Court

    36 Shepherds Hill
    N6 5WA

  • Carmen Jabier

    This sounds like an awesome project! I could really use some encouragement to help me finish off my final semester of university, as well as to give me some courage to step out of my comfort zone for my next step. I’m really excited for things to come, but ridiculously scared and I’m afraid that it could hold me back.

    Carmen Jabier
    308 Laurentian Ave
    Mississauga, ON
    L4Z 2S1

  • Guest

    Hi, I’m not sure if I can request one for my best friend.


    He’s having a hard time in school – the agony of studying something he doesn’t even enjoy in the least. He has one more year to go before he graduates, and I’m sure he could use some encouragement. Also, he needs to know that he’s wonderful and smart the way he is, even though the education system might not reflect so. But he is capable of doing so many brilliant things in life beyond lame textbooks.

    Ong Kai Zhi
    Elias Road Blk 611
    Singapore 510611

    Thank you!

  • lise g

    I could use some encouragement :) Lately I’ve been acting all shy around my friends, and I’m kind of mean when I do say something. I don’t even know who I am anymore. I’m just so dissapointed in myself.
    Lise Goossens
    Haleblok 13
    B-2640 Mortsel

  • evanjed

    Last week I quit my day job to focus on art. I’m not sure I’ll be able to make a living, but I know that my happiness depends on whether or not I spend the day working on art.

    evan jed memmott
    237 s Elizabeth st APT A
    SLC, UT 84102

    • Véro O

      I soooo agree with you!

      Love from France

  • Cynthia

    thank you for this lovely idea. i need encouragement on my next step. i’m in my final semester at uni, and feel overwhelmed whenever i think about what’s next. my heart is torn between two continents with people i love dearly.

    35 Gipsy Lane,
    OX3 7PT

  • ecklekctic

    i need encouragement that life has its own ways. that all the bad things, all the good things, all the surprises and all the shocks life gives us.. have their own reason beyond what we can see right away.
    inspiring project!,.i try to do the same for my friends when i travel.
    Carrer de La Mare del Deu de Pilar 24 3/2
    Barcelona 08003

  • CKG

    in October I had a serious injury that made me realize how much time I was wasting. I work in civil rights in Louisiana which means I feel good about my work, but I rarely leave time for myself. now that I’m back on the job, I find myself doing it again–long days, bad food, taking stress home with me. I’d love some encouragement to remember to take care of myself.

    colleen gielskie
    1237 desire street
    new orleans, la 70117

  • dcltexas

    I need encouragement because I realized that I have to put and love myself first and I haven’t done that in a long time. It’s a scary thing honestly.

    1640 Aquarena Springs Dr. #2203
    San Marcos, TX 78666

  • Sean Hutton

    I’m almost 21 and I feel my salad days behind me. I’m going to try to make a living as an artist, but I’m worried that the pressure of being a professional artist will stifle my creativity.

    Margaret McDonald House
    89 Buccleuch St
    Glasgow G3 6QT

  • Stu Duncan

    Hi there! I would love some encouragement as I’ve just been told I’m out of a job in 45 days and am thinking of using this as an excuse to do something more creative and less soul crushing :)

    Stu Duncan
    2 Sandby Road,
    NN18 9LP

  • Marie Young

    To encourage is to give active help or to raise confidence to the point where one dares to do what is difficult, which is where I am venturing right now in my life!

    Kind regards

    28 Keppel Road
    M21 0BW

  • Marie V Fox

    I am a painter living in the Canadian maritimes. Although I am struggling (on my own as an artist) I want to teach younger artists that we have our thing going on and encourage them to stay, or at least return and spread the knowledge. We could have our own new fresh scene here I believe! I guess I need encouragement….to encourage?
    Marie Fox
    272 Victoria S.
    E3B 1W3
    Fredericton, N.B.


    • Guest


      I thing thats a great idea and a very beautiful project!! I’m a painter and an actor student. Also I’m a young mail-artist. I’ll paint on the street- I dream a big white wall- but I had never do it before… I need encourage from you!

      thanks for all!

      Arnau Comas
      C/ Vilamarí 2, 5-1
      08015 Barcelona

  • Mallory

    I moved 7 hours away from all the people I love, to a city I have never been to. I am really trying to be here and focus on my art work. But it is so hard sometimes when you are missing home…

    81 Amory St. apt #3
    Boston MA 02119

  • Sarah Blum

    I work as a middle school teacher in an environment that is decidedly uncreative. I’m trying to be motivated to keep making art and perhaps incorporate that into my job by making children’s books. It’s really challenging to balance my time (12+ hours a day doing stuff for school), and I find myself pooped and in need of encouragement when I’m finally free to do creative stuff in the evening or on the weekends.

    My address is 939 Baltimore St, Hanover, PA 17331. I’d be so happy to hear something positive!

  • Yule Post

    I´m heading to a complete new city in a complete new country
    and all I´m focused on is getting to know myself and what I want to do and focus on the things that i love.

    Sounds great, but needs lots of encouragement!

    32 gordon grove northcote,
    victoria 3070, Australia

  • Jef Van den Bergh

    I’m jobhunting for a graphic design job, which is reason enough for some encouragement. But on top of that my car got stolen last week. Major bummer.
    But a sunny postcard from Hawaii can allways cheer me up.

    Jef Van den Bergh
    Dennenbos 7/1
    2450 Meerhout

  • Mareva

    Hello! It would be amazing to get some encouragement because I’ve been struggling with panic attacks for some time now and some days coming out of the house seems like the scariest and absolutely impossible thing to do. But I’m trying hard this year to finally go back to a life full of art, friends and good times and a little push would be great!

    Mareva Nardelli
    Holtsgata 7b
    101 Reykjavík

  • Emmanuelle Ly

    it’s such a beautiful project !!!!!!!!!!!
    Currently I’m turning around…And in one month I will have a surgical operation (a f***** bimaxillary osteotomy)…
    I think I really need en couragement from you please ;) Thx

    Emmanuelle LY
    26 rue Moncey
    69003 Lyon

  • Leslie Marin

    I am having trouble with school and figuring out what I want to do with my life and who I want to be. In addition to that, I’ve been struggling with some mental health issues that I know I need to address. Words of encouragement would be really nice and a postcard would be a great step towards filling my life with beautiful and inspiring things.

    Leslie Marin
    5420 fallingbrook drive unit 49
    L5v 2h6
    Mississauga, Ontario

  • Kenneth Prior

    I am transferring colleges next semester, it is going to be a huge jump going from a tiny liberal arts school to a large university. I am very much in need of encouragement right now, it is a very stressful time and I’m sure some kind words would cheer me up.

    Kenneth Prior
    Westminster College
    Olwell 304 E
    1840 S 1300 E
    SLC, UT 84105

  • Emmeline Illustration

    It would be so great to have a postcard of inspiration to go back to in tough freelance times. I’m struggling with a truly horrendous client at the moment and it’s really been making me question my creative career. Chipper words should keep me sunny.

    28, Buchanan Court, Buckshaw Village, Lancashire PR77AZ.

    Hoping I receive one!

  • Morven

    I’d love some encouragement. I’m an art student and have really been struggling with confidence recently, I feel like I’ve forgotten who I am and seem to have somewhat lost my love for making. I feel a bit lost.

    My address is:

    43 Garnethill Street,
    G3 6QD.

    Merci, this is a beautiful thing you are doing for others x

  • Emilio Sanchez de la Barquera

    thanks, i realised that the real encouragement it’s given by yourself.

    México :)
    camino real a tetelpan 141-8
    México,Distrito Federal

  • Suzanne Sinachack

    life in general. I love life – it’s just hard.
    601 12th Ave
    Franklin NE 68939

  • Anu


    doing university exchange – I’m super lucky and everything is great. However it would be nice to remember to be even more brave. (Plus it would be really sweet to be in Hawaii)

    All the best to you, this is an awesome project. Bigup!

    Szinyei Merse utca 5 III/19
    Budapest 1063

  • Oliver Surey

    As an art student, encouragement is always welcome and needed! But particularly now as I’m really trying to kick-start things with my website and my own independent work and there seems to be plenty of other students ready to criticise if you are just doing something different. An encouragement card would be awesome. Thanks!

    35 Braxton House
    Winnall Manor Road
    SO23 0LX

  • NIX

    This is a beautiful project indeed. Thank you for being so kind ;v; I’m currently trying hard to be self-motivated and not be my own emotional abuser. Things been getting tough with trying to persist with my own passion for art, especially with the constant worries about whether or not I’ll be able to fulfill my own expectations. If possible, I really do love a bit of encouragement.

    Thank you once again :)
    My address is:

    17 Barberry Pl, GV 218
    North York, ON
    M2K 3E2

  • Vicky

    I want to transform my outlook and the way I live from negative to positive! I need to make big changes and help the people I love make changes and move forwards too. I would love some encouragement to help me as this seems like an almost impossible task, but I’m tying anyway! My mailing address is

    Flat 3,
    7 Springfield Street,
    WN1 2NA

    Thank you!

  • Rzehn

    I’m trying to do what I really love, and trying to find time and energy to do it after working all day. Also, I hate cynicism these days.
    Thank you!

    Ruth Zehntner
    6369 normandy dr
    El Paso, Tx 79925

  • Lili Tóth

    I’m a 18 years old student, and I’m graduating this year. My dream is that I will be an artist, that’s why this year is important to me. I hope my grey and monotonous life will change. I’m on a rollercoaster of feelings, sometimes I feel that I’m special, but sometimes I feel myself alone, I can’t find my place.

    Csipke köz 13/b

  • Jack Clarke

    I’m a 1st Year Graphic Design student with an essay deadline coming up which is great but I need to interview a designer! Getting hold of one is really hard and I’m trying to persevere but it feels like no one wants a conversation these days. Hoping to hear otherwise:

    WG 61B
    Camberwell Campus
    SE5 8PX

  • Shaya

    I’ve just applied to some art schools and could use some encouragement to know that all the work I put into them was worth it. Cross your fingers for me, Jeff!

    Have a great time in Hawaii :)

    Shaya Ishaq
    Apt. 102 10 Stevens Avenue
    Ottawa, ON
    K1K 4M9

  • Scott Francis Davies

    What a kind project, great idea!
    I am applying to university (to start this September) as I cannot concieve a life without drawing and self expression, it feels like the next logical step. I have had to deal with that stressful process as well as handling a lot of home issues to then have to work to achieve a foundation art & design course, I’m burning out, it feels like I’m swimming against a current. I hardly feel the slightest bit ‘happy’ with a lot of the work I’m making lately, I can help feel that outside pressures are having an impact on my ability to work impulsively and freely. I need a break, some encouragement, I’d fully appreciate this little sentiment.
    54 Meaux rd
    Wawne village, Hull
    United Kingdom

    • Scott Francis Davies


  • Melissa

    Some kind words and a pretty picture would be lovely…I heart art and even if I’m not able to make a career out of it, I’m going to draw and paint until my fingers turn into nubs.

    Melissa Arendt
    P.O. Box 6206
    Auburn, CA 95604

  • catalina

    Lately I feel like I’m lost, like I couldn’t go back to be the person I once was. Since I can remember I’ve been drawing, all day long. It’s the only thing I’m good at. But suddenly I stopped and not for lack of interest, there’s nothing in this world I love more than making art. It’s just I’m blocked. I don’t know what keeps me from drawing again like I used to and someday become the artist I want to be. So I need some encouragement to keep going, to know that I can do it. And thank you for doing this.

    Catalina Marambio
    C/ zurbaran, 4, 1º D
    Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Tenerife, Spain

  • Chad Edwards

    I want to quit my job and get one that is related to my art/passion/creativity but it’s hard to do that with so many student loans to pay. I’m just trying to make the most of it and be as positive as I can. I want to be better than the situation I’m in.

