13.03.14 by Jeff

A Curated List of Creative Iphone Apps (Actually Worth Downloading)

I am constantly looking for interesting creative apps for my iPhone, and kinda stunned how hard it is to find good ones. I haven’t come across a single blog post on the subject that isn’t full of utter garbage (Mashable’s list is a joke).

So I’m going to compile my own list, and it will be 100% my honest opinion. I will refuse any payment/bribe to post about an app that I don’t actually find interesting. The links to the apps are not affiliate links (I don’t think that’s even possible) I will not benefit in any way from the downloads. The apps on this list will be ones that I actually think are worth downloading. In many cases the apps will be free, and if they’re not free I’ll try to get some promo codes from the developer so at least a few people will get ’em free.

If you are a cool developer making a cool app, or you just happen to be a cool person up on cool apps please give me recommendations for other creative apps in the comments below!

My plan is to update this list with more apps as I find them, with your help this could be a great resource. Enjoy.



Name: Glitché

Cost: FREE

Category: Experimental, Visual

Description: Distorts images from your camera or camera roll in the coolest ways. You can even make animated gifs with it (which is how I made the “bad tv” animated Booooooom logo for our Tumblr).



Name: Slit-Scan Camera

Cost: FREE

Category: Experimental, Visual

Description: Allows you to make the trippiest twisting portrait of someone, where they appear to wrap around themselves. I used the app to create this selfie. Lots of fun to mess around with, now we just need a video version!



Name: 360 Panorama

Cost: $0.99

Category: Useful, Visual

Description: I’ve used this app a million times (roughly). You look like a total goof because it takes a minute or two to actually make a good panorama with it, but it’s worth it. This app allows you to shoot a complete 360 degree panorama and then send a link to a friend so they can hold up their phone and look around as if they are standing in the exact spot you took your photo from. You kinda have to see it to know what I’m talking about but it feels like you’re in the future when you use it. I rarely send the link to a friend, I mostly just use it to export a flat image of my pano for Instagram.



Name: Field

Cost: $1.99 (Promo codes at the bottom of this post)

Category: Experimental, Audio, Visual

Description: Turns the images coming through your camera into sounds and abstract images. Definitely not useful, but fun to play around with. Should maybe only be $1.



Name: Keezy

Cost: FREE

Category: Experimental, Audio

Description: A simple sound sampler. It’s really fun to make vocal loops with it, beatbox into it, essentially make terrible music with it.



Name: Goldfish Music Box

Cost: $0.99 (Promo codes at the bottom of this post)

Category: Experimental, Audio

Description: Converts images that come through your camera into sounds. Not an app you’ll use all the time but fun to mess around with when you’re in front of a window.



Name: Adobe Kuler

Cost: FREE

Category: Useful, Visual

Description: Quickly pull colour combinations out of everyday life. Hold your phone up over someone’s outfit and you instantly have the colour swatches. 



App Promo Codes






Goldfish Music Box:




Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Laura O’C

    rad thanks heaps jeff!

  • Pellet

    Thanks, Jeff! Kuler is such a great tool! I’ll be sure to send you any non-crappy app leads as I find them (I think I have a decent stop-motion app on my phone that I never use. I’ll check)!).

  • Michael

    Cool stuff, judging by this style, I bet you’ll like some of these as well…

    Time Piles
    and SlowShutter

    Hope you like em! I redeemed one of the Goldfish codes, thanks!

    • ill check them out although Cycloramic is such a disappointing app! its cool to watch the phone turn on its own but the end result (a video panorama watermarked with the company’s name) is super cheesy.

  • Luke Dorman

    I love Figure by propellerhead for music making fun

  • Elizabeth Walshaw

    Has anyone got any good Android alternatives?

    • i dont have an android phone so unfortunately i dont know much about it

  • John Dienst

    Percolator (it’s not free but it’s worth it)

  • Peter Girsch

    tagtool is a pretty amazing app for ipad, you can draw and animate live. (www.omai.at)

  • Meike de Haas

    Thanks so much, love Glitché!

  • Sarah Cole-Burnett

    I would highly suggest Generate. Just launched last week. Very interesting filters, filtering layering, image layering, audio reactivity, and its free!


  • sasha

    Morfo is a super fun app. You upload a photo of a face and edit it in 3D creating a live avatar. You can play with the proportions, exaggerate features, dress your avatar up and make it talk/sing. Its kind of useless but lots of fun and the basic version is free (the extended version is only $1.99)

    ps Jeff you should write a post like this about interesting/informative art podcasts! :))

    • thanks sasha, ill check out the app and yes the art podcast thing is a great idea!

  • thanks sarah ill check it out

  • Alterative

    Lol where´s VSCO cam?


    Sorry for yelling. I was excited.

  • a_neet_a

    This is a great idea, I’ve been loving radiohead’s fairly pointless ap polyfauna
    It’s just meandering around an invented abstract landscape while searching but not really searching for a red dot.
    Passes the time when I’m too tired to concentrate properly and I’m not quite home yet

  • hickorynines

    Bravo for this Jeff!

  • Greg Housset

    Cool list Jeff! Check out POW WOW. It’s not in the visual/experimental space but it let’s you build collaborative playlists with your friends in real time. So next time you’re at a party, on a roadtrip or just hanging out, everyone can add the songs they want to hear. I use it all the time. One catch is that one person in the group needs a premium spotify account to stream the music.

  • Isabella Ferraro

    To assist with an update here, because exploring technology that advances creativity makes me giddy:

    – TimerCam Pro
    – SlowShutter
    – ActionShot
    – Fast Camera
    – Harris Shutter
    – Photosynth
    – Light Meter

    – Decim8
    – Tiny Planets
    – TwistCam
    – Phonto

    – Blender
    – PhotoFusion
    – Juxtaposer
    – Union
    – Cut-Out

    – Cinemagram
    – Echograph
    – GifBoom
    – Seene

    – iMajiCam
    – 8mm
    – Chromic
    – Flipagram
    – TextOnVideo

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