    Chad Edwards
    5820 N Kenmore ave apt 104
    Chicago IL 60660

  • dnylla

    where to start? this whole month is out of wack for me. I teach kindergarten and the bad days (feeling overwhelmed, underappreciated, and crazed) are too common. in my side business, sewing and altering vintage clothes, I’ve felt particularly unmotivated and can’t seem to jump start my creativity. in personal matters, I’m going through a rough patch with my group of friends who seem more and more emotionally distant, and seemingly excluding me. any encouragement would be appreciated because lately, everything’s been a non stop bummer.

    Danyella Judson
    1236 Continental CT
    Tallahassee, FL 32304

  • Adam Cutts

    Awesome! inspiring to see some creativity within an already incredibly creative project. Working to stay creative myself, having decided against pursuing a career in art to do some community organization and public engagement for urban planning dorks! I love it, but am always in need of some encouragement to bring creativity to the table everyday – and also to never stop doing some art and design on the side to keep in touch with some pure creativity!

    Adam Cutts
    3667 rue Clark
    Montreal, QC
    H2X 2S1

  • Bryce Evans

    Last March I quit my job and ended up making the decision to pursue my passions in art and mental health full-time. I’ve been fortunate enough to have many amazing opportunities come from the move, but I’ve also been working temp jobs on and off to help pay the bills. Currently I’m in a longer term temp job to try and get back on my feet and I could use a little encouragement to help me break back into the realm of full-time art.

    Love this project idea, great work Jeff!

    Bryce Evans
    307 – 161 W Georgia St
    Vancouver BC

  • bexy

    Last year i quit my job to make my film. I spend the year driving around the states living in the back of a van with another film maker. We had zero money and were dealing with a sensitive subject matter in religious groups that often did not want us filming them.

    Its been really hard and we ran out of money. The film is halfway finished and I am back at my old job to try and raise the funds for the second half. I have to keep telling myself that its worth it, even though i feel like I am not making any progress as all I want to is make the film. I give myself a hard time. And at points I am struggling to keep the faith.

    Bexy Cameron
    11 Harvey House
    de beauvoir

    n1 5ne

  • Alexandra Warzee

    I’ve suffered with OCD and Social Anxiety Disorder most of my life, and depression since I was 15. I am now 18, and after getting into the college course of my dreams, and moving out of the hell hole of a small town I’d grown up in, my mental state has gotten worse. I failed out of my course because I cant function and I just lay in bed most days because I am too scared to start performing my lengthy, exhausting rituals. My doctors want to increase my antidepressants, with the risk of heart failure as consequence. I have been doing art for years but I cannot bring myself to do it anymore. I need a job but if I cant function, I can’t work, which means I keep putting my poor parents into debt.

    Alexandra Warzee
    394 Woodfield Drive
    Ottawa, ON, Canada
    K2G 3W9

  • Encouragement definitely sounds nice! One of my close family friends (who has basically been a grandmother to me) recently found out she has cancer; it’s pretty far along and there isn’t much that can be done. I’m just struggling between that and school stress. I plan to transfer to SAIC in 2015 from the school I’m at (saving money) and I just feel lost and unsure about the future. Especially because I’ll have to reapply and I’m worried about not getting in again. Thank you for doing such a sweet project.

    Claire Moreland
    823 Clareridge Lane
    Centerville, OH 45458

  • Melissa Mercier

    I could use some encouragement. I must finish executing my latest series and start printing the images! I can’t wait to show it to you.
    Have a fun trip.

    p.o. box 95095 rpo kingsgate
    vancouver‎ bc‎ v5t 4t8

  • disqus_0XpCcypyAk

    This is an amazing project. Reading the comments, it makes me want to write myself a postcard to some people, stories are so touching ! I work in an art institution, I love it and feel useful, but It’s not always easy and sometimes I feel overwhelmed and find it hard to keep a balance with my private life, sometimes I’m afraid the relation with friends and family will suffer from it. And someday, I hope I’ll be able to make my own artistic project, in a smaller scale, but more personnal.

    My adress:
    L. M.
    3 rue watteau
    appt 14
    59000 Lille

  • I am literally a starving artist, trying to find my way into a successful lifestyle without selling my soul. 6083 Ave du Parc, Montreal, QC, H2V 4H4

  • I am a starving artist trying to live a succesful creative lifestyle without selling my soul/dying from life failure. 6083 Ave du Parc, Montreal, QC, H2V4H4

  • Jeanne

    Because his bike has been stolen and we won’t see each other for two months again (he lives in california, I live in france), so some encouragements for my fiance from the place he was born will delight him. This is a wonderful project, thank you =)

    Kevin Ettl
    853 Buchon Street

  • Charlotte Howard

    I’m 24 and stuck in a dead end desk job. I haven’t traveled yet. I am not making art like I want to. I need inspiration to be more free. I don’t want the job, the relationship, or the need to please my family weigh me Dow. But it’s so scary to leave it all behind.

    1941 Earl Ave
    Knoxville TN 37929

  • Nalim Garzesi

    rum from chaos

    embaixador coelho de almeida, 44
    Brazil – 04355-020

  • cj

    I got laid off my job in oct because of a dui. I am now in debt thousands of dollars and have not been able to find a job. Art is my escape.
    14865 waverly downs way
    San diego ca 92128

  • Jonathan St Amant

    I would like encouragement for my comic and art series, Shelby and the Blooms to one day be featured on this website! I love this site, and frequently share the videos and art with my advanced 8th grade art students.
    525 Suzanne Rd.
    Walnut, CA 91789

  • Elissa

    My studio was broken into and then before I could even deal with that I got the flu. I feel weird putting my address up here but could certainly use some encouragement. thanks,
    Elissa ℅ Lyons
    440 Kent Avenue Unit 22B
    Brooklyn, NY 11249

  • Ryan Se

    I am trying to pay for college and get enough money to do my MA in contemporary photography, it’s all very hard.

    134, Barracks Street,
    Cork City,

  • Avery Fowles

    I dropped out of school so I could work more hours to afford aerial silk classes. I hope to join a circus one day! I’m still doubting myself about the decision though.
    Avery Fowles
    4010 Oak street
    Kansas City, MO

  • C.line

    To follow my heart and do the things I love
    108B Cotham Brow
    BS6 6AP

  • Pip

    I’m currently in the middle of a YCN, D&AD and a live Paperchase
    brief, whilst putting together a portfolio and applying for a year out
    in industry from my Graphic and Media design BA at LCC. All with a new
    brief being set tomorrow. The pressure is mounting and I would love some

    Pip Burrows
    47 Thurleigh Road
    SW12 8TZ

  • Mónica Reyes

    I got back on the saddle last summer after deciding to do what I love the most all over again. A bit of encouragement that will let me know I am on the right track is all I need. What a great concept. Thanks!

    Back Gallery Project
    602 E Hastings Street
    Vancouver, BC V6A 1R1

  • David

    I’m a 24 year old artist with a 9th grade education. I work full time as a barista, and while I’m trying to save to travel I am in the middle of dealing with thousands in debt. The only reason I want to travel is because I have no idea where I’m going in life. The only thing I know is I love making art, and artists with 9th grade educations don’t get taken all that seriously, so I’ve just been making personal work until I feel it’s good enough. I’ve been doing my part to avoid love for years because I’ve found there is more certainty and tangible reward in making work for myself. It hurts less. I’m aware it’s unhealthy but, again, I’m sort of stuck here.
    I guess this is normally where people ask for advice,
    but all the same I could use encouragement.

    David Granneman
    2325 Balaclava Street
    Vancouver, BC
    V6K 2C4

  • Arnau44Comas

    I thing thats a great idea and a very wanderfull project!! I’m a painter and an actor student. Also I’m a young mail-artist, I think mail art are something beautiful. . I’ll paint on the street- I dream a big white wall- but I had never do it before… I need encourage from you!
    thanks for all!

    Arnau Comas
    C/ Vilamarí 2, 5-1
    08015 Barcelona, Catalonia

  • artemis

    I am photographer living in Greece, which is going through a devastating economical crisis currently. I teach photography to undergraduate students and make about 150 euros (approximately 200 dollars) a month while the cost of my rent only is 300 euros. Being an artist in a country like Greece is merely impossible. Encouragement is more than welcome. Please..

    Artemis Pyrpilis
    Androutsou 20
    55132 Thessaloniki

  • adamvaudin

    This is rad! I’m learning to teach English so I can move to japan and the course is super intensive! I’m also working and writing a grant for art/publishing so it’s hectic but good hectic but hectic. Hawaii is my favorite place, went last January and I wanted to move there. So beautiful

    6 Fox’s Way
    CB23 7DL


  • Alex Manson

    I’m attempting to apply for a phd program in art and architecture and I have to complete the massive application in a few weeks. I’ve always wanted to continue in this field and i’m nervous about how my thesis proposal will be evaluated. I’m also working in Sweden while trying to learn Swedish and sometimes it’s is extremely frustrating, overwhelming and alienating to be so far from home in a new culture. (It can also be a great experience.) Thanks!
    Alex Manson
    C/O Ageborn-Hencher
    Prästgatan 32
    111 29
    Stockholm, Sweden

  • Alex King

    I just like postcards. And these look like particularly nice postcards. Any further inspiration than that would be an added bonus. Thanks.

    A. King
    Cressingham Cottage
    Weavers Hill
    West Sussex
    BN16 4BE

  • Laika

    I can’t stop thinking about the past .

    6831 Hanesbrook Cir Apt 201
    Clemmons, NC 27012

  • CurlyFries

    I would like some encouragement!
    I’m Aisha, I’m supposed to work on my graduation animation and thesis right now, but I can’t seem to get myself to actually start. I think it’s because I want to make something that will blow everyone’s mind and I don’t know how. Please encourage me to just start drawing!

    P.S. I love booooooom! You brought so many great artists in my life, thank you!

    Aisha Madu
    Eendrachtstraat 67
    8012 VW
    The Netherlands

  • Corinne Saunders Hersey

    Awesome A.J. Joel would be so stoked for you as am I. Entirely envious of your trip to hawaii but so happy for you. I have been wanting to write a book for years and have never tackled it. I would love encouragement! The same to you… This is an awesome project.

  • Lisa Gronseth

    I have been working on a project for a year without having finished a single painting because I am working on a new technique. Every day I learn something new about my materials and I am soooo close, but I need some encouragement.
    Lisa Gronseth
    1612 SE Spokane Street
    Portland, OR 97202

  • LexK

    Wow! I’ve admired your previous Pow Wow contributions, and this seems like a really cool direction.

    I’m in need of some encouragement because I am a student who is about to graduate. After 4 years of undergraduate education, I still feel at a bit of a loss for what I am going to do next. I’m very passionate about what I have studied and will be getting my degrees in, but also wish that I could make a career out of some of my more creative pursuits. The tension and pressure I feel about finding a job has been getting me down lately. A bit of encouragement would surely help a lot!

    Alex K.
    Box # 458
    524 Hagar Drive
    Santa Cruz, CA 95064

  • Jessy

    Wise words about the heart.

    J. AM
    1022 17th Avenue NW
    Calgary, Alberta

  • Chris Convery

    I think that this is a lovely project. I have little to worry about. I have a wonderful wife, a chubby cat and a warm roof over my head. That being said, life can feel unbalanced. Creativity can stall, and inspiration to do more than the “usual” can be lacking. any words or thoughts of encouragement are always appreciated. Take care and enjoy Hawaii.

    C. Convery
    6796 Village Green
    Burnaby, BC V5E 4K7

  • Danielle N. Simm

    Great idea! Currently residing in the concrete jungle playing the corporate game to support myself and my young spawn. I have finally decided to take the leap, move to the deep woods and go back to creating art. I feel in my gut that this is the right choice, but hard to keep my vision when others around me are not that supportive. Yes! I invite all encouragement!

    Danielle N. Simm
    76 Mission Rd SW
    Calgary, AB. T2S 3A2

  • susa

    First, lovely project! I would love some enouragement, lately I’ ve be en feeling really down, so much that I think of death constanly. I’td be nice to read a couple of nice words. Thanks!

    Susana Mayo
    Calle Moctezuma no. 45, Col. San Pablo Tepetlapa
    C.P 04620
    México, D.F

  • I love this! It’s so perfect for me right now too… I’m working on founding an urban mural artist collaboration team in Spokane, WA. I would love any and all encouragement! Getting community supported funding, dealing with insurance, and LLCs, and all the bullshit – is so overwhelming when we just want to paint murals and make our city better!

    Tiffany Patterson
    827 W 1st Suite 401

    Spokane WA 99201

  • Amy

    When I was in high school I made a goal: I was going to move to Canada from New Zealand. I saved, studied, worked my butt off and did everything I had to do to achieve it. Now Im in Toronto, Im struggling to survive/too poor to leave and I hate it. Nothing cheers me up except the hour or two I get at the end of the night where I get to sit down an let it all pour out onto paper in the form of weird drawings.

    I just need some encouragement to keep going, thats all.

    1/82 Beverley St
    Toronto, ON M5T 1Y1

  • Michael Falck

    Jeff – That’s such a beautiful idea! And in and of itself just encouraged me to get back to work – that’s the encouragement I need most every day.
    So thank you for such a positive and uplifting way to engage with your followers – from the heart.
    Now, if you have a spare card I would be thrilled to find one in my mailbox :) with the encouragement to keep listening to my heart.
    Mi Lo
    8440 Yucca Trail
    LA, CA 90046

  • Damon

    I’d like a postcard from you so I can stick it on my wall and look at it everyday when I get home from the job I don’t like and think, someone believed in me and they didn’t even know me. I want it to motivate me every time I look at it.

    Thank you.

    High Street
    SO14 2AA
    United Kingdom.

  • Breanna Denney

    I’m trying so hard to make it in life and be able to do what I love but it’s so hard to do that and be financially stable, and I find it incredibly discouraging. (I want to make and design quality minimalist and necessary human needs materials that are easily accessible)

    25 east quail street
    Sparks, NV

  • kevin layshock

    I would love some encouragement! I design at Phoenix Art Museum and moonlight fine art and illustration out of my garage. When will there be enough hours in the day? This is a magnificent idea, thanks for doing what you do.

    Phoenix Art Museum
    c/o Kevin Layshock
    1625 North Central Avenue
    Phoenix, AZ 85004-1685

  • Sofia Hardy

    I am always down for free encouragement.

    I’m Sofia, I’m a photography student studying in Chicago. Currently in my last semester and my plan is to hopefully move to New York in the fall and eventually go to grad school to get my MFA. Sometimes I feel like I don’t stand a chance with my art. I am talented but I feel like I’m not enough. I have been trying to get in touch with my favorite photographers on instagram but they have way too many followers I think all my comments and questions go unanswered because of this. Or I just don’t know, it’s silly but I just find these people so inspiring! I wish I could talk to them and talk to them about my work. Even just to work with them would be great because I think it is very important for artists to collaborate and create something mutually beautiful. I think I am just very afraid. I am very scared to go to New York because I’m just me, and New York is New York and how will I stand out? I’m very driven, but is it enough drive to survive and be happy. I don’t know.

    3304 W Schubert Ave. Apt, 3J
    Chicago, IL 60647

  • Cristina Pastor

    Someone once said “Work dignifies man”, who the hell said that?!
    I need to find a balance between work and life. HELP.

    Cristina Pastor
    San Vicente Ferrer, 44, 4º izq
    28004 Madrid

  • Madison Blades

    I’m in my last semester of art school and after nine years of college I feel like I still don’t know what I’m doing. My art and design has come to a standstill in the last few years and I need encouragement to break out this lull. My boyfriend (also an artist who needs encouragement at this time on his screen printing career) and I are visiting Hawaii in May and are sad to miss the live pow wow events but will be definitely checking out the finished products.

    Madison Blades and Chris Jones
    6255 Rose Street
    San Diego CA 92115

  • potus

    My job is super hard I can’t get anything done because people wont work with me!!!!!!

    1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500

  • Ines

    Hello! I’d like some motivation please!
    In 2012 I finished my illustration degree in Cambridge and tried to get a job up until December of that year. I had no replies, not even negative. I couldn’t afford my rent and was living at my friend’s place. I tried everywhere, not just in arts, just so I could stay in England where my closest friends and my boyfriend are, but since I had no previous job experience no one would take me on. I’m Portuguese and in January 2013 I had a nervous breakdown, had to move back with my parents in Portugal and couldn’t draw anything for a whole year. Just doodling brought me to tears. Somewhere along the day I picked myself up and got a job as an English teacher and recently I’ve started doodling again. It would be nice to have some encouragement in order to be able to pick up the pace again and try my luck again as an illustrator.
    Would be great to get some support! This project is a great idea by the way, good luck!

    Quinta da Beloura,
    Rua Mato da Mina 42
    2710-692 Sintra

  • erica phillips

    This is am amazing project. I’m trying to finish up my undergrad thesis project right now, and I’ve lost motivation. I’m exploring how to connect Vancouverites through stories, and these postcards are a really cool example of that. I’d love some encouraging words to get me excited about my work again.

    Erica Phil
    1913 Scotia st.
    Vancouver, CA
    V5T 3K7

  • Jeanne Heo

    Been unemployed since July, and have been going through an emotional rollercoaster because of it. Some weeks I’m optimistic and take this as a blessing in disguise. Other weeks I’m so paralyzed by the dark cloud. Feel like I’m stuck, wasting away while everyone else is moving forward.

    701 S. Hobart Blvd #104
    Los Angeles, CA 90005

    Thank you. Sincerely.

  • Nina

    I’m studying Journalism in London at the moment, and am finishing in a few months. As much as i try to tell myself i’m not scared of what’s to come, i know i secretly am, although i’m slowly learning to accept the unknown and go along with the ride. What i’d really love to do is write. An encouraging word from a stranger would be the most inspiring thing for me at the moment!

    My humble abode –

    Flat G03, Adelaide Wharf
    120 Queensbridge Road
    Hackney, London
    E2 8EZ
    United Kingdom

    I’ll be rummaging through my postbox every day for the next few weeks

  • Katherine Mitchell

    This sounds like exactly what I need! Really struggling with my photography degree at the minute and it’s making me sad that I don’t love it as much as I used to. Such a sweet idea!

    Katherine Mitchell
    6 ash grove
    Hyde park
    LS6 1AY

  • Amber A. Krueger

    I think I always need some encouragement. I’m 24. I am an artist. I have been working silly jobs. I have been single foreverrrr. I just got a puppy. Life is hard. And this is great. Ha.

    209 south broom st.
    Madison. Wi. 53703

  • Russell

    I’m an aspiring artist in Singapore, struggling to find a style/voice for myself. I’m trying to not think about it so much and focus more on finding concepts and ideas, but at the end of the day it seems that those with distinct styles often get the most recognition. On top of that, since the boom of Instagram and other media platforms, I feel like a little fish in a vast ocean of creatives. There’s always the fear of being overlooked or forgotten.

    10F Bedok South Ave 2

  • Alejandro Giraldo

    I´ve been trying to work as a freelance illustrator for a couple of years, it´s my dream, it´s what makes me happy, but lately I haven´t received any freelance work, I don´t really wanna look for another job wearing a suit and working for other people in a boring office, I really need to be making art but sometimes you realize that you need money to pay your rent.
    It doesn´t matter if I don´t receive a postcard. I just wanted to tell somebody how I feel, thanks for this space.
    I promise I´ll never stop making art.


    Alejandro Giraldo
    Circ 73# 34-47
    Medellín- Colombia

  • Sburke

    I’m from Honolulu and every year wish I could be home for Pow! Wow! but instead I’m caught in the Berkeley rain, trying to muster up the motivation to finish my thesis so that I can graduate from college with honors and make my mama proud. Please send me some Aloha!

  • Jason Chang

    I need some encouragement. I’ve 31 years old and I’ve been unemployed for over 8 months now. I keep going to interviews and falling out of contention at the last stages. Unemployment insurance has ran out and I’m starting to lose a but of hope. I have some possibly solutions later in spring but I’m really not sure how I’ll last the next couple of months.

    My address is:
    Jason Chang
    20-35 Crescent St., #2A
    Astoria, NY 11105

  • Casandra C Cisneros

    I quit a very high paying job to pursue a career in film and to regain my sanity. Making that move has caused me to have to give up my apartment and a majority of my belongings. Although I’ve found comfort in couch surfing and feel liberated, I often struggle with regret. Having zero money and not being able to support my loved ones makes me wonder if I’ve made the right decision. Everyday I try to remind myself that my happiness means more than any dollar amount, but when you’re hungry it’s hard to be positive.

    Casandra C
    716 south Los Angeles st #205
    Los Angeles ca 90014

  • Nate

    I live in a very cold place. I have found the excessive indoor, sedentary time very creatively and emotionally challenging. I should have energy to move about and explore but find myself lethargic more often than not. Help!

    Nate Mosseau
    80 Ward St.
    Burlington VT 05401

  • Boo Dillon

    This is the most glorious of projects!! I need encouragement because after giving up my well-paid job to retrain as an illustrator for 3 years, I’m now loose out in the world and my fear and lack of focus is stopping me from getting the business I’ve been dreaming of for so long, actually off the ground . I’m stuck fast and could really do with a good friendly shove… I am Boo Dillon and my address is: 8 Newtown Gardens, Henley on Thames. Oxon RH91EH United Kingdom. I hope Hawaii is as wondrous as it sounds… X

  • ohdear

    Hi! My name is Jessica and I could use some encouragement.

    I’m a single mother of four struggling to make ends meet. I just got a new promising job but it hasn’t taken off yet so my family is still teetering on the brink of homelessness, waiting for money to roll in.
    At the same time, my longterm lifetime goal is to become a published author. I feel like this dream has been pushed to the back burner in recent years and my current job, while promising to be lucrative, does not fulfill me creatively.

    I’m also going through a break up. :(

    401 e. Castle Place
    Charleston SC

  • Rachel Frankel

    This couldn’t come at a better time. I currently work as an administrative assistant at an ad agency in hopes that it will be a good foot in the door for my own creative career (my dream is to be a freelance illustrator). Some days are okay, but most days are thankless and I feel a bit invisible.

    My address:

    5136 Clarke St., Apt. B
    Oakland, CA 94609

    Thank you, thank you for such a sweet and thoughtful idea.

  • scott dye

    I’ve got too many ideas and not enough time or money. All I want to do is make art and live off of it!

    Scott Dye
    3311 West 2nd Ave
    Durango, CO 81301

  • chelsea harlan

    As an aspiring comedienne / landscape architect, I’m always trying to share some lightness and see the good in everything around me. It cheers me up to cheer others, you know? It takes knowing some deep deep darkness to know lightness, though, and the winter doldrums, among other things, have really got me down. This is exactly the kind of supportive project that I enjoy doing myself— would wholeheartedly appreciate even if just to get a little hand-drawn smiley face from another optimistic bird-of-a-feather. :)

    538 Lafayette Ave
    Brooklyn, NY 11205

  • Scott Aguayo

    I’m struggling with creative confidence, perfectionism, anxiety and depression. who isn’t, right? the only way to be the next paul mccartney or dieter rams is to not want to be the next paul mccartney or dieter rams. it’s all a big cluster fuck.

    Scott Aguayo
    12226 Washington Pl.
    Culver City, CA 90066
    US of A

  • Flinder Zuyderhoff-Gray

    Hi. What a great idea, I really like this kind of thing!! How exciting. I’d love some encouragement, for taking risks (about to make a big move) encouragement for being vulnerable (been scared to be in the past) and for the importance of art in the world (deep;). Or just write me something incredibly romantic/beautiful for my broken heart… And for rainy days. So basically encouragement for art and love. Boooooooom makes me smile. Wanna surf in Hawaii someday. Bisous from southern Mexico xxFlinder

    12 Chemin Bisson
    Chelsea, Quebec
    J9B 1T9

  • disqus_sgR56qSxr5

    How wonderfully inspiring! I’ve been trying my best to keep my chin up, but a little extra encouragement is always appreciated, so here goes…
    I moved from my hometown of Vancouver to a rural village in the West Kootenays. I’ve left all of my comforts – family, friends, and my community – to do what I can to help out with an ailing heritage site. It is a privilege and an honour, but at times I am consumed by an overwhelming sense of self-doubt and fear. The scale of the work is beyond what one person can manage, yet I know it’s got to start somewhere.

    Thanks! And keep up the great work!

    PO Box 187
    New Denver, BC
    V0G 1S0

  • Daniella Mowbray

    Im studying to become an industrial designer and of late have been feeling extremely discouraged and lost not knowing where I should focus my learning efforts through the design process. I am just starting out and am so determined to learn and grow that the lack of direction without feedback is frustrating to fight through.

    Im at:

    292 Main St
    Ottawa, ON

  • Jessica Cuevas

    I am a senior undergraduate graphic design major. This semester has been the toughest of my life. I am currently taking 18 credit hours and unlike my last semester with 18 credit hours, I feel like I cannot handle the work. I am beginning to have doubts in my ability. Most days I feel so overwhelmed with stress that I want to just lay in bed and give up. This is the thing I am most passionate about, but now it feels like I have lost all motivation and energy.

    Jessica Cuevas
    624 Virginia Street
    Joliet, IL 60432

  • Sandra

    i love this idea!! I recently ended a long term relationship to strike out on my own and see what the world has to offer me, and to see what i can also offer to the world. I am excited about this next course, however endings are always scary, and as much as i focus on the new beginnings, fear keeps creeping back in. This is a wonderful project you are taking on and I wish you all the best with it! my address is po box 283, jasper AB, T0E 1E0
    sandra :)

  • Catherine Lamme

    When I was little, I was told that I would be an explorer and see many things. But as I have gotten older, I have been focused on the rat race and advancing my career in psychology. But over the past several months, I have felt the need to change my life towards travel. But I don’t know how I would do it or afford it. I am worried that I have worked so hard to just change it all again.

    My address is:
    1443 Thomas Ave
    San Diego, CA 92109

    This is an amazing project and I am amazed by goodness every day!

  • taryn

    i could always hit my stride before…i feel lately like i’ll never get out of the slump i’m in now. i thought i was making the right decisions but now i’m not so sure.
    2105 e shelby
    seattle wa 98112

  • Michelle Mateo

    I majored in studio art at UCSD & now that I graduated, I found a job working on boats full-time (completely unrelated, excluding the design element). I actually miss school & being with my peers. I try to keep ideas going, but I feel that I’m losing touch with my practice :C

    10324 Lake Ridge ct
    Spring Valley
    ca, 91977

    • Michelle Mateo

      ps. working on boats pays the bills, but I lost the motivation to keep going with art.

  • Liana Kaula

    when you just dont know which road to take – continue the stable, promising, corporate hospitality job in LA or explore an unknown, unscripted lifestyle sans English in Taiwan?

    writing this out, it seems so clear, obviously i should explore the world, but is it really that easy?

    Liana Kaula
    432 Amherst Drive
    Burbank, CA 91504

    -___- ; even if i dont get a postcard this was awesome and clarifying, so thank you. its real legit of you to include those who cant attend pow! wow! because it looks uhmazing. also you’ve got great penmanship!

  • E.Y.

    hey jeff, awesome project!!
    I’m in my last semester of college, getting ready to graduate with an art history + urban design degree. I keep assuring my friends that it’s so exciting to not be living around what job we can find after May, but the repetition of that sentiment now is making it less comforting and more worrying. I’m at a point where I am fairly happy with what I’ve learned and felt in school, like my home, have a few solid friends, eat good food and stay healthy, but balancing everything feels so regimented. When I let one thing flow on its own, everything else feels so behind and overwhelming. I’ve been trying to get craftier, starting a zine + drawing more, but I keep feeling guilty when I do it for too long.

    hope you have a good time in Hawaii!
    145 Borinquen Pl.
    Apt 8
    Brooklyn, NY 11211

  • Michael Cotter

    What a great idea! I’m currently writing and working on a few fiction short stories as part of a portfolio for graduate school. I love writing and hope to be published someday. This last year has taught me a lot about the craft of creative storytelling and life in general, but there are still days when I’m face to face with the dreaded blank page and the feelings of insecurity and doubt in my abilities creep in. I could sure use some encouragement to finish my portfolio and begin this new and exciting chapter in life.

    Mike Cotter
    73 Billings St
    Sharon, MA 02067

  • Sarah

    I’m a second year art student, who due to chronic Lyme disease has had to cut back on school courses in the past year. I love my school, I’m here because the only time I feel whole is when I’m creating. However, a year into this battle I’m having to face with Lyme disease, I’m tired. I’m tired of not being able to work full days in the studio, to be among my creative peers and bounce ideas off them, of not being able to pull a simple 8 by 10 print through my screen because I’m too weak. I’ve found myself doing less and less sketchbook work and being less interested in both my studio and academic work. This is killing me, my art has always been my outlet, my safe place, the one thing that made life okay and now I feel as if I’m losing all that because being sick and unable to to the work I want to do is so damn discouraging.
    Anyways, I could use a little bit of encouragement.
    Sarah Clark
    415 1445 Marpole Ave
    Vancouver, B.C
    V6H 1S5

  • rhiamarath

    nice project! i am a student working to try to finish my bfa, everyone always seems to have a lot of advice, but somedays i could really just use some sweet, sweet encouragement. so thank you!
    r, rathwell
    2427 26 street sw
    calgary, ab

  • Abby Knoll

    This is such a neat project! I am going to graduate HS this spring and am feeling beyond excited as well as terrified as I enter this new chapter of my life. I would love a note of encouragement as I leave this fall, and move across the country, leaving my home behind. Thank you so much!

    40319 Iron Liege Ct
    Leesburg, VA 20176

  • Ian Winship

    I feel like I came a bit late to this post but, I’d still like to try. I am a couple years out of college and I’ve decided I want to follow my dream of being a novelist. I wrote a first draft of my first novel during the fall of last year but, I am having trouble editing it to completion. If you or the people you meet have any words of encouragement that would be awesome.

    Ian Winship
    PO Box 365
    Hatfield Ma 01038

  • mirabelle

    I am a seventeen year old girl in my last year of school and I’m unsure about where to go next year and what to do and everyone else seems to have it all figured out.

    It’s such a lovely thing that you are doing.
    Here is my address, if you have any postcards left:

    M. E
    25 Jason Street
    New Zealand

  • I’m a happy father, since 5 months, but as an illustrator getting it all together isn’t easy, and i had a bit a depressing 2 months financially. started to doubt if i’m doing the right thing with my life and if drawing is ok. could use some encouragement from hawaii.

    Matthias Leutwyler
    Obergrundstrasse 21
    CH-6003 Luzern

    • Gaia Alba

      Matthias! your works are amazing, please don’t give up as an illustrator! :)

  • Oliver Herlitschek

    Hi Jeff,

    Great initiative, I hope you’re having a blast. Here in Denmark, everything’s cloaked in a grey mass of polluted snow, and it’s pretty dark and cloudy all the time. I can’t wait to get out in the sun and make movies, but it’s so hard to find the creative energy right now. It’s probably just the weather.

    Have fun on sunny Hawaii! Cheers!

    Frederikssundsvej 118C st. th.
    2700 Brønshøj

  • Jac

    I’m an artist and first year graduate, with such great opportunities/ work/ motivation this year. I’m also seven months pregnant! I could do with some encouragement that I’m not crazy, and I can keep doing what I love and moving forward, and be a new mother as well. x

    my address is:

    29 Central Ave
    QLD Australia 4064

  • Maren Winkler

    This sounds like a beautiful project!! I am indeed in need of encouragement as I often feel insecure and unloved. I try to telll myself that I am just as valuable as anyone else in the world but I find it hard to convine myself.
    Swinemuender Str. 19
    10435 Berlin

  • Telmo Cendán

    I have a job and a stable life, but I feel like my dreams are still unfulfilled. I’m stuck in the monotony and I dare not leave for fear. I need strength to change my way.

    My adress:

    Calle Castelao 55, 4ºA
    27001 Lugo

  • Elissa Gibb

    I’m a student currently studying abroad in Rome, Italy! It’s exciting and almost too inspiring. Being in a big city and surrounded by so much beauty and history, I’m a little overwhelmed. I’ve gotten a lot of ideas but am having a difficult time motivating myself to put any of them down on the page.
    I love this project idea – I send postcards and letters to my friends all of the time, but it’s always so much more exciting to receive a piece of mail, no matter how big or small.


    Elissa Gibb
    Lungotevere Arnaldo da Brescia, 15
    00196 Rome, Italy

    Lots of love from ROMA!

  • maria assumpcao

    wonderful idea! It makes me want to draw a postcard to some people around the world…
    I am sad. My ex husband died this week and I feel like a piece of my life went away with him. My happy youth, my young romance…
    far from Hawaii, here in Brasil, I love the sea
    I admire your work and hope to keep in touch.
    best, Maria

    my address:
    Maria Assumpcao
    Av. Caxingui, 191 # 184
    CEP 05579-000
    Sao Paulo – SP

  • David WallB

    I’m trying to pave my way out of a data-heavy job, with a lousy-ass boss, with my photography. I will get waves of helplessness where my productivity drops off – I am riding the crest of one of these waves right now. Would love some encouragement!!

    Great idea!

    33 Albert Road
    Penge, London,
    SE20 7JW

  • Adrienn Józan

    I need encouragement to post my address online. Couldn’t it be put into a bottle and thrown into the Atlantic? (Would that be harmful for nature? If so, please don’t.)

  • gabriella corbett

    Hiya Jeff!

    This is such a lovely project from you!
    I would appreciate some cheeky encouragement for my final year of university, where I’m swamped with work and am just desperate to go back and work where I did my year in industry, working in graphic design and packaging! Writing dissertations is not my idea of heaven. Despite this, scared to graduate and start out officially in the design industry!

    gabriella corbett
    Flat 27, Headlingley Rise,
    Hyde park, Leeds,
    LS6 1EE,

  • Lotus Elite

    I am also a arts teacher. Right now I am launching my little gallery called 404 in my house in downtown Bremen, Germany. We start things up with a group of Comic and print artists from belgium.
    As my gallery-loo is still missing a proper door and one room still needs to be cleared and painted, lighting needs installation and invitations and pressstuff needs to be done before we can finally hang some works and launch a website.
    Give me the final kick for all the stuff that lies ahead.

    Johannes Wissing
    head of 404 gallery
    Hegelstr 38
    28201 Bremen

  • Guest

    I am also an arts teacher. Right now I am launching my little gallery
    called 404 in my house in downtown Bremen, Germany. 5th of May we will have the first opening. We start things up
    with a group of Comic and print artists from belgium.
    my gallery-loo is still missing a proper door and one room still needs
    to be cleared and painted, lighting needs installation and invitations
    and pressstuff needs to be done before we can finally hang some works
    and launch a website.
    Give me the final kick for all the stuff that lies ahead.

    head of Gallery 404

    Hegelstr 38
    28201 Bremen

  • jenn

    This is so super wonderful, hope I’m not too late for this. I’m 19, in my second/last year at community college and I’m planning to make the switch and transfer out next semester. I’m feeling overwhelmed and drowning in the decision to choose a major/career path. I don’t know where I’m going or what I’m doing; all I know is that I want to keep creating. The amount of talent already in the art field is intimidating and I don’t know if I’m cut out for it sometimes, but I can’t see myself doing anything but art. I think I want to be an illustrator but I’m not quite sure, I know I definitely want to get into tattooing but it’s all just so huge and overwhelming. The mere idea of having to throw a portfolio together is daunting. I sometimes struggle to find the inspiration or motivation to keep drawing and sculpting and writing, even if only to crank out a poem or bring myself to scribble some loose doodles into my sketchbook. I would really appreciate a bit of inspiration and encouragement right now. Thanks! ((710 Alhambra Ln, Hoffman Estates, IL 60169))

  • I need encouragement as I sit here working in my office, snow outside, 15 degrees wishing I was in Hawaii with all of you.

    Zach Tutor
    PO Box 510
    Oxford, MS 38655
    United States

  • Stephanie Sutton

    I’m currently in art school and every time I learn more techniques and “rules” about making art I feel less educated and more stifled to the point where I do not want to make any of my own art anymore and it’s really quite saddening.

    Stephanie Sutton
    8 Knollwood Rd
    Hackettstown Nj

  • Amanda Ang

    Hi, this one is for my best friend.


    He’s having a hard time in school – the agony of studying something he doesn’t even enjoy in the least. He has one more year to go before he graduates, and I’m sure he could use some encouragement. Also, he needs to know that he’s wonderful and smart the way he is, even though the education system might not reflect so. But he is capable of doing so many brilliant things in life beyond lame textbooks.

    Ong Kai Zhi
    Elias Road Blk 611
    Singapore 510611

    Thank you!

  • Greg Krider

    The timing of this couldn’t be more perfect. My wife and I just got married this past November and went to Hawaii for our honeymoon. We loved it (who wouldn’t?), but that was the last time we’ve been able to enjoy our new life together. Our jobs have taken over our lives, hers especially. She wanted to be able to have a fulfilling life outside of work and look forward to planning a family and building a future. Now she can barely manage to get through the week without feeling beaten down on a daily basis by her boss and work environment. She wants to move on, but has lost her sense of worth at what she does because of this situation. I tell her how amazing she is at her job and that she has so much to offer, although I know I sound like a broken record (and I’m a little biased). She’s such a kind-hearted person that does so much and cares so much for everyone around her. She deserves so much more than what she has to deal with now at work…just being treated as a human being would be a good start. Anyway, if you could send some encouragement from one of our favorite places, it would be such an uplifting surprise for her. It would also cement Hawaii as the ultimate “happy place” to go to in her mind!

    And even if you can’t get to it, thank you for coming up with such a wonderful idea!

    Her name/address:

    Julie Krider
    1755 York Ave. 11F
    New York, NY 10128

    • wow, i just make a post for some encouragement for my boyfriend. you’re a great husband for thinking of your wife. hopefully she gets something nice from hawaii! hell, i might just write. maybe texas is her #2 (:

      • Greg Krider

        It’s great that you put in a request for your boyfriend! Great minds think alike, right? :)

        Thank you for such kind words…and for even the suggestion of writing. We’ve both only been to Texas a couple of times, but who knows…it might be time to go back and make it her #2!

    • Véro O

      I’m in!!
      Would you like a post-card from France?!

      • Greg Krider

        That would be fantastic!! It’s very kind of you to offer and she would really love that. Thank you so much!

      • Véro O

        Deal!! I’ll take care of it during the week-end!

      • Greg Krider

        That’s great! Thank you again!!

  • Tyler

    My wife is an amazing artist and person and could DEFINITELY use some encouragement. She graduated with an MFA 3.5 years ago, we moved to NYC 2 years ago, and with an MFA she can’t find work at all. She wants to teach art. On top of that for even longer she has been depressed and down on herself. It has gotten so bad that she hasn’t allowed her creativity to come out in a very long time, the thing that makes her happiest. Please tell her how amazing she is because she doesn’t seem to get it these days.

    156 Freeman St Apt 3L
    Brooklyn, NY 11222

    • Melanie_Christine

      Hi Tyler,

      This may seem a bit odd. But, I am also an artist in Brooklyn. I am always looking for support or new artistic perspective from other creatives in this crazy city. I’ve been here for 2 years now and I definitely know how rough it can be, I’ve been through a ringer of doubts. I’m not sure how big her creative support system is, but if she ever wants to get coffee or go to an opening, etc. have her give me a hollar.

      This is actually something I found just recently:


      All the best,


  • Blanca Robel

    Hola! I need some free encouragement. This is a wonderful project that can only have been done by even more wonderful people. I have a degree in fine arts and now im
    studying for be an art Teacher. I’m at that point in my life where I do not know what to do with my life. I want to move, I want to breathe, I want travel, I want to be that person who used to be before. I want to give back to all the good that art has
    given to me. I think that we would be nothing without that force which tells us: Do it! Create! Live!

    Blanca Rodríguez Beltrán
    9 y 11 Recogidas Street, 4H
    18005 Granada,

  • Lisa B.

    My husband and I are musicians. These days it seems as though nobody is demanding classical music and opera in their lives. Our audiences have been growing greyer and greyer. Support (private, corporate, government) for the performing arts is shrinking. It would be so encouraging to know that someone out there understands that so-called “culture” is the bedrock of society–NOT a waste of resources. What could possibly be wasteful about joy, beauty and intellectual stimulation?

    Lisa Batchelder
    8 Dartmouth Rd.
    West Orange, NJ 07052

    P.S. Tia, don’t believe for a minute that your job as an art teacher is unimportant. You’re on the front lines–I applaud you!

  • Holly Prochilo

    trying to launch a pattern business based on my art so I can stop waiting tables and earn money by making art. Just had a baby and want to show her you can do what you love in life!!
    Holly Prochilo
    229 S 3rd st
    apt 9
    brooklyn ny 11211

  • Jo

    I’m determined to get one piece of writing, no matter how small, submitted and published this year. Any encouragement would be much appreciated!

    38 Barton Ave. Apt. 5
    Toronto, Ontario
    M6G 1P3

  • alison Klein

    I’m an art student going to school right now. Ive been struggling with my focus, and am currently debating whether to continue doing Industrial Design, or turn towards a more fine arts path, maybe sculpture or drawing.

    Alison Klein
    11331 Juniper Road
    Taplin Hall #417
    Cleveland, OH 44106

  • mike melvin

    mike melvin
    Michael E. Melvin
    809 W. Illinois St.
    apt. 9
    Urbana, IL 61801

  • Tobias Bauer

    I need to be encouraged! I pray that you ship internationally.

    Tobias Bauer, Postvägen 17, 43962 Frillesås, Sweden

  • This is for my boyfriend of 7 years. We’ve been though A LOT during our time in Miami, Brooklyn, and now Houston, but he’s dealt with a bit more hardship than I have. While I encourage him as much as I can, I feel that sometimes reassurance from outsiders gives him more of a boost since they’re not part of his every day life.

    He is a talented illustrator/freelance designer that’s at a crossroads and is thinking about changing and leaving what he’s always done for other career goals. I feel that he is happiest when making art, so maybe he could always have a little time for it no matter what he decides to do; but your message, should you choose to write, is up to you. (:

    Yonis Kintero
    25335 Budde Rd. #635
    Spring, TX 77380

  • Bea

    Im in my final year of school, Im doing thesis this year, and Im staying back another extra year to finish the rest of the mandatory courses I need in order to graduate. I am so stressed out with school and the pressure of what I need to do after… and how I’m going to pay my debt. I’ve been so focus in school that I’ve neglected my friends and my families. And all I want is for some one to tell me that everything is going to be okay through a clever joke.

    9 Candy Courtway, Toronto, ON, M2R 2Y7, Cananda

  • Bea

    Also, I just want to say thank you, and how wonderful this idea is. Seeing it on instagram already puts a smile on my face.


    Realising that work is a lot harder than my degree is so soul destroying, I’m lacking in any motivation to work harder to not only be the best person I can be but to also keep developing my art to a point that I enjoy and don’tt not hate everything I produce.

    3 davenport park road
    United Kingdom
    Sk2 6ju

  • Joooooooy

    Because sometimes taking it one day at a time is the hardest thing to do…

    I’m gonna email my address to Jeff Hamada directly.

  • katie hope

    Its always lovely to receive encouragement but lovely to give it as well! I am interesting in sending some postcards! Once the 100 cards are gone please let me know and I’ll be happy to send some cards on Booooooooms behalf ( crediting the project of course.) This project has encouraged and inspired me on many levels! Great idea :) xx

    Katie Hope
    548 Kenmore Ave
    Baton Rouge, La 70806

  • Casey Brockette

    I’m a sophomore in college studying art and lately I’ve been feeling pretty unmotivated when it comes to my own creative work. I’ve been under a lot of stress lately and I guess I would just like to know that what I’m doing is of some importance.

    Casey B.
    931 Greenwood Avenue
    Apt. 3
    Ann Arbor, MI 48104

  • Star

    I’ve been on a mission since last year I quit my day job for my creative side , I need some positive vibes to keep going and know what I do will be awesome one day!… I do it all photography , fashion, and art .. Even with a positive mind encouraging words are always awesome .

    Po box 2208
    Sun City Ca 92586

  • lucindarosejones

    Hi guys, I am sooo in need of some encouragement right now! I’m nearing the end of my Photography degree and I’m so scared I won’t do well, and I know I have the ideas but I don’t have the self belief to create, I think I procrastinate a lot out of fear of failing and being proved that I’m no good.

    Lucinda Jones
    11 Whitecote Gardens
    West Yorkshire, UK
    LS13 2HZ

  • SylvieLissa

    I love this idea! I’m a jewelry and metalsmithing major and I need to get my butt in the studio WAY more than I do now. I love what I do but am struggling with motivation right now.

    Sylvie Lissa
    141 Golden Rod Ln
    Apt 5
    Rochester, NY 14623

  • Crystina Dang

    This is an amazing idea, ive recently started sending hand written letters to close friends that no longer live nearby and I feel like they mean so much more than a 2 hour Facebook conversation.

    Ive recently gone back to school to become a designer after hating years of fulltime work, but some times I feel like I took a spot in my university that was meant for someone more deserving.

    48 Hullmar Drive
    M3n2c9 Toronto ON Canada

  • Kim Corona

    I need encouragement because I rarely believe in myself. Or because I believe in myself but no one else does. Can’t tell anymore.

    Kim C.
    305 S Kalorama Street
    Suite F
    Ventura Ca 93001

  • Ariadna Pedemonte

    I´m depressed cause in my country there is a Crisis, Spain is taken by a corrupt government. I´m an artist I studied art 8 years, and now I dont have work, and no one here have enought money to live…the people lost their homes by the bank, this a maddening
    situation, I really need encouragement cause I don´t know what to do. Thank you very much, I really like this project.

    Ariadna Pedemonte
    Avda Menesteo nº53, El Pto de Sta María,Cádiz,
    11500 Spain

  • Xavian Lahey

    encouragement rules and I always appreciate it

    Xavian Lahey

    2224 Ogden St.
    Denver, CO 80205

  • sekyiwa w

    Life has been pretty tough for the past couple of months. My best laid plans seem to have gone awry and I’m feeling pretty lost in the abyss these days. Would love a pick me up.
    103 – 555 East 6th Avenue
    Vancouver, BC
    V5T 1K9

  • lindsey kemp

    I’ve been battling depression for my entire adult life but recently it’s gotten in the way of my creativity. I haven’t been able to find the motivation to do anything I love.

    Lindsey kemp
    488 terry carter crescent
    Newmarket, Ontario
    L3y 9g1

    Thank you so much, this would make a huge difference.

  • Elena Gayo

    I need encouragement because,from Spain,the world looks gray and no good perspectives. Now I am in Pow Wow,but I´ll love to receive your encouragement to get home

    Elena García Gayo
    Centro de Exposiciones
    Ronda de Granada 4
    13002 Ciudad Real

  • Serena Jetelina

    I’m not one of the first 100 comments, but I really could use some encouragement. My partner of three years just broke up with me, two days before my birthday and after just 1 month ago we decided to get married and were looking at rings. We were living together in his parents house while we were waiting for him to get a full time job teaching art at university (he had graduated the year before). He told me he hasn’t been in love with me for months, doesn’t understand or support what I want to do with my life, and has started dating someone else. I put my ambitions on hold to support his career, thinking he would do the same for me when the time came. Turns out a lot of what I thought was wrong. I feel lost and alone. Some art love from Hawaii would be appreciated.

    604 Mulberry St.
    Denton, TX 76201

  • Larissa Coe

    I would LOVE and encouraging postcard if you are still making them.

    I am a photographer living in Rochester NY and will be visiting Honolulu NEXT WEEK with my family. Sadly I’ll miss the entire whirlwind exhibition but I plan to scavenger hunt for some of my favorite artists’ murals!

    Larissa Coe
    411 Pearl Street
    Rochester, NY 14607


  • Saswai

    My life isn’t so bad, I’m pretty lucky. But I am finishing my last year of university and facing a ton of work before I get into grad school. I need to get through that, and I need the confidence that I deserve to go, that I’m smart enough, that I can do it. And if I don’t get in anywhere, or it doesn’t work out – that I’ll find something worthwhile to do, that not only pays my bills but also contributes to my life and happiness, and has broader applications that could help others. Coming from a cultural anthropology/religious studies student. Eek, the future!!!
    Stacie Swain
    8311B 106 St.
    Edmonton, AB, Canada
    T6E 4W7

    Best idea : )

  • hannah

    First I want to thank you because this is an amazing project, and I feel like many people will be able to benefit from it. So I have had a problem with depression for as long as I can remember, but latelyy it’s been getting worse and worse. I’m having trouble focusing on anything, because none of it seems important anymore. It would be really great if you could send me a postcard, because I know that it will brighten my days and take away some of the pain. Thanks so much!

    Hannah Berryman
    4977 Shallow Ridge Road
    Kennesaw, GA 30144

  • Troy Mendham

    I’ve been leaving paintings on the street for people to find and take. It’s been over a year since I started doing it. I left another one out on the weekend and was lucky enough, for the first time to be there when someone took it. I spoke to the woman who picked it up and she was so happy she asked to give me a hug. Others have made contact later on telling me how awesome it was to find my art, how much they love the work and how I made their day special. People are constantly reminding me that I can’t make money from giving my paintings away. Which of course I can’t. One day I may stop but hey I’m having fun. Reading some of the other comments I see I’m not alone but I want some encouragement to keep making my art and to keep on giving my paintings away.

    I love this project. Good luck and keep going to everyone else who needs some encouragement.

    53 Langridge Street
    Victoria 3066.

    • Michael Silk

      cool man , doing the same here in Victoria, Canada….havent been around for the finder but its the thought that counts…cheers M

  • NJS

    I am looking for a job at the moment, but most importantly I need encouragement to start working on my own projects. The stuff that motivates me to make this world a better place! I am learning that there is beauty in the uncertainty of life and that I just need to be focused and patient.

    Love this idea!


    8-1235 West 10th Avenue
    Vancouver, BC
    V6H 1J5

  • Emma Neal

    I’m an art student who is assembling her portfolio and applying to majors soon.
    veryday for me is a struggle to figure out what I want to do for the rest of my life/ how I want to leave my mark as an artist.
    I love this project and I would love a supportive card!

    Emma Neal
    11331 Juniper Road
    Cleveland, Ohio

  • Hi!!
    Wow I love this idea… <3

    I have some physical problems in my spine since last year, and I have to go to rehab everyday. This is frustrating sometimes, boring, … I am a positive person but sometimes I'm tired because I don't feel like i'm getting any better, it hurts everyday
    Thanx for this amazing idea, lots of love

    C/ Virgen del Rocio, 4
    28220 Majadahonda (Madrid)

  • Monica

    Who doesn’t need a bit of encouragement?? I’m trying to get more art back into my life.

    652 sycamore ave claremont, CA 91711

  • Sam Clarke Warry

    I’m a Geography student trying to convince the world that a vegan diet is needed to solve world hunger and climate change. I need encouragement desperately!

    Sam Clarke Warry
    17 White street
    East Sussex
    BN2 0JH

  • khristian

    i just want to finish college, a good job and my mom proud. i want to make it so she can retire. it has taken me seven years of ups and downs and messing around. i got help with the troubles in my head and heart, and im ready to move on… just feel lost sometimes.

    khristian e.
    3651 n troy st
    chicago il 60618

  • Elena Gayo

    I need encouragement because,from Spain,the world looks gray and no good perspectives. Now I am in Pow Wow,but I´ll love to receive your encouragement to get home

    Elena García Gayo
    Centro de Exposiciones
    Ronda de Granada 4
    13002 Ciudad Real

  • sharylous

    I spent a year on island, being an artist, a while ago. I was tired and depressed living in Seoul before. wasn’t sure which way to go. After I got to go Hawaii, my life was happier than any moment at anywhere.

    Now I am back in Seoul. unknown fever started again, thesedays I am often sick and lonesome. It’s not because of physical thing. You know, there is something ‘missing’. I saw this project and this is exactly what I want. I am sure this will encourage me a lot.


    14, Ogeum-ro 32-gil,
    Songpa-gu, Seoul, 138778
    South Korea

  • Nicholas Tharpe

    I’ve recently accepted that I’m an alcoholic and knew I would die if I continued down this dangerous path of diseased behavior. So I checked myself into rehab, attend AA meetings everyday and signed up to go back to college and finish my Graphic Design degree. Encouragement and faith is something I need to maintain my sobriety and recovery. My passion in life has always been music and art. Alcohol has kept me from pursuing a fulfilling and productive life until now. So thank you for sharing this wonderful outlet for those of us who cannot travel at the moment. Hope to hear from you soon.

    @nicktharpe (instagram)

    Nick Tharpe
    2328 McMullan Circle
    Raleigh NC 27608

  • Anna Forster-Smith

    We are Anna and Erin, both art majors in college working on our thesis art shows. Keeping up the motivation is hard, rough critiques constantly dog us. We are trying to stay passionate about art and need a few words of encouragement to work through the rough days where our motivation rides on anxiety and stress. We’ve always found encouragement on this blog whilst procrastinating, and a postcard would be lovely! Hope you’re having a splashingly good time in Hawaii.

    Anna Forster-Smith & Erin O’Neill
    828 N Wahsatch Ave.
    Colorado Springs, CO 80903

  • Francis Wong

    Hello, Im an artist in New Orleans. I graduated over 3 years ago and am dealing with being a Liberal Arts/Fine Art major. I followed my dream to become an artist and Im pretty much a starving artist now. Ive given away more work than i’ve sold but I’ll change that. Also my asian mom jives me about almost turning thirty and getting a real job. There really arent many for liberal arts majors… She’s ashamed of not being able to tell her friends or family anything good about me..but she just doesn’t get our world. Any encouragement would be much appreciated!

    Francis Wong
    5174 Music St.
    New Orleans, LA 70122

  • naomi rose

    I’ve been having a hard time with some non-fun things happening recently so I’d love some Hawaiian sun in grey London.

    Naomi Rose
    32 Inkster House
    Ingrave St
    London UK
    SW11 2SD

  • Anita Kwiecień

    Im from Poland and want to study Art in England (I have my college interview next Wednesday). Moving out to another country is difficult, and Im not sure if I will be able to make a living after Art studies but that’s what I want to do in my life.

    anita kwiecien
    ul. elementarzowa 4
    51-173 Wroclaw

  • Christina Marvel

    I quit my day job to do art two years ago and failed miserably and am looking for a new day job. I’m going to have to revise my plan.

    Christina Marvel
    433 Stanley Ave
    Columbus, OH 43206

  • Luka Jereb

    I hope I’m not too late, because I really need this.
    There’s a thing, I’m a teenager and I love Art photography. But people around me don’t understand art and when they see my work they think It”s just a pice of shit.

    Luka Jereb
    Loka 24
    1370 Logatec

  • Emmanuel Monbailly

    We are art teachers in secondary school and give free encouragement all day long to children. We love that but it’s sometimes difficult to take time for our own creations.
    We love your idea and need encouragement too !

    Leslie et Emmanuel
    179 rue La Fayette
    75010 Paris

  • C Spencer

    I have no idea what I’m doing anymore. I keep moving to different towns, but fall into my old habits.

    C. Spencer
    1750 25th Street
    Detroit, MI 48216

  • Hannah B

    Always could use some encouragement :) What a cool idea!!

    Hannah Burleigh
    65 South Pine St.
    Carbondale, CO 81623

  • Jess

    This is such a beautiful project.
    I’m a senior at an art school in NYC and feel such incredible satisfaction with what I do, but I am getting physically exhausted & afraid for life after school. Encouragement would be so appreciated.

    Jessica Deutsch apt 3N
    1 Astor Place
    New York, NY

  • Kari Simonsen

    Best of luck to you. I lived in Oslo for a bit so I know the weather can be a downer. Hang in there. I’m in the process of applying to a BA in a similar field to you as well. I hope everything works out with your application. Lykke til!

  • Kari Simonsen

    I’ve been asking a lot from my best friend these days. She has a lot of patience and has put up with a lot from me over the years. We were supposed to meet up this summer in Indonesia, but now it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. I think a postcard from another island nation might make her smile though. Below is her address. Thanks!

    3565 Green Brier Blvd
    Apt 71c
    Ann Arbor, MI 48105

  • Guest

    I work as a film editor doing something that is very close to what I love but is actually a horrid selling-out of everything I believe in and I think my work is hurting the world.

    Remind me to work on my own shit and to not forget what I actually care about.

    185 Graham Ave Apt 3
    Brooklyn, NY 11206

  • Sprinkledonut

    I need to seize more moments to sit down and create. Motivation. Seek inspiration and act on it. Confidence to trust in my abilities and ideas. That’s what I need. I appreciate your support and encouragement! Merci. : )

    Andrea Danger Daniels
    507 Braeburn Cres.
    Pickering, ON
    L1V 3Z7

    If you include your addy, I’ll send you a p’card in return.

  • Steven

    I’m taking the CPA exam this summer, and I’m not sure I have what it takes to pass that sucker. Any encouragement would be so appreciated.

    530 E 500 N #202
    Provo, UT

    • Steven

      Aaww man, i just read a bunch of the other situations, and I feel like my accounting cert. situation isn’t nearly as bad. I’m so impressed with how open everyone has been with their issues. I hesitated and shared one of my lesser stresses in life. Anyways, i hope i didn’t come off like I don’t appreciate the importance of the project. I’m so excited about people getting postcards in times of need.

  • Allison Hamel

    I have a BFA in Graphic Design but have a job in a different field. I am afraid I will lose that side of myself. I love design, but since I don’t do it for a living, I feel like I’m drifting away from it. Any wise words for me?

    Allison Hamel
    7201 Metro BLVD
    Minneapolis, MN 55439

  • disqus_BB6rVklKQE

    I am really stuck and don’t know where I should focus my creative energy: toward a career I’m already in, or off on my own. please help!

    30 Stratford Road, #2
    Brooklyn, NY 11218

  • SylvieLissa

    I love this idea! I’m a metalsmithing and jewelry student and haven’t been into the studio nearly as much as I should. I love what I do and I love to create, but I’ve been having trouble actually getting there to do that.

    (this might be a duplicate post… I’m not sure if the first one went)

    Sylvie Lissa
    141 Golden Rod Ln
    Apt 5
    Rochester, NY 14623

  • soph lap

    I would love some encouraging words to help me know what to do after high school! Travel? University? Work? My boyfriend and I will most likely not end up in the same city and it’s going to be really hard to say goodbye.
    Sophia Lapres
    4831 Elm street
    V6L 2L4
    Vancouver BC

  • Amanda

    Creative trying to make it in the ad world even though it would be easier to settle for a normal job rather than fight for creative work.

    29e Sylvan Road
    SE19 2RU

  • Elizabeth Walshaw

    I’m currently doing a degree in art and I’m applying to study abroad for a term next year (somewhere in Europe, hopefully Spain) but I’m quite scared about it, and I’m a bit worried I’ll end up chickening out! I worry about things like language barriers, whether I’ll make friends, whether it’ll be a good thing for my career, you name it I’ll worry about it! Any words of encouragement?

    My address is:
    23 Stretford Road,
    M15 6DD

    • María Teresa Pablo

      Hi, you know? having an abroad experience is one of the most amazing things you can do.. i did it for work and i have friends and memories that will last forever.. no kidding.. for sure, the language could be hard, but just practice it! i can help you out with spanish via skype :)

      don´t worry, im not a stalker or anything, im just reading some posts and i felt related with yours. I like to believe in people and any multicultural experience helps anybody to understand the world and make it better. go for it!

      • Elizabeth Walshaw

        Oh wow, thanks a lot for the encouragement :) I’m actually getting Spanish lessons at uni at the moment and the level of support is excellent but I really appreciate your offer! Your message has put me in a really good mood, thankyou :D Have a nice day!

      • María Teresa Pablo

        thanks! and u are very welcome! :) share the joy!

    • Elizabeth Walshaw

      Wowee today I came home a found a lovely postcard of encouraging words sent anonymously from Amsterdam and it put such a massive smile on my face! Thank you very much, anonymous Dutch person :) X

  • Mikey Jackson

    i was let go from my employer about 8 months ago and took it as a sign to give painting full time a shot. it’s putting a hard strain on my relationships and sometimes i wonder if i am making the right choices. i miss real food lol; i am grateful for any encouragement. <3

    926 e garfield st
    phoenix, az 85006

    thank you

  • viktor

    Get up man and nail your application!!

    A few years ago, I figured out that nothing will make me more happy as studying design!
    Its took me almost 2 years to get up and prepare a portfolio to apply. And I had some real defeats on the way! After the first year and lots of doubts, I kicked my portfolio cause I understood it was way not enough to get in.
    I started again. I was working 10 months long, besides a crazy full time job on a new one with a totally new idea! When I finished the portfolio and applied, I walked in like a king in his hall, knowing nobody here can beat my portfolio! Now I’m in the 2 year of my BA and I love what I do from my whole heart.

    I know, I’m on the right place for the right time.

  • j parranto

    I need encouragement. My husband’s job is being threatened by incoming low wage workers, he just had surgery for cancer and our insurance sucks! On a bright note I did finally get a part time job as an art teacher after looking for 5 years. I never gave up and never will. Thank God for art!
    J Parranto
    7568 44th st n
    Oakdale mn 55128

  • benjamin

    I’m in a post-show lull and need to find the inspiration to start a new series!!!

    963 Eastern Pky
    Louisville, Ky
    40217, United States

  • Lrnt…

    I like the idea of some inspiration from a random soul out there!

    Hey Hawaii, I have an ache in my sole that is slowly manifesting into a vision of freedom that only the full commitment to a creative driven lifestyle will allow me to enjoy. Share with me your words about goals, inspiration, drive, obsession, etc.
    Much love- Lrnt

    285 US Highway 2 Apt. B
    Leavenworth, Wa 98826

  • Ron Jeremy

    :( I’m 4 years late to go to college. My friends graduated last year and I have never taken a single college class. I need some encouragement. I need some love. fhahfhwpoheoewi. I’m really screwing up my life. I’m all alone in this. I feel like such an idiot for ever picking up this addiction. i was a curious, deviant kid. I didn’t know I’d be stuck for the rest of my life. Why is signing up for school to hard? I keep losing my transcripts, losing my vaccination records, losing my financial aid papers. The offices are never open when I’m awake or when I have gas money. I’m trying my best to clean this house, its like a rat’s nest…. But I feel so alone in this whole thing. I’m 4 years late to college. My class graduated last year. I never even got to go. I know I have potential but this addiction kills my ambition and my drive, the two things I was always so proud of myself for having. I’m already so behind, I can’t go to rehab. I have to work on my life…… Sfsdhfakhahiuehaf

  • captainhazzard .

    My missus has slipped discs in her back, and as such she can’t get to work at the moment. She’s a tattoo artist, and not being able to create is really getting her down.

    Vicki Westcott
    Blue Sky Inking
    8 Duke Street
    TR1 2QE

  • Christoffer Bengt

    A very short time ago my girlfriend and I broke up, I moved out of her apartment and quit my job in Stockholm, Sweden. I have now just moved back to a shared flat in my home country Denmark (in Copenhagen to be more exact). I’m not exactly sure what to do with my life right now!

    Christoffer Bengt
    Vendersgade 29, 4.tv
    1363 København K

  • Miguel Monzon

    I’m having a difficult time getting back into focus with myself and my work after the loss of my younger brother. I took a year off so I could be his care giver and help him get through a bone marrow transplant. He fought hard and never complained about any of it, he taught me a lot of things through all of it. Unfortunately the chemo weakened his immune system and he wasn’t able to fight off multiple infections. I am now trying to get back to work but things just aren’t the same, I am not the same. Anyone who’s gone through something similar that has words of encouragement to offer would be greatly appreciated. Much love.

    Miguel Monzon
    9037 W Avalon Dr
    Phoenix, AZ 85037

  • Louis De Stefano

    I could definitely use encouragement. Taking the Florida bar exam for the 3rd time in about 10 days and am nervous as all hell about it. Some encouragement would help ease my mind to relax while I take that 12 hour test! This project is great and would love to be part of it!

    Louis De Stefano
    8312 NW 142 Street
    Miami Lakes, FL 33016

  • Jane Hargrave

    I really want to spend my days making art, but I have a corporate job and I’m not sure if I can afford to quit it! Stress about money seems to kill inspiration. Even worse, many of the people I work with are artists who seem to have lost their way – Maybe it just takes some extra encouragement to really take the leap and risk what you need to be happy. I know from experience that feeling down or stuck is the best way to create an art block. I struggle to stay creative, but Booooooom keeps me wanting to try harder.

    Jane Hargrave
    300 N. Dithridge St. #214
    Pittsburgh, PA 15213

  • Jared Duesterhaus

    My girlfriend is quitting her job to pursue her passion for animals. She’s starting an apprenticeship to learn to become a dog trainer so she can help people learn how to handle their pets without the use of intimidation or violence. She’s so stressed about money though I’m afraid shes not letting herself completely enjoy the experience of fully pursuing her dreams. If you wouldn’t mind I’m sure she could use some encouragement from someone other than just me.

    Erin Dunlavy
    12345 Alameda Trace Cir 214
    Austin, Tx 78727

  • Anita D

    I love this project. After graduating from university 3 years ago I am still st the bottom of the career ladder at my company. I’ve been taking initiative and going above and beyond my role for the past 12 months, everyone is appreciative of and impressed by my additional work but I can’t seem to turn this into a promotion or payrise. I feel so stuck. I’ve been looking for other jobs but I am unmotivated and feel like I’m not good enought to do anything else. Some encouragement would be wonderful.

    5/201Blyth St
    Brunswick East
    3057 VIC Australia

    • Troy Mendham

      Hey Anita, I just saw your post, I’m in West Bruni! Sounds frustrating for you. You’re putting in all the hard work but it seems nobody’s taking any notice in the way you would like them to. Is it maybe time to be more overt? To ask specifically for what you want? -a promotion, some advancement or even a commitment and plan from your company for either or both? Sometimes it’s as easy as asking for something we want. Don’t know what your industry is but many offer career planning to help people advance. Do you have a mentor. Mentor’s are great because they’ve been there done that and can offer advice from first hand experience. Good luck, I hope you get a postcard.

  • chersey

    My best friend is having a hard time right now. He’s a really good artist, smart, but lost right now. He’s in an intense limbo: Between jobs, not sure what the next step is in his art and his life. He could use some love.

    His name and address:

    Jeremy Snowden
    85 Willow Avenue
    Fairfax, CA 94930

    Thanks for this project! This is such a beautiful thing you are doing! You’re making so many people smile!!

  • María Teresa Pablo

    Hi there, i don´t know if you could send this all over to South America, but i would be happy with just the picture… So, I´m a photographer/designer and i´m a recent grad that still has no clue what to do as the next step. I´m afraid my family has the idea of me having an office job or working for a well-know company, but i have tried that and i don´t feel comfortable.. is like i don´t have the time, inspiration and people around me that could guide me or join me in artistic things because most of the time is all about Consumerism.. I LOVE art, meeting people, going to places, and having that experience of teaching-learning.. i know for fact that it´s a small world, and i wanna explore it and make a contribution applying my career. Now i´m a freelance photographer/designer and a volunteer in a non-profit organization, but i know i wanna keep on moving.. i just don´t know where to.. any words would be nice. This is a great project, and i can learn from it.. thanks for your time.

    María Teresa Pablo
    Calle Los Halcones 105. Bellavista – Callao
    Lima. Perú

    • Elizabeth Walshaw

      Hey, I wanted to return the favour and give you some encouragement. I haven’t graduated yet so I’m maybe not in the best position to give advice but I know how it is to feel a bit stuck… But just think, this is a really nice opportunity to do all those things that you’ve always wanted to have a go at! When I feel totally overwhelmed or under-pressure, I try to set myself off on really short, quick projects that last a week, or a day, or even 10 minutes! It’s a really nice, care-free way of working and really takes the pressure away from having to make ‘good’ work. Maybe you have to do a boring job for a bit to bring the money in but just see this as a stepping stone between where you are now and where you want to be.

  • Melissa

    I’m in my third year of art school (in the process of pursuing Industrial Design), and I wake up every day wondering “what the fuck am I doing?”. Most days I manage to squeeze out some ambition and press onward. When I approach a new project I’m filled with the excitement of potential, of the opportunity to create something that is strictly my own. That excitement quickly fades as challenges arise, things don’t work out as I imagined and I begin to question myself: “Am I cut out for this?”, “Do I have good taste?”. The more I give myself to a piece, the more more I feel vulnerable and insecure. I know there is something innate that draws me to creative work. I know I was made for this. All I’ve ever wanted is to make art, to build things with my hands, to engage in the creative process- concept to development. But the truth is, I’m just really fucking scared. I’m scared that I’ll never been good enough. I’m scared of criticism. I’m scared that I will never “make it” outside of an institutionalized setting. It’s these fears that keep me from creating honest, uninhibited work. I could really use some encouragement right now because I’m living in constant doubt. It’s debilitating in so many ways.

    Melissa Emily
    3100 Ontario St.
    V5T 2Y9
    Vancouver, B.C.

  • Kaitlin

    What a great project–> would love to work on something like this.

    I am a design student in my 3rd year, and this past year has been the toughest of my life. I sometimes question what my purpose here on earth is, and have trouble finding what that purpose may be. I have a hard time making connections with people, and as an artist, these connections are what I thrive on and that motivate me in my work. I am working hard to dig myself out of this rut; it is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life.
    903 W Grace
    Richmond, VA 23220

    you are a wonderful person to take the initiative to try to help so many people.

  • Stephanie

    This is so wonderful! I need encouragment from a sunny soul in Hawaii! It’s blustery as hell here in NYC and I just started working at an art gallery for no mula! But I am so passionate about art that I am willing to give my time and efforts to the cause ‘fo free in the hopes that something will come of it. I am confident that one day things will fall into place, but on the other hand i’m soooo cooolldd, constantly wondering what the purpose of being in NY is at all! I wish I was splayed out on a volcanic beach in Hawaii right now instead of feeling like I have ice blocks for feet. MAHALO!

    Stephanie U.
    c/o QUELL.
    181 Russell St.
    Brooklyn, NY

  • Josh Linton

    I recently decided to turn down a promotion for my job so that I could focus on painting. My dream is to become a full-time artist but, my current job is sucking the life out of me. The people that work above me want me to think like they do, but I refuse. It has been causing some waves with my job. I would love to quit but, I can’t afford to at the moment.

    Josh Linton
    6540 Cleopatra PL NW
    Seattle Wa 98117

  • Victor Keiti

    Love this project.
    i think is too late to participate..

    But i’m always want to visit Hawaii, because the culture and the Surf (i think both of this things are pretty much the same)


    Victor Keiti

    Adress: Atilio Bório, 90 apt 704 – Cristo Rei. Curitiba, Paraná – Brasil. CEP 80050-250

  • Tyler

    Rad, thanks Melanie!

  • Emma

    I feel like this is a brilliant idea, and would want my students to do it for others!
    Emma R
    74-78 Mangere Road
    Otahuhu 1062
    New Zealand

  • Tasha

    I’d love to be apart of this project, but my paranoia won’t let me post my address.

  • Amy Peek Domestico

    I just spent the morning painting and crafting with my kids instead of watching them sit in front of an electronic device. Encouraging art!
    Annalysa Domestico (my daughter)
    34 Wooster Ave
    Waterbury Ct, 06708

  • sophia

    I was a Science student in high school and although I tried my best I simply didn’t excel in Science subjects. My favourite subjects are always languages. I graduated last year and I am currently awaiting letter of acceptance from universities. I applied for my dream course which is the Chinese Language. Loads of people tell me that studying language is useless and does not have a promising future. My results of my graduation exam are not satisfying so I’m feeling quite lost and worried that no university will take me.

    Sophia Yong
    NO.19, Jalan Anggerik 21,
    Taman Johor Jaya,
    81100, Johor Bahru,

  • Jayne

    Hi, i am requesting a postcard for my sister, Jessica. She was recently diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. She’s 28, she’s dealing with it very well, but needs encouragement to know that not everything is perfect in life. That things don’t need to be perfect in life :) and that she’ll get through just fine

    13335 Nicolet Ave
    Elm Grove, WI 53122

  • Chandra

    I’ve started a blog sharing all the good in the world as opposed to sadness, fear and grief that we hear so much about in the media and sometimes it feels like no one is listening and I’m wasting my time
    PO BOX 189
    Runaway Bay QLD Australia 4216

  • Ali

    I’m in my freshman year in college. I’m so privileged and so lucky, but I still stupidly keep leaning towards the possibility of dropping out of school and living the rest of my days in bed. The idea of suicide has always been fresh in my mind, as well as many people around me. I’ve been fighting through a lot these past 6 years or so and even though things have gotten better, I still feel like I’m always on the edge. I have encouragement from my family and friends and I’m so thankful, but I feel worthless with myself and my art. I don’t know what I’m doing trying to look for a career in the art field when I can’t even take care of myself. I love this website, I’ve always looked at it for inspiration and encouragement, even if it’s not directly aimed towards me. Even if you don’t send me encouragement, thank you so much for opening my eyes to such beautiful work.

    Ali Helling
    120 McMechen St
    Baltimore MD 21217-4337

  • María Teresa Pablo

    Thanks. that´s a great and fun idea! mini projects.. i sure have many photo tips on my pinterest, i might as well do some, maybe with some friends too :o)

  • Karen

    Somehow I manage to think about killing myself.
    I am trying to do everything right, and if, for some reason, I have some big event( let’s say an interview) coming up, I freak out at the slightest thing.
    A missing key, when people call me names.
    I’ve struggled with these thoughts for a while now. It has been very frustrating for me. I’ve been called names for some years now. Even when I’m in school right now, because I’m really smart.
    I’m 20 years old and wanna see myself happy again, is that a weird thought?


    Karen Westein
    Andreaslaan 8
    3871 MB
    The Netherlands

  • Wietske de Vries

    hi there, i am a student from Holland and my dream is to become a tattoo artist, the problem is… i can’t even draw anything beautiful. But i won’t give up, i’m practicing every single day, and i’m getting better every day, i won’t give my dreams up but i can’t do it by myself. I’d love to get a card from you guys, your project is truly amazing and you inspire me so much. Thanks for doing all this for everyone who needs it.
    Lots of love,

    Wietske de Vries
    Prinses Wilhelminastraat 6
    9001 KE Grou

  • Doga

    Hi, my name is Doğa. I always thought that I’d be a perfect grandma in
    future but lastly I desperately believe that when I’ll turn 70, the only
    think I’ll got is gonna be the friendship of 7 lovely cats.

    This project warms my heart. I hope I’m not too late to send a request.

    Doga Ari
    Cekirge Cd. No:80/10
    16080 Osmangazi

  • Doga

    Hi, I always thought that I’d be a perfect grandma in future but lastly I desperately believe that when I’ll turn 70, the only thing I got is going to be the friendship of 7 lovely cats.

    This project warmed my heart. I hope I’m not too late for a request.


    Doga Ari
    Cekirge Cd. N0:80/10
    16080 Osmangazi

  • Naomi L


    I´m Naomi and this year in May, I have to pass my exams.
    After that, everybody starts studying but I don´t want it. I´m 17 years old and I´m sure that now it´s the time to travel the world. But I don´t know where to go. And.. I want to do something for people in the world. Kind of volunteering. What can I do and where can I go? Maybe there’s a christian organisation somewhere? I would like to get tips.

    I love this project, and amazing people join this project. So, that’s the reason why I asked you.

    I come from Holland, The Netherlands and looking forward to write with people all over the world.

    My adress:
    Naomi Logmans
    Achterambachtseweg 6
    3342LB, Hendrik Ido Ambacht
    The Netherlands

  • Melanie Binkley

    Still working?

  • sandra


  • Laura

    What a great idea! This is not for me, but a friend of mine could use some encouragement. She didn’t pass her exams last year, so she is still in high school. All of her friends are in college, so she is alone.. Besides that, she is going through a very difficult time right now. Because she had an eating disorder and she hurts herself. :( It is very complicated. She isn’t happy and she misses us (friends). Encouragement for her would be great!
    Her adress:
    L. van Tol
    Lijsterbeslaan 27
    7121 BS Aalten
    The Netherlands

  • Hélène

    Oh, I’m seeing this too late! What a shame! It would have been amazing getting a postcard from a stranger in Hawai! This is the kind of gestures that warms my heart! I just wanted to say how great your initiative was! People like you make the world a better place.

  • mirthe

    wonderful idea :) I could use some encouragement actually. I am feeling quite bad since a few weeks. School is not going well, ‘friends’ are leaving me, and the cold weather here in Holland sucks ;( maybe you could send me some sunshine from Hawaii? :)

    Thank you!

    Kuipersdreef 32
    4691 LS Tholen
    The Netherlands

  • Serom

    I hope you guys are still doing encouragement cards because as a design student, I see so many other designers and artists doing great things and I try not to let it get to me but sometimes my passion is intimidated by reality.
    If I could get an encouragement (especially from Hawaii!!), that would be awesome.
    3425 150th Pl. Apt 1J
    Flushing, NY 11354
    Thank you so much!

  • Lalla CC

    Wow I absolutely love that you’re doing this! Honestly, as a 17 year old girl in grade 12, there aren’t many big time worries, but I’m really scared to go off to university this coming year and having to start everything over again. And also if you could send some encouragement to my mom who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and my dad who’s out of work and my brother (who has ADHD) I know they’d all love it!

    Lalla Ciccone-Coulson
    12 Tamath Crescent
    Vancouver, BC
    v6n 2c9

  • Sarah

    Love this idea! So nice when people support each other, even if strangers!
    I’m about to turn 28 and have been working and travelling overseas for the past 18 months. At the end of this year I’m heading home but I have NO idea what I want to do with my life. I’m having a mild panic if I think about it too much. I was never one of those people who knew from a young age what they wanted to do so I feel a bit adrift. I’m also single which I’m generally not bothered about, when travelling it tends to be fairly normal, but I know going home I’m heading back to the land of friends who are married with families and I’ll start getting the ‘Have you met anyone?’ questions a lot. I guess life just feels like it’s in a bit of a stall and I’m not sure what happens next…
    Any advice or encouragement would be lovely :)

    Sarah Patterson
    The Manor House
    Little Wittenham
    OX14 4RA

  • Véro O

    What a fabulous idea!!! That’s exactly what I need…
    I quit a very toxic job two years ago and spent a fair 12months thinking of what to do next. I’m now working on two big projects:
    – setting a vintage / French antic knick knacks shop (first on Etsy, then…?)
    – trying to move away from where I’m leaving now so that my daughter can enter junior high is a less hostile environment. And we’re on a budget!!
    This has been an exhausting year – yet challenging. Living outside the box can be very frightening.
    Any words of kindness would be welcome,
    Vėro @levansansvan@gmail.com

    7 rue d’Avignon
    13006 Marseille, France.

  • Stephanie Bloss

    I am an artist living in Kansas City, and am currently creatively suffocated, due to the struggle of living with a spouse with severe bipolar disorder with psychotic features. During an episode, which lasts about three months, my day fluctuates from being serene, to complete madness. When one moment, I am lucky to have a partner in life and love, the next moment, I am being driven away so violently that it has created an environment of fear, worry, and anxiety. It has hindered my ability to make art of my own, and driven my confidence into the ground. Please, kind words will go so far for me at this point in my life.

  • Lai Mun

    I am looking for market research job. I have been unemployed for four months. Really need some encouragement. Thank you.

    Lau Lai Mun
    113 Jalan Hujan Emas 8
    Taman Oversesa Union
    58200 Kuala Lumpur

  • Georgeous Snynx56A Christchurch St. East
    BA11 1QD

    My parents are having a hard time i need some back-up from my Hawaiian brothers to keep this world creative and loving finding solutions and bringing the peace!


  • Meri

    What a wonderful project!
    I think I’m in need of some encouragement with finding independence. I feel like I’m on the cusp of great things with a lot of opportunity ahead but I’m afraid to go at life alone. Knowing that “you’re all you’ve got” is comforting at times… and incredibly scary. I’ve always relied on others to guide my life decisions and I’m at a point now where I’ve freed myself from my ties and now just need the motivation to move forwards no matter who else is in the picture.

    Reading the comments makes me want to send postcards to everyone else too! What a great way to bring people together!

    9914 Main St.
    Summerland, BC
    V0H 1Z0
    P.O. box 1031

  • Sarah Wright

    I would LOVE some encouragement- and would love to send some encouragement back if possible!
    I’m 18 years old and going to sell everything and move to Cambodia to be a graphic designer in January. My dream is to help girls trapped in sex trafficking there and to bring them a voice and a purpose. Kind of scared to leave all my friends and family haha but I know I need to take this next step.

    Sarah Wright
    1157 Aintree Rd
    London, ON, Canada
    N6H 5P9

  • chinelo

    Dear Jeff, just read about this and i’d love to be a part of it. I believe i need encouragement in my professional life, combining love of what i do and financial reward is not yielding results. People say i have to give it time, to establish a name and following, it’s been a year so far, and the rewards are yet to come. Besides, i have this fear that maybe, i should stick to being a follower not a leader, for fear of failing, in the other creative skill i think i have a flair for. Please i need constructive citicism and encouragement. This project if its still on came at the right time.

    St. John The Baptist Catholic Church,
    Mpape, FCT, Abuja, Nigeria.

  • Matthew Smigielski

    just found this site, my son is struggling with his university studies. During H.S., he had a IEP, but worked hard. His guidance counselor told him to go to trade school because going to college was beyond his abilities. Well, he graduated from community

  • try step back and spend some time with someone who cares about you and try to do it regularly! whatever is going on, you will get through it and being surround by positive people really helps!

28.07.17 by Jeff

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